Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 27: Truth in Lies
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Yuki looked though the news paper seeing an artical on a gundam attacking the Preventor base on earth. She read the artical and sighed slightly. She knew something wasn't right about this sudden occurence especialy it's timeing.

Yuki: Why is he ahead of schedule? *feels a hand on he shoulder and turns around to face the intruder* Oh it's you Kage-sama.
Kage: Who's ahead of schedule?
Yuki: It's nothing.
Kage: What's wrong, Yuki?
Yuki: *hands the dark haired man the paper* It's all over the front page...
Kage: *skims though the article* ...So this is what the colonist leaders were bitching about. This incident shouldn't throw us off much. There still is no connection to the colonies for the accident therefor there's nothing to worry about.
Yuki: But why is he ahead of schedule?!
Kage: *shrugs* Maybe he got tired of waiting.
Yuki: He's already in space.
Kage: As I've said before there is nothing to worry about. You have him under control do you not?
Yuki: ...*sigh* Yes, but it doesn't make any sense. I still remember what happened last time he was near either of us...
Kage: Well you've ensured that wont occur again right?
Yuki: Yes. *to herself* I hope.
Kage: I need to check on the mobile suit production. I'll be back around five.
Yuki: Yes, Kage-sama. *watches him leave* I'm worried Kage-sama. He nearly killed you last time as well as me. We both know the first place he's headed when he reaches the colonies and that would be here.

Yuki laid back on the couch, closed her eyes and recalled the last encounter she had with "Zero".

Random Guy: Sir we can't find him anywhere! It's like he disappeared!
Kage: No one just disappears without a trace even if they are the Zero system themselves! Find him now!
RG: But we checked everywhere! The ventilation system, halls, everything! *a gun shot is fired and the guy falls face forward on to the ground floor*
Shingo: You forgot to check behind you. *smirks and glares at Kage and Yuki with a gun pointed at both* Which one of you want to die first?
Yuki: *in total shock* Wh-wh-what are you?!
Shingo: What a stupid question. *fires the gun pointed in Yuki's direction and misses intentionally* Did I make you jump? I'm sorry.
Kage: Can't we work this out like civilized men?
Shingo: I'm not into the chit chat crap at the moment. You should have figured that out before you woke me up.
Yuki: Woke you up? What the hell does that mean?!
Shingo: *glares at Yuki* If you ask another question I'll make sure not to miss. *watches the blonde's eyes widen a little* I'm in the business of exterminating you not making deals with you. Now if you have nothing more to say...

Shingo stares at Kage and prepares to pull the trigger as Yuki takes the opportunity to tackle the boy down while at the same time trying to get from being shot herself. The girl manages to pin the other blonde down and sits on him as she tries to tie his hands behind his back.

Shingo: Get off me bitch! Damn whore!
Yuki: *triple knots the rope around his wrist* I'm not going to take any requests from you.
Shingo: I swear I'll kill both of you without even a second thought!

Yuki: *opens her eyes and looks around the room* I'm afraid.

Zechs dreaded having to speak to the media about things that didn't concern them anyways but he knew sooner or later he or someone else below him would have to talk to the idiotic public who were currently in panic. He stood behind a podium as cameras flashed and news reporters tried to gather around the man. There were preventors guarding the entrances as well as exits. The only thing that made Zechs feel some what safe were the two ex gundam pilots of WingZero and Altron guarding the main entrance.

