Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 23 - Zero Tolerance
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Heero attempts to set up the crib for their new baby girl.

Relena: *holding the baby* Are you sure you're doing that right, Heero?
Heero: *with a few screws in his mouth* Yeah.
Relena: Well hurry up with it then.
Milliardo: Are you sure you don't need any help with that, dad?
Heero: Very.
Haruka: *jumping up and down* I wanna hold da baby! I wanna hold da baby!
Relena: Ok. *hands over the poor kid to Haruka* You know, Heero, we haven't named her yet.
Heero: I don't care what you name the kid as long as it isn't one of your many friend's names that means Noin.
Relena: But I like the name Lucrezia. It has a ring to it... Lucrezia Yuy...
Heero: No.
Relena: Why not?
Heero: You named one of my sons after your brother...actually both of them!
Relena: Well then you name her.
Heero: ...*thinks*
Relena: And it's not going to be Usagi, Rei or any other anime character's name you can think of off the top of your head.
Heero: ...*deeper in thought* ...Relena...Lena...Rena... *outloud* Her name's Rena.
Relena: Where'd you come up with that one?
Heero: I took your name and came up with something creative.
Haruka: How's widdle Re-Re-chan? Hmm? *does a dorky face for the kid*
Milliardo: You're going to scare her to death, Haruka.
Haruka: Nah looking at Duet would scare her. Right Re-Re-Chan?!
Heero: Her name is Rena not Re-Re...
Relena: You know Heero I was thinking...
Heero: NO! We talked about this before she was born and I will hold firm on my word. I am not going to train her.
Relena: But you trained Milliardo and Haruka! I think Rena deserves to be trained also.
Heero: Unlike me, Relena, you can't train her behind my back.
Relena: I think it's because she's a girl you don't want to train her.
Heero: No it's because she's going to be the peacemaker in this family that's why. I'm not going to stand by and hear you tell me what I should do with our daughter.
Relena: Oh please. Don't you think this peace is going to end, Heero? One day Milliardo and Haruka are going to be too involved with their lives to come to the rescue again for the world. I think Rena should take after them. They are after all going to be her biggest influences.
Heero: No, no, no! She's not going to pilot one of my death machines! She's going to be the peace talker!
Relena: Well she needs to at least know how to defend herself, Heero!
Heero: That's what you have bodygaurds for. You see Relena you pay those people to "protect" you.
Relena: I can't believe what I'm hearing!
Milliardo: I think Rena should decide on her own when she's old enough.
Relena: That sounds like a better plan. We'll just have to wait for her to tell us herself. We shouldn't be planing her future already anyways.
Haruka: What about me did you guys plan anything for me?
Heero: You were a lost cause to begin with.
Relena: Heero! Of course we did your father wanted to pilot one of those god awful gundam things and I wanted either you or Milliardo to take after me. Of course it didn't turn out that way.
Haruka: You're in good hands with Haruka when it comes to peacemakin! *drops the baby* ACK!
Milliardo and Heero: *dive down and catch Rena before she hit the floor* Wew...
Haruka: Heh...heh... Butterfingers! ^^;;;
Relena: -.-;; At least she didn't hit the floor.
Heero: Luckily you mean.
Milliardo: *to Haruka* Moron...
Haruka: Oh bite me it's not my fault.
Milliardo: Of course not...

Shingo looks at his calander and jumps up and down in one place while recieveing a glare from Taleb while Atta is off in La La Land.

