Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 39 - Is it Bright Where You Are?

Shingo jumped out of bed and looked around the dimly lit surroundings and was greeted by a blue haired girl.

Shingo: Wha...what happened? I feel like I was ran on or something...
Duet: Would you lay down? You get all worked up over nothing.
Shingo: And you're still a whore... *smile, thawap* OW! I thought you wouldn't hit someone already hurting!
Duet: It's a reflex.
Shingo: Don't lie, it just makes you look like a bigger whore.
Duet: *twitching* Why you little-- *grabs a pillow and hits Shingo repeatedly*
Haruka: *watching feathers fly all over the place* ...I'm not going to ask.
Shingo: *spiting feathers out* She's trying to hurt me!
Duet: I was trying to give you a slow death!
Haruka: ....OK so nothing's going on here, I'll be leaving. *closes the door*
Shingo: And he left me here with YOU?!
Duet: I am the one taking care of you for the moment.
Shingo: *sarcastically* Joy.
Duet: You're such an idiot.
Shingo: Then if you're so much smarter then me explain everything that's happened around me. You can't, no one can. *sighs* Does he really hate me that much?
Duet: Who?
Shingo: Eh nothing.
Duet: Good then take off your shirt.
Shingo: Already, Duet? Mill hasn't even left you yet!
Duet: ...You little pervert! I didn't mean it that way! Ugh! I don't want anything to do with you!
Shingo: *grins* Whatcha going to do now?
Duet: I'm taking that shirt off myself!
Shingo: Gee you're really rushing things Duet! I don't know what to say...
Duet: ...You're such an idiot! *jumps Shingo*
Shingo: EEP! *tries to get Duet off of him and fails*
Haruka: *walks in* What's with the noise... *stare* Well Duet... I never thought you and Shingo had anything going...
Shingo: *hides under the covers*
Duet: *throws the shirt at Haruka* Well it isn't what your perverted mind is thinking.
Haruka: *takes the shirt off his head* I hope not, Ariel would be jealous that you're trying to take her man.
Duet: Oh just get lost Haruka.
Haruka: Gladly. Don't get too excited over Duet, Shingo. *leaves*
Shingo: *peaking out from under the blanket* I wasn't...
Duet: Oh get out from under there!
Shingo: I'm too afraid of what you'll do to me once I do.
Duet: Well I won't hurt you, too bad.
Shingo: That's suppose to make things better?!
Duet: For me not you.
Shingo: *groans* I'm too embarrassed...
Duet: You're such a sissy! *takes the blanket off*
Shingo: So what do you plan on doing to me?
Duet: Check on your temperature and that nasty burn on you back. How'd you get that anyway?
Shingo: Lets just say it's a battle scar I received when I turned my guard down. *smiles*
Duet: Whatever you say, it's still nasty. Has it ever opened up before?
Shingo: I can't say that it hasn't.
Duet: You did get it looked at, didn't you?
Shingo: Of course I did. I wouldn't just let it get all crusty and stuff.
Duet: Are you lying to me?
Shingo: Half way. I did get it disinfected! *shudders* And boy was that water hot as hell! Nearly burned me even further! But hey those guys were pretty nice an all even if I ate most of their food.
Duet: That's always a great impression upon people.
Shingo: Yeah but they didn't mind too much.
Duet: Well you look fine to me you only have a slight temperature and I need to change these bandages if you don't mind that is...
Shingo: Sure you're blessed with the right to touch my sexy self.
Duet: Oh my what an honor. *undoing the bandages*
Shingo: So, how's SandStorm? I'm sure it's been around.
Duet: It's been here ten different times this week and after that it disappeared for the last two days. Haruka, Ling and Sieben have been fighting it off along with any other mobile suits that come around. Other then that Taleb's been guarding you like a dog.
Shingo: Where are we anyway?
Duet: An abandoned hospital building.
Shingo: You guys didn't have anything to do with it's sudden abandonment, did you?
Duet: Of course not. Half of this building was hit from the blast of the explosion in the central Sanq Kingdom area. The doctors that were here relocated all the remaining patients to the East Sanq Kingdom Hospital. Haruka made sure this place was clear before we came in.
Shingo: I'm glad you guys didn't take this place by force.
Duet: I'd have to hit Haruka before we would even attempt such a thing.
Shingo: East Sanq Kingdom... That's where I use to live.
Duet: Use to?
Shingo: Yeah, I don't feel like I belong anywhere anymore. I don't even really want to be with you guys but I'm sure it's the right choice. I don't want to abandon Haruka because I'm afraid to go out and fight. Because of him I'm able still alive talking to you. There's something else I want to do though. I want to see Ariel. I'll admit, I hardly even remember you yet I want to see a girl I have even less recollection of. I remember waking up and seeing her but I was too weak to even say a word. The next thing I remember is hearing Zero tell me to get up.
Duet: He talked to you?
Shingo: In my head, yes. He has a hard time doing that now though since I've been blocking him out only because he's doing the same to me.
Duet: Let me get this straight, you were listening to a homicidal maniac in your head?
Shingo: And he was hearing a five year old kid in his head. Everyday I grow up a little more and gain more of my memories but I've noticed that they've been disappearing lately.
Duet: When you got out of SandStorm you were screaming about being robbed or something like that.
Shingo: I'm not sure what that means.
Duet: Do you even know what happens in that gundam?
Shingo: No, I have no clue. I remember going in then coming out, nothing in between. I have my own theory though... I believe Sandstorm is eating me from the inside out.
Duet: Gundams don't eat people.
Shingo: You said you guys haven't seen Sandstorm for awhile correct?
Duet: Yeah...
Shingo: I know where it is.
Duet: Where?
Shingo: Right under me.
Duet: *looks down at the tile floor* Under you?
Shingo: It knows I'm sick, that's the reason I've been out for a week after all.
Duet: If it knows that and it's directly under you what's it waiting for?
Shingo: A healthy food source.
Duet: You should destroy that gundam.
Shingo: I wish I could, I really do.
Duet: What's keeping you from doing it?
Shingo: I'm not conscious inside Sandstorm thus I can't press the self-destruct button and if I do manage to find something strong enough to destroy it, it will probably keep me from doing it. My gundam's obsessed with me.
Duet: How disturbing.
Shingo: Yeah but I need that gundam as much as it needs me right now. I just have to figure out a way to keep myself conscious while I'm inside.

