Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 31 - The Void That Cries Though you
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Michiru ran though the halls of the asylum until she reached a door with a clip board on the door and the name Haruka. Picking the lock and opening the door she looked around inside the dim room until she found what she was looking for and held him close to her.

Michiru: Haruka-chan. I missed you. Why don't you ever speak to me? Why don't you look at me? Tell me, Haruka! Please...I need an answer from you. It's nearly been two months since I've see you. Have you been eating? You don't look well.
Haruka: *monotony* Leave me alone.
Michiru: Ha...haruka? You don't--
Haruka: *pushes Michiru off of him* I'm not going to say it again, Michiru. Leave me alone.
Michiru: Why?
Haruka: Don't you get it? I don't care about you or anyone else. No one cares for me so it's only fair I do the same. Go find something else to waste your time on.
Michiru: I care about you I love you. Why do you have to act like this? Why don't you go back to the person you really are.
Haruka: This is who I am. Love. That's a silly girl's fantasy over some idiot. I'm not an idiot and I certainly have no feelings for you thus I don't love you. I never have and never will. I can only love one thing, battle. I don't have time to be a high school girl's crush or some fluffy love toy. Go find someone else to do that for you. *smack* ...Why thank you may I have another?
Michiru: I can't believe you, Haruka, and I won't! Something's changed you. Whatever it is it hasn't worked. I know that you are and will always be Haruka. My Haruka. The same one I love and still love because I can't hate you it's too hard for me to do something like that. I'll respect your wish for now and leave you alone. Good bye Haruka.

Haruka watched as the green haired girl walked out the door slowly closing the door behind her.

Haruka: Damn it, Michiru why can't I stop hurting you? I don't mean anything. Do I? *hears the door creek open* Michiru I told you to--*looks at the blonde standing right at the door* Shingo? Or is it Zero? Which ghost has come to haunt me?
Shin/Zero?: I don't have time to tell you anything at the moment. Come on.
Haruka: I'm not going anywhere. To tell the truth I'm happy where I am at the moment.
Shin/Zero: I thought so. You'd have been out of here long ago.
Haruka: What do you want with me anyways?
Shin/Zero: *grabs Haruka and starts dragging him out of the room* You should know. Operation Stardust is about to be put underway soon.
Haruka: You mean you're operation.
Shin/Zero: If you want to call me Zero go ahead. If you want to call me Shingo do the same. I have better things to do then help you out anyways Ruka.
Haruka: And what would that be? Kill everyone? That is your goal is it not? That is if you are indeed Zero.
Shin/Zero: I've heard a rumor. That someone posing as Shingo has been in the area. I wanted to see it for myself.
Haruka: Why so you could kill him as well? Geeze... what an elaborate plan.
Shin/Zero: I don't want to hurt you or anyone else! Don't you get it?! I just want to stop something from happening and unfortunately I need your help to do that.
Haruka: Why?
Shin/Zero: Because you're a much more better pilot then even my self and you know that as well.
Haruka: Fine. But I'm only doing it to protect Michiru nothing more. If you even think about switching sides anytime I'll make sure to shoot you.
Shin/Zero: That...I would be grateful for.

Both make it out the door and a good mile or two away from the asylum before anyone could notice Haruka's disappearance. The two stopped, looked around and continued walking at a normal pace.

Haruka: *now with different clothes on and a bandana on his head* What do you plan on doing now?
Shin/Zero: I'm going to find my poser and see what happens. I suggest you hide somewhere.
Haruka: I can do that easily. As for do stick out a little too well.
Shin/Zero: *pulls his shades down a bit* What do you mean?
Haruka: The fact that you look just like Shingo and you're walking around the street pretending it doesn't make a difference. People are going to start questioning.
Shin/Zero: Do I sense a little bit of concern for me Ruka?
Haruka: No and stop calling me Ruka. It's Haruka to you. *looks around and sees a blue haired girl and a blonde look alike of himself talking to each other* Shit. *looks over to "Zero" and finds him gone* Damnit. *runs behind a trash can as Milliardo and Duet head into his direction*

