Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 24 - A Change in the Wind.
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Haruka stares at Michiru's new apartment door with flowers, candy and other suck up items in hand. After looking at the door for five minutes he finally knocks on it hoping she won't slam the door on his face.

Michiru: *opens the door in some umm reviealing clothing* Oh Haruka... What are you doing here? *completly ignoring the assortments of candy, flowers and stuffed animals in Haruka's arms*
Haruka: I came here to apologize to you you know... I'm sorry for bein a ass and all you know... Oh yeah and this stuff is for you. *holds out the stuff*
Michiru: Really? Well I accept your apology...only half of it.
Shingo: *from inside the apartment* Who's at the door Michiru?
Michiru: Haruka.
Haruka: *extreamly pissed* What is that traitor doing here?!? When I see him I'll kick his ass on the spot!
Michiru: *blocking the doorway* Unlike you Haruka he decieded to help me unpack some of my things. Then again you would probably be thinking something else. What? I have no clue but hopefully it doesn't include me and him going out with each other because that is preposterous.
Haruka: Gee that was exactly what I was thinking.
Michiru: Well Haruka, if you really want any sort of forgiveness from me I think you should first forgive Shingo.
Haruka: What?! No way! I'm not appologizing to him! He has to do that one first.
Michiru: Ok...*grabs Haruka's arm causing him to drop everything and pulls him inside* Now I'll get Shingo and then I want you two to kiss and make up.
Haurka: ...Ummm I think not...
Michiru: ...*realizes what she said* Well I didn't really mean for you to actually do that but you know what I ment.
Haruka: Yeah yeah yeah... Stop fighting and get along. As if that's going to happen anytime soon.
Michiru: Ok I'll be right back. *walks into another room leaving Haruka by the door*
Haruka: *looks around and notices only a small amount of boxes compared to what Michiru had before she left the Yuy home* She's got to be kidding... I'm not going to apologize. If anything Shingo and me will start throwing punches faster then you can say "The Libra is crashing into the Earth". I personally think she's been around Shingo too much. It's almost like they're going out, which I'm sure they are but she doesn't want to tell me. Then again Shingo seems to have hit it good with women lately. Sydney even seems to have a thing for him. Stupid ass monkey.
Shingo: *being pushed by Michiru* Uh uh! No way am I going anywhere near that moron!
Michiru: Come on, Shingo! Please?
Shingo: No.
Michiru: *grabs Shingo's hair*
Shingo: ACK! LET GO!!!! Why do girls always have to go for the hair as a last resort?!?
Michiru: It's not a last resort. Biting, scratching, kicking, and screaming are considered last resorts. Now go talk to Haruka and hopefully you two will become friends once again.
Shingo: I doubt that. *standing right in front of Haruka*
Michiru: Now hurry up and do the "I'm sorry" bit. *watches the two ingadge in a silent death glare show down* ...
Haruka: ...Shingo...
Shingo: ...Haruka...
Michiru: ...Oh please...
Haruka: How do I know you're not a traitor, Shingo?
Shingo: I don't know how you can tell if indeed I am one or not. I just know that for some reason our friendship has gone to hell because of one slip up. I can't explain to you what happened because you don't what to listen. You deniey the only facts I can give you.
Haruka: Your right. I can't believe any of the proof you give me because all in all to me it's all a lie you've come up with.
Shingo: I don't need you as a friend, Haruka. So if you'd be so kind as you move out of my way I'll leave you and Michiru be.
Haruka: And if I don't move?
Shingo: I don't want to play one of your games right now. Move.
Haruka: No. Not until I get a stright answer.
Shingo: *starts to clench his fist tightly* *annoyed voice* I have not answer you will accept frome me now get out of the way or I'll move you myself.
Haruka: *monotonish* I'm so scared. *looks at the boy in anticipation*
Shingo: *under his breath* hold it back... hold it back just a little more...
Haruka: *watches the other boy slightly shaking* Hit me! I dare you!

Without Haruka is hit in the stomach then kick in the jaw like dirty laundry. Haruka gets up as fast as he can to block the doorway again but realizes he didn't make it in time once he turns around to a gaze full of sympathy.

Shingo: I told you to move but you didn't listen. You were never one for following directions. *opens the door*
Haruka: *gasping for air while trying to stand up, rubs his jaw and looks at the blonde in astonishment*
Shingo: *completely ignoring the question* There's something not right about this wind out here. It keeps changing directions like a cat trying to catch a mouse. That mouse is obviously too much for him. He's better off sticking with his cat nip then chasing something he can't seem to hold on to. *turns around and smiles at Michiru, who is in a state of shock* I hope you have a good day, Michiru. *closes the door*
Michiru: *falls limp on to the floor while just staring at the door* What came over him?
Haruka: *looks at Michiru* It's not what more like who. *thinking to himself* I have a really bad feeling now that this happened. I better tell Mill about this shit.

