Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 38 - Recoil and Grace

Haruka angrily kicked things around as Ling, Duet and Sieben stared at him.

Haruka: Damnit! *picks up a rock and throws it at Wing Gundam*
Duet: Haruka?
Haruka: Leave me alone! *growls and walks off*
Duet: Haruka where the hell do you think you're going?! UGH! I hate him!
Sieben: Leave him alone for now.
Ling: Yeah the guy needs to cool down after all of this.
Duet: I don't care, even when I am nice to him he still acts like a dick.
Ling: It's Haruka what else do you expect?
Duet: He could have told us what happened with Milliardo.
Sieben: And what difference would that make? None. We're better off just leaving him alone and considering our current options.
Duet: Well you go on and waste your time doing that. *walks off*
Ling: Where are you going?!
Duet: To be alone!
Ling: Ugh... Both of them are a pain in the ass.
Sieben: I'm sure if it wasn't for the fact that she was madly in love with Milliardo she and Haruka would make an interesting couple.
Ling: More like a couple from hell. *sighs and sits down* What do you think Haruka's going to do now?
Sieben: No clue. Right now he's blowing off steam obviously over Milliardo. We can't go anywhere without being killed or captured so in all fact we're screwed.
Ling: Great... What about the Preventor's building? I'm sure it wasn't damaged.
Sieben: We don't need to cause more trouble to anyone else.
Ling: I just want a bath and clean cloths and dinner too!
Sieben: *stares at Ling* I DO TOO! *starts crying with Ling*

Duet growls as she sees Haruka and starts turning around.

Haruka: Duet.
Duet: What do you want?
Haruka: Nothing just to talk. Come on, sit down.
Duet: *frowns* Why should I?
Haruka: I asked nicely.
Duet: Fine only because you asked.
Haruka: I still think you're a stupid bitch.
Duet: Yeah? Well I still think you're an immature asshole.
Haruka: Oh my, I'm soooo scared!
Duet: Errr, you bastard! I hope you die!
Haruka: Then I'll live just to annoy you. Wait I already do that.
Duet: Why do you always have to do this?
Haruka: Cause I like seeing you mad.
Duet: Then I won't get mad!
Haruka: Ten cent whore.
Duet: *begins beating Haruka over the head*
Voice: Oh my, that poor guy.
Duet: *looks up and faints*
Haruka: *looks up as well* SHINGO'S GHOST!
Shingo: Ghost? *looks around* I don't see any ghost.
Atta: Uh he's talking about you.
Shingo: Oh...
Haruka: What am I yelling about? This isn't a ghost but a mass murderer. It doesn't matter if you are Shingo or Zero you destroyed the Sanq Kingdom, my home.
Shingo: *looks down* Do you really feel that? Then kill me if you have to.
Haruka: *stands up and attempts to punch Shingo*
Taleb: *catches Haruka's Arm* If you're going to fight someone then do it with me.
Haruka: Ok then. *throws a second punch only to be caught again* This isn't very fun.
Taleb: You want to make it fun then?
Haruka: Sure. *kicks Taleb in the stomach* Come on get up you sissy.
Taleb: *grabs Haruka* This is going to hurt.
Shingo: Stop it!
Taleb: *punches Haruka in the face and lets him go* There.
Haruka: *gets back up, spits out some blood and wipes his face off* Is that the best you've got? Gee I expected more. *runs toward Taleb and is instantly hit in the back of the head into the ground*
Taleb: I'm not going to fight with someone who can't fight back properly. Give it a rest, Haruka.
Haruka: Fight properly? I don't care about fighting properly! How dare you even think of coming here after everything that's happened?! You sick bastard! We don't need any of your help or anything you want to give us. You're nothing but a curse!
Shingo: You're right. If you want to kill me then do it. Stay out of the way, Taleb.
Taleb: Fine with me, get your own damn self killed.
Atta: Shingo-sama think this over.
Shingo: Think what over? I've been challenged and I intend to do him the favor of going with it.
Atta: Ehh everyone's gone insane!
Shingo: Haruka, are you going to fight me or stand there? Are you thinking this over? Fighting someone you use to call your best friend.
Haruka: You've never been my friend. *gets up and punches Shingo*
Shingo: *dodges* Is that true? Have we always been enemies?
Haruka: *falls down* I was blind before.
Shingo: Or are you blind now? You're distorting everything.
Haruka: *growls* And you're busy killing people!
Shingo: I am, aren't I?
Haruka: Bastard! You don't deserve to live! *pulls out his gun and fires it at Shingo*

