Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 36 - Crashing Down

"delivered from the blast
the last of a line of lasts
the pale princess of a palace cracked
and now the kingdom comes
crashing down undone" -

Smashing Pumpkins - The Beginning is The End is The Beginning

Haruka stared in disbelief at what remained of the central area of the Sanq Kingdom. He and Seiben were possibly the only ones alive in that very area. Everything had been wiped out of existence for several miles with a humonguous crater in the center of it. Buildings that did survive were now in an awkward shape from being basted inward. The two know for certain they were more then wanted criminals now. The only thing that ran though both of their minds was what to do now.

Seiben: *clears his throat* Haruka?
Haruka: Lets get out of here.
Seiben: And go where? Last time I checked we killed maybe a quarter of the population here.
Haruka: Lets go.
Seiben: I'm not sure you heard me right, Haruka. WE HAVE NO WHERE TO GO!
Haruka: Lets go.
Seiben: Are you ignoring me?
Haruka: If you're going to sit here and become a living target go ahead. I'd like to live.
Seiben: Did it ever occur to you that we've been framed?
Haruka: Do you think the families of those dead people care? They saw us do it. There's nothing more to do so we're better off just turning to the next page and waiting for what happens next.
Seiben: Are you trying to compare this to some story? This is real! This happened! We can't just say it didn't happen.
Haruka: Its happened before and it'll happen several more times. We're just writing another chapter in history and once again the gundams are a threat to the world. There's nothing much we can do.
Seiben: Zero probably had something to do with this crap. He's probably the one that set this all up! Asshole! When I see his ugly grinning face again I'll kill him!
Haruka: Haven't we killed enough people today, Seiben?
Seiben: But this is different. No one's going to cry if I kill him.
Haruka: And what if he killed you first? Then several people would cry. Besides even if he claims not to be human he still is. So you'd just be taking another human life. Just forget about it.
Seiben: Forget?! Do you think everyone will forget this? Put this all behind them?
Haruka: They won't forget but those after them will and this will be only another boring story to them. So, how does it feel to be immortalized in history, Seiben? You're going to become the object of another history lesson to rotten kids that are just going to sleep in class. Of course I'm sure they'll pronounce your name all wrong when giving a report on you from the day you were born to the day you croaked. Isn't this just so interesting? Now here's a better question you should ask, why rebuild a city over and over just to have it destroyed once again?

On the West side of the kingdom random pounding, scratching, and screaming was coming from the inside of SandStorm. The sound rang from inside the gundam for several minutes until the door finally opened with steam pouring out of the inside as the pilot collided with the ground crying loudly. Shingo laid on the ground staring off into an abyss, talking to no one in particular as his fingers and forehead bled from all the attempts to get out of the machine.

Shingo: Leave me alone! *tries getting up to only fall back down again* Don't get near me! *starts crawling* I'M NOT GOING BACK! Why can't you just leave me alone?! *looks over at the city* I didn't do this you did! I told you to stop but you didn't listen to me! THIS ISN'T MY FAULT! This isn't my fault. None of this has anything to do with me. *falls unconscious as SandStorm fades out*

Zero shot a look towards the west of the Sanq Kingdom as Seiya did the same.

