Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 40 - Have The People Changed?

Shingo sat up in bed and stared at the window to see the early morning light come though. A small crack traveled from the top of the glass to the bottom of the window and stretched across the surface.

Shingo: Are you trying to scare me?

The window continues to crack until it finally breaks sending each shard in Shingo's direction. Shingo quickly covered his face before the shards hit him. Shingo waited for one to cut him but found nothing was happening.

Shingo: *uncovers his face and looks at the sharp daggers of the shattered glass pointing at him in the air* Quit toying with me!

Seiya's window cracks slightly as he falls off of his bed to the floor waking Zero up instantly.

Zero: Aww, did you fall? Poor baby.
Seiya: *stares at Zero and growls*
Zero: Don't like to be taunted, eh?
Seiya: *starts laughing*
Zero: Something funny?
Seiya: It reflected it back, I'm impressed. Sandstorm-chan is protecting her man. Too bad it's not strong enough.
Zero: I'm getting sick of your talking. I want to know what you're up to.
Seiya: It's nothing you need to be concerned with. I am glad that you got your spunk back though. *gets up and looks down at Zero* Why are you on the floor anyway?
Zero: That's nothing you need to be concerned with.
Seiya: Using my words against me. *goes to the window and notices the hole in the glass* Something came through here... *looks to the spot it should've landed and sees nothing* Where is it?
Zero: Like I would know or care.
Seiya: You should drop that attitude you have.
Zero: It's mine to have and yours to deal with.
Seiya: What a pain in the ass you are. I give you a home and food and you still treat me like this. Oh well that's your business and this is mine. I hope you don't get jealous... *walks out of his room and into Ariel's*
Zero: *slams the door* I can't believe he just walks in there like it's his house. That's bastard... What the fuck am I worried about?! I hate him and that girl and I most definitely hate them in the same room... I'm jealous...of HIM!? Damn him. Damn them both. *growls and sticks his hands into his pockets and pulls out a star shaped charm from his left pocket* ... I remember this from somewhere...

[Flash back]

Yui: *digs around in her pocket and pulls out a star shaped charm* This is for you.

[End Flash back]

Zero: ...That kid. What a pain in the ass. Why'd I even bother helping such a weak child? *scoffs* That's right I keep forgetting I'm developing meaningless feelings. What to do... What to do... It's useless to try to kill this guy with no weakness apparent yet. I'm better at finding a way to commit suicide. Perhaps I should live up to my name... disappear. Become nothing. Start over. How strange... this is the first decision I'm making on my own. *stares at the charm* What do you think, Yui?

Seiya: *outside the door* *to himself* Having an emotional break through, Zero? Look at what Shingo's done to you, he's made you want to run away like him. I thought you were stronger than that. Maybe I put my expectations up too high for you. We'll have to fix that. *throws in a smoke bomb and waits for a thud on the floor* Caught off guard.

Duet walked up behind Milliardo in the dim light flashing on and off above them. She inched closer hoping he wouldn't notice her presence in the room until she heard something fall on the ground.

Duet: Milliardo...?
Milliardo: Duet.
Duet: If you want I'll leave. It's ok with me.
Milliardo: No, I miss having you around. Come on, sit down if you want. *looks over at Duet as she sits down* What's wrong? You're not afraid of me are you?
Duet: *looks down at the ground* I don't know yet. So much has happened, between us that is. I heard you're gundam is equipped in the same fashion as SandStorm. I'm a little worried about that. You haven't tried it yet, have you?
Milliardo: No. I'm a little scared to, but it's worth the risk.
Duet: You mean, ending up like Shingo.
Milliardo: I have no intention of having that happen. If I even go past the Zero System 2 I think I'd have a breakdown of sorts and I'd miss you too much. I know I've been a pain in the ass for awhile and I'm sorry for that. I just want to help everyone, especially you. I don't want you fighting anymore. I want to be the one that has to take this risk alone which means I don't want Shingo in the way either. He's more unstable then I'll possibly be. And Haruka too... I know that he's thinking about Michiru a lot lately. Duet, do you love me?
Duet: Why wouldn't I?
Milliardo: I don't know, I thought you would tell me since I kind of guessed you were going to say no.
Duet: Oh, well I love you Milliardo. I always will, you should know that.
Milliardo: Is it true? Why don't you look at me and tell me that?
Duet: *stares at Milliardo, without his glasses, and takes at deep breath* Milliardo, I love you more than anything else in the world or anywhere. *places her hands on his face* I want to be with you and no one else. You're the only one I love and the only one I'll ever love, Milliardo. *moves close to his face and gives him a slight kiss*
Milliardo: Duet... I...
Duet: I know.

