Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 35 - The Last of a Line of Lasts

Shingo looked around the small home and found Atta slumped on the floor grinning half of the time while Taleb mumbled about random things in his sleep. Shingo walked past the two and towards the door passing the two while he tried to keep from making any sort of noise. He sighed, opened the door and just as he closed it the door slammed behind him causing the two to jump up. Shingo ran for it before the two could realized what had happened.

Atta: He's gone!
Taleb: WHAT?! Damnit!
Atta: Now what?
Taleb: He's obviously going to the Sanq Kingdom so we'll go there.
Atta: And how do you expect we get there?
Taleb: The quickest way obviously.
Atta: And that would be...No... NO... YOU CAN'T MAKE ME! We don't even have money, an' I'm afraid of heights, an' have I ever told you that I get air sick?!
Taleb: Get a hold of yourself! You're the most pathetic person I've ever seen! It's only a little six hour flight.
Atta: With stops in foreign countries with old scary men selling Rolexes and other black market merchandise. *grabs Taleb's shirt* I'M TOO SCARED!
Taleb: ... *smack*
Atta: *blink, blink* Thank you. *lets go*
Taleb: *brushes himself off* Yeah whatever just don't do that again. What the hell is going on in that guy's head?
Atta: Shingo-sama? *shrug* Who knows for sure? He's just a confusing guy especially to himself.
Taleb: There's one thing I hate about him, he never knows what to do except what he sees fit.

Shingo kept running into the dawn of a new day and stopped to check if either one of the two were following him.

Shingo: *sighs and falls down on the ground* How strange, the more people I get around the more I start remembering things. Even stranger, I don't want to remember. Those guys are probably worried about me. *turns over and starts writing on the sand while attempting to pronounce the word* S-hin-go. *writes a few more words* Sa-nd-storm. A-ri-el. Ze-ro. *stops and stares at the letters* None of this has anything to do with me. *covers the scribbling with the surrounding sand and notices a large shadow over him* What do you think, SandStorm? *looks up at the kneeling machine* Nothing much to say, eh? What do you think about a trip to a place called the Sanq Kingdom? *looks up and smiles expecting an answer* You think we should go then? Okay, it was getting boring around here anyway.

Meanwhile, in the Sanq Kingdom a tall honey blonde...girl...grabbed her dark blue haired...boyfriend... by the arm and started giggling like crazy.

Blonde: Oh Darling I can't believe you're taking me to the arcade! *whispers* Duet, these things are killing me! Why couldn't you be the girl? Do you have a thing for seeing guys crossdress?
Duet: Dear if you don't shut up we aren't going anywhere! *whispers* You said it was a cute dress so I let you wear it, Haruka.
Haruka: I meant a cute dress on you not me!
Duet: Oh so you're checking me out now?
Haruka: No, you'd know if I was checking you out. Besides how'd you get your breast so flat? Not that there was anything there in the first place.... Oh my god you pad your bra!
Duet: ...No.
Haruka: Well you didn't have to do that anyway, we could have been a cute lesbian couple! I know how much you'd like that.
Duet: *trips Haruka* Oh my god, dear, are you ok?!
Haruka: *gets up* Oh my... clumsy little me.
Duet: You're lucky we're almost at the "arcade".
Haruka: Right.
Duet: *walks up the stairs of the apartment building* Aren't you coming?
Haruka: No need to be hasty. *walks up the steps*
Duet: *grins and opens the door* Ladies first.
Haruka: Ha, ha, ha, funny.
Duet: Wasn't it? *looks up the flight of stairs and frowns*
Haruka: *discards the dress and bushes off his shorts and tank top* What's wrong with you now?
Duet: *looks over at Haruka* Nothing. There's just a lot of stairs that's all.
Haruka: There's an elevator.
Duet: I don't think it would matter.
Haruka: Scared?
Duet: *glares* Of course not.
Haruka: Let me tell you what. You aren't going to get anywhere worrying about it. Which way do you want to go, up the stairs, in the elevator, or back out that door? Either way he's still going to be on your mind.
Duet: *smiles* You know, Haruka, I think I've been able to see what Michiru sees in you. *starts walking up the stairs*
Haruka: Eh?
Duet: Aren't you going to come idiot? God you're so stupid.
Haruka: *mumbles* Women and their mood swings.
Duet: I heard that!

Two grey-blue eyes moved in the direction of the door listening to the foot steps down the hallway. He looked around the place while everyone was out cold. A knock on the door sounded throughout the room several times without being answered. Another couple of times and no one answered. He frowned, picked up a gun and prepared himself for whatever was on the other side. Again a knock on the door. A grin came across his face as he swung the door open and pointed the riffle at the female on the otherside.

