Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 37 - Master of a Nothing Place

A bright light glared down on the subject below as several different people conversed in the darkness a couple of voices familiar to the person currently being restrained to a chair.

Kage: What do you think caused his sudden rampage?
Guy 1: I'm not sure yet. We'll have to do several tests to see what the problem might have been.
Yuki: He killed how many people again?
Guy 2: Up to thirty.
Kage: No one else was hurt, correct?
Guy 2: Everyone in the main building area with the exception of one.
Yuki: One? What did he do hide?
Guy 3: I heard they weren't more than a foot away from each other.
Kage: Who was it?
Guy 2: One of the business men, a Mister Michael Silva.
Kage: Really? He didn't leave did he?
Guy 3: He's waiting to see you, or rather it. *staring at their prisoner*
Kage: Good, tell him I'll see him in a moment. Yuki, make sure they up the doses on him by twenty percent. I don't need him trying to get his way out of that and start that incident up again. Do whatever you have to to keep him under control. *leaves*
Yuki: *approaches the blond* Whatever I have to, hmm? *picks up six syringes, three in each hand* Now this might hurt just a little bit...*stabs the blond with all six syringes in both arms hearing nothing but a scream afterward*

Zero instantly opens his eyes and looked around at the strange place he had just fell asleep at as someone else continued poking his head with a blunt object.

Kid: Hey Mister are you dead or somethin'?
Zero: *looks up at the kid* If you continue that *grabs the stick before it hit him again* you'll be the one who's dead. *smirks*
Kid: *surprised and starts backing away* I'm really sorry! I won't do it again you were just laying on the ground an all I just wanted to make sure an all... *turns around and runs*
Zero: How sickening. I should have killed that brat. You aren't hiding are you Shingo? Or are you just too badly beat up from your joyride in SandStorm?
Shingo: I fell out, that's all.
Zero: How long have you been there? A minute?
Shingo: Two hours. I didn't want to wake you up so I got that kid to make sure you were still among the living.
Zero: Why would I be dead?
Shingo: I don't know, you'd have to tell me. It seems more like you are dead anyway.
Zero: What does that mean?
Shingo: You wouldn't fall to the ground without a reason. If you ask me I think it's sleep depravation.
Zero: *grunts* I don't require sleep.
Shingo: Then what were you doing just a second ago? Trying to sniff me out?
Zero: That was just a minor set back. You're one to talk about such things.
Shingo: I have a valid reason to not sleep.
Zero: To continue to forget?
Shingo: And you do the same. Are you afraid of what's there?
Zero: I'm not afraid of anything, you're the one that should be afraid of me.
Shingo: And yet, even though we want to claim to be two different people we're exactly alike.
Zero: We're nothing alike.
Shingo: Did you like posing as me for awhile? Do you miss everyone liking you, but at the same time hating you as well? You're more afraid then anything else. You want to kill me because you want my life since you have none. You were even suppose to exist and you know it as well as I do. I'm placing this on you, Zero, if I do end up dead you can go ahead and just replace me. I don't want anyone to be sad because of me.
Zero: And if we both die?
Shingo: That will never happen, you'll never die unless I do it and I've already told you I won't kill you.
Zero: Why not?
Shingo: I know that you can do good things if you gave it as much of a shot as you did out in that dried up land. *hears a scream* Are you going to get that?
Zero: I'm not interested in interfering with other's lives.
Shingo: Just this once. You just might get something out of it.
Zero: Pfeh, I'm bored anyway. *gets up and starts looking for where the scream came from*
Shingo: *gives a small smile* I knew you would.

A little five year old brunette haired girl started wiping away her tears while a faint meowing sound came from under a large piece of debris. She hears someone approach her and instantly grabs a rock and throws it at the blond's head.

