Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 20: Surprises Around Every Corner

Two months later, Haruka looks though the mail and sees two envelopes with test scores. Haruka drops the rest of the mail on the ground and runs inside to the kitchen.

Haruka: MOM! I GOT MY TEST SCORES! So did Mill, but we all know we don't need to look at them anyway.
Relena: Well, open it.
Haruka: *humming happily and opens the envelope* Dear Mr. Haruka Z. Yuy...blah blah blah blah blah...Your test scores...blah blah blah...You have made it into Sanq Kingdom University. We expect to see you at the beginning of the first semester in September. Blah blah blah Thank you blah blah blah. Ok... I MADE IT! Man Mill's gonna be pissed!
Relena: How about you keep from telling him about it?
Haruka: Yeah, I guess that would work.
Relena: Ah...My baby boy's going to college...I never thought I'd see the day...It was just like yesterday you could hardly walk and now here you are all grown up and handsome.
Haruka: ...Mom...You're scaring me...
Relena: What am I going to do when you and Milliardo are gone?
Haruka: I dunno but your stuck with Dad so... ^^;
Relena: Speaking of which where is your father?
Haruka: ...Uh, I think he and Mill went to go do one of those things that they exclude me from.
Relena: I wish your father would at least show you some support.
Haruka: *sniff* That's why I got you mom... Besides dad doesn't like me!
Relena: I've noticed that ever since the day he dropped Milliardo he's taken more of a liking to him.
Haruka: So you mean if I was the one he dropped instead he'd like me?
Relena: ...I doubt it.
Haruka: Eh...I have nothing to do now... We have spring break off and I have no where to go...
Relena: What happened to going to see Shingo?
Haruka: He's "busy" doin stuff. Ya know the "I love you Ariel" suck up stuff.
Relena: What about Michiru?
Haruka: ...Never thought about that. I'm gonna see what she's doing. *walks up the stairs and enters the room which Michiru is currently staying in* Hey Mi-chan
Michiru: What's wrong?
Haruka: I'm bored...
Michiru: Really?
Haruka: Yeah...Hey you wanna go anywhere?!?
Michiru: Yeah!
Haruka: Well where ya wanna go?
Michiru: They have a new movie out and I really want to see it.
Haruka: Ok just as long as it isn't one of those boring love story movies.
Michiru: Better...Blood, body parts, guns and a good plot!
Haruka: My kind of movie!
Michiru: Well then let go! *grabs Haruka and the two run out the door*
Haruka: *really fast* Gointothemoviesmombebacklater!
Relena: ...Ne...?

Meanwhile, Shingo's busy jumping up and down with the letter he had just recieved from SKU about his entrance exam.

Taleb: *manages to grab the letter from Shingo* ...You actually did good...
Atta: *grabs it from Taleb* Good? This is outstanding! See I told you if you stare at those books long enough it would set in your brain. Obviously it worked.
Taleb: ...Oh please you're always trying to take the credit for something. Suck up.
Atta: Well if I'm "sucking up" then I must be learning it from you since you seem to do it very well.
Taleb: ...Errr...
Shingo: Dude this mean my "great" father has to play me in Mortal Kombat! *grabs the letter and runs all the way to Quatre's not so private room and held the paper in front of the ex-gundam pilot's face* See! See! I made it now you have to play me that game!
Quatre: ...*looks at the paper for a long time and then looked at Shingo* Can't I practice first? It wouldn't be interesting if I had no clue how to even attack you.
Shigno: ...Eh...I'll take some pity on ya.
Quatre: You sure?
Shingo: Fine with me I just wanna see how bad you are. Besides you are going against me the master of Mortal Kombat.
Quatre: Give me five minutes and we'll see how good you really are.
Shingo: Or how much I'm going to enjoy killing you left and right.

Five minutes later...

Atta: Argh! I lost again!
Taleb: You're probably holding back because it's Shingo!
Atta: You wish!
Shingo: Face it, I rule you both at any game.
Quatre: You're warming up already?
Atta: Hah! He beat me probably twenty times alredy in five minutes!
Shingo: *grabs controller from Atta and holds it out for Quatre* Remember what you said... If I win you have to get me a Playstation 2!
Quatre: *takes the controller* And if I win you have to bring up your grades.
Shingo: You wish.
Atta: ...This is going to be boring...We all know Shingo's going to take his father down the second the game starts.
Taleb: Twenty dollars says Shingo loses.
Atta: Well I hope you have the money to back up those words TaTa.