Haruka: ...Well Duet I thought you were taking me to Mill's place not this psycho's hideout.
Zero: If it isn't a Maxwell and a Yuy. *looks at Duet's shocked face* You don't have to worry, yet.
Duet: *grabs Zero* What did you do to Milliardo?! Tell me!
Zero: Maybe I killed him and had him for breakfast. *starts laughing only to receive a smack across his face*
Duet: I don't care who you think you are, I want to see Milliardo!
Zero: Well then... Come in. *observes her carefully as she enters*
Haruka: I wouldn't piss any female off even if I had the mind of an insane man.
Zero: *still staring at Duet* How touching. I'll keep that in mind. Though, Haruka, aren't we all insane?
Haruka: You're in a category by yourself.
Zero: I certainly feel special now.
Haruka: *walks in* Oh yeah and I know about it.
Zero: About what?
Haruka: You attempting to kill my brother.
Zero: That was a pure mistake.
Haruka: I'm sure, but was it a mistake on your part or the ZERO system's? *looks at the slightly confused look on Zero's face*
Zero: I don't know what you're talking about.
Haruka: You will, in time.
Zero: *thinking* For once you know something before me, Haruka, or do you? *out loud* Why should I listen to you?
Haruka: Because that thing that's bothering you is also the reason you don't sleep well if at all. Everyone's afraid of something and I think you found what you're afraid of. *sees Ling* Hey Ling man! What's up?
Ling: Haruka?
Haruka: Yep!
Ling: Oh man, not the game show dream again!
Haruka: ..Ok I'll pretend I didn't hear that. What's up?
Ling: Um... nothing.
Haruka: Now Ling, explain to me why you were sleeping on the couch if there's three rooms here.
Ling: Well um... I gave Sydney my bed and all and I didn't want anyone thinking like you would have so I slept out here.
Haruka: What do you mean like I would have?! You should give me more credit then that.
Seiben: Damnit how is a man, such as myself, supposed to get any sleep around here with you chatting like girls?!
Haruka: Well gee Seiben, I never knew you were a boy.
Seiben: ...Haruka... My day just gets better by the second! And what's this?! *points to Zero* He's still here as well! Dandy! If you excuse me I'll be jumping off of this building in a few seconds. *passes by Milliardo's open door and looks in* Great... Now we get the sap added in! Feh!
Ling: What an ass.
Haruka: Truly.
Sydney: *walks out of Ling's room* What's going on now?
Haruka: Seiben's in a depressed, horny guy mood.
Sydney: Oh, that's all?
Haruka: Yep.

Duet: *holds on to Milliardo* I missed you. *looks up at him* What's wrong?
Milliardo: I didn't want you to come here.
Duet: Oh, well I can leave if that's what you want.
Milliardo: I can't force you to go.
Duet: It's ok, I was going anyway. *gets up*
Milliardo: Duet.
Duet: What?
Milliardo: You know we can't be around each other it would only be harder for each of us to let go if the other were to die. I don't want you to morn over me or anything. I want you to be happy.
Duet: You know why I decided to be a gundam pilot? It wasn't because my father was one or so I can be by you the whole time. It was because I felt if I were a gundam pilot I would be able to protect the one's I love. It's because I'm a gundam pilot that I can be so strong. Even if you did die I can't promise I won't cry over you but I will move on, eventually.
Milliardo: Duet...*gets off the bed and put his arms around her* I'm sorry. I really am.I'm not even sure what's going to happen today. It's not like when we were kids.
Duet: Go to school, sit next to you in class.
Milliardo: Have Haruka tease me.
Duet: Shingo throw spitballs at the board.
Milliardo: Eat lunch with Ling and Ariel.
Duet: Hear about the newest fight between Shingo and Ariel.
Milliardo: Watch Haruka get into trouble.
Duet: *looks at Milliardo* Being with you.
Milliardo: Falling in love with you.
Duet: Going out even with Haruka following us. I think that's it.
Milliardo: You forgot about me kissing you. Like...this... *leans in*
Milliardo: Ha..ha...HARUKA!
Duet: *mumbles* And him coming in time just to ruin everything.
Haruka: I saw that, Mill. You were busy putting the moves on Duet.
Milliardo: Moves? What "moves"?!
Haruka: You know, that mushy love crap you were doing. I swear the ground was literally turning into quicksand!
Milliardo: *frowns* I doubt that. What are you doing here? I would have thought you would have had more common sense then to come here.
Haruka: Something told me you needed my help.
Milliardo: I don't need you for anything, Haruka, I never have.
Haruka: But you trust the devil?
Milliardo: Eh?
Haruka: Zero, the guy's practically the devil in disguise.
Milliardo: I trust him a lot more then you. You did, after all, knock me unconscious, stole my gundam, kissed MY girlfriend, and destroyed an entire colony, I don't think you're very trust worthy.
Haruka: Oh no way. Hell no. I'm your own brother, your twin, your compadre, your amigo, me casa su casa! You can't say that you don't trust me!
Milliardo: ...You know I don't know that much Spanish!
Haruka: I know, I did that on purpose. The point is, are you going to listen to me or "I want to kill everyone" boy?
Milliardo: I don't know.
Haruka: Come on, Milliardo, we're family he's a homicidal maniac. *starts singing* We are family!
Milliardo: ...I find that either way I'm guaranteed death.
Haruka: You're not going to die, not for a long while. You've got to trust me.
Duet: Please, Milliardo
Milliardo: On one condition.
Haruka: Name it.
Milliardo: I don't want Duet to be in the fight.
Haruka: *looks over at Duet* Well...I don't know about that one.
Milliardo: If you can't guarantee that I refuse to listen to anything else you have to say.
Duet: Milliardo you can't just keep me from fighting! I think it's more important that you trust your brother more then worry about what may happen to me.
Milliardo: You're the only thing that matters at the moment and I'll do anything to make sure you're safe. I'm trusting your life to Haruka.
Haruka: Mill...
Milliardo: There's nothing more to say, Haruka.
Haruka: Stubborn, just like dad. *sighs* I suppose I'll watch your woman for you then.
Milliardo: I know I can trust you to do so.

