Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 33 - Lost and Blown

Seiben his cell phone down on the ground and cursed under his breath.

Seiben: Where the hell are you Milliardo!? Damnit. *looks at his watch* Only an hour left. What the hell is he doing? He should be home... Wait a minute... Ling was hiding something. I could get over there in fifteen minutes but I don't think I'll have enough time to get to my gundam. *gets into his car and sees Sydney in the other seat* What--
Sydney: I couldn't help but hear your conversation with yourself. *looks over at Seiben* So, what are you waiting for?
Seiben: Nothing just trying to sort out the life I live in.
Sydney: Exactly what would that be?
Sieben: Why my life sucks so much.

Milliardo clicked on the connect button to his internet window and watched the words "Unable to connect. No dial tone present" come up on the screen each time.

Milliardo: Ling did Sieben mess with the wiring again?
Ling: Not that I know of, why?
Milliardo: *picks up the phone to hear scilence* Because the phone lines are dead again. *looks behind his computer* Everything's connected and obviously the phone is too. The only thing I can think of is someone forgot to pay the bill.
Ling: Don't look at me I saw Sieben send that thing out in the mail a week ago.
Milliardo: Then explain why the phone...*watches the lights go out* ...Ling...
Ling: You paid for that one.
Milliardo: I know... something isn't right. *goes to the water foscet, turns it on with no water coming out*
Ling: Maybe they misplaced it.
Milliardo: *looks out the window and sees cars backed up to hell and the lights dead* Then obviously everyone forgot to pay their bills. Where's--
Shingo: *also looking out the window* Shingo? Who knows.
Milliardo: ...I knew it. You're--
Shingo: Zero? Heh he's much better at this then I. Don't worry I wasn't sent here to kill you...yet.
Ling: And do you have any explination as to what the hell is going on here?!
Shingo: Snow from space.
Milliardo: Snow?
Shingo: It's what I said.
Ling: ...Yuki!
Shingo: It deals with her. Did you know that she's a Barton?
Milliardo: Great but that still doesn't explain you.
Shingo: Oh come on now Milliardo don't you ever listen to your brother?
Milliardo: Not very much.
Shingo: Hoshi.
Milliardo: ...Star? *sudden realization* You mean...
Ling: Stardust?
Shingo: You guys are smart. I can see why he considers you to be his friends.
Ling: Huh?
Milliardo: Who and what are you exactly?
Shingo: My name's Seiya and I would be a Winner.
Ling: confused now.
Seiya: It's a long story--*click*
Zero: But it seems you don't have time to explain yourself.
Milliardo: *looks at Ling* Are you still confused?
Ling: *nod* More so now.
Milliardo: Well then...You are...?
Seiya: Zero...Well I've heard a lot about you, your obsession with my dear brother and some very interesting secrets of yours.
Zero: And you, are not Seiya.
Seiya: In all technicality I am.
Zero: Right, now I don't have time to play mind games since we both know I'd win. You're weaker then Shingo which is why your easily controled by another weak force. Whatever were you thinking? I don't know nor do I give much of a damn as to the reasoning behind it.
Seiya: I am your distraction. The very person whom you speak of is indeed stronger then both of us and even all of us. Milliardo could probably attempt to rival him but, in your termanology, he's also weak.
Zero: And you really think he surpasses me?
Seiya: You're mearly a second image of him. No matter how hard you try you can't kill him or be any stronger then he. You will always be weak and maybe one day you'll know what pain really is. Right now it's just torture. Think of it this way. You're only half of what he is.
Zero: You know I'm tired of looking at such a pathedic person such as yourself. *points the gun right at Seiya's face and fires the gun*
Ling: Shit!
Milliardo: You actually killed him.
Ling: On a carpet I cleaned last week!
Milliardo: *sweatdrop* Ling...
Ling: What? Do you know how long it took to get rid of that smeared food and drinks and god knows what else on there?!
Milliardo: Ling, your worried about the carpet when we're close to death at the moment. What is wrong with you?!
Ling: *sees Zero sightly sweatdropping* Well I apologize for not taking this matter seriously but he usualy escapes, runs out of the room or whatever by the time I say something completely stupid.
Milliardo: *sighs and looks at Zero* Well?
Zero: Well what?
Milliardo: Aren't you going to at least attempt to kill us.
Zero: I only came here to kill a ghost. There's too many dead people runing around anyways.
Ling: So you really don't have a heart.
Zero: It would seem I'm starting to develop one for some reason or another. The point is... I'm starting to feel that the one I killed...Is not who he said he was.
Ling: Oh now you feel bad.
Zero: No, I felt nothing. Therefore, he was also a clone looking for SandStorm.
Milliardo: How do you know that?
Zero: I've killed ten of them so far and I haven't felt anything from them. So you see I was a bit surprised that I was able to kill this one yet again. Because I wouldn't have been able to kill the very person I was created from.
Ling: But that guy said he was Seiya and you said...
Zero: I thought he was Shingo's dear brother.
Milliardo: Back up...One, as far as I know Shingo is and only child. Two, I thought you were created from the Shingo we know of. Three, what the hell is up with having SandStrom?
Zero: You ask too many questions, Milliardo. But since I have a few minutes to waste. You see there are some secrets best kept from people and others most don't want to speak of. After hearing this you may even have a different thought on Shingo.
Ling: I doubt that. I always knew he was a little odd.
Zero: Ah but he's more, how would you put it, screwed up then even I. It occured to me that Seiya's very exisitance had vanished in even the very memories I have from Shingo but they're still there even if Shingo would like to deny ever having such a sybling. Then again when you're three and jealous of someone with the same face as you I'm sure you'd crack eventually. Seiya would be Shingo's older brother by a few minutes and of course the favorite of their father. Ling is of course right Shingo is odd, always has been. It's because of that little quirk in him that caused the demise of Seiya...

