Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 2:  Reunion at the Peacecraft/Yuy Mansion!
Disclaimer:  Do I look like a Japanese guy?  No!  So, could I *possibly* be the one who owns GW?  No!  Don't bother me about it!  But um...I *do* have the rights to Duo Maxwell!  (Yeah, right... -_-)

A month later, it's morning at the Peacecraft/Yuy household. Relena was already up making breakfast (she can finally cook something that won't kill a small village!), Heero was still in bed, and the kids had something special waiting for their father. Outside of Heero and Relena's room the twins are talking...

Haruka:  Hehehe! This is gonna be cool when Dad wakes up!
Milliardo:  I don't think we should be playing tricks on our father today...especially since today's the party...and everyone will be there...
Haruka:  Uh...duh! That's the point! We make Dad feel all bad in front of his friends!
Milliardo:  Why are we doing this again?
Haruka:  I should hit you upside the head! Remember yesterday?
Milliardo:  Uh no...
Haruka:  *starts to bang his head on the wall* I thought you were suppose to be smart!
Milliardo:  Oh yeah, now I remember! Dad was making us do all those laps around the house and we got mad at him and decided to pay his back!
Haruka:  Uh...yeah...

Meanwhile, inside the room Heero finally wakes up. When Heero gets out of bed, he steps into a bucket of glue. Heero gives a weird look on his face and steps out of the glue to go to the bathroom. When Heero enters the bathroom, another bucket of glue falls on Heero followed by a bucket of feathers. Heero looks at himself in the mirror.

Heero:  Great! Now I look like a oversized chicken!

Heero some how finds a way to get his clothes off and jumps into the shower.  Heero noticed the water was a little cold, but ignored it. After a while, Heero noticed the water was suddenly getting really hot... Heero tried his best to ignore it and went on with his shower. In another bathroom close to Heero and Relena's room, Haruka stood there, flushing the toilet a couple of times. He told his identical twin brother to go to another one and do the same thing. Heero started noticing the water was getting hot and cold every few minutes. When Haruka and Milliardo flushed at the sometime, Heero jumped out of the shower and almost through the bathroom door. The boys heard his screams and waited for the last surprise for Heero to occur.

Before Heero dared to take the rest of his shower, he tested the water. It felt warm to him, so he went back in. Heero picked up his Herbal Essences shampoo and put it in his hair. Heero noticed something was odd about his favorite shampoo, but again, chose to ignore it. Heero got out of the shower and went to the mirror. What he saw certainly shocked the hell out of him.

Heero:  NOOoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! MY HAIR!!!!!!

Relena ran upstairs to see what was wrong with her Hee-chan. When she got there, she didn't see her moss green haired Hee-chan, she saw a blonde Heero Yuy!

Relena:  Heero? *trying to keep from laughing*
Heero: don't mind if I killed our sons now, would you?
Heero:  I what?!
Relena:  You look like a grown up version of our sons!
Heero:  Grrrrr!
Relena:  Don't worry didn't want anyone to recognize you anyway! Hehehe...
Heero:  Do you find this funny?!
Relena:  Actually, I find it hilarious! Hehehe!
Heero:  Relena...
Relena:  Heero...
Heero:  Omae o korosu!
Relena:  When?
Heero:  Later...

After getting dressed, Heero goes downstairs to see his oh-so-loving sons.

Haruka:  Dad! What happened to your hair! *gasps*
Heero:  You...
Haruka:  Me? Why would I do something like that to my dad?
Heero:  Because you are an evil spoiled brat who hasn't had a good kick in the--
Relena:  HEERO!!!
Milliardo:  Dad, I'll tell you the truth...*looks at Haruka* it was all Haruka's fault!!!
Haruka:  What?! You helped me!
Milliardo:  I did not!
Haruka:  Did too!
Milliardo:  NOT!
Haruka:  TOO!
Milliardo:  NOT!!!!!
Haruka:  TOO!!!!!
Relena:  Boys! Stop fighting! This is all your father's fault!
Heero:  Huh?
Relena:  Because of your father, you two are training!
Heero:  But you said I could train them!
Relena:  Because of your father, you two are fighting!
Heero:  I had nothing to do with that.
Relena:  Because of your father, Milliardo was dropped!
Heero:  He slipped out of my hands...what can I say?
Relena:  Because of your father, you two were born!
Heero:  I would think it was because of me...
Relena:  Because of...that...war...your father...met me...
Heero:  It's so true...if I wasn't born, I wouldn't have met the other Gundam pilots, met your mother, marry your mother, you two, and I would have been happy to not meet your Uncle Zechs!
Relena:  How could you say such a thing?
Heero:  I just hate him...
Relena:  Bah! Just ignore your father...he's just not in a good mood today!
Heero:  I'm in a good mood Relena...
Relena:  Then act like it!
Heero:  Whatever...