Several announcements rang though out the filled airport of flights coming in and out of the Sanq Kingdom area. A familiar duo walk out of the terminal and look around the place.

Atta: *crying to death* Why'd the little puppy have to die?! It's not fair!
Taleb: Ugh... I hate on flight movies. I thought you were hungry.
Atta: I was? When was that? How long was that flight? Felt like five minutes...
Taleb: *whispers* I know but we're trying to get the plot moving.
Atta: Oh, ok, so would that explain the blond guy that looks like Shingo-sama over there?
Taleb: ...*looks over* That guy looks nothing like Shingo!
Atta: Maybe it's the hair.
Taleb: He looks nothing like him.
Atta: Eyes?
Taleb: *groans* He looks nothing like Shingo.
Atta: He's probably the same height as Shingo-sama.
Taleb: I'm telling you, he looks NOTHING like Shingo!
Atta: Oh yeah you're right, he's got shades! Wait didn't Shingo-sama--
Taleb: *thwap* Come on, I think you're hungrier then I previously thought. *looks over at the blond, making eye contact for a minute*

Seiya watched the two carefully, especially Taleb, and shruged off the unsettling feeling he got.

Guy: *over the phone* Sir? Are you still there?
Seiya: What?
Guy: Sir, we spotted an object moving at an extremely fast rate towards your location. I don't think it's a good idea that you stay around the Sanq Kingdom area.
Seiya: Any idea what it is?
Guy: Like I said it's moving to fast. We can't get a lock on it.
Seiya: *smirks* I think I'll be staying here. After all, I did just arrive.
Guy: But, Sir.
Seiya: Inform all mobile suits within the Sanq Kingdom area to be on high alert.
Guy: What should I say the threat is?
Seiya: Tell them a gundam is coming.
Guy: A, a, a gundam, Sir?
Seiya: That's right.
Guy: I'll inform them right away! *click*
Seiya: *puts the cell phone away and looks over at Atta and Taleb* It's interesting how things come together in the end and once Shingo gets here everything will be set in motion once again. *looks over at a ice cream shop* That is if he isn't already here. *walks over to Shingo's table* Excuse me, sir, you don't mind if I sit here do you? *points to the seat in front of Shingo*
Shingo: *looks up though his bangs from his ice cream float* Ne? I suppose so. *looks back down*
Seiya: *sits down* Thank you.
Shingo: Yeah, so who are you? That is really?
Seiya: Same could be asked of you.
Shingo: I felt something odd about you before you got here. I think it was while you were looking at me from over there. I guess you felt the same thing.
Seiya: You could say that I found that you were an interesting person.
Shingo: Or you feel a connection to me. A lot of people do. They feel sorry for me mostly. I'm sure you know that feeling.
Seiya: All to well.
Shingo: *looks at Seiya* What are you trying to hide?
Seiya: What are you?
Shingo: Answering a question with a question.
Seiya: *takes off his shades and looks at Shingo* I have nothing to hide. *looks at Shingo's expression* What's wrong have a feeling like you're looking into a mirror?
Shingo: Wh..who...
Seiya: I'm just someone that died a long time ago. My dear brother threw me off a cliff and thought I had died along with the rest of the world. It seems you're in the same boat. Dead, but not exactly. We're nothing but souls that roam the earth searching endlessly for something, anything. You see... You and me we were meant to meet again though I'm not sure why. Perhaps to consult each other, figure out what purpose we were placed here for or maybe we already know our fate which could very well be to destroy each other. I had no intention to harm you in anyway but I seem to just live in the past. There's some thing about you as well that you would like to keep in the past. It's sad that you don't remember me.
Shingo: I'm not sure I know who you are exactly but I can tell you definitely have something against me.
Seiya: *gets up from his seat and pats Shingo on the head* It was nice seeing you again. Too bad we won't have another time to chat like this.
Shingo: *grabs Seiya's wrist* I wouldn't want to. *lets go*
Seiya: You know, Shingo, I suppose sometimes it's best that some people don't remember.
Shingo: *under his breath* Believe me there are things I remember that I don't even want to. *looks out the window and watches SandStorm phase in and out of view appearing and disappearing in different locations* They're waiting for your ghost to get here.

