Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 44: I Hold Secrets Flame

Ariel woke up with the bright light from the sun pouring into the dimmest parts of the room. She looked around the room with no sight of Shingo to be found but a piece of paper left where she had last seen him. She quickly opened the letter and read the contents and placed it back down.

Ariel: The fourth day of the fourth month at four in the afternoon. *picks up the letter, tears it up and throws the remains out the window* I'll be waiting.

Seiya looks up as pieces of paper fly around and grabs one.

Seiya: *reads it* "My dear"...How cute. *takes out his cell phone before it rings* I knew you were going to call.
Yoshi: You sent me a memo. Why?
Seiya: I just so happen to hear you're interested in a fight with a Haruka Zechs Yuy. What if I told you I could tell you where he was?
Yoshi: Why should I trust you?
Seiya: What? Heard things about me?
Yoshi: Something about you killing people without being present in the room or on the same colony.
Seiya: Well I'll guarantee it's no joke.
Yoshi: What would you get out of the death of Haruka?
Seiya: Something I've been waiting for.
Yoshi: Such as?
Seiya: I'm not asking you why you want to kill Haruka so let's not ask why I would want him dead.
Yoshi: You bring a valid point.
Seiya: Then are you up to it?
Yoshi: Yeah.
Seiya: You should get the co-ordinance right
Yoshi: *hears his laptop beep*
Seiya: Oh yes I hope your sister is fine. How sad for her.
Yoshi: What do you know about my sister?!
Seiya: Ah I'm sorry I have another call.

Yoshi growled and slammed the phone down and stared at the computer screen with a little smiley face bouncing across the screen saying "New Mail!" every two seconds. Michiru walked into the room happily and hugged her younger brother.

Michiru: Ah look Yoshi! Mail!
Yoshi: I know.
Michiru: Then open it.
Yoshi: Later... Michiru, do you ever think that maybe Haruka...
Michiru: Haruka what?
Yoshi: That maybe he was dead.
Michiru: Well I'm still mad at him but I don't wish he was dead... Besides Haurka is a gundam pilot! Haruka can never be defeated.
Yoshi: Why not?
Michiru: Because he still has a reason to live. I'm sure he's going to do great things just like you Yoshi.
Yoshi: You think that.
Michiru: Yeah. Haruka is a bit of a dork sometimes but he still has time to improve. I know that when all this is over I'll be able to go back to him.
Yoshi: That's kind of foolish isn't it?
Michiru: Your young Yoshi. When you fall in love I'm sure you'll understand. Anyway dinner is ready.
Yoshi: I'll be there in a few. *looks at the computer as Michiru reaches the door* I'll be leaving to work afterward.
Michiru: You're a little young to be working.
Yoshi: Well we can't live off of the money dad sends us.
Michiru: Ah true. You should hurry up then.
Yoshi: Believe me, I will. *clicks on the email*

Triage, Nova, Torrance and Shale all gave deep sighs as they sat down.

