Neo Gundam Wing 
Episode 4: The Mission Impossible!
Disclaimer: Same as the last one!

We see three shadows walking suddenly we hear the 'Mission Impossible' theme. Two of the shadows look at the one behind them....

Milliardo:  TURN THAT DAMN MUSIC OFF!!!!!!!!!!!
Haruka:  Geez....Don't get so mad...*starts to hum it*
Duet:  *hits him over the head* Shut up!
Haruka:  Aww I know you love me....
Duet:  *gives him a glare*
Haruka:  Gezz...Get off my ass....
Milliardo: Shhhh! Be quiet!

The three get into the air vent and start crawling to the control room while Haruka is still singing 'Mission Impossible'. After awhile they finally make it there Duet and Milliardo (literally) throw Haruka down to the point that he nearly hits one of the security beams on the floor.

Haruka:  What were you two thinking?
Duet:  It was supposed to be pay back for singing that song...
Haruka:  You want me to sing it again?
Milliardo & Duet:  NO!!!!!!!!
Haruka:  Geez! Ok! You guys freak out too much!
Milliardo:  Will you hurry up and break into the computer?!?!
Haruka:  Geez! *starts breaking into the main computer but to tell the truth he's on the internet doing what most 'men' do* Ooooooooooh! Awww! Man! Gee! I want some of that!
Milliardo:  Huh? What are you doing?
Haruka:  Nothing!
Milliardo:  Err! *pull Haruka back up*
Haruka:  What did you do that for?
Milliardo:  You weren't doing the job right so Duet can go down there in your place!
Haruka:  Fine by me...*set Duet down gently* Now that isn't right! You threw me down! 
Milliardo:  Too bad!
Haruka:  *looks down* Oooh nice ass, Duet!
Duet:  You damn PERVERT! 
Haruka:  Tis my middle name!
Milliardo:  I thought your middle name was "Zechs"...
Haruka:  So?
Milliardo:  Never mind...
Duet:  Hey guys I'm done!
Milliardo:  Great!
Haruka:  *immediately after Milliardo*BUTT! *thawap* Owww...

After awhile the trio notice they are lost in the ventilation system well Haruka does...

Haruka:  Uh...are we--
Duet and Milliardo:  NO!
Haruka:  But really are we lost?
Duet:  How many times do I have to tell you? WE ARE NOT LOST!
Haruka:  Well if ya say so...BITCH!
Duet:  *hits Haruka in the face* 
Haruka:  Oww...What is it... beat up on Haruka day?
Milliardo:  Yes! *hits Haruka upside the head*
Haruka: Ow...

Five minutes later...

Haruka:  Guys I think we're--
Duet and Milliardo:  NO WE AREN'T!
Haruka:  ...But we've passed this vent like...30 times!
Milliardo: that you mention it it does look familiar...
Duet: we're lost...kinda...
Haruka:  KINDA?!?!?! What if were in here till...WE DIE?!?!?! I haven't had sex in...*looks at watch* 24 HOURS!
Duet:  You'll live...
Haruka:  *eyes Duet*  You know Duet...
Duet:  HELL NO!
Haruka:  But I'm a man that has needs!
Duet:  Too bad!
Milliardo:  Uh...I think I see the exit...
Haruka:  YAY! We're saved!
Duet:  Thank god!

Meanwhile, Ariel is shaking Shingo to wake him up (I would have to say kicking the crap out of him).

Ariel:  Shingo! Get your ass up!
Shingo:  Mmmm...But mommy I don't wanna go to school...
Ariel:  GET UP!
Shingo:  I blame the school system on my father... ZZzzzZZzz
Ariel:  Shingo!!!!!!!*kicks him in the stomach* 
Shingo:  *wakes up after throwing a bit of blood up* Ow...Why did ya do that? ARIEL?!?!?!?
Ariel:  Shingo...there are some things going on...
Shingo:  I could have told you that!
Ariel:  SHINGO! Listen to me! Haruka, Duet and Milliardo went to one of the NOZ bases to get some information. They just called me awhile ago and it seems that some of us are going to have to go undercover...Are you listening to me?
Shingo:  ZzzzzZ  Huh?!?! Where's the battle?
Ariel:  SHINGO! You are one of those people picked to go undercover with me!
Shingo: ... WHAT?
Ariel:  Oi...This is going to take awhile...

Suddenly a blonde boy around the age of ten with green colored eyes busts down the door. The boy is instantly greeted by Rashid. 

