Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 32 - Relive The Pictures That Have Come to Pass
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Several police officers surveyed the area where a fight was said to have broken out the night before.

Police 1: *walks up to another officer* So what'd she have to say?
Police 2: Not much. No gun fire was heard or anything else with the exception of a scream. She waited until this morning to look around.
Police 1: Until the morning? Why didn't she call last night or even find out more?
Police 2: She was afraid the person responsible for this would try to harm her as well. Besides this is the bad side of town anyways. This kind of stuff happens all the time. Oh yeah and something else she said she saw someone a blond stumbling out of the ally. She wasn't able to give me any specifics but she said someone else came along and the blond left with em.
Police 1: So nothing was found?
Police 2: Yeah something was found. Some blood. I already sent it to get analyzed.
Police 1: Great... More waiting.

Milliardo walked though the door to the apartment he shared with Ling and of all people Sieben. He took off the Preventors jacket he had on and proceeded to walk to the kitchen where he saw one of the local residence cooking up a storm ala microwave style.

Milliardo: We have a new microwave?
Ling: Yeah. Sieben got it actually before he went to work that is.
Milliardo: *looks around at all the microwaved food on the table* ...What's up with all the food?
Ling: It's for a guest.
Milliardo: I don't think Sydney eats this much...unless you care to explain something to me...
Ling: What did that mean? Do you think I did...THAT...with Sydney?!
Milliardo: If you're refering to...that...perhapes.
Ling: No! I wouldn't do such a thing to her unless she was really ready for that kind of stuff which I hardly think so! And I thought your brother was the only perverted on in your family...
Milliardo: Haruka?! Is he here?!
Ling: What are you talking about? He's locked up in the nut house.
Milliardo: He escaped last night. I thought that was who was here.
Ling: No, it's a little worse then Haruka.
Milliardo: Who?
Ling: A ghost.
Milliardo: ...What?

Ling picks up as many of the microwaveable plates as he could and signaled Milliardo to follow. Milliardo shrugs slightly and follows close behind to one of the rooms and jumped before he even entered.

Milliardo: SHINGO?!?!
Ling: *nod*
Milliardo: But...but...but...he's dead!
Shingo: You're hurtin my feelings Mill.
Milliardo: Oh no no no no! You're dead! Everyone saw that colony blow up! How'd you get out?!
Ling: That's a good question. *stares at "Shingo", who's nearly choking on the food he's devouring* How did you get out, Shingo?
Shingo: Ne?
Milliardo: How did you escape the colony or rather how did you even know the colony was going to blow up?
Shingo: ...*stares at the food in his hand for awhile and looks back at Ling and Milliardo* I don't remember.
Ling: You don't remember?
Shingo: No...why does it matter anyways? I'm here now isn't that good enough for you guys?
Milliardo: *looks at Ling* Well I guess we'll make do with that for now until you can tell us.
Shingo: Thank you, Mill.
Milliardo: Yeah... So where were you for this whole time?
Shingo: Chillin in the colonies. I was in L2 for awhile and kinda thought I should come here.
Ling: Too bad everyone thinks you're dead.
Shingo: I can see why. You probably thought I was a ghost or something.
Ling: You can say that.
Milliardo: Anything you can tell us about Zero?
Shingo: Besides the fact he tried to kill me once again? I swear this is the first time he's actually hit me with those things.
Milliardo: What do you mean?
Shingo: He had these sword things you know kinda like the ones on my gundam. Luckily Ling found me... I probably would've been dead by now. Speaking of my gundam where is it anyways?
Ling: We don't know but it's most likely in a thousand pieces thanks to Haruka or at least I think that thing was SandStorm.
Shingo: Whatcha mean?
Ling: Well it seems Zero revamped your gundam for you. The thing looked like a monster or something.
Shingo: Intresting...*continues eating*
Ling: You want something to eat, Milliardo?
Milliardo: Yeah. Stay here for now Shingo.
Shingo: Don't have to worry about that for awhile. Though I do need a new shirt.
Ling: I'll see what I can do.
Shingo: Thanks guys. It makes me wonder why I didn't miss you all.

Meanwhile, a certian twin brother is busy chopping down his hair letting the pieces fall to the floor. He stops, looks in the mirror and grins.

