Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 41 - Does it Make You Happy

Ariel flipped though the literature book in front of her and stoped to look around the practically empty study hall. Five other people were in the room four talking among themselves and the other with a spaced out look on his face trying to not be noticed with his blood red colored hair all over his face. He looked up at Ariel and she quickly averted her attention to the book. Seiya continued staring accross the room at Ariel until he managed to shake off the strange feeling and looked back down at the manga he was hiding inside of a science book.

Ariel: *looks back over* How odd. *gets up and takes her books with her*
Seiya: *to himself* He's so close... *flips a page and hears a chair move* Ariel, what's wrong?
Ariel: Nothing I just decided to switch roles today.
Seiya: Roles?
Ariel: Usually you always come to cheer me up I decided to do the same for you since you don't seem your usual self. Is your room mate giving you problems?
Seiya: No, but one could say his 'friend' is. *flips another page*
Ariel: What do you mean?
Seiya: We don't exactly get along, his friend and I. Seems like he's going to take a visit here. That's just going to cause hell.
Ariel: Have you ever tried to just sit down and talk with him?
Seiya: I've done that long ago, I've learned that it's simply a waste of my time and his. He would be like that, ignore me for being older, but it's to be expected from someone with such little intellegence.
Ariel: Sounds more like a sibling rivalry.
Seiya: *looks up* You think that?
Ariel: Of course, if your the older one out of the two of you it would make sense for you to be the one in charge. You feel like your being shot down everytime when he tries to oppose you so you quickly fire back to keep him in place. Its something like a chain of comand. He stays below you while you stay at the top. Really sounds bratty to me.
Seiya: What about your family? You are the oldest child, correct? That means you should get a decent amount of respect from your brothers.
Ariel: Yes, but it's different.
Seiya: Why?
Ariel: Because I'm a girl. They have to be nice to me especially since I've only known them for a year at most. They're still trying to get to know me. You should do the same with that guy.
Seiya: And I've told you it wouldn't be worth my time.
Ariel: It's always worth a try. It's better than just geting into a fight over nothing.
Seiya: Believe me there are plenty of good reasons for a fight between us. When I do see him I'll make sure to cause a good amount of pain before "talking". *stands up and stops for a moment before moving and falls over*
Ariel: Michael! *rushes over and tries to get him back up* Brrr... You're freezing cold. Michael, come on say something.
Seiya: It's dark, cold, and I feel something going down my back.
Ariel: What are you talking about?
Seiya: Ariel-chan.
Ariel: Ariel-chan? Me?
Seiya: *sit up quickly and coughs*
Ariel: You should lay back down. I'll take you to your room.
Seiya: *wipes a little bit of blood off his face and gets up on his own* I don't need to. *grabs his books and start leaving*
Ariel: *grabs his arm* I'm going with you to make sure you lay down. You shouldn't be walking around by yourself after that anyway. *hears every glass in the room shatter and looks around*
Seiya: I don't need your help.
Ariel: I didn't ask you if you needed it. I'm giving it to you if you like it or not. Don't bother threating me because you should know it's not going to work.
Seiya: You should worry about yourself instead of other people. Doing that is just going to get you into trouble.
Ariel: Really? Good. *grabs a good bit of his hair and pulls on it* Well? Come on. *starts walking and pulls on Seiya's hair along the way*
Seiya: *thinking* She's going to get herself killed if she doesn't watch out. I'm not interested in hurting some girl but I'll have to play along with this. He's so close he got into my head before I even noticed. Unless SandStorm is helping him out. Just as I'm using her to cause a little pain to him she's using him to get to me. That's not suppose to happen. I suppose all is fare in love and war. *to Ariel* Perhaps we could go to your room. I don't think I'd feel too well in my own. Especially with all the trash that's probably been cluttered up by now.
Ariel: Are you sure?
Seiya: Positive. I feel a lot more comfortable in your room and I'm sure you do as well.
Ariel: I guess so.
Seiya: Great, you can let go of my hair then.
Ariel: How do I know you won't just run for it?
Seiya: In my condition? I would never think of it.

Shingo reached out blindly trying to run accross the button to open the door and in the process having wires cut into his arm.

