Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 42 - You're so Strange

Seiya looked around Ariel's room, got up and walked to the door which slammed into his face.

Ariel: *to someone in the hallway* Thanks a lot I'm sure he'll like the cakes. *looks down at the twitching red head* What were you doing out of bed again?
Seiya: Um... Stretching..
Ariel: Oh, really. For a moment there it looked like you were trying to run for it. Oh yeah I have you're homework here and some snacks so you don't have to worry about leaving bed to catch up in your classes.
Seiya: How kind of you but I have to go.
Ariel: Where? For what?
Seiya: Well some things came up.
Ariel: Oh...Then you better go.
Seiya: Ariel, you're upset?
Ariel: No, not at all.
Seiya: Ariel, I won't leave if you don't want me to.
Ariel: Why would you do that?
Seiya: I guess because I-i-i...
Ariel: Michael are you trying to say...
Seiya: I don't know... What?
Ariel: *hugs him* I love you, too!
Seiya: You do?!
Ariel: It's taken me awhile but I think I've finally gotten over my boyfriend. I'm better off moving on. *looks at Seiya* Michael? Is something wrong?
Seiya: Ariel...*pushes away from Ariel and falls over*
Ariel: Michael! *looks at the blood on her hands* You're bleeding...
Seiya: What?
Ariel: Takes off your shirt.
Seiya: W-what?
Ariel: Take it off.
Seiya: No.
Ariel: Errr men! *grabs Seiya and fights with him until his shirt is off* Just as I thought.
Seiya: What?
Ariel: You're bleeding like hell. *wipes off the blood with his shirt* How strange...
Seiya: Hmm?
Ariel: You're bleeding but there's no cut.
Seiya: Perhaps there's a curse placed upon me.
Ariel: Oh don't say such nonsense. Something's going on here. Maybe you should go to the hospital.
Seiya: No, besides I promised you I'd stay here. I don't want to hurt your feelings by ignoring that promise and leaving.

Zero grinned as he stepped away from the computer and watched random machines power up.

Clone: So, you're done? What took so long?
Zero: I had to improvise.
Clone: Improvise?
Zero: The small amount of DNA I did scrape off of this *holds out the star charm* wasn't really enough so I filled in the missing gaps with my own. The result is going to be a female as it originally was to be but her appearance should prove interesting.
Clone: So Zero-sama is having a baby?
Zero: I suppose you could say I am in a round-about way.
Clone: How strange. Then again it does make sense, no woman would ever love you enough to have a child with you. Women are so silly. They hide behind their men for protection.
Zero: That's not true.
Clone: Ahh, are you thinking about Ariel?
Zero: Why should I? She's just a worthless female to me.
Clone: If you say so, Zero-sama. What do you plan to do next once this is done?
Zero: I plan to leave and hopefully never see you or that bastard Seiya again.
Clone: You're running away?
Zero: I'm getting a life.
Clone: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. How ironic, you're using the same machine that brought you into this world to bring back a child from the dead. It's the same one that created me and all the rest of us clones. Have you even figured out what it is that Seiya-sama did to you?
Zero: No, and I would care less.
Clone: I guess it's always a good surprise.
Zero: I'm personally not too fond of surprises but I can never be sure what you're blurting out is true.
Clone: I see.
Computer: Five percent complete.
Clone: What a silly dream. *pulls out a gun and points it at the machine*
Zero: What the fuck are you doing?
Clone: I find this meaningless.
Zero: Who are you to judge such a thing?
Clone: You're just going to bring pain to yourself. It's the right choice to make since you won't do it yourself.
Zero: I'm not going to let you fire that, I hope you realize.
Clone: Of course, why would you? You care too much.
Zero: Perhaps I do but I won't allow you to get in my way. You're officially my obstacle.
Clone: Really? Kill me then, if you have it in you that is. You're life or your silly fairy tale ending.
Zero: Not much of a choice. I wouldn't care if you killed me but I won't let you do that to her.
Computer: Fifteen percent complete.
Clone: Oh well. *fires the gun just before Zero rips his arm off*
Zero: You didn't even aim correctly you idiot. *gets the gun out of the severed arm's hand and fires it repeatedly at the clone's head until it stops moving* You were getting on my nerves anyway. *notices liquid all over the floor and someone crying* Oh you bastard. *turns around and goes to the cloning machine* You only aged to ten months and it would appear there's nothing I can do about that. Well then I suppose we'll have to deal with this and leave but it would be just rude to leave without giving them a going away present.