Shingo walked onto the busy streets of the Sanq Kingdom. He looked at all the people passing by, childeren talking about presents they wanted, candy they had seen, pets they wanted. Out of all of the noise and brussle he saw a young boy asking to be picked up by his father but being ignored. A sudden tug on the leg of his jeans brought him out of the almost daydream state he was in and he looked down. Another kid but it was a girl. She smiled at him expecting to recieve the same from him but not getting even a smirk.

Girl: You don't look very happy mister.
Shingo: I have nothing to be happy about.
Girl: My mom says that there's no reason to be unhappy in a time of peace. She says that you have to hold on to what you have in an age of peace and justice because one day it could all disappear and it'll be like a dream turned into a nightmare. Besides there's nothing to be sad about because even if that does happen the gundams will come and save us. I better go mister or my dad is going to worry about me talking to strangers and all. *skips off into the vast crowd*
Shingo: Do we really have to start another war? Are they even ready for it? I need answers. I need you to tell me what to do, Zero. Should it all end now? The peace that's been in place of war as fragile as glass. If anything I know what I have to do first...and that is to take care of those who think they can control us. We'll wait awhile first. I don't want to rush into anything big just yet. We'll give it some time and let the people decide what they want. Until then we should find out who's on our side, got it, Zero? I guess we should pay a visit to Haruka.

Haruka stands in front of his brother and Duet telling them everything that happened at Michiru's place in great detail. Duet and Milliardo of course aren't really buying it.

Milliardo: And you're sure you weren't just caught off gaurd?
Haruka: No, he was way to fast. I didn't even notice him get to the door when I got up.
Duet: Could it be the zero system?
Milliardo: I don't know I've never had to face the Z2PT before only the Zero system 2. It's obvious that this thing exists in and out of the gundam cockpit. Shingo's showed us a demonstration of that already. But if it is the Z2PT how did he get in contact with it if he's been locked out of the gundam hanger.
Duet: I guess you're right. We would've heard something about the gundam hanger being broke into again.
Haruka: Look I don't care what you two say. We can't trust Shingo. The guy's a little nuts if you ask me with or without the Z2P32X-whatcha-ma-call-it. Besides I can tell there's something different about him lately.
Milliardo: You noticed it too?
Haruka: For about a week or two now. Actually ever since Ling's girlfriend passed out in the middle of the day.
Duet: We can't be sure if anything has happened to Shingo or if he's a traitor as you keep bringing up, Haruka. All we can do is wait.
Haruka: Well next time I see him around Michiru expect to see him in the hospital if he's not dead by the time I'm though with him.
Milliardo: *sigh* Ok. Saying if Shingo was on the opposite side of us and he had recent contact with the Z2PT then all we should find Shingo before something wrong happens.
Shingo: *on the other side of the room looking out a window* Lookin for me?
Duet: *keeping a safe distance from the boy* How'd you get in here?
Shingo: I came though the door, baka, howelse? I thought you were smart, Duet... *feeling her glare on him* Anyways, I wanted to apologize to Haruka for hittin him and all.
Haruka: Yeah, well apology not excepted.
Shingo: Thought so. *turns around and faces the three* So you all talkin about me behind my back?
Milliardo: *trying to search for some kind of difference in the blonde's appearance* Not exactly.
Shingo: Ya don't have to lie, Mill, I heard you. I guess you all have classified me as a traitor. That's ok, I don't mind at all. It's better then being classified as worthless. To think me having the capability of being a traitor. It's like saying Haruka's madly in love with Duet.
Milliardo: *under his breath* What a perfect comparison.
Shingo: I can bareily pilot SandStorm on my own without being told what to do by my father. I guess that's why I nearly got killed by Seiben, eh? *looks down at his watch* Well look at the time. I've got a date in a few hours I hope you all won't miss me too much now. Oh yeah and my birthday's in a week make sure you get me something good, Mill. Hopefully something entertaining. Ja!

Shingo leaves the Yuy home, stops and takes out a peice of paper as well as a pencil and puts check marks next to the names "Milliardo","Duet", and "Haruka", and continues on.