Milliardo: ..Du-chan...
Duet: Hmm?
Milliardo: Is there something wrong?
Duet: No, of course not. Why would there be something wrong?
Milliardo: I don't know... You're starting to space out more often now. Is it that I'm boring to you or something?
Duet: No. I just don't...
Milliardo: What?
Duet: *stops in front of the trash can* I don't know. Something just doesn't feel right. I just need some space to think things over.
Milliardo:'re dumping me...
Duet: What?! No of course not. I don't think so that is.
Milliardo: It's ok. I understand...I suppose... *starts walking off*
Duet: Milliardo! Ugh... Nothing makes sense anymore. *walks past the trash can and in the door of the apartment complex*

Duet opened her apartment door and sighed at the disgusting sight of the room. Cracked walls, an inch of dust on the rug and absolutely no furniture with the exception of a mattress on the floor with take-out food boxes around it. She walked over to a box of clothing and other junk, pulled out a towel and went to the equally trashy looking bathroom. At the same time the water came on the door opened and a pair of persian blue eyes peeked into the room and silently entered looking around the place at the same time.

Haruka: *picking up a pizza box* Man this place is totally trashed... And she used to complain when my side of the room was dirty. Geeze she's worse then me! ...I never thought that was possible... *picks up an article of clothing, hears the bathroom door open, runs into a box, fixes it quickly and hides behind it*
Duet: ...*looks around* Hello? *shrug* Must have been the neighbors. *walks over to the box Haruka's behind and starts looking inside of it* That's odd I could have sworn I put my clean clothes in here... *continues looking* Great...I can't find anything in here...
Haruka: *looks at the underwear and other assortments of clothes spread all over and under him*
Duet: *kicks the box as well as Haruka* Damnit! Where the hell did it go?!
Haruka: *hands Duet some underwear*
Duet: *completely oblivious* Oh thank you! ...Wait a minute! *pushes the box aside and holds her towel even tighter* MILLIARDO! What are you doing in here?! You pervert! *bashes Haruka over the head*
Haruka: Stop it you stupid bitch!
Duet: ...You're not...Milliardo... AHHHHHARUKA!!
Haruka: Nice to see you too.
Duet: What, no, how, no, WHY?!
Haruka: I can explain later... That is unless you want me to explain now...*notices Duet's cleavage showing*
Duet: *looks down, turns red and screams* Haruka you damn perverted idiot get out of here!
Haruka: Ok...
Duet: *watches Haruka go to the door* ...I didn't mean out the door I meant in the bathroom baka.
Haruka: *walks into the bathroom* So this is why Mill let you dump him.
Duet: I did not dump him! *grabs a nearby take-out box and throws it with it's remaining contents at Haruka, who closes the door quickly* ERRRRRR! I can't stand this!
Haruka: *though the door* You don't mind if I use the bathroom do you Duet? I'll make sure to leave the seat up for you.
Duet: *growls* What did I do to have to put up with you?!

Duet quickly gets dressed making sure her "guest" doesn't peek in on her at the same time.

Duet: *knocks on the door* You can come out Haruka.
Haruka: *walks out the door* Woof, woof! What else would you like me to do? Roll over? I can catch a Frisbee with my mouth!
Duet: Haruka! Explain yourself right now!
Haruka: If I did you wouldn't believe me.
Duet: Try me.
Haruka: Ok so where's the button? *starts looking all over Duet as she death glares him*
Duet: I meant for you to tell me why you're here!!
Haruka: Well I got out of the looney bin thanks to Zero or at least I think it was Zero could've been Shingo. But I got out came here cause I saw you and tada I'm now sitting in the same room with you.
Duet: Shingo? Zero? What?! I think you should consider going back, Haruka. Listen to yourself! You sound like someone who belongs to the "looney bin" as you like to call it. There is no physical way either of the two even helped you out the door. It just sounds...
Haruka: Unlikely? I knew you'd say that. Maybe I was hallucinating... Maybe I got myself out. I don't know anymore. I don't even know where my true feelings are. I know that I need your help to keep me hidden for the time being.
Duet: Why would I do that? You know I could just tell your brother.
Haruka: Then that's a risk I have to take now isn't it?
Duet: Fine then tell me where this Shingo wannabe hallucination went off to.
Haruka: After his shadow I suppose.
Duet: And that means what exactly?
Haruka: Either Zero is hunting down Shingo or the opposite.
Duet: Great. So if you are indeed right then if, this is hypothetically speaking, Shingo, the real Shingo, is still alive then he doesn't have much time.
Haruka: Shingo's a survivor. He's been through far worse.
Duet: Then I suppose you'll be staying here with me until you decide to leave correct?
Haruka: Don't worry. I'll only be here for a bit. Operation Stardust is coming. I'm simply waiting for it. Think of it on the bright side at least you have a guard dog to watch over you.
Duet: A perverted one but I guess that'll do.
Haruka: Dandy.