Zero starts rummaging though each room in the base, knocking out guards as he went along, picking up clothes and blankets that were lying around in the storage rooms. He grinned widely as he happened upon the mobile suit hangar. He placed the bundle of clothes, blankets and of course baby down in the hallway as he popped a few gasoline barrels open and kicked them over drenching the floor as well as the MSs. He grabbed a small gasoline container and took it out into the hallway with him where he poked a hole in the bottom of the container and picked up the items he had previously had laying out in the hall. Once outside the base he put the container down and observed the line of gasoline on the ground. He grabbed a match, lit it and set fire to the line. The fire hit it's destination and blew up each MS taking the base down with it.

Shingo shivered as another cold breeze went by with snow flying into his face. He walked out of the woods and onto a street and looked ahead of him at the lights from the city. Shingo ran as fast as he could towards the nearest establishment and nearly ran into a few people leaving as he ran in the warm building. He slowly walked past people as they talked among themselves in a whispering level.

Guy: Heh, where this kid just come from? Hawaii?
Guy 2: I say he be lookin like he come from Florida. Damn southerners.
Girl: He's kinda cute.
Girl 2: Poor thing, must've been freezing to death.
Guy 3: That guy's lucky it didn't get into the negatives yet.
Shingo: *sits down in a corner and looks up at the people staring at him* I would like it very much if you didn't talk about me behind my back. *watches everyone panic and go back to what they were originally doing*
Waitress: So, kid, what do you want?
Shingo: I'm ok.
Waitress: You sure you don't want anything to drink?
Shingo: I'd love to buy something but I um... *thinks of a quick lie* I lost my wallet at the airport a week ago, my parents sent me here to live with my aunt but it seems like she went out of town before I came here. I decided to find some place to stay and someone stole my bags and my clothes and this is all I've been left with. *notices a large group of girls crowd around him listening to his pathetic his story*
Girl 1: AWWWWW! You poor dear! You look so sad and hungry! I'll buy you something to eat.
Girl 2: Hey! I saw him first! I'll buy you some apple pie, honey.
Girl 3: Hot cocoa!
Girl 4: Soup!
Shingo: *watches several other women make offers and beat up each other* Um ladies! I think there's enough room in my stomach to eat all that you guys have to offer. If you want you can sit here. I haven't talked to many girls in a long time.
Guy: Gosh look at that! That pretty boy walks in here and all the girls rush to sit next to him. *watches a brunet walk in the door* Hey Ariel, haven't seen you in awhile.
Ariel: And I haven't seen you in school for a good long while either. *looks over at the direction where a bunch of women are crowding around* What's going on?
Guy: Eh some guy walks in here, gives a stupid story and instantly all the girls are all over him. "Poor baby"! Whatever.
Ariel: Don't tell me you're jealous.
Guy: Eh, nah. So why you out this far away in this kind of weather?
Ariel: I was just passing though and came to get something for a friend.
Guy: Michael? I knew you two had something going on!
Ariel: Well, it's not really... well maybe but...*hears someone laugh loudly* God that is so annoying. Look I'm going to hurry up and get what I came for before I go over there and kill that playboy over there. What kind of girl would fall in love with someone like that. *goes to the counter, orders a few things, and stomps off towards the door into someone else walking in* Oh sorry! *looks up at a pair of gray blue eyes and stares*
Guy 2: *stares back* Yeah whatever.
Ariel: *hears a baby cry and watches the guy react to it quickly*
Guy 2: Excuse me. *continues walking in*
Ariel: *whispers* Shingo? No, it couldn't be. I'm just seeing things. *continues out the door*
Shingo: *currently being pulled in two different directions* Ladies! Please!! *feels an icy chill down his spine and glances over at the dark figure that had just walked in* *thinking* Zero! What's he doing here?
Girl1: Tell her that you like me most, Shin-chan!
Girl 2: You wish!
Shingo: *ignoring the two as Zero stares back at him*
Zero: *telepathically* Even when I try to start a new life I still seem to run into you, Shingo.
Shingo: I don't intend on getting in your way. I'm actually very happy for you. Besides you shouldn't worry about me I just came here to--
Zero: Find Ariel? Don't bother.
Shingo: Eh? Why?
Zero: Your brother.
Shingo: Seiya? What about him?
Zero: How can I say this in a way you can easily understand... Your ex-girlfriend and evil twin brother are having a fling.
Zero: I really don't give a damn if you don't believe me. I have better things to think about.
Shingo: Yeah? Like what? Killing people?
Zero: Actually I was thinking about how to properly put a diaper on this kid.
Shingo: Kid? Since when do you have...Kids?
Zero: Don't worry about it. The place you want to get to is a couple of miles away, north west. You should be able to feel Seiya's presence once you're close enough.
Shingo: I'll do that after I'm done.
Zero: Done? With what?
Shingo: *digs into all the food placed on the table* Eating of course!
Zero: How embarrassing.