Haruka stares at the couple and goes back to sit down with Ling.

Ling: You didn't interrupt this time.
Haruka: I didn't see the point to.
Ling: Really? Or is it something else?
Haruka: I just want them to be happy, even if it is for a little while.
Ling: And Michiru?
Haruka: I don't know where she is. I haven't figured that out since this started. Maybe she's mad at me or something. Maybe I said the wrong things to her... Damn hospital drugs.
Ling: Drugs?
Haruka: I'm a gundam pilot, it takes a lot to calm me the hell down.
Ling: Damn they did the works on you.
Haruka: My father wanted it to be believable. He strongly believed in the predictions I made with the ZERO system. Since I was charged with murder and for also destroying an entire colony my father signed off for high security in a mental ward and everything that went with it all I had to do was play it out. Things didn't exactly go that way and Zero busted me out for some reason.
Ling: Yeah it's always nice to have an evil clone bent on destroying the world come to your rescue. Then again you weren't around to witness the supreme ass kicking he gave Milliardo and me. Actually I think it was a psycho moment for him. Kill some other clone that wanted to pretend to be Shingo and that guy Seiya, kick my ass, and practically have a gun at both our heads. Yeah, that was just fun.
Haruka: He "saves" me and then tries to kill my brother.
Ling: Yeah and he had this weird thing going on with his eyes and all... Blood red.
Haruka: I believe it's evident to us that there's a ton of crap going on that we don't know about. Zero switching between sides every other day, Shingo and that psycho gundam, and this Seiya guy. All of this is connected we just have to figure out how.
Ling: Well I'm not good at figuring things out.
Haruka: And I am?!
Ling: No I still kind of thought you were an idiot even if you did "mature".
Haruka: *face faults* That was nice...
Ling: Well it was the nice way of putting it.
Haruka: Ugh... I'm gonna go check out the place with Sieben, make sure there's nothing else around.
Ling: It's six in the morning, we've been up all night, I'm sure there's nothing.

Shingo: *panics* What are you talking about?! *waits for the empty room to respond* I can't pilot. That's what he wants me to-- What are you talking about? You do more bad then you do good. You just want to go back to destroying the rest of the Sanq Kingdom... I don't want this place destroyed, do I? Wouldn't it be destroying the Sanq Kingdom further if I didn't pilot and let the others take care of it? There is that possibility but I know Haruka he wouldn't let himself get killed by anyone. That's right Milliardo has his gundam! We don't have to fight! You're not mad are you, SandStorm?

Haruka holds on to the walls of the hallway as a small possible earthquake sound from beneath the marble floor. Milliardo looks around the room once it stops while Duet is latched onto him in fear. Ling looked around the place as well waiting for another quake to follow. Atta starts jumping around the place while Taleb tries to keep a calm temper towards Atta. Shingo gulps and takes a small breath as the glass of water he had by his bed stops moving off the table.

Shingo: ...I'll take that as a yes...