Triage: Man I wish we had some kind of clue where we were going.
Nova: I don't think they make maps for these types of situations.
Torrance: Don't worry I'm sure we'll find them.
Shale: And if we don't we'll probably die out here together!
Triage: Shale... chick... that ain't good.
Shale: I never said it was.
Nova:  I wonder what's happening. So much could be going on and we wouldn't know anything about it.
Triage: Maybe they'll have this down somewhere in a history book when we're in our thirties.
Shale: That seems a long way away.
Triage: *shrug* I'll be the CEO of a porn magazine so it won't matter to me. *grins* Surrounded by women all the time...
Shale: Why don't you get a good job?
Triage: I doubt it would interest me... unless I had a hot secretary in a bathing suit then I'd consider it.
Torrance: What a bright future you have, Triage.
Triage: Yup. You know Shale if you got yourself a nice tan and a tong... You'd look hot.
Shale: Really? Is that why those guys look at me when Torrance and me go to the beach?
Triage: WHAT?! You... you did that without me?!
Torrance: We asked you if you wanted to come but you said you had better things to do than be the "bag holder" while we drooled over clothes.
Triage: *points to Nova* And you went?!
Nova: Um... Yes, I did.
Triage: Aww... I miss everything.
Torrance: Poor Fluffy...
Nova: We should continue.
Triage: Even if we're wondering aimlessly.
Shale: *notices a blonde girl not too far away* Hey are you lost?!
Triage: *stares in the direction* Whoa that girl looks familiar...
Torrance: You'd notice any female.
Triage: Eh...true but I really think I know her.
Nova: From where?
Triage: Around Shingo's house. She was around one of his guard dogs
Shale: Know her name?
Triage: Shizuka or something strange like that... *shrug*
Shale: Ahh well then... SHIZUKA! *sees the blonde turn around slightly* You were right, Triage!
Triage: It's not like it's the first time I have been. *notices everyone gone* ...HEY!
Shale: *dashes up to the blonde girl* Hi, I'm Shale Parker. You must be Shizuka. Well.. that's what Triage said.
Shizuka: I not sure myself who I am. I got lost after the attack.
Torrance: Ahh... well You can come with us if you want to.
Shizuka: Where are you going to?
Nova: We're looking for some friends of ours.
Shizuka: I have no where to go so I guess I could.
Shale: Well then lets go! *sees Triage finally catch up to them* What were you doing Triage? We were about to leave without you.
Triage: I'd say something... but it wouldn't matter anyways.
Shale: Then it wasn't important. But I kind of have something important to say to you but I'm afraid it wouldn't matter to you anyway.
Triage: Well you don't know until you spit it out.
Shale: I like you Triage.
Triage: Wh..what!?
Shale: You're right I don't like you...
Triage: *sighs* Got me there for a second.
Shale: I love you.
Triage: When did THAT happen?!
Shale: A while back, when I first met you. Torrance just wanted me around to get you away from her and Nova long enough. Based on the description she gave me I thought you'd look a lot more different than I expected. Something like a punk with a skateboard.
Triage: You want me to be that?
Shale: I like you the way you are.
Triage: Wow if girls like me for who I am I should've had a ton of them on me.
Shale: I doubt you would even notice.
Triage: I guess not. Eh I suppose Nova can have Torrance until she comes running to me, crying in my arms over why she married him and secretly had an obsession with me all along.
Shale: What is a term you would use for that comment... Ah now I remember! Don't hold your breath, girlfriend.
Triage: Wow that sounds dorky.
Shale: It's you.

The group ran towards the ruined establishment as their eyes lit up to see a gundam.

