Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 30: The Beginning is The End...
Disclaimer: Same as the other 29 episodes...

Sieben looked at the doors as they passed each one then looked over at the girl leading them into what he would consider to be a trap.

Sieben: So how much further must you go to turn on us and kill all of those idiots?
Sydney: You know I really don't like your atitude
Sieben: Really? Well keep on hating it. I'm just trying to point out the obvious to these morons.
Duet: If we're morons for following a "traitor" then you must also be a moron for doing the same.
Sieben: Nonsense. I'm merely following her so I can find out where this "Zero" person is.
Ariel: Wow you're such a genius, Sieben. It's a wonder why I never considered going out with such a person like yourself.
Sieben: I wouldn't want a whore for a girlfriend anyways. Then again I suppose it suits you since your "boyfriend" is a player as well. Wait he's your ex-boyfriend...perhapes for a good reason. *smack*
Ariel: How could you say things like that?! I swear you have absolutely no feelings whatsoever! At least Shingo has more balls then you!
Sieben: You know I'm getting really bored with your attitude. *starts walking off in a different direction*
Duet: Where are you going?!
Sieben: To get the real problem of this whole thing. If you want to come be my guest. I'm tired of that little girl. For all she really knows her idiot boyfriend is probably dead this very minute. *keeps on walking with Duet trying to put some bit of reason into his head*
Ariel: He's alive I know he is! *runs off in the original direction*
Nova: Ariel! *runs after his sister*
Ling: *yelling* What happened to being a "group"?!
Sydney: I guess it's useless to say anything now.
Ling: I'll go find Sieben before he does something stupid you find Ariel.
Sydney: Ok...and Ling.
Ling: Hmm?
Sydney: Thanks for telling Sieben off for me.
Ling: It's no problem. Everyone else does it anyway.
Sydney: Yeah.
Ling: Anyway go find Ariel.

Both go their separate ways in search of the missing "group" members while else where gun shots are heard going off everywhere.

Haruka: *hiding* He's too good. *looks down at his arm which is currently bleeding* Great...

Haruka gets up to start running when another gun shot is fired as he felt something scrape the side of his face. He then turned around to try and get a shot in at his opponent but is instantly thrown backwards by a punch at his face nearly knocking him out cold. He's then grabbed by his hair, cracks open his eyes to his blurry surroundings to be greeted by two cold blue eyes along with a snort. Zero throws Haruka down at the ground, kicking him around for awhile as the dirty blond held his stomach spiting up wads of blood. Haruka found the end to this onslaught as he lay on his back beaten and bruised but found no comfort in the soft click he knew too well and opened his eyes just as a gun was fired and a bullet make it's self at home in the flooring next to his head. He blinked a few times making sure he was still alive and heard the gun that was just fired fall to the ground a few inches from him along with footsteps. Haruka took this opportunity to grab the gun and point it at the blond. Zero stopped as he heard the gun click.

Haruka: *looking at Zero with blurred vision and spits out some blood* O..omae... o korosu...
Zero: You can go ahead shoot but it would be a waste since you have bad enough aiming without the condition your in. Don't worry I'll come back for you I just need to take care of something first. *continues walking out the door*
Haruka: *drops the gun and looks up* I failed you, Michiru.

Sieben quickened his pace as Duet yelled at him from behind. He was more concerned about the gun shots they had heard not too long ago then anything else and wasn't really paying attention to the Maxwell behind him.

Duet: Sieben!
Sieben: *finally annoyed* WHAT?!
Duet: *looks around* ...Is it just me or is there absolutely no security around here?
Sieben: That would be because your stepping all over them.
Duet: *looks down and grabs Sieben's arm while he rolls his eyes* god... Who...Who... no WHAT did this?!
Sieben: Perhaps the Shingo clone?
Duet: Stop playing around, Sieben. One man can not do this alone. Maybe an army but not one person alone.
Sieben: I guess someone forgot to pick up after himself. That would probably be why there's an odd odor of decay in this place.
Duet: Could we maybe get out of here now? I think I'm about you throw up.
Sieben: Only because I don't want you doing that on me.
Duet: You know...
Sieben: What?
Duet: I should have never come here. I can't fight. I can't even take a little blood. I was better off watching from the sidelines.
Sieben: Every bit of that is true.
Duet: I thought you'd say that. I miss Milliardo, my home, my warm bed, I miss everything. I don't know why I'm going on like this. I guess I just want to talk to someone... you know.
Sieben: If I'm to become your psychologist I'd like to make a fee of ten dollars per sentence.
Duet: You are such an ass.
Sieben: I have to be.
Duet: So that's what fighting does to you.
Sieben: Hmm? What are you talking about?
Duet: I've noticed everyone changed. It's almost like they were different people. I don't know... I guess I miss everyone being the way they were before.
Sieben: Then what you truly miss is immaturity. But in fact not all of us have "matured" truly. I'm guilty of this myself. I'm jealous of Milliardo and being jealous is an immature response.
Duet: No it's not it's being normal.
Sieben: And that is an opinion which shows that people are diverse in nature and thought. It's because of that we've gotten so far.
Duet: Sieben...
Sieben: Did you hear that?
Duet: What?
Sieben: I don't know... Let's go find out.
Duet: Ok.

Nova looked around the dark corridors and occasionally coughed at the smell of the place. He had no clue as to where he was going since he lost Ariel not too long ago and was starting to worry about her until he turned the corner and stopped as he observed the scene. Ariel had her back to him crying over a body.

Nova: *softly* Ariel?
Ariel: I'm sorry. I'm sorry for everything. I can't believe your gone now. No, I can't believe you gave up! You always do this! You're always giving up! Why?! I know you can fight it so why don't you!? *starts shaking Shingo* Wake up!
Nova: Ariel!
Ariel: *stops shaking Shingo* Nova?!
Nova: Are you ok?
Ariel: *nods*
Nova: *looks at Shingo* He's really pale. Ariel I think he's--
Ariel: He is not dead! He's... he's just sleeping!
Nova: Ariel does that sound like the truth to you?
Ariel: Of course! Because it is true!
Nova: If that's what you truly believe.
Ariel: I'm being stupid. He's dead and it's my fault!
Nova: No, it's not.
Ariel: Yes it is. I know it is.
Nova: You can't blame yourself for this. I'm your brother and I don't want to see you hurt. *hears clapping behind him and Ariel*
Zero: How saddened I am at this loss. I think I might cry as well if I had any tears to cry with.
Nova: *gets up quickly and faces Zero* Who are you!?
Zero: Aww you don't recognize me Nova? Poor boy.
Ariel: *shocked starts looking from Shingo to Zero* Shingo?!
Zero: Yeah Ariel. Come over here.
Nova: I don't like this. Ariel stay over here.
Zero: What you don't trust me?
Nova: No it's just that there's got to be a logical explanation as to why there are two of you.
Zero: Does it matter? I'm Shingo!
Ariel: I'm confused...
Nova: And I don't believe you. Shingo never called me a "poor boy".
Zero: Enough of this game. *slaps Nova across the hall* I recommend you stay there if you wish to live a bit longer.
Ariel: Stay away from me!
Zero: What? Afraid of me now? *grabs Ariel off the ground*
Ariel: *smacks him* I'm not afraid of you.
Zero: No wonder he likes you. You're so fun to play with.
Ariel: Let go! *kicks him in the south*
Zero: *grunts slightly* I was planing on saving you for later but you're starting to get very annoying. *throws her on the ground* Your such a stupid girl. All of you are with your stupid emotions. *looks over at Shingo* So you finally kicked the can? *kicks Shingo over so he's looking up* Or are you pretending to be dead? *bends down* You're awake somewhere. You're just letting your emotions get in the way. Let me help you back to the real world. *starts choking the boy*
Ariel: Leave him alone! Please!
Zero: I'm just waking him up.