Zero: *grabs the rock in mid flight and looks down* That's rude. What's your problem? I can hear your pathetic whimpering a mile away. *silence* You could at least tell me your name.
Girl: *stares up at Zero in shock* name is Y...Yui. Who are you?
Zero: I find that's not important as to who I am. Now, Yui, what the hell were you crying over?
Yui: My kitty, Meko, he's stuck under there. *points to the piece of wall and
Zero: What's he doing under there?
Yui: I don't know, we were walking and the wall fell down on Meko. Can you help him?
Zero: You expect me to help a stupid creature?
Yui: Please?
Zero: Feh, only because I don't want to hear you crying. You'll wake the dead that way. *grabs a side of the wall and pulls it up until it falls on the opposite side and looks at the cowering gray cat*
Yui: *runs over to the cat* Thank you, sir!
Zero: Yeah, whatever. *starts walking off and notices a another pair of footsteps behind him and growls* Don't you have someone else to bother?
Yui: I...I would but I don't know where anyone is.
Zero: Go home.
Yui: *points to the fallen building* That was my home.
Zero: ...You're becoming more trouble then you're worth.
Yui: *holds the cat in one hand and grabs Zero's hand in the other* Can I go with you? Please?
Zero: *groans* What a pest. *starts walking again*
Yui: Is that a yes?
Zero: Just don't get in my way. *thinking* Get something out of this? All I got was an annoy little girl and her pet. *looks down* I don't see anything special.
Yui: *looks up and smiles*
Zero: *thinking* There better be a good reason for all of this.
Yui: I want to thank you sir.
Zero: Call me Zero.
Yui: Zero? What an odd name.
Zero: I find that it fits me perfectly.
Yui: *digs around in her pocket and pulls out a star shaped charm* This is for you.
Zero: I don't want it.
Yui: *watches Zero just look ahead ignoring her presence and sticks the charm into his pocket* I guess that makes sense you are a boy. Boys don't like getting presents from girls.
Zero: Why not?
Yui: Dunno, you're a boy why don't you tell me?
Zero: I suppose that males have better things to do then have such gifts clutter their personal space.
Yui: That sounds like my brother. He hates getting things from girls but he also doesn't talk to many.
Zero: How old is he?
Yui: Dunno, but he goes to the Sanq Kingdom Academy.
Zero: That tells me nothing.
Yui: I'm only five an a half what do ya expect?
Zero: You're right I set my expectations too high.
Yui: You want to hold Meko?
Zero: No.
Yui: Please? Meko likes you.
Zero: No.
Yui: *places the cat in his hands anyway and grins*
Zero: *holding the kitten at eye level* Ugh, what a disgusting flea bag.
Yui: *laughs as the kitten licks Zero's face* I told you he liked you.
Zero: I hope he's not expecting me to do the same. *hands the cat back to Yui*
Yui: *laughs and continues skipping along*

Milliardo looked up at WingZero and gave a sigh.

Milliardo: This is how it's going to end then.
Haruka: What did you do, Milliardo?
Milliardo: I did nothing but improve our chances. With these alterations we're going to win this easily.
Haruka: Alterations given to you by Zero. He's given you nothing but a blueprint for your death. He doesn't want to help you, he wants to kill you.
Milliardo: Haruka I don't want to fight with you over this issue. We're brothers after all, we shouldn't be doing that.
Haruka: Look I don't want to fight with you either it's just--
Milliardo: Just what? Are you mad that you can't be the hero?
Haruka: Hero? All I see is a puppet. You better cut yourself loose, Milliardo, who knows what Zero really has planed for you. I'm saying this because I care about you. I'm saying this because Duet cares about you. I'm saying this because I don't want to be the one that has to drag your dead body out of that gundam.
Milliardo: What would you do in my position, Haruka? What would you do when you have the ability to stop anything from happening? I have the chance to stop this from getting out of control.
Haruka: You know what I would do, I would turn back. I suggest you do that as well, turn back.
Milliardo: So I can screw up like you? You were framed. Caught at the scene of the crime and everyone worldwide saw you. Until this is over, Haruka, stay out of my way.
Haruka: Whatever you say, Mill. I just came here to know I tried to get you out of this before you screwed up.
Milliardo: And I'm just trying to fix your screw up as usual.
Haruka: Glad to know I give you something to do.

