Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 34 - Flesh and Blood

Ariel walked passed one of the study hall rooms, which usually was filled with noise but was dead scilent for once. She walked back to the door and looked in as several people were gathered around a television set.

Ariel: Must be the end of Survior and would you stop hovering around me, Michael.
Michael: Actually Survivor ended last night. This is bigger then that even if it's something out of a science-fiction novel.
Ariel: What do you mean?
Michael: Oh nothing just a bunch of tin cans dropped out of the sky and into every national capital. No one's sure why yet.
Ariel: Tin cans?
Michael: Mobile suits. They're something else.
Ariel: You're not joking around again are you? Tell me the truth!
Michael: Of course not. You have too pretty of a face to lie to.
Ariel: I should go home.
Michael: What's the rush? I'm sure this'll blow over in no time.
Ariel: But...
Michael: Look it's not like you can do anything. I wish I could myself but I'm too busy trying to become something in life to worry about what may happen next.
Ariel: And if they attack us then what?
Michael: I promiss they won't hurt you. I'll make sure of it.
Ariel: So you're willing to die for me?
Michael: I probably wouldn't go that far but I would fight for you if I have to. I want to have something to look foward to in life.
Ariel: *looks up at him* You dye your hair...
Michael: *looks at her strangely* What brought that up?
Ariel: Your hair in the middle is blond the rest of it's red. Why is that? Are you trying to hide something? I've also noticed that your eyes change color every now and then. How can I believe anything you say if nothing about you is real? Who are you really?
Michael: You are definately something else, Ariel, but you're correct. Nothing about me is real and I'm starting to doubt that I should even exsist. I guess I was chasing someone elses dream. I think I changed myself because I was afraid of what I was, what I resembled. I've never slept well, not once in my life.
Ariel: I'm sorry if I've offended you or anything. I just thought that you should be more truthful to yourself and me.
Michael: It's ok. I'm not easily wounded but seeing you has broken me in every way possible. I was hoping that we could become something more then minor friends but I see you've still hung on to that other guy. Don't worry I won't go kill myself over this, I don't even think people like myself can do such a thing. I'll see you around eh?
Ariel: Ok... *watches him walk off* So much like Shingo.

Michael opens the door to his own room and locks the door behind him.

Michael: Strangely I feel like you're always right, Ariel. *looks at the walls of the room which are filled with newspaper articales and pictures* And he knows you're always right as well. *tears off an artical with a picture of none other then Shingo* Because of that he's looking for you while I look for him. *places the paper back on the wall and goes to the bathroom to look in the mirror* Because of him this chain reaction started. *removes the contact lenses from his eyes, blinks a few times and looks straight into his own grey blue eyes* Atempted murder... *turns the water on* Death to my love... *pulls his hair out of the string holding it back* And now I'll return the favor. *starts taking the red dye out of his hair* How strange how things always come back at you worse then before, but you did start this to begin with. *grabs a towel* I'm almost asshamed to look at myself now. *stares at the mirror* I have a question though, do you sleep well at night? *hears the phone ring in the other room and places it on audio mode* What is it?
Guy: Sir we're ready to start the conferance.
Michael: And the problem would be?
Guy: She's missing.
Michael: Well then get someone else on there before the Preventor foce finds their balls and stops this.
Guy: Err yes sir.*hangs up*
Michael: I don't care anymore anyways. I want to find Shingo at the moment once that's done I'll worry about the rest later. seems I'll be going home as Seiya.

Atta sighed and slumped against a wall as he turned to Taleb.