Seiya: Oh you felt that too?
Zero: SandStorm's over there.
Seiya: That makes sense since Shingo is as well. I'm sure you want to run over to SandStorm and I'm not going to stop you. You're supposed to do that after all.
Zero: I have better things to worry about like how I'm going to kill you once I'm able to.
Seiya: You can't kill a ghost.
Zero: So you say but I'm sure there's a loophole somewhere that you know and don't want to backfire on you. Besides if you want Shingo dead why won't you just let me kill him? I'm sure that would screw a few people.
Seiya: You're right it would. He's got the only gundam that's able to go though my mobile suits shields.
Zero: I see so this is just a mind game then. You knew he wouldn't be able to handle Sandstorm because you were the one that came up with the system in it.
Seiya: And just like him I know Sandstorm inside and out. I remember every last part of the blue print my father showed me.
Zero: Since you knew everything you needed to know you created a system that could both benefit and become a curse to the pilot. Sounds like the ZERO system if you ask me.
Seiya: Well the GPMS does automatically start the ZERO system and you know which system is in Sandstorm correct?
Zero: The ZERO system 2 prototype. What an ass.
Seiya: What does that mean?
Zero: You used every last bit of information you knew about what once was a future gundam and created something for pure revenge though an exact clone of your own brother. That means you used Kage's technology to help you but unknown to you he also did the same as you which caused me to not kill him but a part of me that was Shingo did anyway. Then since I had Sandstorm I used the instructions for the GPMS. Of course another flaw came and Shingo woke up because his woman interfered but he forgot just about everything. I found this out and decided to get rid of him but that also didn't work. I was holding back each time I did manage to hit him because I was never meant to kill him but Sandstorm was. After L3 blew up I managed to get to Earth and meet up with Shingo once again and that's where I must of started gaining some humanity.
Seiya: What a nice story. But you know it's not your fault because you're not an exact clone of Shingo. There was only one of you for awhile because you seemed to have a mutation in you by the second hour after you were created. No one paid much mind to it since you were just the first. It seems that small mutation grew and you ignored everything you were meant to do. You're nothing but a fluke I suppose because the mutation never showed up in any of the second line. Do you know what I do to flukes?
Zero: You tried to kill me with my predecessors but they were too weak. I got to say most of them were hilarious especially when I'd corner them on the edge of a building and watch them fall off to their death. I think I even ripped one's arms off. That was fun. Maybe that mutation was a good thing. Perhaps I am an exact clone of Shingo after all.
Seiya: Are you trying to say my brother is some genetic screw up?
Zero: Could be why I'm so much stronger then you. Are you afraid of me? Is that why you put such a restraint on me? Humans are so interesting sometimes. All of you have a fear but I'm sure there's something more to this little revenge of yours then a fall off a cliff which should have killed you to start with.
Seiya: You're right, there's always more to a story. So do you plan on coming along with me?
Zero: Wouldn't dream of it.
Seiya: I take that as a no then. That's ok I don't really need you right now anyway. By the way good luck ignoring those voices in your head, you might turn psycho.
Zero: That's odd, the only voice I hear is yours.
Seiya: *smiles a bit and pats Zero on the head* Just like Shingo.
Zero: *gives him a look of disgust* I suggest you run while you still can because the next time we meet I won't only kill Shingo I'll kill you and everyone on and around this pathetic planet.
Seiya: You seem to keep forgetting that even if you are invulnerable on the inside you're still human and that means you can still bleed like the rest of us. I hope you consider this before you go and do something.
Zero: *starts walking in the direction of Sandstorm as Seiya goes the opposite way* I didn't forget that, Seiya. I realize that even at some point I'm going to die but I don't intend to die, ever.

Ling tried to find a bright side to all this mess while Duet continuously cried asking questions about the event.

Duet: And Haruka, how could he?! He killed probably thousands of people!
Ling: Most of them probably escaped anyway.
Duet: Or were trying to escape.
Ling: *sighs* Why do you always think of the worst things?
Duet: I consider it to be a possibility.
Ling: A bad one. *mutters* But not as bad as thinking your parents are dead.
Duet: And you, why do you have to be such an uncreative person?!
Ling: It's not that I'm not "creative" I just want to think of this in a positive light.
Duet: Why bother? Nothing positive is going to come out of this and if it does then that would be a miracle. There's no such thing as a miracle only disaster.
Ling: Is that what you really think? How do you think miracles happen? They don't just come out of thin air. A miracle will only come to those who do something even if it's just a little prayer.
Duet: Then you're also a fool.
Ling: That's a first.
Duet: I'm sorry I'm just *sigh* I don't know what to do now. I most definitely don't want to run.
Ling: Then don't.
Duet: Don't?
Ling: Just keep fighting if that's what you really want to do. Don't ever let what other people think of you get to you especially now.
Duet: Ling.
Ling: What?
Duet: Do you believe there's a god?
Ling: *smiles* Do you?

Nova ran to the door and was instantly grabbed by his brother as well as his mother.

Nova: LET GO!
Triage: So you can get your ass handed to you?!
Nova: Look they could've had a better chance if I were there. Ariel's not here so I'd be good enough to fill the spot.
Jade: You don't know that for sure. You could've gotten them in more trouble then they are now.
Nova: Even so at least I would've know I tried something.
Triage: Think about Torance! ...Wait where is Torance?
Nova: I have to go!
Triage: *lets go of Nova* West capitol...Torance... Oh man, Nova you're not going anywhere buddy!
Nova: And who's going to stop me?!
Triage: I never said you we're going, without me that is.
Jade: Triage!!
Triage: Don't worry I'll make sure Nova doesn't even think about using Silverlight. Just calm down and we'll be right back before you know it. *leaves with Nova*
Jade: *sits down and sighs* They grow up so fast.

Taleb looks at Atta who's still out of it and finds a bucket, fills it with water and dumps it on him.