That evening, Heero tries to take out the hair dye but finds he can't.

Heero:  Why won't it come out?
Relena:  *reading the bottle of dye* It only lasts for 24 hours, Heero! You can live for that long...
Heero:  But it's blonde! I wouldn't have cared if it were black! But no! It's BLONDE!!!
Relena:  Oh come on, Heero! It's not like anyone will notice!
Heero:  Easy for you to say...Duo will laugh...Trowa will probably think I'm someone else...Quatre...I'm afraid to know what he'll think...and Wufei...Kami-sama only knows what he'll say! Who else is coming, Relena?
Relena:  My brother!
Heero:  Oh yeah and her brother...BROTHER!!!!!!
Relena:  That's what I said...
Heero:  Zechs is coming too?!
Relena:  Yes...
Heero:  I thought he was somewhere no one could find him?
Relena:  I have my ways, Heero...
Heero:  Great! That's more to add to my problems!
Haruka:  *runs into the room* Hey Dad! Duo's here!
Heero:  Oh great!
Relena:  Well, aren't you going down to see him?
Heero:  Hell no!
Relena:  Why?
Heero:  *points to his hair* That's why!
Relena:  Heero Yuy! You will go downstairs! It is your mission to go downstairs and talk to our guests!
Heero:  *kinda in a trance* Mission Accepted! *walks downstairs*

Downstairs, Duo was eating all the food he could find. Hilde called him a pig, but he just ignored her. When Heero came down he couldn't find Duo for some odd reason.

Heero:  *to Hilde* Where is Duo?
Hilde:  Who are you?
Heero:  Heero Yuy...
Hilde:  I thought you had brown hair.
Heero:  Moss Green...Where is Duo?
Hilde:  Uh...over there. *points to the table where we see a guy eating up a storm...*
Heero:  Thank you...
Hilde:  You're welcome, Heero...
Heero:  Whatever...

Heero starts to walk up to the guy Hilde said was Duo...

Duo:  This is so good!
Duet:  Dad, you shouldn't eat that much food at the same time!
Duo:  Now, now're not a doctor! So leave Daddy alone while he eats...ok?
Duet:  *sigh* Ok, dad...*walks past Heero* Hi Mr. Yuy...
Heero:  Uh...hi...
Duo:  *looks up from the food to Heero* Who the hell are you?
Heero:  Most likely...who the hell are you?
Duo:  I am Duo Maxwell AKA: Shinigami! Who are you?
Heero:  Heero Yuy...
Duo:  Heero? What the hell happened to your hair?
Heero:  What happened to your braid?
Duo: kinda cut it off while I was sleeping...what about you?
Heero:  My evil children decided to put hair dye into my shampoo this morning...
Duo:  Hehehe! I would have done more than just dye your hair! Hehehe!
Heero:  *gives Duo his trademark Death glare* I know, Duo...
Duo:  Bah! You didn't change one bit Heero!
Heero:  Whatever...
Duo:  So how's Relena?
Heero:  Fine.
Duo:  The kids?
Heero:  Fine.
Duo:  You?
Heero:  Fine. Leave me alone!
Duo:  Geez! I'm just trying to start a conversation!
Heero:  Why?
Duo:  BAH! WHY do I BOTHER *trying* to talk to *YOU*?
Heero:  Because I am the only one to talk to at the moment...
Duo:  Eh...Hey is that Wufei?!
Heero:  It looks like it...

We see Wufei with two kids strapped to his legs, two in his arms, and Ling following him behind Sally.

