Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 46: Devoured in its Pain

Shingo stumbled in the snow, freezing from the cold air. He stopped and held his head trying to focus on the trees around him with no success. Everything felt strange. Not only could he even verify that the cold was even getting to him his sight was blurred red with a feeling that everything around him was moving slower than he was. He felt sick and confused but the urge to continue on drove him over the edge. He looked around and noticed the slight evidence of Sandstorm being in the area of the forest. Before he could think of running in the direction the tracks would lead him he looked down at the lump of snow and found himself digging through it like a dog suddenly finding his bone he lost several months ago. He jumped back and tried to get away from what he had uncovered until he heard a soft murmur of his name. The brunet opened her emerald green eyes and stared at the blond that was a good two feet away from her. She instantly recognized him and attempted to move towards him despite the fact that she was freezing cold.

Ariel: *collapsed on the ground and tried getting back up* Sh...Shingo... It's really cold.... What are you doing here...? You need to get away... Please. Zero might be around... *crawled on the ground towards Shingo and collapsed once again on top of him*
Shingo: *stared at Ariel and looked around as he heard a sound rattling the forest and started hyperventilating* Go away... Get off of me... I don't like you! Why won't you leave me alone?! I don't want to be here... I'm scared... Ariel? Ariel? Are you okay? Get off of me! *stared up as the gundam he had been searching for stood in front of him*
Ariel: Shingo...Calm down...
Shingo: *stared down at Ariel and back at Sandstorm slowly going back to his regular breaths shakily* I'm scared, Ariel. *pauses expecting an answer back from her receiving none* Ariel?
Sandstorm: *stares at the two* She's probably dead.
Shingo: *stared at the dark haired illusion* Your lying.
Sandstorm: I never said it was the truth but I can arrange that.
Shingo: No!
Sandstorm: So you came to get little me, Shingo-chan? Is it because Seiya told you to? If that's the case I have to say... I'm no longer interested. You left me for her... If she is dead then it's your fault for not getting here in time to help her. I, on the other hand, am going to go destroy a few things... Maybe that'll cheer me up... Especially with Zero-chan... He's tasty... Full of vengeance and hate. I never knew how tasty he was. Think of it this way... Its really all Seiya's fault... He kept you for so long because he just wouldn't die, would he?
Shingo: This is all your doing!
Sandstorm: *shrugs* And if it was?
Shingo: I promise I'll kill you.
Sandstorm: Mmm... Keep it up, maybe you'll get tastier...
Shingo: *moves Ariel out of the way, pulls out a grenade and throws it at Sandstorm with no effect* Shit... I need something else...
Sandstorm: You tried to hurt me, Shingo... I'm going to cry.
Shingo: *feels the gundam's hand head toward him and swat him like a fly into a tree* Ehhh... *gets up and falls back over watching Sandstorm grab Ariel and just stare at her* Put her down! Sandstorm!
Sandstorm: What's so special about her? She's just a girl. I should crush her like a piece of paper... How about we play a game instead. You kill Seiya and I'll give you Ariel.
Shingo: Why should I do what you say?
Sandstorm: Because I have the power to break every bone in her body and just leaving her there on the ground like a used wrapper.
Shingo: What would you gain?
Sandstorm: Peace of mind I suppose.
Shingo: What?
Sandstorm: Never you mind. Now, are you going to do it?
Shingo: Do I even have a choice?
Sandstorm: It would appear your options are limited.
Shingo: Fine. I was going to do it anyway.
Sandstorm: Good boy.
Shingo: *gazes on as Sandstorm disappears and hears someone behind him*
Taleb: So, you usually make agreements with giant monsters?
Shingo: Not always. What are you doing here?
Taleb: Going to dig you back out of your hole you dug for yourself.
Shingo: I see... My father sent you then
Taleb: I came of my own free will.
Shingo: Why?
Taleb: Why is the sky blue? Why do the oceans make waves? Why isn't the grass purple? Why do people ask these questions?
Shingo: Because they're just part of life's own mystery.
Taleb: Exactly. Think of my being here as one of them.
Shingo: I don't think I really want to share my own demons with you.
Taleb: I'm here, what more can you do?
Shingo: *sighs* Nothing... *turns to look at Taleb with his red eyes turning back to their dull blue color* You must promise to not ask me about anything.
Taleb: I can't do that.
Shingo: I thought not. You're so thick headed.
Taleb: What more can you do?
Shingo: Nothing I guess.
Taleb: Oh, your friend Haruka is around here. He's probably following that gundam of yours.
Shingo: He can't!
Taleb: If he did there's nothing you can do. He can take care of himself.
Shingo: It's not that I'm concerned about. It's is he's going to make it back alive.
Taleb: Then I suppose you should have a lot of faith in him.
Shingo: How did you get here?
Taleb: You of all people should know. So, where are we off to?
Shingo: To get rid of my demons, of course.