Sieben frowned at the food supply that was left then at the other people around him.

Sieben: *opens his mouth ready to comment*
Haruka: Hold that thought and shut up.
Sieben: I just so happen to think--
Haruka: NO ONE CARES!!
Sieben: I don't care! I'm going to say what needs to be said! I think someone should leave this little group so the rest of us can have food unless someone here is hiding a secret stash.
Ling: Oh yeah everyone here is hiding a giant can of Chicken Noodle soup behind their backs.*looks behind him to make sure he has his soup can*
Sieben: For all I know you probably do!
Haruka: None of us would sink that low. *makes sure he still has his soup can*
Atta: Why don't I have a soup can behind my back?!
Ling: Possibly because you're a dipshit? You know I just realized who should leave, YOU! *points at Atta*
Atta: ME?! What about you?
Ling: You're probably eatin gup all our food source more than me.
Atta: That's Shingo-sama!
Sieben: Then we get rid of Shingo! He's half dead anyway, no one would even notice.
Haruka: He's awake so I think it's going to be harder to kill him now.
Sieben: Ugh! Then we should get rid of Milliardo! He's gotten distant from us and is scaring the crap out of me.
Haruka: We're not getting rid of Milliardo.
Sieben: Since when are you the leader?
Haruka: I'm just telling you the truth. We aren't going to kill Milliardo or Shingo.
Sieben: Why? You said your self that they both have freaky ass gundams now. Speaking of which, why hasn't Milliardo's gundam started to do that crap Shingo's gundam is?
Haruka: Why don't you ask WingZero?
Sieben: I don't talk to gundams, they're machines.
Haruka: I suppose you'll never know then.
Ling: But Sieben does bring up a good point. Shingo's gundam is practically trying to kill him and Milliardo's gundam, which has the same system inside of it now thanks to Zero, is just dead.
Haruka: I don't know why just yet.
Duet: So what are you 'men' doing? The regular 'man' thing, siting around.
Sieben: No, we were discussing 'man' things.
Duet: Oh shut up, you're not even a man.
Ling: That was wrong...
Sieben: What are you trying to imply?!
Haruka: Possibly the same thing I have since we were kids, you're a WOMAN!
Sieben: Damn you Haruka! Now that that blond baka has come back you're acting like a moron again!
Haruka: What can I say? We're like brothers, girlfriend.
Sieben: *growls*
Duet: *sighs* If any of you care, Shingo's feeling a lot more better.
Haruka: Really? I think I would be unconscious after seeing you.
Duet: *thawap* Shut up and talk to your friend.
Haruka: Okie.