Female: What is Shingo doing?
Shingo: Trying to ignore you and the the hell out of here. What did it look like to you, SandStorm?
SandStorm: Your only hurting yourself. You're trying to go to that woman, aren't you?
Shingo: Don't tell me you're jealous. That's imposible for you to even feel anything. Then again I should've expected that. Everything is backwards. *feels someone grab his hand*
SandStorm: I don't want you to go.
Shingo: Is it that you don't want me to go or that you just want to kill me? *looks over at a pair of dull light green eyes*
SandStorm: Kill you? Seiya-sama never programed me to kill you, only hurt you and that makes me sad.
Shingo: That you can't kill me?
SandStorm: That I have to hurt you.
Shingo: Well I'm very touched but I have to get out of here.
SandStorm: Life support systems are runing fine.
Shingo: And it's cold as hell.
SandStorm: Hell is suppose to be warm but if your trying to compare the current temperture to that of the North Pole then I can fix that for you if it would make you happy.
Shingo: I want to get out of here.
SandStorm: But that wouldn't make any sense. If you want it to be warmer going out into the cold would be the opposite of what you want.
Shingo: You just don't understand.
SandStorm: I want to. It sure if you stayed I would understand it more.
Shingo: You'd never understand because your just a machine. *watches the door open and falls into the snow below as SandStorm disappears behind him* Geh... I think that could be compared to a smack in the face. To make it worse... *looks around at the forest area* I have no idea where the hell I am. I've got to be close. I remember seeing Ariel and here talking to someone named Michael and looking directly at me. Michael is either Zero or Seiya. I'm pretty sure though that Ariel would could tell that Zero and me look alike as for Seiya... I'm not even sure what he's trying to pass himself off to look like. Ugh, all this thinking is making me hungry.

Zero paced back and forth staring at the doctors through the cell bars as they talked among themselves.

