Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 21 - Traitors, Stuffed animals and More Mail.
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Haruka sat on the steps of Peacecraft Academy waiting for either his green haired newly found girlfriend, Michiru, or a short spikey haired blonde, Shingo, to show up while other students entered the building chating away with one another. Haruka was getting bored and tired of waiting and of course was just on the verg to just kick back and relax with a new issue of Hentai Monthly when Michiru ran up to him excitedly.

Haruka: What's up with you?
Michiru: I just wanted to tell you I had a great time at the theater and at the fair!
Haruka: Cause I got ya all that free stuff?
Michiru: Nah I could careless about that. I'm just happy that we went out together.
Haruka: Well if ya say so... *spots Shingo* HEY SHINGO GET OVER HERE MAN!
Shingo: *sighs and drags his bookbag behind him* What?
Haruka: Nothing just checkin to see if you really were Shingo cause...*looks at the boy's hair which for once is actually down* you didn't gel your hair up today.
Shingo: Forgot.
Haruka: Ah...
Michiru: I think it makes him look cute with it down.
Haruka: Yeah right... Dun bother tryin to make em feel better he already looks like the apocalypse came. Though I wouldn't know why...
Shingo: Hah...Like you didn't already hear about it by now.
Haruka: *sarcasticly* Why whatever do you men, Shingo my good friend?
Shingo: Cut the crap 'Ruka, I'm not in the mood for it today.
Haruka: *to Michiru* Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the bed... Or should I say the floor?
Shingo: Shut up, Haruka!
Haruka: *a bit taken back by Shingo using his actual name* What's your problem man?
Shingo Nothing! Absolutly nothing. *sits down on the steps away from Haruka*
Michiru: *sits right next to Shingo* What's wrong?
Shingo: Nothing.
Michiru: You wouldn't be having a fit if nothing were wrong.
Shingo: *looks at Michiru who's smiling back at him* It doesn't matter.
Michiru: Obviously does since you're sitting here acting worse then a woman on a constant PMS.
Shingo: Gee I guess I should feel somewaht proud of myself then, eh?
Michiru: Come on now. Tell me what happened.
Shingo: *looks at Haruka as if asking permission while Haruka just waves him hand for him to go on* I guess you know about the gundams right?
Michiru: Yup.
Shingo: Thought so... Someone here just can't keep him mouth shut about it I'm guessing. *Haruka nearly jumps up to attack Shingo as Michiru backhands him in the face and smiles*
Michiru: Continue please.
Shingo: Well last night I had this really weird dream where I got out of bed and I heard someone talking in one of the rooms. Well when I got to the door of my room it stopped so I went back to go to bed when it stasrted up again. So I opened th door and started following the voice. Turns out it was in the control room I open the door and the rest of it is just a blur. The next thing I find out is I'm on the floor to the control room with my father screaming at me about why I was in there and someone breaking into the gundam hanger. I of course got a humongus lecture about why I shouldn't do this and that when of corse my mom heard the raket and told my father off about a few mistakes he's done himself so I wouldn't feel that bad. I didn't sleep the rest of the night you know cause I didn't want to end up in my gundam destory stuff in my sleep.
Michiru: You sure you weren't just sleep walking?
Shingo: Hah! You should've seen how well my father took that excuse... Cause quite frankly the only thing I do in my sleep is drool all over my pillow and uh... ya know...uh...
Michiru: Yeah yeah I get it. Did you understand what that voice was telling you?
Shingo: Not in the begining... It was too low to hear until I got to the door you know in my dream of course.