Milliardo: *looks at Haruka*...Date?
Haruka: *shrug* Dunno anything about that but it better not be with Michiru.
Duet: It's not it's with Ariel.
Haruka: What?! Is she crazy?!
Duet: Maybe she feels like giving him a second chance.
Haruka: Oi... Girls I still don't understand them.
Duet: And you never will. Mill-chan I need to head home before my father catches our dinner on fire or something.
Milliardo: Ok, I'll see you tomorrow then, Du-chan?
Duet: Yeah, maybe even sooner if my house isn't burnt down by the time I get there.
Haruka: Exactly what is your dad cooking?
Duet: Oh he doesn't really cook he prefers the microwave.
Milliardo and Haruka: *sweat drop* Nani...
Duet: See you later Mill-chan. *hears Rena start to cry in the other room* One of you better get that. *kisses Milliardo on the cheak and leaves before one of them suggest her to take care of Rena*
Milliardo: ...I did it last time, it's your turn, Haruka.
Haruka: Eh?! Ok but if it's diaper changin time you're doin it. *goes to the next room and prays for no diaper changes*
Milliardo: *looks at the time* Yep it's diaper changing time...
Milliardo: *grabs the TV remote and turns it up as loud as possible to drown out Haruka's cries for help* I'M SORRY HARUKA I CAN'T SEEM TO HEAR YOU TOO WELL!
Relena: *goes to Rena's downstairs room* What is it, Haruka, dear?
Haruka: *holding out Rena trying not to breath* Mill ain't gonna help me with changin Rena's diaper again.
Relena: Oh come on, Haruka. It's not that hard. *takes Rena and shows Haruka how to change to poor kid's diaper*
Haruka: Well that's because you're a woman, mom. Women know how to do that kinda stuff. I think its like a basic instict or somethin ya know.
Relena: Nonsense! Your father did this all the time. I recall him taking care of both of you two while I was sick. Though I think that's probably why you're first word was "korosu" and Milliardo's was "Omae". *shrug* But that's ok because my Rena-chan is going to grow up to be just like her brothers!
Heero: *at the doorway* You still think that Relena?
Relena: Yes, because Rena's biggest influences are going to be her brothers of course. It's only natural that she'd what to be just like them.
Heero: *shakes his head* She's not going to pilot any gundam.
Relena: Really Heero? I talked to my brother the other day and he said he'd be glad to train Rena once she's old enough that is.
Heero: *eyes widen* Zechs?! You're letting ZECHS train MY daughter?!? What kind of mother are you? If anything she's going to turn into a Seibenwannabe!
Haruka: ...What a disturbing thought...
Heero: Exactly. If anyone is going to train her they better be a gundam pilot. Someone that I can trust.
Relena: How about Duo? He'd probably do it.
Heero: We're talking about Duo, Relena. He the one that still thinks that he taught he's spawn's goldfish to swim.
Relena: ...How about Trowa? You and him do get along.
Heero: True but I don't need my daughter walking on the edge of a building and falling in contact with the ground with blood everywhere.
Relena: Good point... How about Quatre?
Heero: He has enough problems with his demon spawn he doesn't need my daughter to add to it. Plus I don't want Rena around that kid, he's a freak accident afterall.
Haruka: Well said dad!
Heero: ...And if you're going to say Wufei. No. I don't want my daughter screaming "Injustice" left and right.
Relena: Well then, Heero, the logical choice would be--
Heero: Me. Yes, I know that. That's why i'm taking the job.
Relena: But you said--
Heero: I said if someone was going to train her it had to be a gundam pilot and someone I trust. I'm a gundam pilot and I of course trust myself. I'm fully qualified to train our daughter unlike your brother or sister whatever you want to call him or it. Besides if anything goes wrong I can always kill myself.
Relena: Oh please, Heero.
Haruka: Ugh... I'm hungry...
Relena: Good I'll make you something then.
Haruka: What? But mom I dunno I don't think you should be cooking yet and all you know heh...
Relena: Come on, Haruka. I'll make you a big bowl of soup! *walks out the door with Haruka in tow*
Heero: *watches them leave, turns back to Rena, picks her up, and does a buch of weird faces for the kid* How is my little Rena-chan? Hmmm? How's my ReRe-chan?!?
Duo: Yeah I'm just goin to talk to Heero for a bit Relena. *stops at the doorway and stares at Heero* ...
Heero: Yeah My ReRe-chan is happy today isn't she? Daddy got ReRe-chan a new toy! A lot better then the stupid toys that Uncle Birdman got ReRe-chan. *gets out a stuffed bear and starts making it dance around while doin a little voice for it* Hi ReRe-chan! I'm Mr. Teady!
Duo: *choking down his laughter*
Heero: *turns around and gives Duo a deathglare* What are you doing here, Duo?
Duo: Oh man that was hillarious, Heero! Yet so cute at the same time. So the perfect soldier has a soft spot!
Duo: Hey now Heero! You dun wanna kill me in front of your daughter do you?!?
Heero: ...You're right... Go outside and wait for me there. If you aren't there when I arrive I'll make sure to kill you in your sleep.
Duo: *glup* Eh ok, Heero...
Heero: And another thing, Duo.
Duo: Eh?
Heero: If you tell anyone about this I'll make sure to chop your head off and throw it to Quatre's dogs.
Duo: Gee at least I have somethin to look foward to then eh? *walks out the door after receiving yet another glare of death from Heero*
Heero: *to Rena* Don't worry ReRe-chan that idiot isn't related to you in anyway. Hopefully...