Random Reporter 1: Mr. Marquies is it true that the gundam that attacked the Preventors base last night has gone off into space?
Zechs: *to himself* What a stupid question... *out loud* Yes.
RR2: Is there any connection between the gundam and the rather strange behavior of the colonies?
Zechs: None as of yet.
RR3: Do you know who the pilot was? Are they related to any of the gundam pilots of AC 195?
Zechs: Currently we only know the pilot's code name, "Zero". I'm sure that the pilot is not of any relation to the original gundam pilots. *looks at Heero in the back who's glare had moved at the question*
RR4: Have you found the shuttle that the pilot used yet?
Zechs: No, but we are searching.
RR2: Sir, I've heard that there are more gundams on earth but they are currently dormant. Could you shed some light on this theory?
Zechs: As far as I know there are no other gundams besides the one that attacked us yesterday. If there are I'm sure there is a good reason for their dormant state.
RR1: There are some rumors going around that one of your own nephews is gundam pilots as well as the other 195 pilots children.
Zechs: *attempts to look surprised by the question* My nephews couldn't walk when they were two without running into things they sure as hell can't pilot a gundam or for that matter a regular Leo. *notices the death glare from Heero* As for the others I doubt they can even connect Legos together. *receives the Chang Look of Disgust from Wufei* If you have any further questions contact the main Preventors Headquarters. *heads towards the door*
Wufei: I should kill you for that comment, Marquies.
Zechs: Humph. Remember who's paying you, Wufei.
Heero: You lied.
Zechs: I know. I was told only to give them the facts nothing more.
Heero: Then you have found the shuttle.
Zechs: Yes, but nothing was found. He's a little too quick for us. I'm sure Quatre knows about all of this by now correct?
Heero: Pretty much though he's having shit fits over it.
Wufei: Basically he doen't believe it.
Heero: He almost didn't until he saw it for himself that SandStorm had disappeared.
Zechs: We need to get at least WingZero or Tallgeese up there before that kid decides to pick up where Quatre left off and destroy colonies.
Heero: He's not working according to his emotions. That system won't allow that. He's working according to the Zero system. Therefore he's not going to blow up any colonies unless they turn into a threat. Otherwise he'll leave them be. It's not a good idea to send any gundams into space either.
Wufei: Are you crazy, Yuy?! That Winner Brat has enough power to destroy a whole base on his own it doesn't matter if he's not working on his emotions the point is he has enough power to take out all of the colonies, resource satellites and whatever else is floating in space with human lives on it. I don't know about you but I didn't fight a war to watch the peace we worked for go to hell because you think we shouldn't send any gundams.
Heero: We don't have time to send any gundams into space even if we have the resources to do so. We have to come up with a strategy if anything before we go all out. *Looks around* ...Where the hell is Duo?
Wufei: Maxwell said he had an emergency before the press conference began. If you ask me I think his onna is having his weak child right now which would explain his absence.
Heero: Great... Yet another reason we can't do anything yet.

Water every where you looked surrounded the area. No top or bottom only a watery world in every direction with a blue tint to it. Dark and cold and no where to go. With blurred vision someone looks around the surrounding area as if in search of something or some one when out of the darkness someone reaches out and says in a weak voice to the dreamer..."Zero...". With that the blonde's eyes jolt open with cold sweat pouring down his face. He looks around recognizing his surroundings quickly. He was inside the cockpit of SandStorm and was greeted with the light of the surrounding monitors and the silence of space. For some reason he didn't feel comfortable inside the gundam which was unusual to the blonde.

Zero: Once again it occurrs. Ever since I felt the zero gravity of space I've seen that reoccurring dream. I can manage very well on my own with out rest but there's not much I can do in space besides that at the moment. It's almost like someone is calling to me. Why? I haven't a clue. Perhapes they want to die. It could be that small part of this body which still remains "Shingo". If he's attempting to fight against me he knows he's on the losing side of this battle...No, that's not it I would've felt something by now. I feel another presence. It's not SandStorm. Nor is it entirely Shingo. It's almost like it's another person entirely.
Shingo: I've felt it as well...
Zero: Ah so it isn't you.
Shingo: No... But it feels familiar...
Zero: Strangely enough it does. Everytime I get closer to L3 I feel it's presence grow.
Shingo: Then it must be there.
Zero: True. When I find it I'm going to exterminate it. I have enough people inside my head right now I don't need someone else to join in. Since you're up could you try to keep it that way.
Shingo: Are you afraid?
Zero: I have no such emotion.

Ariel laid in bed trying to make sense of everything. It wasn't unusual for her to wake up and just lay there and think for a bit but this had been going on for hours and it was nearly twelve noon. She didn't know what to think. Her mind was a complete blank. On occasion she'd consider why her ex-boyfriend and just all around friend would betray everyone that cared about him. She wondered why she hadn't believed Haruka from the start and after much thought she figured that it wouldn't have mattered anyways since just about everyone thought Haruka was crazy for thinking Shingo could or would turn on them.

