Note: Yes the title came from a Smashing Pumpkins song! No this is not a songfic... well not really but technically no it's more like a bridge from Part 1 to Part 2. This story takes place in-between episode 7 and episode 8 of NGW. If you've ever heard of the song Zero, which I highly doubt, then you'll understand how messed up it is and how much it will relate to this story. Anyways go on ahead hopefully you're one of the lucky few hundred people that HAVE read episode 7 and 8. Oh yes and Haruka is "dead" in here in case you couldn't figure it out so blah!

"My reflection, dirty mirror
there's no connection to myself
I'm your lover, I'm your zero
I'm the face in your dreams of glass

Ariel went up the stairs of the massive Winner mansion and was on her way to Shingo's room to see the blonde hentai boy. It wasn't one of her usual visits she had since the battle with NOZ mainly because Shingo was there but not his mind. It wasn't like when he would sit there and stare at some other girl it was more like he was around but no one was home. She remembered on a previous visit when she was talking to the sleeping blonde about things in school and such so she could possibly gain a conversation instead of hearing him mumble about battle Stats and such things related with the battle. That was when he had woke up for about five minutes the whole time he was up he was going on and on about him being responsible for Haruka's death. Of course she had gotten him to calm down and hopefully stay awake but to no avail the boy had fallen hastily asleep as he had woken up. Ariel, of course, didn't tell anyone about it so she kept it to herself. This time she hoped to for once see him up and about talking to her about some random girl that he had saw and try to compare the slut to her. It was pretty sad she actually missed him talking about girls and other hentai things. Instead she was stuck with an inactive boy mumbling about Stats in his sleep wrapped in bandages around his torso, head and his left arm. Ariel opened the door to the room and looked in to be greeted with darkness. Ariel walked in, turned on the light and sat by the half Arabian. She started to talk to him though knowing she wasn't going to receive an answer anytime soon.

Ariel: Hey Shingo... Oi I'm so bored... Duet is doing well. I'm not sure about my aunt though... She found out she was pregnant a few days ago. Milliardo is doing ok too though he keeps on telling me that he has a feeling that Haruka is still alive. Speaking of which we haven't found him yet. We're sending the garbage parts to the Sweepers since my uncle was good friends with them and mainly because the Preventers don't have anywhere to put it. I found out that my little brother is a little hentai like you and Haruka. I'm talking about Triage in case you don't know. Ling is worried about where Hidama might be since we can't find her. Seiben has been restricted to his parents house and he's not to leave at anytime he also can't get near his gundam. I guess I can't say much about you can I? I wish I could help you but I don't know why you won't get up you've done it before. Are you just giving up? You better not if you dare even think about it I'm going to make sure that you pay for it some way. I don't even see the point in this anymore. I wish we could go back to all of those stupid days where you would say something like "Look at the boobs on that girl over there!" or "Man she's got a fine ass!" *sigh* I feel like I'm wasting my time. Get well soon for me at least Shingo. *kisses the blonde on the forehead and hears him say her name slightly* I hope you're dreaming a good dream. Hopefully a non-perverted one.

With that Ariel gets up and leaves turning the light off as she closes the door behind her. While Ariel was walking down the stairs Shingo started to have one of his many disturbing dreams he had been having for quite sometime. It started off like all of his previous dreams the battle field was like on a constant pause and he walked passed gundam after gundam until he came up to Sandstorm. Tallgeese had it's buster riffle up with a while ball of light that seemed to just sit there harmlessly. Shingo knew this scenario all too well and he knew what was going to happen. Haruka would take the hit for him and Wing Gundam would be blow to nothing but small pieces of gundanium scattered around the ground. Suddenly the gundams started to move and the beam of pure white was moving at an alarming rate eventually just as Shingo predicted Wing Gundam took the blast head on. Shingo Turned around to see Duet, Ling, Milliardo Ariel and Haruka looking at him like he were a piece of shit.

Milliardo: You loser you got my brother killed! It's all your fault now!
Shingo: But--
Duet: What a friend you are. You let Haruka sit there and take the blast for you.
Shingo: I didn't want him to--
Ariel: Excuses, excuses that's all you can ever give, Shingo. You pathetic loser.
Shingo: It was Seiben!
Ling: There you go again throwing the blame on someone else when you know it's your fault.
Shingo: It isn't my fault!
Haruka: Gee I thought we were friends Shingo. Hah! What a friend you turned put to be. I should've never been your friend in the first place.
Shingo: You're kidding right?
Milliardo: Your the only one kidding yourself. You're just trying to find a way around your guilt because of what you know you did.
Duet: Loser.
Ariel: Pathetic.
Ling: Worthless.
Haruka: Murderer.
Shingo: *falls to his knees* It wasn't me! I swear! Just leave me alone! Go away! I hate all of you! You never liked me in the first place! GO AWAY!

Shingo jolts up from his dream and starts to breath hard at the same time someone else gets a safe distance from the bed and drops a few papers on the floor. Shingo stares at the white bed sheets for awhile then looks over to the side to see a blonde haired woman look at him with surprise.

Dorothy: Shingo?
Shingo: *lifts his head and stares with a slightly cold glare* I want to die...

"So save your prayers
for when we're really gonna need em
throw out your cares and fly
Wanna go for a ride?

