Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 19: Love Can Move You

It's the end of the day at school Ariel and Ling walk over to the line of lockers. Ariel starts doing the combination to the locker.

Ling: I wonder how bad it was to screw up Shingo really bad.
Ariel: Well it obviously was bad since Shingo went nuts. But he's ok now... The only odd thing about it is his speedy recovery.
Ling: Maybe he just needed a good kick in the ass.
Ariel: *shrug* I don't know. *opens the locker and looks at the inside in shock* Oh my god! It's gone! *starts pulling everything out of the locker letting it connect with the floor in a pile of papers, folders and books*
Ling: Are you sure no one else knows about it?
Ariel: Who would be interested in that?
Ling: Who knows.
Ariel: I can't believe it's gone!
Ling: Who ever has it obviously either knows your locker combination or knows how to pick locks.
Ariel: ...I don't know why anyone besides us would want it.
Ling: Don't worry about it...I'm sure you probably just misplaced it.
Ariel: I hope so...

Ling starts helping Ariel put all of her papers and books back into the locker and lock it back up. Meanwhile, a familiar girl looks at the case of the recording which has the letters "Sandstorm/Winner, Shingo/004", grins and puts the case into her bookbag and walks out of the school. She gets out a cell phone and dials a number.

Sydney: Kage...
Kage: Sydney? What do you want?
Sydney: I think I found you some more proof. I'll send you a copy of it in your e-mail.
Kage: What is it?
Sydney: Lets say it's from one of the gundams and proves a few things.
Kage: One of the gundams?!? Which one?
Sydney: I think it's Sandstorm.
Kage: *grins* Yes, that will prove quite a lot. Thank you Sydney. *hangs up* Good going Sydney now I just have to hope that it shows wheather or not it has that program. If so I think we've got our official test subject.

Sydney walks into her appartment and places her books down on the bed. She then gets out her laptop and gets out the recording disk from it's jewel case and puts it in the CD drive. She then watches the recording intently after watching it awhile she started to question what was so important about it that Ling and that girl wanted it so bad. As she promised she creates a copy of the recording and sends it to Kage. Curious, she looks up the name "Winner,Shingo" in a few data bases and finds out quite a lot about the Winner heir to the point that she learns he also has her Chemistry class with her, Ling and the other girl who went by the name "Ariel".

Sydney: *to the surronding walls* Why would someone as rich and possibly bratty like him want to pilot a gundam? Could he even pilot one? Hmmm...I think I'm going to make a new friend tomorrow...

Next school day Shingo and Ariel are studying in the library (Shingo and Study shouldn't be in the same sentence!). Shingo of course is only studying for the enterance exam for Sanq Kingdom University only because he heard about Rose from Haruka and because of a few other things. Sydney, who has been stalking Shingo for the whole day, sits down a few tables away from the two who are at the moment going over math formulas.

Ariel: So...If y= -5.69 what is the answer, Shingo?
Shingo: ...*stares at the problem for awhile in deep thought and hangs his head and shrugs* I forgot how to do it... I'll never pass that exam! *rubs his eyes* Can we go to another subject? Maybe something easier?
Ariel: Well you have to know some history questions and you do have that exam in law studies.
Shingo: Why should I study for that class? I can copy off of Ling!
Ariel: If I do recall he's getting the lowest grade in that class and you have the second highest... So the question is how is it you're getting better grades then Ling if you're "copying" off him?
Shingo: Well I do have a brain ya know! Sometimes I just dun wanna use it.
Ariel: ...How distrubing...I guess that explains your math grades along with the rest of them...
Shingo: Well I have ta tell ya something... I actually do get better grades then Haruka and the only reason I'm in Pre-Algebra with him is so I don't have to hear him go on and on about me being a dork...And because of the hot teacher in there!
Ariel: You're suppose to be in a higher math class?
Shingo: Geometry or something like that...but ya know I think it's a little too hard for my tastes... Plus there's not cute teachers showin' off their boobs left and right. ^^;
Ariel: How distrubing...You're actually smarter then you wish to be...
Shingo: *starts humming and singing slightly while looking at the World and Space History book in his hands* I wanna muph you like an animal... I wanna feel ya from the inside...
Ariel: ... *stare*
Shingo: WHA?!?
Ariel: ... Nothing I just noticed you're starting to get dark circles under your eyes...
Shingo: Oh... that? Well I've been studying for two whole weeks without sleep hardly. The only thing that's managed to keep me up for so long is chocolate, twinkies, and Surge. Though I've been banned from Surge for awhile... *recieves glare* Long story I'll tell you about it later maybe... Anyways like I was sayin...I can't have any coffee since mom says it "stimulates your growth"...At the moment... I have not clue in hell what that means...As for tea...I'd rather die then become a teaoholic or worse...
Ariel: Really? I figured that you'd like tea.
Shingo: ...Tea gets me sick...I'm gonna go get some books on politics and such ya know.
Ariel: *sigh* I never thought I'd see the day that I'd actually say he's studing too hard.