Triage stared up at the hospital and smiled widely at Nova.

Triage: I bet I can make it there before you do, Nova!
Nova: It's not a race.
Triage: Well now it is! *dashes up to the door*
Nova: *shakes his head* He always has to make a game out of something.
Triage: *looks behind him* Gee you're slow.
Nova: I'm just not in the competitive mood I guess.
Triage: How will you and Torance ever get together then?
Nova: *blinks* You said Torance and me.
Triage: Yeah I kinda give up on her. After all she is a horrible cook.
Nova: What are you talking about?
Triage: Shale told me ALL about her. Did you know that she owned a pet pig?
Nova: ...Maybe she was exaggerating.
Triage: She's her best friend! Why would she do that?!
Nova: *sighs* To get your mind off of Torance.
Triage: What did you say?
Nova: Nothing. *looks around the hospital* So many people...
Triage: How horrible. *sees a red head* Torance! *runs over and starts hugging the person* Torance-chan I missed you so much!
Guy: Kid...are you ok?
Triage: Oops. Sorry.
Nova: He tries so hard.
Triage: *looks around* TORANCE-CHAN! *glomps onto Torance* Torance-chan! I thought you were dead!
Torance: Fluffy you came to find me!
Triage: ...My name's Triage.
Torance: I know. *smiles*
Nova: You're not hurt are you...
Torance: Just a few bumps on my head. You know the strangest thing happened. I was in the mall with Shale, who's also ok just a little out of it, in west capital when a one of the mobile suits outside came crashing though the roof. Right as the roof was collapsing around us a mechanical hand came out of no where and threw the pieces that were about to fall on us aside. I looked up above us and just found myself staring right at a gundam. The thing just disappeared after that like it was an illusion or a ghost image. Strange, hm?
Nova: A gundam? Which one?
Torance: I'm not really sure but it was blue with silver on it, I remember that much. That thing was horrible. I don't even think it was a gundam anymore.
Triage: Blue and and silver...Anything else?
Torance: Not that I can remember right now.
Nova: That's a little more then strange.
Torance: I'll say. I'm glad you two are ok at least.
Triage: Yeah I just hope everyone else is ok too. You think Ariel is ok being in America and all?
Nova: I doubt it...
Triage: Man, she should come home and kick some ass!
Shale: *glomps Triage and smiles* I knew I heard your loud mouth.
Triage: I'm not loud!
Nova: Louder then me...
Triage: *sighs*

Wufei growled as the phone rang again, Hilde and Duo started up another fight, Zechs and Heero were complaining over who should answer the phone and Sally was busy talking about him to everyone else.