Ariel left her house and started to walk to school since it wasn't very far away. It had been three days since she had seen Shingo. Last thing she heard was he was conscious enough to at least talk to someone and had been eating like a pig. Then again, she thought, he always ate like he never got to eat in ages. The brown haired girl was very excited because she heard he was going to go back to school very soon and might even be there tomorrow. Ariel thought about how quickly Shingo had recovered. It was like nothing ever happened. She then started to remember once when the two of them were in third grade. The same thing had happened or something similar to it. Shingo was out for nearly two weeks and didn't return until the second week. He had said he came down with a cold or something like that. Of course it was believable since a lot of the kids in their class started to come down with a cold and didn't attend school for awhile. The only thing odd about Shingo was that he rarely if ever got sick from something. The only other time he was out for a long period of time was because she gave him the chicken pox in first grade only because his curiosity got the best of him when he decided to go to her house and investigate the mysterious chicken pox. Ariel laughed at a memory. He had asked her how she got the chicken pox if she didn't have a chicken in the house and if having the chicken pox would turn you into a chicken. At that very moment she ran into the sky blue eyed son of Chang Wufei.

Ling: What's so funny? Did I miss a good joke?
Ariel: Huh? Oh hi Ling. I was just remembering what Shingo said once.
Ling: Heh... Tell me.
Ariel: Well you remember when I got the chicken pox?
Ling: Yeah.
Ariel: Well Shingo came over to my house during it and he asked me how I got the chicken pox if I didn't own a chicken and if it would turn me into a chicken.
Ling: Shingo was a weird kid. Then again he still is every now and then. So how are you today?
Ariel: Fine I guess. I'm trying to figure out why Shingo was stuck in bed of such a long time.
Ling: It's not like it hasn't happened before.
Ariel: Yeah but think about it. All of the sudden he's all hyper and stuff... Well that's what my father told me when he went over for awhile.
Ling: *shrug* Like I said Shingo's weird. You have to expect the unexpected from him.
Ariel: I've expected the unexpected for a long time but this is one of the greatest puzzles I've come to.
Ling: ...What do you mean?
Ariel: The only other time this happened was when we were in third grade unfortunately I can't think of anything because he was out the same time everyone got this nasty cold in school. Ling...Didn't you think Shingo acted a little out of control after Haruka died?
Ling: It's a bit understandable I mean they were very good friends I can't see anything wrong with him wanting revenge for his friend.
Ariel: ... Yeah but it was all sudden like something just clicked on and he broke his last nerve. Do you know of anything that would be able to do that?
Ling: Besides the Zero System no. But if you're going to come up with something about the Zero System or anything pertaining to it I doubt you'll find anything.
Ariel: Why not?
Ling: Everyone knows the only two gundams that were remade with the upgraded Zero System II are Tallgeese and WingZero. Besides Shingo could've at least been able to handle the Zero system.
Ariel: How would you know that?
Ling: He told me he tried it once though it was a little too weird for him.
Ariel: ...He never told me that.
Ling: Well I guess he didn't want you to worry about it like you seem to be now.
Ariel: I guess I'm getting a little ahead of myself.
Ling: The best thing to do is go with the flow for now unless something comes up.

Ariel walked though the school building pondering over the idea that maybe the zero system could've had something to do with Shingo but was unfortunately getting no where. She turned the corner and ran right into someone.

Ariel: Ack! Sorry! *starts picking up her books*
Person: Don't worry about it... Ariel?
Ariel: *still picking up her books stopped and looked up into a pair of light blue eyes* Oh my god...*drops her books again and hugs the person (well glomps more like it)* I can't believe it's really you, Shingo! Wait a minute... Shingo?
Shingo: *a bit surprised by Ariel's reaction*...Yeah...?
Ariel: *lets go of the boy* What are you doing here?
Shingo: Oh well I decided to come to school a day early. Is there something wrong with that?
Ariel: No I'm just a little...
Shingo: Surprised?
Ariel: Yeah... "How odd...He's acting like nothing ever happened..."
Shingo: *picks up her books one by one* Ariel...
Ariel: Yeah?
Shingo: Do you think I'm pathetic?
Ariel: Why would I?
Shingo: No reason... *hands her books back*
Ariel: Is there something wrong?
Shingo: ...No of course not! Why would there be?
Ariel: *shrug* You're acting very strange that's all.
Shingo: Ariel?
Ariel: Yes?
Shingo: Would you care if I had died?
Ariel: ...Well I don't think that really matters because you're still alive--
Shingo: Thanks to Haruka.
Ariel: Yeah. "That's odd he rarely says Haruka's name he usually says 'Ruka and what does he mean do I think he's pathetic? He doesn't seem very happy after he brought up Haruka..."
Shingo: *grins* Anyways we better go to class ne? ^^
Ariel: *stares at him strangely* Uh yeah... I have a question for you, Shingo.
Shingo: Yeah what is it?
Ariel: Does your gundam have Zero System or anything pertaining to it in it?
Shingo: *starts laughing* Zero System? HAH! I can hardly handle it.
Ariel: Just wondering.
Shingo: Why does yours?
Ariel: Don't be stupid of course not.
Shingo: Just wondering. *mimicking the way she said it*

"she's the one for me
she's all I really need
cause she's the one for me

Ariel took her lunch tray to the table her, Milliardo, Duet and occasionally Ling would sit at.