Shingo: Twenty-four days until my birthday! Twenty-four days until I'm finally eighteen. Oh how I've longed for that day to come.
Taleb: Oh please like you'll be able to do anything.
Shingo: True...But I still get presents!
Taleb: Good for you. Now can we continue with this?
Shingo: Oh yeah... *remember's Taleb's attempting to teach him how to really fight* Where were we?
Taleb: I was showing you how to pull your punches for the time being.
Shingo: Oh... *looks at Atta who's basically praising the picture of him and "Suzuka"* Hey Atta! Wake up man!
Atta: *looks at the picture* Oi she's so cute. I can't believe I actually got with a girl like her.
Taleb: It's much more suprising that she's not on any drugs.
Atta: And what does that mean?
Taleb: Well at first I thought she was on something when she said she'd go out with you but now you two have been together for a month and now I'm starting to question what she's taking except drugs.
Atta: You're just jealous because you've never had a girlfriend oh and my sister doesn't count.
Taleb: Moron. You don't know a single thing about her still!
Atta: Her family lives in the colonies and she was adopted oh yeah and her real mother died from a terrible diesease.
Taleb: Sounds like a bunch of lies to me.
Shingo: Oh come on Ta Ta! Can't you tell the guy is in love with this girl?
Atta: Nope he thinks a dog would make a sexier wife then my Suzuka-chan.
Shingo: We're talking about a guy who has zero sex appeal.
Taleb: And what about you?!?
Atta: We don't have to worry about Shingo because he's already got a girlfriend. Right Shingo?
Shingo: Uh yeah.
Atta: Thus proving you know nothing, Taleb.
Taleb: He doesn't have a girlfriend anymore she's going to leave him to go to America where she's probably going to find another guy anyways.
Atta: Oh please. You're a lying sack of shit because I know for one that Shingo's girlfriend likes him a lot and would never go to some other guy.
Shingo: He's right Atta. Ariel basically dumped me.
Atta: Then why is she talking to you?
Shingo: Because she's my friend nothing more and maybe even less then that. I wish I could get her to at least go out with me once more before she leaves but I know that's impossible. I screwed up big time and there's no way I'm going to try and change that.
Atta: You should ask her out as a friend then if she's not your girlfriend.
Shingo: Hey that's a good idea! I think I'll try that! *runs out of the door*
Taleb: ...We are suppose to be watching him, Atta.
Atta: We will... We'll just give him a head start you know. Give him a little time alone with her for awhile.
Taleb: And if someone sees him?
Atta: *shrug* We'll make up something.

Sydney eats her Chinese take-out while watching some soap opera where some guy finds out more then he can chew about his girlfriend and she kills him. The phone rings, Sydney puts the rice down and answers the phone while trying to clear her thoat of the rice.

Sydney: Sydney Evan's speaking. Who is it?
Yuki: Did you forget?
Sydney: How did you get this number?
Yuki: It doesn't matter. Kage-sama is here and he's waiting for you to deliever. If not I will... I just saw the blonde baka just run down the street not too long ago.
Sydney: I'm not going to do it. I want out of your both of your plans.
Yuki: I'll take that as a I should go fetch him type deal. I won't tell Kage-sama about your disobediance.
Sydney: Like you'll really be able to convince that dolt to go anywhere with you.
Yuki: No but I thought ahead of time. Do you remember the time the fair was around and the next day everyone started calling Shingo a traitor?
Sydney: Yes...
Yuki: That's because we got the device that go him to click like that in the pilot status recording you sent Kage. He knew the Z2PT exsisted but he had no clue which gundam it was in. He's been trying to get to WingZero the whole time but it was never in there it was in SandStorm you confermed that.
Sydney: And what do you plan on doing to Shingo?
Yuki: Kage was never into saving the colonies he wanted to destory the Unified World nations and rule over what was left. But in order to do such a thing he had to gain the colony's trust in some way. Then the gundams appeared on the Earth battleing a enemy who we would of joined up with if they hadn't destoryed them. Kage presented this evidence to the Unified World Nations and gained the colony's trust instantly. As we speak they're already building their own mechas to fight against the Earth. After we recieved the Z2PT Kage needed a test subject. But everytime he used someone of a low metality they went crazy and killed themselves two hours after the effects of the Z2PT. Then I suggested to Kage-sama that maybe we should use the very person featured in the pilot statsus recording...That person was of course Shingo Winner himself. Believe it or not he was more in control and much more aware as to what he was doing when the system kicked on accidentally on him. Along with that he was the only person who has lived after feeling the effects the system had on him thus making him a worthy canidate. The only problem was how were we even going to get him on our side. Then I noticed after watching the recording so many times that he would occasionally question himself in Arabic while tearing at Tallgeese's armor. This gave me an idea to some how catch him when he was off gaurd and give him intructions in Arabic. Which leads us here.
Sydney: If you had such a crafty plan why did you need me anymore?
Yuki: Kage had you as a last resort in his plan incase my attempt didn't work. Obviously it did so I don't need you nither does Kage-sama.
Sydney: You two are crazy! What about the peace we already have?
Yuki: Oh there will be peace after we're done taking over. I hope you have a good day, Sydney. *click*
Sydney: I have to keep him from going there. *puts on some shoes and runs out the door to the adress she was given a long time ago*