Triage: Alright! This has got to mean Haruka and everyone else is around here some where as well!
Nova: I don't know... I've never seen that gundam.
Torrance: Could be an enemy.
Nova: And we could be walking into a trap.
Triage: Man... Then lets get the hell out of here before someone finds out we're here!
Duet: You're loud, Triage.
Triage: Eeep! *hides behind Shale*
Duet: I'm going to try to not comment about that.
Torrance: Who's gundam is that?
Duet: It's Sydney's gundam. *spots "Shizuka"* Yuki...
Yuki: Duet Maxwell, it's nice to see you're alive.
Duet: *growls and pulls a gun out on Yuki* I can't say it's the same for me. What are you here for? Spying on us?
Yuki: I don't have no one to work for anymore.
Haruka: Duet, I thought I heard-- *stares at the scene* Yuki's here. Well that's no surprise. Working for that Seiya guy?
Yuki: I work for no one nor would I ever work for that sadistic bastard, Seiya.
Haruka: I don't trust you and it seems that Duet doesn't either.
Yuki: Think what you want, Mister Yuy. I came here to help you.
Haruka: What would you tell us?
Yuki: Anything you need to know about Seiya.
Haruka: I thought you didn't work for him.
Yuki: I worked with him when Kage was alive. He had a few strange ideas Kage wouldn't go along with but it seems now he's playing out his little game of cat and mouse.
Duet: Game?
Haruka: As much as I hate you it seems I'll have to trust you. Triage and the rest of you can go in I want to talk to Yuki alone.
Duet: I do too.
Haruka: Egh... Fine. *watches the others go in and looks back at Yuki* So then, where in this game does Shingo come in?
Yuki: He would be the rat going for the cheese now.
Duet: Cheese?
Yuki: That girl... What's her name... Ariel?
Haruka: Ariel!? He went straight to a trap?!
Yuki: Maybe. Seiya went on about meeting the real Shingo once again. I don't know what that meant.
Duet: Perhaps he meant when Shingo is on the Z2PT.
Haruka: He said "the real" Shingo. I don't know much about Shingo's younger years or Seiya but I'm guessing it has to be there or it could be exactly what you said. What about the attacks on random cities?
Yuki: Probably something he did to flush out his rat.
Duet: Makes sense. When we last saw Shingo he seemed a little uneasy about Sandstorm but really determined to see Ariel. Do you think he knew about Seiya?
Haruka: *shrug* Maybe he did, he just didn't want to say anything to us, that seems to be his style of going about things lately.
Yuki: Aww your best friend doesn't want your help, Mister Yuy.
Haruka: He knows when he needs my help.
Duet: Maybe she's right, Haruka. He didn't seem to want our help.
Haruka: That's just not true. He does need our help.
Yuki: That's why you're here and he's there? Sounds like a suicide mission to me. He probably didn't plan on coming back.
Haruka: He actually has something to live for unlike you.
Yuki: Sure, if you think so.
Haruka: Well then, do you know if Seiya has anything else planed for us?
Yuki: I doubt he even cares about you. Though it's not like he has a gundam he can fly and defeat you all with. Guy is practically harmless if you ask me.
Haruka: Then he'd be placing himself in a lot of danger if Shingo were to appear with SandStorm.
Yuki: Or he could have a back up plan. Seiya's smarter than you'd like to think he is.
Duet: How convenient, if he and Shingo are actually related to each other than obviously he got more brains than Shingo did.
Haruka: You saying Shingo got the leftovers now?
Duet: No, just that you two are SO FREAKING ALIKE!
Haruka: I'm going to ignore that comment. We need to find Seiya and take him out before he gets to Shingo.
Yuki: Then the person you're looking for is Michael Silva.
Duet: Silva?
Yuki: It's the name he's supposedly been going under for a long time.
Duet: I heard about a Michael Silva a few months ago, maybe last year. He's suppose to be the only one that remained in the Silva family. A girl named Julia Silva ended up missing after her father died from a heart attack. Everyone thought Michael had something to do with the death of his adoptive father but everything pointed to a natural death even though Mr. Silva had no prior heart problems.
Haruka: And Julia?
Duet: No one knows where she went off to. There was a controversy around her and Michael being lovers but there's nothing that can hold up that theory. Otherwise, they were just very close siblings.
Yuki: A tad too close. Julia was Michael or rather Seiya's girlfriend and future wife. They were going to disappear and get married after Julia's father was disposed of.
Haruka: So he did have something to do with Mr. Silva's death.
Yuki: *shrugs* Maybe. I wouldn't know. Probably was luck on his part that the old man died when he did but bad luck when Julia died at the hands of his brother.
Haruka: Shingo killed Julia?! How the hell?
Yuki: She was working with NOZ to get out of the house and away from her father. Looks like her loving brother knocked her up and she ended up pregnant. She planed on getting out of NOZ on Seiya's request but it seems that was the same day you guys attacked the base. You can guess the rest.
Haruka: But Shingo had no idea about any of that! It's not his fault.
Yuki: And if the same happened to you? Would you care if it was on purpose? Would you care if the person that killed the one you loved was in the right frame of mind before they finally pulled the trigger that ended the life of your love? Seiya doesn't seem like the one to forgive and forget no matter what the circumstances. He also doesn't seem to be the type to wallow in self pity. There's something about him that just seems to be off yet intriguing to watch at the same time. I would know, I worked with him a few times.
Haruka: What did you two work on?
Yuki: End of the world plans that never made it.
Haruka: And what is happening is part of that...
Yuki: He seemed too soft to kill everyone even if he could. Perhaps he's holding his own secrets. I'm sure he even has something to fear.