Shingo coughed and wheezed slightly as his other self stared at him.

Chibi Shingo: Wha... What's wrong?! Are you ok?!
Shingo: I... I... I can't breath... He won't let go...
Chibi Shingo: Who?! I don't see anybody!
Shingo: Let go!
Chibi Shingo: I'm scared.

Zero watched as his mirror image twitched slightly as Ariel got up behind him and started hitting him.

Ariel: Have you no respect for the dead?!
Zero: I would if the person in question was indeed dead. Now leave me alone.
Ariel: Or what?!
Zero: I don't want to hurt you but you are seriously forcing that decision upon me.
Ariel: Was that a thought from your emotions? Why don't you become something else, change your path.
Zero: I refuse to listen to such an insolent girl like your self. You think someone told me to do this? Do you think I can't think on my own? Am I not human?
Ariel: Being human includes emotions which you clearly have and are trying to hide.
Zero: These emotions aren't mine. They're his.

Milliardo and Michiru walked to the hanger door and entered. Milliardo looked at Wing and sighed.

Michiru: Milliardo?
Milliardo: Hmm?
Michiru: You're going to bring Haruka back right?
Milliardo: I can try. *looks over at Wing again and notices something off about it*
Michiru: What's wrong?
Milliardo: The cockpit door is closed. It's usually open.
Michiru: Who do you thinks in it?
Milliardo: I don't know but I'm going to find out. *pounds on the door* Hey open up! *no response* Grrr...Come on!

Inside the gundam continuous typing inside the gundam as it's literally being hacked into. The screen goes blank for a few seconds as complete darkness falls over the cockpit and written on the screen is "Welcome back Gundam Pilot 04... Now activating ZERO System" in green letters.

Sydney ran though the corridors in search of Ariel and Nova but wasn't having much luck. She turned a corner and ran into someone else. Shaking her head to recover from the incident she looked over at the other person and softly growled.

Sydney: I should have known it was you, Yuki. What are you doing running for?!
Yuki: No..nothing.
Sydney: What happened?!
Yuki: Our great savior refuses to wake.
Sydney: What are you talking about.
Yuki: I pulled the plug on Shingo.
Sydney: WHAT?! Are you crazy?!
Yuki: Not as crazy as the girl I ran into. I think she was his girlfriend. Broke down after seeing him, dead that is.
Sydney: Great. How about a boy, with green hair, have you seen him?
Yuki: Along the way yes but I didn't approach him. That girl nearly killed me when she saw me I didn't need a repeat of that.
Sydney: Come on we're going to find them.
Yuki: What?! Why?!
Sydney: Because I said I would.

Duet and Sieben walked into a room and heard someone growling inside. Duet looked around and found the source bleeding on the ground and attempting to sit up.

Duet: Haruka.
Haruka: *falls back on the ground* Well if it isn't Shinotenshi herself. Come to see die?
Duet: No.
Sieben: Great it's idiot.
Haruka: Speak for yourself.
Sieben: Hmph. I wouldn't be talking.
Duet: Where's...
Haruka: Zero? Ah he went to go take care of something. God knows what that means. I guess I should be gracious that he let me live, for now that is.
Sieben: So then who did he go after?
Haruka: Like I said... Only god knows. Though if your really thinking, Sieben, then I'm sure you'd know.
Sieben: ...So the clone's gone after the reflection he was based off of.

Ariel continued hitting Zero, who wouldn't let go of Shingo, not even noticing the slight movement Shingo was making every so often.

Zero: *getting annoyed* Don't you have anything better to do?
Ariel: *hits him even harder and notices something sliver-grey poking out the sides of Zero's pants and realizes they're hilts to a sword or something close to it thus stops hitting him*
Zero: You finally gave up?
Ariel: You know I was thinking...*starts hugging Zero causing him to let go of Shingo out of surprise* Shingo's going to die anyways so why not go for the next best thing... That being you, of course.
Zero: And what brought about this sudden change in you?
Ariel: I don't know... I guess I like my men strong.
Zero: Is that so? Or is this some kind of trick?
Ariel: What made you think that?

Shingo finally regains his breath and looks at the ground.

Chibi Shingo: You all right?
Shingo: *nods* Ariel... Shingo...
Chibi Shingo: Hmm?
Shingo: Where exactly is this place?
Chibi Shingo: What do you mean?
Shingo: Where are we? I mean I can't be dead... could I?
Chibi Shingo: Nope it's not heaven.
Shingo: Limbo?
Chibi Shingo: Nope.
Shingo: ...*glup* Hell?
Chibi Shingo: Ne? No!
Shingo: Where?
Chibi Shingo: The ZERO system.
Shingo: Huh?!
Chibi Shingo: Well it's is.
Shingo: What am I doing in the ZERO system?!
Chibi Shingo: Well you remember when those bad guys were trying the ZPT2 out on you? Well you kinda got sucked into the system. Strange isn't it?
Shingo: WHAT?! How... how did that happen?!
Chibi Shingo: When you went into umm what's it called a coma?
Shingo: I've been in the ZERO system this whole time?!
Chibi Shingo: Yeah that's why you were able to see Haruka-saa when he used the system.
Shingo: I don't believe this shit.
Chibi Shingo: *looks around*
Shingo: What?
Chibi Shingo: I think someone else go into the system.
Shingo: Who?
Chibi Shingo: *turns around, laughs and runs over to the new comer as Shingo turns around as well with shock all over his face*
Shingo: the hell... *looks at the fifteen year old that his younger self has glompped on to*

Ariel proceeds to hit on Zero as he starts to become less suspicious of her.