Shingo picks his game character as does Quatre and the game starts. Five seconds into the game Shingo's character is half way dead.

Shingo: NAI! How'd you do that?!? I thought you said you never played any games!
Quatre: I never said in how long. Besides I've been practicing a little.
Shingo: ...Ack!
Atta: KILL HIM! You can do it! Come on Shingo!
Taleb: What's wrong you don't have twenty dollars on you?
Atta: Not for you.
Taleb: Shingo's only got a quarter of his life left and he's only done a few attacks that actually hit to his father.
Shingo: Die..die..die..die.die.die.die.die.DIE DAMNIT! AHHHHHHHHHHHH! *game over* *falls back* Argh...That's it...I'm not having anymore bets with you...*looks at Quatre*
Quatre: At least you passed the entrance exam now all you have to do is pass your semester exam...
Shingo: Oi...*goes SD and jumps up and down pointing at Quatre* You cheated!!!
Quatre: There's no posible way I can cheat so in your words...You wish.
Shingo: ...You just don't steal a guys line like that!
Quatre: *shrug*
Shingo: I still hate you...
Atta: *grabs Shingo and starts throwing him around like a rag doll* How could you looooooooooooooose?! ;.;
Shingo: *dizzy, falls back again* I'm tellin you he fixed the game! I want a rematch!
Quatre: You only said one game!
Shingo: Fine! I'll maybe bring up my grades... It's not a guarantee! Besides you are asking the impossible from me.
Quatre: I hope it's not too impossible for you.
Taleb: Pay up, Atta!
Atta: *stare* Uhhh I don't have any money on me... ^^; But I'll play ya a game!
Taleb: ...
Shingo: I curse my father times a million.
Taleb: Would you stop cursing people? It's aggravating.
Shingo: It's fun!
Atta: *counting out loud* ...5,013,675 times Shingo has cursed his father since he learned the word...about uh...tem years ago or so...That's a lot of curses!. We have a variety of different curses. From your regular average day type to your I just don't like you today curses.
Taleb: ...You sound like a sales person, Atta...
Atta: Really? Maybe I should get into that kind of stuff!
Taleb: Please...You couldn't sell cheese to a starving rat.
Atta: And what does THAT mean!?!?
Taleb: Exactly what I said.
Shingo: *wondering off to la la land* ...I wonder what Ariel's doing...For that matter which college she's goin to.

Ariel runs around the kitchen looking like a girl in a candy store while her brothers stare at her.

Ariel: I can't believe it! I actually got accepted!
Triage: ...Where?
Ariel: To Princeton!
Nova: Isn't that in America?
Ariel: Yes.
Triage: Won't you miss everyone...Like Shingo for example?
Ariel: *ignoring the Shingo comment* Yes, but I can always send you guys mail and stuff.
Triage: So you're going to miss everyone and Shingo right?!
Ariel: Yes.
Nova: Well, I heard that's a really good school to get into especially since it's also hard to get into.
Ariel: I studied day in day out and finally I've recieved my payment. It doesn't matter where the school is just as long as it works for me.
Triage: Then, if you don't like that school you'll come back to go to school here with everyone like Shingo right?
Ariel: I find that highly unlikely and why are you bringing up Shingo?
Triage: ...I was kinda hoping one day you two would actually tie the knot and I'd have Shingo as a brother-inlaw.
Ariel: ...We'll never "tie the knot" as you put it because it's very evident that Shingo never has and never will be any sort of potential husband material.
Triage: But I thought when you get married you work to get rid of those differences between you. Besides you still like Shingo right?
Ariel: ...I've wasted too much time on him so much it's almost like he's a little brother to me... Not to say you two are as stupid as him. Besides I know when I need to move on and I think this will probably be a ton more better for the both of us. He can go do his little girl watching without having to worry about me and I'll have a lot more time to work on school. Besides it's not like he'd ever get excepted into any type of college.
Triage: So this means you're not going to go get another boyfriend right?!?
Ariel: I don't know about that. I'm a bit more smarter then Shingo to keep my personal life and my school life apart not in the same place.
Ariel: ...Let me refraise that... He has his "babe watching" and his "school life" in the same place... If you didn't get that... Girls are his personal life not ME! And the same thing will happen to you if you keep Shingo as a role model!
Triage: *sinks in his chair*
Nova: ...*changes subject* Did you tell mom and dad about the school yet?
Ariel: Oh...I forgot about that! Thank you, Nova. *walks out of the kitchen to the living room*
Triage: I think sis needs a anger managment class!
Nova: *shrug* I guess so...