Wufei:  Get off me you weak children!
Yowamushi[1] (one of his other boys):  *on Wufei's left leg* But I'm afraid, Daddy!
Kasuka[2]  (another one of his boys):  *on Wufei's right leg* I heard the Yuy twins are evil! They're the reincarnations of the devil!
Yowamushi:  I heard they're one of the evil dudes from Dragonball Z!
Wufei:  Ugh! Onna! Get these evil things off of me!
Sally:  Why? I think it's cute!
Wufei:  GRRR! ONNA!!!
Sally:  Bah! Ok...get off your father, he doesn't like being embarrassed around his friends.
Kasuka & Yowamushi:  Ok, Mother!
Yowamushi:  You know, Mother. No matter what Father says, you're really strong! He's the weak one! *walks off*
Kasuka:  Yeah Mother! You should change your name to ChiChi!! *he grins and follows his brother*
Sally:  Thank you boys...
Wufei:  *ignores the boys* Bah! *looks over to where Heero and Duo are* FRIENDS?! All I see is some blonde that looks like a mix of Winner and Yuy, and some idiot that looks like a braidless Maxwell!
Sally:  Uh...I think that is Heero and Duo...
Wufei:  Onna, are you blind? *looks down to see his daughters still in his arms* Go play with someone!*puts the girls down*
Gin:  But, there aren't any girls to play with and I want to stay with you!
Wufei:  Argh! Look! There's some weak onnako[3]! *points to Duet who is reading a book* Go bother her!
Kin: What about me?
Kin:  *starts to cry* Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Wufei:  *looks around the room really quick to see Duo and Heero staring at him* WHAT?
Kin:  You don't love me! Whaaaaaaaaa!
Wufei:  Stop this! You're...uh...being a weak onnako!
Kin:  Now my father thinks I'm WEAK! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Wufei:  *looks at Sally who is laughing her ass off at Wufei's method of quieting a child* ONNA! Help me!
Sally:  I think your doing a wonderful job, Wufei. Please continue...

Duo goes over to see his best friend and try to get the kid quiet before Heero decided to kill the little girl.

Duo:  Hey Wu-man! What's up?
Wufei: Now to add to my problems, a braid less Maxwell-lookalike trying to talk to me!! Can it get any better? *glares at Kin* Quiet, onnako!
Kin:  *cries some more* WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Duo:'re doing it all wrong! *picks up Kin as Wufei yells 'Injustice!!'* Hey! What's your name?
Kin:  *stops crying to answer Duo* Chang Kin...or just weak onnako...
Duo:  Weak onnako? Who calls you that?
Kin:  The father that does not love me...*looks at Wufei*
Duo:  Really? Oh, just ignore him, ok? Your father has an ego bigger than his receeding hair line!
Wufei:  I heard that, Maxwell!
Kin:  *starts to laugh* Hehehe, you're funny!
Duo:  Yeah, I know! I should have been a comedian! Hehehe! Go talk to my daughter... *points to Duet, who is playing with Gin*  She needs someone to talk to, after all...
Kin:  Ok!
Sally:  See, Wufei? That's how you should handle a situation like that! But, no! You decided to instead yell at the poor child!
Wufei:  So?
Ling:  Hey, Father! When will I get that Son Goku action figure?
Wufei:  Never!
Sally:  WUFEI!
Duo:  You watch Dragonball Z?
Ling:  Yeah! It's the coolest show ever!
Duo:  COOL! Have you seen that time when Goku kicked Buu's ass?
Ling: Yeah that was so cool! *walks off with Duo to talk about DBZ*
Wufei:  Great! Now Maxwell is poisoning my children with that stupid weakling show!
Sally:  Oh please, Wufei! Go talk to Heero! *picks up a glass of water*
Wufei:  Bah! Fine weak onna! Next thing you'll be telling me is that you're pregnant with another weak child!

Sally nearly spit out the water when she heard that and decided to go find Relena.