Haruka landed his gundam near the area he was getting a reading on Sandstorm and waited for something strange to happen. He sighed and laid back in the seat until he felt a tremor. He quickly looked at the screen and stared at the spot where the tremor had come from. He stared with a slight bit of surprise as someone popped up on his screen with aqua colored hair and the same blue eyes as his girlfriend.

Yoshi: If you intend to get in Seiya's way then I would be more than glad to let you, but I don't intend to let you go for doing such things to Michiru. Leaving her alone like that. You disgust me. I don't see what she even saw in you. It was probably nothing but a love fling.
Haruka: So I take it you're Yoshi, her brother. I heard about you. Good kid, thick head. I dunno what's up with you kid but I got better things to worry about.
Yoshi: Move and I'll shoot.
Haruka: *stares at him* Give me a break. *pulls out his buster riffle and shield as Yoshi fires at him* Holy shit! I thought he was kidding!
Yoshi: *stops* Take me serious next time.
Haruka: Kid, I'm not going to fight you.
Yoshi: Then you surrender?
Haruka: Like hell I do.
Yoshi: Then I refuse to stop.
Haruka: Great... I just seem to get myself into trouble everywhere I go.

Sandstorm stopped suddenly and looked in the direction of which the other gundams were headed towards it. The gundam quickly turned around as a yellow beam flew past it. Right above it the winged gundam, WingZero, floated down to the ground pointing it's weapon at Sandstorm the entire time.

Milliardo: We intend on stopping you.
Sandstorm: Go ahead. What can a little beat up gundam do?
Milliardo: Just like yourself, I have the exact system within WingZero.
Sandstorm: Oh? Is that so... This should be an interesting fight then. Wouldn't you agree... *stared at a girl with uneven white hair* Wing-chan? *drops Ariel, pulls out it's beam swords and attacks WingZero*

Shingo and Taleb walked through the halls to the room that Shingo had last seen Seiya and hoped he would still be at. The two walked through the remains of the silent building for awhile. Taleb instantly reacted to the sound of a click behind them and pulled out a gun as fast as possible, yet not fast enough as a bullet went through his shoulder. Shingo turned around and stared at the blonde with the gun in hand in front of him.

Taleb: Yuki.
Yuki: *stares at Shingo* I hate you.
Shingo: *stared* What did I do?
Yuki: It's all your fault. Everything that has happened is. You deserve to die for the lives you've effected.
Shingo: What are you talking about?!
Yuki: I was happy, even for a little while and you just had to ruin it. I won't have happiness again until you're finally dead. *fires the gun once again*

Shingo is instantly knocked over and looks up expecting to see Taleb in front of him but finds him on the ground staring at the scene and the person who had saved him fall to the ground. Yuki stood in shock and dropped the gun to run over to the dark haired person. Shingo looked at Taleb and back at the two as he tried to sort out what happened.