Milliardo: Hey Ariel.
Ariel: *looks at Milliardo for awhile* Hi Milliardo. *looks over and sees Duet playing with the food she has set in front of herself* Hey Duet.
Duet: Hi...
Ariel: Still not feeling well?
Duet: ...No...
Milliardo: Du-chan come on eat.
Duet: I'm not hungry Milliardo. I told you that already.
Milliardo: *sigh* *whispers to Ariel* She's been like that for awhile. Yesterday I got her to eat some cereal but today...
Ariel: You just have to hope she gets in the mood again.
Milliardo: *out loud* So how's Shingo? You see him yet?
Ariel: Yeah. He's acting a little weird for my taste.
Milliardo: I know what you mean. I said hi to him earlier today and he looked at me like I was a ghost.
Duet: I suppose he hasn't gotten over Haruka just as I haven't "gotten over" my father's death.
Milliardo: Don't worry about it Du-chan. I'm sure we'll find your father.
Duet: And Haruka? Aren't you worried about him?
Milliardo: *a bit surprised by the question* Of course I am. But I'm worried about you more then anything else at the moment.
Ariel: *looks around the lunch room* I wonder where baka boy is anyways.
Milliardo: I don't know.
Ariel: I'm going to go look for him then.

Ariel gets up and leaves the two to go find Shingo who happens to be outside under a tree.

Shingo: *siting under the tree obviously by himself watching everyone that passes by* It's not the same without Haruka... *starts recalling the 'babe watching' he'd do with the Heero look alike* It doesn't matter anyways. *starts falling asleep until he notices someone grab an apple off the lunch tray he had and raises an eyebrow* ...Give that back you piece of shit!
Haruka: Damn this is actually good for once!
Shingo: Nani?!? How...what...but you're...
Haruka: What?
Shingo: *stares at the boy and tries to calm himself down* You're just a hallucination.
Haruka: Really?
Shingo: Yes. Now go away.
Haruka: Well if I'm a hallucination then you of all people should know that hallucinations just don't disappear when you tell em to.
Shingo: Yeah well I don't wish to talk to myself.
Haruka: ...Hey look at that. Ariel's commin!
Shingo: *looks at Ariel*
Ariel: Hey Shingo you know it's bad to be alone like that.
Shingo: So?
Ariel: ...Do you want to come and sit with Milliardo, Duet and me?
Shingo: ...*looks around for 'Haruka' and doesn't find him* Uh...Yeah I think that's a good idea.
Ariel: ...You're getting really weird, Shingo...

Milliardo watch the two come in the lunch room talking to each other for god knows what reason. He then looked at Duet who had finally eaten a little of the food he had got for her though she was still depressed and as far as he could tell she wasn't eating very much still.

Milliardo: Du-chan...
Duet: Hmm?
Milliardo: ...Nevermind it's not important right now...
Duet: Tell me, Milliardo.
Milliardo: Nah it's nothing.
Shingo: Look at the cute couple...
Milliardo: *to himself* If it's not Haruka getting on to me about being with Duet it's Shingo. *out loud* The same could be said for the two of you.
Ariel: We're far from 'cute', Milliardo.
Milliardo: Well I guess I really wouldn't know that myself.
Duet: Well our resident moron is back again after a two week absence.
Shingo: Well I feel a lot more better how about you Duet?
Duet: It's none of your business, Shingo.
Shingo: I think it is.
Duet: Perhaps you should eat your words before I take and kick your ass.
Shingo: I'm so afraid... Is it about your father?
Milliardo: *to Ariel* This is the longest I've seen her talk to someone...
Ariel: Being around Shingo you tend to talk a lot...
Duet: I told you already it's none of your business. Besides you should be glad since you can say that you were on the battlefield. I was stuck on the ground hoping and praying my father would make it though.
Shingo: I'm not one bit glad that I was there.
Duet: Why not? Because you weren't able to save Haruka?
Shingo: *stands up* Look I don't need to talk to you.*stomps out of the lunch room*
Ariel: Shingo! *stands up*
Milliardo: Don't bother, Ariel.
Ariel: ...I can't believe he just did that...
Milliardo: ...It was obviously not a good topic to get on.
Duet: Well he started it when he brought up my father.
Milliardo: Maybe he feels a lot more responsible then he wants to tell.
Duet: Well it is basically his fault.
Milliardo: Not really. If you looked over the tapes of the battle from the gundam's recording system you'd notice that Haruka went ahead and got killed for saving Shingo.
Ariel: ...Doesn't that record the pilot's status?
Milliardo: I think so... I have the recording in my locker I'll give it to you if you want.
Ariel: *hugs Milliardo* Thanks, Milliardo!
Milliardo: No problem.
Ariel: How'd you get it anyways?
Milliardo: My father's the perfect solider. How else?
Ariel: I see...

"emptiness is loneliness,
and loneliness is cleanliness
and cleanliness is godliness,
and god is empty just like me

Ariel starts walking down though the halls and watches a bunch of people run past her screaming various things.