Atta: So, what do you think?
Taleb: You dirty.
Atta: *frowns* I ment Shingo, idiot.
Taleb: I don't think he's Shingo still.
Atta: I think he is.
Taleb: And you thought a crossdressing guy was hot.
Atta: That was before I found out she was a he.
Shingo: *yawns and gets up* I'm hungry!
Taleb: You're not geting anything until you talk!
Shingo: But I AM talking!
Taleb: You know what I ment.
Shingo: Nope.
Atta: What my imbacile of an associate means to say is, what are you doing here?
Shingo: Sandstorm brought me here. I don't know why exactly though I guess Zero had something to do with that. *gives them a serious look* Now I'd like to know where that girl is.
Taleb: Why?
Shingo: I know she can tell me something.
Atta: I bet TaTa here can tell ya somethin about her. *snickers*
Shingo: What do ya mean?
Taleb: Nothing he's just talking bullshit as usual!
Atta: ...I do not!
Taleb: You do now.
Shingo: Can you at least tell me her name?
Atta: Pretty girl, brown hair, green eyes, yup I think that's Ariel.
Shingo: Ariel?
Atta: Ariel Barton if ya want to be exact. I think she's in America or probably went back to the Sanq Kingdom.
Shingo: America...

-flashback (ep 20)-

Ariel: Well here's something that's going to hurt you even more! I'm going to Princeton in America and there's nothing you or anyone else here can do to think about stoping me. Lastly I don't even want to see you again go it?


Shingo: Princeton... Where would that be?
Atta: Hell if I know but how'd you know?
Shingo: She told me. *sits back down* But, she doesn't want to see me. She hates me and I don't even know why anymore.
Taleb: You want to know why? Because you're a complete screw up! You managed to ruin her life in every way possible!
Shingo: *looks at Taleb* ...I remember seeing you and her. If I were in the mood I'd kill you right now.
Atta: Hey now boys be good and lets have a happy environment here!
Taleb: If you want to kill me I'm not going to stop you!
Shingo: You want to die?
Taleb: If that makes you happy.
Shingo: That won't make me happy. Nothing will. I do, however, need allies at the moment.
Taleb: Fine.
Shingo: I'll be leaving to the Sanq Kingdom tomorrow so I won't be much trouble for you guys.
Atta: If anything I think we should go with you.
Shingo: I don't want you to come.
Taleb: Then you're not going.
Shingo: *smiles* For some reason I expected that.

Heero kicked the television set then proceeded in messing with the wiring behind it.

Duo: ...Heero... Man what the hell are you doing to that TV?!
Heero: Fixing it.
Duo: *starts playing with Cimorine* Isn't Heero stupid? Yes he is! Yes he is!
Heero: *stares at Duo* ...If I didn't have Rena with me I'd kill you.
Duo: Nah you wouldn't.
Heero: *becoming frustrated* Work!
Duo: You think I should help Heero, Cim-chan? *grabs the remote, clicks the power button and watches the TV kick on*
Heero: ...Humph... I was going to get to that eventually.
Duo: Course you were.
Heero: *grabs the remote and starts channel surfing*
Duo: *sees something flip by on the TV* Hey! Back up!
Heero: No.
Duo: Why not?
Heero: It's Bear in the big blue house time.
Duo: Wha?! I thought I saw a mobile suit or something!
Heero: Probably a stupid biography on the Eve Wars portraying us as the bad guys.
Duo: *grabs the remote from Heero and reaches channel 450 after getting beat over the head* Ouch...
Heero: The hell...

Reporter: Reports of numorous machines have come in from every nation. It's unknown where they came from or why they are on Earth. Preventors have no comment on the matter at the moment but informs us everything is under control.

Duo: Yeah right! They don't know what the hell they're talking about! That's why you leave this kind of stuff to the professionals!
Heero: Duo, we're old men. The battlefield is no place for us anymore. We'll leave this to Milliardo and the rest. If something happens or goes wrong we'll back them up when the time comes.
Duo: *frowns* Well when I was younger I didn't sit around and wait for something to happen. Where's that boy of yours?
Heero: Which one?
Duo: Milliardo.
Heero: I haven't a clue, but he better start getting to his gundam now.

Milliardo sighed as he watched Ling yell at Zero on the other side of the room about the huge blood stain on the floor of the apartment while Seiben was attempting to scrub the stain out with Sydney.