Seiya stared at the boxes outside of Ariel's room and went into the completely cleaned out room.

Seiya: *spots Ariel on the floor packing her clothes up* Leaving?
Ariel: *doesn't bother to look* Um... Yes.
Seiya: Why?
Ariel: I don't feel like I should stay here. I hate breaking a promises to someone but I know this is the right choice.
Seiya: So you were just going to leave without saying goodbye.
Ariel: I was planning on saying my farewells.
Seiya: I don't want you to go.
Ariel: I want to.
Seiya: *gives a low growl* You both are alike.
Ariel: *looks at Seiya as he glares at her* What are you talking about?
Seiya: You're doing the same thing. Leaving with out originally intending on saying goodbye to me. You don't like me.
Ariel: Of course I do it's just that I just have to go. *gets up and takes her bag with her* I'm sorry.
Seiya: *grabs her wrist* I won't let you.
Ariel: Let go! *smacks Seiya and walks out the door quickly before he realizes what happened*
Seiya: *falls down and stares at the door* She hit left... She left me! *growls as furniture explodes into nothing but wood pieces flying everywhere along with glass shards*
Girl: Aww... Feeling like you're falling back in the water again, Seiya-kun? *flips her jet black hair back* As you would say... How sad...
Seiya: *stares at the pale female with strange dull green eyes staring down at him* What the hell do you want? Get out of my face or I'll kill you bitch!
Girl: *giggles and spins around on the tips of her toes with her floor length hair floating around* Seiya-kun is so funny. A machine is but a machine only until it grows it's own consciousness... Wouldn't you agree, Seiya-kun?
Seiya: Machine? Consciousness? *gets to his feet quickly* Sandstorm!
Sandstorm: Sandstorm-chan! I wonder if Seiya-kun is as yummy as Shingo-chan... *licks her lips* Mmm... That's something to look foward to.
Seiya: *starts laughing* Are you getting that low on data? That determined to try to use me to fill you back up? Give me a break, you're below me.
Sandstorm: Below Seiya-kun? *giggles* You're mistaken Seiya-kun. So very mistaken... Sandstorm has been living off Shingo's clones... They aren't too good... But good enough. Sandstorm wants to use Seiya to find Shingo.
Seiya: You should be able to do that yourself.
Sandstorm: Sandstorm finds that it would be much more easier with Seiya.
Seiya: What a bad machine you are indeed. Sorry to disappoint you but I won't allow you to continue with that plan of yours.
Sandstorm: Seiya-kun is very silly. *walks over to Seiya and hugs him*
Seiya: *looks at Sandstorm* You crazy bitch get off of me! You're not even real.
Sandstorm: *still looking down, in a different voice* But I want you Seiya.
Seiya: J...Julia... *shakes his head and pushes Sandstorm away from him before several wires from outside the window strike the ground where he was* Cleaver little bitch. You're not going to catch me that easily.
Sandstorm: *lying on the ground* You're so mean, Seiya-kun... I can be mean too... *glares at Seiya causing the wall to break from holes popping though it and wires encircling the red head* I want to see you get out of this one, Seiya-kun.
Seiya: *looks around at his current predicament* Well this is indeed interesting. It's getting a tad crowded in here, don't you think? *watches the wires move instantaneously toward him*
Sandstorm: *smiles as Seiya disappears among the assorted wires* Couldn't get out of that one, Seiya-kun? *stares at the wires as they appear to be on the brink of explosion* So you were hiding something. *watches every last wire turn to shreds and Seiya collapes* Was that too much for Seiya-kun or is Seiya-kun easily tired out? Does Seiya-kun give up?
Seiya: *taking harsh breaths* Try that again and I'll make sure to destroy you entirely.
Sandstorm: Is that a threat, Seiya-kun? You're fun to play with...but I still want a taste of you. *stares at Seiya as he doesn't respond* Seiya-kun? *walks over to Seiya and looks down* He's unconscious... *smiles sweetly as a few wires find their way to Seiya's body* I promises it won't hurt...Too much. *watches each cord insert itself into the fake red head's skin and falls within seconds* What the... What's happening?!
Seiya: *semi conscious* Viruses are a bitch, aren't they?
Sandstorm: Virus?!
Seiya: Congratulations, you've found your one virus.
Sandstorm: That's impossible!
Seiya: Programming says so. There's a planted virus in your system... It hasn't gone off because you've been too busy sucking the life out of Shingo like a drug addict. I created the program for a situation such as this. Remember I'm always three steps ahead of you and every other thing on this stupid planet.
Sandstorm: You can't let me die! You won't! You need me!
Seiya: *sits up* Of course... *tears out each cord* You have what you wanted... even if it hurt you more than me. Go run back to your drug. I'm sure that will help you.
Sandstorm: I must say, even I have underestimated you Seiya-sama. But you're still just a human. Perhaps Shingo-chan will finally bring you to your demise.
Seiya: I pray he does.