Boy:  Hey where's Shingo-san?
Shingo:  *under his breath* Oooh shit...
Boy:  Well where's my cousin? Hmm? I wanna see him!
Rashid:  Well his friend Ariel is trying to wake him up at the moment...
Boy:  OOooooh! So he has a girl friend now? Cool! Can't wait to see her! I hope she's nice! *starts running through the halls*
Shingo:  *to Ariel* Ariel...YOU GOTTA HIDE ME!
Ariel:  Huh?  Why?
Shingo:  That kid is my ten year old cousin and he gets on my nerves! You've gotta do something! *gives the little Quatre puppy dog look*
Ariel:'re starting to look like your father...and it's scaring me...
Boy:  *literally bust down the door to Shingo's room* SHINGO-SAN! *glomps Shingo*
Shingo:  GET OFF ME!
Boy:  I love you, Shingo-san!
Shingo:  *trying to breath*! Can't...Brreeeathe!
Ariel:  Hey what's your name?
Boy:  My name? My name is Akuma!
Ariel:  Akuma?
Shingo:  *starts to turn blue*  Yep....He...*gasp* lives....up....*gasp*!
Ariel:  Um...Akuma...would you let Shingo go?
Akuma:  Well...ok!
Shingo:  *falls to the floor* Oww....
Akuma:  Your still as weak as a girl Shingo... 
Shingo:  Shut up!
Ariel:  *looks from Shingo to Akuma* Shingo you never told me you had a kawaii little cousin! *hugs Akuma* 
Shingo:  *still trying to gain his breath*  Believe me you'd wish you never knew him... So what mission where you talking about came in here?
Ariel:  It? Shingo you should be a bit more nicer to him! He is your cousin! Besides we have to go undercover to the NOZ base! So I don't loose track of you you'll have to cross dress a bit...
Shingo:  WHAT?!?!?
Akuma:  I think you have to dress up like a girl! Heheh
Shingo:  I knew that you little brat!
Ariel:  STOP IT YOU TWO! Act your age Shingo! 
Shingo:  Fine! But why do I have to do it? Ling should do it he's short enough!

Over at the Chang household Ling's watching T.V. when...

Kin:  Aww is Lingy sick?
Sally:  LING! What have I told you about screaming in the house?
Wufei: *trips over a book bag coming in the door* DAMN THE WEAKLING THAT PUT THAT THERE! DAMN ****ING MISERABLE BASTARD! 
Meiran[1]:  *looks at her father and starts to cry * 
Wufei:  Not you my little princess your eldest stupid weak brother Ling!
Ling:  Huh? How did I get in this conversation?!?!
Wufei:  Because you are weak that's how! *starts to try and get up*
Sally:  WUFEI!
Sally:  *sigh* Nevermind...

Back at Shingo's current residents...

Shingo:  You could have gotten someone else like Haruka! Even though he is a bit taller then me...
Ariel: Exactly why you have to do it! You're the next shortest and Ling has to do something else...
Shingo:  I blame my shortness on my father...CURSE YOU!

Go over to a big hanger where Sandstorm (If ya don't remember that's Shingo's Gundam) is...

Quatre:  *inside the gundam trying to put a new system in it and fix a few bugs out of it like the self-destruct button for example!* ACHOOO! *Hits head against one of the control panels* OWW! Someone's talking about me again...

Again back at Shingo's current residents...

Ariel:  Don't you know if you talk about someone behind their back they sneeze? 
Shingo:  Nah if that were true my father, Wolverine and many other people would have sneezing storms... So therefore it only exists in the Dragonball world...
Ariel:  Sure if you say so...
Shingo:  So when do we go?
Ariel:  Tomorrow at six o' clock. We're already signed up... See ya there... Usagi....hehehe *walks out the door*
Shingo:  USAGI?!?! What kind of crack head name is that? 
Akuma:  Your real name?
Shingo:  Shut up!

Ariel walks into the door of her house and finds someone on the couch watching T.V. She decides to investigate but instead...

Ariel:  Who are you?!?
Girl:  *turns around* You must be Ariel! AWWW! You've grown soooooooo much! 
Ariel:  Eh?
Girl:  Oh wait I forgot to introduce myself.... My name is Jade Barton... or you can just call me mommy!
Ariel:  EH?!?! But my mom is dead! She's been dead for like...fifteen years!
Jade:  Dead? I'm dead? I'm very much alive to tell you the truth!
Triage:  HEY! Mom! Is that my sis? *looks at Ariel*  If you weren't my sister I'd ask you to go out with me!
Nova:  Triage! Oi only you could say that for a first impression! Hi! I'm your other brother Nova. As you can see me and Triage are twins...
Ariel:  Kinda like the Yuy twins eh? Ok this is getting weird... How can you guys exist I mean the only way that is possible if mom and dad uh...did that before she 'died'.
Jade:  Aww! I always knew you were smart! See I didn't know I was pregnant with your brothers until after I was shot down and trying to fix my gundam. Later I had your brothers and we lived in the third world country that I had landed in for the time being.
Ariel:  ...