Doc 1: He looks healthy enough, are you hungry Zero?
Zero: *glares* No, but your arm sounds good.
Doc 2: This is just waste of time. I don't see any visible change.
Doc 1: Because if you did you'd be dead.
Doc 3: Well he certainly isn't interested in a conversation.
Doc 2: That's for sure.
Zero: Yes, but I am interested in getting out of here. You let me go and I'll make sure not to kill you on my way out.
Doc 3: You actually think we're that stupid to let you loose at the expense of our lives?
Zero: Well it certainly was a thought. *stares at the bars*
Doc 1: I wouldn't do that if I were you. They're made out of pure neo titanium and have a high voltage electrical current going though them. Unless you want to be fried to a crisp I'd stay put.
Zero: Well... unlike you I'm not a weak human.
Doc 2: And you concider yourself to be...?
Zero: Much higher than you people. *grabs two of the bars and slowly bends them apart before finally falling over*
Doc 3: He's either a complete idiot or extreamely desprite.
Doc 1: *gets closer to the cell* Well, seems like he's still breathing.
Zero: *shakes off the effects of the electicity* Well that was interesting. *gets up, grabs the doctor by the collar and hits his head against the bars until he's unconsious* So, shall we try this again? You let me out, I don't kill you. You don't and I do kill you...slowly. *watches the remaining two run and sighs* They always have to make it difficult for me. *hears something creek open and looks at the door* Well, isn't that interesting?
Voice: Isn't it, Zero-sama?
Zero: *exits the prison and stares at the exact replica of himself* This is getting old. Move aside or I'll kill you.
Clone: I wouldn't put it past you to do such a thing. *moves*
Zero: Geh, you all are getting pathedic. Or is it that you're gaining some intelligence? Whatever the case might be I would also like to suggest you not follow me around like a dog.
Clone: Why? Because you'll kill me? I'm going to die anyway, so are you.
Zero: *glare* I have no intention on dying anytime soon.
Clone: Then when? An hour? A day? A week? A month? Or several years? It's useless to escape such a destiny. Why do humans insist on doing such a thing?
Zero: Are you comparing me to them?!
Clone: You're irrational, you think of yourself, you have a love intrest and you believe your invincible. Isn't that the way a human thinks?
Zero: Humans expect to die, I don't.
Clone: And when you do? You're afraid of that aren't you? Emotions are meaningless. Look at you, they've cause you to become useless. Just another body occupying this planet without purpose. That is what you've been looking for correct? A reason to live? Just like a human.
Zero: Well excuse me if I don't like the way your boss opperates around here. Call me when you're under new management.
Clone: Was that sarcasm?
Zero: Why should it matter?
Clone: Why should it? Seiya-sama could easily destroy the entire world if he wanted to without your help. Thus making you're exsistance meaningless as well as mine. You're original purpose was to just sabatoage SandStorm and use it against Shingo's allies. You unfortunately started feeling things for those people. What was once a role playing game became an all out reality to you. Then it came down, didn't it? Everything got screwed up after that. Once the man you had been posing as came back from a possible death you knew that you had to eliminate him in order to gain back the life you had stolen. Then several other things were thrown into your path. Seiya, SandStorm, and your worthless emotions. How sick it makes me to look at you. You could kill anyone you so desired without any effort put into it and now that lion has turned into a kitten.
Zero: If Seiya doesn't need me why does he insist on annoying the hell out of me?
Clone: Remember, Seiya didn't create you he only gave you a purpose, Kage and Yuki are your original creators. Seems like at least one of them is officially dead.
Zero: One?
Clone: Yeah Yuki's around somewhere. Of course you wouldn't believe the big twists in this story that are comming.
Zero: What are you talking about?
Clone: There's an offical traitor close to Shingo. Seiya's waiting to make the backstabbing official. He wants to play this thing out.
Zero: Who is it?
Clone: If I told you then it wouldn't be fun to see the reaction on both of your faces.
Zero: Why are you telling me this?
Clone: You were going to be told it anyway.
Zero: Yeah, whatever. You're just a random clone telling me false information. That's nice of you but I intend on leaving.
Clone: To go where? You don't know yet do you?
Zero: I just want to leave here.
Clone: And when you do? What purpose will you have? You've been trying to take over Shingo's life and now that you don't plan on killing anyone anymore you've lost everything. Are you going to kill yourself? I'd like to see that.
Zero: Look smart ass, if you continue getting on my nerves I'll--
Clone: Nothing. You've got nothing to say there. I guess that's what happens when you become all soft such as yourself. You only started to think like that because of that brat. You wanted to pretend she ment nothing to you but she did. Why did you try to help her?
Zero: Why should that matter?
Clone: Because I'm trying to justify your next action, bringing her back.
Zero: So you knew.
Clone: That's where you're going. But how will you succeed in doing that?
Zero: Well, you'll just have to sit back and watch.

Haruka flopped on the ground after pulling the last toy arrow off of his gundam.

Haruka: Man, Ling, this is such a joke.
Ling: What? Your gundam or the situation we're in?
Haruka: Both. Right when we were getting slightly back to normal shit happens.
Ling: That's how things are I guess.
Haruka: Yeah, well it sucks. When I see that Seiya guy I'm gonna bitch slap him for my gundam then kick his ass for destroying my home then kill him for messing up mine and everyone elses lives.
Ling: I hope you're going to leave something for the rest of us.
Haruka: I believe you're being sarcastic, Ling.
Ling: So you noticed? Why don't you go complain about how much your life sucks to your brother?
Haruka: Because he's busy getting his THANG on with IT. *both shudder*
Ling: Duet's ok she's just a tad on the scary side sometimes.
Haruka: Ling, why did I never offer you a possition amoung the Hentai Squad?
Ling: Because I told you to go to hell.
Haruka: Ahh now I remember. Gosh this is really lame.
Ling: What?
Haruka: I've got nothing to do but watch the lovebirds snuggle. Eck, how disgusting.
Ling: Think of it this way, at least Seiben is busy and Milliardo isn't killing people.
Haruka: Yeah that's another thing that gets me. Shingo practically gets his ass handed to him after he gets out of SandStorm and is out for a week where Milliardo is under the same conditions and comes out fine after a few hours. I guess it's his experiance with the ZERO system 2.
Ling: Yeah but he did get a little nutty for awhile.
Haruka: But not for long. What the hell was Zero up to when he did that?
Ling: Maybe it's Seiya's plan?
Haruka: Nah, he already has Shingo under that crap I doubt he'd get anything out of Milliardo.
Ling: I guess your right. We haven't been attacked since Shingo left.
Haruka: That guy has one thing on his mind and that is Shingo. Zero came up with this one on his own.
Ling: If you think about it in a possitive aspect Milliardo now has the capability to destroy any enemy that does come against us.
Haruka: And if one of those people are Shingo? What then?
Ling: You think Shingo would betray us?
Haruka: Not on purpose. SandStorm would probably attack us on sight if we tried to get close to Shingo without it's permission.
Ling: Where do you think he went?
Haruka: Hell if I know. No one tells me shit around here.