Each mobile suit around the Sanq Kingdom surveyed the area watching carefully for any sign of the gundam that was approaching them.

Pilot 1: Don't you find this odd?
Pilot 2: What do you mean?
Pilot 1: That gundam is moving so fast but no one can get any lock on it.
Pilot 2: It must be incredibly fast then.
Pilot 1: Maybe, but we should have been able to get at least some type of confirmation on it. All head quarters was able to get was a blip on the radar. This just makes no sense...wait a minute...
Pilot 2: What?
Pilot 1: That thing that's coming here could possibly be some type of decoy.
Pilot 2: Decoy?! Then that could mean--
Pilot 1: The gundam is already here! Everyone watch out the gundam's already in the Sanq Kingdom area!
Pilot 3: What?!
Pilot 1: That thing we saw out there is nothing by a decoy to probably buy the pilot time!
Pilot 3: Spread out and search for the damn thing!

Shingo sat back against a wall watching the suits move in different directions. He shook his head and sighed.

Shingo: Seems like they caught on. Hopefully I won't need to use SandStorm to get though to these guys. *pulls out a switch and presses the button as several bombs go off on the mobile suit's legs causing them to fall over* I just hope that keeps them there for awhile.

Pilot 2: What the hell was that?!
Pilot 1: Someone attached some explosives to out mobile suits.
Pilot 3: No shit.
Pilot 2: How the hell did they manage to do that crap!?
Pilot 1: ... *thinks back at where he was searching the area and remembered someone walking from underneath his suit and lean against a wall* That guy... Damnit! He planned this. You two look for the gundam I'll look for the pilot. *gets out of his MS along with a gun and dashes back to the place he spotted the guy* The hell did he go?
Shingo: I'm guessing you're looking for me.
Pilot 1: *turns around and smirks* Your the pilot of that gundam aren't you?
Shingo: Possibly.
Pilot 1: I don't have time to mess with you kid so die like a good little boy or tell me where your gundam is.
Shingo: From what I can recall I wasn't much of a good kid but I'm not going to do either of the two you've requested.
Pilot 1: You're cornered.
Shingo: True and I'm also unarmed. I'd like to warn you though SandStorm will be very upset if she found out you tried to kill me.
Pilot 1: SandStorm?
Shingo: My gundam.
Pilot 1: Please the thing's nothing but a walking piece of gundamium, it has no feelings.
Shingo: Gee you don't have many girlfriends do you?
Pilot 1: ...*fires the gun and misses* Girlfriends?! Shut up!
Shingo: Thought as much.
Pilot 1: I'm not going to miss this time kid so I advise you to shut up.
Shingo: You sure about that? I'm just a kid after all. You don't want to shoot me. Drop it.
Pilot 1: *starts dropping the gun as another gun goes off hitting him*
Shingo: *looks over* Another one? Great.
Clone: Look at that. I go looking for Zero and I find you instead. *walks over towards the pilot* Interesting turn of events. *fires the gun several more times on the pilot*
Shingo: You didn't need to do that!
Clone: Wouldn't you have done it?
Shingo: No!
Clone: Yes you would, if you had a gun.
Shingo: I wouldn't have a reason to he wasn't going to kill me.
Clone: Saying if he did drop the gun would you still not kill him. He's an enemy after all. He would have sold you out. Then they would be looking for you. Didn't that ever pass your mind?
Shingo: Of course but it didn't matter.
Clone: *throws the gun over to Shingo* So now you have a gun and I'm the enemy. What are you going to do?
Shingo: You're no longer a threat.
Clone: I could easily pick that gun up from the ground and kill you with it.
Shingo: As long as you weren't hurt it wouldn't matter. By all means I have the opportunity but I wouldn't get anything from it. *places the gun on the ground and kicks it back over and starts walking away* Even if you are the enemy you still have the chance to change. *watches a bullet fly past him*
Clone: You're in danger now and you've lost each chance I gave you. Naturally you're going to act on instinct.
Shingo: And put you in danger? No. *hears another gun shot go off and the bullet intercepted by metal causing him to turn around quickly* SandStrom! *watches the machine slice the clone into unrecognizable pieces and covers his mouth before loosing every bit of the ice-cream he had earlier* You're getting out of control. *spins around* DON'T TALK TO ME ABOUT THIS! I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT! *hears something flying above him* Not now... GET OUT OF HERE! *watches the MS become scrap metal* Stop...stop...STOP IT! *watches the gundam just stand there with the feeling that the thing was just staring at him as it slowly disappears* Why is it I always end up starting everything?

