Neo Gundam Wing - Epilogue -
Note: Final part to NGW includes the "end" of the song "The Beginning is The End is The Beginning" by The Smashing Pumpkins since if the stanzas were included into the episode the series would've experienced major draggyness...Anyway... I'm glad ya'll enjoyed the end of the series...Sadly I don't think this will supply you with much more than a conclusion as to what happened afterward. I've said it to a few people but I'll tell the entire community. I'm not one to write a bland plot that tells you everything... I've already done that... You draw your own conclusions from that. Mmmm... Would make for some interesting fan-fiction... Just a thought...

Time has stopped before us

The group stared in amazement as the gundam disappeared after leaving with a blond they knew all too well. No one moved, said anything, or seemed to breathe during that long silence that proceeded. Ariel caught herself before she fainted and fell on top of Seiya as fresh snow started to fall to cover up the signs of battle in the area. She looked at Seiya to see if he had recovered yet only to find he was still unconscious. She looked through the softly falling flakes towards the gundams that laid in the slow slowly being devoured by the flakes.

Seiya: *staring up at the grey clouds above and the white dots floating down towards his face* She said... Something about snow...
Ariel: *looks down* Who said something about snow?
Seiya: I don't remember. She was pretty, very pretty. She looked an angel...
Ariel: Seiya, do you remember anything within an hour?
Seiya: Sandstorm. I heard Sandstorm then him...  He said he would take care of Sandstorm.
Ariel: Who? Seiya...Who said that? Was it Shingo?
Seiya: I don't know. *starts coughing*
Ariel: Seiya? *waits for him to stop and feels his head* You're sick. You're such an idiot. Going out in the cold like this... You're such a child. Did you're mother not teach you anything?
Seiya: I don't know. *mutters* I don't think I've ever been sick before...
Ariel: *gets up* Come on... I'm sure Haruka will help. If not him then someone else. *helps Seiya up*

Haruka looked around to try to find or hear a sign of Sandstorm around the area. He growled as he quickly got into his gundam and turned on all of it's systems. He frantically looked from monitor to monitor for a sign within a good thirty miles finding nothing but silence. Milliardo got up and looked inside the cockpit at his brother as he continued to scan the area several times over.

Milliardo: He's gone, Haruka.
Haruka: No, he's not. He's here. I know it. I just have to recalibrate a few things and he'll show up.
Milliardo: Haruka, you have to face two possible outcomes... Either he's dead or he's trapped in there. There's nothing more we can do. *watched Haruka ignore him and keep going* You're looking for nothing but a phantom.
Haruka: I won't accept that. He's there, somewhere.
Milliardo: The only thing you'll probably find is his ghost. Nothing else will show up.
Haruka: *pounds the key board and a few other consoles* Don't tell me that! I came here because I knew Shingo got himself in some deep shit as usual and I--
Milliardo: Face it Haruka, you couldn't bail him out of it this time. Do you really think he was going to let you stop him anyway? You know as well as everyone else that he's stubborn when it comes to things like that.
Haruka: It's just... For once... I wanted to keep everything from going to hell like it usually does...
Milliardo: And if you did it would've done nothing... Even if you kept him away from Sandstorm she still had Zero. She could chase after him as much as she pleased if he hadn't killed Zero.
Haruka: But he still got caught anyway.
Milliardo: Maybe that's the only way he saw would work.
Haruka: If.... If I could go back I'd fix all of this.
Milliardo: Before you go fixing your past mistakes fix the current problems you have now.
Haruka: Michiru... Even she got caught up in this.
Ariel: Milliardo! Haruka! I need some help here.
Haruka: Ariel! *runs towards Ariel and stops as he spots a blond on the ground swinging between consciousness and unconsciousness* What seems to be the problem...?
Ariel: This guy, Seiya--
Haruka: Seiya!?! *grabs Seiya's shirt* Damn you! Where the hell is Shingo?! I know you know!
Ariel: HARUKA! Stop it! What are you going on about! Seiya doesn't know anything!
Haruka: Sorry to burst your bubble, Ariel, but this guy is the one responsible for all of this. Damn bastard! *starts beating the defenseless blond up* It's all your fault! Does that hurt? I hope it does! *drops Seiya as Milliardo intervenes and nearly gets himself hit in the process* LET GO! I'm going to kick his sorry ass until I feel like he knows everyone's pain!
Milliardo: *dodges Haruka's hands and drags him far enough away from Seiya* Since when do you judge such things?
Haruka: We both know he deserves it! I sure as hell am not going to hold back on him!
Milliardo: Look at him... You practically beat him to a pulp. If he was as powerful as he's suppose to be then you would've been him or worse.
Haruka: Milliardo, let go of me! I'll beat the answer out of him even if it kills him.
Seiya: *holding on to Ariel* I want my mom! Where's my mom?!
Ariel: Seiya... Please... Quiet... Sit down and then we'll talk about it.