Michiru: Wha'd it say? *watching Haruka just sit there not believeing a word Shingo was saying*
Shingo: I could hardly decipher it since I haven't spoken a word of the language in a long time.
Michiru: What was it in?
Shingo Uhhh arabic I think...Yeah that's it.
Haruka: Oh please you don't know arabic!
Shingo: YES I DO! I just forgot a bit of it cause I learned it when I was yonger and around the Maguanacs. My mom thought I was still speaking gibberish since I was still a little, barily able to walk yet actually. Though my father knew about it without her knowing... As far as I know he didn't tell anyone about it.
Michiru: *thinking this over* But why would they go that route to give you information for that mater how would they know about that?
Shingo: *shrug* I dunno... I still say I ate too much or something like that cause it doesn't make sense to me either. Hey I just remembered something!
Haruka: That you're talkin to my woman?
Shingo: ...No... I just remembered that after that big fight I had with Ling I went to my gundam that day. Well I guess I kinda fell asleep for about three minutes when I heard a bunch of noise like someone runing around the hanger. Then I heard someone talking about "Getting the system". I woke up and no one was there. Weird eh?
Haruka: ...Now you have preminisions? What next you remember your past life?
Michiru: Haruka.... *to Shingo* How odd...Do you know why, Shingo?
Shingo: No, I kinda dismissed it and went along with my life until just recently. *looks at his watch* Five minutes...I'm going to go to class and hopefully get some sleep. *gets up and leaves the two alone*
Michiru: And you?
Haruka: What about me?
Michiru: Do you know anything?
Haruka: Depends on what it is...
Michiru: I want to know what happened after I left you and Shingo at the fair.
Haruka: We went to a hypnosis stand type thing and I told Shingo to try it out since ya know he didn't believe it worked. Well I guess you can say it was just like Shingo's dream cept this really freaky girl was talkin in a really weird language though if you heard it you wouldn't consider it one. Anyways, Shingo snaped out of it and told me it was a waste of time especially since he didn't see any results ya know. I think the girl's name was Ginga Yuki or somethin like that...
Michiru: Then that has to be it. This Ginga Yuki must've done it in arabic so you wouldn't catch on to a word she was saying.
Haruka: ...Uh huh... Now hypothedicly speakin if this actually did work how'd she know about his little multilingual self?
Michiru: Either she was taking a shot in the dark or she knows someone.
Haruka: But Shingo himself said it didn't work.
Michiru: We're talking about the same person who I'm constantly partnered up with in science class because he makes everything blow up including chocolate mix. So of course he wouldn't be able to tell if some hypnosis worked on him or not. Though it was rather smart of that girl to give him instructions in arabic.
Haruka: Oh please... The way I see it the guy has turned traitor on us. I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it was true. Besides it was pretty obvious he knew what he was doing.
Michiru: Ok genius then why doesn't he remember doing it?
Haruka: He's lying to you and he's bound to do the same to everyone else. I bet that Ginga Yuki chick is workin with him against us and she was just going over their plans with him.
Michiru: I thought Shingo was your friend.
Haruka: I don't have traitors as friends. I have to go to class and so do you. *walks off*
Michiru: Oi Haruka... Are you always this cold towards others or only to thoes you use to call friends?
Haruka: *hears this question and turns around to face Michiru* Only to thoes I find to be traitors.