Haruka bust though the door grinning like an idiot as Shingo nearly has a heart attack.

Haruka: SHINGO!
Shingo: *forces a smile* Uh... Haruka?
Haruka: *serious look* Now lets get down to business. I need to know what the hell is going on around here.
Shingo: I'll see what I can answer for you.
Haruka: Good. Sandstorm?
Shingo: Underneath us.
Haruka: How comforting. Operational?
Shingo: Kind of.
Haruka: Zero.
Shingo: I have no clue.
Haruka: Any ideas about this entire thing?
Shingo: *whispers* Seiya
Haruka: Seiya?
Shingo: Yeah.
Haruka: Who's Seiya?
Shingo: My older brother.
Haruka: Ne? You never told me you had any siblings.
Shingo: That's because I thought he was dead.
Haruka: Why would he be?
Shingo: Because I was the one that killed him or so I previously thought.
Haruka: Well... this is an interesting turn of events.
Shingo: You're telling me.
Haruka: So this Seiya, what's his grudge against you? I mean if he was alive this whole time why didn't he confront you sooner?
Shingo: I don't ask questions, but my only theory is revenge or he just wants to play. The damage to the Sanq Kingdom, Sandstorm having a mind of it's own and Zero. I'm sure it's all connected to him. Besides if he wanted to kill me he'd have done it long ago from a safe place.
Haruka: What's that mean?
Shingo: Things just don't explode on their own or die for that matter without it being connected to him. He doesn't have to be right next to me to hit me he can do that on his own miles away from me. When we were younger things would explode, catch fire or just disappear on their own. Most of it was something he didn't like or I'd complain about. It was only when he started hurting people that I became concerned. This girl that always threw sand on me was buried alive. Another boy that kept taking my juice from me drowned. All of this was happening because of a three year old who thought he was protecting his brother. I never said anything to him about it because I was afraid to get on his bad side.
Haruka: Obviously you weren't afraid to kill him or try to.
Shingo: What would be the first thing you would do if you were pissed off? Fight. So I did and it got out of control.
Haruka: And you haven't told anyone about this since then?!
Shingo: Nope. I told my folks he fell off a cliff and I ran home afterward. It was believable.
Haruka: I guess so. I know I would've believed it if you hadn't filled in the blanks for me.
Shingo: So then, you're afraid of me right?
Haruka: Of your short self? Hahahaaha! Yeah right. I could kick your ass any day and Ariel could defiantly whoop your ass too.
Shingo: Ariel...
Haruka: ...Don't do that look now.
Shingo: I'm sorry it's just that you mentioned her.
Haruka: Ugh don't go sappy on me.
Shingo: And what about you and Michiru?
Haruka: Me and her? I haven't seen her for months and I rather keep it that way.
Shingo: She probably misses you.
Haruka: Well she can keep on missing me.
Shingo: I'm no expert on relationships--
Haruka: That's an understatement.
Shingo: ...Ahem...I'm no expert on relationships but I think you should see her and reassure her you actually care about her.
Haruka: Why don't you do that?
Shingo: Me and Michiru?
Haruka: No, Michiru's mine you playboy wannabe. I was talking about Ariel.
Shingo: Oh...Well I'm not sure. You guys need me here.
Haruka: Not if you can't pilot a gundam that wants to eat you.
Shingo: I suppose not.
Haruka: Then when you're up to it you should go. I hear it snows a lot over there.
Shingo: Ugh... I hate snow.
Haruka: But when you love da woman you gotta freeze your ass off. If you want to get there anytime soon you better rest up, ne?
Shingo: I don't really want to sleep.
Haruka: Then you don't want to see Ariel.
Shingo: It's not that it's the fact that I hear things...
Haruka: Yeah? Well you're about to hear me repeat myself in a few seconds.
Shingo: You're so annoying.
Haruka: As are you. *hits Shingo on the back of the head* Heh! *notices Shingo's knocked unconscious* Errrmm... *runs out of the room*

Duet looks over at Haruka, who nervously walks up to the group.