Zero: What more do you want from me?
Ling: *picks up a bucket and a scrub brush and hands them over to Zero* I expect you to get on the floor and clean up that mess you made!
Zero: I'm not here to janitorial work.
Ling: You are now!
Zero: Currently only a few people can tell me what to do, unfortunatly you aren't one of them.
Milliardo: Just do it, Zero.
Zero: ...Humph...Don't expect me to do this ever again.
Ling: Yeah, yeah, whatever. *looks at Milliardo* What's wrong with you?
Milliardo: Nothing, I'm just thinking about things.
Ling: Duet?
Milliardo: *looks in another direction* Duet? Why in the world would I be thinking about her?
Ling: Cause you still like her.
Milliardo: I don't and I never did.
Ling: How long ago did you know this was going to happen? A month? A week? Because you've changed your perspective on Duet all of the sudden.
Milliardo: I just don't want her to think about me anymore.
Ling: And why not? What's she suppose to do now?
Milliardo: She should think about herself! *sighs* I have things to do.
Ling: You know, Milliardo, if you're afraid you can tell her instead of just letting go of her.
Milliardo: *looks at the ground* I'm not afraid, I'm scared...for her.

Zero: *looks up* I see.
Seiben: Yeah you better be seeing that stain! This is disgusting!
Zero: You all seem to have a common weakness.
Seiben: *looks at Zero* What would that be exactly?
Zero: Oh nothing. I seem to have been thinking out loud again. It's too bad Shingo doesn't have much of a weakness like that anymore.
Sydney: *looks at Zero* I wonder...
Zero: What?
Sydney: If I were to do some physical damage, such as kick you in the balls, would that transfer over to Shingo?
Zero: I can't say that I've tried it though I doubt it'd hurt me much. I might just stay motionless on the ground for awhile, get back up and kill you. Besides I don't see why you would want to do such a thing. One could say I'm almost as "cuddley" as a carebear.
Sieben: A demented one.
Zero: If you say so... *gets back to work and scilently thinks to himself* What the hell is going though Milliardo's mind? He's leaving his woman vaunerable. It's obvious he still cares. I suppose he figured she was an obstical he had to over come. I have no room to talk either since I too have a few obsicals to over come. *spills water all over the carpet*
Seiben: You idiot! Watch what you're doing! Geez...
Zero: *stares at the spill* Sorry, I'll make sure I don't do that again. *to himself* Because even I'm not perfect.

Quatre closed the front door to the home and looked around the area. Nothing.

Quatre: *continues walking into the house* Dorothy? *looks over at the phone and notices a note left there* ...Great she left again. How many times does a woman have to go shopping in a week? *hears something crash on the floor upstairs* What the... *starts walking up the stairs cautiously as several other objects collide with the floor*

Quatre makes it up to the second floor and looks around and hears someone runing around on the left side of the hall and into a room. He grabs a sword off the wall and started walking in the direction. The evening sunlight from the windows in the room reached out into the hallway along with objects flying into the hall. Quatre stopped at the door, took a deep breath and looked into the room. A shoulder length haired blonde was busy rampaging though the drawers and then suddenly stopped as Quatre moved away from the door before this person saw him. The thing sniffed the air and stuck his head out the door looking around the hallway to its left. Finding nothing it went back to what it had been doing before while Quatre, by the door on the right, let out a small sigh of relief and looked back in.

Quatre: *thinking* He looks...

The thing picks up a picture frame and stares at it for awhile.

Quatre: Like...

Starts breaking the frame in half while the glass pops out of it flying everywhere.

Quatre: Shingo...
Shingo Clone: Zero...Where are you? *looks at the door* You don't have to hide... I'm not going to hurt you...much...unless you can tell me where Zero is. *no answer* I see. So you don't know then? That's ok I can find him without your assistance. *walks out the door and looks over at Quatre* How pathedic.*continues walking* You're not even worth killing.
Quatre: Where's--
Shingo Clone: Shingo? I don't know nor do I care. I do know, however, that you aren't going to stop me. You know it's your fault he's probably dead. I see why he would hate such a person. *walks down the stairs*
Quatre: This isn't my falut. At least I hope.

Many of the Sanq Kingdom residences continued on with their day passing by the massive machines hoping for an explaination to occur soon. Haruka looked at the things waiting for something to happen as Duet walked up to him.