Shingo looks though the book titles and picks out five of the books he then turns around and trips over someone/something.

Shingo: Shit! *looks behind him at a brown haired girl* I'm sorry really! Hey...*looks at the girl closer* You're Ling's girlfriend!
Sydney: ...*sigh* Yeah I guess I would be Ling's girlfriend.
Shingo: Cool! Dude I never knew Ling would actually be able to get a real girl! I always thought he would be too busy with the blow up doll under his bed!
Sydney: He has a blow up doll under his bed?
Shingo: ...I personally wouldn't know... But who really knows what's under there?
Sydney: Good point... I'm guessing you're Shingo?
Shingo: Yup! Ling tell ya about me?
Sydney: Something like that.
Shingo: Good cause Ling's told me a lot about you...That is after I bothered him along with 'Ruka.
Sydney: That's Milliardo's brother isn't it?
Shingo: Yeah.
Sydney: I met him today along with Duet.
Shingo: Dang you know a lot of people for only being here for a day.
Sydney: I guess I'm just too interesting for most people.
Shingo: I figured that much.
Ariel: Hey Shingo what's talking you to long... *stares at Shingo and Sydney who are still on the floor* *death glare* I thought you said you were finding a book not a girl, Shingo.
Shingo: Ne?! She's taken already!
Ariel: Sure by you. I get it now...all the studying so you can go to the library... I get it now... It's all because of her!
Shingo and Sydney: *look at each other then at Ariel*
Sydney: She jumps to too many conclusions...
Shingo: HAH! You wouldn't believe what she thought I was doing with some girl in my room who just happened to be one of my cousins.
Sydney: I hope it's not what I'm thinking...
Shingo: UGH! NO! I hate my cousins especially my female ones! We were only in there cause she wanted to look at my room and scold me about cleaning it up... I swear she's worse then my father when it comes to "neatness".
Ariel: Well you try being me Shingo and not jump to conclusions when your boyfriend is always looking at girls 24/7! Besides what relation do you have to her? *points to Sydney* I doubt she's one of your many cousins...
Shingo: Well...She's only Ling's girlfriend... I kinda accidentally bumpped into her while I was getting my books. *picks up one of the books off the floor* Besides that I don't have any relationship with her...
Sydney: That's not true! *glomps Shingo* We're friends!
Sydney: Just now...
Shingo: Oh please...
Ariel: ...*slowly getting angry*

Ling, who just so happened to be passing by the library, caught sight of Sydney and Shingo in an akward possition while he was putting a few of his folders and books away and nearly broke his bookbag in half. The blue eyed son of Wufei ran into the library and pulled Sydney away from Shingo in a blink of an eye.