Duet: What did you do?
Haruka: Uh... Lets just say Shingo's gonna be sleeping for awhile...
Taleb: *grabs Haruka* What does THAT mean?!
Haruka: Hey now, I only lightly hit him on the back of his head! I didn't know he'd fall over...
Duet: Considering his condition I thought you'd think twice before doing that.
Haruka: *laughs, shrugs and looks over at Milliardo* You've been silent...
Milliardo: You and I have nothing to say to each other.
Haruka: I know you and I aren't really agreeing on anything right now, but you can at least talk to me. We are brothers after all.
Milliard: Talk? About what?
Haruka: *shrug* Whatever you want. *sits down*
Milliardo: Like why you're in a good mood now? Shingo, right?
Haruka: Of course I'm happy to see my friend again.
Milliardo: A friend you once called 'traitor'?
Haruka: I was being ignorant. Milliardo, lets set this aside.
Milliardo: Why bother?
Haruka: Because I asked you. Duet needs you right now.
Milliardo: I don't need her.
Haruka: Keep telling yourself that.
Milliardo: What do you want from me, Haruka?
Haruka: Nothing. There's nothing you can give me.
Milliardo: I think I know what this is about. I didn't get into WingZero or turn it on yet.
Haruka: I wasn't going to ask you that. It is, after all, you're business.
Milliardo: I'm just trying to do the right thing.
Haruka: Maybe the right thing isn't the good way to go about it.
Milliardo: I just want to make everyone happy again.
Haruka: Then start with Duet.
Milliardo: I can't. She hates me.
Haruka: And she's gonna hate you more if you don't start giving her some kind words.
Milliardo: What should I say?
Haruka: *shrug* I know nothin about that woman.
Milliardo: Then I'm on my own...
Haruka: Of course! Besides It's not your darkest hour yet. *looks over to Taleb* Yo, TaTa!
Taleb: What...?
Haruka: You know anything about a guy named Seiya?
Taleb: Seiya? Never heard of them. Why?
Haruka: Suppose to be Shingo's bro.
Taleb: I can defiantly say then tat I have no idea who the hell that is.
Haruka: Yeah well Shingo was going on about him for awhile, I just thought you'd know.
Taleb: I've only known Shingo since he was three and a half, I don't know anything about him prior to that especially since he likes to change the subject when asked about it.
Atta: Gee, you're no good to anyone then.
Taleb: Shut up.
Atta: *sticks his tongue out*
Taleb: I'll let you know that won't be the only thing I'll be cutting off.
Atta: Eep! *hides*
Haruka: Figures. Guess we'll have to do some researching on our own then.

Seiya walks into Ariel's room and smiles sweetly.

Ariel: *turns around* You have an obsession with coming in with out asking.
Seiya: I'm sorry. If you want I'll knock next time.
Ariel: It's ok. I'm just not use to people coming in and out of here that often.
Seiya: Ah, well I have something for you.
Ariel: For me? You don't really have to give me any--
Seiya: *pulls out a dozen white roses* I got them because they remind me of you.
Ariel: Ahh! They're so pretty! *half glomps Seiya* Thank you so much, Michael! *lets go and stares* Are you blushing? How cute.
Seiya: *frowns* Stop teasing me.
Ariel: I'm sorry, you just look so cute.
Seiya: So how have you been?
Ariel: Studying for exams in two months.
Seiya: It's a long time from now.
Ariel: And I want to be prepared for it.
Seiya: And you haven't been out since...?
Ariel: A long while... Maybe since the beginning of August.
Seiya: That long? You need to go out. I'll take you out, where to?
Ariel: W-what? No, you don't need to do that.
Seiya: But I want to. So where will it be?
Ariel: I don't know, I don't want to waste you're time.
Seiya: I have all the time I could ever want. Besides it'll be fun.
Ariel: Anywhere you want I suppose...
Seiya: Dinner at my house tonight.
Ariel: You're house?!
Seiya: Seven tonight. *takes out a piece of paper, writes on it and hands it to Ariel* My address and cell phone number.
Ariel: I'm not sure...
Seiya: I won't get upset or anything if you don't come. It'll just be another lonely night for me once again.
Ariel: Well I'll see if I have anything to do.
Seiya: Great.
Ariel: What should I wear.
Seiya: Anything you want. It's just you and me after all. *hears his phone ring* I'm going to go, I hope I'll see you there, ne? *goes to his room*
Ariel: Ugh, he just has to make that face. *closes her door*