Wufei:  What the hell is up with that weak onna?
Heero:  Who knows...
Wufei:  *glaring at Heero's blonde head* Yuy, what the hell happened to your hair?
Heero:  Kids are evil...
Wufei:  Oh, I see, your evil children did that to you....
Heero:  Yep...good thing I'm not going to have anymore kids...not like I can say that for you...
Wufei:  What do you mean by that, Yuy?
Heero:  I heard Relena and Sally talking on the phone the other day...I picked up another extension to listen to the conversation...and all I have to say to you is...Congratulations...
Wufei:  Huh? What do you mean?
Heero:  You don't know? Sally's expecting the kid 8 months and 5 days from now...
Wufei:  What...the...hell? *faints*
Heero:  Well, I hope he enjoyed the news. Now to find Quatre...

Quatre had just walked through the door with Shingo and Dorothy. Shingo, of course, was listening to his Dragonball music and reading Dragonball manga #27 (where Trunks comes from the future).

Quatre:  Give me that comic book!
Shingo:  It's a manga, Father.
Quatre:  Manga, comic book whatever! Give it to me!
Shingo:  *gives Quatre the manga and takes out DB manga #28*
Quatre:  Give me that one too!
Shingo:  *gives him that one and pulls out DB manga #17*
Quatre:  Where do you hide these things?! Give me the other Dragonball comic books!
Shingo:  *gives all the other mangas* There and it's a manga!
Quatre:  WHATEVER! Give me those head phones!
Dorothy:  You look so cute when your mad, Qua-chan!
Quatre:  Uh...yeah...thanks...
Shingo:  *hands Quatre the head phones and pulls out another set of head phones*
Quatre:  Give me the CD player before I take it myself.
Shingo:  *gives Quatre the CD player and pulls out another one*
Quatre:  And the other four CD players...
Shingo:  *gives him the other four CD players...* You're no fun at all, Father! Why do you have to be so mean?
Quatre:  Because one, you're at a party and I will not allow you to act like that at this party! Two, you happen to be the heir to the Winner fortune and I will not have my son act like, like an idiot!
Shingo:  But Father! This party is going to be like the other ones...BORING! And why did we have to come to King Faggot Yuy's place anyway?

Both Dorothy and Quatre's mouths drop to the floor after what Shingo said. Heero just happened to be in the vicinity when Shingo said that wonderful statement about him, but just ignored the blonde kid.

Quatre:  Where did you learn that sort of language?!
Shingo:  My tutor! He's really cool! He says a bunch of curse words when I'm bad or don't do my work!
Heero:  Wow...not even Haruka has gotten that far up on 'the list'....
Quatre:  You didn't hear what he said, did you, Heero?
Heero:  As clear as a bell...But that's ok...I hear all kinds of things...*gets to Shingo's eye level to whisper in his ear* I'm going to kill you when you go to sleep tonight....
Shingo:  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Leave me alone! *runs off  to where the other kids are*
Quatre:  What did you tell him?
Heero:  Nothing...
Dorothy:  Hmmm...there's something different about you....
Heero:  Huh? Oh the hair...the things I call children put dye in my shampoo this morning....
Dorothy & Quatre:  Hahahahahaha!!!!!!
Heero: least I'm not an ugly bitch....
Dorothy:  Um...I think I'll go find Miss. Relena!*walks off*
Heero:  *under his breath* Be gone evil bitch! *outloud* Quatre I have something to tell you...
Quatre:  Huh? What?
Heero:'s about your son...
Quatre:  What about him?
Heero:  Duo and I made this stupid bet which one of our kids would marry which...and well Wufei, Duo, and I agree that your son is going to marry a whore...
Quatre:  WHAT?!
Heero:  Think about was either that or he marries Trowa's daughter...which we don't know what she looks like...
Quatre:  Well, I guess that's better than a whore...

Meanwhile the kids are trying to find a game they can play.

