Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 18 - You've Got Mail
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Seiben yawned and looked around the room he was basically restricted to. The place was so boring he wouldn't be suprised if he fell asleep without knowing it. He then came to the desision of getting off the bed and going to his computer which had heavy restrictions on it though he was able to by pass some of them (He's not the son of Zechs and Noin for nothin). After entering in his password he finally got into Windows and started to connect to the internet. Two minutes later Seiben opened up one of the many chat programs he had and instantly recieved a message from some nut as he would put it. The same person that's been loading his mail box with a bunch of crap.

Signs_on_The_Walls: You've got mail...
Perfect170: Would you be so kind as to.....STOP SENDING ME MAIL?!?!
Signs_on_The_Walls: Aww come on... It's very important and if you don't read it you and everyone else you know is going to be in danger. You have a chance to stop anything of what I sent to you in the mail from ever happening.
Perfect170: And how do I know you just aren't someone sending me bullshit?
Signs_on_The_Walls: Cause....Seiben....We've known each other for a long time. You should be able to trust me.
Perfect170: .....And how do you know my real name? Not saying that it really IS my name?
Signs_on_The_Walls: Read the mail for once before you delete it then you'll know. ^.^
Perfect170: And if I don't want to?
Signs_on_The_Walls: Welp like I said you could've been able to stop a lot of events from occuring.
Perfect170: Fine, fine. I'll read the damn thing...
Signs_on_The_Walls: Yay! ^^

Seiben who was getting very annoyed with this "Signs_on_The_Walls" person went to his e-mail box, recieved the mail, and deleted it.

Perfect170: There I read it.
Signs_on_The_Walls: Ooo... Seiben you lie like a dog. I know you didn't read one sentence.
Perfect170: I read "Hi!".... Is that good enough?
Signs_on_The_Walls: That's mean...
Perfect170: So?
Signs_on_The_Walls: You have mail, Sei-chan!
Perfect170: ...Would you stop e-mailing me crap?
Signs_on_The_Walls: Nope. Not untill you read it.
Perfect170: FINE! God...

Sieben then decides to delete all twenty e-mails he had recieved and opened the chat window up again.

Perfect170: Happy now?
Signs_on_The_Walls: Seiben... If you're going to lie at least try to lie right for once.
Perfect170: ...
Signs_on_The_Walls: Well since you won't read the e-mail yourself since it magically keeps getting deleted I'll post it in her for you. ^^
Perfect170: And what makes you think that I won't just close the window anyways?
Signs_on_The_Walls: Because you can't....

Seiben stared at the last words that were typed and decided to see if this person was right. Soon enough he found out that he couldn't minimize or close the window and he wasn't in the mood to shutdown the computer so he'd have to go though passwords and such again.

Signs_on_The_Walls: Hi Sieben! Inclosed in this message are events that may occur. These events that will be named in here are to happen within a years time. After that year is up these people who call themselves "The Saviors" will posibly start a war if they are able to complete all these things that are listed below within a year. I know you were the right choice to send this mail to since you don't give a damn anyways but... It may be helpful to you and your comrades later on.

Perfect170: One... I HAVE NO COMRADES!
Signs_on_The_Walls: ... Oh please then what do you call Haruka, Milliardo, Shingo, Ariel, Duet and Ling?
Perfect170: ...Annoying children who have nothing better to do then annoy me.
Signs_on_The_Walls: ...Whatever.... anyways....

The Unified Nations will hold a meeting that will deal with the recent sightings of the gundams. This meeting will eventually bring the colony's trust on the Earth to an extreame low. If things go the way they want this group will have the colony's on their side within two to three months while supplying them with weapons of all kinds. Eventually this group hopes to search for an exact gundam which could very well hold a program that not even the original gundam pilots would dare to use.

Perfect170: Humph... You are right about that meeting and about the colonies. They are getting very figgity over the fact that gundams have appeared on the Earth. As for gundams as far as I know there isn't anything special in any of them expept for only two of them as for the others they have nothing. I know I looked over all the gundams up to date statistics and any gundam besides the two I know only has is crap. Besides knowing any ot the pilots they wouldn't know anything new had been put into thier gundams. Now if you want a real gundam they should attempt to get Tallgeese and maybe even WingZero they have the only zero system in them.
Signs_on_The_Walls: You'd be suprised at what they already know. They already have a pretty good idea who was piloting each gundam durring that small battle you had though the colonies would insist that you all were only doing target practice to show off your gundams. As for your zero system it's worthless compared to what they're searching for...

