Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 22 - Graduation
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Sydney stared at the girl for awhile before breaking the thick scilence.

Sydney: What do you want, Yuki?
Yuki: Me? Whatever made you think I wwant anything from you?
Sydney: You don't show up out of no where. You always have a good reason for being somewhere.
Yuki: Oh come on, Syd. You don't mind if I call you Syd do you? *continues getting a glare of death from the other girl* I'll take that as a no. Can I at least come in? It is a bit rude just letting me stnad here at your doorstep.
Sydney: I'm glad it is. I want answers now, Yuki. What are you doing here and what do you want?
Yuki: I just so happened to get assigned here for a short period of time. Nothing much I hope you know. I thought well since Sydney is in the area why not go and visit the girl who Kage-sama now seems to have a higher trust for now.
Sydney: Oh I'm sorry did I dethrone you from your high horse, Yuki?
Yuki: Of course not. I heard you got something you weren't expected to get. A recording of pilot stats from one of the gundams that seems to be around this area I believe.
Sydney: So? I'm just trying to keep the peace between the colonies and the Earth secure.
Yuki: *under her breath* If you only knew...
Sydney: What did you say?
Yuki: Oh nothing...
Sydney: If you don't mind I'd like to be left alone. I advise that you don't show up here again.
Yuki: *looks at the clothing Sydney has on which appears to be a school uniform with the words "Peacecraft Academy" on it* Believe me I won't show up here ever again. I have much to do. *grin* Farwell Sydney.
Sydney: Psycho. *closes the door*

Meanwhile, Shale runs into Torance's room and smiles widely at the other girl.

Torance: What are you so happy about, Shale?
Shale: You don't have to worry about that Triage boy annoying you anymore!
Torance: ...What did you do to him?
Shale: I did nothing. Well not really...
Torance: *with a bit of horor on her face* What did you do, Shale?!
Shale: Triage and I are going out. That's why I said you don't have to worry about him anymore! So now you can go out with Nova like you wanted to!
Torance: *turning pale*...I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE GOING OUT WITH HIM!
Shale: I thought you'd be happy, Torance.
Torance: I am Shale but you always seem to find the wrong kind of boy's to go out with.
Shale: I have a good feeling about Triage. I think it's really going to work this time.
Torance: That's what you said about William and he was going out with another girl behind your back..
Shale: Well I don't have to worry about Triage because the only other woman he's has an interest in is you.
Torance: That's what I'm worried about. He's probably only going out with you so he can find out more about me.
Shale: I have a plan for that. I plan on telling him the opposite of what he wants to know.

While Torance was getting the shock of her life the ice cream parlor was getting eaten out by Shingo.