Sydney looked over at the malfunctioning Seiryuu gundam and laid Ling on the ground as he slowly opened his eyes to the snow filled land and the brunette in front of him.

Ling: Sydney...
Sydney: Are you hurt?
Ling: I don't know... I do have a huge headache... So much crap happened in a matter of minutes. Besides that, I don't think I can move my arm either... I probably almost tore it off holding on to the controls.
Sydney: It only needs to be popped back into place.
Ling: Don't tell Milliardo or Haruka.
Sydney: Why?
Ling: They'd pop it back with no pain killers to go with it.
Sydney: You're a big baby.
Ling: And if I am?
Sydney: Who knows.
Ling: And Nova?
Sydney: He was able to get out on his own.
Ling: *looks over at Haruka, Milliardo, Ariel and the blond clinging to her* Shingo? He's alive?
Sydney: He looks like him but his hair is slightly different. I doubt it's him.
Ling: Then it's Zero?
Sydney: I haven't gone over there to ask.
Ling: Well I intend to. *tries to get up*
Sydney: Stay still or I'll make you.
Ling: Make me? How?
Sydney: Do you really want to find out? *smiles*
Ling: Not anymore. What happened to Sandstorm? I remember seeing it get Shingo and then...
Sydney: I don't know. It doesn't seem like anyone else knows the answer to that question either.
Ling: He just disappeared into the falling snow, eh? Seems like this was a waste of time for us.
Sydney: I doubt it was.
Ling: *notices several aircraft with the Preventors logo on the side and sighs* Here comes the damage crew. They're most likely from the American Preventors head quarters.
Sydney: You don't sound too happy.
Ling: I hear things from my father. Those guys are total asses.
Sydney: Great...

The sky cannot ignore us

The six o clock news came on as just about everyone came home from work. Every channel covering the same news, slowly making what was new news old.

Reporter: This evening it was reported that several teenagers were taken to the American Preventors office. We're unsure as to what but we've received news that three were recognized as the gundam pilots that were requested to be searched for weeks ago. We've only received the names of those three, Ling Chang, Haruka Zechs Yuy, and Milliardo Heero Yuy. We are unsure of the identities of the others. In other news, the sole heir to the Silva family has gone missing. No ransom was left nor any other contact pertaining to his whereabouts. Police and other officials are looking at the case closely.

One of the Preventors turned off the television and looked over at the blue eyed Chinese boy as he picked up the cup of water and took a long drink from it before putting it back down.