Triage dug around the rubble of the fallen buildings screaming out Torance's name as he went along. Nova searched in other areas until he fell to the ground.

Triage: TORANCE! *looks over at Nova* Nova? You ok?
Nova: *sighs* I just feel so responsible for this.
Triage: Hey now, you didn't know this was going to happen. She could be fine for all we know.
Nova: I guess so. But what if she's not? Then what? Will it be my fault?
Triage: Nah. Neither one of us had any control as to what was going to happen we can just pray for the best to happen.
Guy: Hey you two aren't hurt are ya?
Nova: No sir we were just looking for a friend of ours.
Triage: My girlfriend his friend.
Nova: ...*glare*
Triage: Heheh... Have you seen her? Short red hair green eyes?
Guy: Yeah she's at the shelter right now.
Nova: She isn't hurt is she?
Guy: Nah, she's just fine. The place is only half a mile south of here.
Triage: Thanks! See? I told you everything was going to be just fine!
Nova: I hope so.

Atta sat down and groaned as Taleb kept going.

Taleb: *stops and looks behind him* What are you doing? I told you no rest until we find Shingo
Atta: Neh... I'm so tired. Can't we rest for a bit?
Taleb: Hell no.
Atta: Ugh... *looks over to the side and blinks several times* OK I think I'm starting to see things.
Taleb: What are you talking about?
Atta: A suspicious looking guy looks a lot like Shingo. *waves* SHINGO! *dashes over to Zero*
Taleb: A... Ugh stupid. *follows*
Yui: *looks up at Zero* Shingo? Why's he calling you "Shingo"?
Zero: Stay here.
Atta: Shingo! Man I thought you were dead! I mean SandStorm and all. *notices the unblinking stare coming from Zero* Shingo?
Zero: You seem to have mistaken me for your friend.
Atta: Ooooooooooook... I think you took one too many blows to the head.
Taleb: What's going on here?
Atta: Shingo is having an identity crisis.
Taleb: *looks at Zero* This isn't Shingo. Lets go.
Atta: Not Shingo? What are you talking about?
Taleb: I know what I'm talking about. Now lets go.
Atta: I'm still not following you.
Zero: ...Duck.
Atta: Duck?
Taleb: DUCK! *hits the ground as a grenade flies over their heads*
Atta: What the...Where did that come from?!
Guy: *pointing a gun at Atta's head* Okay ladies give up any valuables you have and we won't hurt ya.
Zero: Ladies? I see only one girl here.
Guy 2: You tryin to be funny?
Zero: No, absolutely not. I was just stating a point.
Guy 3: *hits Zero with the bottom of his gun* That should teach you to shut up.
Taleb: Look we don't have anything on us with the exception of the clothing on our backs. If anything you're wasting your time here.
Guy 2: Wastin our time? We hate wasting time. I think we should take care of that problem. *picks up Yui*
Atta: Hey now we don't need to get her into this. She's just a kid.
Guy 1: Shut up.
Guy 2: Now kid do you know if any of these here guys got anything on em?
Yui: *shakes her head*
Guy 3: You sure? What about this pissant here? *pulls Zero back up by his hair*
Yui: *shakes her head*
Guy 1: You wouldn't want us to kill any one if you were lying to us, would ya?
Yui: Please just leave us alone!
Guy 1: *picks up the cat* Aww what a cute little cat. Oh well I guess he's a dead cat now. *flings the kitten in the air and fires a bullet right though it*
Yui: Meko! *starts crying*
Guy 2: Hey now you brought this on yourself.
Zero: *laughing under his breath*
Guy 3: Hey what the hells so funny?
Zero: I find it interesting that not even an entire day goes by and already people are trying to kill one another over petty things. You people are so interesting but I'm afraid I've gotten bored already. Yui, close your eyes really tight and don't open them until I tell you to.
Yui: Y...yes. *does as she's told.
Zero: *opens his red eyes and grins mischievously* So who wants to play first?