Seiya looked down a cliff of a waterfall and whistled.

Seiya: It's big! What do you think, Shingo? *looks over his brother's shoulder and sees four stick figures and one of the small ones crossed out several times* ...Shingo?
Shingo: What do you want?
Seiya: Nothin. Just want to know what you think about that big hole over there.
Shingo: Yeah it's big, go away.
Seiya: Why do you always have to be mad at people? Ya know some of them want to be your friends.
Shingo: *frowns* You want to know what I think?
Seiya: Yup.
Shingo: *starts drawing on a new piece of paper* I think you should go down that hole and never come back. Maybe you'll meet the devil and he'll eat your head off then your hands and arms and everything else until you're gone forever and you know what else I think? I think no one will ever know about you because you'll be dead.
Seiya: *rolls his eyes* You're stupid. You're just mad cause dad likes me more. When I'm older everyone will say "Hey look it's that stupid brother of Seiya's! He's so stupid! Ooo watch out he'll probably bite you!".
Shingo: *watches the lead fly off the color pencil and snap in half* I...
Seiya: What? You what?
Shingo: I...
Seiya: *sticks out his tounge*
Shingo: I...
Seiya: Well come on say it.
Shingo: I HATE YOU! *punches Seiya inches away from the clif* I hate you, I hate you, I hate you! *continues hitting Seiya*
Seiya: Stop it! Come on, stop it Shingo! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! *falls off the clif but manages to hold on to the small peice of land*
Shingo: *looks down* You're sorry? You're sorry now?!
Seiya: Yes! I'm sorry! Please I didn't mean it. *starts crying* Please Shingo.
Shingo: Seiya... *watches Sieya's grip loosening*
Seiya: Shingo, come on, help me!
Shingo: I'm...
Seiya: *lets one hand go* Shingo, I can't get up!
Shingo: Sorry.
Seiya: *lets go completely* SHINGO!

Ling and Milliardo stared at Zero not sure how to respond if at all.