Nova, Triage, and Trowa watch Ariel stalk around the living room as if in serach of prey and of course stay a good distance away from the girl while see walks back and forth mumbling random things to herself.

Nova: Ariel-saa, I think you should calm down...
Ariel: and of course he's not going to show up just like the last time he asked me out...What did you say, Nova?
Nova: *sigh* Nothing.
Ariel: God I probably over dressed. What was I thinking?!
Triage: That you're still in love with the same guy that you throw random objects, scream, yell, beat, and other stuff at.
Ariel: I've got to be crazy! Me still like Shingo?!? HAHAHAHAHA! That's a good one. Let's think about this he's a spolied rich brat. Well maybe not spoiled but he's still rich. The guy could have any whore he wants but noooooooooo he has to try for Ariel. HAHAHA! I hate him!
Trowa: ...Um Ariel, dear, why are you going out with him if you "hate" him?
Ariel: Maybe because he's my friend. yes... my friend who just so happens to be a boy...that would make him my boyfriend right? Where's mom? Oh wait I know she went to see Milliardo's sister.
Triage: Um Rena's also Haruka's sister too ya know!
Ariel: Oh yeah how could I ever forget my ex-boyfriend's best friend? Wait they're not friends anymore. Kind of like we aren't going out anymore but I'm going to dinner with him! AHHHHHH! I'm confusing myself again!
Nova: If you're confused maybe you should think about something else. That should calm you down, Ariel-saa.
Ariel: Yes, calm. That's what I need right now... Breath Ariel. Breath... *deep breath*
Triage: *to Nova* She's not going to start meditating again is she? Cause she did that for five striaght hours the other day an all.
Nova: *shrug* Whatever keeps her calm and stops her from digging that hole to the other side of the Earth.
Triage: How far did she get yesterday?
Nova: About ten or twenty feet deep.
Triage: Hey dad is Ariel always like this?
Trowa: *staring at Ariel who's starting to count how many strands of hair she has* Um...not all the time.
Triage: I figured that much. *looks at the clock* Hey it's almost Baywatch time!
Ariel: *looks at the clock* It is... that's one of Shingo's favorite tv shows and he's going to miss it because of me!
Triage: Eh dun worry sis Shingo has a big surprise for you!
Trowa: *panics* He's not going to propose is he?!?
Triage: Not that I know.
Trowa: *breaths a sigh of relief* Good.
Triage: Ya never know he just might...
Trowa: *twitch* What a nightmare that's going to bring to me.
Nova: Triage, mom told you not to worry dad.
Triage: I didn't! I told him that Shingo just might ask Ariel to marry him.
Nova: *sigh* Exactly what I was talking about. *hears the doorbell ring as well as everyone else currently in the home*
Triage: Cool, Shingo's here already!
Ariel: WHAT?!? NOW?! Bu-but it's five minutes before he said he'd come! I'm not going. Tell him I'm sick or I'm not here something!
Triage: *answers the door* Hi Shingooo... 0.0 *stare* dude...

Nova walks over to the door to see what's so amazing that Triage wasn't letting in. To his surprise, as well, stood not the usual blonde boy he had usually seen come over to see his sister that looked like he was related to his Uncle Duo instead of a multimillionair, but instead standing at the door of his home was a rather well dressed young man that closely resembled the new friend of his brother's as well as the ex-boyfriend of his sister's. It was so unbelievealbe to him and his twin brother that he too just stood there gocking in amazment.

