Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 29: Yet Another Endless Waltz
Disclaimer: Blah, blah, blah. We all know the drill...

A small beeping sound came on and alerted the pilot of the approaching colony. The dirty blond looked outside at the vastness known as space and stretched a small bit. Not too far away was L3 colony a colony with a bad reputation of getting involved with wars especially the one that brought the first five gundams to Earth. Haruka watched as the colony got bigger and bigger while traveling towards it. Not too long ago the colonies including this one had declared war on the Earth unless the gundams and their pilots came out into the open and surrendered. He knew very well that none of the pilots would surrender or at least he hopped not. Two space leos appeared in front of the space pod asking for the pilot to surrender themselves immediately. Haruka ignored the message and went straight to his gundam while hearing warnings being made by the two leos.

Leo 1: I'll say it once again. Surrender or we will be forced to fire upon your vessel.
Haruka: *to himself* Then do it already. *turning on WingZero*
Leo 2: This is your last warning. Surrender now!
Haruka: *to the leos now* NO!

Both leos proceed in firing on the pod until it explodes.

Leo 1: Humph... Stupid.
Leo 2: *sees something moving in the wreckage* Hey... What the hell is that?!
Leo 1: Eh? *watches WingZero pop out of the metal and start flying towards them* SHIT! It's a gundam! *presses a button, watches the gundam destroy the second Leo in seconds and sees it just stare in his direction like a beast* Hurry up and just kill me! *notices the gundam looking at something else and turns around to see three Hydras* Great!

Haruka: *to himself* That Leo can't do anything against me I'm better off trying against those things.

WingZero then dashes to one of the Hydras behind the Leo, which flies as fast as it can to the colony to escape Haruka. The hydra disappears suddenly and one of the other hydras attack WingZero from behind nearly cutting off one of it's wings. The third hydra with the now reappeared first one start attacking the gundam as well and throw it off several times. WingZero flies upward, pulls out it's beam cannon and fires at the three hydras. All three hydras fly up towards WingZero without a scratch on them. Haruka looked at the screen shocked and attempted to get out of the way of the three hydra's onslaught. One of the hydras grabbed WingZero from behind while the other two prepared to destroy the gundam before it could get out of the hydra's grasp. WingZero's vulcans came on and fired at the hydra holding it down in the face causing it to let go of the gundam before the other two hit it's armor. The gundam flew towards the colony at high speed with two remaining hydras following close behind. Haruka found the entrance to the colony and blasted the door open and was greeted by three more hydras. He found himself at a loss and found no way out of the matter so awaited his swift death. Right then a green lit scythe tried to cut though the armor of one of the hydras. The hydra turned around to attack the intruder but had it's head kicked off. Haruka instantly knew who had come to his rescue.

Haruka: You're early, Duet.
Duet: And you're about to die if you don't move out of the way.
Haruka: Eh? *turns around and puts the gundam's shield right though the hydra's chest* I guess I should thank you. How did you get here so quickly?
Duet: I thought you would need some help so I dumped my pod, jumped into Deathscythe and headed here.
Haruka: How very like you. *dodges an attack from another hydra* These things don't know when to stop and if that's the case I have a feeling there's more of them inside the colony.
Duet: I don't think they can see though my cloak though.
Haruka: Well that's good for you but I still need to get past them as well. Hmmm... Duet I was wondering if your able to be invisible to everyone else can you see anyone also in that mode?
Duet: You mean like SandStorm? I think so.
Haruka: Good because I think it's out there somewhere if you find it tell me.
Duet: ...Ok, Mill-chan.

Deathscythe disappears into the surroundings of space and looks around disparately. On the visible side WingZero is getting the ass kicking of it's life. Losing sight of Deathscythe both suits go after Haruka as an alternative target. WingZero watched the two suits circle it like vultures when one finally went for the gundam's wings nearly tearing it clean off. Just as WingZero was about to get away from the two suits one grabbed the gundam with a tail like weapon around the midsection. Eventually it tried to crush the gundam until it could successively blow it up while the other started clawing on the armor. Duet panicked at the sight and hurried over to WingZero's aid. Before she could another suit moved in front of hers and just floated there. Duet ignored the new suit and continued towards WingZero. Again the other suit moved in the way.