Boy: Did you hear?
Boy 2: What?!
Boy: You know that Winner boy? I heard he almost killed himself in his biology class!
Boy 2: Really? Man that guy must be missin a few screws.
Boy: No kidding!
Ariel: Where is he?!?
Boy 2: Why should we tell you?
Ariel: *grabs him by the collar and puts his face about || that close to hers.* I'll ask again... Where is he?
Boy: He's on the roof!
Ariel: Thank you. *throws the other boy on the ground*
Boy 2: *still shaking* Isn't that his girlfriend?!
Boy: I think so...

Ariel ran past a bunch of people and pushed though most of them who were just standing there. When she had finally made it on the roof she spotted Milliardo and Shingo walking on the edge of the building attempting to keep his balance.

Milliardo: GET DOWN, SHINGO!
Shingo: Which way? To the ground or on the roof? It doesn't matter to me.
Milliardo: Come on Shingo don't be crazy.
Shingo: I think it's a bit late for that. Wouldn't you agree, Haruka-saa?
Milliardo: *gives him a confused look* What are you talking about? I'm Milliardo! Haruka died remember?
Shingo: Of course he did...
Ariel: Shingo what the hell do you think you're doing you baka?!?
Shingo: Oh how nice of you to join in the fun, Ariel-chan. I'm a bit busy playing with death at the moment. *looks down at the ground*
Ariel: What are you talking about? Get down right now or I'll make you myself!
Random Guy: Oooooo! Shingo's afraid of his girlfriend!
Shingo: *stares at the guy* Well if you're such a big boy why aren't you over here, ne?
Guy: Maybe because I'm not as crazy as you are you dork.
Ariel: *goes over to the guy and punches him out cold* Baka...Only I can call him names.
Shingo: *sitting on the edge of the building* It's my fault isn't it, Milliardo?
Milliardo: Eh?
Shingo: For getting Haruka killed... Isn't it?
Milliardo: No.
Shingo: It's a nice day it'd be a shame to have someone die. Tell me the truth.
Milliardo: It's not your fault. It's mine. I should've gotten rid of Seiben when I had the chance.
Shingo: Yes but because you didn't it's now my fault that I just sat there spaced out...
Milliardo: I'm not going to blame you because it's not your fault.
Shingo: Then why is it hard for me to believe that? *stands up and stares at Milliardo* WHY? HMM? WHY IS IT ALWAYS MY FAULT? YOU DON'T CARE ABOUT ME, NO ONE DOES! *falls back*
Ariel: SHINGO!
Milliardo *runs and nearly falls over the edge himself along with Shingo who he grabbed in time* Are you crazy?!?
Shingo: You tell me. *grin*
Ariel: *helps Milliardo and Shingo up along with a few other students* Are you OK, Milliardo?
Milliardo: Yeah, for the most part I am.
Ariel: *goes over to Shingo and slaps him across the face knocking him down on the ground* DON'T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN YOU...YOU...NUT!
Shingo: *starts laughing slightly* So I'm truly am alone now. Thank you for clearing that up for me, Ariel. *gets back up and walks past the students without looking up*
Ariel: ...what...?
Milliardo: Shingo's lost it if you ask me...
Ariel: *looks at Milliardo in shock* How could you say that?!?
Milliardo: You try running as fast as you can to try and hopefully catch a guy who apparently wants to die badly and see how you feel about them afterward.
Ariel: Shingo is not crazy! He's just...a little depressed that's all.
Milliardo: *under his breath* Depression leads to suicide. I'm sure you remember that from life management skills... But I think you're trying to convince yourself that he hasn't gone that far yet.

Ariel watched as Milliardo left along with a large amount of student that were watching. She couldn't believe that her own friend, Milliardo Yuy, would say such a thing about Shingo. Of course the next few events that occurred afterward made her change her mind.

"intoxicated with the madness,
I'm in love with my sadness
bullshit fakers, enchanted kingdoms
the fashion victims chew their charcoal teeth

Ariel walked down the stairs and walked to the front of the school and again saw a large group of people gocking at something on the wall. Curious the pushed though a few people and saw written on the wall in red marker:

emptiness is loneliness,
and loneliness is cleanliness
and cleanliness is godliness,
and god is
empty just like me

Underneath it was a drawing of someone who looked like an SD Shingo with it's tongue sticking out and pulling down one of it's eye lids with the words "The Desert Rebel has struck again!" at the bottom of it. No sooner did she read that there was an explosion in one of the bathrooms and Ariel ran to the source before anyone thought of even moving. She saw the smoke coming from the girl's bathroom and written on the door:

I never thought that I'd change my opinion again
But you moved me in a way that I've never known
You moved me in a way that I've never known.
But straight away you just moved into position again
You abused me in a way that I've never known.
You abused me in a way that I've never known.

Once again the words "The Desert Rebel has struck again!" were there along with the same drawing. Ariel was slowly getting annoyed and walked into the bathroom which was now destroyed and saw a bunch of cherry bomb remains all over the place then a note which was half burnt by the window.

This way to the white rabbit hole, Alice.
white rabbit hole ---> O

Ariel: ...Ok...First he uses song lyrics now he's going into kiddy movies? OI... And what does he mean "...the white rabbit hole..."? ...Wait a minute...The football field? Errr he knows how much I hate football! Maybe when I get there it'll be destroyed... -.-

With that Ariel who's the only one how knows where she's going runs past a few of the on lookers of the damage to the bathroom and starts rushing to the football field that it until she runs into someone.