Haruka:  I know a game we could play! It's call Shut up and Be Quiet! Cool, eh?
Ling:  That sounds stupid!
Haruka: It only sounds stupid because you can't shut up and be quiet for five minutes!
Ling:  That's not true! If anything, that's my father!
Haruka:  Excuses, excuses!
Milliardo:  *looks at Duet* Hey Duet, you want to play?
Duet:  *looks up from her game with the Chang twins of Candy Land* As much as I would like to play idiotic, senseless games with you thank you!
Haruka:  Huh?  What did that whole thing she just said mean?
Milliardo:  Let me translate for the idiotic one...She doesn't want to play with bakas like us!
Haruka:  Oh ok! My head was starting to hurt each time I thought about it!
Ling:  *whispers to Milliardo* Your brother is an idiot!
Kin:  *overhears the conversation* I think he's cute!
Ling:  BAKA! He's too old for you!
Kin:  Only by two years!
Gin:  Hey! I don't think he likes you, Kin! He would want a strong, pretty girl say someone like...I don't know...ME!
Kin:  Bah! We're too young to marry anyone, anyways!
Haruka:  Good! For a moment there, you two were starting to scare me!
Shingo:  *walks up to the group of Gundam children, wearing black Ray-Bans* Hi, my homies! Wuz up!
Milliardo:  *throws a Heero Yuy Death Glare in Shingo's direction* Who in the world is that?
Shingo:  *looks at Haruka* Uh...wha he say?
Haruka:  Let me translate, my homie! He says, 'Who is you?'
Shingo:  Oh! I would be Shingo Quatre Raberba Winner! The son of the evil Quatre Raberba Winner!
Haruka:  Really?! Cool!
Shingo:  Yeah, I be his bad son!
Duet:  *muttering*  You also have horrible speaking and language skills....
Shingo:  *looks at Duet*  Eh?

Just then, a girl with hair in her face almost covering one of her light green eyes. The rest of her hair was shoulder length and a chestnut brownish color.

Haruka:  *looking at the beautiful Ariel* Whoa! Who is you?!
Milliardo:  *hits Haruka* Talk right, damnit!
Girl:  Ariel Michelle Barton
Shingo:  *shocked* COOL! My great father knows your father!
Ariel:  Really?
Shingo:  Yeah!
Haruka:  Hey homie! Want me to show you a trick my father taught me?
Shingo:  Sure!

Haruka walks upstairs and jumps from over the railing. When he gets up, his leg is broken . Haruka grins and puts his leg against the wall and puts his leg back into place.  (A la Heero Yuy in TV Series Episode 3...)

Ariel:  That is so sick!
Haruka:  Awww! You're just jealous because you can't do that!
Milliardo:  You have to admit, that was pretty sick!
Haruka:  Bah! Whatever!
Ling:  You guys act like babies, the way you all fight!
Haruka:  *gives Ling the HY Death Glare* I am not a baby!
Ling:  Yeah, whatever!
Milliardo:  *gives BOTH of them the HY Death Glare* Shut up!
Ling:  You!
Duet:  *looks up, and is quite ticked* All of you, shut up!
Ling:  Ok...
Ariel:  I'll show you a real trick! *takes out five knives and throw them in the direction of Haruka*
Haruka:  OH MY GOD! SHE ALMOST KILLED ME!  *faints*
Ariel:  I learned that from my aunt.
Shingo:  *impressed by his future girlfriend's trick* Hey, teach me how to do that!
Ariel:  I know another trick! *goes over to the balcony and starts walking and doing cartwheels on the rail*
Shingo:  Cool!

At that moment, Trowa just HAPPENED to be coming over to the group to check up on his shy, sweet little girl...