Shigno: Hey now! What's up with the last name basis?!?! It's not like I said "Hey Sydney please glomp me and get Ling pissed off".
Ling: *looks at Sydney who's just staring at the pissed off Ling* ...Fine I'll let you go with a warning. *kicks Shingo in the stomach* Come on Sydney.
Sydney: Oh please Ling... I just glomped him because we're friends now. I'm sure you can understand at least that much.
Ling: Doesn't mean you have to go around and start glomping people and tell them they're your friend now... Especially people like Shingo. He probably enjoyed that too much.*shoots death glare at Shingo*
Ariel: Are you ok?
Shingo: ...Heh...Yeah I'm use to gettin kicked an stuff...cause you of course. ^^; Help me up? *wads a piece of paper in his hands with a rock in the middle of it*
Ariel: *helps Shingo up and watches right as he gets up a piece of paper zoom all the way to the doorway and in the back of Ling's head* SHINGO!
Shingo: Score!
Ling: ...WINNER!!!!!!!*rubs the spot on his head, sharply turns around, dashes over to where Shingo is and proceeds to kick the blonde's ass*

A huge crowd starts coming around the area of the fight as do many of the neo pilots. Haruka and Triage start collecting money at the door to see the fight (ten dollars per person, five dollars if he knows ya or you just so happen to have a cute girlfriend).

Haruka: Ok that'll be ten dollars.
d00d: Ugh...Here... This better be a good fight!
Haruka: We already got blood man!
d00d: COOL!
Haruka: NEXT! *looks at Taleb* ...TaTa! What's up man?
Taleb: Here's your ten dollars...
Haruka: Ten? TEN?!?
Taleb: *stares at Haruka*
Triage: You see TaTa...You're special...You have to pay twenty!
Taleb: WHAT?!? That's...WRONG YOU LITTLE!!! *grabs Haruka's shirt*
Haruka: Now now... hands off 'Ruka! *brushes off his shirt* Now it's either ya pay up Tata or ya dun come in...
Taleb: Fine! I won't!
Triage: *looks at Haruka who nods* Well then you know we could always tell a certain someone about your failure to "protect Master Shingo"...
Taleb: ...*twitch* FINE! *hands them sixty dollars* There now let me in!
Haruka: I'm so glad you've seen it our way, TaTa-chan. Good luck and have fun! NEXT!

Taleb after paying his fee of "twenty" dollars makes it over to Ariel and stares at the fight in amazment.

Taleb: ...He just doesn't get the fact he's not going to win this fight...*watches Shingo get knocked into a few people and getting back up swinging at Ling who doesn't have as many bruises on him like Shingo* Should I help him?
Ariel: Nah...He'll feel like a sissy if you help him. Though you can drag whatever's left of him home when he's finally out cold...
Taleb: ...I don't know I might get in trouble...
Ariel: If anyone asks...You weren't here. I'll back you up on that one.
Taleb: OK!
Ariel: *winces as Ling drops down to the ground and knocks Shingo off his feet* If anything you've got to teach him how to fight for real. He looks like a girl trying to throw punches.
Triage: *waving around assortments of candy* CANDY! ONLY TWO DOLLARS! GET IT WHILE IT LASTS!
Ariel: *grabs Triage* What are you doing?!?
Triage: Haruka and me found out about the fight over here. Haruka says it's bad to get in a man's fight especially when it's with a disgruntle Chinese boy and a mental half Arabian. So Haruka said the best thing we could do is start getting some money to get a good tomb stone for Shingo and if he's still alive afterward we could possibly have enough money for Haruka to buy a new car.
Ariel: Wow...What a friend Haruka is...
Triage: Yeah but at least we've got almost three hundred dollars!
Haruka: *grabs Triage* Triage man put the candy up the principal's here already!
Triage: What did you try to con him out of money?
Haruka: Yeah! And it almost work! Anyways...put it up boy!
Triage: Ok...

After Ling won the fight all hell broke loose as the crowd that once had their attention on the fight was now runing out of the door. Though all this chaos Ariel and Taleb had been able to move the unconcious Shingo out of the way while Haruka and Triage where runing around in circles like chickens with their heads cut off until Triage brought the point that runing around wasn't getting them anywhere. After a while Shingo and Ling recieved a ten day suspention, or as Shingo would put it vacation, after they were treated for whatever cuts or bruises they had. The day had ended in suspentions and blood for Shingo as he along with Taleb, who went on and on about what "a friend" had told him about the fight and how much of a wuss Shingo was for lossing to Ling, went home for the day.