Haruka: What's wrong with you?
Duet: Nothing, I just got off work that's all. So anything new?
Haruka: No, and I find it odd that Milliardo or anyone else for that matter hasn't decided to attack these things yet.
Duet: Milliardo's a big boy he can make his own decisions.
Haruka: Seiben would've tried hours ago out of stupidity.
Duet: And you?
Haruka: What about me? I'm smart enough to not attack unless I'm forced into it.
Duet: Haruka.
Haruka: What?
Duet: Do you miss Michiru?
Haruka: Why should I? If anything it's better off this way. She won't be hurt in anyway.
Duet: I think you and Milliardo think alike.
Haruka: What are you talking about? You were the one that dumpped him.
Duet: But he acted like he wanted it that way. Just like you and Michiru. You're hurting her feelings just to protect her but Milliardo knows that he can't do the same for me because either way I'm still a pilot and still able to be hurt.
Haruka: Mill cares too much for you that's his problem. If anything you've said is right then I think he loves you to the point where he'd die for you. Though I can't see why he'd want to die for a selfish girl like you.
Duet: At least I have someone who cares about me!
Haruka: I don't care.
Duet: Let me tell you something. If you ever die for real I know who's going to be one of the few that cries over you.
Haruka: Michiru? I know that already.
Duet: Her But you probably knew that too. I've wondered what exactly you saw in the ZERO system.
Haruka: You want to know what I saw? You wouldn't believe half of the crap I've seen. Most of it, so far, has already been provented.
Duet: Like what?
Haruka: Do you know what those guys are waiting for? They're waiting for a gundam to show up and force it to do damage on the city so everyone will be against us, like they aren't already. We're very lucky this hasn't happened yet.
Duet: So that means if it doesn't happen...
Haruka: I have absolutely no idea what's going to happen next. Then again the ZERO system gives a person possible outcomes not the actual future.
Duet: You were right about Operation Stardust.
Haruka: Dumb luck I suppose. You know Duet, you've become a lot more friendier to me. I think you're probably in love with me.
Duet: *frowns* Don't even think it.
Haruka: What about up in space?
Duet: It was a near death experiance.
Haruka: Uh huh. That's why you're always like "Um... Haruka..." instead of "You stupid bastard".
Duet: You always have to twist things around! I hate you!
Haruka: It's ok I love you too.
Duet: How disgusting.
Haruka: *looks over at the television screen in the center of the street* Why can't I get a big screen TV like that one? Too bad it's got bad reception...
Duet: Shut up!

Male voice: Attention people of the Earth. As you're all aware of several mobile suits have landed in various capitals around the world. We aren't trying to start a war. We're mearly trying to help you people.

Haruka: By sending thousands of mobile suits... that makes SO much sense.

Male voice: We have nothing against the Earth. How can we? We all come from the same planet. But I fear that there are a few people of the younger generation that have a problem with order. *shows a clip of Wing Zero destroying L3* This is an example of what these rebellious young adults are capable of. It could happen to anyone for no reason what so ever. We're afraid for you so we'd like for you to assist us in capturing these people before they kill your loved ones. *starts showing pictures of each Neo pilot with the exception of a certian two* I'm sure you people reconize them. The offspring of the former gundam pilots that supposidly saved the Earth from distruction. To speed up this search we'd like to warn you that if no action is taken within the next twenty four hours these terrorist have informed us they will attack any city at random. If you find anyone in any connection to the said pilots we ask you bring them forward as well. We thank you for your assistance and hope to continue to have better relations between the Earth and the colonies.

Haruka: *looks over at Duet* You know what I'm thinking right?
Duet: Not exactly.
Haruka: We have to run. *notices a few people accross the street pointing at them* And soon.
Duet: And where so you expect us to go? I think just about everyone has seen that by now.
Haruka: True. We could try to go back to your apartment.
Duet: I just hope we don't run into anyone with the intention of killing us.
Haruka: I find it odd.
Duet: What?
Haruka: Only Mill, Ling, Seiben, you and me were shown.
Duet: Ariel...
Haruka: She could've been caught that's why they didn't bother to show her.
Duet: And of course everyone believes Shingo's dead so that wouldn't make any sense to show him either.
Haruka: Or they just don't know he's alive still.
Duet: And of course you know other wise.
Haruka: Of course.
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