Ling: WATCH WHERE YOU-- Ariel?
Ariel: ... @.@ Ouch...
Ling: *helps her up* Are you OK?
Ariel: Yeah...
Ling: *points to the writing on the wall* You see this already?
Ariel: Yeah and I've been in the girl's bathroom too. *shows him the note*
Ling: ...You do know who it is right?
Ariel: Yeah the same baka that tried to kill himself earlier.
Both: Shingo...
Ling: But why would he do this?
Ariel: I hate to say it but he's a little crazy lately...
Ling: How odd... I just spoke to him not too long ago at the PE area in the locker room. He asked me if the football field was being occupied at the moment. I told him it wasn't and he just grinned and said bye to me.
Ariel: *grabs Ling and swings him around like a rag doll* WHY'D YOU TELL HIM THAT?!?
Ling: .... x.x I didn't know....
Ariel: Errr! Even more of a reason to get there... Thanks Ling... *lets go of him and continues running*
Ling: x.x

Ariel, nearly out of breath, finally made it to the field (or should I say the hole?) and looked in awe as millions of fireworks were set up with Shingo in the middle of the field playing with the box of matches he had with him opening and closing them until he spotted Ariel and gave a sadistic grin.

Ariel: Haruka?

Ariel watches Shingo take out a match and starts hitting it against the side of the box. Below the blonde was a stream of strings that reminded Ariel of the type of string that came out of a firecracker that you lit to make it go off. To top it off the strings lead to different parts of the field all the way up to the stands. This made it clear enough to Ariel that a lot of time and thought was put into this not to mention firecrackers.

Ariel: Oh my god...He had this planed already... God only knows for how long. *looks around the stands and saw trash cans filled with fireworks all the way to the top* STOP THIS SHINGO!
Shingo: Why? *looks at the match that was now lit* This is going to be fun.
Ariel: *starts walking towards Shingo* You we're suppose to come to school today. But you came anyways... And I bet you weren't suppose to come tomorrow either... So tell me what's really wrong? What really happened after Haruka's gundam was blow to smithereens?
Shingo: *blows the match out* Nothing. Nothing happened.
Ariel: You're lying... Something had to happen.
Shingo: I don't know what you're talking about...
Ariel: I saw the recording, Shingo. I know what really happened.
Shingo: Then why are you asking me?
Ariel: To see if you remember.
Shingo: ...I don't remember anything! Get away from me!
Ariel: Your stats went off the chart two minutes after Haruka's gundam was blown up. You're breathing started to become shallow. At the bottom of the screen when I looked it said "Z2PT". I don't know what that is but I have a pretty good idea... I need you to tell me what that is.
Shingo: *looks around the ground* ...I don't remember...
'Haruka': Don't tell her shit man. Just light the thing.
Shingo: I don't remember... *drops the box of matches and grabs his head* WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER?!?
Ariel: What's wrong, Shingo?
Shingo: My head hurts... I can't remember any of that happening. I just remember Haruka... The rest is just a blank... Z2PT..... I don't remember anything like that.
'Haruka': Ignore her, Shingo. She's delusional... She doesn't know what she's talking about...
Shingo: Go away, Haruka!
Ariel: Haruka's not here! He's gone, Shingo!
Shingo: No he's not! He's right there! I can see him! Why can't you? Are you trying to drive me crazy?!? *falls to the ground trying to sort things out* Z2PT...Haruka....NOZ...
Ariel: I'm doing no such thing! *gets down next to Shingo*
Shingo: Go away. All of you. None of you care about me. You all hate me. So what if I killed Haruka? It's his fault he got in the way anyways. *looks at Ariel* It's cold... *falls on her and starts crying* I can't remember... why? Why can't I remember anything? *hugs her*
Ariel: 0.0 Shingo...*hugs him back*
Shingo: I'm so sorry, Ariel...
Ariel: Hmm?
Shingo: For this... *punches her in the back of the head and watches her fall to the ground* Sorry, Ariel-chan... *picks her up and gets her a safe distance away then goes back and picks up the box of matches* I love you, Ariel... Maybe this'll make you happy.

Shingo strikes the side of the box and lights the match he had taken out and drops it on the ground where a circle of gun powder was outlined and watched it go into flames. The blonde looks at his watch though the thick cloud of smoke around him and starts counting down... 10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0! Not only were there faire works in the trash cans but also gun power and a bomb in each which tore apart the stands leaving nothing. Below in a very close proximity of Shingo were bombs on the ground that had gone off along with the rest of the flammable objects. This was all going on while Shingo, who had blacked out because of the smoke, laid on the ground lifeless with soot on him and his clothes which were half burnt.

"I never let on, that I was on a sinking ship
I never let on that I was down
you blame yourself, for what you can't ignore
you blame yourself for wanting more

Quatre walks out of the hospital room and gives a long sigh. He looks over and sees Trowa sitting down and decides to do the same.