Ariel looks around the living room to be greeted by her uncle, mom, and dad who were talking about Duo's whereabouts before he had returned.

Duo: Hey Ariel! *gets up* How's my niece doin?
Ariel: I'm ok. I was just about to tell my dad about something.
Trowa: *praying to himself* Please don't let it be that she's pregnant! Especially if Shingo's the father!
Jade: *raise eyebrow* ...What are you going on about? Ariel's too smart to go to bed with a boy! Well at least I hope so...
Ariel: No the news I'm going to tell you is in no connection to that moron I call a boyfriend.
Trowa: *jumps up* THANK GOD! *recieves some glares* ...Ahem...You were saying?
Ariel: It's better! I got excepted into a collage in America!
Trowa: ...Just when it gets better it gets worse.
Duo: Wha does that mean?!?
Trowa: ...*imagines Ariel going to a school full of people that act just like Duo and shudders* Nothing.
Jade: I don't see what's so bad! I think it's a good turn of events! Though won't you miss your boyfriend....*searching for the name* Shawn? Steve? I know it starts with an S or is it another letter?
Ariel: *sigh* Shingo, mom...Shingo. No one can ever forget that name.
Jade: He's that blonde kid isn't he?
Ariel: Yes mom.
Jade: Ahh...He was so cute when he was younger. His mom's that weird woman with the freaky eyebrows right?
Duo: ...I regret sayin it but not anymore...She doesn't have the "freaky eyebrows".
Jade: I was wondering when she was going to get that fixed. Could you imagine that poor kid having a mom that looked like that?
Ariel: Mom...Can we focus back on me?
Jade: You're right. You were also cute! Everytime I went over to Relena's house and that kid...Shingo...was there you'd always play with him along with those other boys... I think their names were Harvey and Milton.
Trowa: ... *sweat drop* Haruka and Milliardo dear.
Jade: Oh! I knew that! By the way can that woman cook now?
Duo: ...Ehh Heero isn't dead yet neither are the kids so we can only assume they don't eat her food or they've gotten immune to the stuff.
Jade: Oh.
Ariel: ...Can we get back to my collage stuff?
Jade: Oh yeah! Anyways won't you miss your boyfriend?
Ariel: What's there to miss?
Jade: I don't know... Don't you guys go out?
Ariel: NO! He's too busy with his friend along with my brother now babe watching!
Duo: Ah...The old days... I almost miss it.
Trowa: You still look at other girls behind Hilde's back.
Duo: But I never slept with any! They don't got what Hilde's got!
Trowa: ...I'm going to refrain from saying something.
Duo: What?
Trowa: Nothing...
Duo: Barton!
Trowa: Maxwell?
Jade: ...Can you two not start right now? *turns back to Ariel* The point is Ariel maybe you should talk to your boyfriend first and see what he thinks.
Ariel: Mom...Let's face several thing... *gets out a white board along wiht some markers* Now as we all know Shingo is a per-ver-t. *writes this on the board in green marker under the name "shingo"* He's also a rich, blonde, stupid, player who doesn't even get along with his own family much less would he even think about starting a family of any kind with me since he's got his mind in the gutter at all times. Now on the other hand there's me. *writes her name in black marker*I'm a smart, non-blonde, cute, loveable, poor girl who's helplessly somehow attracted to the baka named Shingo who I know I don't have a chance with. *while having her back turned and writing all of what she had just said about herself someone enters the room with a sandwhich in hand and starts making themselves at home on the couch*
Shingo: Uh... I think you forgot to add that you throw knives at Shingo too! Oh and the last hing you wrtoe *shakes his head* Isn't at all true.
Ariel: Oh thank you!
Shingo: *lays back on the couch next to Jade while making himself at home* Hi Mrs. Barton! You look as beatuful as you did the last time I saw you.
Jade: Nice to see you too, Shingo.
Ariel: *twitch, spin around* SHINGO!
Shingo: That's how you say 'Hi' to me now?
Ariel: What do you think you're doing here?!?
Shingo: Just dropped by. *stares at the board* Hey I'm not stupid! I'm just slow!
Duo: Exactly what I say all the time but does anyone believe me?
Trowa: Duo...You're not slow you're just plain ignorant.
Duo: Hey!
Ariel: ...You're far behind slow Shingo. You're a moron.
Shingo: I love you too.
Ariel: Oh what a lie.
Shingo: Well half the stuff you put up on there I'm trying to fix minus the blonde part... Though what's so wrong about me being a cute little blonde?!
Ariel: Their's nothing "cute" about you, Shingo. I'm sure you know that by now.
Shingo: I'm a little hurt.
Ariel: Well here's something that's going to hurt you even more! I'm going to Princeton in America and their's nothing you or anyone else here can do to think about stoping me. Lastly I don't even want to see you again go it?
Shingo: Fine with me. Go to Princeton if that makes you happy though we all know after a few weeks you're going to miss me and go "Oh Shingo I'm so sorry!".
Ariel: Really?!
Shingo: Yep.
Ariel: Well guess what? This time I'm not! I'm going to start making my check list. *stomps off to her room*
Ariel: *stops midway* Congradulations to you Shingo. Now the question is can you actually pass your first semester there? I doubt it. If you manage to then maybe I'll think about talking to you after you wave a paper in my face at the doorstep to my dormitory at Princeton that varifies that you actually have something better then a D in all of your classes. Something like an A. Perhapes then I'll see you have some intellegence left in your head. As for me I won't have to worry about anything like that since I won't have to cram all night long before the test inorder to get a good grade.
Shingo: I'll take that as a challange.
Ariel: Call it whatever you want. But we both know who's going to win this bet. *slams the door behind her*
Shingo: Mission accepted. *turns around and opens the door to do the same but his shirt gets caught* ACK! *Opens the door again and pulls out his shirt and closes it again*
Duo: ...Kids...
Trowa: I'll say.
Jade: Well at least they have something to focus on other then hating each other.