Atta: *jumps up* SANDOSTORMU! *stares at Taleb*
Taleb: Welcome to hell.
Atta: Che, please spare me the sarcasm.
Taleb: Come on.
Atta: Hey wait! What happened?! Where's Shingo-sama and Sandstorm?!
Taleb: Gone obviously.
Atta: Taleb!
Taleb: What?
Atta: You seriously don't know?
Taleb: Oh yeah I was busy tracking down a gundam while dragging you around. Yep I multitask so well.
Atta: That's why no one likes you.
Taleb: I always thought no one liked you. Besides why does it matter where Sandstorm is? Shingo's probably ok anyway. He is afterall indestructible.
Atta: Where'd you make that assumption?
Taleb: After thinking back on a few things it's led me to believe that Shingo is either made out of gundanium or just an regular guy with a lot of luck on his side.
Atta: Or bad luck on his side. What if Shingo was like some superhuman?
Taleb: How long have you known Shingo, seriously now?
Atta: Probably eight or nine years, why?
Taleb: You haven't the right to be making assumptions about Shingo then.
Atta: And what does that mean?!
Taleb: I've known him for fifteen years and each year there's always something different about him.
Atta: I believe that's called growing up.
Taleb: I didn't mean like his habits or anything I meant how he thinks about things.
Atta: Well seems like you don't like him anyway since you both beat the crap outta each other. Why'd you guys start that up anyway?
Taleb: I don't think that's any of your business.
Atta: Aww come on! I got to hear how that one started.
Taleb: Even if I were going to tell anyone about it I wouldn't tell you.
Atta: *sigh* Where are we going anyway?
Taleb: Searching for Shingo.
Atta: SEE! You are worried about him!
Taleb: I never said I wasn't.
Atta: Gee how much more complicated can a guy get?

Ariel shot up from her bed and looked around the room. She quickly looked over at her alarm clock while calming down. Five in the morning and strangely no one was in the dark room besides herself. Noise was coming from outside the door of her room. Another girl rushed into the room and picked up a picture fame quickly and ran back to the door.

Ariel: Sara what's going on?!
Sara: Ariel, I'm sorry I didn't want to wake you up and I'm in a rush you know. Those damn gundam pilots just destroyed the Sanq Kingdom!
Ariel: What?!
Sara: Yeah those demons nearly leveled the entire place. Gosh if I ever saw one of those pilots I'd give them a piece of my mind. Hell if I have a weapon of any sort I'd use it to kill the first one I saw.
Ariel: *trying not to yell at the girl* I'm sure there's a good reason for this.
Sara: Yeah they want to do nothing but kill everyone. I'm going home before anything happens here. I suggest you do the same. *closes the door behind her*
Ariel: She'd kill me then as well? *turns the TV on and watches the footage from the Sanq Kingdom* Why would they do this? *hears a knock on the door and goes to answer it* Hello?
Delivery Boy: Man a lot of people want to get out of here eh?
Ariel: Seems like it.
Delivery Boy: I've got something here for a Mrs Ariel Barton Winner.
Ariel: Winner?
Delivery Boy: That's what it says here, ma'am.
Ariel: I suppose that would be me.
Delivery Boy: *pulls out a clip board* Sign here and that'll be all.
Ariel: *signs the paper and receives a box while staring at the delivery boy* Excuse me, sir, but you look very familiar.
Delivery Boy: I get that a lot ma'am. Good day to you.
Ariel: Yeah... *closes the door and starts humming to herself until she realizes something and quickly opens the door to search for the boy* Shingo?! *doesn't find him and closes the door* I'm probably just seeing things. Besides I couldn't get a good look at him anyways. *looks at the box, listens for any ticking noise, shakes it around hearing something inside and sets it down* Who would send something to me especially when they address me as 'Mrs Ariel Barton Winner'. *picks up the box* Doesn't even say who it was from how strange. *opens the box and sees shards of glass in the box, a broken picture frame and a picture of her and Shingo* Who would send me this? *hears the familiar tune of "Pop Goes The Weasel" coming from underneath the broken glass and immediately drops the box as a little toy jester pops out and just bounces back and fourth laughing* What a cruel joke. *hears the phone and quickly picks it up about to yell at whoever it was*
Seiya: Ariel, hey, how are you? This is Michael, by the way.
Ariel: Michael! I was so worried! I heard you left.
Seiya: Yeah I'm visiting the folks. I heard about the Sanq Kingdom. How sad. I hope your family is ok. You've heard from them right?
Ariel: Not yet.
Seiya: I'm sure they're just fine. It would be so horrid if they died especially since your boyfriend died not too long ago. How did he die again?
Ariel: A car crash.
Seiya: Oh, I'm sorry for asking something like that. That was uncalled for on my part.
Ariel: It's ok I'm just starting to get over it and all. I never told anyone this but for some reason I feel like he's still alive. I saw a delivery boy not too long ago who looked a lot like him.
Seiya: I've heard about that kind of stuff in psychology class. I'm sure it's nothing but a coincidence.
Ariel: And you don't you miss Julia? Would you find it coincidence if you saw someone that looked so much like her?
Seiya: *about to break the phone* Now that's just not fair, Ariel.
Ariel: Then I expect you not to say something like that in the future. Got it?
Seiya: Heh, sure.
Ariel: Good. *hearing everyone outside the room* I think I'm also going to leave this place.
Seiya: Trust me you're much more better off there.
Ariel: Well I guess so...
Seiya: Goodbye, Ariel. *hangs up the phone* Julia. *punches right though the phone*
Ya know... I left this story alone for two weeks and I feel like I forgot to add something. x.X Oh well! Hey hope ya like it I'll try to work on the next one as soon as possible.

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