Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 45 Ė You Can Watch the World

Two guards looked up from their post as something walked toward the front gate. They quickly took up their riffles and went outside to greet the intruder.

Solider: This is a restricted area. Iím going to have to ask you to leave. If you donít than Iíll have to shoot.
Shingo: Thatís strange. Youíre master is expecting me.
Solider 2: And you would be?
Shingo: *takes out two of this guns and fires upon the two and walks over their wounded bodies* I would be officially permitted in here. Could have been different but as usual everyone has to do things the hard way, even me. Don't worry though... it's not too bad since I have no intention on killing you. I'm saving my bullets for him.

Shingo walked though the gate as one of the wounded soldiers mustered up enough strength to sound the alarm. Several of the soldiers stopped in the hallways as the loud sound grabbed their attention as well as the blasting of a door. Gun shots rang though out the halls as each attempted to retaliate against the intruder with little success given the dust from the blast causing their vision to be limited in the narrow hall.

Solider 3: *panicking as Shingo has little difficulty avoiding the gun shots fired at him* Where's Seiya-sama?!
Solider 4: Who gives a damn? I'm going to find the fastest way out of this crap. Besides wherever he is he's probably busy counting his prayers now.
Solider 3: You shouldn't say such things.
Solider 4: Or what? He'll hear me? Let him! I don't believe those urban legends about "Newtypes" or the rumors about Seiya being one. He's just a snot nose brat.
Solider 3: *watches the other man fly through the brick wall with extreme force and Seiya in his place staring at his work* S...Seiya-sama...
Seiya: Some people are so treacherous. How sick. Make sure that our guest is captured and brought to me as soon as possible. *watches the solider get to his feet and run off quickly* Shingo isn't playing my game anymore. Just when I was having fun he had to ruin it as usual. That's okay though... I won't play nice anymore either.

Ariel placed the bag she had been able to take with herself, as she escaped from Seiya, on the ground as she sat down on a bus stop bench. She quickly bundled up as a strong, cold wind blew through the area and nearly jumped as she felt someone next to her bring her closer to them. She opened her eyes and slowly stared up at the calm and cold face of the blonde next to her and nearly screamed.

Zero: Nothing to be afraid of. I'm not going to kill you, yet anyways.
Ariel: Zero, what do you want?
Zero: Little to nothing. Can't someone just come by and comfort a sweet girl alone?
Ariel: Only stalkers do that and thieves. You're none of the above.
Zero: Well then, let's cut to the chase. I need you.
Ariel: For what and why?
Zero:'s always questions with you.
Ariel: You and Shingo know that well.
Zero: True but I've found my balls unlike him.
Ariel: I'd have to say he found them long before you.
Zero: Well lets get off of our little dirty comments towards one another and get back to the subject at hand. I need you for an experiment you could say...
Ariel: I'm not going to be used as bait for you.
Zero: We can always go about this the hard way.
Ariel: I just want to be left alone.
Zero: As do I but you see we will never get what we really want and if we do it just ends in ruins. Your dreams have already been crushed how much further are you willing to go until Shingo finally brings you down with him?
Ariel: It doesn't matter because as long as he's there everything is okay.
Zero: Very nice... Very nice indeed. Almost makes me care. Too bad for you I don't give too much of a damn about your relationship with him or the other one.
Ariel: "the other one"? What are you talking about?
Zero: Oh my.... I let something slip. Oh well... I guess you can find out on your own but when you do it may be too late for you to learn the little thing everyone else knows.
Ariel: What do they know?
Zero: Come with me and I'll show you. Don't and you'll miss out.
Ariel: You were going to make me go anyway.
Zero: Dead, yes.
Ariel: How cruel.
Zero: Ah but it's a part of life isn't it? By the way... You smell different. It's a very strange scent on you now.
Ariel: What are you a dog?
Zero: No, I can't help but notice such things.
Ariel: When do you plan on leaving?
Zero: No rush dear. No rush at all. Let's just sit back and enjoy this for a small while. After all... We make such a cute couple, no?
Ariel: Not you and me...
Zero: Perhaps... *looks down and sees Ariel sleeping and brings her closer to him* I smell him all over you dear.

