Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 9: Lost and Found
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On the L1 Cluster Duet and Milliardo are walking around in hopes of finding Haruka.

Duet:  ...We've been at this for an hour!
Milliardo:  Don't worry we'll find him I know it.
Duet:  Oh yeah he's just going to run into us! *boom!*
Haruka:  Sorry madam! 
Duet:  Errrr... WATCH WHERE YOU'RE....Haruka?
Haruka:  *looks around* Where?
Duet:  ...I'm talking to you, idiot!
Milliardo:  HARUKA! *hug*
Haruka:  ...Um... Dude... I dun swing that way!
Milliardo:  ...?
Duet:  Haruka, this is the only time I'm going to say this to you... *glomp* I MISSED YOU HARUKA!
Haruka:  Chick, I don't know who this Haruka guy is, but it sure isn't me!
Milliardo:  Right... Come on, Haruka, we got to go home.
Haruka:  I am home! And my name is Ikari Shinji!
Duet:  *looks at Milliardo* ...?
Milliardo:  I knew I shouldn't have let him watch Evangelion again....
Haruka:  Yuy?
Milliardo:  Yeah!
Haruka:  Look, Michiru told me not to talk to strangers, so I have to go...
Duet:  Michiru? No wonder you won't come with us!
Milliardo:  Look, Haruka, if you like it or not, you have to come back home with us!
Haruka:  Leave me alone, man! HELP! THEY'RE TRYING TO KIDNAP ME! 

Milliardo and Duet receive odd looks in their direction. Duet accidentally lets Haruka go and watches as he runs like a bat out of hell away from them.

Duet:  DAMN IT!
Milliardo:  *sigh* Don't worry about it. We at least know where he is now.
Duet:  Yeah...but I want to go home!
Milliardo:  Me too...
Duet: We should follow him.
Milliardo: Ok.
Duet: You did bring the net right?
Milliardo: Yeah...
Duet: Good! Then lets go!

Haruka runs into Michiru's room screaming and crying.

Michiru: What's wrong, Shinji?
Haruka: Some dudes wanted to kidnap me!
Michiru: Why?
Haruka: They said my name was Haruka and I had to go home with them! But, my home is here with you!
Michiru: Haruka?
Haruka: That's what they said...
Michiru: I'm sure they were just making it up. Now, you sit here and I'll go get some food!
Haruka: Food? YAY!

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door. Haruka grabs a blanket and puts it over himself to hide while Michiru happily walks to the door to open it.

Michiru: Hello?
Duet: GOTCHA! *throws the net over Michiru*
Michiru: What the...
Milliardo: Um Duet-chan, that doesn't look like Haruka...
Duet: Oh...Sorry...
Haruka: Hey! You're those guys that are trying to kidnap me!
Duet: Errrrr! BAKA! *THAWAP*
Haruka: ....OUCH! DAMN YOU DUET! Bitch!
Milliardo: Seems like he's back to normal...
Duet: BITCH?!?!? And to think, I just glomped you not too long ago!
Haruka: Whoa... You did? What kind of glomp was it? An "I love you, Haruka" glomp or a "I MISS YOU HARUKA! AND I WANT YOU!" glomp?
Michiru: Could someone please tell me what's going on here?!?
Haruka: Whoa! Cute chick!
Milliardo: ...Look, I'm Milliardo Yuy and this is my brother Haruka. Me and my friend Duet where looking for him and it just so happens he was here.
Haruka: I've been living with a chick for three weeks and I'm still a virgin?!?
Duet: You're...What?
Milliardo: How can that be, you're always talking about how good this girl was and how much better that one was.
Haruka: I was just playin with your heads, man! Besides I want to find the right woman before I go and do that! I may be stupid, but I ain't that stupid!
Duet: *sigh* It doesn't matter you have to come back home with us.
Haruka: Like, hell no!
Milliardo: We don't have time to put up with one of your fits... Now come on.
Haruka: No man! I'm stayin here!
Michiru: I wanna come with you too! I've got nothing to wait for, my father's busy being a Sweeper and my mother is doing god knows what...
Haruka: Who is your mom anyway?
Michiru: Silvia Shin, also known as Silvia Noventa.
Duet: ....
Haruka: Didn't Dad have a thing for her?
Milliardo: I don't know and I guess we'll never know. But we have to go home and I guess if you aren't coming with out her then we'll have to bring her. - -;

Haruka grabs Michiru's arms and starts dancing around the room.

Duet: Why does that sound familiar?
Milliardo: I don't know why but we gotta go.

An hour later on the shuttle Haruka and Michiru are singing Future Mystery and driving Milliardo and Duet crazy while doing it.