Seiya looked over to the door as it opened and Ariel entered.

Ariel: I brought you some food if you're interested.
Seiya: I'm still full from the cake earlier.
Ariel: *takes out a bunch of food from a bag* Well I guess you don't want any miso soup with spring rolls or any of the fried rice... *pulls out an apple pie* Or this... *watches Seiya drool* Aww! You really are hungry!
Seiya: *notices the drool going down his face and wipes it off* What are you talking about? I told you I'm not hungry.
Ariel: Wow you remind me...
Seiya: Remind you? Remind you of what?
Ariel: It's nothing.
Seiya: Ariel, you can tell me. I won't get upset.
Ariel: That's not it I just don't want to talk about it.
Seiya: I guess we all have things we can't and won't talk about. Sadly things always end up coming out on accident with me. There's just too much I haven't told you that it wouldn't feel right being with you if you didn't know.
Ariel: Well if it's that important then spit it out!
Seiya: That's another thing. I can't tell you, not yet. Forget I ever brought it up.
Ariel: Please...
Seiya: You want to know? You really want to know?
Ariel: If you want to tell me.
Seiya: As much as I'd love to tell you I'm afraid that your reaction wouldn't be a good one especially now. It just wouldn't work out between us at the moment. I'm sorry but I need to go. Thank you for your hospitality. *feels his hair get tugged on*
Ariel: Michael, I..
Seiya: Love me? I think the one you really love is the person I resemble. Though I can't lie, I seem to have fallen for you slightly. Until the day I am able to tell you the truth and show you my true appearance I want you to know that even though everything about me may be fake my feelings for you aren't. *feels Ariel let go of his hair and leaves*
Ariel: Michael, who are you really?

Seiya looked up at the window which he was aware belonged to Ariel until the light turned off. He looked over at someone else who was also doing the same and waited for them to take notice.