Preventor: That's some wound you've got there kid. Where'd you get it?
Ling: *looks at his bandaged arm and back at his inquisitor* Wouldn't you like to know.
Preventor: Look, Chang, I'm not going to play games with you. I want to know what those suits were doing out there and what the hell happened.
Ling: *stares at a doughnut, picks it up and stares at it* I've always wondered were the centers of these really go to.
Preventor: Chang!
Ling: Name's Ling. *looks over at his inquisitor's side of the table with his file spread across the table and points to his name* See... You're reading it backwards.
Preventor: I talked with your other friends. They wouldn't tell me anything either. I'm telling you to talk so do it!
Ling: I am talking, just not about what you want me to talk about.
Preventor: And why not?
Ling: I personally don't think it's any of your business. *watches the door fling open and a familiar platinum blond enter the room and hands a paper to the man*
Zechs: I think this is enough for you. You have no reason to keep these kids here anymore.
Preventor: You're from the Sanq Kingdom aren't you?
Zechs: That I am.
Preventors: I don't take orders from you people!
Zechs: I've talked it over with your commanding officer here. If you look at that paper you'll notice her signature at the bottom.
Preventor: Ms. Une?! She would never!
Zechs: Well she did. Now, if you'll excuse me. Come on brat.
Ling: *takes the box of doughnuts and waves a goodbye to the Preventor as he walks out the door with Zechs*
Haruka: Hey Ling, are you going to share those?
Ling: Maybe.
Haruka: So you bailed us out, Uncle.
Zechs: If I didn't your mother would be upset and knowing your father he would've done it an entirely different way.
Haruka: And Seiya?
Zechs: We intend on taking care of him ourselves. I don't want to leave an evil presence here. Strange though, he acts just like a child. Couldn't get him away from that Barton girl either.
Milliardo: I think there's more to it than we really know. Then again all of our answers disappeared with the snow.
Zechs: Hmm?
Haruka: Shingo, he's gone.
Zechs: I thought as much. Quatre tried to track him but found no success. That kid's disappeared off the face of the Earth with no trace.
Haruka: So where are we going to?
Zechs: To the kingdom that's walls are destroyed yet rebuilds on it's ruins and continues.
Milliardo: Home.
Haruka: Looks like we made it into the history books.
Milliardo: I doubt it.
Haruka: Who knows, we probably did and we don't even know it yet. By the way, I'm not going home.
Zechs: Oh?
Haruka: Yeah, I got a girl I need to see. I'll see you guys whenever. Tell Duet she's still a bitch for me and Sieben he still looks like a girl.
Milliardo: And how are you going to get there?
Haruka: The only way that's free, my gundam. I just need to fix her up real quick and I'm off.

Reporter: *to a guest* Well for all we know they probably saved the world behind our backs. No one has seen anymore of those mobile suits that came down to Earth.
Guest: Give me a break. It's just like the gundam pilots of A.C. 195, you don't expect anyone to believe they saved the world without some kind of profit of their own. They probably were paid to save us from the White Fang! These kids are probably no better. Calling a bunch of kids our saviors is insane.
Reporter: But you won't doubt that they did destroy the mobile suits, correct?
Guest: I only believe what I see. You can't forget, one of your "saviors" destroyed a colony just as one did in 195.
Reporter: There have been reports of a gundam in space, what would you like to say about that?
Guest: Get me a house on the sun then I'll believe you.

No one can separate us

Michiru hummed as she listened to the music playing on the radio and picked up the dirty clothes her brother had left around everywhere. She picked up the basket of dirty clothes just as the door bell rang and danced happily toward the door. The green haired girl opened the door and instantly dropped the basket and nearly fell backwards before the dirty blond caught her before she hit the floor. Her eyes stayed fixated on him in half shock and disbelief of his being there.

Haruka: I didn't have anything nice to give you this time... But here. *hands her some flowers*
Michiru: *stares at the flowers, now in her hands, and back at Haruka* Is... Is it really you, Haruka?
Haruka: Of course, who else would I be? *smiles*
Michiru: Haruka! *gives him a hug, knocking him over* I was worried. I heard about so many things on the news, then Yoshi was acting strange, and he left... But you're here now! He'll be excited to meet someone like you. He doesn't have that many friends and meeting you will be great.
Haruka: *frowns* Yeah...
Michiru: Some thing's wrong...
Haruka: Yeah, it's about Yoshi.
Michiru: What?
Haruka: I met up with him on Earth. I tried to stop him. I couldn't do anything.
Michiru: Haruka... What happened to Yoshi?
Haruka: He killed himself, self-destructed inside of a mobile suit.
Michiru: *holds onto Haruka tighter and hides her face with his shirt* Yoshi.... Why? I should've stopped him... Asked him. Something! Haruka, why?
Haruka: *pats her back* Shhh... I'm sure... He had reasons. Don't worry... I'm here. I won't leave you for anything. *thinking* Sometimes... The truth is worse...than a lie.

Milliardo looked on as several construction workers fixed the minimum damage on the Yuy home and heard his younger sister start to cry in his arms.