Trowa walks into the room...

Trowa:  Are you sure you're not hungry Ja-- AHHH!! Ariel what are yooooooooou doing here?
Ariel:  *insert glare* 1) I live here! 2) WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME MY MOTHER WAS ALIVE!
Trowa:  *sweat drop*  Well I didn't know she was alive...
Ariel:  Suuuuuuuuuuuuure and I'm SailorJupiter!
Triage:  Woha... you are?
Nova:  She was kidding...
Triage:  I know she was...
Jade:  Ariel...He didn't know I was alive he along with everyone else thought I was dead...
Ariel:  *looks at Trowa* Exactly how long did you know she was alive?
Trowa:  Uh only today to tell the truth...
Jade:  That is after I saw that...that...skank on him!
Trowa:  You know I didn't love her! I was thinking about you the entire time!
Jade:  Right...
Trowa:  ...I love you, Jade...
Jade:  *big sigh* Ok I love you too!
Ariel:  ....
Triage:  Ooooooook... *looks at Nova* Wanna go back to playing that game?
Nova:  Sure...
Ariel:  Oook I'll pretend none of this ever happened...*goes to her room to find some things for Shingo*

Meanwhile at the Yuy/Peacecraft household...

Milliardo:  I am too but we have to go find Ling and give him the information we got from our mission.
Haruka:  *flops on his bed* You go do that! I'm tired!
Milliardo:  Haruka!
Haruka:  ZzzzzZZzzz
Milliardo:  Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to sleep for a bit. *gets on his bed and falls asleep*

The next day at exactly four o' clock in the morning the former 'Perfect Solider' stomps into the room and looks at the sleeping twins. Heero shakes his head and looks at the time. He shakes his head once more and goes downstairs gets his infamous two buckets that now have labels on them that say 'Haruka' and 'Milliardo' and fills them with ice. He enters the room once more and stops at Haruka's bed he dumps the ice on Haruka then goes over to Milliardo's bed and does the same.

Haruka:  AHHHHHHHH! GOOD GOD! THAT'S COOOOOOOOOOOOOLD! *looks around the room to find Heero's death glare fixed on him.* DAD! What's up with you and the damn buckets filled with something?
Heero:  You have training to do...
Milliardo:  *freezing* Wh-wha-what tr-train-ing?
Heero:  The mobile suite simulation...
Haruka:  Ooooooooooooh ok I'll do that! Just like a video game!
Heero:  Humph whatever... Hurry up and get up so we can start...
Milliardo:  Ok...
Haruka:  Can we do that after I change my clothes?
Heero:  *death glare*
Haruka:  *gives same glare*
Milliardo:  ...
Heero:  No...
Haruka:  Why?
Heero:  Because I said so...
Haruka:  But what if I didn't want to go?
Heero:  It doesn't matter to me...
Haruka:  FINE! I'm staying here to sleep!
Heero:  Go on... Come on Milliardo...
Milliardo:  *sigh* Ok...

Meanwhile a few hours later at the Maxwell house a certain Shi no Tenshi and Desert Rebel were fighting it out.

Duet:  Shingo! Stay still!
Shingo:  You really think I'm gonna sit here and let you play with my beautiful, soft hair?!?!
Duet:  No...but it was worth a try...

Ariel enters the room to see Shingo in the corner and Duet with a brush. 

Ariel:  I don't think I'm going to bother to ask...
Shingo:  Don't...
Duet:  Ariel could you please help me with Shingo?
Ariel:  Shingo...Come here...
Shingo:  Uh uh!
Ariel:  *sigh* GET OVER HERE!
Shingo:  Geez ok!
Ariel:  *looks at Shingo* This is going to be fun!

An hour later the boy known as the Desert Rebel is now reduced to a skirt, a white blouse, make-up and his hair in pig tails tied with white ribbons.