Seiya: Shingo, so you made it all the way here. Why did you bother?
Shingo: Even you know the answer to that, Seiya. I came to see Ariel but most of all settle this "fight" between the two of us.
Seiya: Well I have to inform you that you've won one segment of this fight and it didn't even require your presence.
Shingo: What are you talking about?
Seiya: *sits down on a bench and looks up at the sky* Why do you think it snows?
Shingo: I really wouldn't know.
Seiya: Neither do I. Most people think it's romantic others just find it to be the result of cold weather.
Shingo: What are you trying to get at?
Seiya: I was told by someone that it snows because someone has just realized their true feelings. Each falling flake representing a heartbeat. Each layer of snow representing the strong feelings. I frankly don't believe any of that nonsense. It's only a story made up by someone that one could consider is a happy end. I have no such stories. My story started off with trust and will end with the death of the one that betrayed me. I always knew you despised me but that never got in the way of my wanting to be kind to you. It seems like everything I tried to do for you did nothing but make you hate me. I realized at one point that it was a waste of my time but I couldn't give up on you. I didn't hate you in anyway, not after you attempted to kill me, not during the four years I spent in possibly the most horrible place on Earth, not while I was nothing more than a toy for a girl. Not any point in my life until a year ago. You remember fighting NOZ, do you not?
Shingo: Yeah.
Seiya: That day was suppose to be the day I would finally have a life a real life, a happy life.The girl I told you about, she was my fiance. Her father knew nothing about our relationship or that she was two months pregnant by myself. We had planed that I would kill him, force him to have a heart attack and hopefully die. After that she would inherit everything and we would get married. She didn't tell me one important factor until it was too late. She was working in NOZ as a pilot. She promised me she would resign that day and come home. She didn't return. I waited for her return all the way from when I was brought in for questioning regarding the death of her father to when I met Kage and he told me the truth. She was killed in battle by a gundam. They knew this because they went through the base that was destroyed and found records that weren't destroyed in the explosion. They decided to identify every mobile suit that was destroyed by you to back up their claims that the gundams were a destructive force and had killed numerous people. They used your stolen pilot data to make a better list since it gave a view of your enemy as well as well as your stats also the video quality was much better then the ones they had taken from satellites. It seems the last person you had killed before the Z2PT was turned on was the very suit she was registered to. This is where I began to hate you. I had left you alone for such a long time, even though I shouldn't blame you for such a thing it makes me mad just looking at you. I reflected back to all the insults you had given me in the past, your attempt to kill me, what you had done to my life. I've come to one conclusion. I was born to be superior to you, to have the ability to control you. All that time I spent as a kid I never realized that was my duty. So tell me, Shingo, since you've had fun ruining my life how about you ruin your own.
Shingo: What?
Seiya: You don't think Zero can tear a man in half without getting such an ability from you, do you? He's you're exact clone every last bit in appearance and abilities with only his mind working in a different way. You could say he's the part of you that actually had the guts to push me off.
Shingo: I don't believe you. I do, however, know that I'm going to stop you from whatever it is you're planning.
Seiya: Planning? This is out of my hands, what happens, happens. Our fates are two very different ones I just hope it will be an interesting duel in the end.
Shingo: If you want to fight then come on! I'm ready for ya.
Seiya: I'm not yet interested in fighting with you just yet. I'm going to wait.
Shingo: For what?
Seiya: For the real Shingo Winner. *gets up and starts walking away*
Shingo: Seiya.
Seiya: *turns around* Hmm?
Shingo: Why did you talk to me?
Seiya: Ariel suggested it.
Shingo: Did it help any?
Seiya: No. *continues*
Shingo: By the way, I want to see the real Seiya when we meet again.
Seiya: That Seiya Winner will show you no mercy. Are you sure you want to see him?
Shingo: I'm certain he'd kill me on the spot but I don't feel I'm talking to him when he is pretending to be someone else.
Seiya: I suppose it is time I set Michael Silva aside and take on my true self. A man can wear a mask for only so long until it becomes nothing but a means of escape.

Duo yawned loudly as he scratched his head and got up. He looked at everyone else as they were arguing among themselves.