Zero: So you've really given up on Shingo?
Ariel: Uh huh. I'm all yours.
Zero: *leans in to kiss Ariel*
Ariel: *looks down and grabs one of the hilts and makes a run for it*
Zero: Bitch.
Ariel: *looks at the hilt* What?! Where's the sword!
Zero: Do you really think I would use such a weak weapon? Please.
Ariel: *gets away from Zero and looks at the hilt and finds a small button on the side* What the hell? *presses it and watches the hilt light up green* A beam saber?!
Zero: Yes, now give it back. *stands only feet away from her*
Ariel: Do I really look that stupid?
Zero: *attempts to grab Ariel but is attacked by the girl* That's one of the traits I hate about emotions. They're as unpredictable as the person that has them. *looks down at the hole in his shirt* I'm lucky I moved out of the way so quickly. You didn't even scorch me. *takes out the other beam shorter* Let's try this again.

Sieben helped Haruka up despite his howls of pain while Duet cautioned him to be careful. Ling ran in after following the yells of pain coming from Haruka and looked at the three.

Ling: You guys ok?
Haruka: Oh yes just dandy. I think I might have a spot of tea perhaps even some crumpets... DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M OK?!
Ling: No, and for a second there it didn't sound like it either.
Sieben: Where's that traitor girlfriend of yours?
Ling: She's not my girlfriend just an acquaintance.
Sieben: I'll take that as you have no clue.
Ling: If you see it that way then yes.
Sieben: Great. She's the only one that knows where that idiot is.
Haruka: Which one? As far as I see it everyone is an idiot in your eyes.
Sieben: I was talking about your good friend.
Haruka: I have no friend.
Sieben: If you say so.
Haruka: Sieben, Ling... You two mind leaving me and Duet alone for a minute?
Sieben: Fine but make it quick. *lets Haruka drop to the floor and walks out of the room with Ling*
Haruka: Damn him.
Duet: What's so important that you must tell me?
Haruka: Duet I'm not sure if I'm going to make it though this personally I really don't care. But aside from that. I wanted to tell you that I've been thinking, you know after you told me you liked... more like loved me and all, that now is the time I told you what I think about that. Despite all of the name calling and all that other stuff I've done to you--
Duet: Like popping my bra strap while I was walking down the hall and causing me to run into the wall in front of the whole school?
Haruka: Yeah...
Duet: And putting worms in my locker and having them pour on to me?
Haruka: Now I didn't mean for that to happen--
Duet: And messing with my school records every chance you got?
Haruka: Oi! Can I just get to the point of this conversation?!
Duet: Go on...
Haruka: Despite all of that I wanted to tell you that...
Duet: What?
Haruka: That...
Duet: Hmm?
Haruka: You and Mill belong together. I also have no feelings for you what so ever. As far as I'm concerned your just a Maxwell girl I've been enemies with since before we were born. But you do have my blessing to go ahead and marry Mill and have sex with him as well.
Duet: ...ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I can't believe you'd say something like that! I thought you would have said something romantic or memorable. But no, you pulled something out of your ass like usual and basically hurt my feelings. I don't want your "blessing" to marry Milliardo or to fuck him! I swear, Haruka Zechs Yuy, you are such an asshole!
Haruka: *watches her stomp out of the room and yells back at her* I'm glad you feel that way.
Duet: Good! I'm glad you realize it now.
Haruka: I'm glad that your glad that I realized such a thing.
Duet: You always want to get the last word in don't you?!
Haruka: If I can.
Duet: I'm not going to listen to you anymore!
Haruka: You do that.
Duet: I'm not listening! *starts humming extremely loud and walks out the door*
Haruka: Sure you aren't.

Shingo observed the fifteen year old with an unsettling feeling in his stomach. Something told him he knew this young man from some where and started scratching his head as his younger version tried teaching the boy how to play "paper, scissors, rock". Somewhere he had seen this person and it hit him like a ton of bricks.

Chibi Shingo: *runs happily dragging the other boy with him and stopped in front of Shingo* Shingo-saa this is my new friend. His name's Quatre!
Shingo: Father?
Quatre: Shingo.
Chibi Shingo: You know each other?
Shingo: In a sense, yes. How did you get here? No, better yet why are you here.
Quatre: First you don't recognize me then you start questioning why and how I got here?
Shingo: Well you do look a ton younger then I recall.
Quatre: What are you talking about?
Shingo: Oh I don't know maybe that you're FIFTEEN YEARS OLD!!
Quatre: That would explain my clothes and my sudden feeling of...
Shingo: Shortness? Welcome to my world.
Quatre: You always have to be sarcastic.
Shingo: What I don't have that right either?
Quatre: I never said that.
Shingo: Why did you come here anyways? Cause I'm not in the mood to hear one of those glorious lectures that you come up with.
Quatre: I came here because I got a message from someone I knew and I decided to help you out of this but clearly I'm not wanted nor needed here.
Shingo: For once I actually agree with you.
Quatre: I don't want to fight with you.
Shingo: Then go away like you always have.
Quatre: Then I will if that's what makes you happy.
Shingo: Good. I never needed nor wanted your help in the first place.
Quatre: Fine! *looks away*
Shingo: Fine! *does the same*
Chibi Shingo: WHY ARE YOU TWO FIGHTING?! There's no point to it! You two don't have to become enemies.
Shingo: Well he started it.
Quatre: Where did that come from?! I never did anything to you to deserve treatment like this.
Shingo: That's what you think. Do you know why I started hating you?
Quatre: Why?
Shingo: Because you made to many broken promises. You lied too much. I only went into the ZERO system that first time because I thought maybe you'd notice.
Quatre: You did that because you wanted attention!?
Shingo: That and I thought maybe if I was able to beat the system you'd be proud of me. I'd always see Mill's father proud of him all the time and give him a lot of attention just for doing some stupid thing. I wanted something like that. Instead it all back fired like everything I do. I ended up "sick" for two weeks and still you were hardly around. I didn't accomplish anything. I hate being ignored. I'm constantly ignored by everyone. I guess everything I've ever done was to try and get some sort of attention from you and everyone else. But no matter what you do in a time like this nothing matters. I'm too selfish. I should just stay here and remain "dead".
Quatre: So this is my fault after all...
Shingo: No. I never said it was. If anything it's mine. I tried to be something I'm not. I'd go back to being what I truly am but even I'm not sure what that is exactly. It's kinda weird you know. I've always call Akuma and my other cousins brats when I'm one myself.
Quatre: Shingo I was always proud of you. You may not have done the most brightest things nor done anything praise worthy but I still knew you were around. I brought all this upon myself as well as you. I guess I should have listened to your mother a lot more. She's been saying it for years "Quatre why don't you stay home more often you and Shingo are getting too distant from each other. One day that boy is going to get killed and you'll probably be to busy taking care of other matters to notice." I proved her wrong I suppose.
Shingo: I'm not going back.
Quatre: Why not?
Chibi Shingo: Yeah! Why not? You got a pretty girlfriend. If you don't want her I'll take her.
Shingo: If you want go ahead.
Quatre: You didn't answer my question.
Shingo: I'm not going back period.
Quatre: Why?
Shingo: I... I... I'm afraid. There's someone there. Someone that looks like me except he's like the ice demon from hell. I can see him and he can see me. It feels odd. It's almost like looking at a mirror, a broken one. I just don't want to face someone like that. I can't. Even if he is hurting everyone I know.
Quatre: You're willing to let him just go around killing everyone?
Shingo: I don't want to go. To tell the truth I get sick when I have to fight someone.
Quatre: What about the time when you were in your gundam?
Shingo: I didn't want to tell you but... I hacked into the gundam's main system specifically the recording part and well I made it so you would never find out that I was using the ZERO system to fight.
Quatre: What?!
Shingo: I was too scared. I didn't want to fight to begin with I was forced into it. I just can't fight on my own and since I had nearly mastered the ZERO system I used it in that battle. I didn't expect the Z2PT to kick on. I didn't know what to do so I panicked.
Chibi Shingo: Wow he's spewing out secrets like a machine gun...
Quatre: *sigh* Is there anything else you're hiding from me?
Shingo: *looks at Quatre* Oh I have a ton.
Quatre: Then we'll talk about them later. I want you to do me a favor.
Shingo: What?
Quatre: If you ever do manage to get out of here make sure you at least mail me.
Shingo: *watches Quatre disappear* If I can get out.