Taleb: That idiot. Atta, are you dead?
Atta: Would you like a yes to that?
Taleb: You're an idiot.
Atta: Maybe.
Yuki: Why did you... I thought... You said...
Atta: You took the job I declined. I simply did as I was always to do. I'm sorry Shingo. I feel that it's my fault that you're even in this mess.
Shingo: What do you mean?
Taleb: *quickly connects the dots* He's a traitor!
Atta: You're always a quick one, Taleb. Yeah, I was a traitor... I met Seiya a several months ago. He promised it would be well worth it to betray you. I didn't want to at first until I met Yuki as well. It was stupid, yes, but I don't care anymore. Am I not allowed my own happiness? I was suppose to meet up with you and watch you and supply Yuki with any and all information possible. It was okay as long as I got to stay around Yuki as well. Then once I heard she left Seiya offered me the same with one thing attached, I had to kill you. It would be something you wouldn't expect. Something Seiya would've been happy of. I wasn't sure if he meant it. He'd have as many mood swings as a woman would. Going from death and destruction to staying silent and away from everyone. He was a confusing guy and still is. As of recent I decided to take whatever would come and not go through with it, leave or something... Now look where I am... On the edge of death regretting everything I've ever done and wondering if it could have been different. Perhaps at the end I changed, I went back to my purpose in life just to see if I would get a good spot in the afterlife. How depressing.
Shingo: Thank you.
Atta: Eh?
Shingo: You did as you were suppose to. I'm glad. You went with your life the way you were meant to, there's nothing more you can ask for.
Atta: Thanking your possible killer.
Shingo: It doesn't matter.
Atta: You're making me tear up here, Shingo.
Yuki: I'm sorry!
Atta: For what? This is just part of the mellow drama of life. Just don't do anything stupid and I'll die happy.
Yuki: I don't want you to.
Atta: I have to... I don't want to... There's so much I wanted to do and now... everything is just done for me. All my dreams are gone. I'll miss it all. I should thank you Shingo... I can die with a clear conscious.
Taleb: Do make any trouble.
Atta: I won't.
Yuki: *feels Atta stop breathing and screams* No! This isn't fair! I hate you! I hate everyone here! Why!?
Taleb: *watches Shingo get up and start leaving* Shingo.
Shingo: What are you waiting for? You aren't going to let a little bullet wound slow you down, are you?
Taleb: *gets up* No.
Shingo: Good.
Taleb: *starts leaving with Shingo and after a few minutes hears a gun go off and turns around to see Yuki laying on the ground as well* She...
Shingo: It's what she wanted to do. We were better off leaving her to do it.
Taleb: You don't care?
Shingo: People die everyday, why should this be any different? *notices Taleb's strange look toward him* Hmm? Is something wrong?
Taleb: Everything.
Shingo: You're right, everything is wrong. Nothing is the way it was and wont be after this. I need you to do me a favor.
Taleb: What?
Shingo: If anything gets too strange or off then kill me.
Taleb: You really expect me to do that?
Shingo: I don't expect you to, I trust you will.
Taleb: There's no reason for me to kill you.
Shingo: You'll find one.
Taleb: But--
Shingo: We're here. *enters the door and looks at the spiky long haired blond sitting and licking the blood off the knives in his hands*
Taleb: That's....Seiya?
Shingo: Yeah, maybe.
Seiya: Shingo, shingo, shingo. Did you come back to play? You even brought a playmate too. I was running low on red dye, perhaps I can use your blood instead.
Taleb: I think that was a challenge to you.
Shingo: *watches Seiya get up and take out several razors* I recognized it as such. Yet I'm not too sure about who it is I'm really fighting nor am I sure of how he's going to attack.
Taleb: It shouldn't be that different.
Seiya: Scratch... *claws at the air*
Taleb: *looks at Shingo and notices a fresh cut on his face* What the...
Shingo: I see... Unlike the other one you're not going to just use those powers for your own protection. That makes things a little more interesting.
Seiya: And a tad... *slashes at the air again causing the air build up to cut Shingo with a strong gust and flings all of the razors in his hands directly at Shingo* more difficult.
Shingo: *covers his face with his arms, receiving several deep cuts as a result* True, but is that really all? A little cut trick?
Seiya: I've never needed to go any further than mind games but for you, sure.

