Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 28: Back to a Forgoten Home, Space
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Milliardo walked though the Peacecraft/Yuy home in search of his apparently missing twin brother. It wasn't unusual for Haruka to disappear during the summer one night and show back up the next morning drunk as a skunk thanks to a fake I.D. and a few other things. Lately things had been quiet if you didn't include Rena's constant whining at night. The blond continued though the home until he reached the door to the simulator room which his father set up a long time ago. It was odd just looking at the door since he himself hadn't been in the room for maybe three years more or less. He wasn't sure what brought him to turning the door knob but he did so anyway subconsciously. The room was dark with only a light green tint glowing off the walls to top it off the air was thick and filled with a scent of sweat. Curiosity took over the blond boy as he entered even more into the room hearing only the low hum of the simulator and calm breathing from someone else. Milliardo looked at his brother suspiciously as he just laid on the floor looking at the ceiling.

Milliardo: Haruka? What are you doing in here? You know mom has been worried about you.
Haruka: *in a daze* I came here to fight myself. To fight off my fears. He's out there. I can see him clearly now.
Milliardo: Who?
Haruka: Don't tell me you can't see him, Milliardo.
Milliardo: Since when did you call me by my full name?
Haruka: You don't want to see him do you?
Milliardo: You're dodging my questions.
Haruka: And you're dodging mine.
Milliardo: Look I don't know what you've been doing down here but it's obviously done something to you.
Haruka: It's done nothing but help me see my enemies clearer and I can see my enemy right now.
Milliardo: And that would be?
Haruka: It's not Shingo. It's Zero. He's upgrading SandStorm. He knows I see him and I know he can see me. He's going to kill anyone that gets in the way of his mission.
Milliardo: What mission?
Haruka: If I told you that it wouldn't be fun.
Milliardo: Damnit, Haruka! *goes over to the simulator to pull the plug as Haruka jumps up and moves in front of him* Move.
Haruka: No, I'm not going to let you do this, Milliardo. Just because you're weak doesn't mean I have to be as well. I'm sick of being compared to you. I hate you.
Milliardo: *slightly shocked* I'm doing this for your own good, Haruka.
Haruka: I'm sorry, Milliardo. *manages to knock out Milliardo, picks up his glasses and drags him out the door with him*
Heero: *looks at Haruka, who's now wearing Milliardo's glasses* I thought I heard something.
Haruka: Haruka was messing with the simulator for some odd reason. I had to pull the plug to get him to stop but he wouldn't get out of there without a fight. I think he was trying to use the ZERO system.
Heero: *looking at "Haruka"/Milliardo* Humph... Idiot. He knows the ZERO system isn't a toy.
Haruka: Dad I was thinking that maybe I should go into space. It's been a week almost since Shingo went into space and SandStorm was last reported around L3.
Heero: I thought you'd want to go. I'm working it out right now. Don't worry you're going to be the first one to go.
Haruka: Great.
Heero: I have to go take care of your sister take worthless to his room or something. *walks off*
Haruka: Will do.

Duet looked at her new younger sister as she slept while her cousin stood at the door.

Duet: Don't you want to see the baby, Ariel?
Ariel: I saw her already.
Duet: She's so cute. It kind of makes me wonder what mine and Milliardo's kids would look like... You know if we even got that far...
Ariel: I'm sure you two will. I can see it. It's strange you know. I never really thought of anything like that while I was going out with Shingo.
Duet: I don't even want to think much about it. Especially now that Haruka, of all people, was right about something for once.
Ariel: You mean about him being a traitor, right?
Duet: *nods* I still don't believe it though. He can't even think up a good tactical stratagy much more destroy an entire Preventor base. I think it's someone else that just so happened to break into the gundam hanger again and stole SandStorm.
Ariel: Then where is Shingo?
Duet: He probably ran away around the same time. He's done it before.
Ariel: I know, but I have a strange feeling.
Duet: What kind of feeling?
Ariel: I don't know. I know this might sound crazy but I thought I heard someone awhile back that said my name. I looked around to find out where or who it came from and there was no one. It sounded a lot like Shingo but a bit different. I don't know... Maybe I'm going crazy or something but I could have sworn I heard something.
Duet: I have to confess that the same thing happened to Milliardo and me. Milliardo told me that soon afterward he felt naucious. He told me he saw something or rather Haruka saw something and it got relayed over to him.
Ariel: I want to go to space.
Duet: Space? Why?
Ariel: Something's there for me. I can feel it.
Duet: And where will you go?
Ariel: I don't know. Have you ever felt drawn to something?
Duet: I am right now. I want to go to space too but my dad's in this "you're not going to space for any reason while your still under my roof" kick. I can go anywhere else though.
Ariel: I wonder if he'd care if you knocked up a local seven-eleven.
Duet: He'd probably tell me to make sure I got him a slushy drink or something... I heard that we, well you, might be going into space soon enough though the first one to take off is going to be Milliardo so he can have a good head start before the rest of us.
Ariel: I'm not sure if we could even consider that to be a good thing.
Duet: You should be glad that Milliardo's father was able to send you with out people asking questions.
Ariel: I suppose I should be...

