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Episode 26 - Happy Birthday to me...
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Sydney closed her last bag she had brought with her and looked around the empty apartment she had called home for a few months. Not anything remained in the small apartment to even connect to herself. She breathed a sigh and spoke to the surrounding walls.

Sydney: Finally I'm going home. I'll never have to do this for anyone ever again. After this I give up on Kage and his little lapdog, Yuki. I'm going to live my life in quiet and hopefully never have to face Ling again.

She looked back at her bags and picked up a envelope addressed to Chang Ling. The brunette then picked up her bags and headed toward the subway.

Atta ran up to the tall dark haired man while screaming out his name.

Taleb: What is it now?!
Atta: I wanted to show you what I got Shingo! It is his birthday today you know.
Taleb: I'm fully aware of that fact.
Atta: Good! *shows Taleb a box* This is it!
Taleb: ...And what exactly would "it" be?
Atta: A playstation 2 you moron! Shingo's always wanted one I even got him some games to go with it too! You know like Final Fantasy and a few others. I'm sure he'll like it. Do you think he will? I mean he like's video games... you're never too old for those!
Taleb: ...You're rambling as usual, Atta... What were you really going to spend that money on?
Atta: Oh...well...I was going to spend it on Yuki... But she left you know... didn't even give me much of a goodbye and all...
Taleb: Oh please get over her she's just another girl. It's not like you can't get another one.
Atta: She's just not another girl! I actually loved her you know. Oh wait that's right you wouldn't know what that feeling is cause you've never really been in love! Errrr! I can't even stand to be near you! You're such a cold hearted bastard no wonder no woman would even consider going to bed with you!
Taleb: Oh please you know nothing about me!
Atta: You're right... and I don't care to know one single thing about you either. *walks off*
Taleb: You really don't know anything neither does anyone else.

Triage looked around the park as Shale set out a small area with a table cloth along with a basket.

Shale: Triage could you help me a bit? I'm having a little trouble with this.
Triage: *with a set of binoculars to his face* In a moment, Shale... I can't believe that they're in a boat together... He's movin on my woman too much... *continues looking at Nova and Torance who are in a boat across the lake talking to each other when a girl with blue eyes moves in front of his view* Wow those are some pretty eyes...
Shale: Why thank you Triage-kun!
Triage: *falls back* Oh it's you Shale...
Shale: You seem disappointed...
Triage: Huh? What ever made you think that?
Shale: *shrug* The look on your face gave it away. *perks up* So are you ready to eat yet or would you like to stare at the food from afar with those? *points to Triage's binoculars*
Triage: Ummm...Yeah I'm kinda hungry.
Shale: Good. *helps Triage up from the ground* We've got sandwiches and a lot of other things. Gin made most of it with Torance and me.
Triage: Torance cooks?!
Shale: ...Yes but not very well... *grins at her small lie* Besides my cooking is much better.
Triage: Eh I hope so.
Shale: Triage-kun...I was um wondering um...
Triage: Hmm?
Shale: Well... Umm... Oh nevermind it's not that important...
Triage: If that was true then you wouldn't have brought whatever you want to say up.
Shale: Ummm do you like me?
Triage: *blink,blink* Like you? *grabs a sandwich and starts munching on it* Um... *to himself* Face it Triage you ain't got any chance with Torance you're better off with Shale. I mean look at her she's cute, beautiful and man she can cook! *out loud* Uhh yeah sure I like ya.
Shale: Nothing more?
Triage: I love you?
Shale: *grabs Triage around the neck* I knew you did! I'm so happy Triage-kun!
Triage: Uh yeah... *to himself* Note to self if you tell a girl you love her she'll throw herself at you... literally...

Michiru opened the door to her apartment and looks at the boy at her doorstep.