Lunchtime rolls around and of course Shingo is alone while everyone else is sitting at another table. Michiru walks up to the ngw group and notices that no one is even next to the blonde.

Michiru: What's wrong with you guys? You all act like Shingo is a diesease or something!
Haruka: I'm not sittin anywhere near him.
Milliardo: I always sit here.
Duet: I don't associate with anyone from their little "Hentai Squad".
Ling: Never have never will. *gets hit by Sydney* OUCH!
Sydney: * pretending it was on accident* Oops, sorry Ling.
Ariel: *looks up from a stack of books* I'm not going to talk to him until he has something mature enough to say to me.
Michiru: Ok... Then I'll go sit with him.
Sydney: ...I'll so the same. *walks off with Michiru*
Ling: I don't believe her...
Haruka: I'll say! I can't believe Mi-chan would want to talk to him of all people.
Milliardo: And why aren't you?
Haruka: Because he's not my friend.
Duet: ...I really don't want to get involved but...exactly when did this happen?
Haruka: Since I found out about his little traitorus act which was a bit after mom told dad she was pregnant again...

Earlier that day, Haruka and Milliardo are downstairs in the kitchen eating some cereal and toast when their great father comes down in his usual grumpy mood.

Relena: You're up already, Heero?
Heero: *grunt, sits down*
Relena: Well I made your favorite! Teddy bear shapped pancakes with extra syrup and strawberries at the side along with some beacon, toast, and scrambled eggs.
Heero: *stares at the plate of food in front of him with the pancake teddies smiling up at him* Relena...You know I don't like it when my food gives any sort of expression to me much less has a face. *notices Haruka chuckling and raises and eye brow at him* And what's so funny to you?
Haruka: Eh me? Nothin. *watches Heero pick up the pancake and bite it's head off*
Heero: Really? *chew,chew,chew* Relena these are a little over done, my toast is on the burnt side slightly and *looks at Relena* You're getting fat.
Relena: *snaps* OVER DONE?
Heero: That is what I said.
Relena: *picks up the pancake bear and smashes in into Heero's mouth* My toast isn't even burnt! *picks it up the toast also and jams both of them into Heero's mouth* AND SOOOOOOOOOOORRY IF I'M GETTING FAT! MAYBE IF YOU LISTENED TO ME THAT NIGHT I WOULDN'T BE FAT!
Heero: *chokes the food down, grabs the cup of orange juice and clears his throat* What are you talking about?!
Relena: You know what I'm talking about!
Haruka: ....*putting the two together* OH MY GOD! YOU'RE PREGNANT MOM?!?
Heero: Oh please! You're mom is on the pill there's no way in hell she could possibly be anywhere near pregnant. Thought oddly enough this food does taste better then usual.
Relena: Like our son told you Heero I'm pregnant.
Heero: You can't be because you're on the pill...unless you care to explain as to why you weren't.
Relena: I ran out! I told you that and you just said that it's probably unlikely I'd get pregnant and what happens?!?
Heero: ...I didn't say that...
Relena: Yes you did!
Heero: No I didn't.
Relena: ARGH! I hate it when you play games with me!
Heero: I'm not because I know you're not pregnant you just don't want to admit that you're getting fat.
Relena: Really? Look at you! You almost look like the Pillsbury Doughboy! Then again at the moment he looks a lot more attractive then you.
Milliardo: *nearly chokes up his cereal*
Heero: ...*looks down and also notices he's getting a tad on the chubby side*
Relena: Oh wait that's right you "workout" every single day! Obviously it's not working for you, Heero.
Heero: ...Relena look last night I got a call about the gunda-
Relena: DON'T EVEN GIVE ME THAT! I know what you're up to! I can see it! *starts crying* You went out with a hot younger woman didn't you?!?
Heero: No, someone broke into the gundam hanger last night it just so happens my nonexsistant son's friend happened to be in the control room when it happened. So I went to see what they took.
Relena: Right...
Haruka: *butting into the conversation* What do you mean something was stolen? Who was it?
Heero: Nothing of too much value. We still haven't figured out who took it though Quatre's son was the one who let them in the hanger in the first place.
Haruka: Shingo? Funny! So who really?
Heero: *in a very serious tone* Shingo.
Haruka: ...You're pullin my leg.
Heero: I wouldn't think of doing that.
Haruka: You're serious then... *sees Heero nod*

Back at the present time.