Trowa: How is he?
Quatre: For the most part he's ok.
Trowa: What happened?
Quatre: Gun powder, bombs, fireworks. I can't believe he blew up the entire place.
Trowa: It's believable.
Quatre: And Ariel?
Trowa: She's fine... It seems she was knocked out before it started. What happened in there?
Quatre: *sighs again* Well Dorothy's kinda on a big "he's hurt and it's all your fault" kick... So she kicked me out herself.
Trowa: I see. She's not very happy then.
Quatre: No, but she is right. It is somewhat my fault...
Trowa: You didn't know he was going to do that.
Quatre: No but I looked over the recording from Sandstorm not too long ago. I just gave it to Heero a few days ago but he can't find it. Anyway like I said I looked it over and the results weren't very good...
Trowa: What did you find?
Quatre: You know the Zero System 2 right?
Trowa: Yes.
Quatre: Well while Heero was still reconstucting WingZero he told me that he wanted to test the prototype in Sandstorm since it was already done. We both found out that it was a little too much for anyone to take. Heero could hardly handle it much less me. So we finally made a "watered down" version which was still much more effective then the original Zero System but didn't have the "bugs" that the prototype had.
Trowa: So you're saying after this you both forgot about it and left it in there.
Quatre: Not intentionally. Heero wanted it to stay in there so he could try to fix it. I guess he never got around to it since Relena found out about Wing and WingZero. I guess I forgot about it as well that is until I got the recording. I didn't know it was going to turn on durring the battle.
Trowa: What "bugs" where in the prototype?
Quatre: Well it got Heero a little too carried away. He actually thought he was still fighting OZ and Trieze was alive.
Trowa: So it gave him hallucinations.
Quatre: Yeah and it also got him very out of character. Bouncing off the walls screaming that Trieze was going to eat his head off... It was ammusing though strange... The prototype threw your mind out of whack causing you to believe whatever it threw at you.
Trowa: And what would it do to Shingo?
Quatre: I'm not really sure. He's never really experianced Zero system....
Trowa: And what does that mean?
Quatre: Well... Heero was "training" his sons with the zero system of course only Milliardo could handle it. Haruka started screaming that he wanted his mother after a few seconds. Shingo made a bet with Haruka that he could do a ton more better then even Milliardo with the zero system. I didn't really notice until Milliardo started to have a fight with Shingo over it. Shingo only lasted three minutes.
Trowa: So he had some experiance of the original zero system.
Quatre: *nods his head* And now it's my fault for being forgetfull. I shouldn't have let him even go in that gundam...
Trowa: At least he's still alive.

Ariel stood by the doorway of the hospital room she was put in not believing what she was hearing from her father and Quatre.

Ariel: "I don't believe this...He knew all about it! Now Shingo's brain is fried...He doesn't know what he's even doing anymore. Yet Mr. Yuy and Mr. Winner knew all about it. So that must be what Z2PT is. Zero System 2 Prototype... Now I know how it got in there. I hope you're still there Shingo."

Ariel decided to wait until visiting hours were over to go and see how Shingo was so she went back into the bed and pretended to be sound asleep. Shingo woke up late in the night alone in the room and starts cursing his luck of still being alive after the trouble he had went though to "kill" himself. Again he was stuck in bed bandaged up. Not for long though. Shingo grabed the blanket which was on him and left the bed to stand up and see how badly hurt he was. After examining himself he got some clothes on, tied the blanket around him like a cape (ok Shingo think's he's Batboy now... x.x), and went out the window. Just at that moment Ariel got into the room and looked around the room seeing bandages on the floor and the window open. She rushed to the window and saw not a soul. She looked down on the ground to try and find anyone in sight though it was hard since it was raining hard at the moment and it wasn't going to clear up anytime soon. Ariel sighed. If Shingo was there he obviously wasn't going to come back.

Shingo walked though the dark rain filled streets in hopes of comming to an answer. He thought about how he had tried to kill himself and why it didn't work. He came to a conclusion that he should've ran to one of the bombs or maybe get them closer. He looked at one of the small burn marks he had recived from his suicide attempt and thought about what Ariel had told him. He thought over and over trying to recall what a Z2PT was though it was beyond him as to what it was. Maybe it was a new gundam. But she had told him it was in his gundam and as far as he knew he didn't have anything on his gundam called a Z2PT. The bad thing about trying to remember anything was it made his head hurt. Where was he to go? He just figured out no one even gave a damn about him all he was good for was just to say he exsisted. He was hungry as hell and the rain wouldn't stop pouring. Maybe he should go to Milliardo the same person he took his brother from. Perhapes Ling would be a bit more welcoming though his mother wasn't a good cook if you asked him. Then again he enjoyed eating Relena's toxic waste of food. Duet would be more logical to go to since they were both in the same boat anyways and hopefully she'd understand him more then Ariel. He didn't want to bring even more pain to Ariel so the logical choice was to either go home or ride out the storm outside like a puppy that's lost it's way. He thought about this long and hard while trying to keep dry up against a building. After an hour of thinking the rain finally calmed down a bit and Shingo fell asleep out in the rain.

The next morning came and Ariel had left the hospital on a mission to find baka blonde boy before he turned up dead in an alley in god knows where. Ariel storms out of the hospital building and runs right into a figure with a blanket covered over them.