Michiru: Are you sure you're ok, Shingo?
Shingo: Yeah... *downs another icecream sundae*
Michiru: You sure? Because if I'm counting right that would be your fifty-eighth bowl of icecream...
Shingo: I eat a lot when I think...
Michiru: This much?
Shingo: Well I have a lot of things on my mind.
Michiru: I think you worry too much Shingo that's why you're eating so much.
Shingo: ...Well I guess it really wouldn't matter how much I did eat because I'm not going to gain that much weight. Michiru can I ask you something?
Michiru: What?
Shingo: What's it like in space? I've never really been there. I've lived all of my life on Earth either in the Sanq Kingdom, Desert or other places never space. My mom says it's a waste of time to go live in space when most of the things that do occur are on Earth. I wish that I could go to space... When I was younger I use to dream about living in space with my bear and no one could bother us about anything not my father, mom, or any of my cousins or aunts. I guess I was a really stupid kid...
Michiru: isn't as fun as being here then again that's coming from me I've lived with my father who's a sweeper. My mother died a year after my brother was born. Nothing's ever really gone good for me but if you really want to know about space then I suggest you go there. I really can't explain what it's like and you can't explain what it's like to live on Earth all of your life. To us our homes are dull and boring that's why we look at each other's life and wish we could live there.
Shingo: I suppose so...
Michiru: You almost have a peaceful look to you... It makes you look cute.
Shingo: I guess I must've gotten that from my father's side...
Atta: *looks over Shingo's houlder* You done yet?
Shingo: ...No...
Atta: *looks at Michiru* You know Miss Shin you look lovelier each time I see you.
Michiru: Thank you and you get even more flirtier each time I see you.
Atta: I'll take that as a "leave me alone". *spots Yuki and start drooling*
Taleb: *looks in the direction Atta's looking* ...If you want to attract her attention, Atta, you're doing well enough drooling all over the place as well as on Master Shingo.
Shingo: ...*attempts to whip the drool off his hair* Gross!
Atta: Eh! Sorry Shingo! I didn't mean to do that!
Taleb: looks like your new love interest is coming over here Atta...
Atta: *stands up, cleans himself off and watches Yuki come within a foot of him* Hey girl name's Atta you want to go out? *watchs the girl walk right past him and to Shingo's table* ...*replays what happened* ...What the hell...
Yuki: Excuse me but you're Shingo Winner are you not?
Shingo: *loks at the girl with a feeling of meeting her some where* Um yes.
Yuki: I'm Suzuka Forester. It's such an honor to meet someone like you.
Shingo: I'm sure it is though I think my friend over there you just past would've been much more honored then me to meet you. *looks at Atta who's trying to figure out why his plan backfired on him*
Yuki: Maybe you should call him over here then.
Shingo: ...Eh ok... Yo Atta!
Atta: *turns around and replies with a hint of jealousy in his voice* Yes, Shingo?
Shingo: Isn't this the girl you were drooling alover my hair over? *points to Yuki*
Atta: *turns a slight shade of red* Ummm I don't know what you're talking about...
Michiru: Of course you don't... *pushes Yuki over to Atta*
Yuki: May name is Suzuka.
Atta: Nice to meet you Shizuka I mean Shuzuki errr...
Yuki: *sweat drop* Suzuka.
Atta: Yeah that's what I was trying to say you know...'M SUCH A LOSER! ALL I WANT IS YOU TO GO OUT WITH MEEEEEEEEEEE!
Yuki: ...umm...Ok...
Atta: ... 0.0 You mean you'll go out with me?
Yuki: Sure I have nothing to do for awhile and I'm only going to be here for the rest of this month until the begining June.
Atta: IN YOUR FACE! *spits a rasberry at Taleb*
Yuki: I suppose I'll see you later correct?
Atta: Yeah... *watches the blonde leave* oi...
Taleb: Oh no... He has that look...
Shingo: Which one? The horny one or the love sick one?
Taleb: I wish I could say both but mostly the love sick one.
Shingo: This is serious then...
Taleb: Extreamly.
Michiru: Oh please you two I think they make a cute couple.
Shingo: No girl just agrees to go out with you after looking at you for two minutes.
Michiru: Maybe she's seen him before somewhere and hasn't goten the nerve to say anything to him. Now that their together they'll be so happy and get married and have kids. *starts imagining herself and Haruka* And their kids will grow up to be beautiful and handsome... Oi Haruka...
Shingo: ...I think she's spaced out...
Taleb: I agree...

- May 23, AC 219 -

Haruka ran around the Yuy home looking though all the drows in his room.