Zero: Do you think I'm really that stupid?
Duet: Shingo?!
Zero: *sigh* I see that I'm going to have a problem with that. No my dear I'm not Shingo. That boy is in all technicality gone.
Duet: I'm not going to play games with you.
Zero: Please you're much weaker then I am. You're better off giving up as of now or I will destroy you.
Duet: Look if you're going to let your friend's brother die good for you but I'm not going to sit here and watch that gundam explode.
Zero: My friend's brother? I guess you're talking about Milliardo and Haruka. Interesting though that you would want to save someone you seem to hate.
Duet: What are you talking about?! That's Milliardo!
Zero: No, it's Haruka...
Duet: Haruka!!!

Haruka: *to WingZero* Come on we've got to get out of here! Damn it! *tries to move but the hydra tightens it's grip on the mecha* Shit! *looks at the screen and sees Deathscythe and a revamped version of Sandstorm* What the hell is she doing?! *to Duet* Duet get over here I need some help!
Duet: *pops up on the screen extremely pissed* I'd love to help you Haruka but it seems your "friend" won't allow me to do so.
Haruka: *thinking* How'd she know? Zero probably. *out loud* Ignore him he's not going to attack you yet he's playing a game with you!
Duet: And if I do get past him? Who can say that I won't be killed anyway?
Haruka: *looks at the walls of the cockpit as they start creaking from the pressure* Look I only have maybe two minutes before this thing is going to collapse inward and ultimately kill me. I need you to get me out of this now, Duet. When you do we can both go after, Zero.
Duet: I.. but...
Haruka: Duet!
Duet: Er... ok!

The bat like gundam attempted to move forward and was interrupted again. Getting annoyed with this Duet starts attacking the other gundam. Zero dodges each attack like they were nothing. Deathscythe continued on until it managed to slip past the SandStorm look alike. WingZero started to creek even more as Deathscythe arrived. Duet managed to get both of the hydras off of WingZero while Haruka tried to recover.

Duet: Are you ok?
Haruka: Yeah. We have to get inside the colony.
Duet: You do realize that's next to impossible right?
Haruka: It's not impossible.
Duet: We have to wait for everyone else!
Haruka: We don't have time. We can handle this on our own anyway.
Duet: What makes you think that?! We're out numbered and out powered.
Haruka: Really? You seemed to be kicking those Hydra's asses not too long ago. I think you'd do well on ZERO system.
Duet: ...Yeah right.
Haruka: It doesn't matter if we're out powered we have to keep going... *thinking* For Michiru and everyone else.
Duet: But...
Haruka: Don't be afraid. You have to overcome your fears in order to gain strength. We can't just sit here constantly afraid of our shadows. We have to fight especially now. The ZERO system taught me that. If you're afraid then you shouldn't pilot that gundam.
Duet: What?! I am not afraid! I pilot this gundam very well!
Haruka: Really? Why didn't you see that coming?
Duet: Huh?

Duet looks over at one of the screens and sees one of the hydras coming at her. Within feet of reaching it's target Deathscythe spins around quickly, pulls out it's scythe and slices the hydra down the middle the remains of the machine explode.