Milliardo: Rena-chan, what's wrong now? I fed you and I changed you and I even played with you! *feels someone tap on his shoulder* Hmm?
Duet: Are you going to get that or do you need help?
Milliardo: Du-chan...
Duet: *takes Rena from Milliardo's hands* When did you last feed her?
Milliardo: Um... Ack! Two and a half hours ago! I'm so sorry, Rena! I forgot!
Duet: Don't mind your big brother, he's just being a dork... my dork.
Milliardo: *turns red* D-d-du-chan...!
Duet: Are you going to give me her bottle?
Milliardo: Oh... Yeah... Here. *looks through the bag and pulls out a bottle* It's apple juice though...
Duet: It's good enough.
Milliardo: *stares at the two*
Duet: *notices* What?
Milliardo: Ah... nothing... I just was thinking...
Duet: Well if you keep thinking it'll never come out.
Milliardo: Well I was thinking, you're really good with kids.
Duet: I do have a baby sister, Milliardo.
Milliardo: Yeah, what a strange coincidence! *gives a small laugh that quickly dies*
Duet: What was it like?
Milliardo: Excuse me?
Duet: The GPM system.
Milliardo: You know... I really don't remember too much. I mean, I remember fighting Sandstorm and everything like that but nothing else.
Duet: Oh, well did you miss me?
Milliardo: *surprised by the question* Yeah, why wouldn't I?
Duet: You act so strange.
Milliardo: I'm sorry. *gives her a hug* I didn't mean to make you worry.
Duet: You're so kind, Milliardo.
Milliardo: Yeah, a little too much for my own good. *looks over at WingZero*

For we are all that is left

Ariel sighed as she picked up another potato to peal while her mother happily chopped them up and her brothers sat at the table eating some snacks.

Triage: Then I said to Mandi, that's not a roach... that's a rat! She jumped five feet in the air!
Nova: That's not nice to scare people...
Triage: Ah come on! Everyone needs a little scare every once in awhile!
Nova: Oh yeah, mom we're going to go on a field trip next week I need you to sign the permission slip.
Jade: I'll sign it after dinner. *stares at the pot that is now over filled with potatoes* Ariel, dear, you can stop now.
Ariel: *stops* Hmm? Oh okay. Sorry. *puts down the potato and peeler and leaves*
Jade: *looks over at Nova and Triage* Well...
Triage: I didn't do anything!
Nova: *shakes his head*
Jade: I already knew you didn't. There's only so much I can do since we're living with Duo for the time being. I can't really keep track of Ariel between keeping your father and uncle from glaring each other to death and complaining about things. *hears the door open and the very thing she was talking about start up*
Duo: Yeah, well I'm still not happy you married my sister, Trowa.
Trowa: At least I don't live in the refrigerator.
Hilde: Would you two not start? I just got Cimmorene to sleep.
Duo: I'll stop hun, only cause Cim-chan is a lot more quieter than him. What happened to that? Use to be silent all the time. Was nice. *grins*
Trowa: I met you.
Duo: So you did. *goes into the fridge and takes out a carton of milk* Yo, Jade! Cookin tonight I see. Hope it's good. *drinks out of carton*
Jade: I think it will be. Especially with it being so cold now.
Triage: Mom's stew is the best.
Jade: Thank you, Triage.
Nova: *notices the look his father is giving Duo as he keeps drinking with no interval in-between*
Duo: *puts down the carton, shakes it around* Aww man, Hilde, we're out of milk!
Trowa: *shakes his head and takes a seat* So, where's Ariel?
Triage: Dunno, she was here then she disappeared.
Nova: She probably went somewhere to be by herself.
Trowa: I see.
Triage: Yeah she's probably all hung up over Shingo still... She's been acting funny too, doing strange things.
Trowa: Strange?
Triage: Yeah, acting all around like a pregnant woman! *watches everyone stop what they're doing and stare at him* Wha?
Duo: *attempts to calm everyone down before they burst on the kid* Hey now! It's not like she went ahead and did the nasty with anyone like... Shingo! *recieves glare*
Hilde: Ariel's a smart girl, she wouldn't do that, would she?
Trowa: If she did I'm going to kill the guy that did it!
Jade: I don't think there's anything to worry about. She's probably just upset that Shingo's gone.
Trowa: I'm confused, she hates him, then she likes him.
Duo: One of life's little mysteries...

Ariel listened into the conversation and left the house with her jacket in hand as she started to walk down the street.

Ariel: Shingo.... Where are you?

Wufei growled as he heard kids screaming and laughing while he was trying to read the reports he was given. He finally screamed and threw the papers on the table.