Michiru: Oh it's you Haruka.
Haruka: Uh yeah. You don't mind if I come in for a bit right?
Michiru: Not at all. *moves aside and lets Haruka in* Why did you come here anyways?
Haruka: I just wanted to talk to you. I know you're a smart girl and all Michiru but I'm worried for you. I'm scared that you might get hurt.
Michiru: What are you going on about?
Haruka: I just want you to stay out of Shingo's way you saw what he did to me and because of that I don't know if I have the strength to help you if he does anything to you. I'm pathetic but I know you'll do the right thing and listen to me right? Will you do that for me, Michiru?
Michiru: Haruka I understand this. You don't have much of a way with people. You're afraid to get near anyone for the fear you'll hurt them. In a way you've already done that to me but I'm a forgiving person and I'll dismiss everything you've ever done to me but I won't let you make decisions for me. I'm a big girl you know that.
Haruka: But Mi--
Michiru: Shhh! I told you already. I can take care of myself I don't need you to worry yourself sick. Now are you hungry? I have some food in the fridge if you want some.
Haruka: *sigh* You're so difficult...but yeah I guess I'll have something.
Michiru: I have some tea ready and some cookies left over from this morning I hope that's ok with you.
Haruka: Yeah. *looks around the place and notices a rather big box with a strong scent of baked cookies* Hey who are the cookies for?
Michiru: Shingo.
Haruka: I thought we just had a talk about you being around Shingo.
Michiru: *enters the living room with a tray* Well I thought maybe you could deliver it for me if you feel so strongly against me being around him.
Haruka: I'm not going to give him shit.
Michiru: Oh well I guess I could always go give it to him in person. God forbid if I get hurt thanks to him.
Haruka: ...Fine I'm only going to give them to him don't expect anything more of me.
Michiru: I knew you'd do it for me. *pours Haruka some tea*

Ariel looked at the slowly growing pile of presents Shingo had yet to open then looked at the newly turned eighteen year old who was also looking at the presents.

Ariel: Are you going to open them or just stare at the wrapping?
Shingo: I'll open them later. I'm not really in the mood for opening presents today.
Ariel: I can understand that.
Shingo: Ariel do you like me?
Ariel: If that's a question as to if I'll go out with you again... No. But I do care about you as a friend.
Shingo: Ah that would explain why you bothered to come here.
Ariel: Yes, and Triage wanted me to come and give you your present from him. He is after all on a date you know.
Shingo: Shale right? *watches Ariel nod* He plays with girls too much. He should stick with one that he knows will never let him torment himself or give in those one would consider evil. That's a girl I thought I had once. She's still with me though even though thick and thin she'd go though the heat of the desert to the depths of the ocean to make sure I didn't get hurt. *looks at Ariel* Some times I wonder what happened her. *hears the door* I'll get it. *get up and dashes for the door in the other room*
Ariel: Damn you, Shingo! You always have to make things so difficult!

Shingo opens the door and quickly trys to close it on the visitor's face but fails in doing so when they hold the door open. Haruka personally didn't want to be in the vicinity of the Winner heir and could care less at the moment if he didn't want him there. In his mind he was only there out of an act of kindness not on his part but Michiru's. Shingo gave the other boy a dark glare that dared him to try something out of the ordinary until Haruka presented him with a box.

Haruka: Michiru wanted to give this to you but due to her busy schedule she asked me to take this to you.
Shingo: *raises and eyebrow* It better not be a bomb, Haruka.
Haruka: Oh please I have more convenient ways to kill you then stuffing a bomb in a box.
Shingo: *takes the box from Haruka and opens it up* ...So instead you decided to poison me?
Haruka: I wouldn't consider such and ineffective way to kill you. Besides Michiru made them for you out of great sympathy for your sorry ass.
Shingo: ...Michiru... I guess I should thank her later. *noticing Haruka's sudden glare* What? Afraid I'll kill your... hmm ex girlfriend I believe? Is that correct, Haruka? I don't recall Michiru mentioning you two getting back together.
Haruka: *on the verge of just punching the blonde for that comment* I don't want you around Michiru. If you even get within fifty feet of her I will beat your ass down.
Shingo: That's not what happened last time we got into a fight. I think I was the one beating you down.
Haruka: I won't underestimate you next time. I know about your strange behavior and I think I know what's causing it. I don't have any proof against you yet but mark my words I'll have you confined to a mental institution if I ever do get proof.
Shingo: I think you've gone crazy after having Michiru break up with you, Haruka. Your mind is starting to make you believe things that aren't real it's evident you're the person that really requires a straight jacket and a nice padded room. Besides you have a lot of balls to come to an enemy's back yard and challenge them when you know as well as I do that I have the higher advantage against you at the moment. So I think you better leave now. Oh yeah and thank Michiru for me. *closes the door*

Shingo walks back to the room with the box while talking to Ariel along the way in.