Haruka: Haruka you devil... You still look hotter then hell. *cuts off another strand of hair and nearly jumps when he looks back in the mirror*
Zero: Exaggerating a little aren't you?
Haruka: So even someone like yourself can be jealous. *watches Zero just glare at him* What brings the all mighty one here now?
Zero: Phase one has started.
Haruka: Stardust eh? How much time?
Zero: Three maybe two hours.
Haruka: And you got your demon machine?
Zero: I'm guessing your referring to SandStorm.
Haruka: The one and only.
Zero: I don't have my evil pet with me. It would be a little suspicious of me to be dragging a large gundam with me don't you think so?
Haruka: Well where'd you leave it? In the bottom of the sea? Space?
Zero: Some where on this stupid planet.
Haruka: Humph that doesn't help nor does it explain why you're here.
Zero: I ran into trouble earlier. It would appear I've ran into my shadow. *watches Haruka start scratching his head and pick out fleas* ...
Haruka: *notices his glare and flicks one of the little parasites away* Errr... Go on...
Zero: As I said I ran into my shadow. I nearly succeded in eliminating him but one of your good friends came to his rescue.
Haruka: Err which one?
Zero: Ling I think. The point is now he's going to use them against me and--
Haruka: Shingo?! HE'S ALIVE?!
Zero: Yes, I was just about to get to that.
Haruka: Whoa... How the hell did he...uh...
Zero: Escape? It's a long story.
Haruka: *sarcasticly* JOY, JOY! Story time! Let me go get my blanket and my pillow!
Zero: *watches Haruka run out of the room* ...Humans...
Haruka: *runs back in* If you didn't notice that last bit I said was pure sarcasm.
Zero: I realized that. I was just going to see if you'd actually do a foolish thing.
Haruka: Well tell me how you got out.
Zero: It's a long and slightly boring story but I'm sure if you don't hear it you'll complain so I'll get it over with. Luckily for you I can tell it to you from both views...

Shingo looked though the halls and watched alarms go off. He slanted against the wall standing there for awhile until he turned back around back to where he had just came from ignoring the red lights and buzzing alarms everywhere. Everything was on the blurry side as the lights merged with the walls. Shaking off the dizzyness Shingo continued until he came to the hall he had left not too long ago and looked at the other blond, who was busy counting down his own distruction.

Shingo: Zero!
Zero: *staring out at the window at WingZero charging up its buster riffle* Come to die as well? I think Ariel would miss you too much. Or is it something else? Guilt? Emotions are for people like you.
Shingo: I came back to get you that's all. It just doesn't settle with me very well if you died this way.
Zero: I don't mind. I doubt it would even hurt me one bit. I wonder... What is it like to die, Shingo? You would know you nearly went down the rabbit hole on several occasions.
Shingo: I don't know what death is like but I know if you die I'll feel like a part of me died as well.
Zero: ...I'm so touched... You haven't much time.
Shingo: I'm not leaving unless you promiss me really promiss me that you'll live.
Zero: What am I going to get in return?
Shingo: If you make it I promiss I'll do as you want.
Zero: Kill me?
Shingo: If that's what you want.
Zero: I fear I may be gaining some of your sappy emotions, Shingo. Though how is my promiss to be fufilled if you die as well? Take SandStorm.
Shingo: Ne?
Zero: I told you to take SandStorm. Do you need a hearing aid? Damn people.
Shingo: But...
Zero: Don't worry the controls will be...different...very different. You're lucky you're the only other person besides myself who will even be permitted to pilot it.
Shingo: ...And you?
Zero: Do I have to thow you into that gundam myself? I told you already and I'll tell you once more since you're hard of hearing. We will meet again now that it's a guarentee that you'll give me a death more suitable for myself. Go to the hanger, when you get into SandStorm let everything take it's course and follow what your soul says.
Shingo: I feel like you're lying for some reason.
Zero: *glares* I'm getting tired of repeating myself. *knocks Shingo out and starts dragging him behind himself* Humans, they don't listen to anyone. *reaches the hanger, opens the cockpit door, throws Shingo in and closes it* Do take care of Shingo, SandStorm. He might get a little surprised by you.