Duo: Eh, where's Quatre?
Wufei: Probably sleeping still.
Trowa: I saw him around a few minutes ago.
Heero: Hopefully he's done adjusting that tracker.
Zechs: Tracker? Why wasn't I told about this?
Heero: Because none of us like you.
Zechs: And you think I like any of you?
Duo: Eh, can we get back to the subject of where Quatre is.
Sally: I saw him leave just a few minutes ago.
Duo: Without us?! *dashes after Quatre*
Trowa: Well that's a bit unlike him.
Heero: I'm not going to worry about his reasoning behind doing that right now so I suggest we do the same and go after him.
Wufei: Humph, I could care less.
Sally: *glare*
Wufei: Erm, I meant to say I care greatly for our eldest son so I am off to search for him! *follows the rest*
Zechs: I need to get out of this place, that's the only reason I'm going.

Duo finally catches up with Quatre and nearly faints.

Duo: Eugh... Quatre what were you thinking?! Leaving like that.
Quatre: I'm sorry, Duo, but I think I've stumbled upon something that doesn't concern you guys.
Duo: Huh? Like what are we talking about exactly.
Quatre: It's really nothing I want to talk about.
Duo: Come on, Quatre! I'm your friend!
Quatre: It's really nothing I want you to get mixed up in much less tell you.
Duo: Is it about Shingo?
Quatre: Not exactly.
Duo: SandStorm?
Quatre: No.
Duo: Eh...the thing you married?
Quatre: No, let just drop the subject.
Duo: Ya know I'm going to find out. *gives puppy dog look* Tell me!
Heero: And while you're at it you can tell the rest of us as well.
Quatre: *turns around* It's nothing.
Duo: *whispering to Trowa* So far I only got em to tell me it was something about Shingo. Give me five minutes and I'll have em cracked in no time!
Quatre: ...You know I can hear you, Duo...
Duo: Eh? Ah, I wasn't talking bad about you or anything! Heh, heh, heh...
Quatre: If you must know, when I was working on the tracker I zoomed out to see the various locations the false signals were. They spelled out "Seiya". *turns back around and continues walking*
Duo: Seiya?
Heero: That was one of the passwords we had on the Z2PT program.
Duo: What's that got to do with anything?
Quatre: *stops and looks at the tracking device* It has everything to do with it. *looks around and continues walking towards the signal* Seiya was the name of my son.
Duo: Son?! Gosh how long is Shingo's name?!
Trowa: The world will never know...
Zechs: So, this does have to do with that kid.
Quatre: Not Shingo, my other son.
Wufei: Oh god he had TWO?! *shudders*
Duo: You knocked that THING up TWICE?!
Quatre: *looks at Duo* No, I only had to do it once to have both of them.
Heero: Twins then.
Quatre: Yeah.
Duo: And you didn't tell us about this, WHY?!
Quatre: Because Seiya was killed when he was three, or so I thought.
Trowa: Killed? How?
Quatre: I was never really too sure about that myself but Shingo told me he had fallen off a cliff. I never saw him after that day. I didn't talk about him too much since it would upset Shingo...

[ Ooooooo the dreaded flashbackness! ooo ahh! erm...]

Quatre: *notices a bunch of toys on the floor in the hallway* Why does he have all of his stuff in the hall?
Dorothy: It's not his, it's Seiya's. He's been throwing things out of the room since this morning.
Quatre: Seiya wouldn't do that.
Shingo: *stares at the two and throws some more things around* How would you know that? You don't know anything! *picks up some random objects and throws them at the walls*
Dorothy: Not again...
Shingo: Why do you have to always talk about Seiya? You don't even care about me! All you do is yell at me all the time! You always say nice things about Seiya. "Seiya's a good boy.", "Seiya's never a problem". You hate me! Guess what?! I hate you too! I hate both of you! *kicks over a few glass items before going to his room and slamming the door*

[ Awww! Not the end! ;.;]