Milliardo watched the cockpit door to Wing open up and backed up slightly. Out from the gundam came Quatre, dizzy, nauseated, disorientated, and all around feeling like hell had broke lose. The ex-pilot of SandRock stumbled slightly as he approached the son of Heero Yuy and once he made it within reaching distance held out a piece of paper to Milliardo, who took it quickly, and not five steps later fell to the ground unconscious.

Michiru: Oh my god! Is he all right?!
Milliardo: Yeah he's just unconscious.
Michiru: What did he give you?
Milliardo: *looks at the paper* ...A note I suppose...
Michiru: What's it say?
Milliardo: "Heero".
Michiru: That's your father's name right?
Milliardo: Yeah I guess he wants me to tell him about this.
Michiru: What are you waiting for? Go get some help or something.
Milliardo: o..ok...
Michiru: And I thought he was suppose to be the "smart" one...

Meanwhile, Heero, Duo and Trowa sit in front of the TV watching a football game as Duo occasionally jumped up and down each time the L2 Tigers got one point more then the L1 Sharks. Hilde, Relena and Jade shook their heads each time the three men got into an argument over a play.

Duo: Oh my god! He's going to make it I know it! GO! GO! GO!
TV broadcaster: And it's going....going... Oh man it's intercepted!
Duo: NOOOOOOOOOO! *slumps on the ground*
Heero: *smirk*
Trowa: *shakes his head* Exactly why are we watching this?
Heero: To forget we have spawn fighting in space.
Trowa: Oh.
Heero: And so Duo can loose 4,000 credits to me.
Trowa: Like you need it.
Heero: I don't but Milliardo's gundam will.
Trowa: Good point. *looks at Duo, who's melted into the floor* ...Are you going to get up?
Duo: No... I'm too upset.
Broadcaster: L2 is going! I think they're going to make it this time! Oh my god this is too much of a good opportunity! GO!!
Duo: *jumps from the floor, grabs the tv and starts shaking it around* YES! GO! GO! GO!
TV: News flash from the L3 colony.
Duo: *twitch, twitch* ...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *insert Heero's sinister laugh here*
Hilde: *entering the trashed room filled with bags of assorted chips and popcorn all over the place* ...So this is what ex-gundam pilots do in their spare time... Scream at the TV until they get what they want and trash the place like teenagers at a party.
Jade: It would be a lot more interesting if they threatened the TV with their gundams.
Relena: Heero's done that a few times. I think while he was watching a soap opera that day and one of the characters died...
Heero: Relena could you be quiet for a minute?
Relena: *glare*

Reporter: We're currently on the L3 colony where most of the colonist has fled and only stragglers remain. All around the colony posted at every exit now are mobile suits. Many of you remember them from the 195 wars which led up to the Eve Wars. It would appear that even numerous mobile suits called "Gundams" have also entered the colony. Where they are at this moment no one has a slight clue but we're hoping the pilots are on the side of the Earth. Oh wait I see someone maybe we could ask them what they think about this. *dashes over to an old man* Sir your a resident of this colony no?
Man: I've been here since the end of the Eve Wars so of course.
Reporter: Could we have your name please?
Man: Now that I can't give out dear.
Reporter: I see. So sir how do you feel about the arrival of the gundams on this colony? Who do you think is behind the controls?
Man: These people are just acting out of their hearts just like their predecessors. I'm sure if the colonist truly want peace as well as the Earth they would follow these pilots. *faces the camera* Right, Heero?

Heero: *spits out his soda all over the place* Excuse me... *runs out of the room*
Relena: ...Heero?
Hilde: What's wrong with him?
Relena: I haven't a clue.
Duo: I'd spit out my soda too if I saw such an ugly guy like that.
Trowa: Strange...
Jade: What?
Trowa: Nothing.
Milliardo: *comes bursting though the door* MOM WHERE'S DAD?!
Relena: Milliardo, I have no clue... Wait what are you doing here?!
Milliardo: Haruka knocked me out and went in space instead of me!
Everyone: WHAT?!!?!?!
Milliardo: Yeah and I think something really terrible going to happen. I was going to take Wing gundam but Mr. Winner was using it along with the ZERO system I guess he installed.
Duo: Stupid! Ugh!
Trowa: Is he ok?
Milliardo: For the most part. He gave me a note I guess to tell my dad something because it only said "Heero" on it.
Heero: *right behind Milliardo* Is that so? Duo, Trowa, you two know what to do.
Trowa: I'll go inform the preventors.
Relena: Heero what the hell is going on?
Heero: "Heero" is the name of one of out precautionary operations.
Duo: I still say it should've been "Duo".
Heero: You know good and well that was the next one and didn't I tell you to do something?
Duo: I'll get you guys your Tauruses but I ain't going in one. Nope, Duo Maxwell will not be fighting in some stupid, not to mention ugly, Taurus and no chubby, short Japanese guy's goin to make me.
Heero: *whips out his gun and watches it fly across the room* ...Omae o korosu, Duo!
Duo: *cracking up* Man that was funny! Let me get my camcorder so you can do it again!
Relena: Wait you mean this battle you sent my baby into is getting serious?! What if a war breaks out what if my Haruka dies?! *dashes out of the room*
Duo: Ummm where the hell did she run off to?
Jade: Who knows...
Heero: I don't know but I have a good idea where... *hears a small click and turns around to see Relena decked out in weapons of every kind* ...And where are you going with all of those weapons which, need I remind you, belong to me.
Relena: *points her gun at Heero as Duo and everyone else move out of range quickly* I'm going to save my boy!
Duo: *from behind the couch* Why don't you cook em something I'm sure that'll take care of em in no time!
Relena: Be quiet, Duo!
Duo: Yes, ma'am! *to Hilde* And I always wondered if it was Heero that would be on top or Relena...
Hilde: Duo!
Duo: Wha?!
Heero: And what about Rena?
Relena: I took care of that already.
Trowa: *walks into the room and walks back out quickly*
Heero: I'm not going to let you leave.
Relena: I'd like to see you stop me.
Duo: Let's see Crazy Wife of the Perfect Soldier vs. The out of shape Perfect Soldier himself... I wanna see this one!
Heero: Believe me I will...