Zero: I'm sure you're wondering what happened when he did get home. Nothing of course. He made up a lie saying Seiya had disappeared into the woods after a animal and never came back. What a childhood. No comunication with anyone else for two years until he met you all. I guess he was too afraid he'd hurt or kill someone else inadvertantly. I still say that very person he's been hiding for so long is the real Shingo Winner.
Ling: That isn't like Shingo at all. You probably made that all up.
Zero: Take it as you like. As for your second question, you're right, Milliardo. I was created from Shingo but since he and Seiya have the same blood runing though themselves it's only logical that I wouldn't be able to kill him either.
Milliardo: Then why run after someone you can't kill?
Zero: So he may kill me.
Ling: If you want to die then just kill yourself.
Zero: I can't. I've tried that several times and haven't been able to make a scratch on myself.
Milliardo: I'll gladly kill you.
Zero: Not that easy. You try it I'll most likely kill you first. Even I have a small will to survive. Now I come to your last question. SandStorm just so happens to be a lot more stronger of a gundam then WingZero and Tallgeese combined thanks to me.
Ling: World domination takes a lot of power.
Zero: Yes, but that was never my intention. I want to destroy humanity in general.
Ling: I guess we all have our dreams.
Milliardo: What changes did you make to cause the gundam's speed and power to increase?
Zero: Power is easily done with upgrades and your will to survive. Speed, that one is interesting. As you all know inorder to make your gundam move you have several different control features to do this and that crap. I find that an ineffective way to pilot such machines and not to mention slow to respond. SandStorm now has a special feature in it, it's use of the pilot's brain activity to move it. The pilot becomes integrated into the gundam sort of like being it. Of course I've seen many mistakes in this especially if the pilot were to die durring battle while hooked up to the GPM (Gundam and Pilot Merge) system. To make it simple you won't be seeing that pilot awake ever again.
Ling: They die?!
Zero: No, their conciousness remains in the system. I'm sure that along with the ZERO system prototype two could make a weak gundam like SandStorm an practically invincible gundam. I'm sure you'd want to know where the gundam is. I'm guessing it's following its master. *looks out the window* I think you're out of time.
Milliardo: What does that mean?
Zero: A new evil has just decended upon you from space.

Ling and Milliardo rush to the window and watch several mobile suits decend to the ground instantly causing mass confussion and chaos. Zero closes him eyes and laughs at the people runing from the giants. He suddenly stops as he hears a voice echo though his head going on about 'the mission'. Ling looks over at Zero, who's whispering to someone to shut up as he starts hitting his head against the glass.