Shingo: Looks like I got another present...*looks around the room* Ariel? *notices the door open on the other side of the room* ...Why would she be out there? *walks out the door and starts looking around for Ariel* Ariel? Hey Ariel where are you? Are you playing a game with me or something? Aren't we a little old for hide-and-seek? *hears someone though the bushes along with a few giggles* ...Ariel? *looks though the bush careful enough to not be seen and nearly falls back over at the sight in front of him*

Ariel: Ta-chan stop it! You know that tickles!
Taleb: Exactly why I keep doing it! *grins* What's wrong?
Ariel: ...Oh nothing... I was just thinking about something.
Taleb: Like what?
Ariel: Nothing really...

Shingo: *to himself* What the hell is she doing with him! There can't be anything goin on between them...or is there? Ariel please tell me it isn't true.

Taleb: Come on tell me. Is it about...
Ariel: Shingo? No! How can you even think something like that?! There's nothing between us anymore. I think...
Taleb: It's just that you seem a little hesitant around me now. I just thought that maybe you two got back together and you were...
Ariel: Going to dump you? No I'm done with that I think this might be the final break I need. A stable relationship. I could never get something like that from Shingo or anyone else.
Taleb: I see that's why you said you think it's actually over.
Ariel: I've been confused lately. Shingo's been really thoughtful of me. It's almost like there still is some little shred of our relationship there. I don't know what to do... *sighs* What do you think?
Taleb: *leans in towards Ariel* I think...

Shingo: *to himself* Oh hell no...

Taleb: you... *gets a little closer*

Shingo: *shaking his head side to side* This is not happening...

Taleb: should...

Shingo: *under his breath* I'll kill him I swear it I will! Get away from Ariel damnit!

Taleb: stop worrying so much.... *kisses Ariel*

Shingo: *falls limp on the ground* It's not true it's not! This is all just a nightmare! I know it! It's not real! Shut up Zero! Shut up! I'm not listening to you anymore! I hate you, I hate this place, I hate Taleb, I hate myself and most of all I hate Ariel! I hate the earth it's done nothing but cause me pain my whole life. I hate the colonies I've never been apart of them or anyone else. I'll make them all suffer as much I have though the years I'll make them all feel how I feel and in the end I'll kill them all. Haruka, Milliardo, Duet, Ariel, Ling, all of them...

Seiben knocked on the door of a rather nice apartment complex waiting for the inhabitant to open up the door and let him in. He looked around to make sure no one was around and once again knocked on the door. He had taken a small risk in coming here since he was suppose to be locked in his room. The purple headed man absentmindedly turned the knob and was surprised that it was unlocked. He let himself in of course, closed the door quickly and looked around. The apartment was rather empty if you didn't include the take out boxes lying around here and there along with clothing that looked like it was just thrown there without any care in the world. This was most definitely the home he was looking for that belonged to a Rose Kushrenada. He ventured a little more into the apartment and heard running water along with humming coming from the bathroom he knew better then to peek in on a girl while she was taking a shower thanks to his perverted cousin's misfortune. Seiben then entered a room which obviously was the girl's bedroom and noticed a computer in the corner. Being as curious as he was Seiben went over to the computer instantly not noticing the running water in the bathroom turn off. He continued clicking though files until something caught his eye and he stopped everything he was doing and stared at the screen in amazement at the very same moment a humming blue eyed girl walked into the room and dropped her brush.