Haruka: I can't believe I lost it!
Milliardo: *fully dressed for graduation* What are you looking for?
Haruka: I lost my cap man! I lost it! I can't believe this shit!
Milliardo: I'm sure no one will miss you. You are after all down in the sixties along with Shingo.
Haruka: Sixty-seven actually, Shingo's fourty-one.
Milliardo: How'd he do that one?
Haruka: He's been studing and doing all of his work day in and day out. Though it doesn't matter to me the little bastard.
Milliardo: *with Haruka's cap behind his back* I know it's probably none of my buissniess but maybe you should see past what happened a few weeks ago anf try to forgive Shingo. You and I don't have that much proof against him so it's best that we not think about it until something else occurs.
Haruka: If you're asking me to get along with Shingo then I'll try. Other then that no.
Milliardo: I see. *holds out the cap to Haruka* I found it downstairs I figured you need it since mom wants to take pictures of you. She likes you better then me I guess and she's a lot more happier that you're going to graduate.
Haruka: So? Dad listens to you a lot more then me and he's all histarical that you're graduating. At least you get something from him.
Milliardo: Something other then a gun? I wish. Mom's got your graduation present in the driveway.
Haruka: What a teddy bear? Isn't it bad enough she put the most embarassing baby pictures of me in the year book?
Milliardo: Dad did the same to me.
Haruka: And I'll never forget the comment that was put below...
Milliardo and Haruka: My sons are perfect just like their father and adorable too. I love you Millikins and Ruky-chan.
Milliardo: I'm still trying to live that one down.
Haruka: At least ours wasn't as bad as everyone elses...
Milliardo: Yeah Ling's father wrote at the bottom "To my weak inferior son who doesn't know the meaning of justice... YOU ARE A WEAKLING!" and he had to put a picture of Ling beat to a pulp.
Haruka: Yep but the one person out of all of us who will never live down his embarassment would be Shingo... Though the picture was really funny.
Milliardo: I think all parents are bounded to embarass their kids as much as posible... But that was just wrong...
Haruka: *trying to keep from laughing his head off* He was dressed as a teady bear! GOD that was funny! And just so I can laugh at his pathedic self once more... *pulls out the yearbook, goes all the way in the back and laughs again droping the book on the floor for all to see the cubby blonde in the most embarassing outfit ever while sucking on a bottle* Oh man... I need to get this picture blown up and when it's Shingo's turn to get his paper I'll put it up for everyone to see.
Milliardo: Like most people haven't seen it already. *picks up the book* Well at least he's doing his favorite thing in this picture...
Haruka: Yeah eating... LOL!
Milliardo: We're lucky we hid all disturbing and embarassing pictures from mom and dad before we gave them the paper. Otherwise you would've had your picture with Speedy in here.
Haruka: As well as you and Puffy.
Relena: Haruka are you still looking for your things?
Haruka: I found it, mom!
Relena: Good then get down here so I can take a picture of my baby boy!
Haruka: ...*rolls eyes* At least this won't be as bad as prom... I DIDN'T GO WITH NO ONE!
Milliardo: Well it's your fault you pissed Michiru off.
Haruka: ...Pft... She went over to Shingo's house to watch anime movies with him instead while I looked like a dumb ass...
Milliardo: You always do.
Haruka: Whatever...*walks out the door*

Thirty minutes later...