Relena attempts to run past Heero but is grabbed by him in time. She then elbows him in the stomach "lightly" and runs towards the door once he lets go running right into Trowa. Duo rushes over with some rope and ties the crazy woman and gags her for the hell of it.

Duo: *to Heero* That's why you don't challenge the person you go to bed with. Though I bet you now know what it feels like to get hit in the stomach!
Heero: *gets up* No, she just knows my weak spots. Now back to what we were doing before someone over reacted. Did you inform the Preventors, Trowa?
Trowa: Yeah they're going to send in the reinforcements they have positioned around the colony.
Heero: Good. Duo...
Duo: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm goin ok? Geez.
Heero: You two watch Relena if she moves you two can take anything that belongs to her for yourselves.
Hilde and Jade: ...Ok.
Relena: *glaring at Heero*
Heero: Be good, Relena. Come on, Trowa.
Trowa: I noticed that old man on TV he looked like--
Heero: Doctor J. I know. That's the last person I want to see still alive besides Zechs.
Trowa: I wonder who else is hiding in the depths of space.
Heero: I don't know nor do I care to find out right now.

Ariel dodged another attack from Zero, who was getting even more pissed each time. Catching the girl off guard and knocking her into the wall causing her to drop the saber on the ground.

Zero: Do you really think you have a chance against me? Please just give it up.
Ariel: I'm not going to just give up. *throws a punch at him*"
Zero: *catches her wrist and starts twisting it* You should. Someone won't be happy if I kill you now. But I think he can get over it. Let me help you into the after life hopefully you'll be seeing Shingo soon. *turns on the shorter*

Shingo closed his eyes and grinted as he attempted to "wake up".

Shingo: Why won't it work?! Damnit! How do I get back! I have to save Ariel or do something.
Chibi Shingo: I dunno. Do you want to go back?
Shingo: Of course I do! I have to!
Chibi Shingo: Only if you want to you can go back. So what's holding you back?
Shingo: Nothing!
Chibi Shingo: *frowns* Liar. You're afraid still.
Shingo: Ok maybe a little but I want to go back.
Chibi Shingo: Then don't think about it. Do it. But you know if you do manage to get back you won't remember much right.
Shingo: What does that mean?!
Chibi Shingo: You've been here too long and when you get back you'll lose everything. Do you remember that dream?
Shingo: Which one?
Chibi Shingo: That weird one.
Shingo: Not really.
Chibi Shingo: Well basically you lost your heart, soul and mind.
Shingo: I don't get it I feel the same like I always have.
Chibi Shingo: The ZERO system plays tricks on your mind I would know I'm one of them. Though you know you're lucky you found your soul at least. Everything is represented by something.
Shingo: And my soul would be what?
Chibi Shingo: *grin* Me of course.
Shingo: So how do I get back into my real body?
Chibi Shingo: You are back.

Zero jolted in surprise and threw Ariel down on the ground knocking her out and began smirking in Shingo's direction.

Zero: So the sleeper awakes.

Shingo opened his eyes looking around his surroundings taking in everything as the blurred hallway came into focus. He then sat up, looked down, blinked a few times while realizing he had absolutely nothing on and turned red while looking around to make sure no one saw him. The blond got up and started walking down the hall having no clue as to where he was going or why. He yawned and past Nova like he wasn't anyone important as he walked into a room like any normal person would. Articles of clothing went flying everywhere as the young man went though boxes dedicated to them and also helped himself to the armory.

Shingo: *picking up a grenade* Strange. *puts the grenade down and puts a few bullet clips in his pockets loading one of two guns along with it* Something doesn't feel right and I don't mean that I'm hungry. I feel like I'm forgetting something... *pulling a shirt down over his head* Someone's here... *grabs someone's arm and turns around* It's rude to sneak up on people like that.
Zero: And it's rude of you to delay your death. *strikes at Shingo but is cut off again*
Shingo: *holds a gun against his look alike's face* Zero no?
Zero: *nods* You're better off killing me right now or I'll make sure to do the same to you once you let go.
Shingo: I'm not going to kill you.
Zero: Why not? Afraid?
Shingo: I'm not afraid of you. I just don't see any point in killing you.
Zero: *moves his free hand behind him* As far as I'm concerned there can only be one of us. Thus a good reason to kill you off.
Shingo: Then I wouldn't go looking for that shorter behind your back. I might just fire.
Zero: I almost forgot that we could tell each other's thoughts.
Shingo: Kinda like having an evil twin brother.
Zero: True but I know you won't fire that gun.
Shingo: And why not?
Zero: Let face it your not that cold.

Zero then punches Shingo in the face and throws down a smoke bomb running out into the hallway. Shingo gets up and walks out of the room coughing up a storm following the direction Zero went into.

Shingo: *cough* I hate chasing my shadow. *turns a corner and ducks quickly before getting decapitated, sliding on the floor and fires at Zero*
Zero: You missed... Five times. How sad. *dashes at Shingo and brings both shorters down where Shingo is*
Shingo: *jumps out of the way and fires a round at him* ...I got him...
Zero: *grabs his shoulder* You little bastard. *grabs Shingo by the throat and starts beating him up until he starts coughing up blood* What happened to not killing me? Hmm? Change your mind? Or was that for "self defense"? See what "pacifism" gives you. *drops Shingo*
Shingo: *looks down at the ground* You don't know what true peace is no one does. I can't fight because I just can't put my heart into it.
Zero: Because you have no heart to do it with. You can't feel the passion of fighting and destroying your enemies. *turns on his shorters once again* Which is why I should be the one to live.
Shingo: Go ahead and kill me or try to at least. Neither one of us should die. *hears humming in the hallway*
Zero: What the hell is that damn noise?! It's horrible and off key.
Shingo: *completely ignores Zero as he stares at a girl looking out the window into space humming to herself*
Zero: *sees the same* Humph... You truly are screwed up in the head thinking of that girl in the middle of a fight. Pathetic. *walks behind Shingo and does the same move he had attempted earlier*

Both groups hear a blood curling scream ring though out the halls and looked around for the source. Duet grabbed on to Haruka's arm and looked around the area they had left their gundams to make sure whatever produced the scream wasn't around while Haruka yelped in pain.