Taleb stared at Haruka talking in his sleep about several rice dishes while nibbling on his pillow.

Taleb: Haruka...
Haruka: Mmmm rice cakes...
Taleb: Haruka...!
Haruka: Rice with clams...
Taleb: *kicks Haruka* Haruka!!
Haruka: *groans and looks up* God damnit Taleb, the hell do you want?
Taleb: Come on.
Haruka: Eh? Where to?
Taleb: I figured you of all people would know.
Haruka: For real?!
Taleb: I wouldn't kick you for no reason.
Haruka: Great! But... How are we going to get there?
Taleb: Well you will have your gundam.
Haruka: And you?
Taleb: Don't worry about me.
Haruka: *gets out of bed and starts grabbing a few things* So, what made you...
Taleb: I don't know. I just have this feeling. By the way, have you seen Yuki or Atta?
Taleb: This is getting complicated. I'm pretty sure that girl went back to Seiya but Atta... That guy doesn't have any brains. Why anyone would put within his possession a destructive machine is beyond me.
Haruka: Neh!? What are you talking about?!
Taleb: Don't worry about it. *turns around and runs right into Duet* Do you want something?
Duet: I want to know what you two are plotting.
Haruka: Nothing we'd tell a evil bitch, such as your self, about.
Duet: Fine go get yourself killed or whatever... See if I give a damn.
Taleb: Obviously you do. *walks past her*
Duet: *punches Taleb in the arm before he gets out of range*
Taleb: *turns around and glares*
Haruka: Behold! Duet the bitch in all her bitchy glory!
Duet: Shut up Haruka. I'm not letting either of you go anywhere.
Taleb: You're so childish.
Duet: Excuse me?
Taleb: You heard me. Your nothing but a lot of hot air. Now I'd like it if you'd leave us alone since you clearly don't have the same intentions as we do.
Duet: Which would be?
Taleb: To go find Shingo unlike your man.
Duet: My "man" has a brain unlike you two. You just want to run off then get yourselves killed. I care about Shingo as much as you do but there's really nothing we can do right now.
Taleb: I'm not going to fight with a girl over such an issue. Also I doubt highly that you care about anything other than yourself. If you did then you would agree to our actions and let us go. *leaves with Haruka following*
Duet: Haruka..!
Haruka: He's right you know.
Duet: Idiots...

Shingo dodged behind the door he was currently stuck at and looked through his assortment of weapons in search of something if anything to throw at his current enemies. He finally took out a grenade and tossed it outside and waited as the firing stopped.