Ariel: Why do I care anyways? No one could possibly feel threatened by just one boy along with a gundam alone. But that's not what everyone seems to feel like. They think something bad is going to happen. They obviously don't know Shingo as well as I do. He's going to wuss out eventually and come back home just like her always has. Though I have to admit this is the first time he's actually tried anything with the assistance of a gundam. Why didn't I see it sooner? Strange behavior over the last few weeks, dinner, and his sudden change in moods. I should've done something.
Jade: Ariel! It's almost twelve-thirty! I know I don't have to say this to you often but dear you should really get up.
Ariel: In a moment! Oi... I worry too much...*closes her eyes and sighs*
Voice: Ariel...
Ariel: *opens her eyes and looks around for the source of the sound* Strange...

Atta closes a door behind him and looked slightly gloomy as Taleb raise an eye brow waiting for him to say something.

Taleb: You not dead. I'm surprised.
Atta: Eh...He was in one of his pacifist kicks just now that's why. Instead of being killed I got a small lecture. I guess he has to do it to me since his usual one man audience is Shingo and we both know he's off in space doing whatever he plans on doing up there.
Taleb: I don't know. There's something that hasn't felt right about Shingo for awhile.
Atta: Ah you felt it too eh?
Taleb: I've also seen it.
Atta: True... I have this weird feeling.
Taleb: When don't you?
Atta: No I mean it's really weird. I've been hearing things lately.
Taleb: Great so now you're insane?
Atta: Haha... Funny, Taleb. But fro real I've been hearing things especially a lot more now.
Taleb: *not believing a word* Sure...and what do they say?
Atta: Nothing. Pure nothing. It's as if there's a ghost hanging around carrying on a conversation with them selves. Or at least I thought that until I heard my name a few times.
Taleb: Insomnia does that to people. Perhaps you should sleep.
Atta: No way! The next thing I know I could end up dead!
Taleb: You're too superstitious. There's no such thing as ghost. If something has a voice then obviously they have a body.
Atta: I don't know... This sounded really creepy.
Taleb: Yeah I'll make sure to visit you in the mental hospital.
Atta: Fine I'll get some rest but I'm telling you I'm hearing things and they aren't in my head.
Taleb: *stands alone in the hallway and shakes his head* Voices. What next fairies? Really, if he has a problem he can just come out and say it.
Voice: *echoing though the hall* Taleb...
Taleb: *looks around the hallway for the source of the voice* Who the hell was that?! Ah no, no, no. I'm not going to start this shit. Whoever you are come out and show yourself! *listens to complete silence* ...Great now I'm hearing things. Thanks, Atta.

Ling stared at the letter Sydney had dropped off for him the previous day before she left for the colonies and sighed. In the letter she explained her situation to Ling and the other reason why she had to go back home besides her family. Reading it over and over didn't seem to help the Chinese boy to comprehend all that was said on the paper. She had admitted everything to him and promised if they ever met again she would tell him anything he wished to know. At that moment Merian came into her big brother's room and looked at him.

Ling: What is it. Merian?
Merian: Mom says she wants you to come and eat lunch.
Ling: Tell her I'll be there in a moment.
Merian: Ok... Are you still looking at the letter your girlfriend gave you?
Ling: She's not my girlfriend!
Merian: I thought she was. It would've been cool to have her in our family.
Ling: ...Right if you say so...
Merian: Do you think father will let me marry Zodiac?! *grin*
Ling: WHAT?! Are you crazy! You're way too young to be thinking about that stuff or going out with anyone.
Merian: So? You were going out with Sydney.
Ling: ...I WAS NOT! >.<
Merian: Was too! Mom told me she saw you and Sydney kiss! That's gotta mean something!
Ling: 0.0;;; We weren't going out...
Merian: If you say so, Lingy! *walks out the door*
Ling: You know very well my name is LING! Damn Torance! She's a bad influence on my sisters. Next thing you know she'll tell them there's ghost around here...
Voice: Ling...
Ling: *looks around the room and find no one inside or outside the room*...Oook that was scary...