Haruka: *hears Sieben start to mouth off on the radio he's carrying* Oh god..
Sieben: What the fuck was that shit?! That better not have been that damn gundam!!
Haruka: *to Sieben* Could've been just a regular earthquake.
Sieben: Do you not realize NOTHING normal happens to us?!
Haruka: That's a good point...
Sieben: Probably was you damn friend testing his theory.
Haruka: Unfortunately I don't know that myself. Look I'm coming up to watch the place with you.
Sieben: Go for it, I just got a visitor here.
Haruka: Who?
Rose: Sieben!!
Haruka: Oh god, not her. *gets into Wing gundam and watches Rose squeeze Sieben to death* I almost feel bad for him...nah.
Sieben: Off! Get off!
Rose: I haven't seen you in a long while I deserve a hug.
Sieben: To hug me or to kill me?
Haruka: *from inside of Wing gundam* What took you so long?
Rose: I was busy looking up all that stuff you two wanted and boy did I find a lot on that Seiya kid.
Haruka: Kid? We're talking about a guy the same age as Shingo!
Rose: Well he seems to have dropped off the Earth a good while ago.
Sieben: A year or two?
Rose: No, about fifteen years ago.
Sieben: Damn.
Haruka: So he does, or rather, did exist.
Rose: Yeah, there's tons of newspaper articles in several different languages on the kid mostly on his disappearance. Kid was pretty valuable.
Sieben: Obviously not valuable enough.
Rose: Yeah sadly the news articles dimmed and just became another piece of the past after three years.
Sieben: That's all? Nothing was found? No trace of the kid left?
Rose: Not anything anyone could find since then. The only one that was around for his disappearance was none other then your friend Shingo. Seems like he'd just tell the same story over and over and cry everytime they asked for anything else. He was afterall just a kid so the investigators couldn't push the line too much. They're best guess was that he died on impact with the ground.
Haruka: But they never found the body so they couldn't prove anything.
Sieben: What baffles me is how a little kid could even survive such a thing.
Rose: I'd have to guess that he's dead as dead can be and someone's just playing with Shingo's head.
Haruka: For what?
Rose: *shrug* Who knows. I gave you all the stuff I could dig up. *pulls out a disk* If you want to look it over go on.
Sieben: And the old men? What are they up to?
Rose: Mostly making their own assumptions on the situation and your whereabouts.
Haruka: Gosh it's hard to even believe they could actually work together on something.
Rose: They seem to be doing ok for old guys.
Sieben: Yeah but they-- *radar beeps* You catching that Haruka?
Haruka: Yeah, six carriers headed towards this direction.
Sieben: Only six? Gosh they don't take us too seriously.
Rose: Or they're planing something else.
Sieben: How many suits in each?
Haruka: Oh about ten, fifteen something like that.
Sieben: Joy. Well then it's time that we go and kick some ass then. Rose I want you out of the way.
Rose: You think I can't do such a thing?
Sieben: Yes.
Rose: *glare* Fine then I'll leave. Don't get your ass kicked Sie-chan.
Sieben: Yeah, like that would ever happen. *gets into Tallgeese's cockpit*
Haruka: We just might get our asses beat this time cause man I have a bad feeling about this.
Sieben: Well you're not the only one. How long until they get here?
Haruka: Fifteen minutes.
Sieben: Lets get away from here and closer to them.
Haruka: How to you figure they found out where we are?
Seiben: They don't. If you notice they have smaller suits around scouring the ground for any sign of us. If we get closer then they no one here will get hurt.
Haruka: I kinda figured that one.

Nova, Triage, Torrance and Shale all fall to the ground and stare at the sky.

Triage: Ughh... What the hell are we doing again?
Shale: You wanted to find Haruka and everyone else, remember?
Triage: I did?!
Torrance: Poor fluffy, he can't remember anything.
Nova: I doubt that.
Triage: *shoots up to his feet* What's that suppose to mean?!
Torrance: Nova-chan is playing with you, Fluffy.
Triage: *looks around* Man if I had a gundam I would've kicked whoever's ass is responsible for this mess. *looks over at Nova and grins* You're not using yours are you?
Nova: I will be once I get to it.
Triage: Man... You're slow.
Nova: Huh?
Triage: I would've already been in Silverlight once those MSs were on the ground *starts doing fighting posses* and I would've kicked em in the ass! *does a kick in the air* YAAAAA!
Nova: Well is seems everyone else was hesitant to make a move. They had landed in our own backyard and it wouldn't have helped if we did fight them when they first appeared.
Triage: Well I guess it wouldn't have mattered. You weren't even on their list. I guess you're a minimum threat to them.
Nova: What good would it have done? If we were the root cause of the destruction of the Sanq Kingdom it wouldn't have helped.
Triage: Y'all are.
Nova: I guess we are.