Trowa:  *sees Ariel doing stuff* ARIEL!!!!! What are you doing?!?!
Ariel:  *looks innocently at her father* I'm just showing my new friend a trick!
Trowa:  Get down from there!!!
Ariel:  Why?
Trowa:  Because I'm your father, that's why!
Ariel:'re really overprotective...
Trowa:  I'm not!
Quatre:  *coming over to find out what's going on* What's going on?
Trowa:  Nothing... *Looks at Ariel, who just did some more cartwheels* Get down from there NOW, before you fall or worse...
Ariel:  NO!
Trowa:  *bows his head* Don't start this now...
Quatre:  Hey, that's your daughter?
Trowa: Yes. *glares at Ariel* Get DOWN!
Ariel:  *sticks tongue out at her dad* Make me!
Shingo:  Your dad doesn't look very happy right now...I would get down if I were you...
Trowa:  Yes, listen to that kid and come over here!
Quatre:  Shingo, what were you doing here?
Shingo:  Looking...
Quatre:  At what?
Shingo:  Ariel...
Quatre:  Why?
Shingo:  Because she can throw knives and do that! *points to Ariel while she does some back flips on the railing*
Trowa:  That's it, Ariel Michelle Barton! Get your butt over here! If you don't, you aren't going to like it when we get home!
Ariel:  Make me!
Trowa:  You're only making it worse for you...
Ariel:  If you want me down...make me...
Trowa:  ARGHHHHHH!!! *looks up at the sky and mutters* Why did you have to die, Jade?!?!
Shingo:  *to the rest of the Gundam Children* This is an example of a messed up family...*points to Trowa and Ariel* Then family is messed up...
Quatre:  *overhears THAT statement* Our family is not messed up!
Shingo:  See, my father is a pacifist, my mother loves wars, and I'm an evil little boy...
Trowa:  That's it! *goes upstairs and picks up Ariel* Don't you ever do that! You'll fall!
Ariel:  Put me down, Papa!
Trowa:  No!
Quatre:  *from downstairs* Come on, Trowa!
Trowa:  What?
Quatre:  She didn't do anything, Trowa!
Trowa:  How can you say that?! She could have killed herself!
Quatre:  You have to let it go, Trowa! She isn't going to kill herself...
Trowa:  Well, I guess your right...*puts Ariel down*
Shingo:  *to Ariel* I wish my father was that nice to me...
Quatre:  Are you trying to imply something?
Shingo:  No...

Just then, Heero comes over to talk to Trowa.

Heero:  Hello Trowa...
Trowa:  Um...Hi Heero...what's wrong with you?
Heero:  Nothing...I just wanted to say you are an overprotective person who should leave your daughter alone for longer than one minute.
Duo:  *from a distance* You tell 'em, Heero!
Trowa:  I'm not that bad, am I?
Heero:  I wasn't saying anything like that. It's just that she's growing up faster than you might have expected for a girl her age...
Trowa:  I still don't get what you mean...
Heero:  Just ignore me...besides good luck, Trowa... *walks off*
Trowa:  Huh? way he knows about that! I haven't even told Ariel yet...[4]
Ariel:  *looks at Trowa* Told me what?
Trowa:  Uh...nothing!
Ariel:  PAPA!!!
Trowa:  Don't worry about it...I'll tell you later...
Ariel:  Is it about mom?
Trowa:  NO!!!
Ariel:  Yeah right...I know about it anyways...and I'm going to find my new friend...
Trowa:  What's your friends name?
Ariel:  Shingo...
Trowa:  Ok...*long pause, then it hits him* SHINGO?!?!?!
Ariel:  Yes...Mr. Winner's son...So, can I go play with him?
Trowa:  I can't believe she's getting boyfriends at her age...*faints*
Ariel:  Ok...I'll take that as a yes...
Quatre:  *looks at Ariel with concern* Are you sure your father is ok?
Ariel:  This kinda stuff happens all the time...
Shingo:  *looks at Quatre* Cya, evil person I call 'Father!' *walks off with Ariel*
Quatre:  Great...Heero's probably least she doesn't seem like a bad person...
Trowa:  *awakens, in a trance-like state* She has a...BOYFRIEND!!!!
Quatre:  *sigh* Heero's also right about you....

About an hour passed and the kids were bored. The boys decided to go upstairs to Haruka and Milliardo's room and play with their Sega DreamCast IV and Nintendo 256, while the girls sat there and watched the 'men' call each other 'stupid' and 'weaklings'.  The ex-Gundam pilots talked a little, while their respective others talked up a storm...

Relena:  Yeah! The first night we brought the kids home, Heero couldn't sleep. Then, in the middle of the night, he went in the room to see what was wrong. Heero is so nice...he changed their diapers and all! I guess he only did it so he would get some sleep.
Sally:  Hmm...when we brought Ling home, Wufei was still mad that I had named the baby. When Ling was crying late at night, Wufei went into the room, armed with one of his katanas, and told Ling if he didn't be quiet he would kill him. Ling continued to cry and, of course, Wufei said his most famous line...
Sally, Relena, Hilde, and Dorothy:  INJUSTICE!!!

Naturally, Wufei just HAD to hear *that* statement...