Taleb: *opens the door*And you got knocked out twice from what I heard... Too bad I wasn't able to come and help you out.
Shingo: Sure ya would've... I'm hungry...
Taleb: I would be too if I were you. You probably threw up all of your lunch in the clinic.
Shingo: Funny...It looked like my breakfast...
Taleb: ...Ugh...Too much information...
Shingo: Heh...Ya can go ahead and go do whatever it is you do TaTa-chan.
Taleb: *sarcasticly* Thank you of great Master Shingo...
Shingo: Yeah yeah you ass monkey...
Taleb: WHAT!?
Shingo: Nothing! ^^; *goes to the kitchen passing his mother and opens the refridgerator*
Dorothy: There's nothing in there you'd want...
Shingo: ...Na uh! There's still some of that stuff 'Ruka's mom made.
Dorothy: ...Correction...Anything I would consider "food" in there.
Shingo: *takes out a plate with god knows what's on it and throws it in the microwave for five minutes* No offense mom...but some of the food you make doesn't really taste all that great.
Dorothy: And what does that mean exactly?
Shingo: *shrug* I dunno just some of it doesn't agree with me ya know. *stares at the food in the microwave frying to a chrisp*
Dorothy: You're going to fry your brain if you stay put there.
Shingo: *turns around* How do you know all that stuff? Does it like come natural or somethin? I really wanna know cause if Ariel does that if we do get together I'd like to know about it ahead of time.
Dorothy: What the hell happened to you?
Shingo: ...Uh...Uh...Nothing...Ran into a pole...
Dorothy: Must've been one odd pole to do that to you.
Shingo: I dunno... I dun feel safe outside that door ya know...
Dorothy: *stares at Shingo and mixes around her drink with a spoon* I see... You got in a fight with someone over a girl and you lost horribly. So so you don't look bad you come up with a story about you runing into a pole in hopes that I wouldn't figure it out... *looks at Shingo a little more as he stares at her in disbelief* You also have ten days of suspension from school.
Shingo: ...*to himself* How the hell does she do that??!? *out loud* Are you like psyhic or something? Cause everytime something happens to me in or out of school you like know all about it after just lookin at me...
Dorothy: ...It's nothing you have to worry about. But if you could do me one favor I'll over look explaing to your father as to why you're home on his vacation.
Shingo: Dude...That's this weak?!?
Dorothy: No, I just said that for no reason at all, Shingo.
Shingo: Ok, need to ge all sarcastic on me... Just as long as I get my T1 connection back. That dial-up stuff blows.
Dorothy: As long as you aren't busy downloading porn it's ok with me.
Shingo: You always ruin my fun! *starts chowing down on the so called food*
Dorothy: I'm your mother I'm suppose to... Could you eat that somewhere else?
Shingo: *mouth full* Sure! *picks up the plate and grabs a few cookies before leaving* Ok lets see I could go to my room but I can't get a crumb on the rug up there...So...hehehe Gundam Hanger!

Shingo goes down stairs, walks though a few doors, pushes in the security code and enters the gundam hanger. He looks around the hanger to make sure no one's there and rushes over to SandStorm until...