They plan on getting a copy of this program and hope to be able to destroy any person or gundam that got in their way. Though it is stressed that the program may be too much for a normal human being they plan on doing some test on a test subject to see just how effective this program is. If all of the test check out good they'll use their test subject as their force against the gundam pilots, Unified Nations and anyone else. If their test subject shows signs of not being able to over come the program they will dispose of their test subject in a blood filled way.

Perfect170: All that over a program they probably don't know anything about? Hmph... They deffinatly are stupid fools. Besides we have the zero system 2 on our side so it wouldn't matter what they used we should be able to defeat them in one whack. And what is this program anyways?
Signs_on_The_Walls: From what I'm told, Seiben, it's a zero system type program. It could be very dangerous if put in the wrong hands if you ask me that is. The rest of this goes on and on about what they plan on using such as mobile dolls controlled by this program they also hope to find some pilots that can handel the zero system it's self which you know is hard to come by. They also plan on making a few other moblie suits.

Seiben thinks this over a few times. The only problem he could see was he didn't know anything about this "program" that this person kept going on and on about. If anything they would be able to destroy the mobile dolls and anything that came their way but as for the pilots who would be on a zero system high was going to amount ot a slight problem. Then their was the problem of who this person was that he was talking to. Perhapes it was the enemy or just a psycho who just happened to know his real name.

Perfect170: Ok.... I believe your every word. I'll consider taking some action once a problem arises.
Signs_on_The_Walls: Thank you Seiben. I have to go now... Bye!

Signs_on_The_Walls has dissconnected.

Seiben looked over what this psycho had told him and came to the conclusion that whatever it was they were deffinatly lying thus it was no concern of his. With that judgement Seiben turned 'off' his computer and went to take a shower. While this is going on each of the other neo pilots opens up their e-mail and eventually come to the same conclusion that if there is an enemy then they should be ready for it. A month passed and nothing had happened yet until the meeting with the Unified Nations came.

Heero looked around the large group of political leaders and such and of course found Quatre and Relena who were busy talking up a storm to each other.