All four look behind them as several carriers and small mobile suits came over the horizon in a loud roar.

Nova: Uh.... This would be a good time to--
Triage: Run!

The group followed Triage as he frantically ran in front of them for a hiding spot and finally jumped into a trash can.

Nova: ...Why are we in a trash can?
Shale: That's what this is? I thought Triage just smelled bad.
Triage: Hey that's mean!
Torrance: I think this is the best place to be right now.
Triage: I'm gonna air out this can. *cracks the lid open and notices a little dot floating down from the sky* Um, Nova, what's that?
Nova: Well, if I'm correct, that would be a bomb. I'd hold on to something. *closes the lid*
Torrance: He said something not someone, Fluffy. *bonks Triage on the head*
Triage: Was worth a shot...

The bomb along with many others hits the ground and tosses the can around until it tips over, upside-down.

Triage: Is it over?
Nova: I don't know.
Shale: I don't hear anything.
Torrance: Lets give it ten minutes.

Wing Gundam looks up at the carriers as Tallgeese raises its beam cannon.

Sieben: So, which one are we going for?
Haruka: It shouldn't matter.
Sieben: I'll go for the ones on the right you do the left.
Haruka: Hopefully that'll take care of them. When they're close enough try to take down as many as you can.
Sieben: Like I wasn't going to in the first place.
Haruka: Well, good, shut up and wait.
Sieben: Hah! I've got a lock on one.
Haruka: I do to. Wait for it though.
Sieben: Come on... Just a little more.
Haruka: Ready...FIRE!

Both beam weapons fire at the six carriers along with the smaller mobile suits destroying them all in one sweep. The two pilots cheer as the planes crash and explode.

Haruka: YEAH! Take that bitch!
Sieben: Man that kicked ass.
Haruka: Hell yeah! *hears a familiar beeping sound* What the...
Sieben: *gets the same* ...Crap?
Haruka: We're surrounded.
Sieben: How the hell is that possible?!
Haruka: Like I know. I don't see anything out there. *watches something phase past the screen* They're not invisible.
Sieben: I can see that. *looks at his radar as it has a hard time keeping up with the movement of the enemy*
Haruka: The hell are they doing? Why don't they just fire at us?
Sieben: Hell if I know. Maybe they're waiting for something.
Haruka: Well, guess what? I'm not going to wait around. *grabs one of the mobile suits* Eat beam cannon, bitch!

Haruka fires at the suit and watches it disappear out of his grasp as well as his own weapon. He hears a beeping indicating the suit is behind him and attempts to hit it with his shield and misses completely. He quickly pulls out his saber and spins back around as a shot is fired from his beam cannon taking a chunk of his armor off his right arm. Haruka quickly attempted to cut through the other suit only to miss again.