Shingo: *gets up quickly and runs out the door down the long hallway* I'm almost there... Almost. *quickened his pace as he neared the final door that he was certain would lead him to Seiya*  Almost... *takes out his guns with newly loaded clips as he busts through the door and stared at his main target sitting down with a large dining room table in front of him*
Seiya: So glad you joined the party, Shingo.
Shingo: No more games.
Seiya: What's wrong? Not hungry? *sighs* All the things I do for my baby brother and he simply rebels against me.
Shingo: *aims for Seiya's head* I'm not going to miss.
Seiya: I expect you won't but I really don't care. Please, take a seat Shingo.
Shingo: *watches the chair in front of him move out slightly* I told you... I'm not here to play your game.
Seiya: You like chocolate chip cookies right? There's some if you want it.
Shingo: I don't want it.
Seiya: Cake? Ice cream? Pocky?
Shingo: I don't want anything from you! I just want you gone! *fires several times at Seiya and stares in slight amazement and anger as the bullets stop before they hit their target*
Seiya: *stares at the bullets* Trying to get rid of me that bad? I won't simply die. I refuse to do such a thing with you in such a state of mind. I know you can do better than that.
Shingo: What do you want from me? Why kill people that have nothing to do with me? Why all of this? It can't just be because of a girl or minor differences between the two of us or our past. There has to be something more.
Seiya: Something more... True, I do hate you for Julia... For attempting to kill me long ago... But these things I forgave because I said to myself, "This is how Shingo is... Destructive by nature. He's just doing as he was meant to do". I thought about what I wanted to do with my life but you see there's nothing more for me to do. While you lived day by day with the knowledge that I was alive some where I was beaten up, picked on and tortured for a good deal of my life. Along the way I fell for the girl that did the most torturing to me. I never knew why... Maybe its because it was all I knew.. If I behaved like a good boy I would be treated well... If not I would suffer worse than before. I was like a pet... I became tired of such things and I knew who to blame... It was them.. They did this to me. They treated me like shit. Wanting me only when it was for their own gain. I didn't think about getting back at all of them until I saw what you were capable of doing... Even through it was Zero's own doing I knew you had it in you to do the same... Kill several people within a matter of minutes... No weapons... nothing but mere blood lust to drive you into a frenzy. I wanted that. I knew that would be the most efficient way to exterminate them especially if Sandstorm was on the same wave length as you.
Shingo: We're talking about billions of lives gone.
Seiya: True... But who needs such trash all over the place? We could start over once they're gone. We'll become something next to a god. It's an interesting thought isn't it?
Shingo: I think you've lost it Seiya.
Seiya: Perhaps... But you're thinking of the very same thing deep down. Why bother with such creatures? They've done nothing but hurt you as well. You look beyond this, ignore your primal nature, and look towards another goal. Why do you insist on hurting yourself? She doesn't love you, no one really cares for you I'm sure you know. If they did wouldn't they be here?
Shingo: I wouldn't want them to. This is between the two of us, no one else. I want to end this now.
Seiya: I'm not interested.
Shingo: I never asked if you were, I'm telling you this ends now.
Seiya: How pushy you are Shingo. Is that how you are with Ariel? No wonder she dislikes you.
Shingo: I've told you that I'm not playing your mind games anymore. *points his gun at Seiya once more* I've got enough clips to go around for hours. I won't stop until you're finally gone.
Seiya: So interested in killing me aren't you? Such a thing was never to happen. We equally balance each other out with the appropriate method of fighting one another so there would be no point. It's just like you fighting Zero, he would have the advantage over you only because you refuse to kill him. What happened to not killing me Shingo? Is it really because I've become a mere threat to your existence as you know it or is there something else? Jealously? Finishing up the job you couldn't finish before. What is it that has brought you on your conquest to eliminate me?
Shingo: *empties a whole clip in a mater of minutes, gets closer, reloads, and fires another round*
Seiya: *stared at the bullets with boredom as they stopped themselves like they were frozen in time and pointed all at him* You have such bad aim. Only ten would've hit me by now had I permitted it. You still have nothing but the same bag of tricks up your sleeve. It's boring. How about I show you my bag of tricks, neh?
Shingo: Tricks...? *watches several bullets gather together and merge into pointed objects all with him in their aim*
Seiya: I wonder how well you dodge.
Shingo: *stared at the metallic objects as they quickly came for a collision course with himself and dodged several until running just wasn't enough when one managed to scrape the back of his leg causing him to loose his balance and receive several other wounds in the same way*  D...damn... *looks up and sees Seiya starting down at him shaking his head with disappointment*
Seiya: I was just a waste of your time, Shingo. You tried and you failed just like you will every other time. You'll never be able to win against me or anyone else. You're too thick headed to see your mistakes before they happen. That is what makes me better than you. It gives me the edge you don't have. It's also why I am the one that was meant to think for the both of us.
Shingo: That's not true.
Seiya: Is that so? Too bad I don't care. Have you ever drowned? I almost did. All that water hitting my face, preventing me from being able to get to the surface for a decent breath of air. Can you feel that? *looks at Shingo as he turned pale but tried to hide any feeling of fear from him*
Shingo: *stared up at Seiya* Go ahead and finish me off. The only one it matters to is you. Or have you changed your plans? Zero doesn't obey and masters nor does he fully listen to me and I highly doubt he will ever listen to what you have to say. He wouldn't bother with anything. *starts panting* Unlike me he wouldn't waste any advantage he had. Perhaps that's why we aren't as equal as I like to think. Even though he may be better than me I feel that we are but the same person and maybe I do have the strength and the guts to attack you head on.
Seiya: Then why don't you stop wasting my time and do it already.
Shingo: Because... I don't know how to.
Seiya: *grabs Shingo's hair and drags him on the ground to the table* Just as I thought, nothing but a kind hearted sissy. Why did you try to do the impossible if you knew very well that you couldn't do it? Once again you don't think with your head but rely on your gut feeling. *picks up a large carving knife and looks down at Shingo* You really are a waste of time. How sad to say we are even related or even that we were born on the same day only slight minutes apart from each other. You were the follower coming into the world but you will be the leader going out.
Shingo: Really... *punches Seiya hard in the gut and trips him, quickly grabbing the knife he had dropped and pointing it directly at the fake red head*
Seiya: *grins slightly* Either that was luck or stupidity.
Shingo: Maybe I'll get lucky again and slit your throat open.
Seiya: Just like you aimlessly fighting people. Isn't that how it was?
Shingo: Sadly that's all I know how to do.