Rose: Seiben! What are you doing in here!?! *quickly bends down to pick up her brush* I thought you weren't coming over so I decided to talk a shower and what happens? You turn up in my room while I'm in a towel fresh out of the shower. *notices he hasn't turned to look at her yet* You don't have to be embarrassed Seiben I still have my towel on. *no movement from Seiben* ...What are you doing on my computer anyways? Hmm? *starts walking towards the computer and Seiben*
Seiben: Don't move any closer. *turns the chair around* How did you know? How did you find out about it? Were you in on it? Tell me, Rose!
Rose: What are you going on about?
Seiben: Don't play this goody good game with me you know I don't take very kindly to being messed around with.
Rose: Calm down, Seiben. If you told me what you're talking about maybe I can answer your question.
Seiben: I'm talking about the mails you've sent me! Instant messaging me. I should have known it was you. I've gotten soft. Tell me how you know about these people known as "The Saviors" and their plan to take over the Earth and the colonies.
Rose: Ah... That...
Seiben: Yes that! Either give me answers to what I've asked you before or tell me this at least. Tell me that you aren't working with them. Tell me you didn't come up with these plans!
Rose: Currently I'm only working with them for undercover purposes. I had nothing to do with creating those plans.
Seiben: And how did you find them?
Rose: I didn't find them I was given them I'm one of the top ten in their little group currently. I was going to tell you, Seiben, but you have a big mouth.
Seiben: Big mouth?
Rose: *nods* Besides if I were against you then I would've never given you the whole entire outline for their take over operation.
Seiben: If you work with them then you would know what type of mobile suits they're using correct?
Rose: Of course. I knew you would have noticed how secretive the colonies have become. If you must know their armament includes the usual, Regular MSs, Mobile Dolls, Serpents from the 196 battle, and a few new toys.
Seiben: New as in how new?
Rose: Hydras which are in equivalent to ten serpents. They're reaction time is extremely fast and they can move very well in space. Supposedly two of them can take out one gundam. Speaking of Gundams... They say up in the high ranks that they have a gundam on their side and a system to take out all the gundams.
Seiben: You've mentioned it, the Z2PT.
Rose: Yep. I don't know who the pilot is but I hear they have them trained really well though no one really trusts a kid to help them.
Seiben: I thought so. I have a pretty good idea on who the pilot might be but I need something more to add to my theory.
Rose: Well if you would please leave my room so I can change into something a little more appropriate I'll tell you more.
Seiben: *gets out of the room, sits on the couch and clicks the TV on to the news*

Reporter: Breaking news just in. An unidentifiable mobile suit has started and attack on the main Europe Preventors Headquarters. We are unsure of the damage so far to the building... Wait we just received footage from the attack on the Preventors Headquarters.

Seiben: ...The hell...

All that can be seen on the television screen is a large figure disappearing and reappearing left and right destroying up to five tanks at once. The object continues it's assault on the base until it broke though the first line of defense and continues to until it phases back into view quickly before slicing the building the camera was on into shreds.

Zechs looked around the frantic command post. Everyone looked at the screen at what they had now dubbed as a ghost jumping around the screen taking out several of their defenses.

Preventor: Sir we can't hold this guy off for much longer.
Zechs: Who the hell is attacking us?
Preventor 2: I don't know! It doesn't stay visible long enough!
Preventor3: It's got to be a ghost!
Zechs: Don't be stupid! It's not a ghost.
Preventor: Sir, I think I've been able to come up with a good visual on the enemy.
Zechs: Let me see it then.
Preventor: Yes, sir.
Zechs: *sees a slightly blurred image of a familiar mobile suit*
Preventor 2: ...It's... it's...
Zechs: A gundam...Yes.
Preventor 3: Sir, we're receiving a audio message from the pilot.
Zechs: Go on.
Pilot: Mr. Marquies I think it would be very wise to evacuate unless you have something more challenging against me.
Zechs: ...Do I know you?
Pilot: You knew my former self. You do not know who I am though. Unless you truly have a magnificent memory, Zechs.
Zechs: Why are you attacking our base?!
Pilot: To get rid of the defective human race.
Zechs: Who are you to play god?
Pilot: I am everything you fear to be. I can tell you your past, present and future. I am perfection at it's best, I am Zero.
Zechs: Zero? Couldn't come up with a more creative name I see.
Zero: Not exactly. I'm named after what I was born from.
Zechs: Last time I checked the ZERO system was just a program thought up by five crazy old men.
Zero: I am no longer confined to a program. I'm free to move about as I wish. I'm just like you. Now if you don't want to be destroyed I recommend that you either evacuate or join me maybe then I'll spare your pathetic lives.
Zechs: Errr...Evacuate the premises immediately!
Preventor: But sir...
Zechs: Do you want to die? GO!
Preventor: Yes, sir!

Seiben sits there in shock watching the television broadcast as Rose looks on with him.

Rose: What's going on?
Seiben: I think your buddies decided to start their war a little early.
Rose: Or their pilot it out of control.
Seiben: Whatever it is they're destroying the Preventor base.
Rose: Why do that?
Seiben: I have a good idea. There's a spaceport there.
Rose: You think they're trying to get to outer space?
Seiben: Yes. Evidentaly their pilot has been residing on earth for awhile and decided to take a little trip into space. If not then they're just blowing up the base and killing innocent people for the hell of it.