Duet: No way! If I'm going to die I'm taking you with me.
Haruka: I feel so honored.
Duet: What do you think made that....that...scream?!
Ling: I have no clue but I hope Sydney's not anywhere close to it.
Sieben: Well we can rest assure it was human. Now let's blow up this place and get out of here.
Duet: But if it was human then it could've been Ariel, Nova or Sydney!
Sieben: Then it's their fault if they die.
Ling: And we all should have stayed together to begin with.
Haruka: What a great team we all make. We can't come up with battle plans, stay together or make one decent decision about something.
Sieben: Well genius what do you want us to do?
Haruka: Duet, Ling you two go find the others. As for Sieben and I we'll take care of the suits on this colony.
Duet: And how are you going to do that?! You can't even stand up and you expect to pilot a gundam?
Haruka: If you get me into WingZero I should be able to pilot it. Besides it's not like were going to be fighting just destroying immobile suits.
Duet: Fine I'll help you into that death trap of your brothers.
Sieben: Humph... I'll go to Tallgeese then.
Haruka: *cough* Big bird. *cough*
Sieben: *death glare*
Haruka: *sits back in WingZero and looks at Duet* You mind strapping me down to the electric chair?
Duet: Fine but you better not get any ideas.
Haruka: Don't worry I'm all out of em. Duet...
Duet: *looks up* What?
Haruka: Ummm you mind not starin at me down there so much? I ain't goin to get off on seein you of all people.
Duet: Why you!!
Ling: *hears Haruka screaming for awhile until Duet stomps over towards Ling* Uh...
Duet: We're leaving now.
Ling: *sweat drops* And mom always wonders why I don't "hang out" with my friends.

Sydney and Yuki run in the direction they heard the scream come from and run into Ariel.

Sydney: You ok?
Ariel: Oh just peachy. What the hell was that?
Sydney: I have no clue. What happened to you?
Ariel: I don't know I was fighting with this guy that looked like Shingo and then everything went blank.
Yuki: Zero?
Ariel: I don't know. All I know is I woke up he was gone, Shingo was gone and someone was screaming bloody murder. I just hope it wasn't Nova.
Nova: Huh? What about me?
Ariel: Nova! Oh my god you scared me!
Nova: What was that screaming?
Sydney: We don't know and it obviously wasn't you. Then again I personally don't want to go and find out.
Yuki: Then we should get out of here. If it is Zero who caused it then we should really move out before he finds us here.
Ariel: I'm not going.
Sydney: I don't want to either but it's obvious we're asking for death when it comes to Zero. We're better off leaving now. Besides you look beat up enough already and I doubt Zero would be kind enough to let you go a second time.
Ariel: But Shingo...
Nova: Ariel I don't think Shingo-saa would like it if you went and killed yourself. I think he'd want you to keep going without him.
Ariel: Damn that idiot... Fine I'll go.

Shingo took slower breaths as the sudden jolt of pain he had felt started to disappear slightly. He was completely stuned at what had just happened and had no clue what to do other then just sit there.

Zero: You look a little surprised. Maybe you shouldn't have let your gaurd down. Don't worry your self it's only a scratch.
Shingo: could you...
Zero: Haven't you learned anything though out this whole fight of ours? Your good I'm bad. Your positvie and I'm negative. Naturally I'll do something and not care about the outcome.
Shingo: But you know that good always triumphs over evil right?
Zero: Well I just rewrote that law. Now the only thing I'm wondering is do you have enough guts to get back up and fight.
Shingo: I had no intention of fighting you in the first place nor do I want to kill you. If you're truly are made from the very thing that makes myself then you must know somewhere that none of this should have to happen. Neither one of us need to fight.
Zero: If that's so why do you dispise me?
Shingo: I don't hate you I'm just pissed off at all of this. I can't remember hardly anything and I'm fighting with someone that I know isn't going to kill me anyways.
Zero: I am going to kill you.
Shingo: *looks up* THEN DO IT!
Zero: *taken back* ...If that's what you want. It was fun, really. *prepares to sever Shingo's head off but stops centimeters away*
Shingo: *sigh* Just as I thought.
Zero: *tries again several more times but either stops or misses* What the hell!? You're doing this aren't you?!
Shingo: No, it's purely you.
Zero: Die damnit! *tries once more*
Shingo: I can't, I won't and you can't do it.
Zero: This isn't right! Someone's done this to me! I know it! It's you isn't it?! You did this! You knew! You planed this!
Shingo: I did no such thing.
Zero: Why!?
Shingo: It's obvious that you can abuse me all you want yet you can't kill me. This is a odd turn of events.
Zero: *grabs him by his shirt collar* I know you had something to do with this. I'll kill you! I will.
Shingo: Look I know your confussed I am too but this only proves that you can change.
Zero: *lets go of Shingo*Oh really... And how do you expect me to do that? How can there be both of us in this damn universe? I was ment to kill, to extinguish the very thing you stand for but I can't do it because you're in the way. You are an obstical. I can't be accepted I never will be. I can only destroy everything that makes me sick.
Shingo: *stands against the wall* You could always come with me. We don't have to go to Earth we could just stay in space and no one needs to know about you or where I am...that is if anyone cares about me some where...
Zero: Go with you... Don't make me kill myself. If you even suggest such a thing again I'll make sure to take one of your eyes out. You better get your disgusting self out of here the Peventors are around the colony and I think one of thoes idiotic people you call "friends" is planing on destroying this place with or without you in it.
Shingo: What about you?!
Zero: I'm not afraid of death. I'm not afraid of anything. You have something to live for I'm just here to destroy your dreams. Maybe I'll survive this. If so make sure to watch your back I might just come up behind you and sucessfully kill you one day. I'll just let you know you didn't win this round.
Shingo: I hope I do see you again even if it is to kill me.

Sydney and company finally run into Ling and Duet where they're informed of the current situation.