Sally: Really, Wufei, I think you're worse than the kids.
Wufei: No, I'm sick of hearing them run around like idiots.
Sally: You were the one that said Meiran could have a party.
Wufei: Yes... Curse my luck that she decided to invited the nosiest people here.
Sally: They're just having fun. *puts a party hat on Wufei and smiles*
Wufei: This is not humorous.
Sally: I never said it was.
Merian: *running* No! Not again! *hit with a water balloon*
Akuma: Gotcha!
Meiran: Time out, Zo-chan! Mama everyone wants cake now.
Sally: Okay, I'll be there in a moment. Come on, Wufei, at least sing Happy Birthday to your daughter.
Wufei: Fine, fine.... I will in a moment.
Sally: Ling!
Ling: *dashes in* What?
Sally: Take the cake over to the table and put the candles in.
Ling: Awww... Do I have to?
Sally: Do it, dear.
Ling: Okay...
Sally: Good.
Ling: *picks up the cake and does as his mother tells him*
Sydney: Aww how nice of you Ling.
Ling: I have to... My younger siblings wouldn't even bother and obviously my mother wants to put me to work while I'm around.
Sydney: You're leaving somewhere?
Ling: I'm planning on going back to school. Sanq Kingdom University sustained a little damage so once it's fixed I'm going to go back there.
Sydney: I see...
Ling: Yeah... It's strange how things turn out.
Sydney: Yeah.
Ling: I still love you.
Sydney: I do too...
Ling: You know if anything really made it out of that fight in America I'd have to say no one did. A peice of each of us died there and what is here is all that is left of us. One person can make such a big difference to several people.

The echo bounces off me

Quatre looked at the paper presented to him by the receptionist.

Quatre: What's this one for?
Woman: That boy is rather loud at night. This is for some medicine.
Quatre: If it helps... What does he say anyway?
Woman: Hell if I know, kids strange.
Quatre: *hears something bang* What...
Woman: Ah that's just another one running into the walls.
Quatre: Oh... Can I visit?
Woman: Sure, not going to stop you.
Quatre: *enters the room and looks around at the corner where Seiya is busy hitting his head against the wall*
Seiya: Why won't he leave?! Why...*notices Quatre* Get him away!!
Quatre: Seiya...
Seiya: Leave me alone... I want to be left alone... I want to be away from this place... It's so dark and cold... No body cares about me anymore. They never did. She never did... It's not over, it will never end. Never. He'll come back. I know it. And when he does all of you will fall... Every last one. *plays with one of his last long pieces of his hair*

The shadow lost beside me

Nova looked around the museum as Torrance had him by the arm and pointed out some things she liked.

Torrance: And this...I think it's really beautiful, don't you think so?
Nova: Ah.. Yeah...
Torrance: What's wrong, Nova?
Nova: I guess I'm kind of lost in thought.
Torrance: What's on your mind?
Nova: I guess I'm still thinking about what happened there, in America. Shingo is gone and Zero is dead. I know it sounds strange but I have a feeling like... Like something isn't right. We're missing a key piece to this entire thing.
Torrance: Such as?
Nova: We never found Zero's body. We never found out where Sandstorm disappeared to and it has yet to resurface since then.
Torrance: It's only been three weeks. I'm sure something will come up.
Nova: I hope so.

A distinct beeping sound rings through emptiness. The large chunk of floating metal goes through space as a shaky hand reaches the monitor showing the outside surroundings of space as well as a large red planet. They finally place their hand back down and allow the weak light from the monitors to shine in their blue hue down through their white hair and to their grey blue eyes. A voice suddenly rings through the small area.

Voice: Whatever are you up to, boy?
Guy: I'm getting away.
Voice: So you're running away again? You killed yourself and now you want to run?
Guy: I only killed it, nothing more.
Voice: Don't lie.
Guy: Fine... I did kill myself. I don't know who I am anymore. I killed it and yet I still don't feel like I'm me.
Voice: What more do you want?
Guy: Answers.
Voice: She's given you all she can.
Guy: I don't care if I die from anymore of it. I want to know, what will become of me.
Voice: You've lost your shadow, there can only be good in your life now, right?
Guy: True...But...It will come back, it always does.
Voice: It's because he's alive?
Guy: No, it's because I'm alive.

There's no more need to pretend

Two of the Mars Transport Personnel sighed and sat back as they watched a blond haired guy continue work.