Continuous typing sounds though a dark room only lit by the computer monitor. Someone finally clicks the 'Enter' button and an evil laugh sounds thoughout the room along with a thawaping sound.

Quatre: Ouch...
Duo: What the hell were you doing and why the hell are the lights out anyway?
Quatre: I was busy making some adjustments to a tracker as for the lights I belive that was for dramatic effect. By the way who hit me? *watches the others look around*
Heero: *coughs* So what are you tracking anyway?
Quatre: Well the Z2PT has a distinct frequncy that it gives off and since SandStorm has it installed into it then we should find Shingo who, by now, should be with the others.
Trowa: This is all in theory isn't it?
Quatre: Well yes but since SandStorm has appeared around the Sanq Kingdom area then everything I've just said could be true.
Heero: Lets not forget that gundam is also responsible for the distruction of most of the Sanq Kingdom. For all we know they probably ran into each other and SandStorm destroyed them.
Quatre: Shingo wouldn't do that.
Heero: Shingo wouldn't but that ZERO system would.
Duo: Eh ignore Heero, Quatre, he hasn't had any in awhile! Besides I'm sure everything's all right.
Quatre: I hope so.
Duo: So lets kick that tracker on and see what happens, eh? *watches Wufei pass by with a Chinese Take-Out box* Hey I'm hungry too!
Wufei: Yes but no one cares if you live, Maxwell.
Duo: You didn't happen to find that in the fridge next to a bottle of Orange Soda, did you?
Wufei: And if I did?
Duo: Oh it's nothing except that takeout is like five weeks old.
Wufei: ...Excuse me... *runs*
Duo: *evil grin* What a loser. That stuff is still good for five more days.
Quatre: *sighs, clicks the tracker on and screams*
Heero: What?!
Quatre: There are...Over fifty signals.
Duo: WHAT?! How is that possible?!
Quatre: I don't know maybe someone did this on purpose.
Trowa: They're giving off false signals?
Quatre: Yeah. I'm sorry guys but I think this might take longer than I thought. I need to sort though these signals until I find the real one.
Duo: Man how the hell did this happen?!
Quatre: Well I'm guessing the enemy is very knowledgable on the Z2PT and SandStorm.
Duo: Ah man it's Shingo!
Quatre: No, I never really had the chance to explain to him every detail about his gundam. He never paid too much attention to me when I did.
Duo: Welp it must've been boring for him after all he was an only child.
Quatre: Yeah... But um anyway I'll have this done soon enough. Give me the rest of the night and we'll be able to try this again in the morning.
Duo: Great! Maybe we can play another game of strip poker with the girls.
Heero: Why? We lost each time.
Duo: Hey we came really close last time! Right Trowa?
Trowa: I'm not going to comment. *turns* Goodluck Quatre.
Quatre: I think you need more luck than I do.
Duo: *grabs Trowa* We're off to lose, AGAIN!
Quatre: *looks back at the computer screen and stares at the various dots and zooms out until the dots form a word* Seiya...
Erk that was lame. I had more on here but UGH! My computer deleted HALF of what I wrote! x.X;; It was a lot more interesting...Dang. Oh well... I'll have to looks though this again and place whatever I remember into the next episode. -.-;; Only a few more episodes left to explain my story and clear up this mess. Joy! ^_________^ Ja!