Seiya: *answers the phone* What's so important now?
Soldier: Sir, we've lost sight of Sandstorm for a week, should we start the second phase?
Seiya: It's a good day today, why not wait for tomorrow morning?
Soldier: But sir if we start today we'll probably have more of a chance of finding it.
Seiya: You're on a thin ice right now. I'd hate for you to fall though. *grins*
Soldier: *starts turning a blue color and shakes* I'm sorry sir! Please! I won't do it again!
Seiya: Do you swim?
Soldier: Sir?
Seiya: Do you know how to swim? Don't lie, it'll only make it worse.
Soldier: No, sir.
Seiya: Then I wouldn't want to be in any freezing body of water if I were you.
Soldier: *starts gasping for air and spitting out water*
Seiya: I pray this is a learning experience for you. Now when are you going to start the second phase?
Soldier: *blinks a few times as he returns to normal* T-tomorrow morning.
Seiya: Good, now if you don't mind I have a visitor. *hangs up as someone draws a knife to his throat* This was slightly unexpected. I didn't think you'd pull something on me this early in the game, Zero.
Zero: Shut up.
Seiya: Don't like being toyed with, I see. You're too pathetic to continue, you might as well continue this another time.
Zero: I'm not going to give up now. I refuse to. I came all this way and I intend to finish what I start.
Seiya: Have you ever been cut before?
Zero: No.
Seiya: Then you've never experienced pain, right?
Zero: Why should it matter? I wouldn't feel it and I wouldn't give a damn.
Seiya: How about we test that theory.
Zero: *watches small cuts appear all over his arm and laughs* Is that suppose to hurt?
Seiya: No, this is. *hears Zero scream and fall back while dropping the knife on the ground* That must've hurt. *looks at Zero covering his face as blood runs between his hands*
Zero: Fucking bastard. I can't see!
Seiya: It's ok it's only temporary. Tell me, what did it feel like?
Zero: Like you rammed a damn pencil though my eyes, asshole. *moves on the floor towards a corner of the room slowly*
Seiya: Really? *looks at the knife on the ground* Then I'll tell you this next one is real. *flings the knife at Zero*
Zero: *growls as the knife went straight though his shoulder and into the wall*
Seiya: I pray that keeps you occupied for awhile.
Zero: Bastard, where the hell do you think you're going? I'm not done with you, not yet.
Seiya: You're clearly in no position to be making orders or requests. *looks over at a tank and grins* I hope you don't mind company with you. *takes out a rattle snake and places it on the floor* I haven't gotten around to getting rid of his fangs yet. I'm such a careless owner. Have fun you two, don't mess up the place. *walks out the door and sees Ariel on the other side* Ariel!
Ariel: I heard someone scream.
Seiya: Oh, a room mate of mine came back with a friend. They're so wild. I'm a little surprised you were worried about me.
Ariel: Well you would be worried too if you heard something like that.
Seiya: Calm down. I'm ok and I've explained the situation.
Ariel: *stares* You get stranger every day.
Seiya: I'll take that as a complement.
Ariel: *hands him back the paper* I won't be needing this.
Seiya: Why not?
Ariel: Because I'm not interested.
Seiya: Oh, I see...
Ariel: But I am interested in taking a walk and it would make me feel a lot more safer if you came.
Seiya: Are you trying to suggest someone would kidnap you?
Ariel: If anyone has done that already it's you.
Seiya: Eh?
Ariel: *grabs his arm* Come on.

Both start walking around the empty feeling campus as the evening turned into night.