Guy 3: Uh guys I think we should leave.
Zero: Leave? Who said you were going any where other then hell? *grabs the third guy and rips his arm clean off* Did that hurt? I'm so very sorry. Let me ease that pain. *rips the third guy's stomach open, takes a grenade off of his belt and tosses it inside while humming "Pop goes the Weasel"*
Taleb: *watches Zero walk away from the body as it explodes behind him*
Atta: Damn...
Zero: Who's up for a game of baseball? *picks up a metal pole*
Guy 1: *starts firing his gun at Zero, missing each time in fear* I'm sorry! Leave me alone! I didn't mean to do anything!
Zero: Did you? How do I know?
Guy 1: Look I'm really sorry!
Guy 2: Yeah! We both are!
Zero: That's why you're using a little girl as a shield against me? *busts out laughing* You two obviously don't take me too seriously.
Guy 1: We do! Please! Spare us!
Zero: Earth doesn't need such garbage moving about. *dashes to the first guy sticking the pole right though his chest and turns to the second guy*
Guy 2: Come on. You don't really want me to hurt the girl do you?
Zero: I'm not worried too much about it.
Guy 2: You're... you're crazy!
Zero: Thanks. *hits the second guy's head off with the pole as a gun shot fired* Hmm? *picks up the freshly fired gun from the second guy's hand and looks over at Yui as his eyes fade back into their grey-blue color* Yui you can get up now. Yui?
Atta: *rushes to the girl before Zero* Hey kid? You all right? *checks for any sign of life still in the girl and soon closes his eyes and shakes his head*
Taleb: Atta?
Atta: Poor kid. Never will be able to grow up. You were right, Taleb, *stares at Zero* he is most defiantly not Shingo. Shingo would have never let this happen.
Zero: She was nothing but a worthless human anyway.
Atta: Worthless? If she was so worthless why did you even bother trying to help her? You make me sick. How can you just stand there like nothing happened? HOW?
Zero: I don't need to answer any of your questions.
Atta: Because you know you're as guilty as you should be. You were too caught up in killing people to care about one life.
Zero: If you were so worried why didn't you do something about it?
Atta: I wish I could have. I really wish I could have.
Zero: Perhaps then the world needs more people like you. *turns around*
Taleb: Who exactly are you?
Zero: Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Taleb: I don't believe that.
Zero: Believe what you want then.
Taleb: I believe there's a purpose as to why you're here and why you resemble Shingo.
Zero: I resemble him because I am nothing more then a mirror image, his shadow, his dark. We are nothing alike and will never be. I came here to learn something and I did. I need to dispose of the human race as soon as possible before you do it yourselves. Killing each other just for worthless things. You people truly are pathetic. Very soon all of your purposes will be to die at my feet because I ultimately surpass all of you and none of you people will be able to do anything because I am god.
Taleb: I don't know your back story but I know that clone or not you still have the appearance of a human and thus I classify you as such.
Zero: Pfeh, if anything you should be cowering in fear of me.
Taleb: Why should I fear someone who claims to be nothing?
Zero: *smirks* Taleb, you are a very confusing person indeed.
Taleb: Perhaps in truth everyone is confused about everything.
Zero: I'm not confused, simply lost. You're master's waiting for you, you better run back to him like the dogs you are. *leaves the two*
Atta: *growls* What a cold hearted bastard.
Taleb: I doubt he really is.
Atta: You like being called a dog?
Taleb: No but I'm sure we have the wrong idea about him. Atta, do you have the feeling like we know him?
Atta: *scoffs* Why should I?
Taleb: Because I do.