Duet: Hah! I told you! *gets hit by Zero's gundam in the shoulder and watches some of deathscythe's armor start to float off into space* What?! Where the hell did he come from?!
Haruka: You're too cocky. *moves out of the way before he's also hit by the gundam's shorters (AN: 0.0;; Is that what they're even called?)* That's why you can't be a real gundam pilot. You're too weak. You can only fight out of anger.*grabs the other gundam's arm before it hits him*
Duet: And your trying to get me pissed on purpose!
Haruka: If it makes you of any use to me yes. *both gundams let go of each other and pull out their weapons* Now I advise you go to the colony now. I think Ariel and Nova are on their way here.
Duet: I'm not leaving.
Haruka: That wasn't a request, Duet.
Duet: Well guess what? I don't listen to you anyway. *Attempts to hit Zero's gundam with her scythe and misses pathetically*
Haruka: I told you to get out of here. This is my battle!
Duet: Yeah well you're not doing a good job. *starts looking for the gundam and fails to find it*
Haruka: He's too fast for you. Get out of here.
Duet: He's also too strong for you and... I have something to tell you....
Haruka: Now is not a good time for you to be telling me you did my brother or something.
Duet: NO! Ugh! Why do you have to be so stupid!
Haruka: Oh just get your dirty secret out already.
Duet: I had a crush on you a long time ago... Well not that long abo maybe three or two years ago but still I had a slight crush on you... I guess I wanted to tell you that since you ummm yeah...
Haruka: Oh great. You find the best times to tell people things.
Haruka: Simply that you have bad timing. He's not around here and if he is I can't see him. *looks around and notices two white dots in the distance* Looks like your cousins are here.
Duet: ...How could I be so stupid.
Haruka: What?
Duet: I'm very sure that... monster saw those two coming here and they have no clue that he's out there. We have to tell them something.
Haruka: Hmmm... We'll use them as bait to get him out.
Duet: WHAT?! Are you crazy?! Bait!
Haruka: What do you suggest we do?
Duet: Warn them!
Haruka: They can handle it. *smirks as he hears Duet growl*

Ariel did a few system checks and searched the area for anything out of the ordinary of course she came up with nothing. She watched one of the screens beep and saw her dark green[*] haired brother on it.

Ariel: What's wrong?
Nova: Nothing.
Ariel: Get ready to get into your gundam ok.
Nova: Ok Ariel-saa...
Ariel: What's wrong, Nova?
Nova: I don't know something just doesn't feel right. I mean if we needed our gundams then were are the mobile suits? I'm sure that Milliardo-saa had to fight some. Instead there's nothing but the silence of space.
Ariel: Well then that just means he made it in before any of them came out and probably blew all of them up by now.
Nova: But...
Ariel: There's nothing to worry about as long as Milliardo's in WingZero nothing can go wrong.

We then make a big scene change over on Earth in the Yuy home. Milliardo made a muffled yawned like he had been sleeping forever and cracked open his eyes to look around at a familiar room, his room. He then felt a itch come out of no where on his face and attempted to scratch it until he realized he's hands and feet were tied behind his back and not to mention something awful tasting was in his mouth. He started banging his head against the wall until a familiar face came into the room.

Michiru: Haruka are you all right?! What happened to you? Oh my god who did this to you?!
Milliardo: ...
Michiru: Oh I'm sorry I forgot about that. *takes the masking tape off of Milliardo's mouth extremely fast causing him to howl in pain and manage to get a sock out of his mouth* Haruka?
Milliardo: Gwaah!!! Are you insane?! You just don't take masking tape off like that! That goes for both of you!
Michiru: ...*looks around* Umm Haruka there's only one of me.
Milliardo: *blinks his eyes several times until both Michiru's merge into one* Sorry I'm not really used to looking at things without my glasses... Did you just call me Haruka?!
Michiru: You are Haruka right?
Milliardo: No I'm Milliardo.
Michiru: I guessed that. Haruka has a nicer looking tan.
Milliardo: ...WE LOOK THE SAME!!!
Michiru: If you say so...
Milliardo: Wait where's Haruka?
Michiru: Well Milliardo or should I say Haruka went to space or something like that, that's what Mrs. Yuy said.
Milliardo: HE TOOK MY GUNDAM?!?
Michiru: *shrug*
Milliardo: When did he leave?
Michiru: Two days ago.
Milliardo: He drugged me! That idiot!
Michiru: He's obviously not that stupid if he knocked you out, drugged you, assumed your identity and went off into space with your gundam which I'm guessing is because the colonies starting something up there.
Milliardo: This is a disaster.
Michiru: You're telling me I just heard from Mrs. Yuy that "you" and Duet had the most passionate kiss ever and your father bitched about it until your little sister started crying.
Milliardo: Back up here... You're telling me my brother as in your boyfriend kissed my girlfriend whom he hates so dearly and practically sucked out each other's lungs until one of them finally collapsed?!
Michiru: That sounds just about right.
Milliardo: No! No! NO!!!! HE HATES HER! ...*starts having a mental breakdown*
Michiru: *pats Milliardo on the back* It's OK I'm sure he didn't mean to do it. *mutters* He better not have because if he did I'll kick that girl's ass faster then you can say...ummm...however you say I'm going to kill you in Japanese.
Milliardo: What?
Michiru: I said is there anything I can do for you?
Milliardo: Ummm... I'd like to be untied.
Michiru: *sigh* OK