Ariel walked outside her dormitory room and sighed as she walked over to a vending machine. After punching in the numbers she watched as the machine stopped moving and her candy bar sat stuck inside. She growled and kicked the things, shaking it and pounding on it still the thing wouldn't budge. She sighed in defeat, turned around and ran strait into someone.

Ariel: *looks around* Ugh...Watch where you're going!
Boy: Same could be said to you too chick.
Ariel: Chick? Do you not have any manners at all?
Boy: Maybe not. I noticed your stuff got stuck in there. Want me to help you out? *holds out a hand*
Ariel: No thank you. *gets up on her own, dusts herself off and starts walking off until she hears a kicking sound* I tried that already!
Boy: *presents her with the junk food and more* You sure you don't want any?
Ariel: How did...
Boy: That doesn't matter. Here. I have to get going. Class tomorrow and all. By the way if you're wondering the name's Michael. See you later eh?
Ariel: *watches him leave* What a self centered idiot. He acts just like Shingo.

Wufei kicked the television set as the reception went in and out for the thousandth time that day. The Chang kids howled with laughter as their father was zapped by the cable left and right. Sally looked at the odd spectical and sighed turning to her eldest son, who was downing as much food as he could.

Sally: Ling you act like you haven't eaten in days!
Ling: Living with Milliardo *slurps up some ramen* and Sieben in one *munches on a rice ball* dormitory room isn't helping with that. *gobbles down some random brand of soda his father disapproved of*
Sally: You mean you don't eat?!
Ling: No, not exactly. *starts on a third helping* We eat...sometimes.
Sally: Like what?
Ling: Junk food mostly but we do have an actual dinner.
Sally: And that would be?
Ling: Oh a bunch of stuff.
Sally: *gives the look* Like?
Ling: Take-out.
Sally: If you all need food then why don't you come here?
Ling: Well I did invite Sieben but he's working or something and Milliardo is on a date with Duet. I would have been on a date with Sydney but she also is working. I'm starting to think I should get an apartment or something but I don't have the money.
Wufei: *storms in* ONNA!
Sally: Yes, Wufei?
Wufei: I have reason to believe that television is possessed!
Sally: Whatever made you think that?
Wufei: The weak thing keeps attacking me while your children laugh at my misery! Which brings me to another subject! I don't seem to be getting the desired respect I require in this household! I demand respect from those children!
Sally: And you want me to do what exactly?
Wufei: Tell them to respect their elders!
Sally: *watches Kasuka waltz on in and get a drink* Kasuka.
Kasuka: *turns around quickly* I didn't do it! It was all Yowa's fault this time!
Sally: I'll speak to you about that after this... You respect your elders correct?
Kasuka: Yup! I respect You, Ling and any angry old men.
Sally: See no need to tell them now is there, Wufei?
Wufei: I was not among that list!
Kasuka: Yes you were! You're an angry old man!
Wufei: WHAT?! *watches Kasuka zoom out the door* Get over here you weakling! Humph... I refuse to waste my time on him. *looks at Ling* Shouldn't you be working?
Ling: Ne? I don't have a job father.
Wufei: Is that so? Well if I recall there's an opening at the Preventors.
Ling: No way I'm not getting a job! I don't need one and never will need one.
Sally: But earlier you were talking about getting an apartment. Getting a job does help in achieving things like that.
Ling: I don't know... I'll think about it. It better not be a crummy job!
Wufei: Of course not.
Ling: Thank you for the food mom.
Sally: Here take some with you. I'm sure Milliardo and Sieben would like to have some actual food for once.
Ling: Yeah.

Ling takes the food and leaves as his father starts complaining about feeding the poor. The blue eyed gundam pilot walked down the streets and stopped as he saw a small flick of platinum blonde hair dash across the street and into an alley. Curiosity took over and Ling pursued what he considered a ghost. He turned the corner into the alley and spotted blood blotches among the gravel and two eyes glaring at him. Ling stared in fear and disbelief at the sight that beheld him.

Ling: You just don't die do you, Winner?
"Shingo": a difficult task, Ling.
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