Shingo looked up at Zero as he passed by him.

Shingo: Zero?
Zero: You lied to me Shingo.
Shingo: I lied?
Zero: You said I would learn something. I fail to see what I learned, if anything.
Shingo: What do you think you learned?
Zero: Human's are weaker then I previously thought. I answered that cry only to be greeted with a child. Children are truly weak. This child followed me like an annoying insect and died for it.
Shingo: You didn't kill --
Zero: Of course not, I wouldn't sink that low. Instead it was someone else who killed her. Therefore it's no fault of my own.
Shingo: And you found nothing of importance?
Zero: No.
Shingo: I'm sure you gained something.
Zero: I feel unchanged by that event.
Shingo: That's a lie.
Zero: I see what you were trying to get at. You're trying to see if I softened up any. Well I didn't. Just because of one human I'm not going to change my mind.
Shingo: You mean a decision that was made for you. Seiya can't control you and you know it. Why do you continue to listen to him?
Zero: I'm not. I intend on killing all of these people anyway.
Shingo: You don't have to. They haven't done anything to you.
Zero: Yet. Even if I did let them live what's to say that they won't try to kill me? This world isn't too kind and you know this as well. We're both different then them.
Shingo: What are you trying to imply?
Zero: People didn't just go to the colonies without there being something that would drastically change them. You know that from those long boring History classes. Have you heard of a Newtype?
Shingo: Yeah they popped up a few years after the colonies were constructed. They disappeared after that.
Zero: Disappeared? How do such people simply disappear? It doesn't happen unless they were simply killed off by those that feared them.
Shingo: So? Doesn't have anything to do with me.
Zero: Perhaps it does.
Shingo: Yeah? Well if they disappeared or were exterminated then how could I be anything like that?
Zero: Could have gotten into your family. Which side is a mystery to me.
Shingo: Yeah? Well it's got nothing to do with me. Newtype, seriously I thought you were going to present a better argument. If anything such people are like a myths. Besides I've never been to the colonies but once and that's when I was half dead. Your theory has been trashed.
Zero: And your family?
Shingo: Most of them live in the colonies and maybe even my dad when he was a million years younger but he's been on the Earth ever since I can remember. I'm pretty sure my mom's side has lived on the Earth for quite awhile though I doubt I could confirm that. Besides even if I were a "Newtype" it changes nothing.
Zero: It's the only thing that makes you able to even get into SandStorm. As for your piloting skills the ZPT2 takes care of that.
Shingo: Sandstorm is nothing but a death trap for me, isn't it?
Zero: Seiya intended it to be. He's demented but the truth is he only wants to kill you.
Shingo: And this war against the Earth?
Zero: That's also part of his plan to force you to pilot. He's also doing it for other reasons.
Shingo: Once again all of this is because of me.
Zero: It's because of your inefficient way of disposing of your brother. I'm sure if he were truthfully dead this wouldn't have even started. Kage only teamed up with Seiya because he didn't have much financing for an all out war nor could he convince any of the colony leaders to listen to him. Seiya used Kage for his own agenda and didn't care if he was killed. To think, if you had only pushed Seiya a little harder he would be dead.
Shingo: I doubt I ever really wanted to really kill him.
Zero: Lie.
Shingo: It's not a lie, but what I did afterward was...

Little Shingo stared down the cliff not knowing what to do as he looked at the broken tree branches that Seiya had collided into during his fall.