Triage: *inside the kitchen* Whoa...Shingo and Ariel have a bet going on!
Nova: Why are you ease dropping?
Triage: It's not "ease dropping" it's a family crisis matter!
Nova: Still ease dropping.
Triage: Call it what you want but it's a crisis! If Shingo and Ariel don't hook up it could be the end of the world!
Nova: I doubt that.
Triage: Now all I have to do is get then to talk to each other! Then they'll hit it off from there!
Nova: Yeah with knives all over the place and maybe even a body that might be reconized.

Shingo continued kicking a can around as he walked not bothering to even look up.

Shingo: *to himself* I can't believe her... She does these things on purpose. I know it. *kicks the can about half a foot away* I wonder why I'm even with a girl like that. *catches up to the can and kicks it again another half a foot away* Obviously I liked her at some point. *continues kicking the can and looks at his watch* *sigh* I was going to ask Ariel to go to the fair with me and now it's almost five. On the other hand if I don't get home a couple of baka's are going to get in trouble. *once again kicks the can and watches it run into someone's shoe* Ah... sorry.
Sydney: Shingo!
Shingo: Ne? Sydney. What you doing out here? Waiting for Ling or something?
Sydney: Not really I was going to the fair but you know Ling has "training" to do and all. Say! Do you want to go with me?
Shingo: *looks down to the ground at the can* I don't know...I kinda have to get home you know.
Sydney: Oh come on this can't be the same Shingo Winner I met not too long ago.
Shingo: Well you see if I dont' get home I'll get in serious trouble and besides I was going to go with...*stops durring the sentence and recalled what Ariel had told him* one. So I guess I can let a few people worry about me! All work and no play makes Shingo a very dull boy! And he doesn't want that. So why not?
Sydney: Great! I knew you'd come though for me. *grabs Shingo's arm and runs off with the blonde to the fair*

Ling was finished making Kin and Gin's Chinese Sweets booth which was mainly for a variety of different sweets and other things like that. Though he himself knew Gin was going to be the one doing most of the cooking. He on the other hand was suppose to help the two attract customers in anyway he could.