Shingo:  *sigh*The things I do for love...
Ariel:  Aww! You look soooooooo cute Shingo!
Duet:  We're gonna have to start calling him Usagi!
Shingo:  NO!!!!!
Duet:  Hehe...yes!
Ariel:  It doesn't matter what your name is...*looks at clock* We have to hurry up and finish up...
Shingo:  *sigh* Exactly how am I suppose to sit down?
Duet:  Simple you don't!
Shingo:  Oi....

Duo for some unknown reason enters Duet's room.

Duo:  Hey! Duet! Where's the remote?
Duet:  I don't know...
Duo:  *looks around and sees Shingo* Hey who's that? *points to Shingo*
Duet:  Uh...well uh...
Ariel:  Uhh...this is...uh...
Duet:  USAGI! Yes Usagi!
Duo:  She doesn't talk that much does she?
Duet:  Nah...she's a bit shy around strangers...
Duo:  *goes up to Shingo*  Hi! My name's Duo Maxwell.
Shingo:  *in a girlish voice* Hi Mr. Maxwell! My name is Usagi *hears Ariel and Duet giggle* shove it!
Duo:  Shoveit?
Shingo:  Hehe...Yes!
Duo:  That's an odd last name... *looks at 'Usagi'* You know you remind me of someone but I can't put my finger on who...
Shingo:  Hehe I get told that a lot!
Duo:  Wait! I know who you remind me of!
Shingo:  *thinking* Uh oh he knows! *out loud*  Heh who?
Duo:  SailorMoon!
Duet:  *shakes her head* Dad...please leave...
Duo:  Ok... I know you girls are doin all that stuff girls do so I'll go... Bye Usagi!
Shingo:  Heh...bye Mr. Maxwell! *Duo leaves the room*  *Shingo looks at Duet*  Your father is an idiot!
Duet:  Tell me about it...
Ariel:  Shoveit? What kind of last name is that?
Shingo:  I was trying to say shove it to you two!
Duet:  Soooo Usagi Shoveit it is?
Shingo:  I guess so... *sigh*  I'm so glad my father isn't here to laugh at me...
Ariel:  Most likely he would freak out and faint. 
Duet:  Then he'd start asking you if you like to cross dress then you'd try and explain and he'd say it's ok with him as long as you don't go out in public like that.
Shingo:  Shut up! It's not my fault I'm a bit short and my hair is long and my father's a retard!
Duet:  Well we can't blame you for the first one but possibly the other two.
Ariel:  We can finish this conversation later now we have to start our mission... It's almost five...
Shingo:  *sigh* My life sucks.
Duet:  Life's a bitch then you die.
Shingo:  You would know wouldn't you?
Duet:  Shut up!
Shingo:  You!
Duet:  You!
Shingo:  Ok honey!
Ariel:  *sighs and shakes her head* A day later and he forgets... Shingo...I don't like you...
Shingo:  Sure you don't! *wink* Sure you don't!
Duet:  This is going to be a looooooooooooong mission...

A few hours later Ling, Haruka and Milliardo were at the Chang household in Ling's room trying to keep as much contact with Duet, Ariel and Shingo as they could. The three boys had just received word that the others had gotten into the NOZ base and were going on with the mission.

Haruka:  Ya know Shingo you are one lucky bastard! Going on a mission with two chicks!
Milliardo & Ling:  *THAWAP!* 
Haruka:  Ouch...
Ling:  You can never act serious can you Haruka?
Haruka:  Nope!
Milliardo:  Be quiet!

Meanwhile at the NOZ base Shingo was receiving the most weirdest looks he had ever seen in his life. Ariel and Duet just ignored the looks that were given to them and just talked but Shingo couldn't ignore them since it was coming from most of the male officers.

Shingo:  *thinking* Gee they act like they've never seen a girl! For that matter a guy trying to pass as a girl at the moment...

Suddenly one of the officers comes up to Shingo.

Officer:  Hey your cute what's your name?
Shingo:  Buzz off...
Officer:  Nah not until you tell me your name.
Shingo:  You wanna know my name?
Officer:  Yeah...
Shingo:  *kicks the guy right below the belt* That's my name!
Officer:  *on the ground* Ouch...

Ariel and Duet look behind them.

Duet:  That's the sixth one today in one hour...
Ariel:  Not only is he popular with the girls but also the men! Good god!
Duet:  It's not his fault...
Ariel:  Yeah I guess so... *hears someone else fall to the ground and howl in pain*
Duet:  *sigh* Usagi quit playing with the officers and come over here.
Shingo:  I am not playing with them!
Duet:  Sure...
Sorry it was a bit short... -_- I ran out of ideas and all. Well I hope you enjoyed it! Ja!