Relena: *cleaning Haruka's face off with a tissue* You're dirty Haruka. Did you take a shower this morning?
Haruka: Maybe.
Relena: *shakes her head* I told you to take a shower...
Heero: Like it really matters...
Relena: But he looks dirty, Heero!
Heero: ..*looks at Haruka* He's not dirty that's his tan, Relena...
Relena: Well excuse me for not being as observent as you Heero!
Heero: Whatever... Milliardo I would like to give you a mission.
Milliardo: No I'm not going to kill Duet, dad...
Heero: Damn.
Heero: ...*to relena* Why didn't you let me keep my detination switch?
Relena: Because I know you Heero...
Duo: *goes up to Heero dragging Hilde with him while Duet tries to look away acting like she's in no relation to the man* Heero! Guess what! Guess what?!?
Heero: ...You told me for a month already Duo...
Hilde: For the love of god Heero just say "What"!
Heero: ...What...
Duo: Duet's number one and Mill's number 2! ^^ Looks like Maxwells are better then Yuys.
Heero: Outside of a battlefield yes. Inside one... no.
Duo: Eh true... Wufei's son is number thirty, My niece is ten and Quatre's son is fourth-one... I guess the number four is somewhat a lucky number for him anyways. I'm suprised Quatre's here anyways wonder what got him to come here cause he's not really happy about it. I think I should ask Relena though since she keeps in contact more with everyone else then you...
Relena: *over heard the conversation* Oh you want to know how Dorothy got Quatre to get here?! Well she told him a month ago a few times and well today he had set up a meeting today and of course she didn't want him to miss their son actually doing something other then throwing cherrybombs at a dog so while he was talking on the phone she thew it on the floor and broke it after beating the hell out of it. So she kinda made him come against his will that's why he's pretty much unhappy about the whole thing because it was an important meeting. *starts gasping for air after talking for a few minutes without breathing*
Heero: Breath Relena BREATH!
Relena: Hee..rooo...
Heero: I told you to breath already...
Duo: ...Uh Heero I don't think that's what's wrong man...
Relena: Heero I think your child wants to come now...
Heero: What are you talking about?
Duo: Moron she's going to have your kid RIGHT NOW!
Heero: Now? NOW?!? WHAT?!?! Why couldn't you hold it for an hour or two?!
Relena: *grabs Heero and says in a demonic voice* When I say it's comming I mean IT'S COMMING NOW NOT LATER!
Duo: ...*backs up* Heero if I were you I'd take Relena to the hospital pronto.
Heero: Nonsense! If she's going to have that kid she'll have to wait I intend on seeing my son graduate since she is after all the reason I'm unable to stay home.
Duo: What?! You're crazy!
Relena: HEERO!
Heero: I'm not listening...
Sally: *comes over after noticing the scene* What's going on you two?
Heero: *casually* Relena's just having another kid right now that's all...
Sally: WHAT?!? She has to go to the hospital now!
Heero: I thought you were a doctor...
Sally: True but can't you see she's in pain right now?!
Relena: *starts crying* You don't care about me Heero do you?!?
Heero: I do I just plan on seeing Milliardo graduate...
Duo: ...Really? *runs over to the stage and says into the microphone* Would a Milliardo Heero Yuy please come over here. It's very urgent!
Milliardo: *busy talking to Duet not noticeing the scene his father is making* Uh... ok...*runs over to the stage* What's wrong?
Duo: Your father's bein an ass and won't take your mom to the hospital until he sees you get your paper...
Milliardo: What's wrong with mom?!
Duo: Oh she's just haveing you're younger sybling right now that's all... *pushes the diploma into Milliardo's hand* Now go tell your dad to go now!
Milliardo: ... *runs off to where Heero is* This isn't exactly how I wanted to graduate but ok... *catches up to Heero* Dad I got my diploma now you can take mom to the hospital.
Heero: Good. *sees Duo come over* I'll need your help Duo.
Duo: As long as it has nothing to do with punching me anywhere I'm good to go.
Heero: Help me with Relena...
Duo: *goes over to Relena and gets punched in the jaw* OUCH CRAZY WOMAN!
Relena: Sorry Duo you look like Heero from this angle.
Duo: *rolls his eyes* If it's not from Heero it's from you... -.-;;
Haruka: *to Milliardo* Well at least this graduation is interesting.
Milliardo: As long as you don't go though with your plan after you get your diploma...
Haruka: I won't, I promiss. *grin*
Milliardo: *watches Heero's wreckless driving* -.-() Now I know where you get it from.
Haruka: Twenty dollars say the kid's going to be a boy.
Milliardo: I doubt it.
Ariel: *walks over to Haruka and Milliardo's location draging Shingo who's trying to keep from getting dirty* Is it true?!
Milliardo: If you're refering to our mom's water breaking yeah.
Haruka: What's it to you, Ariel?
Ariel: Well I thought this moron was lieing to me. *points to Shingo who's bitching about the outfit he's currently in*
Haruka: And why would he care? He doesn't have any other syblings obviously because he was an accident.
Shingo: *looks at Haruka* And they seemed to have screwed up when your mom had you maybe your dad was fucking her too hard...
Haruka: *grints* I should kick your ass for that comment.
Shingo: Then why don't you?!?
Haruka: Because I'm not in the mood to put up with you at the moment.

Both boys deathglare each other as Milliardo and Ariel just move away from the two. Right as the two are about to sling a shot at each other a younger blonde comes over and tugs on Shingo's clothes.