Haruka plugged in several disk and drives into the gundam simulator and looked around quickly before turning on the simulator. It was bad enough he lied to his father about the reason he felt like using the simulator but now it was just dangerous. The machine kicked on and Haruka looked at the screen which plainly said across it "Loading ZERO SYS 1...Please wait...". He knew Heero would kill him if he found out about his determination to master a system that he couldn't even handle. Luckily for him Milliardo had left on a date with Duet, Heero was too busy playing with Rena to even care what Haruka was doing and Relena had gone to see the new Maxwell spawn. He had been waiting for the opportunity to knock on his door and now he had it. The only thing he questioned now was his sanity. Haruka was very aware of the dangers of the Zero System and at the moment could careless. As far as the blonde Heero Yuy clone was concerned he was on a mission to take out Shingo one way or another and the only chance he had against him was of course the Zero system. Finally the screen had out in green letters "ZERO SYS 1 loaded"

Haruka: I have to overcome the system if I don't Michiru will be in trouble and everyone else is going to die I know it. Here it comes... I feel sick. *cough* I gotta hold out. I have to for Michiru.

Haruka closes his eyes and sees Michiru smiling at him and is suddenly engulfed in darkness. The next scene played in the boys head is of two young boys with matches and fireworks. Both he recognized as himself and Shingo.

Shingo: Are you sure this is going to work, Haruka-saa?
Haruka: Quit being a baby, Shingo. I've done this a lot of times.
Shingo: How many?
Haruka: Uhh I think a total of one time.
Shingo: When was that?
Haruka: Now. *grin*
Shingo: I don't think this is a smart idea...
Haruka: Hey now you're my friend and friends don't back out of things especially when it deals with this stuff. One match and poof! We're off. Oh yeah I also got cherry bombs too. We can stick some of those into my neighbor's mail boxes they won't come here to complain because they know my dad's a gundam pilot.

Haruka: What the hell... *is grabbed from behind and turns around to attack the person but instead looks in shock at them* Mi-mi-mi-Michiru!
Girl: I'm not exactly, Michiru. I'm your version of the Zero System. You can call me Z. *grin*
Haruka: My version? What does that mean?
Z: Everyone has their own version of the zero system their own form of it. Yours is your love, Michiru, your brother's Duet, and your father Relena.
Haruka: How scary... So you're not really Michiru?
Z: No I just assume her form.
Haruka: Then if Milliardo's is Duet and my dad's my mom then who's is Shingo's?
Z: Himself. He doesn't really feel comfortable talking to anyone else and there's so many versions of him.
Haruka: I always knew he was a psycho. What was the point behind that vision or should I say memory?
Z: it only proves that you two are like fireworks. If there's a flame near by you'll both explode. I can see some where in the near future something terrible is going to happen to someone close to you.
Haruka: Who?! Is it Mill? Maybe Michiru... Tell me!
Z: I can't tell you because frankly I don't know either. You should go into space...
Haruka: Why? Where's Shingo?! Damn traitor!
Z: There is no Shingo. Not anymore. Nor is he a traitor. He's being used by the zero system.
Haruka: You did it didn't you?!?!
Z: Not me. There are many variations of me but no I didn't do anything.
Haruka: You lie! Where is he?!
Z: In space though he's not really on the living side.
Haruka: Where is he?!
Z: I'll show you.

No sooner did those words leave the Michiru look alike's mouth Haruka saw what seemed to him a vision of space which didn't really surprise him much since he was fully aware that the boy was in space or something that looked like him. A colony then appears before him and he instantly recognizes it but refuses to say anything. He stopped suddenly in front of a door and watched blurs of people dressed in white walk though the hall way along with other blurs in black right next to him. None of this seemed too unusual to Haruka and so he opened the door and closed it behind him to face something he hadn't expected. He didn't know what to do or how to react to the scene in front of him. The room was dark with the exception of lights glowing on consoles along with a soft glow from what appeared to be something of a tank in the middle of the room. Nothing around the room scared Haruka not even the guards outside the door could scare him but this was beyond words. Inside of the tank were wires of all sorts connected everywhere including a body which remained motionless. Haruka didn't want to believe any of this and to make sure it was nothing but an illusion he got closer to the container and choked down hard on the puke that wanted to come up. The blonde paused only inches from the container and just stared at the person on the other side of the glass. To Haruka's surprise the body moved slightly and he found himself glaring into two clouded blue eyes staring back at him with a small glimmer of hope. Haruka stepped back and nearly fell over when he heard his name come from the tank. With that Haruka burst back into reality and moved away from the simulator and started puking up a storm on the ground in front of him and eventually attempted to calm himself down. .