Shingo looked around the preschool environment and listened in on his mother's conversation with what would be his fifth preschool teacher.

Teacher: I'm sure there's nothing to worry about, Mrs. Winner. He'll make friends really fast. A lot of kids do.
Dorothy: He really doesn't like to be around other kids, he always ends up in a fight with someone.
Teacher: No worries. Now please, I'm sure you have a lot to do yourself so I'll worry about little Shingo. Shingo, what do you like to do?
Shingo: *stares up at the lady and looks over as his mother leaves* I don't know.
Teacher: How about color? I'll go get you some paper and you can go ahead and meet some of the other kids.
Shingo: *watches her leave and the other kids stare at him and starts panicking* Don't leave me alone...
Girl: *walks over to Shingo with two of her friends* My name's Rika, what's you name? *smiles and notices Shingo looking around frantically* Hey are you okay? Did you hear me?
Shingo: *stares at the trio* Leave me alone! *dashes over to the emptiest part of the room*
Rika: What's wrong with him?
Second Girl: Who cares? He's a boy, boys are so strange.
Third Girl: Just like my brother, he's a weirdo.

Shingo stared at the group of kids from what he had made to be his corner of the room and noticed the older lady come back and pass out paper and crayons to calm down the rowdy group of kids. Shingo stared at the single blue crayon he was given and the piece of paper along with it. He looked up as Rika walked over to him with her paper and smiled as she showed him her picture.

Shingo: *stared at the paper covered with red crayon marks all over the place* What is it?
Rika: It's a puppy! There's his house, and his bowl and his bone and a kitty 'cause I like kitties too. What did you draw? *looked at Shingo's blank paper* Oh... Well what are you going to draw?
Shingo: *shrugged*
Rika: Why don't you draw boy things? Like cars and stuff like that?
Shingo: Maybe I don't like that stuff.
Rika: What do you like?
Shingo: Why do you ask so many questions?
Rika: I dunno. I just want to be friends.
Shingo: I don't like you.
Rika: So?
Shingo: I don't need friends. I also think your drawing sucks. Your hair is ugly and so is your dress. Looks like puke. Maybe your dog did something to it. Your mom is probably ugly too.
Rika: Why do you have to be mean to me?!
Shingo: Because... I can.

Shingo watched the other kids go outside and stayed in the same spot as two boys came up to him.

Boy 1: What's wrong with you? Are you stupid?
Boy 2: He probably is.
Boy 1: Did you hear me?
Shingo: Leave me alone.
Boy 1: Eh? Why should I? You didn't answer my question!
Shingo: Leave me alone, please.
Boy 1: Not until you tell me.
Shingo: *gets up and punches the other kid in the face* I told you to leave me alone! *looks at the other boy*
Boy 2: Hey! I didn't do anything to you! *starts backing up*
Shingo: *tackles the other boy and starts throwing random punches at him until he stops moving*
Teacher: SHINGO! *picks up Shingo and sets him aside away from the two boys and checks on them* Thank god you two are okay. *looks over at Shingo as he just stares* Shingo, why did you do this?
Shingo: *simply shrugs and continues staring*
Teacher: Did you do this on purpose? What happened?
Shingo: *shrugs*
Boy 1: Owww... my eye hurts!
Teacher: What happened?
Boy 1: I dunno. We were just talking and stuff and that kid just started hitting me and stuff. We didn't do anything! Honest!
Shingo: Liar!
Boy 1: AHHHHHHH! Keep him away! He's scares me!
Teacher: Come here Shingo.
Shingo: What did I do?!
Teacher: *grabs Shingo and places him in a corner*  Stay here until I say so.