Yuki sat down in a chair along with the colony representatives who talked amongst them selves until the blond girl coughed a bit to get their attention.

Colony Rep 1: Where is Mr. Kage?
Yuki: An unfortunite accident occured not to long ago and Mr. Kage is now decesed.
CR 2: Is that so?
Yuki: Yes, sir.
CR 1: Then why were we all called here?
Yuki: My new "employer" sent me here as a representative on his behalf.
CR 3: And who would that be Miss Ginga?
Yuki: The pilot of the gundam many of you heard was spotted around this very colony.
CR 1: What?!
Yuki: There's no need to yell so loudly, sir.
CR 4: You actually expect us to believe that some lunatic gundam pilot is trying to give us orders though you. You've got to be kidding.
Yuki: I'm not sir. I've been told to inform you if you do not comply with the request listed on the papers in front of you the colonies that you come from will be destroyed without a second thought.
CR 3: This is nuts!
Yuki: You have twenty four hours to make your decission. If you don't answer within the given time don't expect to be on the living side for very long. I'll be waiting for your decission. *leaves the room*
CR 2: Why bother letting us decide? Either way we're screwed.
CR 4: This "gundam pilot" is asking us to do the impossible. We can't make this ammount of mobile suits within two days.
CR 1: If we don't we're still subject to be killed. It makes no sense. This pilot is on a wreckless path. We should have stayed with the Unified Nations. At least then we wouldn't be in this perdicament.
CR 3: You don't know that for sure. Besides I think we're better off complying with these demands to at least give the colonist a chance to get out.
CR 2: I'd love to see the face of the pilot behind this.

Yuki stood at the door listening intently at the conversation inside when she felt someone tap her on the shoulder. She quickly turned around to see who it was and gave a cold glare at the other girl in front of herself.

Yuki: Well, Sydney, what brings you here?
Sydney: Rumors. What did I scare you?
Yuki: I'm not easily frightened by you. I'm more afraid of someone else.
Sydney: Kage?
Yuki: He's no longer among the living.
Sydney: How's that?
Yuki: Let's say our experiment got loose.
Sydney: Shingo? What did you do to him?!
Yuki: He's...not exactly living currently though my associate would say other wise.
Sydney: Who would that be?
Yuki: Zero. Well that's what he'd like to be called though he's nothing more then a clone. Why would you care anyway? You're now an enemy.
Sydney: On who's standards, yours or this "Zero" person's?
Yuki: As far as I know mine. Why don't you go back to your boyfriend on Earth? Live your fairy tale life while you still can.
Sydney: As much as I want to I can't because that's not the life for me.
Yuki: So you're going to wait for your prince to come and save you then?
Sydney: I don't need him to.
Zero: Is there something wrong, Yuki?
Yuki: *shakes her head slightly* No.
Sydney: *looks at Zero* Shingo? No wait you're not him are you?
Zero: Sydney... I remember you. You should feel lucky that I took some pitty on you. Why did you come here?
Sydney: I don't need to tell you anything.
Zero: Humph... I advise you to stay out of my way then if you know what's good for you.
CR 1: *enters the hallway* Miss Ginga we've made our decission. We will fully comply with the demands you mentioned. *looks at Zero* He...he wouldn't be...
Yuki: *before Zero got a word out* He's my brother. *recieves a glare from both Sydney and Zero* He's not who you're thinking.
CR 1: I just thought for a moment that he was. Strange you remind me of someone.
Yuki: My dear brother is always does tend to get confussed with other people.
CR 1: Ah... I see. Well then inform your associate of our decission please. I hope you all have a good day. *leaves*
Zero: Brother?
Yuki: Would you rather them know that you're a clone of the Winner heir?
Zero: Good point. We better get going. A few people are on their way here.
Sydney: Who?
Zero: You'll find out. That is if you're planing to stick around.