Shingo continues his running until he passes by a certian street. He stops and looks at the street name as if it were familliar. He shrugs it off and continues onward.

Kage: Shingo Winner! What a suprise to see you around here.
Shingo: *turns around* Do I know you or something?
Kage: Perhapes.
Shingo: Now I know where I remember you from. My father went to that meeting up in the colonies because of you right?
Kage: If you mean I called for the meeting then yes.
Shingo: Thought so. I have to go my parents always told me not to talk to strangers especially when you have a bad feeling about them and I'm getting a seriously bad feeling about you.
Kage: I can't see why, Shingo. I just wanted to ask you a few questions that's all.
Shingo: I have to go to a friend's house right now but I'll only answer one question and you better make it a quick one.
Kage: Ok then. Do you know what it feels to be shot in the back, Shingo?
Shingo: Huh? What kind of question is that? *looks behind him and spots Yuki who shoots him in the back with a tranquilizer*
Kage: I suppose you know what it feels like now.
Shingo: What do you wan..t? *collapses*
Kage: You'll find out soon enough. You're going to be the greatest weapon against the Earth that I'm going to have.
Sydney: *finally makes it and sees Shingo on the ground* What are you doing?!?
Kage: You ask to many questions, Sydney. Come on, Yuki.
Sydney: *goes over to Yuki and back hands her across the face* I don't believe you!
Yuki: There's nothing to believe, Sydney. If you do that again I'll make sure you're the first person we kill. *motions for a few guys to take Shingo away*
Sydney: *moves to go after Shingo as Yuki grabs her arm* Let GO!
Yuki: There's nothing you can do now, Sydney. You and I both know that. Go back to your fairytale land. Maybe it'll have a better ending then mine.
Sydney: You'd give up a life you've enjoyed for a month to go back to hell with that jack ass over there?!?
Yuki: It was never my life. It was just a cover up, a lie. That's all it ever was. Sure I felt something for him and I know he felt something for me but I know it can never be. My book is closed yours is still open going from page to page and never ending. I wish I had that life. I'm very sorry, Sydney. *shoots another trnquilizer at Sydney's back and leaves her to fall on the ground*

The blury lights come in focus and Sydney looks from right to left and sees Ling next to her. She looks around and reconizes the suroundings as the Chang home. She looks back at Ling who's sleeping next to her in a chair. The girl then looks for a window to find that it's already night and questions how effective the drug was until she zooms up and realizes something happened prior to her waking up.