Ling: Hey are you ok?
Zero: Shut up, I'm not listening to you. *starts looking around for the scource of the voice* Where are you?! COME OUT AND SHOW YOURSELF YOU COWARD! You can't hide forever!
Milliardo: *looks over at Ling as he shrugs* Zero?
Zero: *goes over to the mirror and grins* I found you. I told you, you couldn't hide. *breaks the mirror*
Ling: *to Milliardo* I think he's more of a mental case then Shingo.
Milliardo: ...I'd believe it. We have to get to the gundams.
Zero: *staring at the shards of glass* There's no use. They're a lot more powerful then you think.
Milliardo: And you think I or anyone else is going to stand by and watch them destroy my home?
Zero: Sure but I'm sure they'd drag your gundam though each building. *continues looking at the glass and sees the refelctions stick their tounges out at him before he kicks the pieces away* I could help you if you want, Milliardo. 
Milliardo: No thanks I wouldn't trust you if I were about to die.
Zero: How sad. Had I been someone else you'd gladly take my help. I think I've had my feelings hurt.
Ling: Please, spare us the sarcasm.
Zero: *looks up at the two* Lets see how you feel when I kill both of you.
Ling: *to Milliardo* This guy has some problems and what's up with his eyes? They're red as hell.
Milliardo: *steps back along with Ling as Zero glares at the two* I have no idea but I think we should get out of here. On the count of three. One...
Zero: No one.
Milliardo: Two..
Zero: Is...
Milliardo: Three! *runs to the door as Ling runs to the window*
Zero: GOING ANYWHERE! *tackles Milliardo down and starts choking him*
Ling: *turns around* Milliardo!
Milliardo: Ge..t off! *pulls his gun and points it at Zero's throat*
Zero: *starts laughing* Do it! Kill me! Do me such a favor.
Milliardo: *pulls the trigger and hears nothing but an empty click* Wha..
Zero: *tightens his grip* Forgot to load it?
Ling: *places his katana infront of Zero's head* He probably did but I'm sure this will be much more effective.
Zero: *lets go of Milliardo, stands up with his hands up* And what would you like for me to do next? A trick? I'm not sure I'm good at playing dead unless you help me along.
Milliardo: *coughing* I want to know what the hell that was!
Zero: Perhaps it's something more eviler then I.
Ling: He asked for an answer not to be messed around with.
Zero: *puts his hands down and laughs* Oh you're killing me! Please stop! I'm scared!
Ling: *looks over at Milliardo as he shrugs slightly in responce* What the hell is so funny?! *trying not to drop his katana*
Zero: Did you finally find some balls on you or did your girlfriend do that for you? Perhapes your just being foolish look at you! *grabs Ling's sword and stops it from shaking* If you want to threaten me do it with a little more strength. *lets go of the sword and looks at the 'scratch' on his hand* Besides I did answer your question as best as I could but if you need it clearified I'll do so. I've inherited Shingo's distructive side in lamens terms. *starts playing with the blood on his hand* It just pops out when I'm under emotional stress. Interesting though that I don't recall gaining any sort of emotions. I guess he must have done it to me by turning me into a little goody-good. Though it would be a dandy little if it were used in battle. I'm just hoping it won't be used against you since I'm slightly under the influance of the very people outside that window. Suprisingly enough they haven't started killing anyone. Humph... Bring big toys just to show off. What a waste.
Milliardo: *to himself* This guy gets more mysterious and weird by the minute. *out loud* Ok... If I'm following this correctly Shingo's alive somewhere, the one that was here was a clone that must have been made from Shingo's suposide brother "Seiya", you've gained 'emotions' and when under stress you try to kill me. All I have to say is this... You are a total nut case!
Zero: And you are going to save the world.
Ling: Right and I'm Buddha and you must be Satan!
Zero: The sarcasm here is very strong. I suggest you shut up China boy.
Ling: I refuse to do such a thing!
Zero: You'll think the opposite once I make you nothing but sushi with that lovely katana of yours.
Milliardo: I wouldn't put it past him to do so, Ling.

Suddenly Sieben and Sydney open the door to the apartment and look around.

Seiben: ...Ok... Someone mind explaining WHO he is *points to Zero*, why he has that dip stick out of it's case *points to Ling*, why he has his gun out *points at Milliardo*, and what a dead body is doing on the floor that we cleaned a week ago?!
Milliardo: Um... This can all be explained.
Seiben: Then I suggest you get to the explaining part really soon Milliardo!
Ling: Seiben, that vein on your head looks like it's about to pop.
Seiben: You be quiet I'm talking to my dear cousin, who is about to explain this all to me. *thawap* *looks at Sydney* WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!
Sydney: I'm the only on entitled to tell him to shut up.
Zero: ...Shouldn't you be worrying about the--
Seiben: Shut you are!
Zero: What an idiot.
Milliardo: Um, Seiben I think what Zero was trying to say--
Seiben: I don't care what that homacidal manic has to say! I DEMAND AN EXPLANATION! Wait a minute... ZERO?! *runs out the door as everyone sweatdrops*
Sydney: Oh god what a sissy.
Ling: I'll say. Mention the name "Zero" and he's out of here faster then lightning. Though I suppose that's a good thing.
Seiben: *returns with a massive array of weapons* I'm ready for you, Zero!
Zero: *stares at Seiben* All this because of me? I'm almost flattered.
Milliardo: Seiben, there's no need to kill him. He' on our side! *to himself* I hope.
Ling: ...Milliardo did you hit your head that hard on the floor? HE NEARLY KILLED YOU!
Sydney: Ling's right! He's evil! Bad! As in NOT on our side!
Milliardo: Well that might have been true but I promisse you if he does do something 'evil' then I'll kill him.
Seiben: Why is it I'm not liking this anymore then when we were reduced to tv dinners?
Milliardo: Just trust me on this one.
Ling: As long as he kills you before any of us I'm fine with it.
Sydney: completely insane.
Zero: *looks at Milliardo* I guess this deserves a thank you?
Milliardo: No, I just want to know how you plan on making me the hero of the mess.
Zero: That's easy. We'll start working on it later.
Milliardo: And what about our current perdicament?
Zero: Leave them alone for awhile. If things get slightly out of control I'll take care of it.
Milliardo: *thinking* This is getting even more confusing. If he has the power to kill these guys why won't he just do it? I wish I could do something. *looks out the window* Where are you, Du-chan?