Milliardo ran down the stairs and right into Duo.

Duo: ACK! Haruka boy you should watch where you're goin.
Milliardo: Where's my father?!
Duo: Uh... over there... *points to the other side of the room*
Heero: What do you want, spawn?
Milliardo: It's me Milliardo. You sent Haruka up into space in my gundam!
Heero: And you expect me to believe that?
Milliardo: Because I AM MILLIARDO!
Heero: What do you think, Duo?
Duo: *looks at Milliardo* Hmmm... *grabs the boy's hair and starts looking though it* ...There it is! *points to the bump on Milliardo's head* Yup it's Milliardo all right!
Heero: ...Then Haruka is in space... Damnit!
Duo: Eighteen years and he still can't tell you two apart.
Milliardo: *sigh* How sad.
Duo: I just hope your brother can pilot WingyZ.
Duo: That's what I said... WingyZ.
Heero: *death glare*

HeavyArms and Silverlight flew towards the L3 colony while noticing small blips coming up every so often warning of someone in the area.

Nova: Ariel you know that feeling I had?
Ariel: What about it?
Nova: It's a lot more worse now.
Ariel: Try to ignore it we're getting close to the colony. *thinking* I have that strange feeling as well but we have to keep going. It's all my fault this happened in the first place. I know it. *out loud* Look it's Milliardo and Duet! But what are they doing?
Nova: I don't know but I think that thing over there has something to do with it... *spots Zero's Gundam in front of them*
Ariel: Hey who ever you are get out of the way!
Zero: *sarcastically* Aww but Ariel-chan I thought you loved me.
Ariel: Oh it's just you Shingo... Dork do you know how much you've worried me?! I promise you I'm going to kill you once you get out of that gundam.
Haruka: *pops up behind Zero and attempts to catch him off guard with his beam saber but misses* DAMN!
Ariel: Milliardo what are you doing?!
Haruka: Number one I'm Haruka. Two, that's not who you think that is. Three, if you're not going to help get out of here.
Ariel: Errr! Haruka I almost forgot how much of an ass you can be! And what do you mean that's not who I think it is?!
Duet: It's Zero... I don't know much about him but Haruka seems to. I think the ZERO System got to him.
Ariel: WHAT?!
Nova: He's using the ZERO System?
Duet: It's only a guess.
Ariel: I think you're right. He's probably seeing things or having a hallucination of some kind.
Duet: But he's not lying about Zero not being Shingo. I know Shingo is a little nutty at times but this thing has absolutely no feelings.
Ariel: If that's not Shingo then where is he?
Duet: I'm guessing inside the colony.
Ariel: Oh well... ummm lets fight Zero first then get Shingo.
Duet: You still like him don't you?!
Ariel: 0.0;; No! He's just my friend!
Duet: That's why you practically dumped Taleb...
Ariel: I did not... we just have differences in opinions.
Duet: Kind of like you and Shingo?
Ariel: ...It's not the same. Shingo is more like a child.
Duet: Yup you still like him. I suggest that you go ahead and go to the colony.
Ariel: For what?!
Duet: Well there are a lot of mobile suits in there. You could dispose of them.
Ariel: Aren't you going to come?
Duet: Later. Go ahead.
Ariel: Fine... You going to come Nova?
Nova: I guess so.