Sydney: Oh my god! Shingo!
Ling: *opens his eyes and looks at Sydney who's having a panick attack* What's wrong with you?
Sydney: Shingo they took him! I saw it!
Ling: What are you talking about? Shingo was the one that brought you here.
Sydney: He...he did? But how?
Ling: He carried you all the way over here and told me that he found you collapsed on the ground.
Sydney: That's...that's impossible! Wait where did he find me?
Ling: On Tokyo Avenue.
Sydney: No. I wasn't there. Where is Shingo now?
Ling: He's busy eating my family out of house and home right now.
Ling: ... -.-;; Ignore that.
Sydney: I want to see Shingo.
Ling: Why?
Sydney: I want to know how he found me.
Ling: I guess that's ok. I'll get him ok.
Sydney: And Ling I want you in here at the sametime as well.
Ling: ...Ok... *opens the door* Hey Shingo Sydney wants you in here.
Shingo: I'll be there in a moment!
Sydney: *hears footsteps then sees the blonde Winner heir come in the door* Shingo...
Shingo: Yeah? You ok? Cause I found you like out of it.
Sydney: How? I thought you were taken by Kage!
Shingo: *blink, blink* What are you talking about? I was on my way to Ariel's house then I saw you so I decided to take you over to Ling's place.
Sydney: *stares at Shingo expecting some kind of change in him but fails to see one* Something's just not right here. I of all people just don't collapse in the middle of the street while walking...
Ling: It was pretty warm today... Maybe heat exhaustion did it to you.
Sydney: But that doesn't explain what I saw!
Shingo: Maybe you were hallucinating.
Sydney: No... I don't think so.
Shingo: You're confused right now I think you should get some rest.
Ling: I agree. When you wake up again we can talk about this not right now though. Go to sleep, Sydney.
Sydney: ...Ok... *looks at Shingo for awhile before falling asleep once more*
Shingo: I need to go talk to Ariel it's only eight so she should be done eating dinner.
Ling: *thinking about what Sydney was going on about* Yeah go then.
Shingo: I hope Sydney feels better tomorrow. Bye Ling man.
Ling: Bye Shingo. *hears the door close behind him and continues thinking about Sydney's words* It doesn't make much sense, Sydney...

Shingo knocks on Barton door and watches it quickly swing open to reveil Triage.

Triage: Back for another kiss already, Shale?! Oh it's you...Come in then, Shingo.
Shingo: Going out with Torance's friend now?
Triage: Yup! We got back from a date an hour ago and well heh... she kissed me and I told her to come back whenever she wanted to to get another from me. That's why I thought you were her.
Shingo: Where's Ariel?
Triage: Up in her room learning some American customs or something like that. Dad said if she really wanted to know about it so bad she should talk to Uncle Duo.
Shingo: You think she'll talk to me right now?
Triage: *shrug* Dunno. Why?
Shingo: I want to take her out to dinner sometime as a friend you know.
Triage: You're desprite...But I think she'll talk to you.
Shingo: Good because I got her something before I came here. Wanna see it?
Triage: Sure.
Shingo: *pulls out a necklace out of his pocket* Think I went over board?
Triage: *stares at the emerald jewel hanging off of the golden chain* Whoa...That thing is like the necklace that that chick had on the Titanic except it's like a mini version of it and very green...Extreamly green.
Shingo: *puts it away* I'm kind of hoping she'll like it. I plan on giving it to her if we go out to dinner you know.
Triage: Yep the usual romantic type thing chicks like. Too bad I couldn't take Shale to dinner we went to watch a boring movie but I made it interesting by adding in dialoge. ^^
Shingo: *starts heading to Ariel's room* I'm going to go ask her out.
Triage: Good luck!
Shingo: I'll need it. *opens the door and enters* Hey Ariel.
Ariel: Oh...hi Shingo...
Shingo: What's up?
Ariel: Nothing. I'm busy doing things.
Shingo: Right... I was wondering if you wanted to go out for dinner sometime before you leave.
Ariel: Umm...Let me check my scheduale... *opens a book and flips though it*....hmmm....You're lucky I'll be able to get with you Saturday in two weeks.
Shingo: Ok. Good with me. So what are you doing anyways?
Ariel: Nothing just looking over a few things you know. You know Shingo I have to give you some credit you passed high school. Maybe not with the best grades you could have gotten but you passed none the less. I've doubted you a lot and I'm sorry for that.
Shingo: I'm guessing you're still not going to get back together with me right?
Ariel: No but at least you have me as a friend and a supporter. Why did you ask me to go out with you for dinner?
Shingo: Just felt like it. I haven't gone anywhere with you really and I feel bad not taking you somewhere before you leave.
Ariel: *kind of not believeing this* If you say so, Shingo.
Shingo: Yeah well it's getting late I better go before the two morons come to get me.
Ariel: They were already here five hours ago looking for you.
Shingo: I was at Ling's house.
Ariel: ...Well bye then Shingo.
Shingo: Yeah same to you too.