Sydney: So they plan on desstroying the mobile suits here. We should get out now then.
Duet: I agree. Knowing Haruka and especially Sieben he's going to be less then careful when it comes to blowing things up. *watches Yuki leave the group*
Sydney: Hey! Where are you going?!
Yuki: To get something. *continues on running*
Sydney: Stupid!
Ariel: We should get going.
Ling: Come on, Sydney. Don't worry about her.
Sydney: I'm not worried about her I'm worried about what she's going to do.
Ling: You can worry about it once we're out of here.
Sydney: I suppose.
Ling: Sydney.
Sydney: Hmm?
Ling: I wanted to let you know that I love you. *gives her a small kiss*
Ariel: *watches this "kiss" turn a little more deeper* ...Exactly where the hell did this come from?
Nova: I think it's called the author is slowly running out of ideas.
Ariel: Thought so.
Duet: It is kinda romantic though... *sigh*
Ariel: *coughs extreamly loud* Can we get going before we're turned into toast?!
Ling: *looks up* Huh? Oh...yeah I guess so...
Sydney: Ahem... Yeah that's fine with me.
Ariel: Good. *continues walking to the hanger*
Sydney: *whispers to Ling* I love you too.
Ling: *blinks a few times and give a smile*

Sieben looks at the colony from the outside and then over at WingZero.

Sieben: So what now?
Haruka: I already have that section of the colony targeted I'm just waiting for the others to get their asses out of there.
Sieben: Targeted the colony? Won't the entire thing blow up?
Haruka: At full power yes but not at a lower power level. I intend on destroying all of those suits in there and knocking them out one at a time isn't going to help us. This is a better alternative. Besides they can always repair the colony anyway. *hears a beeping noise and grunts* Looks like the Preventors are out here already.
Female: *on audio transmition* Gundam pilots we would like to know which side you are currently on. We'd hate to go ahead and have you as an enemy.
Sieben: ...Wait a minute... I know that voice...
Haruka: What side we're on? I don't know about my comrade but I'm on the side of myself no one else.
Female: And that would mean what, Haruka?
Haruka: *snorts* It means I don't take orders from the Preventors, colonies or any other political rule. I fight to protect what I feel is right nothing else. Survial is the very last thing I worry about.
Female: I see and your comrad?
Sieben: Rose Kushrenada, when the hell did you join the Preventors?!
Rose: *turns on the video* I should've known you were the one piloting that giant oversize bird of yours.
Sieben: It's name if Tallgeese.
Rose: If you say so. Besides when did you become so worried about what I'm doing? Did you not remember that my mother was the head of the Preventors?
Sieben: Apparently I forgot about that small detail.
Rose: Well we don't have to worry about asking you if your an enemy you don't have the atributes of one, Sie-chan.
Sieben: ...What are you doing out here anyways?
Rose: We're here to stop any further attacks from the colonies. You being here isn't helping much.
Sieben: Excuse us then.
Rose: And why the hell is WingZero's buster riffle pointed at the colony?
Sieben: Haruka's found his balls somewhere that's why.
Rose: Well whatever the reason I think you should get him to stop before our wonderful media gets a good shot of his gundam preparing to destroy a colony.
Sieben: That's like asking me to talk to a wall.
Rose: You're very much like a wall but I'm still able to talk to you.
Sieben: If you say so. *to Haruka* Hey idiot mind putting that buster riffle away?
Haruka: No.
Sieben: Haruka why haven't you turned your video on yet?
Haruka: You know why, Sieben. Don't worry I'm in control of it. I think so that is. But that's the fun of playing with fire you know you're going to get burned eventually but you do it anyways.
Sieben: ...*pulls up his buster riffle* Haruka if you don't put that riffle down I'll shoot.
Haruka: I know that already.
Rose: Sieben, what's going on?
Sieben: It seems my dear cousin and I have completely different opinions at the moment. I trust his judgment right now despite the fact he's acting a little too rational. In any case I hope you have a reasonable expliantion to give to the media if they do manage to get their hands on a picture or video of this.
Haruka: Rose...
Rose: Yes?
Haruka: I think you guys should worry about the earth rather then this colony. It's all a plot to get the Earth's defences lowered so that the colonies can start their mission.
Rose: Your father as well as the other gundam pilots are on the Earth right now. There shouldn't be anything to worry about.
Haruka: They haven't a chance against what's comming to them. Operation Stardust has begun right behind your backs. Now our glass kingdom is going to shatter and all we've done is begun this waltz all over again. Out numbered, out gunned, this is no doubt the battle we've been waiting for. We were never ment to fight Hidama. We were ment to fight this battle. This is our first battle. Something has changed and because of that we've matured before we got here. If it's for good or bad we can't ignore this path set in front of us. This is our battle no one elses. I don't know how I know this but I know the ZERO system has cleared this up for me.
Sieben: So now you can tell the future, Haruka.
Haruka: We all could.
Sieben: Ok, so tell me is your friend Shingo dead?
Haruka: No, he's alive. He has to be.
Sieben: I think the ZERO system is screwing with your head. You have to overcome it.
Haruka: It is not screwing with me. You're just afraid. All of you are.
Sieben: *cuts Haruka off* Rose, I think he's finally lost it.
Rose: What gave it away?
Sieben: This isn't anytime for games.
Duet: Sieben.
Sieben: What?
Duet: I just talked to Haruka... Something didn't sound right about him. He said something about fufilling his part in a war or something like that.
Sieben: You just met our new resident psycho. *watches WingZero power up it's buster riffle* Duet get out of there now.
Duet: Huh why?
Sieben: There's no time for excuses just do it!

WingZero continued powering up the buster riffle targeting the colony. Sieben hesitated as he moved his hand a bit on the joystick and held his finger next to the trigger to his own buster riffle. Haruka pushed the button at the same time Sieben did. Both beams continued in their paths one at the very colony both pilot's comrades where on and one flying towards a fellow gundam pilot. The two beams connected with their targets or one did. A whole section of the colony was turned into nothing but metal debris floating in the zero gravity. The second target was still in place where it was pointing it's buster riffle at the colony undamaged on the other hand right next to it was another gundam, shield melted to nothing.

Haruka: *looks at the other gundam shocked as hell* D...d....Duet!!
Duet: That's my name dumbass. Wait... you actually said my name for once...
Haruka: And you...saved me?
Ariel: Are you two hurt or anything?
Haruka: ...I'm not.
Duet: Me either.
Ariel: Thank god.
Sieben: You guys made it out.
Ling: Yeah you could say we went through the back door.
Sydney: This is over right?
Sieben: Why don't you ask that pilot?

Everyone's view switched to the gundam kneling down on one leg on the colony it's cape just foating around it looking like a ghost. It refused to move and just sat there waiting for something.