Haruka: I suppose I know the rest of the story from here on.
Zero: I would think so. I bearily escaped. Don't bother asking how I got out you don't have to worry about how I escaped death since it's my reward after all of this.
Haruka: I guess so... Though I'm surprised you actually have a soft spot for Shingo.
Zero: Soft spot?
Haruka: Yeah you did save him after all.
Zero: Only to get what was promissed to me. I'm not going to be tempted to help the brat anymore after this he can take care of himself now.
Haruka: So why are you so intent on killing him now?! Damn the guy took pity on you and now you're trying to kill him! Did you not forget he IS supposidly the only one who can kill you!
Zero: I know that... Just that something felt a tad off about him.
Haruka: You're one to talk about akwardness all of the sudden you want to SAVE the very people you HATE! IT MAKES NO SENSE!
Zero: Perhapes I'm mearly taking pitty on you people...
Haruka: Yeah well no one needs or wants your help. I can take care of this on my own.
Zero: Well... if you insist. Though I'll make sure to babysit you some what. Make sure you don't mess up or anything.
Haruka: I may be human but I won't mess up.
Zero: All of you do... Eventually. Where would your love interest be?
Haruka: Michiru?
Zero: No, Duet.
Haruka: What made you think that and why do you care where she is?
Zero: Just curious that's all.
Haruka: Yeah well curriosity killed the cat if you don't recall.
Zero: Curiosity is also good to an extent. I'll see you later then.
Haruka: Humph... Sure whatever you say. *stares as the door closes* What a bastard. If Shingo is

Rose jumpped up fromm her seat and walked over to Seiben's desk and looked at him as he read a few papers. Seiben stopped and looked up at the girl who was smileling as sweetly as she could to him.

Seiben: I thought I told you to refrain from approching me while we're at work.
Rose: I have important news for you.
Seiben: Oh really? What is it?
Rose: We'll since you've got your panties in a wad I might as well not tell you. You might just explode or something. But if I don't tell you you'll be pretty mad at me.
Seiben: Correction I will be pissed at you. I advise you tell me what it is now or else.
Rose: Or else what Sei-chan? Are you going to cry to daddy? Cause I could always cry to mommy.
Seiben: Is that a threat?
Rose: Nope.
Seiben: I'm growing inpacient now tell me what's so important that you wish to give me a headache over.
Rose: Hmmm... Should I...
Seiben: Yes! Give me a hint at least!
Rose: It's what your cousin said, Haruka that is.
Sieben: What?!
Rose: Star...
Seiben: Starlight?
Rose: No, that's not it unless you're trying to say one of a certian person's attacks. I know you have the complete set of dolls some where in your room.
Seiben: ... *sweat drops* Oh no... Don't tell me... Stardust. And what exactly does that have to do with anything?
Rose: There are several carrier ships on their way from the colonies.
Seiben: NOW?!
Rose: Congradulations I dub the Master of the obvious.
Seiben: You've got to be kidding. How many?
Rose: Oh I estimate around fifty... From one colony that is. If you want me to be specific multiply that by twenty and that's how many mobile suits are in each.
Seiben: Does anyone else know?!
Rose: Only me and you for the most part. No one else in this Preventor building has any clue.
Seiben: Great. I have to tell Milliardo so he can eventually tell the others about this turn in events.
Rose: I don't know. Can he do it in two hours?
Seiben: Possibly. I want you to not say anything to anyone about this not one Preventor in this building. I don't want needless deaths to occur and I also want you to stay here.
Rose: What did that mean?
Seiben: It means exactly as it was intended to mean. *leaves her there*
Rose: Well... I love you too.

Meanwhile, out in the dark desert two men scout out the area nearly falling asleep.