Wufei: INJUSTICE! *silence* You damn weaklings! Why am I, Chang Wufei, stuck in the same building with you twits?!
Duo: Wu-man's having a mental break down again.
Hilde: Just like I'm about to have if you don't hold Cim-chan for me.
Duo: Why?! I didn't ask you to come here!
Hilde: I rather die next to you then anywhere else, that's why I came!
Zechs: You answer the damn phone! You do nothing here anyway!
Heero: I believe I know a simple solution to this problem. *takes out his gun and fires it several times at the phone*
Trowa: *uncovering his ears* ...I suppose that is a simple way.
Duo: *under a table with Hilde* ARE YOU NUTS, HEERO?! Gesh! I thought I was going to die! Damn Japanese!
Hilde: Duo!
Duo: What?
Heero: Damn Americans.
Duo: *jumps up* Ok, now you crossed the line!
Hilde: *to Cimorene* Your father is going to get himself killed one day.
Sally: Let's not get into any fights now boys.
Hilde: They're a lost cause now...
Duo: Well at least I'm not a trigger happy, Japanese moron!
Heero: At least I don't sit down in front of the tv all day long!
Sally: I see your point...
Duo: You're right! Cause you don't sit down, you lay down in your underwear! YOU PEOPLE DISGUST ME!
Heero: Nacho muncher!
Duo: Sushi wrapper!
Trowa: I'm not sure anymore...
Heero: I AM NOT FAT!
Duo: Oh I see you must have started on the Slim Fast then, LOSER!
Heero: Loser?! Who the hell stopped a piece of the Libra from colliding into the Earth?! ME! Who stopped Mariemaia when no one else could?! ME! You do nothing but background work! You are the loser!
Duo: You've touched me deeply... Oh wait that was my stomach growling! *grin*
Heero: *death glare*
Zechs: I rather get out of this place while you idiots are fighting.
Heero: You're the damn weak onna!
Duo: *moves aside*
Hilde: Now you want to stop fighting?
Duo: Nah I just don't wanna mess with those two.
Hilde: Then you can help me with Cimorene.
Trowa: *seeing Wufei pull out his katana* I'm getting out of here now...
Duo: I'm with ya!
Hilde: *grabs him* Oh no you don't!
Sally: *grabs Trowa* That's right you two aren't going anywhere until this is settled. Wufei, apologize to Heero.
Wufei: I will never do such a thing!
Sally: *glare*
Wufei: Ehh I am sorry that you are a weak onna, Yuy.
Heero: I'm sorry that your pony tail is on too tight.
Heero: Yes it is.
Duo: I'd like to say something... MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR! *thawap, glares* ...
Heero: I'm going to get you after I'm done with him.
Duo: *starts crying* I don't wanna die!
Hilde: Then you shouldn't have messed with Heero.
Duo: Heero's gonna kill me!
Quatre: Who said anyone's killing someone else?
Duo: Quatre! *hides behind him*
Quatre: *sweat drop* What do you expect me to do?
Duo: You, peace talk, NOW!
Quatre: Um...We shouldn't be fighting? *silence*
Duo: ...WHAT WAS THAT?! Do you want Heero to kill me?! I'm gonna die!
Heero: You're not worth my time now.
Duo: Eh? What does that mean?!
Heero: You're not worth it.
Duo: Oh I see can't waddle fast enough to catch me. *grins*
Hilde: There he goes again...
Sally: Men, truly stupid.
Wufei: Women are as well! *thawap*
Quatre: Duo, you're only making it worse...
Duo: Eh, I'll shut up then.
Heero: Good then I'll tell you what has happened so far. We've received several reports from different people about a Gundam matching SandStorm's description though most of the time it's identified as a "demon" among other things.
Quatre: Then that means--
Heero: It means that there's just a gundam looking like SandStorm that's currently destroying what remains of this country. It means that we have a problem.
Quatre: You're not suggesting...
Heero: I can't suggest anything at this point but I'm leaning towards the exact idea you want to throw out.
Duo: You trying to say it's Shingo?
Heero: I never said that.
Duo: But you said it indirectly. Come on, Heero. I've known this kid since he was a little short shit six year old kid. The worse he can do is just annoy the hell outta Duet and that's without Haruka's help. Other then that, that kid isn't much of a threat.
Heero: But he also has the Zero System 2 Prototype in his gundam and I've seen the result of that.
Duo: ...There's a prototype...AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ANYONE ELSE ABOUT IT?!
Quatre: That's not entirely true.
Duo: You too, Quatre?!
Trowa: Well this sure does bring a lot of questions.
Duo: Like question number one...Anything else you two keeping from us? *stares at both Heero and Quatre* How about you Quatre? *grabs him* SPILL IT!
Quatre: Duo, your eye is doing that twitching thing and it's really scaring me...
Duo: Boy, you don't know fear yet!
Wufei: For once I'm with Maxwell on this one.
Zechs: Would be great if you two told us a few things.
Trowa: I can't believe you two would actually keep something like that a secret.
Heero: Well I'm not saying anything. *watches everyone look at Quatre* And he better not either.
Duo: I thought were were pals, Quatre!
Wufei: Yes, Quatre, I thought we were fairly decent comrades.
Sally: He's your friend, Wufei.
Wufei: Feh!
Zechs: I just want to know what that Japanese bastard is keeping from me!
Trowa: I have nothing to say...
Quatre: ...It's true! Heero and I created a prototype for the Zero System 2 that's being used right now and tested it in SandStorm. We couldn't handle it so we made a slightly watered down version and used that one in Tallgeese and WingZero. But I believe I told Trowa a lot more about it. *watches everyone turn to Trowa and sighs*
Duo: You were in on it too?!
Trowa: No, I asked a question and I received an answer.
Duo: And...?
Trowa: And what?
Wufei: We'd like to know a little more about this thing those two created.
Trowa: What is there to say? It just screws with the pilot's mind a little more effectively then the ZERO system.
Zechs: That's all?
Trowa: I wouldn't know if there was more.
Zechs: Yuy, you better give us some answers!
Heero: I think they summed it up well enough.
Sally: I can't believe you two made something like that and left it there.
Quatre: We didn't leave it there we just forgot about it.
Duo: Which brings me back to you, Quatre. Anything else you two think up that you haven't told us?
Quatre: No, I'm sure that's all.