Guy 1: Who the hell is that?
Guy 2: He's new here.
Guy 1: That's a guy?! Man I was kinda thrown off by the hair.
Guy 2: Don't worry, I almost did too. He's a nice guy, doesn't mind anything really.
Guy 1: He's kinda young eh?
Guy 2: The guy isn't even twenty yet.
Guy 1: What's a kid doing up here for?
Guy 2: Family problems and he needed money.
Guy1: What's his name?
Guy 2: Shengu I think... Never really caught his last name.
Guy 1: Shengu? I think I know a name like that.
Guy 2: Me too. Oh well... The point is he's working here and all... I don't know too much more on that. Want to talk to him? He doesn't really care too much, I mean he's ahead of all of us in work.
Guy 1: Eh why not...
Guy 2: Hey Shengu! Come on over here.
Shengu: *puts down the box and walks over* What?
Guy 2: What's up with you kid?
Shengu: Nothing much, I'm going to leave very soon though.
Guy 2: Really? Where to?
Shingo: To visit my girl. I haven't seen here in a long time.
Guy 1: Really? How long?
Shengu: Four months. I'm going to be a father pretty soon as well so I think it would be good to see her.
Guy 1: What?! You don't even look like your old enough for that!
Shengu: True, I'm not that old but I think I can handle it.
Guy 2: I had a baby brother once, kid cried all hours of the night. I feel really bad for my parents having to take care of him and me not doing anything now.
Shengu: I've never had any younger siblings. Anyway I think I'm going to finish up as fast as I can so I can get this all done within an hour and get to Earth before four.

Cause now I can begin again

Ariel paced back and forth as her cousin looked on at the scene she was making.

Ariel: I'm not sure what to do. I mean... He said he'd be there...
Duet: You still haven't told me who yet.
Ariel: Argh! He's... *thinks up something* A guy I met online!
Duet: Online dating now?
Ariel: Yeah... *thinks* I really don't like to lie...but...
Duet: Really? What's he like?
Ariel: Oh... he's nice and all...
Duet: Well I'm happy you're moving on.
Ariel: Yeah...
Duet: You've been acting so strange since Shingo disappeared. Are you upset still?
Ariel: Oh...well yes...
Duet: You were eating strangely for awhile and you never looked too well in the mornings as well for a short time. I can only assume--
Ariel: I am not!
Duet: What?
Ariel: I know what you're going to say. Triage has been saying it this whole time.
Duet: I'm sorry, it's just that it's the regular behavior of a woman with... that... Especially mood swings.
Ariel: Anyway I need to go.
Duet Okay, good luck!
Ariel: And, Duet.
Duet: Hmm?
Ariel: You're right. *leaves*
Duet: Ah... I thought so.

Ariel made it to the shuttle port and looked at the schedule for the incoming shuttles and sighed as she noticed six were coming in around four. She looked at her watch and noticed the time had past and yet she still couldn't find him. She started to leave the building as she ran into a man with a blue jacket on with red trim and a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

Ariel: I'm so sorry! *stares up at the blond* Oh.. my...god... *glomps him instantly* SHINGO!
Shingo: *nearly falls over* Ariel-chan, you should be careful.
Ariel: I'm just so happy. I didn't really believe you would be here! Now we can live here and everything.
Shingo: I can't do that. Ariel, I've come down to take you away.
Ariel: Where to?
Shingo: Mars.
Ariel: Mars.
Shingo: It's sudden, yes, but I know you will do what you want.
Ariel: Shingo...Really, Mars? That's so far away.
Shingo: Yeah it is. I take it then that you won't.
Ariel: Actually... I will. Only because we're going to be a family soon.
Shingo: Neh?
Ariel: I'll tell you on the way there. We can also talk about a name. I think Julia would be cute.
Seiya: *stares* Are you crazy?!
Ariel: *laughs* Maybe.

A loud beeping continues and stops to a dead sound. A small boy wakes up and looks around as his mother hugs him.

Woman: I was so scared! This is your father's fault!
Boy: Mama, it's mine. Everything is, has, and will be.
Woman: What are you talking about dear? That system must've done something...
Boy: Don't worry mama. It'll all make sense when I grow up.
That's the end. The ending of my story... The end... yeah... Love it, hate it, whatever...Bitch to you're hearts content... maybe I'll do something about it.