H&M: FIRE AWAY! Kokoro tokihanatsu Togishimashita hitomi de... Subete no nazo wo tokiakasu... Munasawagi no mirai WO ima...!
Duet: SHUT UP!
Milliardo: A perfect couple there...
Haruka: *stops singing* Hey, how has everyone back home been?
Duet: Depends on who you're talking about...
Haruka: Ok...How about Ariel?
Milliardo: She's trying to get along with her new siblings.
Haruka: I see... Hmmm... Ling?
Duet: Ling's Ling, what else do you expect him to be?
Haruka: That makes sense...Hmmm...How bout Sieben? That bastard... Is he even alive still?
Milliardo: Yeah, he is.
Haruka: Darn...How bout Shingo! Man, he's gonna be happy when I'm back!
Duet: Shingo... Let's see he's suicidal at the moment...
Haruka: Makes sense, like father like son... *starts looking around for food*
Milliardo: No, it's nowhere near that...Yet... He's tried several times to kill himself, but never succeeds.
Duet: It's gotten so bad that Ariel is trying to straighten out his suicidal mind.
Haruka: *finds a Crunch bar and start munching on it* That's good... Mmmm, chocolate.... You want some Michiru?
Michiru: Sure!
Milliardo: How can you be so dense?!? Your friend has gone crazy because of you and you don't give a shit!
Haruka: Come on! He's not 'dead' yet! Besides I'm alive so there shouldn't be nothing else to worry about!
Duet: I hope Shingo can say the same to you.

Meanwhile at the Chang residence Wufei has just walked home from work to see his living room full of boxes.

Wufei:  What the...ONNA!!!
Sally:  What?
Wufei:  Why the hell are those boxes in my home?
Sally:  Well your sister Ashtear came over we talked and I decided to let Torrance stay over here so I told her to bring whatever she needs.
Wufei:  WAIT! HOLD IT! Onna... you made another decision with out my consent! 
Sally:  I thought you would have been happy to have your niece over for a while...
Wufei:  WELL I'M NOT!
Torrance:  'ello Uncle Wu Wu!
Wufei:  WUFEI!
Torrance:  Sorry Uncle Wu Wu...
Wufei:  --...  Losing patience...
Torrance:  Aunt Sally where's Lingy?
Sally:  He's at school he should be coming home soon...
Sally:  LING!
Wufei:  Do not use my strong word! It is too strong for your weak mind to comprehend!
Ling:  Right... Anyways...Mom... I got another bad grade in PE...
Wufei:  WHAT?!? Damn weak son of mine!
Sally:  *sigh* That's ok...
Torrance:  *glomps onto Ling* LINGY!
Torrance:  Did you miss me?
Ling:  Let go of me! Why aren't you in Britain?!?
Torrance:  Mum said I could stay here with you and Uncle Wu Wu!
Wufei:  WUFEI!
Sally:  Oh please Wufei I like the name Wu Wu...
Wufei:  Injustice...
Torrance:  Aunt Sally I would like to ask if I could invite a friend here.
Sally:  Hmmm.... I don't know...
Sally:  That's a yes then...
Sally:  Wufei I told you no screaming in the house!
Wufei:  Humph...

At the Barton home Triage and Nova watch the news while Trowa tries to figure out where the hell Hidama went.

Jade: I'm home!
Trowa: Hi Jade-chan.
Jade: Still trying to figure it out?
Trowa: Yeah but I keep drawing a blank. Wufei wants an answer by tomorrow and I don't think I can give him one.
Jade: Forget Wufei. He'll get and answer when he gets one.
Trowa: I don't think it's going to work that way.
Jade: If it doesn't I'll talk to Sally. How are boys doing?
Nova: Fine.
Triage: Yeah we're watchin some TV since Nova didn't want to get his butt kicked in Mortal Combat.
Jade: *sigh* Boys...
News Caster: We have been getting several phone calls in the passed three weeks about people whom were presumed dead coming back to life along with sightings of several mobile suits used in the 195 wars. Police have informed us not to worry about it. Now for the weather.
Nova: *looks at Triage* ...
Triage: Dude... I don't think so...
Nova: I have proof now! Why else would those things be happening?!?
Triage: Um... The guys that saw that could have been on drugs...
Nova: But they said 'several'!
Triage: Ehhh... I dunno...
Nova: Triage... I need some help.
Triage: Yeah the best place would be charter.
Nova: Not that kind of help! I meant I need some help getting to the NOZ base that blew up! Maybe we could find something there...
Triage: Don't you know that place is surrounded by PREVENTERS?!?
Nova: That's why I need your help.
Triage: Fine if we get in trouble I'm blaming it on you.
Nova: I doubt we will.