Ariel: Sorry!
Person: Don't metion it.
Ariel: *five steps later* WAIT A MINUTE! *goes back over to the person and grabs the blanket off of them* SHINGO!
Shingo: Hmm?
Ariel: Where were you?
Shingo: ...No where. Just walked in the rain for awhile you know.
Ariel: Argh! You disappered that's what you did!
Shingo: I did no such thing.
Ariel: Then what did you do? Hmm?
Shingo: Took a walk in the rain to sort out a few things. Is it a crime to do so?
Ariel: After blowing up a football field, destorying a bathroom, and writing various things on walls, doors, and other things... YES!
Shingo: ...Lighten up...
Shingo: It wasn't intentional.
Ariel: And blowing a football field to hell is?
Shingo: ...Yes.
Shingo: When did you?
Ariel: ...Good point...
Shingo: I'm tired... I'm going to go home.
Ariel: Ne?
Shingo: I've got too much on my mind right now I need to go to sleep ya know the thing you usually do at night?
Ariel: I know what sleep is baka!
Shingo: Just making sure.
Ariel: ...Then why'd you come here?
Shingo: Oh I was going to return the blanket.
Ariel: After you got mud and various other things on it?
Shingo: Yeah. A cat came up to me and pissed on me. I took care of it... *grin*
Ariel: Shingo Winner tell me you didn't kill that cat!
Shingo: I might've just went ahead and ate him.
Ariel: *stares at him* Err you disgusting bastard!
Shingo: *walks past her and enters the building* Go ahead and tell my father I'll be returning home.
Ariel: Ok... *looks at him like he's still slightly crazy and turns around to walk away from the building*

"she's the one for me
she's all i really need
she's the one for me
she's my one and only

Ariel: And he just spaced out!
Milliardo: That's very odd. Maybe he's gotten over his depression?
Ariel: I don't know...
Milliardo: Did you ever find out what Z2PT is?
Ariel: Yeah. And along with it is a long story.
Milliardo: I've got enough time. Mom is trying to figure out what to do about Haruka's funeral. It's next week in case you didn't know.
Ariel: I know... Anyways like I was saying. It turns out that Z2PT stands for Zero system 2 Prototype.
Milliardo: ...There's such a thing?
Ariel: Yeah. Turns out it was in Shingo's gundam.
Milliardo: A coincidence if you ask me.
Ariel: Well supposedly your father was using Sandstorm to work out some of the bugs.
Milliardo: Makes a bit of sense. But why not take it out afterward?
Ariel: Well he was going to try and fix it a bit more without "watering it down" because you see the Zero System 2 you have is a very watered down version of the prototype that was created before it.
Milliardo: And since Shingo never got the hang of the first zero system he cracked automatically.
Ariel: Yep. But hopefully we won't have to use the gundams and if we do the first thing I'm doing is taking out that prototype and blowing it to hell before Shingo even gets into that gundam again.
Milliardo: We don't have to worry about fighting again. Hidama's gone and hopefully no one holds any grudges against any of us.
Ariel: Yeah. But remember it was never proven that Hidama was killed.
Milliardo: True but she hasn't showed up yet and if she does we can always get rid of her.

Unknown to the two a certian moss green haired man is listening into their converstaion and curses under his breath.

Heero: How did she find out about the Z2PT? ...Maybe she got ahold of the recording but how... *looks at Milliardo who's blushing like an idiot as Ariel brings up Duet* If he did I swear I'll--
Relena: And what is Heero-chan doing?
Heero: Relena...
Relena: You better not be planing to kill someone.
Heero: No...
Relena: And what do you mean by Z2PT? Is that some kind of mission code or something?
Heero: Uhhh...Yes...
Relena: For what?
Heero: If I told you that then you wouldn't get it...
Relena: Is it for my birthday?!?!
Heero: Yes... You know I think ahead of time.
Relena: If it really is then I expect something better then last year. A gun...REALLY Heero!
Heero: You needed something to protect you so I got you a gun.
Relena: Heero really now. A pasifist like me with a weapon?!?
Heero: From what I hear you stole all my guns in an attempt to try and save Haruka and Milliardo on your own...
Relena: ...Uhh... I think I'll go cook dinner!
Heero: Isn't that what a chef is for?
Relena: Not anymore!
Heero: ...Mission to self...find another way to keep Relena from any type of food item. Mission acepted.

Milliardo: Did you hear something?
Ariel: No... It must be the wind...
Milliardo: You know if you think about it...If someone were to keep Shingo on a Zero System drive he'd be unstopable.
Ariel: Yeah but it's very unlikely anyone would find a copy of the Zero System 1,2 or prototype.
Milliardo: Yes that's a good point.
Ariel: Speaking of which I have to get going. I'm going to check in on Shingo after I visit Duet...
Milliardo: Heh... You act like you're married to him already.
Ariel: Don't go there.
Milliardo: ...Ok... Good luck.

Ariel walks to the Maxwell home which is up to it's knees in garbage outside the house pouring out of the can. Ignoring the stack of garbage Ariel goes to the door and rings the bell. After five minutes of waiting Duet finally answers the door in her pajamas and invites Ariel in.