Duet waited awhile until the two gundams disappeared and went off to find Sieben and Ling. Meanwhile, Sydney walking into a room with a dim blue light coming from inside. She looked in and found Yuki gazing at someone who appeared to be in a chamber barely alive.

Yuki: *looks over her shoulder* I thought it was you, Sydney.
Sydney: Is that...
Yuki: Sort of. Well what's left of him.
Sydney: What are you going on about he's still alive isn't he?
Yuki: Sort of. He's only "alive" because of the life support systems. Other then that no one seems to be there.
Sydney: Why won't he get up?
Yuki: Sometimes people don't want to wake up from their dreams. Especially when it's one of a good life. A fake life. Eventually even they find out about the lies in these dreams though it can take days, months, maybe even years to find the truth.
Sydney: What do you mean? He's not going to wake up because he's in a fantasy world?!
Yuki: According to Zero he is.
Sydney: And how does he expect to wake up someone that doesn't want to wake up?
Yuki: By eliminating those he cares about in the real world. Even in the dream world he can sense it thanks to the connection between himself and Zero. It's only a thin connection but it's there.
Sydney: When you say everyone you mean...
Yuki: Everyone including Ling. It doesn't matter to Zero. He has no feelings no emotions no pitty for anyone or anything to him we're nothing but a pest in the universe. He only has a bit of feelings thanks to Shingo. Though you can see he's pretty much dead.
Sydney: This isn't fair. This is all your fault!
Yuki: I do take the blame for this. It was my fault to suggest it in the first place and now there's nothing I can do...
Sydney: Yes we can! Where's my gundam!?
Yuki: As if I know.
Sydney: *slaps Yuki* I know you know where it is now quit playing games!
Yuki:'s... It's were the other MS's are being held down below on your second right then one left.
Sydney: *walking out the door* I'm sorry Yuki but you needed a boost in reality. Everything isn't like a fairy tale. *closes the door*
Yuki: How right you are... Life isn't a fairy tale and if you want your life to mean anything you have to fight. I can't fight I'm too week but I can try to save someone that can. *grins widely at the oblivious blond Winner boy and goes over to the controls* I didn't want Zero to take off the life support systems because I knew he would kill Shingo instantly if he was still alive afterward. But I have a feeling. A good feeling that maybe it might shock him enough if I turned it off to the point where he'd hopefully wake up. That is if he wants to. Goodluck Shingo I'm praying this is going to work.

A loud high pitched sound can be heard though the halls signaling the fact the life support system has been turned off. Else where a brown haired girl stared at the sunset in the distance and looked over at the blond next to her.