Wufei:  *growls* They're talking about us again...
Heero:  I've known that for an hour...
Wufei:  You could have told the rest of us!
Duo:  They're probably saying good stuff about me!
Heero:  Actually, they're talking about you know...
Duo:  Let's get up closer!
Quatre:  *nervously* We shouldn't do that!
Duo:  Oh come on! They might be talking about how terrible you are in bed!
Quatre:  I'm not that bad!
Duo:  Yeah, yeah, yeah...*drags Quatre and the other ex-Gundam pilots*
Trowa:  Why are we doing this again?
Duo:  Bah! Just listen!

And going back to the G-girls' conversation, which was getting quite interesting...

Dorothy:  Hmm...Qua-chan was nice about the whole entire situation! He of course volunteered to do most of the work and to help me out...

In the hidden area where the Gundam pilots were hiding and eavesdropping...

Quatre:  *squeaked* VOLUNTEERED?!?!?! She made me!
Duo:  That, my friend, is why you don't marry the evil cockroach! She makes you do things that she should be doing!
Heero:  Yeah whatever, Duo. Hilde got you to change Duet's diaper...
Duo:  *yelling* HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?!?!?!?!
Heero:  *whacks Duo's head* Shut up before you give us away!
Duo:  *in a quieter tone* But, how?
Heero:  Relena and Hilde were talking on the phone and I just happened to pick up the other extension...
Duo:  'Just happened to'? Yeah right!
Heero:  It's true...Hilde was telling you to change her diaper since it was your turn and she just so happened to be on the phone while it was your turn...

[Flashback time!]

Heero passes by Relena when she just happened to say...

Relena:  So, has Duo changed the dipper yet? Really? You guys are taking turns? It's his turn today? How many times has he done it yet? Not one time?
Heero:  Who are you talking to?
Relena: go away! That was Heero. The baby is coming in a month or two...
Heero:  What are you talking about?
Relena:  Heero! Go away! Yes, he's still bugging me. He acts so immature! Really? Duo is a weird person, you know...
Heero:  Why are you talking about Duo?
Relena:  HEERO! Go away! I swear, Hilde, I won't be able to tell if Heero is a kid or not!
Heero:  I'm not a kid...and I'll just be going...
Relena:  *ignoring Heero* Yeah, I know what you mean...
Heero:  Fine ignore me! *goes to pick up another extension to listen in to the conversation*
Relena:  I can't believe how Heero is acting!
Hilde:  Don't worry about it! He's just really horny! Duo was like that too when I was pregnant with Duet.  Then again...he's always like that...
Relena:  I suppose you're right.
Chibi Duet:  *in the background* WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Hilde:  DUO! Duet needs something!
Duo:  *in the background* Can I get it later?
Hilde:  DUO!!!!!!!!
Duo:  OK! Geez! You act like you're still pregnant!
Hilde:  I HEARD THAT!!
Duo:  Sorry...Um...HILDE!
Hilde:  What?
Duo:  How do I put the thing on her?
Hilde:  Oh please, Duo! You said you knew how to do it!
Duo:  I was kidding!
Relena:  Oh my, is he really having that much trouble?
Hilde:  HAH! Yeah right!
Duo:  I need some help...
Hilde: were a Gundam pilot! You can handle a little diaper change!
Relena:  *laughing* Hehehehahahaha!
Heero:  *loses it* Hahahaha! DUO!
Relena:  Heero?
Heero:  Oops...*click*

[End of Flashback]

Duo:  Damnit! That's not fair!
Heero:  Whatever!

At that moment, Zechs, Noin, and little Sieben walked through the door. Haruka and Milliardo, after taking one glance at their older cousin, ran up to their room and locked the door. The Yuy twins then ran into the closet in their room and locked that door somehow. Downstairs, Sieben wondered what they were running from, then he got a wonderful idea. Zechs, on the other hand, looked at the blonde that kind of looked like Heero, and Heero gave him a Death Glare in return. Noin also noticed to blonde and had remembered what Relena had told her on the phone that morning. Relena went up to Noin and greeted her and Zechs. Sieben asked his Aunt Relena if he could play with his cousins. After being granted the right to do so, he ran upstairs busted down the door unlocked the closet and played with his younger cousins.