Ariel: What the hell is that?
Sieben: Obviously a gundam.
Nova: It looks like...
Duet: SandStorm? Yeah an extreamly morbid version of it.
Ling: More like a ghost from hell.
Haruka: *starts laughing*
Ariel: ...What the hell is wrong with you?
Haruka: *continues laughing*
Sydney: What is he laughing about?
Sieben: Nothing he's just insane.
Ariel: *to the other gundam* Hey! Who are you and what are you doing over there?! *scilence* ...Is there anyone there? *scilence* Hey I'm talking to you!
Ling: I don't think they're going to answer you.
Duet: They don't seem to be a threat.
Sieben: We don't know that for sure.
Ariel: Well they sure as hell aren't moving...
Haruka: *to the pilot* How does it feel to playing your part in the fate of the world so far? Do you like it? You know you can't hide and I know you aren't going to. Everyone else doesn't see it yet but I do. You are my enemy. *picks up his buster riffle* I'm not going to let you hurt Michiru or anyone else for that matter. You've done enough already. *targets* Why don't you go back to that hole you managed to crawl out of?!
Duet: Haruka what the hell are you doing?!
Haruka: Stay out of this. I'm just trying to save all of you idiots. I'm the only one that can and will do it.

WingZero fires once again towards the colony at the other gundam as the others watch a gigantic explosion errupt from where the beam had hit. Everyone watched the dust float around and waited for some small speck of life to come out of the dust cloud but found no comfort as the area cleared for it's second time. A vast nothing was left in place of the colony and no sign of the gundam that was once there. Out of the scilence came a loud crackling laugh over the destruction of the colony and possibly the gundam as well.

Haruka: *to no one* Damn you! *flies off towards the earth*
Sieben: GET BACK OVER HERE!! *grabs WingZero from behind*
Haruka: Let go! You don't know what you're doing! I have to get over there!
Sieben: I'm not letting you go anywhere until you get that damn ZERO system out of you.
Haruka: Damnit, Sieben! I told you already the ZERO system hasn't taken over my mind you idiot! So let go!
Sieben: Unlikely and if anything you've said is true I'll ask Rose to inform the Preventors on earth.
Haruka: There's no time. It's too late. I know it. I could have stopped it if I had gotten there. It's all over I know it.
Sieben: Fine. We'll go to earth. Though I doubt there's going to be any change.

It's evening time on earth as Triage lays back in the grass in the park as Shale looked up at the sky along with Torrance.

Triage: *thinking* Great I finally get a 'date' with Torrance and she invites Shale along. I guess it's not that bad I mean at least I have a better chance in getting one of them now.
Random Kid: Look mama! Look! There's shooting stars! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven! Seven shooting stars mama!
Mother: Don't be ridiculous dear. Shooting stars are usually only seen one at a time not in a group like that.
Torrance: *looking at the "shooting stars"* Well it would appear Nova is back.
Shale: Triage wasn't that pretty?
Triage: Eh? What?
Shale: *shakes her head* The 'shooting stars'.
Triage: I wasn't payin attention.
Torrance: That's quite evident, Fluffy.
Triage: ERR! My name's Triage!
Torrance: I know, Fluffy.
Triage: Ugh. I'm not sure if I'm glad Nova's back or not now!

Haruka jumps out of his gundam, collides into Duet and both fall on the platform in the gundam hanger while everyone else just stares at the two as they get out of their own gundams.

Haruka: *notices everyone's gaze and whispers* What the hell were you doing in front of my gundam?
Duet: I was going to slap you for your stupidity back in space. *looks over and sees Milliardo as well as Michiru and four ex-gundam pilots joining in the stareing*
Haruka: Yeah well I didn't need a lecture or anything else from you.*tries to get up and falls back down* Grr...I forgot about that... *looks at the wound on his arm* You mind helping me up. I think we gave everyone enough random thoughts to concieve.
Duet: Well can you at least get off of me?
Haruka: Sure.

Michiru: ...No clue. But they do seem to be getting along, no?
Duo: More like Haruka's puttin the moves on my daughter... Wait a minute... HARUKA?! Heero you keep that boy away from my daughter!
Heero: *sarcasticly* Oh but Duo I want you and me to become family though Haruka and Duet.
Duo: I think not. That boy ain't goin to bed with my Duet.
Trowa: *to Wufei* But he feels completely comfortable with Heero's other son going to bed with his daughter.
Wufei: Humph. This is why my weak son does not have any weak onna. Because they only cause trouble. *looks over to Ling and Sydney, who are busy talking* ...I stand corrected.... WEAKLING WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT WEAK ONNA?!
Ling: *sweat drop, mubble* And mom also wonders why I don't want to go on "family outtings".

Duet: God Haruka you weigh a freaking ton!
Haruka: Ah get used to it Mill's the same weight as me.
Duet: And what were you implying there?
Haruka: Eh nothing.
Michiru: Haruka what happened to you?!
Haruka: Zero nearly killed me.
Michiru: Zero?
Milliardo: As in Shingo correct?
Haruka: No, they're two different people. Well partially. Mill...
Milliardo: What?
Haruka: I know you won't believe me but I have to tell you this. Don't listen to what anyone else says. Something is going to happen soon. I know because the ZERO system showed me. I' hoping you'll listen to me and take my advice to ignore everyone else since they all think I'm insane. I also know something else but I'm afraid that if I mention it to anyone they'll think I'm even more crazier then they previously thought.
Milliardo: Haruka, the ZERO system tends to mess with people's minds it could have been doing the same to you.
Haruka: *looks at Milliardo for awhile and looks away* I thought so. I knew this would happen but I never think before I act. I should have known nothing good would come of this conversation. I should have known... I really should have known...*faints dragging Duet to the ground with him*
Duet: Haruka! Get up! Damnit!
Milliardo: *sighs and helps get Haruka off Duet while Michiru makes sure he's ok* Are you ok, Du-chan?
Duet: Yes, Milliardo.
Milliardo: *notices the absence of his own pet name and shrugs it off* I'm glad. I thought that you were going to get hurt.
Duet: I'm a big girl I can take care of myself.
Milliardo: I saw what Haruka did to L3.
Duet: Huh? How?
Milliardo: It was on TV. Everyone has seen it. I was about to go after you but I heard from dad that you guys were coming back.
Duet: Yeah but I wish we had stayed then we could have made sure all of those Hydras and other mobile suits were destroyed. But we all had enough damage and even if we didn't we'd kill our selves. Haruka was the one that destroyed all of the ones on L3 even if it ment destroying the entire colony but you see he didn't intend for that to happen. There was another gundam on the colony. We're not sure if it was destroyed or not but there was gundanium among the ruins.
Milliardo: That must be a good sign then.
Duet: I hope so.
Ahw well looks like I'm going to have to end this here. It's way too long already. But anyways Part 3 is now done. *yay*. I'm busy writing the damn epilogue to this part so yeah. Anyways I hope you all are tormented by this while I take a freaking vacation. -.- .....zzzzzzzzzzzz

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