Shingo stared at the wall and heard all the kids screaming and laughing as they came back in and continued playing their games and talking to their friends. He waited as the end of the day came and he was able to go home to his room and wait under his bed covers to hear his father tell him something about his actions that day.

Shingo stared at Seiya as he reflected upon past events and dropped the knife.

Shingo: Perhaps I should just give up but that's a waste of my time. But you already caught me didn't you?
Seiya: Always one step ahead, Shingo, always.
Shingo: *pulls a needle out from behind his neck*  If this was your intention with me then what did you do to Zero?
Seiya: He was just a lab rat. Hopefully the same serum he was given will work on the real Shingo.
Shingo: And if it doesn't?
Seiya: Then I guess you die. Though I don't think I need to worry about it. Seems to be working fine enough. Maybe after it's complete you'll feel the same way I do and agree with me fully on the destruction of this worthless place while killing yourself at the same time.
Shingo: Sandstorm.
Seiya: Of course. She should be coming soon enough. *gets up and cleans himself off*
Shingo: You told me you were waiting for the real Shingo.
Seiya: Why wait when I can make him?
Shingo: Then tell me where Seiya is!
Seiya: Seiya? You ask for death?
Shingo: Didn't seem like anything was holding you back.
Seiya: You don't let the tiger out of the cage unless you wish to use it. *looks over at Shingo as his eyes start turning a blood red*
Shingo: What does that mean?
Seiya: Unlike Zero's artificial insanity I suffer from true multiple personalities. Sadly we all agree on the same thing. I'm not sure of when it started... when it happened... But it did. Slowly everything is crashing down. I'm breaking down because of it. That's the real reason I needed you to finish what I started. You'll never understand though, never. I pray this is but a dream and once you finish the job it'll be over. *sits down, closes his eyes and hears Shingo scream*

Ariel woke up from her sleep and looked around and noticed she was with the homicidal blond that was strangely fixated on something in front of him.

Ariel: Zero? *looked over at a floor length black haired girl with nothing but a thin white dress that came to her knees on* Zero?
Zero: Shh... *stared at the girl while Ariel gave him a confused look* What have we here? Did you get yourself lost?
Ariel: Who is that?
Zero: *smirks* Sandstorm, or rather a projection of what she would be.
Sandstorm: I thought you didn't like humans Zero-chan.
Zero: I find I can't help but find myself stuck with one.
Sandstorm: I was looking for Shingo.
Zero: And?
Sandstorm: I think we would make a much more adequate team. We both hate them in our own way. Why not get rid of them ourselves? We could start with her...
Zero: I need her for something.
Sandstorm: I see...So you don't trust me.
Zero: Of course not.
Sandstorm: I don't blame Zero-chan. But I don't think I'll take no as an answer.
Zero: *drops Ariel as he felt something sharp hit his body and looked behind him at the gundam* You're a crazy ass bitch.
Sandstorm: *hugs Zero* But you know it'll be fun. That's what you live for, destruction.
Zero: And you're right. That's all I can do. Why bother fighting what I am.

Quatre jolted up from his spot as he heard a beeping ring through the silent room. He looked around and saw no one even move, with the exception of Heero muttering about an alarm clock. He picked up one of the laptops that was busy acting as a radar and lit up as a giant red dot appeared on the screen.