Haruka: That's basically how I found out about it. I guess it was better to hear it from my dad then someone else eh?
Duet: True. But it doesn't make much sense. Who would take all that time to come out with nothing valueble to any of us?
Milliardo: ...That is unless they took-
Ariel: The Z2PT...I'm almost certian that's what they probably took. Our parents just don't want to tell us or think we still don't know about it.
Duet: How would they know about the Z2PT?
Ariel: Someone took the pilot stats recording from my locker awhile back.
Ling: Which means someone in this school is a spy.
Haruka: Yeah it probably was Shingo.
Duet: What would he need it for? If he really was a traitor he wouldn't have any use of his pilot satus.
Milliardo: I don't understand it myself but it's obvious someone is trying to get our attention. We just have to try and think ahead of this person...evidentaly the only way to do that is think like them.
Ling: Saying if they did indeed take the Z2PT what would they do with it?
Ariel: If I were this person I'd want to make sure it was the real deal so I'd test it out on someone I could posibly control.
Milliardo: Then what would you do?
Duet: Well if it really was what I was looking for I'd do what that email said to us. I'd start gaining the colony's trust and eventually lead them into war with the earth.
Haruka: Come off it none of us really took that email seriously.
Milliardo: True but we did say we were going to be on the look out if anything corresponding to the email occured. Obviously something is up with the colonies.
Ling: I already heard that a few of the colonies want to get out of the Unified Nations because of the appearance of the gundams. They're worried that the Earth might try and attack them.
Ariel: Hmmm...Didn't that email say something about a "test subject"?
Duet: Yeah but who would be able to with stand the Z2PT without losing it intirely?
Millliardo: The way I see it if my father doesn't trust the thing and Shingo can't get over it then that leaves us to believe that no one can handle the system without either trying to commit suicide, become really mental and ending up in self denial.
Ariel: I was just thinking you guys what if they were to use one of us as a test subject?
Haruka: As if that would happen.
Duet: Ariel brings up a good point. They could very well use one of us as a test rat and if we don't show any good results they could just throw us away without any sort of guilt.
Ling: This is getting a bit confusing...We still don't even know who sent us that email in the first place.
Milliardo: But we just can't ignore it. It's plainly obvious that that person knows something we all don't. Think about it all of the things that email said has actually happen. Now of course we ourselves don't know what was stolen but we all have a pretty good idea even though our parents don't want to tell us about it.
Haruka: But it doesn't take Shingo off the list of suspects yet does it?
Milliardo: No, not yet anyways...
Duet: Saying if Shingo was a "traitor" as some of us would like to say wouldn't he be a number one candidate to test the system out on?
Ling: ...I didn't think of that. But we don't have any evidence to back up wheather or not Shingo is a traitor. He could've very well have been in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Haruka: But if he is a traitor I'm sure he'd gladly test it out for them.
Milliardo: Even if he did he still wouldn't be able to with stand the effects for more then a few minutes maybe even less then that. You and I both know, Haruka, that Shingo couldn't even put up with the original system for more then a few seconds. This of course caused him to get "sick" for two week as most thought but in truth he didn't want to leave his room for anything because he thought no one cared about him.
Ariel: They why did they make him try it?
Haruka: The moron thought that he was better then Mill and assumed that he'd be able to beat the zero system in a few seconds until the opposite happened the zero system took him down within a few seconds. I personaly think that system messed him up pretty good.
Duet: Why do you say that?
Haruka: Well back then you could almost compare Shingo to a perfect angel even though in public he acted like a bad ass even though we all know I am THE bad ass. Now you tend to think of Shingo as the devil's advocate.
Ariel: Funny Haruka. But we all know Shingo has and has always been as evil and perverted as he will and can be.
Duet: Actually Haruka's sort of right I actually kinda got along with Shingo much more when we were younger then I do now . It's almost like it never happend. Of course you wouldn't really know since it was around the time you came to move here perminently. But like Haruka said Shingo always did try to act stupider then he was so he could get a few laughs from people.
Ling: Ok now that's a little odd... You never get along with Shingo or Haruka. Besides how can you be sure that the zero system did all that to him? You did say so yourself he did try to act like a bad ass and still appears to.
Haruka: Me an Mill were there before he got a taste of the zero system and I was there after. Besides how can a kid like Shingo go from almost praising his dad every minute to dispising him in every aspect within two weeks?
Ariel: Simple... Shingo's was obviously spoiled when he was a kid and when he didn't get something he really wanted everything went to hell.
Haruka: I've only known Shingo since we were six but as far as I know he wasn't spoiled in the least. If anything he was too deprived. If anything stuck with that guy it's that he's a mama's boy.
Ariel: Where'd you come up with that one?
Haruka: Let's face a few facts he still let's his mom pick his clothes out for him, tell him what he should do, and what he shouldn't do. I'm surprised she hasn't made his lunch for him since he was in fifth grade. For all I know he probably still has that nappy lookin bear that supposidly had a run in with a real bear when he was three and went to the zoo somewhere up in his room... Probably in his trunk or somethin. I personally wouldn't know much about it's where abouts.
Milliardo: You're one to talk Haruka you yourself are a "mama's boy" as well. You still let mom pick your clothes out for you. You always get a ton of attention from mom who sometimes calls you "Ruky-Chan". Oh yes and speaking of childhood toys whatever happened to Speedy the turtle?
Haruka: ACK!!!! I know what it is you're jealous that I get more attention from mom then you do!
Milliardo: Actually that's not very true. At certian times mom still calls me 'Millikins'.
Haruka: Yeah? Well what happened to Puffy the blowfish? Hmmm?
Milliardo: He's on my dresser along with my pictures and schedule.
Haruka: ...*amazed that Milliardo would go out and just give out such information* You hear that Duet? Mill still has his little fishy toy!
Milliardo: And you still have your turtle under your pillow.
Haruka: HOW'D YOU KNOW?!? *watches everyone who just so happened to over hear the question about the turtle give him glares of surprise* Uh... I ment to say... uh... What are you talking about?!? Yes that's it... HAHAHAHAHA! ^o^;;;
Ariel: *attempting to change the subject before Haruka turned any redder* Um... Well I'll go look up some stuff on our predicament while I'm still here.
Ling: *trying to recover from Haruka's stupid comment* Eh? What do you mean?
Ariel: I'm going to go to America for collage. I figured that I should at least look up something on some students who transfered here before I leave or become too busy to help you guys. *looks at her watch* The bell's going to ring in a bit. I have to go to the libary and pick up a few books. *leaves the rest of the group behind*
Haruka: Ok if ya all dun know by now Shingo informed me yesterday that he and Ariel are in a "dissagreement" and thus have broken up for the x amount of time again!
Duet: *sighs* Figures...