Shingo: So one of you two going to let me in or do I have to go through the window or something?
Triage and Nova: *move aside and just space out*
Shingo: *looking around* Where's Ariel?
Triage and Nova: *point to the living room*
Shingo: Oh thanks.
Triage: Dun mention it...
Nova: Yeah.
Triage: *watches Shingo get out of earshot* So what were you looking at him or his cycle parked in front?
Nova: I didn't really notice his motorcycle. *looks back out the door at the jet black vehicle with lighting drawn across the sides* But it is nice looking.
Triage: Man it's like the fariy godmother came outta no where and slapped Shingo with a good looks stick. Man if I looked like that I bet Torance would go out with me for sure.
Nova: I thought you were going out with her friend, Shale.
Triage: Eh? Yeah she's ok. Well actually we kinda seem a like ya know
Nova: You mean she's a pervert like you?
Triage: No. I'm sayin that we both know how to get info on the people we like. She's goin out with me so she can get with you!
Nova: ...If you say so Triage.

Ariel: Who are you and what have you done to the real Shingo Winner?
Shingo: What are you talking about, Ariel? It's me!
Ariel: Uh no. Because you see you look too ...
Shingo: Too?
Ariel: I'm searching for a word here... Oh yeah... clean. You look too clean!
Shingo: Da? Oh come off it Ariel. Besides you did say you were going to go with me.
Ariel: *to herself* How do I get myself into these ordials?
Shingo: So does that mean you're going to put down that knife?
Ariel: *stares at Shingo and throws it at the boy and watches him catch the blade unflinching* How did you manage to do that?!
Shingo: Just a trick I learned. Come on we're going to be late.
Ariel: You better not have anymore suprises for me.
Shingo: Wait and see. *walks out the door and sees Nova and Triage all over his motorcycle* ...
Triage: *making noises as if the thing was on* Vrooooooom!
Nova: This thing has to be expensive.
Triage: Uh huh...vrrrooooooooooooom!
Shingo: Ever heard of look and don't touch, Triage?
Triage: ACK! Shingo! *quickly gets off* I didn't touch anything. I promise!
Ariel: You brought a motorcycle?
Shingo: Closest thing I could find in a rush.
Ariel: Right and if my butt gets flashed all over the Sanq Kingdom I'm blaming you for it.
Shingo: Maybe you shouldn't have worn a dress with slits that high up. ^^;
Ariel: Shut up. *sits down on the motorcycle*
Shingo: *does the same* Well I guess I should do you a favor by taking the back roads hmm?
Ariel: It would be appreciated. *to Nova and Triage* You two take care of dad. You should find him on the floor of the living room. Tell mom when she comes back that I'll come home around twelve.
Triage: Done and done. Have a good evening, Ariel!
Nova: Bye, Ariel-saa. *watches Triage wave to the two as they leave*

Sydney sits down in a chair on the opposite side of Sally. She looks down at her cup and watches the liquid in it swirl around.

Sydney: Thank you for letting me come over, Mrs. Chang.
Sally: Don't worry about it dear. Besides I'm sure you want to talk to Ling, he's outside chopping fire wood with his father.
Sydney: When will he be back?
Sally: I don't know. Wufei always tends to keep him out longer then he should. Once Ling was out there for a whole day.
Sydney: Can I go see him?
Sally: If you want I'm sure that will aggravate Wufei for awhile. They're in the back.
Sydney: Thank you, Mrs. Chang. *walks out the back door leaving Sally there alone*
Sally: ...Mrs. Chang...I feel like an old woman now.
Kasuka: I'm goin out mom!
Yowamushi: Me too! See ya later mom!
Kin: Me, Gin, Shale and Torance are going to the movies, mom!
Sally: Even my kids are leaving me. *sigh*

Wufei: *sitting back watching his son* Can't you not chop that wood any faster weakling son of mine?
Ling: *stares at Wufei like he's crazy* I've been chopping wood since this afternoon, father. I think I deserve a break!
Wufie: Nonsense! Only a weakling would say such a thing! Are you trying to tell me my son is a weakling?!
Ling: No, you usually say that about me everyday.
Wufei: Are you trying to insult me weakling?
Ling: No. *to himself* I don't have to go very far to insult you anyways.
Wufei: What was that?
Ling: Nothing! ^^() I was just thinking about how late it was and I think we should go in.
Wufei: You think too much. Why couldn't you think this much on your law studies? Besides it's not late! It's mearly eight according to this damn watch.
Ling: ... *to himself* I wonder if he realizes that his watch has been on eight since we got out here at "eight" this morning...*spots Sydney* Sydney! *drops his axe and goes over to the girl*
Wufei: Injustice! I never said you could go and chit chat with that onnako!
Ling: *rolls his eyes and looks at Sydney* What are you doing here?
Sydney: No reason I just wanted to come and visit you that's all. *stares off into the woods*
Ling: What's wrong?
Sydney: I might be leaving soon.
Ling: Huh? To Where?!
Sydney: Home. I have to check up on my family.
Ling: But why now?
Sydney: Ling there's a lot about me you don't know and I don't really feel comfortable about telling you at the moment. I think that we should part ways. Our being together might cause problems and I don't want you to be in the middle of it.
Ling: If you're in trouble I'll help you.
Sydney: I don't want your help, Ling. I want you to go back to the life you had without me. You were probably better off that way.
Ling: But...
Sydney: Don't worry about me, Ling. You'll just forget about me in no time.
Ling: Sydney I have a question.
Sydney: Hmm?
Ling: Did you ever like that baka Shingo?
Sydney: *blink* No...
Ling: Good. I just wanted to know that.
Sydney: I don't see where you ever got an idea like that from. Me and Shingo. How awkward that would've been. I mean we have nothing in common why would I ever like someone like--