Haruka: *rocking back and forth slightly* It wasn't real. You know that, Haruka! You aren't afraid of anything! It was just the Zero system messin with your head that's all. You gotta become strong for Michiru and defeat the Zero system. *starts crying* I can't do it...

Milliardo took two Advils hoping to calm down his headache along with his stomach. He felt embarrassed to the extreme. He had nearly tossed his cookies while he was kissing Duet and had a feeling she wouldn't want to even talk to him again for running to the bathroom soon after he broke their kiss. At the same time he wondered what he had seen prior to that. He knew that he and Haruka sometimes knew what the other one was feeling but this was beyond weird to him. Milliardo recalled seeing Haruka freaking out over something before letting go of his lunch and hearing his own name said along with Haruka's. No matter how much he thought back on the vision he couldn't make sense of it. Something was very wrong here he could tell that right off the bat that for sure. The blonde waked out of the restroom not even bothering to find his partner with the thought that she'd gone home already.

Duet: *comes up behind Milliardo* Boo!
Milliardo: Ack! *turns around* Oh it's just you, Duet.
Duet: *feeling Milliardo's head* Are you ok? You don't feel warm.
Milliardo: I'm ok I just ate something bad that's all.
Duet: *looks at Milliardo* You're lying Mill-chan! I can tell because you're not looking at me.
Milliardo: That doesn't mean I'm lying!!!
Duet: It does too. You're doing it right now.
Milliardo: Fine, fine. But it's nothing you have to really worry about.
Duet: You're still lying to me...
Milliardo: Eh... I had a daydream I guess you could say. I saw Haruka and...
Duet: And?
Milliardo: I don't know someone else. I feel like I know them. Whoever it was it scared the hell out of Haruka as well as me.
Duet: That makes sense you two are twins.
Milliardo: I guess I kind of got sick at the same time and yeah...
Duet: Don't worry about it, Mill-chan.
Milliardo: I'm trying not to.
Duet: Good.
Milliardo: I have a question...
Duet: Hmm?
Milliardo: Did you hear anything weird?
Duet: After you left for the restroom yeah. I thought I heard someone call my name...
Milliardo: I did too. Strange...

Seiben looked at his father with a small glare as he paced the room back and forth. There was a huge cloud of silence over the two and neither wanted to speak to the other. Seiben finally gave in and decided to attempt to speak to Zechs.

Seiben: Someone needs to go into space and stop that idiot from killing everyone.
Zechs: We can't send any of the gundams into space. It would look too suspicious.
Seiben: Then just send me. I don't need my gundam.
Zechs: And what are you going to do if you have a problem that requires a mobile suit? You know very well that they aren't just going to hand over a mobile suit to you if their lives depended on it.
Seiben: I realize this but Rose told me what they have up there. It wouldn't matter if you put all of the gundams up there as long as they have one gundam and a whole army behind it we're dead either way.
Zechs: That's why Heero is trying to upgrade the gundams as much as he can as well as rebuilding Wing at the same time again, Duo's almost done rebuilding Deathscythe, Trowa is reloading Heavyarms, and neither Wufei or Quatre are doing anything. It's going to be a month or so before we can even think about sending anyone up there.
Seiben: Like I said I don't need my gundam! Let me just go to space and knock out some of the mobile suit factories they have.
Zechs: I'll have to think that over.
Seiben: While you're busy "thinking it over" that little insane twit could be destroying even more shit. Did the event at the Preventors Headquarters not tell you anything?!?
Zechs: Like I said I'll think it over. *leaves the room*
Seiben: DAMNIT! It's bad enough I'm hearing things now this shit...

Meanwhile, people scramble on the streets of the L3 Colony because of the news of a gundam last spotted in the vicinity of the colony. The streets fill with colonist attempting to get off the colony before the gundam pilot gets the urge to destroy the colony as well as the people. Out of the havoc only one blonde remained calm as the people ran past him and screamed for others of their family to catch up with them. Out of no where the blonde is grabbed by an older man.