Meanwhile over at the Winner Mansion...

Shingo: Let GO!
Ariel: NO! I'm cutting your hair!
Shingo: You can't even cut a straight line!
Ariel: Please... *Snip* That's one cut!
Shingo: Isn't it bad enough that you made me wear this?
Ariel: What? I think you look cute with pink on! *snip* Besides the khaki pants are a nice touch!
Shingo: Gee just throw on a purple vest on me!
Ariel: I got a dark purple one!*snip*
Shingo: Ugh...
Ariel: Well sorry for my 'bad fashion' sense! Where did you get it from if you hate pink?*snip*
Shingo: One of my 29 Aunts!
Ariel: *snip* Makes sense... I guess they also thought the same... *snip*
Shingo: Humph... For all I know that's probably the reason my father was addicted to pink for awhile...
Ariel: Or maybe he was out of clean clothes like you.*snip snip*
Shingo: Bite me...
Ariel: No thanks...*snip* There done!
Shingo: *gets up and looks in the mirror* WTF?!?!
Ariel: What? Don't like it?
Shingo: I...I...
Ariel: What?
Shingo: You cut my hair too short now I look like my father...
Ariel: Yeah I know only one difference! You're 17 and you don't work as of yet.
Shingo: *starts trying to spike his hair up a little*
Ariel: Hey! You stopped trying to kill yourself for three hours!
Shingo: *looks in the mirror and continues playing with his hair* Really? Humph... Maybe I decided to take a break...
Ariel: Oh yes I forgot to tell you the good news! While you were cleaning up Duet called me to inform you that her and Milliardo found Haruka!
Shingo: *drops the brush* ...really...?
Ariel: Yeah! They're on their way back to earth!
Shingo: That's a lie...
Ariel: Huh?
Shingo: You're lying...
Ariel: Why would I lie?!?
Shingo: Because I saw him die on earth so why would he be in space?!?
Ariel: Sweepers...
Shingo: That's the best you can come up with?
Ariel: Well I guess you'll have to believe me when you see him for yourself no won't you?
Shingo: I suppose so...
Ariel: Good now that we had that talk it's time to show you off!
Shingo: Excuse me?!?
Ariel: I hate to do such a good job on something and not be able to show it off! *grabs him and runs down the stairs*
Ariel: *stops* Now...Who to show...
Shingo: Anyone but my parents!
Ariel: Ok... I'll show your mom!
Shingo: WHAT?!?!
Ariel: *drags Shingo into the kitchen*
Shingo: I smell cookies....
Ariel: Only you would smell something like that! --; Hi Mrs. Winner!
Dorothy: Hmm? *Looks at Shingo* O_O ....Shingo?
Shingo: *points to Ariel* SHE DID IT! I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS!
Dorothy: Shingo... I'm going to scare you for a minute or two... AWWWW! YOU LOOK SOOOOOO CUTE!
Shingo: *blink blink*....?
Dorothy: You look just like Quatre!
Ariel: That's what I said but he doesn't like it.
Shingo: Mom... You're reeeeally scaring me! (Note: Yeah and the people reading this...)
Dorothy: Ok, I'm done being a mother...
Shingo: Thanks. Can I have a cookie?!?
Dorothy: Not in this life time, now GET OUT!
Shingo: Yes ma'am! *out of the kitchen* How quickly she changes moods...
Ariel: *with a cookie* Yum...
Shingo: *death glare* Where did you get that?
Ariel: Your mom gave it to me... Mmmm...She's a good cook! ^^
Shingo:  Well I guess you can't show my father since he's busy...
Ariel:  *finishes the cookie* OH PLEASE! He'll take a break to see you!
Shingo:  *sigh* You'll do anything to get what you want...
Ariel:  Quit being such a sour apple and come with me! *starts dragging Shingo one again*

Meanwhile Triage and Nova are now at the heavily guarded NOZ Base to find some answers.

Triage:  Ok now what do we do?
Nova:  We walk in...
Triage:  ARE YOU CRAZY?!? We can't just waltz right in there and say Hi I'm Triage and I'm just going to be looking around for awhile is that ok with you?
Nova:  I know we can't do that! That's just stupid!
Triage:  See I told you so!
Nova:  But...
Triage:  I dun like this....
Nova:  We could disguise ourselves as Preventers!
Triage:  And how do we do that?
Nova:  *pulls out a Preventer uniform* *smile*
Triage:  You planed every bit of this didn't you?
Nova:  You have to plan ahead of your comrade.
Triage:  That person being me...
Nova:  *nods his head* Now put this on and we should be able to get pass the guards...
Triage:  If you say so but I still don't think it's going to work...
Nova:  Trust me... *slips on the Preventer jacket* You ready?
Triage:  Yeah I guess I'm ready to die...
Nova:  Good. Come on. *walks up to the guards with Triage*
Guard1:  Working late eh?
Nova:  *tries to deepen his voice* Yep! No time to rest with a criminal running around.
Guard 2:  Yeah. How bout you short stuff?
Triage:  Uh... I'm with him!
Guard 1:  *looks at Triage oddly* Well I hope you guys find something...
Nova:  We're hoping to. *keeps on walking pass the guards along with Triage* Whew...
Triage:  Are you sure they didn't know it was us?
Nova:  I'm sure now come on.