A large tremor starts under the floor boards as every glass item shattered into millions of floating pieces and lights sparked. Several of the floor boards tore into shreds while Seiya simply flicked the air throwing both Shingo and Taleb into the nearest wall knocking out both. Shingo quickly regained consciousness and attempted to get up from the floor that was splitting apart until a kick in the face threw him back on the floor.

Seiya: *grabs Shingo* This is why I told you, you weren't no match for me thus why I wanted to wait for Shingo to come. *pulls out one of the knives and places it at Shingo's throat* Did you listen? Of course not. You never did, why would you now? *starts petting Shingo's hair* Now look where your insolence gets you... I'll keep your head somewhere I can see everyday of my life. I'd hate to just kill you and get no reward. So should I make it fast and be done with it or slow to torture you until the end? I suppose it doesn't matter does it? You're going to die either way. *leans in* By the way, about Ariel... I'll take good care of her... *hears several shots go off and looks behind him at the bullets that were caught in mid air* Wait your turn, Taleb. *sends the bullets back, each hitting the wall* Now where was I... *feels the cold metal of a gun stuck under his chin and grinned*
Shingo: I don't think you'll be able to block this one.
Seiya: You think so?
Shingo: I'm confident.
Seiya: I see, well then... *moves out of the way before Shingo can fire and makes a cut on Shingo's arm* Your smart, not very fast though.
Shingo: And you're the exact opposite. *gets up and cleans off the little bit of blood from his throat* Fast but not very smart. If you intend on killing me then you wouldn't have moved your knife.
Seiya: Then stop moving and I'll get this over with. *takes out a set of razors*
Shingo: Already out of tricks? Recycling old ones?
Seiya: Perhaps... *throws all of them at Shingo*
Taleb: *watches Shingo attempt to get out of the way but fails to move* He's not moving... The hell...
Shingo: *notices the wires attached to the razors positive he was to be cut into pieces but unable to move out of the way before hand and ends up caught* Shit! *moves against the wires in hopes of breaking them only getting deeper cuts causing him to drop his gun*
Seiya: *walks over and picks up the gun, staring at it* When an animal gets it's leg caught in a trap it decides to sacrifice it's limb and bite it off. It would appear though you've gotten caught in a net instead. I guess there's no hope for you. *points the gun at Shingo* This time.. I won't let you go.

Shingo gritted and tightly shut his eyes waiting for the bullet to fly out of the gun and hit him. Several seconds had passed by and only the sound of a thud on the floor was the sign he needed to notice the loosening of his bounds. He opened his eyes and looked down at Seiya muttering to himself strangely as though holding a conversation. Shingo instantly recognized such behavior. Kneeling down he picked up the gun and pointed it at Seiya.

Shingo: It's your powers right? They're effecting you mentally.
Seiya: *glares at Shingo* What are you talking about?! You know nothing! *looks over and causes a large piece of broken glass to slide over to him and quickly picks it up*
Shingo: It's eating you up.
Seiya: *shakes his head* You don't know anything!
Shingo: Then what is it? A sudden headache?
Seiya: That's all. *drops the glass and takes out a bottle and drops the only pill that was left inside* That's all it is... That's all... * reaches for the pill as Shingo kicks it off in another direction* How... how could you... That's not fair...
Shingo: Who said I should be fair to you? I should just kill you but you know... You're better off being left the way you are. *puts away his gun and goes to check on Taleb*
Seiya: You're letting me live?
Shingo: What more is there? You're on your own I guess. In a way you've killed yourself. Still are.
Seiya: You're an idiot.
Shingo: And you've nothing left but you're own abyss to fall into. *looks down at Taleb* You can get up right?
Taleb: Yeah.
Shingo: Good.
Taleb: I have to ask.... Why didn't you kill him? Something?
Shingo: Once this is over... I think there's a better place for him. Besides there's no point in killing a confused man, even if he tried to kill me. It just doesn't sit well with me.
Taleb: So until the end of this... Where will he go?
Shingo: *shrugs* That's for him to decide. I can always find him.
Taleb: You broke your deal with Sandstorm.
Shingo: Just as she never intended to finish it. She's got Zero currently. I don't know how much good that's doing her but it's really making her cocky. She'd rather have me than anything else.
Taleb: Is she going to kill him then?
Shingo: I don't know. There's too much going on, I can't tell what's happening. I do know, however, Zero is busy fighting with Milliardo.
Taleb: Two monsters fighting each other. How disturbing.
Shingo: No, them working together to destroy the world is. Thankfully Milliardo is on the good side. *stops and looks around*
Taleb: What?
Shingo: I don't know... I'm hearing things...
Taleb: That's usually not good.
Shingo: I'm not sure if it is or not... Anyway, lets go.