Rose looked at the television in disbelief. The Preventors were having a meeting over what course of action was best to do when a news broadcast came on reporting a gundam attack in the area. She along with those that could recognize the gundam instantly knew which one it was. Having that gundam around meant that the pilot was there and that meant a certain blond was still alive but was on neither side.

Zechs: This is crazy! That damn brat didn't need to level out that entire section over two mobile suits!
Duo: Could be someone else. Remember what Haruka and the rest told us about that Zero guy?
Zechs: I'm not in the mood to recall lies that my sister's psycho son came up with.
Heero: Seems like your son had the same story to tell as well.
Wufei: We should concentrate on what's happened and the panic that's risen because of it.
Duo: Wow, Wufei's thinking today!
Wufei: Maxwell...
Duo: Shutting up now.
Trowa: *approaches the group* Where's Milliardo and Seiben? They haven't come into work for two days now.
Heero: No clue but it's suspicious.
Duo: I would of thought you'd know, Heero.
Zechs: He wouldn't know crap.
Heero: And you know where they are?
Zechs: No.
Duo: Great, we got someone piloting a gundam that resembles SandStorm on the loose and you two don't even know where your kids are.
Heero: Like it matters. Milliardo can take care of himself.
Zechs: As well as Seiben.
Rose: Don't you two even worry a little?
Heero: I'm fully confident.
Zechs: The same.
Rose: Well I'm going to find them.
Seiben: Don't bother I'm already here.
Rose: Sei-chan! Whatever where you doing this entire time?
Seiben: Having the worst nightmare of my life.
Rose: You shouldn't eat cheese before bed then besides it gives you gas.
Rose: *smile* Well I'm glad your up and about.
Seiben: So what are you planing because Milliardo and me already know what we're doing.
Duo: Looks like we didn't have to make a plan after all then.
Heero: I want to hear this "plan".
Seiben: We plan to turn ourselves in and explain that our comrades escaped.
Preventor: And I plan to do that kid. *points a gun at Seiben*
Seiben: What so you can get a little prize for it? I think not.
Preventor: I have family here. I don't need them to be placed in danger if you guys don't carry out that plan.
Seiben: Cute, Haruka.
Haruka: *takes off the hat* I won't ask how you knew.
Seiben: I won't lie that it wasn't a good performance.
Heero: The hell are you doing here?
Haruka: Came to ask if we could pick up our gundams that's all.
Heero: There's no need for them.
Seiben: If you don't recall that gundam just destroyed a portion of the Sanq Kingdom. I doubt the pilot's going to be very lenient when it comes to your homes.
Zechs: You're walking into a battle that your automatically going to lose.
Haruka: I'm not like Milliardo who wishes to do nothing. I intend to do something about this situation. I'm going to get my gundam.
Heero: Go on.
Trowa: Heero.
Heero: There's not use getting though to either one. They're too much like their predecessors. I hope they're prepared for whatever may occur.

Taleb kicked back and watched his 'friend' run around in circles.