Akuma: Shingo....Shingo!
Shingo: *breaks the death glare with Haruka and looks at Akuma* What?
Akuma: Mom told me that Aunt Dorothy told her to tell you to tell Haruka to tell Milliardo to tell his father that he's a loser.
Shingo, Ariel, Milliardo and Haruka: Da? *face falut*
Akuma: Oh yeah and Mom told me that Aunt Dorothy--
Shingo: Just get to the point!
Akuma: Uh ok... Aunt Dorothy wants you to umm... what was it she said... oh yeah to "Get your ass over here". That's what she said. Don't tell mom that I said that though.
Shingo: *sigh* Ok I'll be there in a moment.
Akuma: Ok I'm going to go play with Merian-chan.
Shingo: Ling's sister?
Akuma: I guess so. *dashes off*
Shingo: I have to go.
Haruka: Go to mommy, Shingo. Woof, woof! Just like your dad.
Shingo: *completely ignores him and fades into the crowd*
Ariel: *smacks Haruka over the head* Stop being cruel to Shingo. You both should be happy because you're finally going to leave this school but with the exception of leaving as enemies rather then friends. *walks off to try and find Shingo*
Haruka: And you're not even his girlfriend anymore.
Milliardo: But she is his friend even if it's not on a different level.
Haruka: When will you guys ever get that Shingo's a traitor?
Milliardo: Never unless there's more proof. I'm going home you better get seated.
Haruka: And how are you going home exactly?
Milliardo: My new car is parked outside. *twirls around the keys* Dad gave them to me before he left with mom and Mr. Maxwell.
Haruka: You're going to pick me up right?
Milliardo: I'll think about it. *walks past Haruka clutching the keys to his new car in his hand* Don't cause too musch trouble, Haruka.
Haruka: I don't believe HE got a car! At least I got a sexier one. I hope...

The graduation cerimony went on and of course was as normal as it could get even if Shingo threw a rock at Haruka for making sly comments while he was getting his paper, Wufei yelled weakling to Ling, and lastly Haurka runing around naked after getting his diploma for all to see even if everyone was disgusted, the NGW crew mostly. Zechs also watched his nephew strip and run for it along with Noin, who was wondering where Relena and Heero were, and Seiben, who nearly threw up at the sight of Haruka. It ended to everyone's relief after Haruka's stunt.

Ariel: I don't believe he did that...
Shingo: Ugh I think I have to go puke now that was the most disturbing thing I've ever seen someone do. *looks at the diploma* And I sat there having to watch that all because of this...
Ariel: You did throw a rock at him...where you got it I have no clue.
Shingo: Outside. I figured I'd throw it at him when he went up to get his stuff but I threw it at him earlier.
Ling: *looking pale* I'll never get that image out of my head now.
Shingo: None of us will thanks to moron, Haruka! Having to flaunt himself everywhere ugh...
Merian: *goes over to Ling* Ling!
Ling: What is it, Merian-chan?
Merian: What was that thingy in between that boy's legs?
Ling: ACK! Nothing you have to worry about.
Merian: Do you have one?
Ling: WHAT?!
Ariel and Shingo: *starts cracking up*
Merian: Kasuka said it was a--
Ling: *covers her mouth* I don't want to hear what he said it was... Little pervert.
Merian: *gets out of Ling's grasp* Well then Yowamushi said it was a--
Ling: *covers her mouth again* I'M NOT LISTENING!!!!
Shingo: Having a diffucult time trying to keep your sister protected from things like that, Ling?
Ling: Yes it's bad enough my brother's are perverted morons.
Ariel: The girl is after all eleven Ling it's not like she's not going to find out about that stuff without your brother's help.
Ling: She doesn't even have a boyfriend yet!
Ariel: I dunno about that one, Ling, cause Shingo's cousin seems interested in her.
Ling: He's too young for her.
Shingo: Only a few months difference. Merian's birthday is in August Akuma's is in November.
Merian: You mean Zodiac right?
Ariel: Who's that?
Ling: *shrug*
Shingo: Zodiac? He's letting you call him Zodiac? Man he must be obsesed with you then.
Ariel: What are you going on about?
Shingo: Zodiac's Akuma's real name. He got the "Akuma" name from me when I was younger.
Ariel: What an interesting name...
Shingo: And a dorky middle name. I swear it's worse then mine.
Ariel: You're one to talk. You're middle name consists of only two words.
Shingo: Not exactly but I'm not going to get into... Michelle... *grin*
Ariel: Oh can it Quatre.
Shingo: Hey now don't call me by that name.
Ariel: You called me by my middle name why couldn't I do the same to you?
Shingo: Because... that's not my middle name. That's my first name and Shingo's one of my middle names but to save confussion I'm called Shingo instead of Quatre.
Ariel: How many middle names do you have?
Shingo: ...Too many to count.
Ariel: Give me your full initials then.
Shingo: Too much work.
Ariel: You're just lazy and don't want to tell me it.
Shingo: Because it's too long and embarassing. I'm sure if my father had enough room on the papers he'd have made it longer. Luckily he ran out of room.
Ariel: Whatever you say.