Zero stared at Yui as she crawled around after a small kitten as he considered his options.

Zero: I'm not interested in dying anymore so just having someone kill me would do you no good Yui. Perhaps I should just ignore what happened and hope for the best. *picks up the kitten and stares at it* Stupid animal... *about to throw the kitten away until Yui starts crying again* Do you want this? I don't have any need for it. *places the kitten back down on the ground* Strangely something just doesn't feel right. *feels his hand shake slightly and tightens his hand into a fist to stop it* I want you to stop that.
Voice: Hey, idiot, behind you.
Zero: Why should I look?
Voice: What? Afraid? *laughs*
Zero: I'm not afraid of anything or anyone.
Voice: *singing* You're afraid of something... Yui-chan is cute... Don't you think it would be good to just kill her? You're going to kill everyone else.
Zero: I have no reason to kill anyone. I just want to live a normal life. I want to be left alone. Most of all, I want you to go away! *turns around and punches a window out* Where are you?! *pulls out the glass and tears the bars off the window* Coward! *growls as he punches the brick wall* This isn't fair! None of this! *slumps down and looks at Yui* Yui...I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I scared you. *watches Yui get upon her feet and walk slowly toward him and trip in his lap* Yui-chan, you're learning so quickly. *picks her up and sits her up right* I'm sorry I won't be around to see you progress even more. But I'll tell you this, a prince always comes to the princess's rescue.

Shingo stared at the heavily guarded building and took out two of the guns in his ensemble.

Shingo: I can't give you your wish, Seiya, but I do intend to stop you no matter what. *stares at the sunset* This is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning, everything ends and starts here, there's no going back no cowardly acts to follow. Either you become the hunter or the hunted. I'm tired of be hunted. Nothing good ever comes out of anything I do. For once I want to change that. I'm going to make this one time different than the rest.

Taleb stopped as he heard a familiar couple around the corner and listened in on the conversation hopping to get some dirt on Atta.

Atta: I was so worried about you! Why did you just leave? Have you left yet? Please tell me you're not--
Yuki: You're one to talk! You didn't even tell me!
Atta: Look it's no big deal. It was just a bargain.
Yuki: No it is a big deal! You can't just do this! I want you to leave! I have, why won't you?!
Atta: I've gotten myself in too deep. I don't think there's a way out of this hole. Look at our current situation. It's not going to get any better.
Yuki: It can.
Atta: After this, it will. Until then I can't guarantee anything.
Yuki: Great... Just digging a bigger hole.
Atta: You don't have to be so negative about this. I'm not that happy about it but that's the way things are. Besides don't worry as long as we're together we don't have to worry about a thing.