Atta: WE'RE GOING TO DIE! I DON'T WANT TO DIE! *looks at Taleb* How can you just sit there?!
Taleb: Simple. I'm not an idiot and I see nothing to be worried about.
Atta: Did you not watch the TV?! Shingo-sama's lost it! He's angry! WE'RE GOING TO DIE! *continues running around*
Taleb: Why do I have to put up with this? Atta knock it off your scaring people even more then they need to be. *looks at the people passing by stare at the Arabian like he was nuts*
Guy: Is he a friend of yours?
Taleb: Just an acquaintance.
Guy: Kid's a little messed up in the head.
Taleb: I'm used to it.
Guy: AHHHHHH! Get em off me!
Taleb: *hits Atta upside the head* I'm very sorry. He didn't bite you or anything right?
Guy: No, I'm ok. You should get some help for him.
Atta: Ouchies...
Guy: AHHHHHHH! *runs off*
Atta: The hell...
Taleb: Come on we should find out where that gundam is.
Atta: Find out where it is?! Are you nuts?! I don't have a death wish if you recall.
Taleb: *stare*
Atta: No, I'm staying here. You can't move me from here. *finds some rope and ties himself to a pole* HAHAHA! *hears a rumbling noise from the ground* Ne...?
Taleb: *looks up* Well looks like one doesn't have to go very far to find a mobile suit.
Taleb: What are you going on about now?
Taleb: *turns around* When did that--
Taleb: You want me to untie you now?
Atta: Yes! Please! You can't leave me here!
Taleb: I don't know... *starts walking off*
Atta: Errrr, TALEB!
Taleb: *sits down and starts humming to himself*
Atta: *watches Sandstorm stand up and disappear a second later a big explosion sounds behind him* TALEEEEEEEEEB! GET ME OUT OF HERE!
Taleb: *watches Sandstorm reappear and look in his direction* What you plan to do now? Destroy this area as well? *looks over at the side to Shingo running in the gundam's direction* He's not even piloting it again. How is he doing that? *looks over to Atta, who's fainted and sighs*
Shingo: SANDSTORM! Why do you continue to do this?! Were you going to kill him as well? *walks over to Taleb* You're not hurt are you?
Taleb: How are you able to do that?
Shingo: What?
Taleb: That gundam. Is someone operating it?
Shingo: No.
Taleb: Then how is it able to move?
Shingo: It's complicated.
Taleb: I have time.
Shingo: Sandstorm and I are in sync with each other. As you recall when I moved Sandstorm moved. Unfortunately Sandstorm has started to ignore me. Sort of developing a mind of it's own. It can't just leave me some where because it knows no matter what a gundam still needs a pilot to enable it to move. I'm not sure if I could call any of this a good thing but I can stop Sandstorm from doing this. I just have to get in.
Taleb: So why don't you go in?
Shingo: In a sense... Sandstorm is trying to eat me.
Taleb: Eat you?
Shingo: Devour me. Keep me to herself. I go into that gundam I'll have a hard time getting out. Not only does she have a conscious she also has a program that toys with you. The thing is more of a virus right now. Perhaps that's the true thing that causes Sandstorm to move. Perhaps that's the true consciousness of this gundam. Perhaps I'm just a victim of the system and this is just a dream...a horrid dream.
Taleb: You've had a lot of time to think about this.
Shingo: Yeah. Two gundams are headed in this direction as well as several mobile suits. All that just for Sandstorm I think you two should get out of here.
Taleb: Are you going to fight?
Shingo: I don't want anyone else hurt but it's a difficult decision.
Taleb: If you're going to do it then do it.
Shingo: You seem to always know what I'm going to do.
Taleb: It's a gift.
Shingo: So you think I should risk it and go in then.
Taleb: If you think it's going to save a few people but you know no one's going to be around to pull you out.
Shingo: Constantly putting my life on the line...COOL! *grins like an idiot*
Taleb: Completely oblivious to what he's about to do. *starts untying Atta*
Shingo: Oi SandStorm-chan I'm sorry for being all mean to you you're right you do deserve to kill everyone in the Sanq Kingdom!
Atta: *wakes up to that* AHHHHHHHH! HE'S INSANE! *thawap*
Taleb: Would you shut up?
Atta: Yeah, yeah...
Shingo: So let forget all about that and have you not try to eat me! *gives puppy dog look* Pweeeze? *frowns* Aww you're so mean. *turns to Taleb* Looks like she's still angry... Just like a woman.
Atta: Watch out Shingo-sama!
Taleb: Now you're supporting him?
Atta: Can't help it.
Shingo: *starts avoiding SandStorm's attacks* You're getting slow and those guys are going to be here in a few minutes. Be a good gundam now.
Taleb: Did it stop?
Atta: Can we not wait to find out?
Taleb: We're staying.
Atta: *watches Sandstorm grab Shingo* Can we go now?!
Taleb: Shingo!
Shingo: I don't have time to play with you. *gets out of the gundam's grasp* You guys should really get out of here it's gonna get really ugly. *jumps down to the cockpit*
Atta: You heard him! Lets get out of here! *runs off*
Taleb: Good luck Shingo. *runs after Atta* Damn you! Slow down you chicken shit!
Shingo: *sits back* Once again I'm alone.

Haruka hit his radar several times and growled.