Duet: What brings you here?
Ariel: Just checking up on you.
Duet: Like Milliardo doesn't already...
Ariel: How's everything?
Duet: Good... Mom finally got to sleep an hour ago.
Ariel: And the--
Duet: The garbage is from a few days ago they're going to pick it up today.
Ariel: Oh... I brought you some cookies. Well actually my mother asked me to bring them over here since she's busy.
Duet: Thank you. How's Shingo?
Ariel: I haven't seen him for awhile...
Duet: I see...
Ariel: I was going to go and visit him after I came here.
Duet: I feel honored... You came here first. Speaking of your mother how are you two getting along?
Ariel: Good. I guess we're more alike then I previously thought.
Duet: And your brothers?
Ariel: I don't know too much about them right now just that they like to play video games. And Nova seems to be the smart one out of them.
Duet: I wish I could meet them but I'm too busy trying to keep mom from overloading the fridge with food.
Ariel: I understand. I have to go you know.
Duet: Beat up Shingo for me, ne?
Ariel: Heh...Ok.

Ariel leaves the house and starts walking to the Winner Estate or as Shingo would call it the prison grounds. After a long walk of passing by people and pushing and shoving though most Ariel had finally made it to the place and looked around. Everything was still intact which ment Shingo didn't decide to get a sledgehammer and run around everywhere with it. She walks up to the door and knocks on it a few times and is finally let in after a few minutes.

Shingo: *looking out the window at Ariel who's carrying a basket* ...Little red ridding hood came over to play... I guess that makes me the wolf.

Ariel walks up the stairs and stops at Shingo's door trying to get out one of the cookies that were left over from her visit to Duet's house hoping Shingo would like to eat the chocolate chip cookie. She opens the door expectiong to see an overjoyed blonde who'd jump out of bed and glomp her. Instead she saw a dark room and at the enterance papers, glass and other assorted things on the ground. She knelt down, put the cookie back and picked up what looked like the remains of a picture. On it there was Shingo and what looked like a fair behind him though it was hard to tell since half of the picture was missing. Not to far from the picture were small bits of paper torn cleanly off each other. Ariel flipped the paper over to see a very scribbled out picture of Haruka. She got back up about to turn on the light until a cold voice told her not to touch the switch but to instead close the door so the light couldn't get in. Ariel did as the person in the shadows asked her to and stared at the dark abyss.

Ariel: Shingo? Where the hell are you? Don't play games with me.
Shingo: Over here... That's if you can find "here". I don't know where that is anymore...
Ariel: ...Shingo why is your room a mess?
Shingo: Why shouldn't it be?
Ariel: *starts walking towards the source of Shingo's voice* I guess you're right...
Shingo: I still don't remember anything... I can't remember what happened between Haruka's death and waking up in bed.
Ariel: Yeah...*walks over the broken glass on the ground* But I found out what the Z2PT was.
Shingo: Good for you but I don't know what it is still nor do I want you to tell me... I'm starting to remember bits and peices of what happened... If anything I should remember what that is....
Ariel: *finally makes it to where Shingo was which just so happened to be in bed staring off into space* I guess it would be better if you could remember it that way we'll know how it turned on.
Shingo: You think maybe it came on by accident? Then again...What the hell would anything like that be doing in my gundam? I don't recall having any use for a Z2P-whatever you call it. Besides why'd you com anyways?
Ariel: No reason... I was going to give you some of the cookies my mom made...
Shingo: That's why you look like little red ridding hood?
Ariel: I do not.
Shingo: No but you're carrying a basket full of goodies to bring to your "Grandma" but instead you ran into the wolf.
Ariel: And who would the "wolf" be?
Shingo: I guess me...*grins* Would you like to be eatten by the wolf?
Ariel: No thanks.
Shingo: *grabs Ariel causing her to drop the basket on the floor*
Shingo: But that's not the way the story goes...
Ariel: Really? Would you like me to find something to kick your ass with?
Shingo: Not really.
Ariel: Then let go you baka.
Shingo: *lets go of Ariel* You never want to play right...
Ariel: Errr! *grabs Shingo and smacks him across the face* Don't do that again! ...*grabs his arms and looks at his wrist*
Shingo: ...
Ariel: How long ago did you do this?!?
Shingo: Before you came in...
Ariel: Are you nuts? Slitting your wrist?!?
Shingo: So?
Ariel: SO? You could've died if I hadn't noticed it!
Shingo: Like you would've cared...
Ariel: *grabs the cloth from inside the basket, tears it in half and starts wrapping it around Shingo's wrist much to his dismay* Of course I care!
Shingo: If that's true then why don't you love me?
Ariel: *stops tying the cloth onto his wrist* ...Let's not get into that...
Shingo: Why not? Because you know it's true?
Ariel: *finishes the temporary bandages* I don't want to talk about it.
Shingo: You never loved me in the first place so why should it even matter if we talk about it?
Ariel: ...*picks up the basket* I can't believe you just said that.
Shingo: What's not to believe? That you only pretended to love me?
Ariel: I care a lot about you, Shingo.
Shingo: Only care about me? Wow... I'm so touched...
Ariel: *trying to keep from just smacking the boy across the face once more before she nearly broke down in tears* I've got a question for you...Did you ever love me? *runs out of the room and slams the door behind her*
Shingo: *a bit taken back* ...
Done! Finally! YAY! *jumps up and down* This was a bit depressing but good. ^^ Well tell me what you all think.

- ChibiChibi-chan