Sieben: Well it's certainly slower with that gun.
Haruka: Not slow enough though. *rushes forward while trying to hit the opposing MS as it jumps continuously out of the way* Damnit! Stay still! *nearly hits Tallgeese*
Seiben: *moves quickly before Wing hits him* Damnit, Haruka, watch were you're slashing at!
Haruka: Grrrrr... That damn thing did that on purpose!
Sieben: Perhaps they don't have any weapons of their own? *watches all the MSs stop and point guns at Wing and Tallgeese* Or I could be completely wrong.
Haruka: Why the hell did you have to say something?!
Sieben: *completely ignores Haruka* That's strange.
Haruka: What?
Sieben: Those little bugs have been emitting some kind of radio frequency or something close to it.
Haruka: A beacon?
Sieben: I'm not a technical expert! I'm just guessing here!
Haruka: How far are we from everyone else?
Sieben: Five or six miles, why?
Haruka: There's only around thirty suits here. Where are the rest?
Sieben: Ah crap.
Haruka: Exactly, we're being kept occupied while they raid the rest of the Sanq Kingdom. For what though...
Sieben: SandStorm?
Haruka: Why would they--no-- Why would that Seiya guy want anything to do with SandStorm?
Sieben: Maybe he wants to get what's rightfully his, saying he's even alive and no one else is behind this such as that little bastard Zero.
Haruka: We're about to get killed and your complaining about a clone!
Sieben: You're the one that brought it up.
Haruka: Because I'm busy trying to figure out the motive of this entire crap out.
Sieben: Yeah well they're charging their weapons which also includes yours.
Haruka: I realize that. Well I have no regrets and nothing I'd ever apologize to you for. I do, however, hope I come back as an even sexier bastard then before possibly a woman.
Sieben: That's a sick fantasy.
Haruka: It's sick that I had to be related to you.
Sieben: They're all the way powered up. Bye Haruka. I hope you go to hell.
Haruka: You as well. Gosh I hope this doesn't hurt too much.

Sieben and Haruka both close their eyes accepting defeat as random shots are fired at them. Shingo cringed as a loud humming sound bounced throughout the mostly empty hospital. He looked over at the window as something flashed past the building then Seiryuu went past the window following the thing. Shingo blinked for awhile trying to catch on to what was going on until he heard the door of the room open and close.

Shingo: What's going on around here, TaTa?
Taleb: Isn't it obvious?
Shingo: This is a trap.
Taleb: I realize that.
Shingo: They don't deserve this. *starts getting out of the bed*
Taleb: What are you doing?
Shingo: I don't want them to fight something that's meant for me, so I'm getting out of here with SandStorm.
Taleb: *pulls a gun out on Shingo* If you even move any further I'll kill you without a second thought.
Shingo: T..Taleb...
Taleb: Haruka told me what you said and wanted me to make sure you didn't try to get up. The last thing they need is you and that gundam reeking havoc.
Atta: *walks in* Hey-- *notices the scene in front of him* Did I miss something?
Shingo: ...*sighs* I know you'd kill me if you had to but you don't understand. I have to do this. You have to let me go. Please.
Taleb: Do you take me for an idiot?
Atta: What the hell is going on here?!
Shingo: It's nothing, really. Please, Taleb, put it down and let me go.
Taleb: You think I'm just going to let you leave? I don't care if all of them die out there. My main goal is to make sure you don't get your ass beat up or die.
Atta: You're going to let everyone die? Come on Shingo he's too stupid to pull that trigger on you.
Taleb: Shut up, Atta! No one asked for your opinion on this.
Atta: I think you're just trying to get rid of him so you can have Ariel to yourself.
Taleb: Don't be stupid.
Atta: That's it isn't it? Shingo-sama ignore him he just wants an excuse to kill you.
Taleb: Oh give me a break.
Atta: Hell no. You were the one that didn't want to remind him about your little fling with his girlfriend.
Taleb: She wasn't even his girlfriend!
Atta: Man you make me sick. I bet you couldn't wait to just have sex with her.
Taleb: What does any of that have to do with this?!
Atta: It only proves how trusting you really are. You're nothing but a backstabber. So, Shingo-sama who do you trust? Him or me?
Shingo: I don't trust either of you. I do know that there's a gun pointed at me and it possibly won't get fired. I know both of you. Taleb won't fire, he probably doesn't even have the thing loaded. As for you I know you wouldn't lie to me, especially about Ariel. As much as I'd love to kick Taleb's ass right now I'd rather waste my time and energy on getting out of here and helping my friends before they get killed over something that shouldn't concern them.
Taleb: Yeah well I wouldn't trust Atta worth shit.
Atta: You're calling me a liar, thief?!
Taleb: Thief?! She wasn't even his girlfriend!
Atta: You would think that.
Taleb: You just want me to kick your ass don't you?
Atta: We both know it would be pointless because I'd win anyway.
Taleb: Want to try that theory out?
Atta: Go for it, thief.
Taleb: You little--
Shingo: Will you both just shut up?!