Ariel: Shingo-chan isn't it so beautiful?
Shingo: Hai... Almost as beautiful as you.
Ariel: *puts her head on his shoulder* I wish we could be here forever. I wish nothing had to change. I wish this day would never end. *looks over at Shingo* What's wrong?
Shingo: *looks around* Don't you hear it?
Ariel: Hear what?
Shingo: *hears a loud ringing sound everywhere* That! Can't you hear it?!
Ariel: Are you playing, Shingo? If so I don't like it.
Shingo: *hears metal clash against each other* Something's wrong... This is wrong isn't it?
Ariel: Huh? What are you talking about?
Shingo: *grabs Ariel* None of this is real is it?!
Ariel: Shingo calm down really! Let go! You're hurting me! Let go!
Shingo: You're not real. Nothing is real. All of this is fake. My life is fake. *watches everything start crumbling down around him and "Ariel" disappear* Who could play such a cruel joke? *hears the sound of water in the distance and goes in search of it to find a boy a little too short for his age with blonde hair and grey blue colored eyes playing in the water* What the hell...
Boy: *looks up* Hey you want to play? *smiles sweetly*
Shingo: How the hell...
Boy: Are you going to keep cursing or are you gonna play with me?
Shingo: ...I guess so...
Boy: Great. *sticks out his hand* My name's Shingo. *pouts slightly when the other blond doesn't respond and puts his hand down* So what's your name?
Shingo: ...Shingo.
Chibi Shingo: Cool! We have the same name! What's your full name?!
Shingo: I rather not say.
Chibi Shingo: I understand. My dad gave me this really big name... I can't remember half of it. Actually Shingo's one of my nicknames my first name is Quatre.
Shingo: As is mine.
Chibi Shingo: OK on the count of three say your favorite color... One, two... three!
Both: Green!
Chibi Shingo: Whoa... This is like something out of that show... ummm what's it called...
Shingo: Twilight Zone.
Chibi Shingo: YEAH! Or the Outer Limits... You want to come in? The water's not that cold...
Shingo: I don't think so...
Chibi Shingo: Aww come on! Are you afraid to get wet? *grins and splashes some water on Shingo* Heh! It looks like you wet your pants! *laughs some more*
Shingo: ... *picks up some water and splashes his counterpart with it eventually causing a water fight between the two until they both surrender*
Chibi Shingo: *drenched* So you got any friends?
Shingo: *looks down at the water* Friends... *closes his eyes, sighs, and looks at the image in the water of the battle between Zero and Haruka* WingZero!
Chibi Shingo: *looks at the image* Wow it is WingZero! What's that other gundam? It looks funny.
Shingo: *mutters under his breath* Sandstorm?

In space, Zero hears the ringing sound like it's all around him and stops attacking Haruka.

Zero: What is that?! Where is it coming from?!?! *looks around and sees nothing but WingZero headed towards him and tries to ignore the sound* Die!
Shingo: I can't...
Zero: You... *destroys one of WingZero's arms* Be a good boy and wait your turn.
Shingo: Turn?
Zero: *grabs WingZero's beam cannon as it floats in space and prepares to fire it at Haruka* I'm almost done with your friend I'm sure you realize that. Maybe I should get rid of your girlfriend next hmm? Ariel I think is her name? No I'll play with her after I'm rid of these other pest.
Shingo: I can't stop you. Not yet.
Zero: True. Which makes it even more fun. *fires the weapon and misses the other gundam* Damn idiot. Just die.
Shingo: He won't.
Zero: *watches WingZero dodge all of the attacks from the cannon* Interesting one of you can't die and one of you simply won't die. Both of those things are starting to piss me off greatly.
Haruka: I'm still alive, Zero. I thought you said you could get rid of me in two minutes. You're not good at keeping promises I see.
Zero: It's clear that neither of us is going to win in a battle with gundams but I wonder how much your chances change once you're outside of it.
Haruka: I'm up for a challenge why not?

Duet finally found the two slackers sleeping in. Sieben heard a loud beeping sound and hit one of the buttons on the control panel thinking it was the alarm clock he had set an hour earlier and found the noise to be incessant as it continued. He finally opened his eyes, pressed another button and saw the dark blue haired Maxwell girl on the screen

Sieben: Well, Duet, I didn't expect to see you of all people.
Duet: Can it Peacecrap.
Sieben: *grints* What do you want?
Duet: Look a lot of things are going on over at L3 and I need you and Ling to get into you gundams now to help.
Sieben: What's wrong my dear cousin can't hold off a few tin cans?
Duet: No...Because Milliardo is not piloting the gundam.
Sieben: Then who is?
Duet: Haruka.
Sieben: Yep definitely the end of the world now.
Duet: ...Sieben...
Sieben: What? I'll be out there in a moment.
Duet: Good.