Gin: Oh Ling it looks great!
Kin: ...I dunno it doesn't look that good. Look at the other one over there. It's going to attaract a lot more attention then ours.
Gin: True. But after they taste my cooking we'll be rolling in the money.
Kin: I dunno...Maybe we should make it not only a sweets booth but a kissing one too!
Ling: What?!? Father would hit the fan if he heard you saying that!
Gin: I think you're doing that for him, Ling. Besides Kin's right we should do that it is our booth after all.
Kin: Maybe we could get Torrance-saa and Shale-saa over here too!
Gin: If we did then that perverted Barton baka would be over here the whole time trying to get kisses from Torrance.
Kin: He'll have to get hungry sometime which means we'd be getting money from him anyways.
Ling: ....oi.... *looks over to see the other booth which for some odd reason to him was called Yuy Boy's Good Old Japanese cooking when it hit him* No...It couldn't be!
Haruka: *some Japanese clothing along with his twin brother (they're wearing spandex! HELP US!)* *ties a white cloth around his head with a big red dot on the front to represent the Japanese flag* COME GET YOUR JAPANESE COOKING! IF YOU HURRY NOW YOU MIGHT GET A KISS FROM ONE OF THE CHEFS!
Ling: Like that's really going to work. *watches a bunch of girls run over to the booth* 0.0;; I don't believe this! Do you two? *looks behind him and doesn't see Kin or Gin* ...*looks over to the Yuy booth and sees the two girls pushing though dozen of other girls to get to the front* ...*sweat drop* I don't believe this!
Seiben: Well, well, well what do we have here? Our resident disgruntle China boy.
Ling: *not looking at Seiben* Errrrrrrrrrr... Seiben I don't have time to talk to you right now. *stares at Seiben for a looooooooooooong time* You cut your hair...
Seiben: Yeah? So? It wasn't my dissicion! My cousins found it to be a great joke.
Ling: Hahahahahaahaha! *ahem* As you were saying?
Seiben: .....I would've thought you would have time since even your sisters went to my cousin's booth...
Ling: If you're not going to buy anything go away.
Rose: Awww! Come on Seiben! Can I get one?
Seiben: WHAT?! I don't have money to be throwing away like that!
Rose: *Lady Une look*
Sieben: ...Fine! One!
Rose: OK! I'll have one of those and ooooooo one of those too! And one of those also!
Seiben: What are you doing?!? I told you only ONE!
Rose: Yeah and I'm getting one of each!
Seiben: I hope you're going to eat that crap.
Rose: Of course not! You're helping me!
Seiben: WHAT?!
Ling: *hands over the candy happily* That'll be twenty five dollars.
Ling: You heard me.
Seiben: ARGH! *pulls out the money and hands it over to Ling*
Ling: Thank you.

Right then Sydney along with a very nausious Winner heir walked past Ling's view as well as Seiben and Rose's.

Ling: Shingo! What do you think you're doing with Sydney?!?
Shingo: *looks up, turns a lovely shade of green and covers his mouth*
Sydney: WE just came from the Fire Dragon! With all thoes twist, turns, hanging upside down oh yeah and the high speed.
Shingo: *turns pale and looks at Sydney as if begging her to stop talking about the ride*
Sydney: Oh yeah and he almost lost his lunch. *pats Shingo on the back* Right?
Shingo: *nearly pukes all over the ground after she hits him in the back and weakly looks at her again* I think I need to go to the bathroom...
Rose: I'd say. Seiben and I already went on that ride the best part was hanging upside down and the sharp curves. *watches Shingo go as pale as a sheet on laundry day* I think you might be sick. Do you feel hungry? I bet you'd like some of this! *pops some gum drops into Shingo's mouth* There I bet that made your day!
Shingo: *eyes widen and he dashes off to the nearest bush*
Rose: I guess it wasn't all that good.
Sydney: *looks at Seiben*
Seiben: What?
Sydney: Nothing.
Rose: ...So I'm guessing your name's Sydney from what your boyfriend over here just said.
Sydney: Boyfriend? *looks at Ling who's blushing like hell* I wouldn't really say that...We'er just good friends.
Rose: How long have you known each other?
Ling: Since we were little...
Sydney: We met a little on accident while I was in China a long time ago...

Two boys around the age of seven were by a shorter boy about five years of age with dark black hair and sky blue eyes.