- 12:17 am -

A long tunnel with a glimer of light ahead sits in front of a blonde only seven years old. A bouncing sound is heard in the direction. The young boy runs towards the sound and watches the light get further and further behind him. The boy is suddenly grabbed by a mechanical hand and taken off the ground. In front of this boy are two green glowing eyes that aren't very welcoming. The creature opens it's mouth and swallows the boys whole. The creature turns out to be a gundam. Another figure stands on the gundam's shoulder not reconizeable to anyone but speaks as if to someone...

the end of soul is lost while innocence looks for new form memories guide soul but keep heart closed and mind tired journey take forever but heart, soul and mind continue when demon is destroyed remember to use heart, soul and mind or one will forever be lost in endless dream waiting for peace in all places to come journey far journey long but mind knows no time heart is heavy soul is dim find one's self or demon will guide soul to death

Shingo jolts up from the disturbing dream and looks over to his alarm clock with sweat pouring off of him.

- 12:58 am -

Shingo: *thinking to himself while whipping himself off* What the hell was that? It looked like SandStorm...The hell did that all mean? My head hurts and I'm freaking tired... *watches a drop of blood fall on the sheets followed by a another one* ...What the...*whips his nose and see's nothing on his blanket* Nothing...

Shingo looks up expecting blood but finds nothing except a pure white ceiling that's slowly turning a dark red color. He then wipes his eyes not believing this until he realizes where the blood was comming from after looking at the arm he had used to try and clear his vision. The blonde gets out of bed noticing it's extreamly cold and grabs his blanket after washing his face and arm. He opens the door to his room and heads out into the long narrow hallway to the air condintioner crontrol outlet and runs into another figure in the dark.

Both: OUCH! Who's there?!
Shingo: I asked first! *grabs his blanket and wraps up in it again*
Quatre: Oh it's just you, Shingo...*does the same with his blanket* What are you doing out here?
Shingo: More like what are you doing out here?
Quatre: I asked you first.
Shingo: First is worst and second is the best. So what are you doing?
Quatre: I'm guessing we're both here for the same reason...
Shingo: It's cold.
Quatre: Yeah. I'm lucky your mom isn't screaming to me about it yet.
Shingo: Yeah.
Quatre: Besides you know you're not suppose to touch the AC...
Shingo: Like I did it!
Quatre: Might've been you.
Shingo: Could've been you!
Quatre: Are you trying to suggest that I sleep walk?
Shingo: I guess so. I'm going to turn on the heater...
Quatre: No you need to go to sleep I'll do it.
Shingo: I said I would first.
Quatre: Ah but I said it after you.
Shingo: ...You might screw it up.
Quatre: What makes you say that?
Shingo: *shrug* I dunno but you don't trust me and I don't trust you.
Quatre: Look I'll do it you go to bed.
Shingo: I'll do it!
Quatre: I will!
Shingo: I will!
Quatre: I will!
Shingo: I will!
Quatre: I will!
Shingo: I will!
Dorothy: *walks past both of them, turns on the heater and looks at both of them* Go to bed both of you. *yawn* As bad as kindergardeners... *walks back to her/Quatre's room*
Shingo: ...
Quatre: ...
Shingo: Ummm Night then. *heads to his room* Freak...
Quatre: Same to you too... *goes the other way* Nut...
Ah another adventure continuing. What shall happen next? *shrug* I dunno but this is getting weird on me... 0.0;;;