Sieben: *opens the closet door and sees two very scared Yuy twins, shaking and holding each other*  Hi, little girls!  How are my two favorite cousins today?  I heard about what you did to your father, how'd you manage to pull that one off?
Haruka:  Leave us alone!
Milliardo:  *hits Haruka in the head* We aren't aloud to say those words, Haruka!
Sieben:  Yeah, listen to your brother, or should I say sister, Haruka-chan! Guess what, little girls?
Haruka:  *stubbornly* I'm not a GIRL!
Sieben:  Are you sure?
Haruka:  Yes!
Milliardo:  When was the last time you looked in the mirror, Sieben? With all that long purple--
Sieben:  Bluish blonde!  Damn, why does everyone INSIST on saying my hair is PURPLE!?
Haruka:  WHO CARES?!?! You look like a girl!
Sieben:  You wait 'till I get you!
Haruka:  *pulls down his pants and moons Sieben* Come get me, girl! : p
Sieben:  THAT'S IT!!!
Haruka:  *pulls up his pants and runs like a bat out of hell* Your too slow, GIRL!!!! : p
Sieben:  GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! *runs after poor Haruka*
Milliardo:  Why can't we all just get along? *follows the two*

Downstairs, Heero and Zechs just look at each other and have a 'glaring contest'. Not one of them is saying a word to the other until Sieben and Haruka come running by.

Heero:  *yells at Haruka* What are you doing? Beat him up!
Zechs:  *yells at Sieben* Kick the spoiled brats ass!
Heero:  Stop running! Turn around and fight!
Zechs:  Don't stop now, Sieben!
Heero:  Fight him or no desert tomorrow!

Haruka instantly stops, turns around, and fights Sieben. After a while, the end result is Sieben wins the fight. This pisses off Heero, and he decides to take it out on Zechs. Both grown men and former soldiers keep fighting for an hour.

Duo:  *gets out his wallet* I put $7000 for Heero
Wufei:  I say Yuy will lose! $8000 for Marquise!
Shingo:  *appears out of nowhere* I think nether will win...
Quatre:  Shingo!  What are you doing here?!
Duo:  Boy...It doesn't go that way! You have to say who is going to win!
Shingo:  Neither one!
Duo:  Sure, kid...

Another hour passes, then finally Relena and Noin got tired of the fighting. Both women decided to stop it once and for all...

Relena:  Heero Yuy!!*Heero stops*
Noin:  Zechs Marquise!!!! *Zechs stops*
Heero:  But Relena!
Relena:  Go up to your room, Heero!
Heero:  You can't do this to me!
Relena:  Or you're sleeping on the couch!
Heero:  *mumbles under his breath * She can't do this! I'm a Gundam pilot! *punches Zechs in the jaw before he lets him go*
Noin:  As for you...*looks at Zechs* make a letter to Relena saying your sorry for ruining her party!
Zechs:  BUT--
Noin:  But what?
Zechs:  *sigh* When do you want it done?
Noin:  By better get started...
Zechs:  *mumbles under his breath* She can't be serious about that! It was all Heero's fault! *grabs Heero and punches him VERY hard in the gut*
Duo:  Wow! They got you two trained!
Shingo:  See!  I told you neither one would win!  Where's my $15,000?
Quatre:  SHINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heero:  *turns around to Relena* Can I kick his ass?
Zechs:  *turns to Noin* Yes, may we kill, Maxwell?
Noin & Relena:  *sigh* Ok...
Heero & Zechs:  We are going to kill you, Duo...
Duo:  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *starts running*

Years pass and the kids got older. The Gundam pilots decided to move to the Sanq Kingdom so their children could grow up together.  As the Gundam Children grew up, so did a new enemy...


[1] Yowamushi - it translates to 'coward' nice name choice Wufei!
[2] Kasuka - it translates to 'weak' if I were them kids I would change my name...
[3] onnako = girl in Japanese.  :) Onna, obviously, is 'woman'
[4] The little secret Heero was talking about with Trowa was Trowa's new girlfriend! So you see, Trowa hasn't told Ariel yet...

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