Quatre: Hey Shingo!
Shingo: ...*looks up slightly* It's because I lost to the Chinese boy isn't it? *turns around* Yes?
Quatre: *stare* What happened to you?
Shingo: ...*to himself* First thing that comes to mind! *out loud* Ariel.
Quatre: Oh...And what are you doing with food in here? You know you're not suppose to have any in here.
Shingo: ...*looks behind his father and sees three plates stacked on top of each other in front of Sandstorm* Well those didn't walk here by there selves either...
Quatre: *looks behind him and sees the plates* ...Only this time...No more food in here after this.
Shingo: Sure.
Quatre: What are you doing here any ways?
Shingo: ...I'm busy trying to take over the world with my gundam.
Quatre: ...Shingo...
Shingo: Well you try having a sense of humor with TaTa! The guy just isn't that great if ya ask me. Besides I came here cause mom doesn't want to see me eat this stuff in front of her, I can't eat in my room and the last resort to stay as far away from TaTa as I can is here...For now. Plus I wanted to play with my gundam!
Quatre: It's not a toy, Shingo.
Shingo: Eh... You'd know more about that then me ne? Anyways I wanna enjoy what little peace I have down here.
Quatre: Don't close the door. I was trying to fix something before you came down here. I have to get something from upstairs so don't play around in here.
Shingo: Mission accepted. *watches his father walk out the door and starts jumping around everywhere* Oh...yeah I forgot about my food... ^^; *dashes into his gundam and starts looking around at what Quatre was doing while eating* He's having a party up in here if ya ask me...What's 'Ruka's dad's name doin up in my gundam as a file? *checks to make sure no one's around and sits back again* Well he said not to close the door not anything about investigating stuff. *opens the file 'HeeroPT' and a password window pops up* Argh... I'm slow as it is right now and I'm not in the mood to play guessing games just to look at something... *sigh* I wish 'Ruka were here...He'd bust into this in a second... *yawn* I'm tired...*yawns again, closes his eyes*
Voice: It's over here! Hurry up and copy the system!
Shingo: *quickly opens his eyes to look around and sees no one* What the...Ok reminder to self don't eat so fast you start hearing things. *gets up and goes up stairs to hopefully sleep when someone grabs his from behind in a headlock* ARGH!!! Lego!
Guy: Come on you know I'm not going to give up THAT easily, Shingo.
Shingo: *eyes widen*Atta! *drops to the floor* Ouch...
Atta: Eh sorry, Shingo. *helps Shingo up*
Shingo: Hey how long you been here?!
Atta: Me? Uh... a bit...
Shingo: Run into TaTa-chan yet?
Atta: Taleb? Nah...But when I do I swear I'm going to kick his ass!
Shingo: ...*sweat drop* Uhhh you do that man.
Atta: Heh...heh...Ignore me stuff just flies out of my mouth without me knowing it.
Taleb: I bet...
Atta: Taleb...
Taleb: Atta...
Shingo: ... *in the middle of the two* Ooooooooook what did I miss here?
Atta: He was trying to go out with my sister!
Taleb: HA! You're sister's too ugly for any man!
Atta: That's not what you said a few months ago!
Shingo: Whoa! I get it... TaTa-chan was goin out with your sis without you knowin and when you found out shit hit the fan thus what little of a "friendship" you had crumble. So now you wanna kill him.
Atta: See even Shingo understands this but your thick headed self can even understand what a toaster is.
Taleb: Humph! At least I have a better taste in women unlike YOU.
Atta: ...Ok...That does it!
Taleb: Now, now, Atta! You can't fight with me unless you want to get yourself in trouble.
Atta: ...Well at least my sister can understand how much of a thick headed moron you truely are...Then again a goat would've been able to tell that...
Shingo: ...Ok this is one of those times I have to play the role of the "Peacemaker". Now TaTa-chan let's face it you're going to be alone all your life so we won't have to worry about what ugly girl would want you for. As for Atta...Dude I wanna hear about this shit! This is like interesting!
Atta: I'll tell ya about it later. Right now I'm starving.
Shingo: ...Me too!
Shingo: So?
Atta: Yeah TaTa...SO? He is Master Shingo if he's hungry then so be it!
Shingo: I know a good place to get some food!
Atta: Great! Bye TaTa!
Taleb: And what am I suppose to do?
Shingo: Well since Atta is in the same possition as you currently I can go with him with out you. But you could fix my room for me! ^^
Taleb: WHAT?!?!
Shingo: Bye TaTa!

Seiben with Rose all over him sits down at a local McDonalds waiting for the food they had already ordered. Unknowingly to Seiben Shingo was right next to the two.