Not wanting to hear the girl go on and on about why she wouldn't be going out with Shingo, Ling grabs Sydney and kisses her before she has anything else to say while a still surprised Wufei is going on about justice when he turns around and sees the two.

Ling: ...Oh calm down father.
Wufei: Calm down?! That's it get back to chopping that wood before I chop something off of you!
Sally: What are you yelling about Wufei?!?
Wufei: My weakling son just, just kissed that onnako!
Sally: So?! I think it was cute!
Wufei: You would.
Sally: What does that mean?!
Wufei: You're an onna. Onnas like that kind of mushy love crap.
Sally: Really? So what about you and me? You use to be "mushy" and you did that "love crap" as you put it. I'm starting to think you don't give a damn about me Wufei.
Wufei: And what do you plan on doing about it this time, onna?
Sally: What I have to.
Wufei: And that would be?
Sally: I hope you like staying outside for the rest of the night. You're going to need that fire wood you're son chopped up for you since it is going to get awfully cold tonight.
Wufei: WHAT?! You can't do that!
Sally: Watch me! Ling go inside your dinner is on the table.
Ling: 0.0;;; Erm ok... See you later Sydney?
Sydney: Um...Maybe. *turns around and walks in the opposite dirrection of Ling*

Unknown to Sydney a certian person just saw the little scene that she and Ling had just made. The girl closes her eyes picks up her cell phone and dials a number on it.

Kage: What is it, Yuki?
Yuki: Sydney is no longer on our side. She's officialy a traitor.
Kage: Really? Well we'll have a nice suprise for her once she returns to the colonies. How's my little doll doing? I trust he hasn't blown his cover yet.
Yuki: No, he's...ok. Nothing seems to have happened yet but I still don't trust him. He did nearly destroy the whole entire base when you used that system on him and he didn't even have a gundam. Not to mention it took twenty of our best men to take him out.
Kage: Don't worry we have him under our command. If I tell him to do a trick he'll do it and he'll do it ten times better.
Yuki: I don't know but he sometimes looks like he's very aware of what we're going to use him for.
Kage: Please Yuki, don't be foolish. He can't have broken though all of the restraints we've put on him. All he can do is plot what he wants to do to us but he'll never have the chance to do it.
Yuki: *sigh* If you say so..
Kage: Oh yes and it seems like our plan is working better then I thought. We already have all of the colonies on our side already and they've started to manufacture some mobile suits according to your design. We should be ready two months before schedule.
Yuki: Great...
Kage: I have to go now Yuki. Tell me if anything else comes up.
Yuki: Yes, Kage-sama.

Shingo and Ariel sit down in a really expensive restaurant while Ariel looks at the menu extreamly confused.

Ariel: ...I still say I'm looking at this thing upside down.
Shingo: No you aren't.
Ariel: Well I don't get any of this...
Shingo: Well I kind of do. The thing you have to do is look at the prices rather then the name. If the price if really high then you know that the stuff is nasty.
Ariel: And exactly how do I figure out the rest of it?
Shingo: Eh...either ask or test taste it.
Ariel: Well I would ask but I haven't seen a waiter come here since they dropped the menus off.

Meanwhile Seiben is in the kitchen keeping from being pushed out the door by Rose.