Inside the dark cockpit rash breathing can be heard and a smirk forms slightly on the pilot's face.

Zero: Look at them run. They're scared of me already and I have yet to show my true colors. I think I've given them enough time, besides I'm getting a little bored now...

Zechs: *pushes a few more preventors into escape planes* Hurry up! *looks over towards the gundam's last location* How can we fight an enemy that we nither can see and has a fast reaction speed. *looks at the planes taking off and two minutes into flight they instantly get shot down* What the fuck!?!

Zero: *sarcasticly* Oops my fingure slipped.*grins and pushes the button again* There it goes again.

Zechs: Holy Shit! *sees everyone start to panic* Remain calm! REMAIN CALM!
Preventor 4: Are you crazy?! That guy's going to kill us all!
Zechs: ...Maybe if you don't run around everywhere he won't fire again.
Preventor 5: I have a family to take care of I don't need to die here! *is grabed by a familiar Chinese man*
Wufei: Your family wouldn't care if all that remained of you was ashes. Do what Zechs says and maybe you might go back to your weak family.
Zechs: ...Wonderfully handled...
Wufei: Who's the pilot?
Zechs: Someone that wishes to go under the name "Zero".
Wufei: And besides that?
Zechs: I haven't much of a clue.
Wufei: I figured that much.
Zechs: How'd you get here?
Wufei: I was here already I just noticed something fishy going around here. There's no point in going back into the building it's got bombs everywhere.
Zechs: Really... This person made a very elaborate plan before comming here.
Wufei: Hmph... Our probems aren't over yet. That gundam seems to have gone to the spaceport.
Zechs: ...To space?
Wufei: That is where a spaceport leads you.
Zechs: We can't concentrate on two different things at once.
Wufei: That's for sure especially with these fools running around her like it's a playground.
Zechs: It'll take both of us to calm them down maybe even more. Heero's not here is he?
Wufei: He was on his way last time I checked.
Zechs: Then we'll have to let that pilot and the gundam go.
Wufei: I'll try to keep him on earth.
Zechs: Don't bother we don't need you to go and kill your self.
Wufei: This is an injustice.
Zechs: Everything is with you. *watches a space pod burst off into outer space*

Atta: Taleb!
Taleb: What?!
Atta: A lot of shit just went down at the Preventors Headquarters stationed here. I mean guns, tanks you name it.
Taleb: ...What caused it?
Atta: Well it was a mobile suit and get this... SandStorm is missing.
Taleb: WHAT?!
Atta: It's gone, vanished, disappeared!
Taleb: Do you know who took it?
Atta: The bump on my head tells me it was Shingo.
Taleb: ...Shingo?
Atta: Yeah. I'm in deep shit when his father comes home.
Taleb: YOU THINK!?
Atta: Actually I do.
Taleb: *sigh* Does anyone besides me and you know about it?
Atta: Oh just about everyone here and of course everyone knows that a gundam attacked the Preventors Headquarters now.
Taleb: Shit.

Haruka: SEE! No one believed me! Shingo's the fucking traitor!
Milliardo: We realize that, Haruka.
Haruka: What are we going to do now?
Milliardo: I don't know. But Uncle Zechs called and said the gundam has already left to space.
Haruka: And what are we going to do now?!
Milliardo: Wait for his next move.
Haruka: What?! His next move could be to destroy a colony! I don't know if your gundam can make it there in two seconds flat, Mill.
Milliardo: We'll have to take a chance or send our gundams up there one by one so it doesn't become to suspicious.
Haruka: If you say so, Mill. I still say we should've done something when he was down here.

Ariel: HE WHAT!?!
Trowa: We're unsure if it was SandStorm but it's mostly pointing that way.
Ariel: I don't believe it... Haruka was right for a change.
Trowa: The odd thing is he kept on insisting on being called "Zero".
Ariel: Zero...?
Trowa: *nods* I'm going to go to what remains of the Preventors Headquarters.
Ariel: Ok...
Trowa: Bye dear.
Ariel: Bye...

Somewhere off in the vastness of space a small humming could be heard. The melody sounding much like the song sung on one's birthday and very gloomy sounding.
Cha! I'm done! *yawn* I'm also tired. Man I'm going to sleep. Hope you liked it! Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

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