Haruka dodged several shots fired by Yoshi and took out his shield to defend himself against the boy's persistent attacks. Haruka finally saw an opening and took out his beam saber slicing off the mobile suit's arm and weapon. Haruka laughed as he took this as a instant victory.

Haruka: Man I kick ass!
Yoshi: ...I lost.
Haruka: Oh yeah! Teach you to mess with Haruka Zechs Yuy! No hard feelings eh? I mean yeah... that was pretty lame of you to like drop your guard and all but hey... it's all good.
Yoshi: I... lost.
Haruka: Get over it kid.
Yoshi: He promised he wouldn't bother me or my sister if I killed you. I have to! *takes out the self-destruct button out*
Haruka: Holy shit! Man! Calm down! Look I'm in love with your sister. The last thing I want is something to happen to her. I'll protect you both.
Yoshi: *starts pushing the button* I don't want you to. I won't let my sister die. He told me... It would be you... It would be you who would get her killed! I don't want that! I have to get rid of you now!
Haruka: Yoshi! *watches his suit blow up and slumps down in his seat while staring blankly at the screen* Yoshi... Is it true? Am I the one who will bring Michiru's downfall? The kid was crazy... But I won't let that happen. I've already caused one of you to die why wouldn't it happen to you too Michiru? Damnit. *hears a small beep come from the console and answers it to see Ling show up on his screen*
Ling: And I thought they were kidding about you being here. *notices Haruka's depressed look* What's wrong?
Haruka: I just have a lot on my mind.
Ling: Have you seen Shingo?
Haruka: Not at all.
Ling: Milliardo?
Haruka: Milliardo? Why would I see him here?
Ling: Because he came here... Most likely to go after Shingo and Sandstorm.
Haruka: WHAT?!
Ling: I think our best idea is to go find them before something drastic happens.
Haruka: As if a lot hasn't gone on while you were busy playing boyfriend with your girl.
Ling: Girl?
Haruka: Sydney.
Ling: *frowns* It's not really like that.
Haruka: Keep saying that to yourself until the day when you end up screwing up everything.
Ling: Huh?
Haruka: Eh... nothing. Come on.
Ling: I sent Sydney and Nova ahead of myself.
Haruka: You sent your girlfriend and a kid ahead of you, Ling? Are you stupid man?
Ling: She can take care of herself and Nova knows how to pilot well enough.
Haruka: Yeah... right... Anyway, we should be heading in whatever direction you sent them off in.
Ling: I kind of figured that.

WingZero shot another beam at Sandstorm, which easily dodged it.

Milliardo: His speed's incredible, but is that really all you can do? Run?
Zero: I thought you'd like to dance with the devil first before we really got down to it.
Milliardo: I'm not interested in playing.
Zero: Good, neither am I.
Milliardo: Then stop running! *discards his buster riffle and takes out his beam saber*
Zero: If you want me to.

Sandstorm pulls out its shorters and attacks WingZero. Both weapons collide into one another making sparks each time as they hit each other because of defensive maneuvers, mainly on Milliardo's part. Sandstorm sent WingZero to it's knees as something attacked it from behind. The gundam stopped it's attack on WingZero and looked at Silverlight as its claws went for the gundam's armor once again. Sandstorm turned it's attacks to the newcomer but not before WingZero could take a slice at the gundam from behind. The two were soon joined by a third gundam in an attempt to take Sandstorm down. Sandstorm attempted to attack the three of them finding it difficult to do as one of them would find a flaw in it's attacks and hit it's armor. Sandstorm finally managed to fly above the three and pull out it's beam guns on them throwing off all but WingZero as it uncovered itself from it's shield and fired it's beam cannon with full force. After the dust dissipated nothing was left in the gundam's place. Both Sydney and Nova were awe struck.