Ariel: *smiles* You never really told me about your family, Michael.
Seiya: What's there to tell?
Ariel: I don't know, maybe something about your mother, father, any siblings.
Seiya: *laughs* Well you see my family really isn't my family.
Ariel: You're adopted?
Seiya: You can say that. You could also say I became an orphan when my actual parents didn't want me anymore. Too much of a problem for them I suppose. I lived at the orphanage, which was more like a run down church, until I was seven and was proclaimed to be the devil for strange reasons. That's the very place that's responsible for my uneven hair. They'd cut my hair to search for fleas and other bugs, spray me down with hot water and cut off knots in my unbrushed hair as well. Being in such a place could be considered a learning experience for me. Eventually a guy came to the place to demonstrate how 'kind hearted' he was by giving the orphanage a small bit of money. Being the 'devil' I was I ran up to him and kicked him in the knee. Instead of being hit again I was, oddly enough, adopted by Mr. Silva. I'm not going to lie and say I enjoyed this and I'm sure those nuns had a party when I left, could explain the fire that started soon after I left. That's when I met Julia, his daughter. I was more like a gift for her, a toy. I didn't like her, then again how many seven year olds like girls? Not I. When her friends would come over she'd make me pretend to be a girl so they wouldn't think anything about it. We grew up and they figured it out obviously. You've made complaints about my hair, she did too. She didn't like it's original color and would claim that it didn't fit me at all so she dyed it a dark red color while I was asleep it kind of stuck after that.
Ariel: I guess she didn't like you're original eye color either.
Seiya: Oh no, she loved it. She didn't want anyone else to see them. So I threw out my glasses and got contacts. As I said, I was more of a toy for her more than anything else. I didn't mind, that's what I was there for anyway. Cheap entertainment for her and I liked it because I fell in love with her. This all ended though when she died of a disease right after her father had died from a heart attack. Being the only one left in the family I received everything.
Ariel: How horrible.
Seiya: What's even worse is it all happened last year. *sighs* We've been out here for an hour.
Ariel: It is a little cold out here I guess we could go back in. By the way, thank you.
Seiya: For what?
Ariel: Coming out here with me.
Seiya: You're a good girl, I wouldn't want anything bad to happen to you.

Seiya walks Ariel back to her dorm room and goes to his own to be greeted with a low growl after hee opens the door and turns on the light. He looks over at the spot Zero was and only sees a blood stain.

Seiya: Again with the backstabing thing? You're running out of ideas boy.
Zero: *attempts to grab Seiya and runs right into the wall as Seiya turns around and grins* Damnit.
Seiya: You're a slow learner. *looks over at his dead/half eaten pet snake* You came here to try and kill me for what again? I don't think we clarified that. If you were hungry you should've said something. *goes to the miniature refrigerator and throws two cokes, a bag of potato chips and a piece of chicken at Zero* That's enough to calm you down, hopefully.
Zero: *stares at the food* I don't want it. I want to kill you.
Seiya: You're having no luck with that so you might as well take my charity. I am in a good mood anyway. *sits down and stares at Zero in anticipation* Well?
Zero: I don't want your food.
Seiya: If you're anything like Shingo you're going to get hungry eventually and when he's usually hungry it's like a bitch for someone like you. I wonder how long you can hold out... *picks up a shaken coke can, pops the tab and lets it spray all over Zero's face* Oops.
Zero: *growls even more*
Seiya: How long will it be until you give up on this? Why do you even want to attempt to kill my dear brother and I?
Zero: That's what I was made for.
Seiya: No, you were made for better purposes. There's something I hate to see and that's a woman cry. *starts drinking the coke*
Zero: What does that have to do with anything?
Seiya: *shrugs* It's just another interesting tid bit. If you intend to stay to kill me in my sleep don't bother.
Zero: I figured that wasn't going to work already.
Seiya: So you are as smart as I thought you were. Great. This room was intended for more than one person thus why there are three beds in here, take your pick. *stares at the wound he had previously given Zero* I'd also get that looked at. Unless you intend to die from such a thing.
Zero: *slowly grabs the potato chip bag* It stopped bleeding thirty minutes ago. *opens the bag and nearly chokes while eating the contents furiously*
Seiya: And when you leave here tomorrow, what then? Will you wonder aimlessly around again?
Zero: I'm not concerned about what may happen next it's all a big game between brothers and I don't intend to interfere.
Seiya: You have no idea that you're another pawn then.
Zero: I'm no one's pawn.
Seiya: Keep thinking that.
x.X Don't you hate people that don't tell the exact truth or the entire story? DAMN YOU SEIYA! *receives 'the glare'* ...Ermm... 0.o;;;

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