Haruka stared daggers at Shingo, who just stood there unfazed by the bullet that had missed him.

Shingo: You missed.
Haruka: So? I won't miss again!
Shingo: You really don't want to kill me. *smiles*
Haruka: The hell are you smiling for, moron?
Shingo: You missed, that makes me happy. I came here to talk to you.
Haruka: I don't want to talk to you.
Shingo: Haruka, I want to help you. Milliardo won't, will he?
Haruka: Milliardo and I are having different opinions that's all.
Shingo: It's more then that. Things are never what they appear to be, Haruka. I know this for sure. The only way we're going to get though any of this is if you start trusting me now.
Haruka: I did that for your clone and he decided to do some crap to my brother. I'm not going to go for it.
Shingo: Haruka... Do you remember that one time I fell down in the mud in front of everyone in our fifth grade class. I just laid there on the ground expecting help, but it never came. All I heard were people laughing at my clumsiness. Then you came up and told me if I was going to act like an idiot all day long to just stay there or find my balls and get up. I need you for some support right now. I'm sure if you start trusting me again then everyone else will. If you feel like I'm just a waste of your time then I'll just leave.
Haruka: If you ask me you're still in that mud, or rather quick sand. I'm not going to help you on this one, Shingo. I need someone who can pilot a gundam and end this.
Shingo: I see...I'm on my own again then.
Haruka: I never said that. How about you use that gundam for our benefit.
Shingo: I'd love to, but I don't control Sandstorm anymore. She controls me.
Haruka: Just like you to be controlled by a girl.
Shingo: Have you ever tried to take on a female thirty times taller then you?
Haruka: PMS...
Shingo: It always is.
Atta: *to Taleb* Are we witnessing a moment of normality?
Taleb: I have no idea. *watches Shingo and Haruka play around*
Haruka: I'll race you back to the camp.
Shingo: You know I'm going to lose!
Haruka: Exactly.*starts running*
Shingo: Haruka!
Taleb: Crazy fools, enjoying what little time there is.
Atta: Isn't that great? *goes over to Duet* Hey you ok? *pokes Duet and starts looking down her shirt*
Duet: *wakes up and screams* GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERVERT!
Atta: *thawap* Uhh I just wanted to make sure you were ok!
Taleb: *walking past the two* In an indirect way.
Atta: Where are you going?!
Taleb: To follow Shingo.
Atta: Oh. *follows Taleb*
Duet: Hey! The least you could do is help me up! Worthless men!