Boy 1: Aww did little Lingy-Wingy fall on his butt?
Boy 2: You're only good for lunch... *picks up the boy's lunch box and starts pigging out*
Ling: Leave my stuff alone!
Boy 1: Or what? You gonna tell on us? Please...
Ling: Uh..uhh... I'm Cha-cha-chang L-l-ling! An-n-d I kn-know mar-ti-ti-tial arts!
Boy 2: Oooooo! I'm sooooooo afraid! Bring it on!
Ling: *closes his eyes, runs foward and only feels that he's punghing air then opens his eyes again*
Boy 1: *holding Ling back with his hand extended on the boy's forehead* Is that the best you've got? *pushes him back on his butt*
Ling: *trying to keep from crying* I-i-i'm gonna ge-e-et you!
Boy 2: In your dreams kid.
Girl: Hey you two bakas!
Boy 1 & 2: Eh? *turn around to see a brown haired girl the same age as Ling*
Girl: You heard me! BAKAS! Leave him alone!
Boy 1: Or what?
Girl: I'll kick your butt so hard you'll be crying to your mommys.
Boy 2: Yeah right.
Girl: I warned you!

The girl watches the two morons run towards her and she pulls on a rope and watches both of them trip over the obstical. She then runs over to them and kicks them both in the face. After this torture the two boys run off crying.

Girl: Are you ok?
Girl: *blink, laugh* You're funny! Though you have to stand up to guys like that.
Ling: So you're not going to hit me or anything like that?
Girl: Nope! *sticks out her hand* My name's Sydney Evans! I'm visiting China with my parents.
Ling: *gets up and dusts his clothes off* Uh...*looks at her hand afraid she's probably going to try and punch him in the nose or something to that effect* My name's Chang Ling.
Sydney: Nice to meet you Chang!
Ling: No my first name's Ling!
Sydney: Oh...Then I'm Evans Sydney! ^^
Ling: Sydney...That's a wierd name.
Sydney: That's what you say to someone that saved your life?
Ling: I guess though my sister's and my brother's have weirder names.
Sydney: I'd like to meet them!
Ling: Hey I know! We could meet here every day! Maybe you'll see my brothers! Though you might not reconize them cause they have the same color hair as my mom which is different from mine.
Sydney: I'd like that. *hears someone call her name* I have to go. Nice meeting you Chang! I mean Ling!

[Back in Present time]

Rose: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That's so cute! I met Seiben because of a birthday party. Which He didn't get me anything for!
Seiben: What did you really expect? I was only three.
Rose: You're right you still believed in cooties and such back then.
Sieben: At least I could fight back when I was five!
Ling: Please you wish!
Seiben: Ooooooooooooooo! China boy you're really pissing me off!
Ling: Cooties..Heh...I didn't believe in such things.
Sydney: Yeah right...I'd have to say otherwise.
Ling: ...
Seiben: HA! So you did!
Ling: I DID NOT!
Seiben: Lingy-poo afraid of cooties?!?
Ling: ERRRRRRRRRRRRR! *throws a punch at Seiben* HA! JUSTICE!
Seiben: *gets back up and punches Ling* eat that!
Rose: ...When children are at play it's best to stay back.
Sydney: I agree with you. *watches Seiben and Ling disappear into a giant dust cloud*

Aside from the fight which was broken up by Milliardo and Duet, who had came to the fair in hopes of having "privicy with Milliardo", everything went fine thoughout the remainder of the night. Until...Shingo along with Haruka who got his fill of cooking and kisses for the night spoted a foutune teller tent set up.

Haruka: *with a rice ball in hand* Hey that's what you need to go into Shingo!
Shingo: I dunno...I'd be a lot less time consumming to call Miss Cleo then send my time up in there.
Haruka: ...You're right... The dude outside of the tent reminds me of someone... I just can't put my finger on it.
Shingo: *goes up to the guy, takes a closer look at him and watches him grunt* HEY TATA!
Taleb: What are you doing here?!?
Shingo: Having fun....What you doing here?
Taleb: Atta and I thought it was best to get out of the house before we got in trouble thanks to you. It just so happens Atta remembered you were going to go out with Ariel to the fair so once we got here he thought that we should waste some time with a phoney fourtune teller type of thing. Thus this is how I got here.
Shingo: Let me go scare the shit outta him. *enters the tent leaving Haruka to annoy Taleb to his hearts content* Damn it's dark in here...*lights snap on*
Atta: *crossdressed with his eyes closed* My dear sit down!
Shingo: *trying to keep from laughing his head off*
Atta: Now I may not be Miss Cleo but I'm the second best thing! Miss Attina!
Shingo: Wow! I never thought it possible for Miss Cleo to have a second best!
Atta: ...*looks at Shingo* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SHINGO! It was all Taleb's idea! I swear! Don't say anything to anyone!
Shingo: No problem Miss Attina! Though I wanna know why'd you crossdress...
Atta: *pulls off the wig and takes off the dress* Eh...I thought it would've been a little more believeable if I were a girl you know.
Shingo: I figured cause if you hadn't I would've just thought you were like a fag in desprite need of money. Except you're a drag queen in desprite need of money.
Atta: Wow that makes me feel better.
Shingo: How much you make?
Atta: Dun tell TaTa...but...about five hundred.
Shingo: D00d...Well I'm gonna go I haven't gone on some rides yet.
Atta: Ok!
Shingo: *leaves the tent* ...That was a bit disturbing.
Taleb: It's even more disturbing when you hear guys come out that go on and on about 'how hot that girl was'.
Shingo: .....
Haruka: I dun wanna know.