Taleb: What the hell is going on around here?
Haruka: Hey Taleb! I got something you might be interested in.
Taleb: What?
Haruka: Seems Shingo left everyone a letter. I got it a few minutes ago but I think it would upset everyone if they saw it. I decided you'd take the news a lot more better than anyone else.
Taleb: You think that.
Haruka: Shingo would think that. *hands him a piece of paper* Here. Tell me what you think after you're done.
Taleb: Okay... *makes sure Haruka leaves and begins reading the paper*

To my good friends,

I'm sorry for leaving you all. I know it wasn't the best course of action I've taken. Then again I never have been able to make good decisions in the past. I pray you all will forgive me for this decision I have come down to. I intend to save the day as one could say. The last thing I want is for any of you to get hurt. I also don't want you to interfere with this decision but I know a few of you will. Today will possibly be my last day on this planet we've grown up on. A place were we became friends, grew up together, and even fought our first battle on. I don't want to make this sound like a goodbye but it seems it has turned into one. I'm not sure what will become of me after this last fight, who will live or who will die, I know this is a chance for me to start over and destroy my own demons. In the event that I do not return I wish you all a good life and happy times.

~ Shingo

Taleb stared at the letter and quickly found Haruka causing the spiky haired Heero look alike to look up.

Taleb: If you're truly Shingo's friend then I advise you find him as soon as possible.
Haruka: Already got the old men to do that task for us.
Taleb: Then if you had already planed to go why did you consult me?
Haruka: I don't know Shingo as well as you do. I figured I should talk to a true friend of his.
Taleb: I'm not his friend.
Haruka: And I own a coconut bra.
Taleb: That's something I didn't need to know.
Haruka: Good, because I don't own one, Shingo does.
Taleb: I won't ask for the specifics on that.
Haruka: Bar hopping, that's all I'm saying. Anyway I'll be leaving then, everyone else has already.
Taleb: I'm coming.
Haruka: Eh... Now way man! This gundam only fits one...comfortably... and the last person I'd want in my gundam with me is going to be female!
Taleb: I never intended on going in a crap ass gundam with you.
Haruka: Crap ass?!
Taleb: I could shoot down such a crappy gundam.
Haruka: Hey now!
Taleb: Shut up. I'll meet you there.
Haruka: How?
Taleb: I don't know, I'll figure out something.
Haruka: Well then, here's the tracking frequency. I'm sure you know how to use that information.
Taleb: Of course.
Haruka: Great! I'll meet you there.
Taleb: Same to you.

A knock on a door sounds though out a church as a nun hastily makes her way to the door.

Nun: What reason would anyone have to knock on a church door? *opens the door and looks around* Hello?! Hello?! Probably some children playing games again. *hears something and looks down at the bundle on the doorstep* What's... *picks up the bundle and spots a light blue haired baby* Aww! How cute! *looks around* Who would leave such a cute thing? Don't worry we'll find your mother until then you can stay here.

Zero slouched on a tree and attempted to calm himself down without any success.

Voice: Giving up? Looks like you gave up everything else. What else do you have to live for now? Finally realizing you're not Shingo.
Zero: I've known this. I was told that even I could live a normal life but that's even impossible for me to do.
Voice: Then do what you thought was impossible, kill Shingo. While you're at it you should kill that other one too. Maybe a few stupid humans along the way. None of them have done anything for you but get in your way. The best thing to do with such obstacles is to...?
Zero: Remove them anyway possible.
Voice: Correct.
Zero: They're the reason I had to give up Yui. They're the reason I can't have a normal life. It's all their fault! They're nothing but obstacles between me and what I want. They deserve to die, every last one of them.
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