Rose: Seiben you said you wanted a job! I get you a job and now you don't want to work!
Seiben: But I know that baka at that table! Well I think I do. But still that's not the point! I'm not going to serve that table!
Rose: Oh come on, Seiben!
Manager: What seems to be the problem here, Rose?
Rose: Oh nothing I'm just having a little problem with Sei-chan here.
Manager: *stares at Seiben* What kind of problem?
Rose: Oh nothing.
Seiben: I'm not going to serve that table!
Manager: What number is it?
Rose: Twenty-three.
Manager: *looks at his clipboard and his eyes get extreamly wide* You're going to serve that table, Steven.
Seiben: My name is Seiben, and why do I have to serve that table?!?
Manager: One, do you not realize that that guy at that table is a "Winner"?! We could make a killing off of him! Two, if you don't I'll fire you and Rose as well!
Rose: What?! *looks at Seiben* Your going out there now, Steven! *kicks him really hard until he nearly falls on the floor going out the door*
Seiben: ...*recovers* Humph, and my name is Seiben! *talking to self* The only reason you're going to do this is because of Rose. Besides that...I would never do this. *walks over to the table hoping that no one would reconize him* So have you two figured out what you want?
Shingo: *looks at Seiben* Huh no, my girlfriend is having some trouble figuring out the menu. *looks closer at Seiben* Do I know you?
Seiben: Huh? No!
Shingo: What's your name then?
Seiben: ...Steven! Yes, my name is "Steven"!
Shingo: Oh...Well Steven, could you help her out?
Seiben: Yes, *under his breath* Winner Brat.
Shingo: Huh?
Seiben: I said "Yes, Mr. Winner".
Shingo: Oh...I guess everyone knows who I am then. Good.
Seiben: *to Ariel* What seems to be the problem?
Ariel: Could you tell me what all this stuff is?
Seiben: Um ok. Is there anything that you really what to eat tonight?
Ariel: I don't know maybe something with salad in it.
Seiben: Ok then you can have that, it has some crab in it.
Ariel: Is it any good?
Seiben: In my opinion nothing here tastes edible. But that is my opinion. According to one of my fellow workers it's fairly decent.
Ariel: Ok What about that one?
Seiben: ...Are you crazy?!
Ariel: ...What do you mean?
Seiben: That has got to be the nastiest thing on this menu. Have you ever eaten, raw oyster with cow shit on it?
Ariel: Uh no.
Seiben: Well that's what it tastes like.
Ariel: Oh...Well what about that?
Seiben: Finally, something I can actually say you'll like.
Ariel: What is it?
Seiben: It's a pasta type of thing with chicken on the side.
Ariel: That actually sounds good for once.
Seiben: Ok. And what about you, Mr. Winner?
Shingo: Eh I guess I'll have the same.
Seiben: Ok then, what will you have to drink then?
Shingo: Something that'll get me at least half drunk by the end of this.
Ariel: Shingo!
Shingo: What? I'm only half Arabian! So I'm only going to get half drunk! ^^
Ariel: *rolls her eyes* Anything without any alcohol in it.
Seiben: Ok. I'll be back with your order in about... Fifteen minutes.
Shingo: Make sure that drink is cold too!
Ariel: *thawap* I swear, Shingo!

Seiben returns to the kitchen muttering about "Stupid Winners and Bartons" and such while Rose goes up to him to make sure he didn't screw up.

Rose: You didn't hit anyone did you?
Seiben: Only the wall. Here's the order.
Rose: Ok. *reads it* ...You're going to give him alcohol?
Seiben: Did you not hear the manager? "We're going to make a killing off of him." So I figured if that's true I might as well get him what he wants.
Rose: I don't think this is what he ment.
Seiben: *shrug* I'm only following orders. *looks though the bottles* Which one do you think is only going to get him "half" drunk?
Rose: I'm not going to help you, Steven.
Seiben: My name is Seiben!
Rose: Not according to the manager...
Seiben: Humph. It doesn't matter I suppose. *grabs a random bottle with the lable "Wild Turkey" on it* ...This looks good. *throws it into a bucket of ice*

Ten minutes later Seiben comes back with the food and drinks.

Shingo: I still tell you, Ariel, Haruka is a lot more screwed up then me.
Ariel: Well that's in your deffinition of 'screwd up'.
Seiben: Your food and your drinks.
Shingo: WAI! Food! *starts devouring the food on the plate*
Ariel: ...Ignore him, please...
Seiben: I try to.
Ariel: Do you remember what happened last time you ate that fast, Shingo?
Shingo: ...mmhm hmmph hmmph! Muuhph muurm muph.
Ariel: ...Huh?
Seiben: I think you should think about swallowing that first, sir, before you choke on it. *under his breath* Even though I would like you to do just that, choke on it.
Shingo: Mhm...*gulp* Eh...Like I was saying, of course I remember what happened, Ariel. I started choking to death until you got me to throw my food back up, and it was really good too...
Seiben: ...Ahem, would you like me to open your "champagne"?
Shingo: Eh? Yeah!

Seiben looks at the bottle cautiously and pops off the cork which flies into his eye. Ariel gets up quickly to check if Seiben is ok while Shingo grabs the bottle before the splatters all over the floor.