Triage and Nova enter the broken down base.

Triage:  Man this is spooky...
Nova:  It's not that bad...
Triage:  *looks around*  Exactly what are we looking for?
Nova:  Anything that could get Hidama to and from the past.
Triage:  Oh and that's labeled under what "Time machine?"
Nova:  I don't know just look for anything suspicious...
Triage:  Well gee that's kinda hard seeing how everything looks 'suspicious'!
Nova:  Just look around. 
Triage:  *picks up a remote* Is this suspicious enough?
Nova:  What does it do?
Triage:  I don't know you tell me!
Nova:  *takes the remote and presses the button and a trap door opens* ...
Triage:  Uhhh... OLDER TWIN FIRST!
Nova:  *gulp* .... I'm going in... *enters* You coming?
Triage:  Someone has to run for help if you get in trouble man!
Nova:  ....
Triage:  OK! I'm coming geez... *enters the room with Nova* This is very...Roomy.... 
Nova:  Come on I bet we'll find something.
Triage:  Gee the remote wasn't enough?
Nova:  No we need more proof.
Triage:  Great...
Heero:  Enjoying yourselves?
Triage:  *gulp* Heh...heh...heh... Nova is it just me or did I hear Mr. Yuy's voice?
Nova:  Why would he be here?
Triage:  I dunno ask him!
Nova:  What are you... Umm Hi Mr. Yuy!
Heero:  What are you two doing down here?
Heero:  I'm not... Now what are you doing here?
Nova:  We were looking for some clues that could tell us where Hidama went to.
Heero:  Really?
Triage:  Yeah! We weren't doing anything but that!
Heero:  You two better get home before something happens...
Nova:  I think we should be able to investigate this base!
Heero:  Why?
Triage:  Nova's got this crazy theory that Hidama went back in time to get rid of us or somthin like that... *presses a button on a console* Oops...
Computer:  Several time rifts open.
Triage: Wha-what!?!?!?
Nova:  MY PROOF!
Heero:  What the hell?!?

Duet:  *looks out her window* That's odd...
Milliardo:  What?
Duet:  What the heck?
Haruka:  What's goin on?!?
Michiru:  *looks out the widow* That thing's eating the shuttle!
Duet:  WHAT?!?

Ling:  Great this is all I ever do take out the trash... *A sudden wind comes out of nowhere* What the?!? *starts getting sucked up by the rift* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SOMEONE HELP ME! FATHER! MOTHER! KIN! GIN! SOMEONE! 

Sieben:  What the hell is that thing? *gets closer to the rift* Huh...? *starts sucking him into it* GAHHH! 

Ariel:  Why's it so windy in here?!?
Shingo:  I don't know you go that way and I'll go this way!
Ariel:  HAH! I'm not going to let go of you! 
Shingo:  Trust me! Please?!
Ariel:  Fine go that way and I'll go over here hopefully we'll fin out where that wind is coming from.
Shingo:  Yeah.*runs off in the opposite direction that Ariel is going* WHOA!!! *runs right into the rift* 
Ariel:  *does the same but in another one*

Triage:  WHAT DID I DO!?!?
Nova:  Nothing! Just hope that no one got hurt!
Heero:  What if someone went into it?
Nova:  I guess they'll end up where Hidama did... --;
Triage:  That's not good! *presses another button*
Computer:  Time rift closed.
Nova and Triage:  Whew...
Heero:  *cell phone goes off* ...*answers it* What?
Unknown person:  Heero I saw it! Just like after the battle! Except there were tons of them!
Heero:  I know...
UK:  You saw it?
Heero:  No I know who started them. I guess that proves what you saw.
UK:  Good! I'll be out tomorrow. SM off!
Heero:  Bye.
Triage:  Who was that?
Heero:  You'll find out tomorrow. Right know we have to find out where those rifts were and if anything went into them.
Nova:  I'll do that.
Heero:  Good. I'll see you tomorrow then at my house.
Nova:  Ok.
Triage:  I hope no one went into them...
Done! The long awaited Ep 9 is finished! Find out what happens next time! Ja!