Heero: How long is this thing going to be?
Relena: Oh Heero I almost forgot you were here...
Heero: I'm sure you did... How long?
Relena: Not that long...
Quatre: Only an hour at most, Heero.
Heero: Good.
Relena: Good? Do you have something to do?
Heero: *sarcam seeping out of every word* Oh yes...I have to build another one of my death machines as you would put it.
Relena: Well maybe if you didn't rebuild the things then you wouldn't be here.
Quatre: ...True but if we hadn't we'd all possibly be dead.
Relena: And sending my sons to do your dirty work is ok?
Heero: They're soldiers they'll live...
Relena: Errr... Men they think alike and act alike...
Heero: ...Relena...
Relena: Yes?
Heero: You're getting a little chubby you know...
Relena: *fumming* You're one to talk! *walks off*
Heero: ...I'm not "chubby"...Am I?
Quatre: ...That's a battlefield I'd prefer to stay out of...
Heero: *under his breath* ...I am not chubby... *sits down next to Relena to her dissappointment along with Quatre* Who's that idiot?
Relena: ...Kitsune Kage... He's the only reason we're here because he's worried about the gundams appearing on Earth. It's causing all the colony cittizens to question which side they should be on if another war braks out.
Quatre: That makes sense they wouldn't want to start another war even though it's possible that the gundams may not even attack them.
Heero: And I'm here why?
Relena: You're here to represent the "gundam pilots of AC 195" along with Quatre.
Heero: ...Humph... I can see why they didn't ask Duo to come... He'd get off the subject too many times...
Relena: Be quiet, Heero...
Kage: Welcome to the L1 Colony though I'm sure you've heard that enough times today so I'll make this short... Now as we all know Gundams have been spotted on Earth... *a screan behind the dark hair man turns on and starts going though various images taken from the previous battle and a few gasps are heard in the background* Now wheather they're going to attack the colonies we're unsure. For all we know they could probably be doing target practice for us. Then on the other hand they could be weapons the Earth is trying to keep quiet... It could very well be that a number of things could have happened. Of course that's why we're here my friends, to find out if these are weapons for mass distruction made by the Earth or just some odd hobby for our previous saviors, the gundam pilots. *stares in Heero's direction and recieves a death glare from the perfect soldier* Does anyone wish to comment so far?
Heero: Exactly how do you connect any of us as the producers of these gundams?
Kage: You do have the resources if I do recall Mr. Winner himself was a gundam pilot thus you could have recieved a massive amount of funds to rebuild these gundams.
Heero: True but Quatre is also a pascifist...
Kage: That's why he was a gundam pilot?
Heero: We all had our own reasons.
Kage: And what was yours, Mr. Yuy?
Heero: It was my mission.
Kage: Humph... So you tell me your mission was to start a war and then end it?
Quatre: I personaly think it doesn't matter what happened in the past. If anything we should look at the current problem.
Kage: ...Yes, you're right we should look at this problem.
Quatre: What proof do you have that points to any of us?
Kage: You were gundam pilots and you have the resources to create another few hunderad gundams. All these things point to you. Besides we don't know what really was going on down there durring the time the gundams were spotted.
Heero: And how many were there?
Kage: I'm working on figuring that out but I have a guess that it's probably five at least maybe even more. *grins* Do you have any clue as to how many there are, Mr. Yuy?
Heero: No clue...but I know I haven't piloted a gundam since A.C. 196.
Kage: But you do have two sons do you not?
Heero: ...Yes...
Kage: And what makes us believe that they didn't pilot thoes gundams on a "mission" as you put it to destroy the colonies?
Heero: They only know of gundams though text books besides that they've never touched or seen a gundam in their life and the same could be said for my former comrades...
Relena: Why do you keep bringing up the Earth? We'd never start another war with anyone.
Kage: How are we so sure about this?
Relena: Because there's no reason for us to destroy the peace we have between us and the colonies so unless you find more proof then some pictures you could've just made out of the blue then I think this meeting is over.

Relena stands up and walks out with Heero in a small bit of suprise along with Quatre and everyone else in the room who started talking to one another about the Vice Foreign Minister's actions and just looked at her as she left. Kage along with everyone else starts leaving and runs into a brown haired girl.

Kage: Sydney...
Sydney: Looks like it didn't go that well...
Kage: You think?
Sydney: If you need more proof I'll find some more.
Kage: I need you to do some investigating for me.
Sydney: That I can do...

Meanwhile, down on the Earth two baka boys are starting up trouble...

Haruka: *while sitting down at lunch* *yawns, pokes at food* So how are you, Shingo?
Shingo: Eh ok... I don't know why but lately I've been havein some weird dreams about two girls...
Shingo: ... I WISH! But no... See there's this blonde girl who looks kinda like Ariel but with blonde hair ya know and then there's another girl who looks like your dad as a girl... Spooky eh?
Haruka: ...You wanna know something spookier?
Shingo: What?
Haruka: I've been having the same type of dreams and so has Ling and Mill. Odd eh?
Shingo: Must be like a mass hillucination or somethin like that...
Haruka: ...Dude... Don't use big words on me... It puts me at a disadvantage....
Shingo: Well you just used a big word too!
Haruka: I'm the Prince of the Sanq Kingdom I have ta!
Shingo: I'm the heir to a bunch of worthless shit so what differance does that make?
Haruka: I'm a prince and you're a lowly brat with money.
Shingo: ...With a lot of money dude. Your dad doesn't even hand ya a penny... Then again nither does mine without a good reason... Mainly... 'school'.
Haruka: True... Speakin of which wasn't your father as well as mine goin to that meeting with the Unified Nations?
Shingo: Yeah... It's all because of... *low voice* us dude and the gundams.
Haruka: Yeah... I wonder what happened to Hidama...
Shingo: *shrug* No clue... No one can find a trace of her...
Haruka: Weird... Where's TaTa-chan?
Shingo: Him? I gave him a small distraction and told him if he didn't do it right I was gonna make sure I told a certian person about a it...