Meanwhile, at a local diner, Duet looks around the place noticing the emptiness of the place and the crowd outside.

Duet: What the hell is going on?
Girl: Didn't you hear? A bunch of machines showed up all over the place.
Duet: Is anyone hurt?!
Girl: No, they haven't even moved since they got here.
Duet: That's a relief.
Girl: This is bad busniess... We should do something... I know! *runs outside* EVERYTHING IN USAGI DINER HALF OFF!
Man: What does this look like you twit? A convention?
Girl: I'm sorry sir it's just that we haven't had any busness since this morning.
Man: Like anyone cares right now, kid.
Duet: *walks out the door and looks up at the giant mechas as someone runs into her in a strang uniform* OUCH! Watch where...your going... *looks at the green haired teenager*
Boy: I'm sorry ma'am I was in a hurry that's all. Do you need any help up? It's my first time to the earth I guess I got caught up in the excitement. *helps Duet up* Is there something wrong?
Duet: Uh no. You just look like someone.
Boy: Oh, I need to go really quick. I'm very sorry ma'am!
Duet: *brushes off her clothes and attempts to find the boy with no success* Strange... *gets pulled back into the diner* HEY! Ceilia if you want to get people to get in here I'm not going to help you!
Haruka: Then maybe you should make some better coffee.
Duet: Haruka! What the hell are you doing here?! Do you realize I just got ran over by some kid already and you just pull me in here like it's normal...right next to you...
Haruka: *notices and throws her off of him into a booth* Ack! I've been infected!
Duet: *gets back up pushing her skirt down before Haruka can get a look and notices he's turned around stoping her from spewing out a bunch of insults* Um...What did you want anyways?
Haruka: I just came by to make sure you were ok and all...
Duet: *slighly disappointed* That's all?
Haurka: What else would I come here for? Free sex? Please I have better things to worry about then my self.
Duet: I wasn't even implying you wanted that or anything else in association with that! Ugh! You're so disgusting!
Haruka: Hey now, that's one of my best assets!
Duet: *thinking* Ok.. WHY did I even like him in the first place?! He's such a jerk! *out loud* That and being retarded. Now get to why you're here.
Haruka: I came here because of what's out there.
Duet: And what are we going to do?
Haruka: Well they haven't attacked anyone yet but I'm guessing they're hoping that doing this will draw out the gundams. Good thing we're smarter then that.
Duet: What if they start attacking? What then?
Haruka: We can't just go out there and expect to win now can we? We need to stragize.
Duet: Ok, where is the real Haruka Zechs Yuy?
Haruka: What the hell are you going on about?
Duet: You're one of the stupidest people on earth. Stupid people don't stragize!
Haruka: Who says?
Duet: It's like one of the laws of the universe!
Haruka: Did you learn that at your great school which has forced you to work as a waitress in this shit hole?
Duet: It's just for awhile that's all.
Haruka: I'm not going to pry any further into your business. I'm done with what I have to do here.
Duet: Haruka.
Haruka: What?
Duet: I doubt this is an appropriate question to ask someone especially you, of all people, but...
Haruka: Well?
Haruka: ...No.
Duet: Oh... Good I just thought you messed up my room that's all...
Haruka: It was messed up before I even got there.
Duet: What does that mean!?
Haruka: One word... PIG! *runs out the door*
Duet: ...Idiot.

