Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 43 - In Your Darkest Hour

Ariel blinked a few times and looked around the apparently empty, dark room. Everything seemed normal enough. Perhaps it was a strange dream she had and just woke up from. Her dreaming about Shingo, that was a new one. She looked over at the digital clock next to her as the red numbers read '2:08'. When did she go to sleep anyway? She simply shrugged and figured she should go back to sleep and turned over in her bed and landed her face right into a very damp area on her pillow. Her eyes snapped open and she stared at the other person sleeping in her bed....with her...

Ariel: *screams* Who are you!? *grabs a random heavy object, a blanket and gets out of the bed quickly*
Shingo: Huuuuuh? *wipes the drool off his face and looks at Ariel* Oh you're up! *smiles* I hope you didn't mind that I came in. I was kinda tired and since you were on the floor I put you in bed. I guess I fell asleep with you. *grins*
Ariel: *twitch* NOT AGAIN!! Why does this keep happening?! *stares at Shingo* Don't you go looking at me like that! I should kill you.
Shingo: Gosh, even she wants to kill me... My luck is as bad as ever. I'm really sorry for whatever it is that I may have done to you in the past but I really just came here to see you. I see now that our relationship to each other must have not been a good one.
Ariel: What are you talking about? I thought you were dead! There was no way you could've made it out of that colony before it exploded! If so then how did you even get to Earth? Where have you been? Why are you here?!
Shingo: You ask too many questions.
Ariel: I believe I have a right to... Wait a minute... You aren't Shingo are you?! You're that other guy, Zero!
Shingo: Zero? Wow, that's the first time I've ever been compared to him. He's a good guy but I doubt I could be anything like him.
Ariel: Good guy? That guy is as evil as they come.
Shingo: He's not that bad anymore. He is kinda psycho sometimes but that's just spur of the moment things.
Ariel: I can't believe you're saying that! If you are Shingo then you should know that he practically screwed up your life.
Shingo: No, I've done this to myself.
Ariel: What?
Shingo: I'm sorry there's a lot of things going on that you don't seem to know about. Maybe I'll tell you later.
Ariel: God you two are so alike.
Shingo: Excuse me?
Ariel: You and Michael. You both do nothing but keep things to yourself and never really explain things to me fully.
Shingo: Maybe we both have some things we don't want to talk about. Then again I don't know what I've ever told you. I came here because I remembered you for some reason. Two guys I met in the desert, Taleb and Atta, told me who and where you were. I wish I knew more about you but I can't. I don't even know why I even bothered coming here. I don't really care too much to remember things but it seems like I'm having a selective memory thing going on. I should apologize to SandStorm and just leave.
Ariel: Apologize to your gundam?
Shingo: Yeah, she's a bitch sometimes but sometimes I want to be with her than out here. Nothing good comes around when I'm on my own.
Ariel: You're so angsty.
Shingo: I am?
Ariel: Yes. The Shingo I remember couldn't wait to get himself into some random female's underwear or hang out with his 'buddy's' or look at Hentai or play video games or... Oh it's not important. The fact is you're a lot more different. So much I'm not even sure if you're Shingo.
Shingo: I don't know either. Not anymore. But if I weren't Shingo then I'm sure I wouldn't even be allowed to come here, that's how much of a control freak he probably would be.
Ariel: You keep talking about someone else. Who is it?
Shingo: I don't think you'd like to know right now. I promises to tell you about it once everything is back to normal and I can verify who I really am.
Ariel: Why do you two keep saying that. I can handle whatever it is that you're keeping from me.
Shingo: No, this is big. Bigger then anything. Now that I know about you two I really can't say anything now. There's a chance that things may be different then they were. Much more. I want you to be happy for some reason and I don't want to hurt or change your feelings about him.
Ariel: Shingo, you're such an asshole.
Shingo: I guess that's what I'm good at. So are you going to calm down and sit back down?
Ariel: *sigh* I guess I can trust you. However, you stink.
Shingo: Huh?
Ariel: You smell horrible! I'm not going to get even a foot close to you until you take a shower.
Shingo: Well I guess I do need one... *gets up, opens a door and goes inside*
Ariel: ...Oh Shingo, dear, that's the closet.
Shingo: Oh, yeah I knew that. *laughs nervously and goes to the bathroom*
Ariel: He's still an idiot.