Ariel: Oh my god! Are you ok?
Seiben: Ugh... Don't worry about it... that happens to me all the time.
Ariel: I see. Can you get back up?
Seiben: *nods and gets back on his feet wobbling all the way back to the kitchen*
Ariel: You do realize it's your fault that man got hit in the face with that cork right?
Shingo: Eh dun worry about it, Seiben will live the rest of the night.
Ariel: His name is Steven, Shingo.
Shingo: Nope, it's Seiben. Didn't you notice how much he looks like Sieben?
Ariel: Now that you mention it... Yeah.
Shingo: I haven't said anything about it and I advise you do the same unless you want to hear Seiben scream at us about why we're here. *holds up the bottle* Want some?
Ariel: *sigh* No.
Shingo: Aw come on! One little drink isn't going to kill you. Live on the wild side for once. It's all you can do before you end up going overseas to school.
Ariel: Oi...fine then only one drink. Same goes for you.
Shingo: Then I better get a bigger cup eh?
Ariel: *glare*
Shingo: Ok! Ok! Don't kill me, geez...*pours Ariel some of the champagne* I have to tell you something, Ariel.
Ariel: *staring at the bubblely drink* What?
Shingo: I'm not actually suppose to be out. I didn't even tell my parents or Atta and Taleb I was going out tonight. I guess it was because I wanted to have a actual life without being watched or told what to do every minute of my life. You can understand that right?
Ariel: Surprisingly yes. It does make sense for you. Besides what are you trying to get at?
Shingo: I was kind of hopping if you went out with me tonight you'd reconsider going to America. I'm not going to stop you if you do want to go.
Ariel: You know I never realized how sweet you can be sometimes, Shingo. I guess that kind of happens when I'm yelling at you and throwing things at you and all.
Shingo: Yeah... I have something for you, Ariel. Well actually I've had it for a long time.
Ariel: ...Well what is it then? I don't like to wait you know.
Shingo: You remember a few years ago when you dragged me along shopping with you one Christmas and you saw a necklace that you said you really wanted but you knew you couldn't afford it and I probably would never get you?
Ariel: ...Not really but go on.
Shingo: Well I saved up all my allowence money for that and after awhile of good behavior, house chores and stuff I finally got that necklace for you but you broke up with me the same day. I didn't want to give it back since I worked hard enough to get it. So I thought one day maybe if I really felt like we had something I would give it to you.
Ariel: And I'm guessing this would be that day?
Shingo: Yeah. *takes out a box and places it on the table in front of Ariel* Think of it as a going away present.
Ariel: *opens the box in shock* I...i...I can't take this. I mean you should sell it or something. I don't need it.
Shingo: Come on, Ariel! Take it. It's for you, it always has been for you.
Ariel: But...I don't know. It's just too much you know. I can't just take something like this!
Shingo: Well I could always give it to Sydney... I guess she'd appreciate it more.
Ariel: ...Fine I'll take it!
Shingo: Thought so. *takes a sip of the champagine* You going to put it on or should I get you a puppy dog as well?
Ariel: I don't need anything else from you, Shingo. This probably covers everything you've ever done.
Shingo: I'm glad it does. *looks at his champagine glass for awhile and clutches his head* Err...
Ariel: What's wrong?
Shingo: *closes his eyes in hopes that this pain would subside in doing so* Nothing...
Ariel: Are you sure?
Shingo: *sees flashes of needles, bottles of strange liquids and wires all over the pace* Yes I'm sure...
Ariel: Then look at me. *grabs his face and forces him to look at her so she may see if anything was wrong*
Shingo: *blinks for awhile* I told you nothing was wrong.
Ariel: ...You're getting weird on me, Shingo. Are you sure you're ok?
Shingo: *rubs his the spot where Ariel grabed him* I'm ok, Ariel. I just have to go to the bathroom for a bit. *puts his napkin down and leaves the table*
Ariel *sigh* He's getting a little too odd lately. *looks at his napkin and notices a small patch of red on it and grabs it for a closer look* ...What the that blood?

Meanwhile, Shingo washes his face off and pauses to look in the mirror at a reflection unlike his usual one. He steps back from the mirror and stares at it waiting for something to happen. When nothing occurs he whispers to it as if it would say something back.

Shingo: ...What do you want now, Zero? *watches his reflection speak with no words comming out but he still catches what it says and repeats the word slowly* SandStorm...
Dude...I'm such a freak. If you can't tell already, I'm a psycho! Yes, I'm a grade A psycho! @.@ Hell look at what I'm doin to Shingo, the poor kid. Muwahahaha! Anyways I'm done with this. *bouncy,bounce,bounce*