Michiru stared at the picture of Haruka and herself and started crying for the fifth time that day. A knock at the door echoed though the apartment room. After ten minutes she got up from her bed ready to tell off the sales person at the door as she started unlocking the door. Upon opening it she stared at the green haired boy that had previously ran into Duet.

Michiru: *hugs the boy* Yoshi-chan!
Yoshi: Michiru, I didn't think you'd miss me this much. Where's that boyfriend of yours? Shinji?
Michiru: His name is Haruka and...
Yoshi: What?
Michiru: He...
Yoshi: What? Come on tell me.
Michiru: He left me. He said... He never loved me. I don't know what to do anymore.
Yoshi: Haruka? What's his last name?
Michiru: Yuy, why?
Yoshi: I promiss I'll get him for what he's done to you. I'm glad you're ok though. We should go home to space. You don't need to stay here anymore.
Michiru: Should I really go?
Yoshi: Well if you want to. Dad misses you.
Michiru: You're sweet Yo-chan. Even if you are my little brother.
Yoshi: So you'll go?
Michiru: No, I'm staying until I find out where Haruka's true feelings are.
Yoshi: I see.
Michiru: Want some cake? It might taste a little salty since I cried in the mix. What's up with the clothes? Is it one of thoes new fashion fads?
Yoshi: Um.. yeah something like that. *looks at his watch* Looks like I have some time how about that cake? I'm starving!

A beautiful sun rise came over the desert and was destoryed by some idiot yelling, or rather howling, at the top of his lungs at the slowly disappearing moon in the sky.