Scout 1: Man we're never going to find this thing. We're running out of time anyways. We should just give up.
Scout 2: Give up? Are you a traitor?!
Scout 1: No, never!
Scout 2: Then be quiet and get back to work.
Scout 1: Yeah yeah I'm working. I just don't understand why we're looking for a gundam that supposidly no one can pilot.
Scout 2: Humph... Shows what you know. We've already taken care of that problem.
Scout 1: What do you mean?
Scout 2: You'll find out once this is all done. *hears a beeping sound from the computer* Looks like we found what we need!
Scout 1: Great! Now we can get the gundam and get out of this place! *looks at the computer screen* How odd it's not even moving... You think it hasn't detected us?
Scout 2: No, it simply means that the pilot isn't even in there. Probably dead by now.
Scout 1: *looks outside and watches a shadow moving among the sand* Who the hell is that?
Scout 2: *looks outside as well* Probably some idiot that lives around here. *screams at the shadow* HEY YOU YOU'RE BETTER OFF STAYING WHERE YOU ARE UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET HURT! *watches the shadow stand there for a minute, wave, and continue foward*
Scout 1: Think he understood you?
Scout 2: I don't think so but we don't need anyone around here. If they get any closer shoot them dead.
Scout 1: Bu...but sir..
Scout 2: Do it our I'll report you.
Scout 1: Errr yes, sir. *pulls out a gun and stands outside* Whoever's out there I advise you stay away! *watches the person start runing towards him* What the... Are you insane?! Can you understand me? I told you to stay put! *watches it come even closer and fires his gun watching it fall to the ground* I... I... Uhh... Oh my god... I... I shot em! *rolls his eyes and falls to the ground*
Scout 2: *goes outside* Hey what the hell's going on here?! *looks around and is hit in the face* What... Who's there?! *opens one of his eyes and looks upat the person above him* Wh..who the hell are you and what do you want?! *looks closer* Wait a minute... You're... You're Zero right?!
'Zero': I'm a ghost. As for what I want is to know why you've been stalking me.
Scout 2: St...stalking YOU?
'Zero': Why else would you be out here? It can't be for SandStorm that is unless you want to die.
Scout 2: I'll die how ever I have to and I won't tell you anything.
'Zero': I don't want to hurt you any further nor do I want to kill you but if I let you go you'll just inform whoever's after me where I am. I'm very sorry it had to come down to this.

The scouter looks at him expecting something to happen and sees him not make one move towards him or for a weapon of any kind. Instead he watched the young man walk back outside in surprise and started laughing at his idiocy until a hand from a mecha came bursting though grabing the man and killing him. Outside the other man had been reduced to nothing but a splater of blood on the ground as the mecha moved off of his body. The 'ghost' stood next to the giant mobile suit as it stood back up.

'Zero': Was that really necessary, SandStorm? *looks up at the gundam expecting it to reply* How depressing this is. I can't leave you here nor can I bring you with me...but... *flops down on the ground ignoring the dead corpses behind him and looked up to the sky* I feel like I have some thing to look for. I remember a girl. I know you think it's stupid to be thinking of such things but I feel like I have to find her, protect her. Funny thing is I don't even know her name. To look for someone whom you don't even know... That's a challenge. I wonder... Do you think she'd know who I really am? Zero... Why did he have to leave me here with not even any clue as to who I am and not to mention he left you. You're no help you know. *looks at the gundam* Are you ignoring me again? I'm being annoying aren't I? Sorry, SandStorm.

Back in the Sanq Kingdom an intruder walked the halls of a all too familiar home as if knowing exactly where he was going. What was odd about this 'break in' was the fact it was being done in broad daylight. The stranger walked past every door and any expensive valuables within the home ignoring them completely. He stopped at a door and looked at it for awhile reading all the keep out signs down to the very last one and ignored it as well entering a room left exactly as it had been for awhile. Posters of girls on the walls, paper balls on the floor near a trash can it had missed, home work that was never really finished on the desk along with doodles on the paper, clothes either on the floor on on another peice of furniture, and every mirror or glass object that was in the room broken. Stepping over the obstical that lay before him the 'intruder' continued on into the room looking through everything. After rummaging though the papers and junk that laid around he came up to a rather large box under the bed imediately pulling it out to look inside. To his surprise there was again nothing but junk inside. He became frustrated and threw everything out of the box until he came upon a picture. Of course by now you could only guess the only insane enough person to be doing such a thing could only be...

Zero: Well... Isn't this interesting... *looking at the picture* What a cute family but what's this? Someone that even I have no recollection of... Perhapes... This is the real Shingo Winner. *continues staring at the picture which consisted of Dorothy, Quatre and two blonde boys only three*
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