Sydney looks at Ling, Ariel and Shingo's direction and sighs.

Yuki: What's wrong, Syd? Are you going to miss the quiet life?
Sydney: Go away, Yuki. What are you doing here anyways?
Yuki: I was asked to be here.
Sydney: Kage?
Yuki: No, someone else.
Sydney: Who?
Yuki: Oh I thought you would've known since you are a better spy then I, Sydney.
Sydney: ...Get to it, Yuki.
Yuki: Suzuka has a boyfriend who's one of the Winner heir's personal gaurds. Do you know who Suzuka is?
Sydney: You...What do you plan on doing?
Yuki: Oh nothing I'm just trying to live a simple civilian life. I thought I'd try it out like you did. Besides I do have to blend in around here after all.
Sydney: It's not good to play with someone's heart you know.
Yuki: Oh but Sydney I think you're the one being played. *looks over to Ling's direction* You think he'd trust you after he found out what kind of a traitor you were...rather do you think he'd even love you for that?
Sydney: I'm keeping my distance from him so I don't get caught.
Yuki: That's all? You're not just staying away from him so you don't hurt him are you? He is after all a gundam pilot they all are after all. You don't know if at this very moment they're ploting against the colonies, your family or anyone you care about. That's why we're working with Kage to stop them from trying to take over all of space along with the world like the want to.
Sydney: I know that. But it doesn't make sense...Why would they want to take over the colonies? They did after all come from the colonies them self.
Yuki: But they joined forces with the earth in the end. That's why they live here. I bet if you asked any of them if they've been to space they'll probably tell you they've only been their for a vacation not to live there and know what it's like to live in a place where you have to worry only about yourself to survive. My mother was a spy once. That is before she died on a mission. I was left with one of my uncles who didn't even care about me much. He kept calling me "Midii", my mother's name, because I looked so much like her. My father disowned my mother when he found out about me. Then like my life wasn't already terrible enough my uncle died from alcoholism and I was sent to and orphanage because the rest of my family didn't want anything to do with me. They all say I'm like a plague where ever I go something horrible happens either someone dies or their life goes down the tubes. I was only adopted once and it was of course my last time because the other kids would always tell the couples that everywhere I went someone died. It's true the one and only time I was adopted my temperate family had a baby boy who died a week month later from lack of oxygen to his lungs. I was sent back because they thought I had choked him to death of course and stayed there until I was able to get out. I met Kage-sama by chance and he asked me if I wanted a job. I guess that's how I ended up here sitting next to you telling you about my tragic life.
Sydney: I can see why you turned into a spy.
Yuki: It's all I'm good at I guess.
Atta: Suzuka!
Yuki: Yeah?
Atta: I was wondering you want to go get something to eat? I'm kind of hungry and I thought you might be.
Yuki: I'm hungry also so I'll be with you in a moment.
Atta: Great! *runs off to inform Shingo about his dinner plans*
Sydney: I think he really does like you.
Yuki: But he doesn't know what kind of a frod I really am.
Sydney: You've had tragedys occur thoughout your life and had the feeling of not being wanted several times. You might as well enjoy your fairytale life now before it goes to hell.
Yuki: What wise advise from someone that doesn't want to live her fairytale life with her prince. I need to go, Sydney. You should take your own advise sometime.
Sydney: *sighs and sits there looking off into the slowly darkening sky above* Even if I wanted to I can't. Will you still be waiting for me even if I don't come, Ling?
The end of this installment to NGW I hope you'll bear with me and the smushy lovey stuff. The next episode will make up for all of that.