The two boys continue on and see a hypnosis type booth which guarentees to work.

Shingo: Like that really works.
Haruka: You're so skeptical! Go try it out if you claim it doesn't work!
Shingo: Why? Waste money while I'm at it too?
Haruka: I'll pay for it then!
Shingo: Fine...Though I'm telling you it's not going to work.
Girl: Welcome. My name is Yuki Ginga. You?
Shingo: Shingo Winner.
Yuki: I sense you don't believe in much.
Shingo: *to Haruka* You sure she does hypnosis? Cause she sounds like a shrink to me.
Haruka: *shrug*
Shingo: Let's get on with this girly.
Yuki: Very well. *pulls out a golden watch and waves it in front of Shingo* You know the rules... Keep your eye on the watch and it's smooth sailing from then on.
Shingo: *following the watch* Please...Like any of...*yawn* this*becomes drowesy*
Haruka: *hears Yuki start speaking a bunch of nonsense* ...Hey whatcha sayin?
Yuki: *ignores Haruka and continues talking jibborish for a few more minutes then stops and watches the blonde in front of her drop to the floor*
Haruka: ....*poke* Shingo?
Yuki: *snaps her fingers and watches Shingo snap straight up looking around for the origin of the noise*
Shingo: Eh? Wha happened?
Yuki: Seems like it didn't work oh well...Since it didn't I won't require you to pay. Sorry.
Shingo: I'll say. What a waste of time. Come on Haruka. *walks off with the taller blonde who goes on and on about Yuki speaking a bunch of jibberish to him and that probably being why it didn't work*
Yuki: *grin* Stage one complete.

Eventually eveyone left their separate ways and of coourse went straightto bed once they got home from the long eventful evening. That is until late that night. A constant clicking was faintly heard in a room in an unmistakeable mansion which obviously belonged to Quatre. Several men wearing black were outside having knocked out the gaurds around the parimeter waited. The typing quickened then a beep was heard and a thud on the floor. At the exact moment the men left their stations and raided the home but tried not to disturb anything. The men moved quickly as if knowing the place by heart. They reached a door on the lower level of the home and entered in to the opened door to the gundam hanger. Three stayed at the door on watch and another two went running passed gundam after gundam until they came to a familiar one known as SandStorm. They went though the cockpit and started typing away on the keybord and locating a program. Within minutes they achived their gold, copied the program and went out as swiftly as they came. If not for one of the vases being knocked down it would've been the perfect crime. They all dashed out before anyone caught them. Quatre, who had been up late working on some paperwork, went straight to the door of the gundam hanger to find it wide open.

Quatre: *to himself while looking at the door and around it for any detonation type explosives that might've helped the robbers in* It doesn't make sense...How'd they get in...
Gaurd: Master Quatre we found Master Shingo in the control room.
Quatre: What?!*dashes past the garud and to the control room to see Shingo dead asleep on the floor with a puddle of drool already on the floor* Shingo!
Shingo: In a moment...*turns over still asleep* Why's it so freaking cold? *starts searching for a blanket and fails to find one* ...
Quatre: Shingo get up!
Shingo: Ok! OK! Gosh can't aguy get some sleep in *looks around a bit stund* Hey how'd I get here?! Who ever did this it's a very crule joke!
Quatre: That's exactly what I want to know. Why are you in here? If it was you that took off all of the security codes and allowed the gundam hanger to be broken into I want a really good explaination for it.
Shingo: ...Uh...*scratches his head, looks around and uses the first sentence that comes to mind* It wasn't me!
Uh oh someone's in deep poopiedo! What's gonna happen next?!? I dunno...

- ChibiChibi-chan