Seiben: What the hell...
Haruka: It disappeared again! Damnit.
Seiben: We still have the five other mobile suits on radar.
Haruka: Then we should get them away from the city once we find them.
Seiben: Seems like they found us...
Pilot 4: Surrender gundam pilots and no harm will come to anyone here.
Haruka: I'm afraid we can't do that. *pulls out his buster rifle*
Seiben: Five to two... This is going to be difficult.
Haruka: I'm use to it. *fires the rifle and watches the beam bounce off one of the shields and into a different part of town* Shit!
Seiben: Well that obviously had no effect.
Haruka: Aren't you observant?
Seiben: *pulls out his beam saber* Of course. *starts attacking one of the suits and gives up after several minutes* That was pointless.
Haruka: So what now?
Seiben: Nothing left to do.
Haruka: We have the option of running.
Seiben: And let them continue attacking the city?
Haruka: I meant by leading them out.
Seiben: These guys aren't that stupid.
Pilot 5: What's wrong you wet your pants?
Seiben: *looks over at Wing Gundam* Well?
Haruka: Self distruct?
Seiben: Hell no.
Haruka: Well we're running out of options!
Pilot 5: *holds up it's cannon towards the west side of the kingdom* You guys can surrender now and I won't have to fire.
Haruka: *watches the other mobile suits do the same in different directions* This is only getting worse, Seiben.
Seiben: I realize that! We can't block each one.
Haruka: Nor can we penetrate any of their shields. *looks at the radar again* Looks like we have more company...
Pilot 6: *points the cannon at Wing* Well looks like you stopped running from us.
Haruka: We're surrounded and the Sanq Kingdom is at risk of being destroyed...once again.
Pilot 6: We found the other gundams as well. There's no one to save you now.
Seiben: *sits back and opens a bottle of vodka* Well this seems to be the end.
Haruka: Aren't you still underage for that?
Seiben: True but I've been saving it for an occasion such as this.
Haruka: Great, now I have a drunk on my hands.
Seiben: Don't want any? *opens the cockpit door and steps out while taking another swig*
Haruka: *does the same* I suppose it couldn't hurt.
Seiben: *tosses the bottle over and waves to the enemy mobile suits*
Pilot 5: The hell are they doing?
Pilot 4: If I didn't know any better, sir, I believe they're getting drunk.
Pilot 5: I can see that!
Haruka: This was interesting. *drops the bottle*
Seiben: Damn pig. Finished it all.
Haruka: *goes back into his gundam* Ready, Seiben?
Seiben: *does the same* You have a plan?
Haruka: Sort of. You take care of the guys behind us I'll see what I can do about the ones in front.
Seiben: The odds are against us.
Haruka: Yeah but we can't sit back and watch now can we?
Seiben: No.
Haruka: Ready...
Seiben: Set...
Haruka: GO!
Pilot 5: You shouldn't have moved! *fires along with the rest of the squad*

Wing gundam takes two of the shots and manages to block one with its shield. Tallgeese attempted the same missing two of the shots.

Haruka: SHIT! Seiben you damn drunk!
Seiben: Look who's talking! You missed the exact amount as me!
Haruka: One of them... is heading to the northern section.
Seiben: And?
Haruka: I do believe that's where my house is.
Seiben: We can't do anything else about it now! We just have to hope your mom and sister aren't there.
Haruka: *watches the beam collide with a building and explode* Damn. *watches the other three do the same* Seiben... We have nothing to do now...
Seiben: Haruka...
Haruka: What?
Seiben: SandStorm.
Haruka: What about it?
Seiben: It reappeared.
Haruka: You're drunk man.
Seiben: That maybe so but I can still tell when a gundam is being show on my monitor.
Haruka: Hmph... So he came back, ne? *watches each suit suddenly fall over*
Seiben: *chanting* He's coming. He's coming.
Haruka: *sees something phase by, quickly picks up his shield and blocks an attack from the other gundam* Caught ya. Shingo, what the hell's up with you? *watches SandStorm back off slowly*
Seiben: Well... What now?
Haruka: Don't know but I'm about to puke.
Seiben: Guh. *hears a loud ringing beep sound* Either I'm getting a headache or something is happening. *looks at the screen* HARUKA!
Haruka: *grumble* What?
Seiben: I do believe something's going to blow up.
Haruka: Really? That's nice.
Seiben: Did I forget to mention... IT'S THE MSs BEHIND YOU?! Not to mention a bunch of other one's all over the city.
Haruka: Well that kinda makes sense...
Seiben: Makes sense?!
Haruka: Yeah its been like twenty-four hours and no ones found us. Plus I guess since we're out here it'd be easier to just blow up the entire city to just kill little old me. Yo where'd Sandy go?
Seiben: Damn chicken shit ran like hell! *growls*
Haruka: Isn't that what we were planing to do anyway?
Seiben: Not exactly.
Haruka: Don't lie.
Seiben: Ok the thought ran across my mind several times.
Haruka: Thought so. Though I think you missed the big bomb in the center, Seiben.
Seiben: I didn't want to mention it.
Haruka: Let's cut down the damage and take that one out since it's not that far away from here.
Seiben: Sounds like a good enough plan.
Haruka: Of course it is, I thought it up!