Taleb: *attempting to fix a rubics cube that's been rigged so it never works no matter what* WHY ISN'T IT WORKING?!?! ARGH!!!!!!!!

Haruka: Heh! You know the little romance between Mill and the thing is getting a little over rated.
Shingo: Ne?
Haruka: Yep they were studing yesterday and Mill brings up that he has to ask her something of course before he could get to the "OH DUET I LOVE YOU AND I WANT TO FUCK YOU AND HAVE KIDS WITH YOU AND NAME THEM AFTER YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF!" speach I came in and asked him where my Hentai Monthy was and that started a few things...they're so smushy I think I could almost walk though Mill.
Shingo: *looks over at another table* Speaking of which...

Milliardo: *pulls out a chair for Duet and dusts it off* Here you go, Duet.
Duet: Thank you, Milliardo.
Milliardo: *sits down on the opposite side to Duet* I brought you some rice balls if you want some.
Duet: I love those! Thank you very much, Milliardo. *grabs one of the balls and starts eating it*
Milliardo: Ummm... Duet you remember a few days ago when I was talking to you durring our study session... You know before Haruka came in...
Duet: *looks at Milliardo* Yes...
Milliardo: Well I wanted to teell you this for the longest time... Actually I've wanted to tell you it since fifth grade but...
Duet: Go on with it Milliardo...
Milliardo: Duet...I--
Haruka: *with a guitar he's currently "borrowing" from the band department while singing into a microphone with Shingo doing percussion in the background* MY REFLECTION! DIRTY MIRROR! THERE'S NO CONNECTION TO MYSELF! I'M YOUR LOVER I'M YOUR ZERO I'M A FACE IN YOUR DREAMS OF GLASS! *starts undressing*
Random Haurka fangirls: HARUKAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Shingo: *attempting to keep up the beat and gives a death glare to Haruka* He always gets the cute girls... *now attempts to do the same while keeping up the beat but trips and falls on the percussion set for the band and causes the whole thing to go to hell*
Shingo fangirls: ... 0.0;;;;;;
Haruka: ...He would screw it up...
Milliardo: ... I was just about to say that...
Duet: *gets up and kicks Shingo who's currently on the floor in pain, trips Haruka with the microphone cord and leaves the lunch room*
Principal: *checking the damage* ...Well, well why is it I'm not surprised to see you Mr. Winner and Mr. Yuy, at the bottom of all this?
Shingo: Maybe cause we are? *looking up from the ground and the drumset on him*

Meanwhile, in Heero's ninth grade history class Duo is substituting. (dear god help us all)

Kid 1: Mr. Maxwell are you sure we should throw this out the window?
Duo: Does it have Mr. Yuy's name on it?
Kid 1: *checks* Yeah....
Duo: Then ya can.
Kid 1: *throws out Heero's laptop and watches it go crunch on the ground*
Kid 2: Ok who wants to buy this? We'll start the bidding at 5 dollars... *holds up a few things belonging to Heero*
Kid 3: *spray paints "Heero sucks monkeys" on the wall as Duo comes over to check on the boy*
Duo: Nah nah... That's not right... It should be... *takes can and crosses out monkeys and paints "Relena" in large letters* There we go...
Triage: *looks around the remains of what use to be a classroom then looks at Torance* Ya know Torance-chan I would've made this room a lot messier with your help of course... *grin*
Torance: ...Fluffy...
Triage: Yeees?
Torance: Could you do me a "favor"?
Triage: *thinking nasty things* SURE!
Tornace: Could you give this to your brother for me? *hands him a note*
Triage: 0.0 What is it?
Torance: Oh nothing but if you give it to him really quick I'll give you a kiss!
Triage: )0.0( WOAH! *runs across the war zone/classroom, jumps over a few desks and reaches Nova* *pant* Here....
Nova: What is it?
Triage: A buzz off note from my love, Torance! ^.^ Kiss kiss kiss *runs back to Torance*
Nova: ...Ne? *opens note*

How are you Nova? I'm ok though your brother is...a tad annoying at the moment. I do wish Mr. Yuy were here I think Mr. Maxwell doesn't really like him that much. You would know more about that then me. I was wondering if you would like to maybe get something to eat.
With great pitty on you,

While Nova is busy reading the letter from Torance, Nova has finally made it to Torrance waiting for his kiss.