Silence overcomes the room as a loud rumble comes from the floor.

Atta: *hears it stop and stares at the other two* Usually that's not a good thing.
Shingo: It's not, because SandStorm is moving.
Taleb: How do you know that?
Atta: *points to the window* S...S...SANDSTORM!!!
Taleb: Crap.
Shingo: Looks like she couldn't wait.

Taleb drags Shingo out of the bed and down the stairs while Atta continuously ran into random objects ahead of them.

Atta: We're gonna diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie! *runs into a wall*
Taleb: Oh shut up and keep moving!
Shingo: I can run you know!
Taleb: Then get up and start running you idiot.
Shingo: *watches SandStorm's hand go through a wall* Ehh... Yeah I think I'll do that!

Haruka blinked and looked around. Nothing was there or on the radar but his beam cannon. He looked over and tried not to laugh as he saw Tallgeese.

Sieben: Uhh... What the hell happened?! *looks at Wing gundam and busts out laughing* OH MY GOD!
Haruka: What are you going on about?! Look at you!!
Sieben: How sad, our gundams have both been vandalized.
Haruka: With toy arrows... *takes one off of Tallgeese's head that has a note attached to it* Bang.
Sieben: This guy is very immature.
Haruka: Or he's just being cute with us.
Sieben: Well lets go find those things and destroy them! No one makes a mockery of me!
Haruka: Well you do look stupider.
Sieben: Ugh, lets just go.

Ling growled as he missed for the tenth time in a row. He looked over at WingZero as it sliced through each of them without any trouble.

Ling: Man this sucks. *notices Wing and Tallgeese show up* Well it's about time! Where the... Ok I'm not going to ask about your gundams...
Haruka: Someone's making this a game.
Ling: Obviously so but Milliardo's taking this very seriously.
Haruka: Holy crap he's kicking some ass!
Sieben: Makes sense considering we couldn't even get them to stand still.
Ling: Yeah well he's cutting though them like butter.
Haruka: And Duet?
Ling: She wanted to stay behind.
Haruka: *looks at the hospital as SandStorm breaks through the roof* Ah shit!

Duet: *hitting Atta over the head* Put me down!
Atta: Okay ignore the fact I practically saved your life.
Duet: Oh whatever. *looks at SandStorm* Oh my god. Damn you Shingo this is all your fault.
Shingo: What?! It's not my fault! I told her to stay still.
Taleb: Well obviously your metallic girlfriend doesn't listen to orders.
Shingo: Uh I can see that. *looks over at WingZero* Well if it isn't SandStorm it's WingZero.
Duet: What are you going on about?
Shingo: Your boyfriend seems to want to challenge us.
Duet: Why would he want to do that?
Shingo: Oh possibly because HE'S HOOKED UP TO A COPY OF THE Z2PT!!
Taleb: Z2--what?
Shingo: SandStorm told me WingZero had a copy of the Zero System 2 Prototype thanks to Zero, my evil clone.
Taleb: And how the hell would a gundam know that?
Shingo: Because SandStorm is the only one that has the original Z2PT and she should be the one to know if someone downloaded a copy of it and where it went to.
Taleb: Ok and this thing does what?
Shingo: Well from experience I can tell you it screws with your head a lot worse than the regular ZERO system.
Taleb: Well thank you for bringing me up to date now. What are we going to do now?
Shingo: Got me, but SandStorm shutdown.
Duet: I would think that's a good thing.
Shingo: Not in the current situation we're in. Besides I was planing on leaving anyway.
Taleb: What?! Where to?
Shingo: My woman. *grins* SandStorm-chan, I know you can't be all the way shutdown. We're leaving. *watches SandStorm reactivate* What, that's all you can do? Too weak to come and get me? I'm standing right here.
Duet: Okay, he has officially lost it. *starts leaving*
Taleb: You're leaving?
Duet: I'm not going to be around when that gundam gets over here.
Atta: She brings a good point! I'm getting out of here too!
Taleb: Egh... They're both right. Shingo you better not get yourself killed where ever you may end up at next.
Shingo: I'll make sure of that. *watches SandStorm stomp towards him* Better run. *turns to Taleb, who's running like hell and face faults* Ugh... That sucked.

