Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 25 - Broken and Confused
Disclaimer: I dun own Gundam Wing cause if I did Heero'd have a fro yo! ^^;;

Though the dark hallways an unreconizable figure rounded the corner quickly and paused at an open door or corner to listen for any breathing other then their own. The figure pulled out a small mirror from behind it's back and got it close enough inside of the door or corner to where they could see if any soul was there or not. A small glimps of the figure's face was seen in the reflection as the person once again rounded another corner in what seemed to be an endless maze of doors and corners. The process was repeated a few more times until this person reached a door with a light on it of course pulled out the mirror to see if all was clear and instead saw a familiar blonde ex-pilot of SandRock staring blankly at a paper nearly falling asleep doing so. The mysterious person looked down at a watch, two o' clock. The person then looked back at the mirror and waited until Quatre finally just fized out and fell asleep at the desk. With a small sigh of relief the figure continued on towards it's destination. The figure reached a small flight of stairs which led straight to the first floor of the establishment and thus slid down the railing as not to step on any squeaky floor boards on the stair case it's self. After that small joy ride the dark figure walked on and then came to a door with a security lock on it along with another familiar face sitting right in front of the door, Atta, who was snoozing away mumbling about someone taking his stuffed animal, Cammy, and eating it or something to that effect. The figure stared at this pethedic sight, sighed, walked right past the boy and went straight to the security lock which had a few new features added to it. Raising an eye brow the person took out a card and looked at it and the lock for awhile figuring out where to insert the thing into. The name on the card was Quatre Raberba Winner, which obviously ment that the card was stolen from the real Quatre. Staring at the card a little more the person zipped it though the lock, typed in J337GUND4MH4X0R2Z3R04, watched as the door popped open slightly, smirked at it's accomplishment, entered through the door and sat in front of SandStorm. The emergency lights were on as usual which gave each of the gundams in the hanger an errie sort of glow to them as the now identifiable blonde boy was revealed.

Shingo: *looking at the security card that managed to get him in* My father needs to work on security a little more it was too easy to get in here. Unless he ment for it to be like that which I doubt. Obviously Duet's dad came up with the password. *lays back and looks at the gigantic gundam in front of him and sighs* We have work to do soon, SandStorm. The colonies have started making mobile suits which is obviously not good. I'm afraid that this'll turn into a war. I don't want that nor does anyone else but if I don't prepare with Zero now then we have no choice but to die on the battlefeild. What do you think? Zero keeps saying I might have to turn on Haruka and every one else but I don't see any reason to do so. I know that they've given up on me. It's only because they don't under stand either one of you, Zero and you of course. They're scared. I don't blame them I am too. I don't think I can hold Zero back much more. Those bastards must have it on a timed scheduale or something. I haven't felt this bad since after we fought that battle against Hidama. Don't worry though just a few more months that's all. If I do lose it I don't know if I can gain back my conciousness in time before I kill someone that doesn't deserve to die mainly Ariel though. I'm worried that Zero might do something to her which I don't want happening to her. She doesn't need to be a burden on her. *winces slightly* No, Zero I'm not getting into SandStorm, not yet anyway. Besides I think I need to revamp her first before we go into battle. That is if you don't mind waiting a bit longer unless that dumb ass has something else planned for us. Next time I see that guy I'm going to give him the biggest ass whooping he's ever had in his life and when I'm done he'll be no more. Do me a favor, Zero, shut up for now and let me enjoy this peace for as long as I can. Time for me to go, SandStorm. I'll see you in a few months. *gets up and walks out the door after getting a last glimps of his gundam*