Zero looked around the dull room and turned to the female behind him.

Zero: Thank you, Miss Makoto.
Makoto: Miss? I'm not an old lady. Besides I didn't think a guy your age with your baby sister should be out in the cold.
Zero: You're correct, you're not an old lady. If that made you upset I'm sorry. I just can't see a girl your age in a house this big by yourself.
Makoto: If you consider five rooms big, I guess so. However, I do hope you like the place.
Zero: It'll do for the night.
Makoto: Only the night?
Zero: I don't want to inconvenience you.
Makoto: You're really no trouble to me.
Zero: I wish I could say that about myself.
Makoto: Huh?
Zero: Ah nothing. Again thank you.
Makoto: Do you want anything to eat then?
Zero: No.
Makoto: And your sister?
Zero: I can take care of her.
Makoto: Ah well if you need anything ask for it.
Zero: I'll think about it.
Makoto: Ah ok then. *leaves the room*
Zero: There aren't that many kind people around this place, Yui-chan. We need to get as far away from here as we can starting tomorrow. What do you think about living on a colony, Yui-chan? No? Perhaps further out...Mars? That sounds good to me. *places the baby down along with a stuffed toy cat* You, me and Meko... *falls unconscious on the floor*

Zero watched as a familiar red head stared at him closely and grin.

Seiya: So this is what he looks like. How strange. The real him is practically dead and yet I'm looking straight at a clone of him. Sadly you seem to have the mental compatibly of a two year old with the ability to kill over fifty people without a second thought. Who do you think you are?
Zero: *trying to pronounce the name* S..s..shi..Shingo.
Seiya: And I am?
Zero: *stares at Seiya for awhile then suddenly attempt to get away from Seiya* Seiya!! You're suppose to be dead! Go away!!
Seiya: Dead? Me? Is that what Shingo thought? I suppose it was wrong of me to let him think that.
Zero: What are you talking about? I am Shingo!
Seiya: No, you're just a pathetic clone. Completely worthless to me but that's not what Kage and that girl seem to think. Shingo is much more worth my time then you. Since your value to me is so little I have some things I want you to take care of for me.

Zero woke up and rolled off the bed to the bathroom unsure of anything that had happened. He reached the bathroom door and stopped. Wasn't he on the floor instead of on the bed? He shook his head and assumed he must've gotten up at some point while he was asleep and managed to get on the bed. Something was just not right about that. Never once had he done such a thing and to top it off there was a strangely familiar scent within the room and mostly coming from the other side of the door. He looked down at himself covered with red splats all over his clothes and his arms covered to his elbows. He could only conclude from this what was on the other side of the door and chose not to open it but instead leave as quickly as he could before anyone decided to come to the home. He went to a second bathroom to wash off as much of the blood as possible until he stopped and went back to the room he was previously in and frantically looked around the place for Yui when a cry came from inside the bathroom. Zero walked to the door and once again stared at it as the crying increased. He raised a hand to open the door shakily.

Zero: *stares at his hand* What's wrong with you? Are you really that pathetic?

Zero grabbed the door knob and opened the door. Everything seemed normal enough with the exception of Yui on the ground crying. He went to pick her up as the door closed behind him. He quickly turned around and saw nothing there.

Zero: Damnit. I'm getting jumpy. *goes back to picking up Yui as something red splats on the ground* The hell... *slowly looks up for awhile and eventually sits down on the floor* Yui, it seems to me that I can't keep you.

Ariel frowned as Shingo continued to sing in the bathroom for possibly another hour.