Heero: *looking over Quatre's shoulder* Well look at that now we can remotely self-destruct it.
Quatre: *nearly falling over with surprise* Heero! Wait... What are you talking about? You're not serious are you? Heero?
Heero: That's why we were tracking it right? That's why we made the hack program. I suggest you get started before something happens.
Quatre: You're asking me to destroy Sandstorm and Shingo along with it.
Heero: It's probably for the best.
Quatre: *frowns* Can't we just shut it down entirely?
Heero: So someone else can tinker with it and turn it into an even bigger pain in the ass than it already is? We're better off destroying it now and saying Shingo got into some accident.
Quatre: I won't let you.
Heero: Then I'll do it myself.
Quatre: You need a password.
Heero: I was fully trained to deal with such situations, you should know that. I can just simply knock you out and take over from there.
Quatre: You're right. You were trained in such areas and a lot more. This isn't our area to deal with really. We can't continue to fix our mistakes because we screwed up. We do need to dispose of Sandstorm as soon as possible but we can't just kill someone else for our own sake.
Heero: *stares at Quatre as a thick silence forms between the two* Shut it down.
Quatre: Huh?
Heero: Shut it down. We'll worry about it afterwards.
Quatre: Thank you, Heero.
Heero: Whatever... Just finish it already.
Quatre: *starts rapidly typing away* Someone added a ton of new features to Sandstorm. They're just like the new features in WingZero.
Heero: Can you still do the job?
Quatre: I'm pretty sure I can. It'll just take a little longer than before. *watches the screen black out*
Heero: What happened?
Quatre: I.. I don't know... *sees a pair of light green eyes stare at him and a childlike laugh come from it* What the...
Heero: What's going on?
Quatre: We're getting a signal from Sandstorm.
Sandstorm: Exactly how much wood does a wood chuck chuck if it does chuck wood? Who cares? There won't be a living thing left to find out.
Heero: Who are you?
Sandstorm: You're very nasty men playing with girls... Bad boy! I should give you a spanking but I'm busy. Maybe I should eat you instead... I wonder if you taste as good as Shingo-chan... *licks her lips*
Quatre: *gets a little uncomfortable* Where is Shingo?
Sandstorm: Shingo? I dunno... Maybe playing hide and seek. I suggest you stay off of my system with your stupid attempt to hack. Maybe you should waste your attempts on someone else. *signal dies out*
Quatre: It's gone.
Heero: Something isn't right. *hears an engine start up and something leave*  Milliardo!
Quatre: How do you know?!
Heero: I know that engine very well. He must've listened in.
Quatre: Then he left to destroy Sandstorm.
Heero: It would appear so.
Duet: Haruka left to save Shingo with Taleb though.
Heero: *turns around and stares at Duo's daughter* He what? That idiot.
Quatre: There's nothing we can do now, is there?
Heero: No.
Ling: *awaken by all the noise* Fine then. Duet, you stay here since your gundam is pretty screwed. Nova will come with me as will Sydney.
Duet: You're gundam is screwed up as well.
Ling: True, but Milliardo wouldn't forgive me if you came along. Besides I can work around my gundam's current state.
Heero: Assembling a team to go off and possibly die?
Ling: It's way better than sitting here doing nothing. If you haven't heard these people have destroyed several cities just like the Sanq Kingdom because of us. Its our own responsibility to do something about it.
Wufei: For once my son actually said something I agree with.
Duo: *sprawled all over the ground in a sleeping bag still* That's a surprise.
Ling: I was going to leave even without your own approval.
Wufei: I guessed as much.
Ling: Come on Nova.
Sydney: I'm surprised you asked me to come.
Ling: I trust your abilities even though I don't like having you go.
Sydney: I can take care of myself without your help, Ling.
Ling: Good, I didn't want to check on you every five seconds and worry that if I didn't you'd end up dead because of it.
Sydney: You worry too much.
Ling: *shrugs* Perhaps it's for a good reason.
Sydney: Maybe you'll calm down when we have kids.
Ling: EH?!
Sydney: I was just kidding. Besides... If we did... Our son's name would have to be Shen.
Ling: Shen?
Sydney: I think it's a cute name. Besides that was my ex-boyfriend's name.
Ling: WHA?!
Sydney: Stop yelling, Ling, I can hear you well enough without it.
Nova: *sighs* What have I gotten myself into?

Seiya stared at Shingo as he hit his head on the ground repeatedly.

Seiya: Shingo.
Shingo: *glares at Seiya*
Seiya: Go find Sandstorm and have fun, neh?
Shingo: *gets up, runs towards Seiya and is sent back by a flick of a hand*
Seiya: Please do as you're told. I don't intend to play with you right now. *watches Shingo slowly leave* Just a little more Julia, just a little more.

Ariel followed the path of gigantic footprints in the snow and fell down as the snow fell to the ground with her covering the tracks and slowly doing the same to her.

Ariel: *stares at the falling snow* Please be okay, Shingo.
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