Old man: What are you doing boy? Don't you know the way to get off this colony is in the other direction?
Zero: Yes, but I'm not going there. Something's telling me to go in this direction.
Old Man: Hmm... You remind me of someone. I once knew a young man just like you he was your height, blond, and he had a good look in his eyes. I believe his name was Quatre. Ah yes, Quatre good kid. I think he has a family now if I remember well enough he had a son. I think his name was Shinji or something like that.
Zero: Shingo, his name was Shingo and he's dead now.
Old Man: And how would you know, Zero?
Zero: *eyes widen* How...wait...I know you, you're one of those idiotic scientist, H right? But you're dead...
Doctor H: Ah so being upgraded hasn't slowed you down any, Zero.
Zero: You're avoiding my questions.
Doctor H: Simply because you ask too many. Hmm very interesting side effect that upgrade did.
Zero: It's not a side effect it's called the pilot was too weak therefore I'm going to be taking control of this situation.
Doctor H: I'm but an old man now. There's nothing I can do about this one. I think I might know what you're here for as well.
Zero: And what would that be?
Doctor H: You'll find out soon enough I'm sure of that.
Zero: If you have nothing important to say then I suggest you get out of my way or I'll kill you.
Doctor H: Don't worry I won't stay around here to find out if that threat will be carried out. *Leaves with the rest of the rabid crowd*
Zero: This is starting to make me wonder who else has yet to go to their grave...
Voice: Zero...
Zero: So you are here. *smirk* I don't see why you're giving yourself away. Very stupid move.

Yuki started to panic. Everyone was screaming about a gundam in close vicinity of the colony she was currently on. Kage, on the other hand, wasn't even thinking much about it. He saw it as his soldier coming back home. The blond looked at Kage for a while like he was crazy. Was she the only sane one out of the two of them? She knew very well what could happen if Zero decided to pay the two a visit and as far as she was concerned he was most likely to carry out the threat he had given the two of them no matter what. One of the guards came into the door with panic written on his face.

Guard: Kage-sama, someone has broken into the building and they're knocking out our men several at a time.
Kage: Don't worry about it.
Guard: *shocked* Bu-but Kage-sama!
Kage: I told you, don't worry about it. You just go back to your post and close the door behind you when you leave.
Guard: *looks at Kage like he's gone crazy* ...Yes, sir...*closes the door*
Yuki: Are you crazy?! We should stop him before he gets up here!
Kage: If indeed we are to die then we shall die. If we are to live then so be it. I'm not going to run from something that can't be stopped in the first place. Besides you have him under control do you not?
Yuki: Yes, Kage-sama...*mutters* I hope so... *hears gunfire outside the door and screams* *to herself* This is crazy! Something obviously went wrong why can't Kage see that? He actually believes that Zero wont kill him. He's too calm. *hears someone run into the door along with a slipping sound made soon after ward then watches as the door flew open*
Zero: *covered with blood laughing insanely* Well, well, well my favorite people.
Kage: Welcome back, Zero.
Zero: So you welcome me but at the same time you welcome death. You must be a very disturbed man.
Kage: We all are.
Zero: Well it seems I'm on a revenge kick at the moment so let's get this over with shall we? *points the gun at Kage and a tempts to pull the trigger but finds he can't* ...Strange.
Kage: You can't kill me can you, Zero? You were reprogramed that way.
Zero: Bastard... Well then if I can't kill you then someone else can do that privilege for me.
Kage: Who?
Zero: Shingo.
Kage: *starts laughing*
Zero: ...Is there a joke I missed?
Kage: You fool...You have no idea...
Zero: ...Damnit tell me!
Kage: You seriously think you're Shingo Winner.
Zero: Part of me is.
Kage: Only your appearance.
Zero: Then if I am not him then where is he?
Kage: You see, my little creation, you are nothing but a clone. The real Winner heir is half dead at the moment. We attempted to use him to see how exactly the Z2PT worked. Unfortunately he obviously hadn't fully recovered from his last encounter of you and managed to get himself into a coma. I personally didn't like that so Yuki went though one of the files from and organization like our own called ZOAH. It seems they were into genetics very much and it turns out there are two living examples of their tests, Genki Dama and Phoenix Williams. But like the people they were spawned from, they turned on ZOAH and joined the gundam pilots. I thought why not attempt to do the same for our predicament but in a more convenient way. So in theory we cloned the Winner heir and you were born. We of course accelerated your growth for our needs and tried the Z2PT on you and it worked a little too well.
Zero: *shaking his head* ...No, he's in my head. You're lying. *drops the gun*
Kage: Hmm...I see when we cloned you a bit of him came with you.
Zero: This isn't right... I'm going to kill you!
Kage: Didn't we go over this already?
Zero: I'm not going to kill you, the little bit of Shingo I do have is. You can't progam human instinct. *pulls out two metal objects that look like the hilt of a sword* I intend on slicing you to bits, Kage.
Kage: *watches the two hilts light up with a green color* Well that's impressive.
Zero: It's my summer project...*jumps on top of the desk, closes his eyes, takes a slice at Kage and opens his eyes again* Very accurate... *watches Kage's head roll on the floor* and very
Yuki: *looks at the scene with and goes extreamly pale* You-you-you...
Zero: I didn't, Shingo did. *walks towards Yuki with the shorters still on*
Yuki: You're going to kill me as well aren't you?!
Zero: That's up to Shingo. I can't kill you as much as I wish to. *takes a slash at Yuki and stops only a few inches before hitting her face* No you're going to live for now only for one reason.
Yuki: *thanking whatever god there was and stares at Zero* What reason is that?
Zero: Atta wouldn't be happy. *turns off the shorters and walks towards the door*
Yuki: *thinking* He still cares about everyone else's feelings but his own. *out loud* Wait where are you going?!
Zero: I felt something here and I intend on finding it.
Yuki: I'll come with you then.
Zero: Fine but stay out of my way.