Ariel: *pounding on the door* What the hell are you doing in there?! Stop singing too! You're going to wake someone up.
Shingo: *from inside the bathroom* I do believe that it is you who will wake people with your screaming.
Ariel: Don't even get me started.
Shingo: I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing.
Ariel: I swear you act so arrogant.
Shingo: Me? Wow, did I ever act like that?
Ariel: Not really...
Shingo: Ah well than we don't need to worry about it. You don't mind if I use your toothbrush do you? *before she can answer* I knew you'd understand!
Ariel: What?! That's disgusting!
Shingo: Not unless you use it for something else...
Ariel: ...WHAT?!
Shingo: *laughing* You're amusing I hope you know.
Ariel: You would think that.
Shingo: So how many boyfriends did you make while you were here?
Ariel: I think that's none of your business.
Shingo: *comes out in a towel* I think it is.
Ariel: No it isn't! Because we broke up before I came here.
Shingo: Ah, well I am still considered a friend of yours at least... Right?
Ariel: I guess so.
Shingo: *glomps Ariel* I'm so happy!
Ariel: Get off me and put on some clothes!
Shingo: Why? What if I don't want to put any on?
Ariel: Because it's just...disturbing and if you don't put any on I'm going to make you myself.
Shingo: Sounds fun.
Ariel: ...Why is your mind constantly in the gutter?
Shingo: I didn't know it was.
Ariel: *sighs* Just get off of me and get some clothes on.
Shingo: But they stink and I just took a shower. It would just be wrong to make me wear the same clothes after I just took a shower.
Ariel: I swear you're just like a child. I'll go see if I can get some clothes for you in the mean time you stay here and don't do anything.
Shingo: Man I feel like a dog.
Ariel: As long as you're here you might as well get use to it. *leaves the room before Shingo can say anything else*
Shingo: She's a very grouchy person...But I like her.

Ariel knocked on Seiya's door and waited while he messed up his hair and clothes enough to look like he was sleeping.

Seiya: Ah it's you Ariel. What brings you here at... *looks at his watch* Almost five in the morning?
Ariel: Ah well um... I just came to check up on you and all.
Seiya: Well as you can see I'm ok. Anything else?
Ariel: Uh... I don't really know how to put this... Can I have your clothes?
Seiya: That's a very unusual question.
Ariel: I know, I know... It's just that well um...
Seiya: You don't need to explain. *grabs some random clothes and goes back to the door* Here you go.
Ariel: Thank you. *reaches out for the clothes*
Seiya: But there's a catch.
Ariel: What kind of 'catch'.
Seiya: If you want this that badly then give me a kiss. A real kiss not one of those fake ones.
Ariel: Well I did wake you up after all... And there's no harm in just a little request like that.
Seiya: Of course there isn't.

Shingo: *watches the two* Oh how disgusting. What he can't get his own woman now or is he messing with my head?

Ariel: Ahh... I can't.
Seiya: That's okay. Here. *hands her the clothes*
Ariel: But--
Seiya: It's okay. I don't really need them back anyway.
Ariel: No, it's yours.
Seiya: Ariel, take it.
Ariel: ...Okay. Thank you.
Seiya: Don't mention it. *closes the door*
Ariel: *stares at the door for awhile and goes to her room* So strange... *looks over to her computer desk to see Shingo in her chair* Shingo...
Shingo: So, you got a boyfriend, eh?
Ariel: No, not exactly. Just a guy friend I hang around with. Why should it matter to you?
Shingo: I guess it kind of makes me a little mad, jealous and a upset but strangely I knew you would do something like this. Well not me but rather something kind of told me you would. I guess it's like a gut feeling.
Ariel: You make it sound exactly the opposite of what I said.
Shingo: *mumbles* Because it is.
Ariel: *holds out the clothes* Here are some clothes for you. I hope they fit.
Shingo: They should but I'm not interested in wearing them.
Ariel: WHAT?! Why not?!
Shingo: I have my reasons.
Ariel: Shingo, I'm not going to fight with you over this.
Shingo: I don't expect you to.
Ariel: Are you trying to say something?
Shingo: You're just predictable.
Ariel: *glare* I am not!
Shingo: So you say.
Ariel: Ugh! You're acting like a freaking asshole now! There was a little bit of something going on between Michael and me but it's nothing but a good friendship.
Shingo: Really... How much do you really know about him?
Ariel: Not exactly... but that's none of your concern anyway.
Shingo: It is because...
Ariel: Because?
Shingo: You just don't know what you're getting yourself into!
Ariel: Why don't you just stay out of my life?! I was perfectly fine before you came back so do me a favor and get yourself lost!
Shingo: You say that but you don't mean it.
Ariel: You're so annoying.
Shingo: And I'm also so right.
Ariel: A little too often for you.
Shingo: Wow I guess I should be proud of myself!
Ariel: Yeah well I'm not going to let you do anything until you get these clothes on.
Shingo: No.
Ariel: Ergh! You still have yet to explain to me why you don't want to!
Shingo: It's not important for you to know and if you want to that badly you can go ask Sei--*cough*Michael yourself.
Ariel: What would he know about you? He thinks you don't exist anymore!
Shingo: You thought the same then.
Ariel: Yes, before I saw you outside my window!
Shingo: Well I can understand why you think the way you do.
Ariel: Will you stop that?
Shingo: What?
Ariel: Being so depressing.
Shingo: What would you like me to act like?
Ariel: Shingo.
Shingo: I'm not sure what you mean... I'm Shingo and I'm trying to act like Haruka and the others said I did.
Ariel: Then ignore them.
Shingo: Huh?
Ariel: Ignore them and be the Shingo you think you are.
Shingo: Are you sure?
Ariel: Yes.
Shingo: Then I know what I want to do.
Ariel: What?
Shingo: I want to be with you.
Shingo: *nods* I don't know why I do or why I like it when your mad or when you hit me over the head with something or just the strange things one wouldn't expect in any relationship, but I do. *gets up out of the chair*
Ariel: Stay there. Look it just wouldn't work. It never has worked in the past. I know you probably came here expecting me to forgive you and all but it's not going to happen.
Shingo: But you want me to stay.
Ariel: I... I do not!
Shingo: *smile* There you go again.
Ariel: What?
Shingo: Getting mad because I'm right.
Ariel: No you aren't.
Shingo: I am.
Ariel: Err... I'm not going to fight with you.
Shingo: But you are.
Ariel: No I'm not! Besides I have Michael. As far as he knows you don't exist!
Shingo: You like him why?
Ariel: I...Um... Why do you care?
Shingo: Because...
Ariel: Because of what?!
Shingo: How about you answer my question first.
Ariel: I like Michael because...
Shingo: Because.
Ariel: Because...he...He reminds me of you.
Shingo: So instead of you liking him you like me.
Ariel: You're turning this around.
Shingo: Because that's how it is. You also answered your own question.
Ariel: Well what are you going to do now? Leave?
Shingo: No, I don't want to leave anymore but I have to.
Ariel: Just as I thought. If you're going then go.
Shingo: *puts his arms around her waist* I want you to know...When I do leave or any other time I leave... I'll always come back to you, always. Until then I'm going to stay here with you.