Nova: You got him.
Milliardo: No... He's around here somewhere. *notices Sydney's gundam fall over and Ling and Haruka arrive*
Ling: SYDNEY!!
Milliardo: Stay put, Ling. Sandstorm is around here... I don't know where but it's obviously using it's cloaking abilities to try to knock us out one by one since it can't possibly take all of us on.
Haruka: Then I suggest you dodge, Mill!
Milliardo: *spots three missiles headed towards him and fires his buster riffle on them before they got close enough to him* He's camping out, waiting for us to get distracted and then attack.
Ling: Che... That's a lot of crap. Why doesn't he just come out?
Haruka: We went over this Ling.
Ling: Sydney, are you okay?
Sydney: Yeah, my gundam is screwed. I've lost most of my movement abilities.
Ling: Great...

Ariel awoke in the arms of a blond and stared at his grey blue eyes as they peered down at her. She wanted to hug the person, hoping it was Shingo and not Zero but only found herself fixed on his face.

Ariel: Shingo? *watched the familiar person shake his head* Zero? *watched him do the same once again*
Seiya: Ariel... You don't look well. *picks her up and starts walking*
Ariel: Who are you?
Seiya: You know me... I just don't want you to.
Ariel: I don't think I do...
Seiya: I have so many names... But for now I want you to call me Seiya.
Ariel: Seiya... You remind me of a friend I know... His name is Michael. He was nice. *falls asleep*
Seiya: Was he... *stares at the gundam battle in front of him* And so it starts now and ends now.

Milliardo stopped his search as he noticed something strange happening within his gundam and found himself screaming in pain causing WingZero to fall down. Haruka went straight over to his brother as the same happened to his gundam with no effect to himself. Both gundams shut down and stayed in their spots. Ling instantly panicked as Sandstorm appeared before him and hit the gundam's armor, breaking it as it continued cutting into it. Seiryuu fell to the ground before Sandstorm could finish and did the same to Silverlight, breaking the armor like it was nothing. Zero rejoiced his victory over the group as all they could do was sit back and watch as he was about to tear the machines, they were currently in, apart.

Shingo: That's a crappy victory you have there Zero. You couldn't even win fairly. You hacked into two of them and destroyed their operating systems then made enough damage on the others to get them out of your way. Have you sunk that low? Please tell me you can do better, Sandstorm.
Sandstorm: I wasn't aware you cared, Shingo. Why suddenly show up now?
Shingo: To fry your system of course. You're no value to me. All I have to do is kill Zero and myself and you're reduced to nothing but metal parts.

Haruka: He's crazy... He can't be thinking about attacking that monster by himself!
Milliardo: *falls out of his gundam*
Haruka: Mill! *gets out of Wing Gundam and rushed to Milliardo's aid* You alright man?
Milliardo: We failed.
Haruka: Huh?

Seiya: Ariel... This is something you might want to see. Please wake up...
Ariel What?
Seiya: Look... *points*
Ariel: SHINGO! What is he... What is he doing?!
Seiya: Doing as he's suppose to. Getting rid of his demons.

Sandstorm: You're trying to kill me?
Shingo: That's the deal, babe.
Sandstorm: You, kill me?! I won't allow that. If anything... I shall be the one to get rid of you first. I don't require you anymore. I have Zero. He's good enough for the task at hand.
Shingo: Which is?

The group watched as Sandstorm completely stepped on Shingo like a bug in it's way and Zero laugh. Haruka stared at his gundam as it's main system monitors kicked back on and everything started going crazy on the console, got out of his gundam by Milliardo and watched in awe as Sandstorm's foot lifted against it's own accord. Ariel started crying on Seiya before he fell to the ground.