Taleb: *hit's Atta* You idiot! What are you trying to do kill us?! WATCH WHERE YOUR GOING! *grabs the wheel as Atta lets go of it yelling even louder* I hope some poisonous bug flies into your mouth for disturbing the peace!
Atta: Who am I disturbing? There's no town for another fifty miles!
Taleb: Yeah well your disturbing my sleep!
Atta: I'm telling you that blind man told me to howl at the moon and follow it once I do that we'd find something greater then the both of us. I bet it's treasure!
Taleb: *rolls his eyes* To think before that you were busy looking at women.
Atta: Oh come on. They were all over you.
Taleb: ...I have no comment for that.
Atta: Hehe I think you liked it! I just wonder why I didn't get as many women as you did.
Taleb: Perhapes beause I can act mature.
Atta: ...Maybe... Women like men that can take care of em.
Taleb: Right. Where exactly did you get this car from anyways? It looks new.
Atta: Umm... I saved my money!
Taleb: What money? You don't even have a job!
Atta: Yes I do! Protecting Master Shingo!
Taleb: Last time I checked we don't get a pay check for such things. You better tell me where you got the car.
Atta: Ok... It was left in my possession by Shingo if anything were to happen to him such as an accidental death.
Taleb: *glare* Atta.
Atta: OK! OK! I'm... "borrowing" it!
Taleb: Borrowing as in you were given permission to use it or borrowing as in you stole it with out any intention of giving it back?
Atta: A little bit from the first one and a little bit from the second one. I mentioned it to Mr. Winner but I have no intention of giving it back now.
Taleb: So you stole it.
Atta: I DID NOT! I'm using it!
Taleb: You stole it. I'm with a theif! Great! What next?! *watches a giant hand pop up from the sand and destroy the entire front half of the car* *in complete shock now* ...What... The hell...WAS THAT!! * jumps out of the car*
Atta: Who cares?! It wrecked my car!
Taleb: YOUR CAR?! It wasn't even yours to begin with!
Atta: Well I can't return it now! *jumps out and starts kicking the macanical hand* DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! *hears a loud rumble* ...Taleb...
Taleb: ...Atta... I think you got whatever it is angry.
Atta: Angry?! More like pissed! EARTHQUAKE!! *runs away from the area along with Taleb* I'm sorry! I didn't mean to say such a thing!!
Taleb: Whoa... *looks up at the mecha that appeared from the sand*
Atta: *watches it step on the car reducing it to nothing but a flat piece of scrap metal* NOOOO! NOT THE CAR!!
Taleb: *hears someone laughing* Who's there?! Come out! *watches someone pop out from behind a sand dune and wave at them* way...
Atta: Um... Taleb if I'm not mistaken that looks like--
Taleb: I KNOW WHO IT LOOKS LIKE YOU IDIOT! I just can't, no, I refuse to believe it!
Atta: Oh get over it! It's Shingo-sama! *watches the blonde dodge behind the dune again* ...Kid's a little weird.
Taleb: We don't even know if he is Shingo. Probably some kid with a massive gundam that looks like Shingo's!
Shingo: *pops up behind them* You mean SandStorm?! *watches the two jump*
Atta: Um please excuse us. *to Taleb* How much mor proof do you need?! *pulls off Shingo's hat* The blond hair, *pulls on Shingo's eye lids* the weird colored eyes, he looks and talks just like Shingo! Therefore he's Shingo! Aren't ya kid?
Shingo: I don't know.
Atta: Your not helping me.
Shingo: Sorry, Sir.
Atta: He must have just hit his head that's all. Right, Shingo?
Shingo: *shrug*
Taleb: Even if he was Shingo it's impossible for a dead man to be alive.
Shingo: Zero says he's dead and he's alive.
Taleb: Ok saying that this is Shingo what is that gundam doing here?!
Shingo: She followed me here.
Atta: Didn't know gundam's had a gender.
Taleb: He's not Shingo. He sounds like a little kid!
Atta: So do you.
Taleb: *sigh* And what are we going to do with him?
Atta: Get him home so I don't get in trouble for the car.
Shingo: I don't want to go home. I want to find a girl.
Atta: Leave the guy out in the desert for awhile and he gets a girlfriend.
Shingo: No, I mean a girl I know. I think.
Atta: Brown hair, green eyes, nice breast, and went out with Taleb? *thawap*
Shingo: Yeah! Except I don't know anything about breast or anyone named Taleb. You know her?
Taleb: Yeah she's your girl friend.
Shingo: Can you tell me where she is?
Atta: Uh.. that could take awhile but I'm sure we can find that out for you. Once we get home...
Shingo: Great! Thank you very much misters!
Taleb: *looks over at Atta, who shrugs* We should start walking then.
Atta: Yup.
Shingo: Yep. *starts walking away as SandStorm starts following*
Taleb: STOP!
Shingo: *sits down on the ground as does the gundam*
Atta: Freaky.
Taleb: How did you do that?!
Shingo: SandStorm follows me everywhere.
Atta: Really? So it copies you right? Move your arm or something!
Shingo: Like this? *moves his hand up and down as does SandStorm* I can also do this! *starts jumping up and down as does SandStorm*
Taleb: OK! OK! We can see! What a strange thing.
Atta: Strange? It's cool! Do something else!
Shingo: Nah I'm getting tired.
Atta: Man.
Shingo: *to SandStorm* What? You know I'm just messing with these guys. I want to see if they really know that girl. If not then you can kill them.

Up in space a young woman knocked on a door and sighed when no response came.

Lady: Ma'am I've been asked to get you for your debut.
Girl: Go away!
Lady: You know how angry he'll get if you don't do what he wants you to.
Girl: *moves her blond locks aside* Fine. I'll be there in a moment. Why can't I be as strong as you, At-chan?
And Thus more stuff thrown into this fic that I can't even make much sense of! >.<

- ChibiChibi-chan