Duo: That's why you didn't tell us?
Quatre: Dorothy asked me not to bring it up too much. Now I hardly even say his name. I'm a horrible father. And this. *looks around at the diminished buildings* I know this is my fault, some how.
Wufei: Ugh, not this again. Winner, be a man! It's not your fault your weak spawn did this. On the other hand it is you're fault for reproducing and cursing the world with you're brats.
Trowa: You're not making it any better, Wufei.
Wufei: I wasn't trying to.
Quatre: It's ok. Besides we're five miles away from the closest signal.
Heero: "Closest"?
Quatre: They're are two defiant ones but one's pretty much an entire continent away while the other is nearby.
Duo: Five miles! MAN! This sucks. *hears something overhead* What's that guys?
Zechs: An aircraft maybe.
Trowa: Doesn't sound like one.
Heero: Because it's not. Hit the ground.
Duo: Ah man! I know when you say that it's something big. *drops to the ground as do the others*
Heero: It's going to fly past here in possibly thirty seconds.
Duo: How do you find these things out?
Heero: *glare*
Duo: Never mind. *hears the thing fly past them in a loud roar and dusts himself off* You said thirty seconds!
Heero: I said possibly thirty seconds.
Duo: Egh... Where'd that thing go?
Trowa: Looks like it went that way.
Quatre: The same direction the first signal is currently coming from.
Wufei: Well then, what are you weaklings waiting for? *walks off*
Duo: I'm with China man! *starts to follow Wufei until Quatre grabs him*
Quatre: I think we should inform Wufei that he's going the wrong way first before he decides to lead us anywhere.
Duo: Gosh, thanks Quatre! I almost followed that idiot!
Heero: Perhaps only fools follow one another.
Duo: What's that mean?!
Zechs: Simple, you're an idiot.
Duo: Better than being an asshole. *watches both Heero and Zechs stare at him* Trowa said that! *takes out a rolled up newspaper and hits Trowa on the head repeatedly* Bad Trowa! BAD!
Trowa: He's lucky he's my brother-in law.Very lucky.

Ariel turned over in her bed as she heard something making a strange noise. She turned the light on and searched the room for the sound but found nothing connected to it. She shrugged it off, turned off the light and looked over at the window for awhile and blinked several times before trying to make sense of the silhouette outside the window.

Ariel: Ariel, think rationally here. It's probably the trees or just your imagination running wild on you. Maybe you're still asleep. Then if this is a dream I won't get hurt if I investigate.

She slowly got out of the bed again without turning on the light on to not alarm whatever was outside that she was up again. Something furry squeaked under her foot nearly making her scream to death only to find out it was a stuffed animal that fell off the shelf. Breathing a sigh of relief she continued to the window while complaining to herself about the floor being too cold. She slowly pushed aside one side of the curtain and growled then the thing moved to the other side. Her first thought was immediately that this was some sick pervert outside trying to peek in on her while she was sleeping. She moved the other other side of the curtain and growled once again when the possible person moved to the other side again. Being fed up with this she finally flung the window open, throwing the intruder off balance and into the snow.

Ariel: Serves you right you perverted freak! What kind of weirdo peeks in on girls like this?! Are you listening to me? *stares at the person for awhile and starts to panic when they don't move* Um, are you ok? I'm sorry! What am I saying?! I'm not sorry! You did that to yourself! *watches the person move finally* Oh thank god you're ok! Now I can call the cops on you!
Shingo: EH!?! NO! Wait you don't have to do that! *scrambles back to his feet* I'm really sorry!
Ariel: *stares at Shingo* way.
Shingo: Hi Ariel-chan.
Ariel: This is definitely a dream! *pinches herself* Wake up, Ariel! You should be having wild fantasies about Michael not that twit! *grabs a literature book and hits herself with it* WAKE UP!
Shingo: *frozen sweat drop* A...Ariel, please don't hit yourself too hard! *watches her finally fall over into the room* ...Never mind.
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Shingo: Sure nuff do! ^_^;; I got some in China, Japan, a couple in the desert, and a few up in the colonies! Yep and 100% Pimp!
Haruka: Oh whatever man! You stole that crap from me!
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