Seiya: Impossible... *faints*
Ariel: *stared at the sight* How... What... *looks at Seiya* Seiya! What's going on?!

Haruka: Just like that bastard to escape death.

Zero: What the hell is going on here?!
Sandstorm: He woke up...

Sandstorm gains it's footing again and gazes down upon the blond as he uncovered his face and stared back with a smirk.

Shingo: I told you, I don't intend on dying anytime soon.
Sandstorm: You used your brother's own powers.
Shingo: I don't have any myself... I was better off borrowing them for a limited time.
Sandstorm: So then... I won't have to worry about him interfering anymore.
Shingo: I don't need him. I know how I'm going to defeat you now.

Sandstorm throws a punch in the spot Shingo stood. Shingo quickly jumped out of the way and up the massive gundam's arm. The gundam made several attempts to hit Shingo and squash him before he made it any further but to no avail. Shingo finally got to his destination and opened the cockpit door to computer sounds and growling from inside.

Zero: This was your great plan? To get me out or rather get yourself inside?
Shingo: *hears the door close behind him* No, I intend on killing two birds with one stone.
Zero: What?
Shingo: You've asked me on several occasions to kill you. I told you I could not grant that wish. Now I can.
Zero: What do you mean?
Shingo: You've become not only a danger to you and myself included but also a danger to everyone.
Zero: You're... you're going to kill me?
Shingo: That's my intention.
Zero: What?! NO! I don't want to die! Please! Give me another chance! Shingo! I know you won't do it, really, it's you. You're too good. You wouldn't even hurt a fly if you had to. There's not an ounce of evil in you.
Shingo: Really? *sticks his hand through the wires covering Zero through his chest* Where do you think you came from?
Zero: I don't want to... I want to stay with Yui-chan... *feels something run down his face*
Shingo: *stares at Zero* How sad... Right at the end... You finally find something you wanted to live for.
Zero: Please... Shingo...
Shingo: Remember... This is what you wanted.
Zero: These are the only real tears I've cried... Is this for the best? Was this my purpose? Is this truly what I deserve?
Shingo: *pulls his hand out dragging out his clone's heart with it* You were a mistake that had to be corrected. *watches Sandstorm's face pop up on the screens*
Sandstorm: How cruel. Oh well... Did you get jealous, Shingo?
Shingo: No. I just felt it best to kill your power.
Sandstorm: What are you talking about, silly? You're still here.
Shingo: *opens the door* Not anymore... *falls backwards out of the gundam and towards the ground*

Ariel watched the gundam open and Shingo fall to his death as millions of wires followed after him from the cockpit. Sydney turned around and stared at the spectacle along with Nova and a half conscious Ling next to her. Haruka held himself back from trying to go to Shingo's rescue as Milliardo spoke as though to no one in particular.

Milliardo: It's just like watching a dream. You don't know if it's real or if you'll wake up from it. So then the dream becomes a nightmare. *watches the wires encircle Shingo* Just when you think it's done it becomes worse and it makes you worry if you'll ever wake up.
Haruka: *looks on as his friend disappears amongst the mass of wires as if gabbled up whole by the machine and dragged into its belly* Shingo!!
Milliardo: That's how dreams are... They continue until you find the door out. The way to finally crawl out from the hole you stuck yourself in. This... This is no dream... This is a nightmare we all know as reality. *hears the gundam growl as though the devil had made its home inside and looked around confused and unsure of what to do* The same thing always happens but people still manage to go on. It seems.. It seems as though we've lost this one... This is the end or the beginning of our nightmare once again... What happens after this is all up to whoever is really controlling the puppet's string. *sees Sandstorm fade into the wrecked land with no trace*

A long beeping sound starts as hard breaths are heard.
So that's the end.... 0.o

Haruka: That... Was strange... What the fux was that at the end? I want to request another writer!

Don't get your panties in a bunch....

Haruka: They're Michiru's... ;.;

0.o;;; Errmmm yeah... Uh huh... Anyway... Draw your own conclusions while I go make the epilogue... Yeah... whoa baby! Meow!

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