The two walked over dead bodies and what seemed like an ocean of blood that accompanied them. Yuki looked at the bullet filled bodies of the people she herself had come to know that were now motionless on the ground below her. She then looked over at the confussing young man in front of her. For someone that found out he was nothing but a recreation of another person he was taking this all well. Nothing about him changed except his sudden kindness on her life or was it Shingo's kindness? She found most of this confussing (AN: So does everyone else including me! Why am I even writing this? X.x;;). Was there a little bit of the boy in this murderer? She tried to refrain from sighing and looked around while walking closely behind the blond in front of her when he suddenly stopped causing her to run into him.

Yuki: *backs up quickly* I'm sorry!
Zero: *ignoring her* We're here.
Yuki: Here? *looks around and thinks* But isn't this where we're keeping, Shingo?
Zero: What's behind this door?
Yuki: I don't know.
Zero: It doesn't seem to have much of a locking system on it. *manages to break into the room and looks at Yuki* Are you going to come with me or do I need to send an invitation?
Yuki: *follows* Are you sure this is where you wanted to go?
Zero: *once again ignoring her* So it seems I've been led to you, Shingo. *puts a hand on the glass of the confindment Shingo currently is in*
Yuki: He can't hear you, you realize that right?
Zero: He can sense that I'm here. *stares curiously at the mirror image of himself in front of him* He says it's cold.
Yuki: We turned the temperature down...and how would you know what he says?
Zero: It doesn't take much of a genius to figure out this room is cold. I'm just relaying the message to you. *takes a seat on the floor and continues staring at Shingo* He's a little shorter then me by a centimeter at most.
Yuki: We did accelerate your growth a tad farther then it should have been.
Zero: *stares at the wires* Thoes connect to the life support systems correct?
Yuki: ...Yes.... Why do you ask?
Zero: It's time to cut the cord. *stands up and walks towards the cords*
Yuki: *moves in front of Zero* What?! You truely are crazy!
Zero: Out of my way.
Yuki: No! I won't let you just kill someone like that!
Zero: True but you were going to pull the cord eventually after you found out I would do yours and Kage's bidding right? He's only alive incase I'm a screw up and you have to clone another one just like me.
Yuki: That was Kage-sama's plan alone. I wasn't going to become involved with anything like that.
Zero: But you supported, Kage... I suppose it would be wrong of me to kill him while he's still weak. I need a challange and I feel he can give it to me. I just need to find something to pull him out of his coma and I think I know a few things that will work...
0.0;;; Man this is screwy... The original idea was nothing like this but ya know what I thought this story needed to go on another spin and poof! ^.^ Well yeah that's the end of this ep only like... three or four more eps til the end of part three (thank god!).

- ChibiChibi-chan