Rose: So tell me Seiben what have you been doing all this time?
Seiben: Nothing.
Rose: Oh come on! You had to have done something... I hope you didn't get any girlfriends.
Seiben: I can't thanks to my cousins.
Rose: Well maybe if you cut your hair a little guys wouldn't come up to you that offten.
Seiben: Haruka told you that didn't he?
Rose: Maybe...He told me it happened to you five times.
Seiben: Yes that's why I don't go out much.
Chick: Here you go ma'am. *looks at Seiben as she says that*
Chick: ...*nods head*
Seiben: ARGH!
Shingo: Hey Seiben! *looks at the chick* Dun worry about her. She's still on some medication and all... Right Seiben-chan?
Seiben: ...Shingo...*launches a punch at the blonde*
Atta: *"accidentally" hits Seiben on the head* Oops... My arm slipped there.
Seiben: ...Oww...*faints*
Rose: Seiben? Are you ok?
Seiben: *raises his hand and waves to Rose*
Rose: Ok. Just making sure!
Atta: *looks at Rose* AEEEEE! *gets in front of Rose and takes her hand* Please tell me you're avalible. You're too beautiful for such...*looks at Seiben* trash...
Seiben: WHAT?! *zooms up* Who are you and what in the hell do you think you're doing!
Atta: *looks at Seiben a little more* Ah... I remember you know you're that kid with the long hair that looked like a girl...
Seiben: *growls*
Shingo: Calm down, Seiben, yo!
Seiben: CALM DOWN! I'LL GIVE YOU CALM, WINNER! *a few people turn*
Shingo: Could you not use my last name?
Seiben: I can do as I please!
Shingo: Bleh... What are you doing here anyways?
Seiben: Could it possibly be for the same reason you're here? To fill your bottomless pit.
Shingo: Now that was wrong there, Seiben. Besides it looks like you're on a date with a very nice lookin girl. *grins*
Seiben: Yeah well go away.
Rose: So we're on a date now, Seiben?
Seiben: NO!
Atta: ...You just said "yeah" after Shingo asked you that.
Shingo: How cute...Siebe-chan got a girlfriend.
Seiben: ARGH! THAT'S IT! GET OVER HERE WINNER BOY! *runs after Shingo and is followed by Atta and Rose who are trying to keep the two away from each other*

Meanwhile, Milliardo and Duet are in another study session. Milliardo looks at Duet, looks around fro Haruka or anyother disturbances and clears his throat.

Milliardo: Duet, I need to tell you this as quickly as I can before someone comes in here.
Duet: I'm a little busy trying to figure this problem out, Milliardo.
Milliardo: I think this is maybe a little more important then that right now. *looks around again*
Duet: *puts her pencil down and looks at Milliardo* Well, Milliardo, I'm ready for whatever you want to say.
Milliardo: Duet, I know you'll understand this a lot and I'm sure you've wanted me to say it to you for so long so I'll just say it now. Duet...I love you.
Duet: ...Y-y-you love me?
Milliardo: Yeah.
Duet: Oh Milliardo! *gives Milliardo a hug* I love you too. *starts kissing Milliardo*
Haruka: *with a carton of milk in his hand* Man I swear I put it...*sees Duet and Milliardo practially making out and drops the carton of milk in slow motion* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! MILL'S MAKIN OUT WITH DUET!
Heero: *hears this* Shut up, Haruka! *continues typing away at on his laptop until his replays what he heard* WHAT?!?! *is restrained by Relena from killing Milliardo*
Haruka: *grin*
Milliardo: *death glares Haruka* HARUKA!
Haruka: Ya know I never knew you had it in ya to go at a girl like that, Mill! I'm so proud of you even if it was with the whore!
Milliardo: ...Ugh... Why can't I have a normal life?
Duet: *sigh*
0.0;;; I never knew Mill could do that...
Haruka: You're one to say that! You wrote it! And why ain't there any scenes like that with Michiru and me?
Oh please! I'll put something with you and Michiru in the next one ok?
Haruka: You better! And what's up with the part with Shingo in his gundam?
You'll find out in the next episode, Haruka.
Haruka: I think Seiben should get a hair cut! You should like write that in somewhere.
...I never thought of that...Maye in the next episode, Haruka.
Haruka: Good cause the girl jokes are gettin old. -.-;;
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