Ling stares up at Shingo fiddling with a piece of paper and turns to Haruka.

Ling: He's been here for two hours and hasn't done a thing.
Haruka: Give him a break.
Ling: Is that even Shingo?
Haruka: I'm pretty sure.
Shingo: Ling, pick a color.
Ling: ...Blue.
Shingo: *starts moving the paper fortune teller* B-l-u-e... Pick a number. *shows him the given numbers*
Ling: Five.
Shingo: One, two, three, four, five... pick another number.
Ling: Two.
Shingo: *unfolds the paper and reads the outcome* You'll have an unhappy life. How horrible.
Ling: It's just a paper.
Shingo: Maybe... Duet pick a color.
Ling: He's acting like a child.
Haruka: He's not really himself yet. Besides what's wrong with you? You act like a major stick was crammed up your ass now.
Ling: There's nothing wrong with me, I'm just trying to act as serious as possible.
Haruka: Is it Sydney?
Ling: I'll admit I'm a tad worried about her.
Haruka: A tad or a lot?
Ling: I'm not really sure, I know that I don't have to worry too much about her but... She's better off not going to get that gundam of hers. I didn't even know she had one until before this.
Haruka: Maybe because she knew this was how you were going to react.
Ling: I hate worrying over such things. Do you worry over Michiru?
Haruka: She's a strong enough woman on her own so there's nothing for me to worry over.
Ling: I see. How much truth is in that sentence?
Haruka: Who knows? *watches Shingo fall over*
Ling: Shingo!
Haruka: Leave him alone.
Shingo: *stands up slowly and yells into the darkness* Go away! *falls over and is dragged into the night*
Haruka: Now is when we go after him. *gets up and runs after Shingo as Ling follows*
Atta: Aren't you going?
Taleb: Me? I'd love to but I'd probably end up dead. You should never mess with a woman.
Atta: What do you think grabbed him?
Taleb: Personally I don't want to think about it.
Atta: Maybe it was...
Milliardo: *behind the two* SandStorm's coming...
Haruka: *running back* EVERYONE GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!
Sieben: *looks up from where he was sleeping* The hell is he going on about?
Duet: *hears a loud bang in the distance* Get up if you want to live!
Sieben: *hears objects collide into each other* Don't have to tell me twice. *starts running and falls into a ditch with the others* ...You could have told me that was there...
Ling: We didn't know it was here ourselves...
Sieben: Ok, what the hell is going on?
Haruka: Sandstorm
Sieben: You're stupid friend decided to pilot now? What is that kid on?
Haruka: He's not doing it because he wants to! He's doing it against his will.
Sieben: The gundam is making him pilot?
Haruka: That's what we saw.
Ling: That thing just picked him up like nothing and threw him in.
Sieben: The hell would it need him for? Seems to be doing well on it's own.
Taleb: Gundams can't move without pilots. Sandstorm must be running on pilot data. That's why it can move freely. You could say it's acquired a 'taste' for Shingo. What kind of data is it using is beyond me.
Atta: Taleb's so smart sometimes, not smart enough though.... look at his hair! Did you stick your finger in an outlet or something?
Taleb: Shut up! Do you want that thing to find us?
Atta: *shakes his head and hides*
Duet: Pilot data... that would be a good reason for it just taking Shingo out of no where.
Ling: And I thought the thing was possessed.
Haruka: Could be. Doesn't Sandstorm have the Z2PT?
Ling: Yeah...
Haruka: Then that gundam's even more dangerous.
Milliardo: Or stronger...not as much as WingZero is now.
Haruka: That gundam is no longer WingZero.
Milliardo: You're right, it's something more just like Sandstorm
Haruka: No, Sandstorm is a demon machine that's busy sucking the life out of Shingo.
Milliardo: Tell that to it. *looks up at the towering gundam*
Haruka: What do you want, to kill us as well?!