The rest of the day went on with muffled laughs at Haruka about his turtle "Speedy" while Michiru ignored him for the remainder of the day since she figured he was being an ass. The end of the day arrives and the door is opened to a familar appartment with a laptop setup on the desk next to a bed with letters going accros the screan saying "New Mail!" in bold. The brunette haired girl walks over to the bed and grabs the laptop from the desk.

Sydney: So soon, Kage? I was starting to enjoy a quiet life for once. *double clicks on the email and reads the contents*

Its been awhile since you last contacted me sydney. I'm glad to inform you that we have gotten the program and intend to use it as evidence against those who wish to breach the peace that is already in order.

Sydney: Are you trying to sweet talk me, Kage? Obviously there's something more to this. *continues scrolling downward.

The recent contribution you handed over to us if far more then we truely expected from one like yourself, Sydney. Since you did such a wonderful job on your last assignment we plan on giving you a bit of a more complicated task. I've heard that you've been getting a little close to a Shingo Winner seeing how you saw the recording yourself then you also realize he's also the boy that piloted the gundam known as "SandStorm". Because of this newly found relationship you seem to have with this boy we would like you to convince him to go to the address below this letter so we could question him. I myself would like to know what he was doing having a little joyride in a gundam. I'll be in the neighborhood at the begining of June. I hope you're having fun with your "normal" life.

~ Kitsune Kage

~5547 Sakura Ave~

Sydney: Convince Shingo? That's as easy as holding a treat in front of a dog. But what's his sudden interest in him? That is beside him being a gundam pilot which I'm starting to really doubt. Then again I doubt he's really that stupid enough to even follow me to the bathroom. I wonder what Ling's doing... He's gotten a bit over protective of me I wonder why... *a thought comes out of no where* Does he like me or something?! Where could I even concieve such a thought? I'm sure their's already some girl that's waiting for Ling to give in. Besides I don't have anytime for love right now and even if I did I'd just be leaving him again anyways. *hears a knock on the door* I'm coming hold on a second! *turns off the laptop and goes to answer the door* Hello?

A humongus look of surprise somes on Sydney's face as she faces another girl with almost golden colored hair with gray colored eyes who seems to be the same age as Sydney. The other girl grins slightly.

Sydney: What are you doing here?!
Girl: Nice to see you too, Sydney.
x.X Nani? What's goin on here now? Why won't Chibi-chan stop adding characters?!? WHY IS THIS STORY GETTING CONFUSING AGAIN?!?! We'll find out more in the next episode! ^^;