Sydney got into the hanger after going to a few detours and saw not only four gundams but two of the pilots as well and hid quickly after finding out which two they were.

Zero: Looks like Silverlight and Heavyarms got though no?
Haruka: Looks that way.
Zero: The only question that's running though my mind is where is DeathScythe?
Haruka: It doesn't matter. Now are we going to fight or are you going to continuously pull my leg?
Zero: You're right let's get this over with. Come on now.

Sydney watched Haruka reluctantly follow the blond until they got out of sight and two other people pop up from behind a few boxes.

Nova: That was close...
Ariel: Yeah. We should follow them.
Sydney: *pops out of her hiding place scaring the hell out of Ariel* I don't think that's a good idea.
Ariel: Hey your that girl that kept hitting on my boyfriend!
Nova: *taps Ariel on the shoulder and whispers* I thought he was you "ex"-boyfriend...
Ariel: ...Ahem... My EX-boyfriend.
Sydney: If that's how you remember me.
Ariel: What are you doing here anyway?!
Sydney: That's none of your businesses.
Ariel: I think it is.
Sydney: *avoiding the question* What are you doing here?
Ariel: I don't have to tell you.
Nova: *watches the two send small glares at each other and sighed* Ariel and I came here to get rid of the mobile suits here. She wanted to look around for Shingo and then we saw those two gundams come in and hid.
Sydney: I came here to find my gundam.
Ariel: Great she has a gundam as well how many more people in the world/colonies have gundams?!
Nova: I think that's a trivial question...

All three saw the hanger door open and waited to see who it was. Ariel and Nova breathed a sigh of relief when they saw their fellow comrades come in.

Ling: *stretches and looks around* Where the hell is Haruka?!
Sieben: Probably busy being stupid.
Ariel: Duet!
Duet: *quickly gets out of her gundam and to Ariel* Ariel what's been going on so far?
Ariel: Zero and Haruka came in here I don't know where they went though.
Ling: You should have followed them.
Ariel: I was going to...But that thing came in here... *looks over at Sydney*
Sydney: I am not a thing.
Nova: *sighs*
Ariel: If you say so...
Duet: We need to come up with a plan of some kind... Any suggestions?
Sieben: We should blow this place up. *hears all three women mutter "men"* I don't see any of you coming up with anything.
Ariel: We should find Shingo first. We just can't blow up the place with him in it!
Sieben: Get over it he's dead it wouldn't matter even if we found him.Some sacrifices have to be made.
Ariel: How could you say that! I don't believe you!
Sieben: Believe it because that's the way life is.
Duet: I agree that some sacrifices have to be made but put yourself in that situation and lets see if you like the idea of never being found because of a psychopath idiot said that you're a waste of time to go after.
Sieben: I would find it at least good enough that they thought about me but even more grateful that they got out alive. So lets get back on the original plan, destroy the suits in here then take care of the rest of the suits on the other colonies.
Sydney: You are such an ass.
Ling: Sydney!
Sieben: Another traitor?
Sydney: I am not a traitor!
Sieben: Sure you aren't you were just collecting immense information on us and the gundams for absolutely no reason... or is that a hobby of yours?
Ling: Shut up, Sieben! You were once a traitor as well!
Nova: Ling-saa is right.
Sieben: Humph....
Sydney: *to Ariel* You want to know where Shingo is right?
Ariel: Yes.
Sydney: I'll show you then.
Man this thing was dragged on... I'm not good at writing battle scenes cause frankly I make them pretty boring not only to people but to myself. 0.0;; I'm sure most of you are like... "Ok none of the parts with Shingo make sense" I'm sure I'll make some up some explanation by the end of this part. If it still gets confusing I just might make a notes type of thing to go along with this part if it isn't explained well enough. Well yeah I'm done sorry for the spelling errors if there are any I've worked nights on this story and slept days.

- ChibiChibi-chan