Haruka watches Shingo get nabbed by SandStorm and WingZero fly towards the now fully operational gundam with it's saber ready to attack.

Haruka: DAMNIT!
Sieben: Well this is a turn of events.
Ling: Ah man this isn't any good. *watches WingZero miss SandStorm completely*
Haruka: I should've seen that one coming a mile away. Put two and two together and you get this mess.
Ling: How long you think this is going to go on for?
Sieben: It shouldn't last too long SandStorm's doesn't seem too interested in a fight so it's retreating.
Haruka: Why would it do that? It's a good match against WingZero. Perhaps its another plan of that Seiya guy. Man if I ever meet him I'm gonna kick his ass so hard he won't know what hit him.
Sieben: Don't bother planing for something that's possibly not going to happen. *notices SandStorm gone* What they hell?!
Ling: Well while you guys were talking among yourselves SandStorm disappeared.
Haruka: Eh great. Welp we're just gonna have to follow him.
Sieben: Better now than later.

Zero awoke and looked around his surroundings. It was a very familiar setting to him. A light beaming down on him while he was strapped down to a chair with an assortment of needles on a table next to him. He growled as a small bit of fear started to overcome him.

Seiya: *dressed up like a doctor* Aww, what's wrong Zero?
Zero: What kind of sick twisted game is this?
Seiya: Game? My you're a very unhappy patient. Now lets have you open wide.
Zero: *growls even more*
Seiya: Well looks like this little boy isn't getting a sucker. *takes out a clipboard and flips through pages with nonsense written on them* Tell me, how are you feeling?
Zero: What are you talking about?
Seiya: Are you planing on running away, Zero? I can't let you just leave like that. I've been doing some experiments on that mutation of yours and now I want to do a larger scale experiment with it which includes having you as a test subject. *puts down the clipboard and picks up one of the needles* Lets start this experiment, ne?
Zero: Hell no! I'm not going to be your lab rat! Why don't you just use one of your other damn clones?
Seiya: As I've said before, you're the only one so far that's had this mutation appear. Therefore you're the one I get to experiment on. *plays with the needle*
Zero: I swear I'll hurt you if you even try to get that thing near me.
Seiya: What, is Zero afraid of needles? Oh well I guess we all have our fears. *grabs Zero's arm* If you don't move it won't hurt that much. One *puts the needle in*, two *pushes the liquid out*, three *pulls the needle out*! There nothing to it. That didn't hurt, now did it?
Zero: What did you do?
Seiya: You'll find out. *grins*
Zero: Bastard.
Seiya: *to a doctor* Make sure you give him something to calm him down. It's not going to be very pretty once that starts to take effect. Do take care of him. I care for him like he was my own brother.
Doctor: Yes, Seiya-sama.
X.x I didn't put all the stuff I wrote down into this one. I'll probably stick it into the next episode. For all those who care I will be gone for three weeks with no internet or anything except for a TV and remote. ^_^;; But you can go ahead and send me whatever in the mean long as it isn't too big. 0.0;; In the mean time I'm going to be writing the next episode and probably the next one after that. On another note I'm also thinking of making a four page prototype manga for the OVA. I'm kinda having a hard time figuring out which scene to do but I'll have it done when I get back. Anyway bitch, moan and complain while I'm gone! :ppp

- ChibiChibi-chan