The neo pilots rushed outside where a loud roar of thrusters were heard and was now replaced with a mechanical giant looking down at them.

Haruka: Ah shit... We're dead... That thing's going to step on us like bugs.
Duet: It doesn't look like it's doing anything
Voice: *from the possible gundam* I heard there were gundam pilots here... You wouldn't happen to be them, would you?
Ling: *to himself* That voice... it sounds familiar*
Sieben: And if we are?
Voice: Well say good bye to your lives... *gundam takes out two swords and sends one in a collision course with Ling*
Haruka: *watches the sword hits the ground* LING!!
Duet: Ling... *stares at the large dust cloud as it starts clearing up*
Sieben: *growls* If you're going to kill us all then get it over with. *sees the cockpit door open and out of it a brunet*
Duet: Sydney?
Haruka: You evil bitch! You killed Ling!
Sydney: Killed him?
Haruka: Yeah! We all saw!
Ling: Well I'm sorry to disappoint anyone here but I'm very much alive.
Duet: How...?
Sydney: I missed him by a foot. Ling knew I wasn't going to kill him even if he did move out of the way.
Haruka: You knew she had a gundam?!
Ling: No, I recognized her voice. But I would like to know where she got a gundam from.
Sydney: *gets down on the ground and looks at the four* It's my father's.
Haruka: Well that slightly explains it. Where have you been?
Sydney: Well I got back from space and landed a long way from here. Some really strange MSes started to attack me and I ran into these two old guys, Genki and Phoenix. So I decided to stick around and help them out. Afterward I came here and that's about it.
Heero: Nice story. What about you all?
Haruka: Whoa I didn't think I'd be happy to see you!
Heero: I'm not. Where's Milliardo?
Quatre: And Shingo.
Duet: Milliardo is busy messing around with his gundam.
Haruka: And you're a little late to see Shingo. He left a day or two ago.
Quatre: And Sandstorm?
Haruka: Took it with him... or would it be that it took him with it... Hmm...
Quatre: Then who has the...
Milliardo: Z2PT? I do. Well a copy. Besides don't worry about Shingo. He's going to come back soon enough.
Heero: Then lets get down to business.
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