Meanwhile, back on earth, Ling was doing the usual woodchopping or as Wufei would put it "training". He looked around for his father who had gone inside because of a call from the Yuy twin's father and of course the tired boy took this opportunity to rest before his father returned. No sooner did he sit down did a familiar voice boom out of no where.

Wufei: BOY!
Ling: AHHHHHHHHH! I mean... Father!
Wufei: I won't accept laziness from you.
Ling: *mutters* Look who's talking...
Wufei: *raises eye brow* What was that?
Ling: I said I'm very sorry.
Wufei: You had better be. I just got off the phone with Yuy. It would appear you're going to leave for space in two hours.
Ling: Ne? Already?
Wufei: It would appear that Marquise and Yuy were able to pull a few strings.
Ling: But... But... I'm not ready!
Wufei: *snorts* Would you rather me let one of your brothers go in your place?
Ling: Why not Kin? She's more into that fighting stuff.
Wufei: She is also a onnako and I will not send my daughter up into space. You're done for the day I suggest you take a rest as well as a shower. *leaves*
Ling: What ever happened to living a normal life?

Over at the Maxwell home.

Duo: No way! I'm not going to send my little girl up into space.
Hilde: She's not a little girl anymore, Duo.
Duo: Well she's my little girl. Besides if anyone is going into that gundam into space it's gonna be me.
Hilde: You are most deffinitly not! I can't afford to have you get killed in that...THING and neither can Cimorene. Just let Duet go I mean she knows that gundam inside and out thanks to you.
Duo: But what if she get's hurt or something?
Hilde: Heero's son, Milliardo, is going isn't he?
Duo: *nods*
Hilde: Then there's nothing to worry about.
Duo: I guess so... But I'm just afraid of losing her to some mobile suit that doesn't even have a pilot in it.
Hilde: And whatever happened to Shinigami?
Duo: I guess... He's still a fifteen year old kid tryin to get though life with hardly any worries in the world.
Hilde: Funny that sounds like you.
Duo: Last time I checked, Hilde, I'm not that young. I'm gonna go tell Duet about goin to space. *dashes to Duet's room*
Hilde: I swear, Duo, you're still a kid.

Duo knocks on the door and hears a come in from the other side.

Duet: What is it now, dad? I told you already the remote's in the potato chip bag next to the couch.
Duo: Really? I think I threw that bag away... Erm but that wasn't what I came in here for now. I just got some good news from Heero and it looks like the gundams are going to space in hour and it looks like Deathscythe doesn't have a pilot right now. I was kinda wonderin if you wanted to, ya know, pilot em.
Duet: Really?!?
Duo: I'll understand if you don't want to I mean it was your mom that said you should go instead of me cause Heero's son is goin, Milliardo I think.
Duet: Milliardo-kun is going?! WAI! I want to go!
Duo: Eh?! You actually want to go?
Duet: Yes! I've always wanted to pilot Deathscythe and go into battle. I think I'd really kick some ass. We only have an hour left before take off?
Duo: Yeah.
Duet: Then we better go. Oh I can't wait to see the look on Haruka's face when he sees me there. Aie! *runs out of the room leaving Duo inside*
Duo: ...She get's the ass kickin from me and the anticipation from Hilde I suppose. It could be the other way around...
Duet: *rushes back in* What are you waiting for dad? Let's go!
Duo: Defiantly from Hilde.

"Milliardo" checked the systems on WingZero II and looked down at the other five neo gundam pilots. Duet was talking to Ariel as usual while Nova joined in the conversation every chance he got, Seiben was standing by Tallgeese very frustrated by waiting, while Ling was being lectured by his father on how to be "strong" (yes he could hear it all the way up there 0.0;;;). Haruka of course was still posing as Milliardo and gave a good enough explination for "Haruka" not appearing. The dirty blond headed boy was suddenly glompped out of no where by someone with a long braid of dark blue.