SandStorm's cockpit opens as if a response to Haruka's question. Shingo instantly falls out as wires let go of him starting him off on a free fall into the ground. The gundam grabs the boy and sets him down on the ground as it slowly fades out of view. The group stared at this for a long time even after it was over.

Duet: Shingo?
Shingo: *in a low mumble* I'm still alive...
Sieben: What the hell just happened.
Shingo: Why should it matter. I'm being robbed.
Haruka: Get up, Shingo.
Shingo: I don't want to. Not this time. I just want to die here.
Taleb: He said get up.
Shingo: I don't care.
Taleb: *gets up and drags Shingo on his feet* If you don't start walking I'll give you a reason to lay there.
Shingo: *pushes away* Leave me alone! This was a stupid idea... I should've never come.
Taleb: Shingo you little-- *notices something odd on his hand and looks at it* Blood? What the... Shingo come over here!
Shingo: *keels over and starts making the familiar sound of throwing up*
Duet: Uhh gross...
Haruka: I thought you were going to be doctor one day.
Duet: Not today.
Haruka: Think of this as practice, now go help him.
Duet: Shingo...*touches him lightly on the shoulder and watches him fall over*
Atta: *jumps up* YOU KILLED HIM!
Duet: I did no such thing!
Haruka: Well, what's wrong with him?
Duet: Men, always afraid of something and when things go wrong they automatically blame the woman. *checks for a pulse and lets go quickly* He's burning up!
Ling: And?
Duet: Well get something to cool him down you idiots!
Ling: Oh yeah sure I think I'll go get some ice out of the freezer! Oh wait, WE DON'T HAVE ONE!
Duet: Use common sense. *watches Haruka, Ling and Atta run around everywhere* Uhh... I rely on them why?
Taleb: Hey, if you don't mind, try to explain this. *shows the blood on his hand*
Duet: I'll see about it. Right now we have to move him some place a little more comfortable.
Taleb: Considering we're in the middle of what was a battle field I think we'll have a problem with that one.
Duet: It's odd. This is one of the first times I've ever had to help him though it's probably out of sympathy and Ariel. She'd be more then upset if I didn't even try to keep his sorry ass alive. I'm sure this is probably nothing to you, it's what you've had to do anyway.
Taleb: You've got me wrong. I'm only doing this because I was told to not because I want to. You seem to give more of a damn about him then I should.
Duet: I think you're either lying to me or you just haven't even admitted it to yourself but you do care.
Taleb: Think what you want.
Duet: I will. We need to move him somewhere else, think you can handle that?
Taleb: Sure, if he doesn't weigh a ton.

Ariel typed relentlessly on the keyboard while listening to some music as the door to her room opens slowly. The floorboard creaks slightly and the door shuts quietly as the person that entered slowly towards Ariel.

Ariel: *singing along* This is the song I've been singing my whole life, I've been waiting like a knife, to cut open your heart, and bleed my soul to you, I did it all for you, you and you and you and you... *feels someone touch her shoulder, jumps and looks behind her* You scared me, Michael!
Seiya: *grins* I'm sorry, you looked busy so I tried not to interupt you.
Ariel: You scared the hell out of me! *stares and frowns* You dyed your hair again.
Sieya: What can I say? I love red. It's fitting. I'm glad that you stayed though.
Ariel: I'm amazed you came back.
Seiya: I didn't want you to be lonely.
Ariel: I can take care of myself.
Seiya: I'm glad you can. Anyway if you need anything remember I'm just a few rooms away.
Ariel: You're so kind.
Seiya: Perhaps I'm too kind.
Yes, interesting, fun and freaky! Kekekekeke... Whatever shall I do now? *runs off to start on 39*