Shingo: Seiya...? *hears an echo* Seiya I'm sorry you can come back now! Come on, this isn't funny! Seiya! Where is he? What if he doesn't come back?! Then...then dad would hate me if I told him the truth an mom will hate me too. I don't want them to hate me...what if Seiya's just being mean and ignoring me? What if he's hurt? *gets up and starts running back home* Mama! Mama! Mama!
Dorothy: Where have you been?! I told you to stay out here if you're going to go outside!
Shingo: Mama...
Dorothy: Where's Seiya?
Shingo: Me an Seiya went outside in the woods and well we found a place to play an then Seiya said he was going to go down the cliff we found and he...he...
Dorothy: *grabs Shingo* What?!
Shingo: *looks away* I don't know! He just didn't come back!
Dorothy: *lets go of Shingo* He... QUATRE!
Quatre: *dashes out* What?!
Dorothy: Seiya's missing!
Quatre: Seiya?! And Shingo? *looks at Shingo and sighs*
Dorothy: He's ok.
Quatre: Where was this?
Shingo: In the woods by a big cliff.
Quatre: *sighs* That's good enough.
Dorothy: Where are you going?!
Quatre: I'm certainly not going to sit here and before you even think about it, stay here.
Dorothy: You're father cares a lot about you and your brother, Shingo.
Shingo: No he doesn't, he cares about Seiya. I'm glad he's gone! *goes inside*
Dorothy: Shingo!

Shingo: I remember that...Five days later, nothing. Three months later, nothing. A year later, nothing. Nothing came up. Now I find him and he's trying to kill me. I remember going into his room, which was conveniently left the way it was, and trashed it because my father was talking about him again. I even went out of the way to get rid of everything relating to him and that day. I'd hurt the kids in school so everyone was afraid of me including the teacher. Then I met Haruka. I was suppose to be a good boy at the party especially one that had all of my father's friends. So I decided to act like a jerk since I had to go and my psychologist said it would be good for me to get out every now and then. I ended up making friends and meeting my future girlfriend. They would never know about anything that happened to me prior to that first meeting, never. Then again they've done the same. I'm remembering too much again. I don't want to remember this.
Zero: Perhaps it's a sign.
Shingo: A bad one... What are you going to do now?
Zero: Continue on the path I've been on since the start of this.
Shingo: I see.
Zero: You should go find you're friends. I've done enough damage here.
Shingo: My friends? I doubt they'll want me around, I'm just a plague.
Zero: I'm the plague you're just the one with the bad luck.
Shingo: I'll see you again then?
Zero: No, you'll only see something worse then me if we do meet again. I have a request though.
Shingo: I'm not going to kill you.
Zero: Then you better run because I'm not going to be on such terms with you next time.
Shingo: It shouldn't matter I won't kill you and you can't kill me.
Zero: I'm afraid that will soon no longer be true. You said so yourself, Seiya has no control over me and you're loosing your chance to dispose of me. I've already done something horrid and it's only the start of my rebellion. Very soon I'll be able to slice you in half with your own gundam. I won't even hesitate. I've seen proof of this with those I've killed today. You were right though, I did get soft for awhile. I actually gave a damn about someone and it wasn't even myself.
Shingo: Why are you telling me this?
Zero: So someone will cry for me when I die.
Zero: Looks like I should leave. *gets up and walks past Taleb and Atta*
Atta: *hides behind Taleb* That guy scares the shit outta me.
Taleb: I'm sure you do the same for him.
Atta: That's cruel.
Taleb: And it's probably the truth.
Atta: Shingo, can I beat him up?! Shingo?
Shingo: Don't bother we have more things to worry about.
Taleb: Such as?
Shingo: Finding Haruka and everyone else. We still have a chance to fix this.
Atta: Ok, so where's your gundam?
Shingo: Following me.
Atta: Spoooooooky! A gundam that stalks it's pilot.
Shingo: That's ok, it can't hide forever.
Taleb: Well then lets get going.
Shingo: You know where to go?
Taleb: I was kind of hoping you did.
Shingo: No but I suppose we could try in the most likely places first.
Atta: Ugh, MORE walking!
Taleb: Get over it.
Atta: I don't need comments from you.
Taleb: And I, you.
Shingo: Don't you guys ever get along?
Both: NO!
Shingo: *sigh* You guys are something else.
Wow, it was actually a long episode for once! ^_^ Whatever shall happen next? *evil grin*