Duet: Hello, Mill-chan!
Haruka: *eye twitching slightly* Oh... it's you, Duet. I didn't see you.
Duet: Well that's ok. *closes her eyes and just stands in front of "Milliardo" for a few minutes and opens her eyes back up angerly* Well?!
Haruka: What?
Duet: You're not going to give me a goodbye kiss?
Haruka: Why? I'm going to see you in space anyways. *notices a odd look come from the girl* What?
Duet: You're acting odd, Mill-chan. *turns around* Very odd indeed...
Haruka: *thinking* I can afford her to think or even tell anyone that I'm not Milliardo... My only option is to... *swishes Duet around and kisses her*
Duet: *thinking* Whoa... I didn't know Mill-chan could be so romantic and... I think I'm going to faint if I don't breath soon...
Haruka: *thinking* I hope this looks real enough...
Duo: *with clip board along with Heero currently looking down at the clip board* Ok Mill so how's she *looks up*
Heero: Milliardo! What did I tell you about being around the spawn of Duo? *notices he's ignoring him* ...
Duo: 0.0;;; Man I wonder if they're even breathing... Looks like I got a son-inlaw... COOL! That means me and Heero are related!
Heero: ...Don't hold your breath.
Duo: Nah I'm not but our kids sure are...
Duet: *finally faints* Oi... Mill-chan...
Haruka: *sweat drop* ...
Heero: *slightly pissed* Milliardo it's time for you to go.
Haruka: *looking at Duet* ...Ok.

Ariel looks up at space pod which currently was holding Wingzero inside and about to take off in five minutes.

Nova: Incredible. I wonder how long it's going to take to get to space.
Duo: Welp accordin to Heero and Quatre it's only gonna take WingyZ over there about two days.
Heero: Duo I would like you to refrain from calling that gundam "WingyZ" again.
Duo: Yeah yeah I forgot ya still whack off to it.
Everyone: *look at Duo and sweat drop*
Heero: ... I'd do something to you but at the moment I'm preoccupied. In other words... You've lucked out.
Duo: *grin*
Nova: Um I'm sorry to be a nuisance Uncle but if it's going to take WingZero only two days then how long is it going to be for the rest of us?
Duo: Eh... I think you guys will get there around the same time about an hour or two after WingyZ. *recieves glare from Heero* Wha?
Heero: *ignores Duo* WingyZ--- er... WingZero prepare for take off in ten seconds. Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two... One.... Zero. *watches the pod take off*
Trowa: One down five to go.
Duet: (yeah she regained consciousness) Then I'm next right?
Duo: Yup! Go get ready, Duet. *grins and looks over at Quatre* Hey Quatre what's up? You're not in the mood to talk much I see.
Quatre: Nothing, Duo, nothing.
Duo: Ah come on man we are like... brothers!
Quatre: I don't recall that ever happening.
Duo: I didn't mean literally... So what's botherin you?
Quatre: I don't know... I feel like all of this is--
Duo: Eh! Stop! Dun even go there! I know what you're gonna say and it's not your fault.
Quatre: But it--
Duo: Nope it's not your fault. Ya gotta stop blammin yourself for these kind of things. If you keep mentaly kickin yourself in the head you're going to start believin it.
Quatre: I just feel like I should have done something. I could've taken the system out or never started making it.
Duo: The way I see it is things happen for a reason and somewhere down the line we'll find out what that reason was. But until then we have to accept what's happened.
Quatre: Maybe if I never built SandStorm I would've had more time to spend on Shingo. I feel so stupid. I don't even know what his favorite food is... Then again it doesn't matter he eats everything kind of like you Duo. I guess you guys have had a better influance on him then me. It's no wonder why he hates me.
Duo: Hey now I don't have that much of a relationship with Duet. I mean geez half the stuff she says doesn't make sense to me. But ya know what? I doubt that even matters to her and it doesn't matter to me cause I know she still cares about me even if I don't understand some things.
Quatre: I think I understand how you're able to do that. You stayed just the way you've always been while I've been trying to be something I'm not since I destroyed SandRock.
Duo: Oh? I don't really think I stayed that much the same. I mean... I GREW! It's cool bein taller then Heero! Even though he's still able to punch me in the stomach and get me thrown into jail... *twitch*
Quatre: *shakes his head* The next launch is in a few minutes, Duo.
Duo: Really? Great! I'll go tell Duet. *walks off while thinking to himself* If I've said it once I'll say it again. If Quatre keeps blamming himself for everything that happens in life he'll think it's his fault that there's no air in space.

All the gundams have now taken off and each pilot has bid their own farewells but what awaits them in space? Will their own survival matter when put up against one of their own? Will anyone find out about the switch between Haruka and Milliardo? Buckle up your seat belts boys and girls it's gonna be a bummpy ride.
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