DeathScythe and Seiryuu watched in amazement when the opposing force stopped moving. This had been going on well over three minutes and starting to raise questions between the two pilots.

Ling: You think they surrendered?
Duet: We couldn't even get much of a cut though them.
Ling: You knocked out three.
Duet: Yeah but I doubt that would cause them to just stand there.
Ling: I say we just dispose of these guys and get the hell out of here.
Duet: This is just too strange.
Ling: *notices the suits starting to glow a red color* Uh, Duet?
Duet: Ling... I think...
Ling: They're self destructing... Now would be a good time to run.
Duet: We can't just run. *pulls out scythe* We're going to find a way to destroy them before they explode. *attempts to cut though one as it explodes on contact*
Ling: You ok?!
Duet: That blew up ten buildings and my armor is going to hell as well.
Ling: Seems like that didn't work it only exploded.
Duet: I'm going to find a way around this. *hits another as it does the same*
Ling: This is pointless. We should save ourselves while we can. You know, run today live to save the day tomorrow.
Duet: Fine then, you run.
Ling: And have Milliardo kill me if you die?
Duet: Either way *cuts though a third one loosing an arm* you're going to die.
Ling: You've destroyed an entire street doing that! People are going to think you're trying to kill them.
Duet: They're already against us.
Ling: *sighs* Well I can't let you just do this. *grabs DeathScythe and nearly has his gundam torn to shreds* Duet! *pulls out one sword and blocks DeathScythe's attack* What is up with you?
Duet: The same could be asked of you. What are you doing? I'm not going anywhere even if I have to fight you to stay.
Ling: This is the last thing we need right now. We need to be allies not enemies. If we divide ourselves anymore we're going to be killed. Milliardo refuses to do anything, Ariel's on the otherside of the world, Shingo's doing whatever and to top it off he and Haruka seem to still be enemies. We're divided enough. So trust me now, as a friend.
Duet: We're going to lose this one, aren't we?
Ling: Most likely but we still have Haruka and Seiben to depend on.
Duet: They better not screw up that's all I have to say.

People looked up at the sky and watched Wing and Tallgeese hover over the city causing more people to panic and rush out of the city. Zero looked up as well as several people pushed past him yelling how everyone should run.

Zero: Maybe I should be a good guy and save the day.
Seiya: Why? They're getting what they deserve, aren't they?
Zero: *points a gun at Seiya* So, who might you be? Another one? This is getting lame.
Seiya: You want to find out? Shoot.
Zero: *pulls the trigger and hits some random guy running* Well, that was interesting.
Seiya: It's ok. I don't think there's a reason for you to even kill me. But I'm sure you'll have one for Shingo, ne?
Zero: What do you want with me?
Seiya: The exact same thing you were created for. The Sanq Kingdom was supposed to be eliminated three months ago. I'm disappointed that it's still here. What's wrong? Have you grown a soft spot all of the sudden?
Zero: Soft spot? Are you suggesting that I've become weak? *starts laughing*
Seiya: I'll take that as a yes. But I do find it cute that even you have a weak spot. Perhaps you've been around Shingo too long.
Zero: I think you should get to the point of this conversation.
Seiya: You want to push the button?
Zero: What?
Seiya: There's a bomb in that building. I think they plan to destroy it before it goes off. You want to press the button?
Zero: I have no interest in assisting a human such as yourself.
Seiya: That kinda makes me sad. Oh well. *watches the two gundams power up their rifles* So tell me, are you going to stop me?
Zero: I have no interest to.
Seiya: What does interest you?
Zero: Killing Shingo and now you.
Seiya: Bad boy, no cookie for you. *watches Wing and Tallgeese fire and presses the button*
Zero: You're willing to kill yourself?!
Seiya: The explosion only reaches the street in front of us.
Zero: What a strategy.
Seiya: I'm sure you knew that already.
Zero: Of course, only because I played with that bomb. Because I intend to destroy this place, not you.

Two hours later several reporting crews came out quickly to deliver a story on the incident. Duo sighed as each one blamed it on the gundam pilots while Heero just stared at the screen watching the amateur video shot that was continuously running.

Heero: It wasn't them. The explosion came from below two seconds before they even hit the building.
Duo: Still observant, Heero.
Trowa: Each section has heavy damage.
Heero: Even more proof.
Wufei: People don't listen to the facts, they listen to what's being told to them. These guys tell them the gundam pilots are their enemies and now they have proof of it.
Zechs: We're getting calls, Yuy. People are pissed and wondering where we were when this was going on.
Heero: Like we could've done anything.
Zechs: True.
Heero: Relena and Rena?
Zechs: They're ok.
Heero: Good. We still have the problem of what's going to happen now.
KUWAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Erm...Questions, comments, whatever?

- ChibiChibi-chan