Triage: ^^ This is gonna be great...
Torance: Yeah it is. Now if you want to really experiance a kiss from me Fluffy you have to close your eyes.
Triage: *grin* Ok... *closes eyes*
Torance: Close them tight now, Fluffy. *picks up "WingZero" the class frog and holds the poor frog up to Triage's lips and puts the frog back after a minute* There you go, Fluffy. I did as I promissed.
Triage: *drool* That was the best kiss I've ever had in my life! Ain't I a great kisser, Torance?
Torance: Ummm yes you are!
Triage: *sighs and faints*
Nova: *reaches the spot Torance and Triage are currently at and looks at Triage* ...
Torance: Oh Nova! So would you like to go out for some food?
Nova: Uh.... Sure.
Torance: Great you pick the place and I'll meet you there.
Nova: Ok. *bell rings and various objects that belonged to Heero are now in the hands of students*
Triage: *grabs Nova's leg as he's about to walk out the door with Torance* You better not be hittin on my woman!
Nova: ...I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing...
Triage: Ok...

Triage gets up from the floor grabs his bookbag and starts walking to his next class until he runs into a blonde girl.

Triage: Oi! Sorry Chick! Name's Triage yo!
Shale: Oh your that boy Torrance told me about!
Triage: You know my girlfriend?
Shale: Well she didn't tell me you were going out... My name's Shale Parker I'm from Britian.
Triage: *thinking* Man British women are hot! *out loud* How do you know Torrance?
Shale: We're friends.
Triage: I see. Well I'm sorry for bumppin into you like that.
Shale: I don't mind.
Triage: Uhhh so where are you going to?
Shale: English class. You?
Triage: Wow! I'm in English class too! I bet we even have the same teacher! Let me see!
Shale: *hands Triage the scheduale she recieved*
Triage: I was right! Now you can tell me all about Torance and what she likes to eat and stuff!
Shale: ...*thinking* Torance did say he was dense... But I never imagined it was this bad...

Next period class, Chemistry. Ling and Ariel start the group project for the day.

Ariel: I don't like this class it's too much like cooking class...
Ling: That's a lot to say seeing how you passed with flying colors.
Ariel: ...She only graded us on wheather or not the food we prepared was edible. Of course I was always in a group with Shingo and you know how he eats.
Ling: As long as it smells like food and it can go in his mouth he'll eat it.
Ariel: Yep. Speaking of which... *looks over at Shingo and Michiru, who had just transfered to the school since she was living with the Yuy's for the time being, mixing the chemicals together with Shingo's face almost right next to the tube* I pitty the girl... If she only knew about Shingo's reputation to make even chocolate mix explode she would've asked for another partner.
Ling: Yeah but the chocolate splating all over the walls was a bit funny.
Ariel: But it was chocolate! God! How can he even be the son of Quatre Raberba Winner? He should be Haruka's brother instead of Milliardo.
Ling: Oh no... *sees Shingo and Michiru's tube starting to fiz out, suddenly Shingo grabs the green haired girl, they dodge underneath a table and the tube explodes* I want to know how he does that...
Ariel: I don't want to know... But at least this time he learned how to duck and run.
Ling: ...Yeah...
Ariel: Do you want me to give you the recording that I got from Milliardo not too long ago from Shingo's gundam?
Ling: Sure. I want to see what's so dangerous about the system that it had to be watered down.
Ariel: I'll give it to you tomorrow.
Ling: Ok.
Sydney: *close to the two grins and continues with the experiment*

The school day eventually ends and of course everyone like normal people go home. Ling walks into the Chang home to be greeted by his younger sister Merian and his mother. Of course Wufei is already home complaing as usual over the "weak television" and over the fact that there aren't that many shows with "strong Chinnese" in it but they have "weak Japanese" shows. Ling goes to the kitchen grabs some left overs from the night before and goes to his room locking it shut. At that moment the familiar voice of Ling's cousin is heard through out the home.

Torance: 'Ello Uncle Wu Wu!
Wufei: WUFEI!
Torance: You're funny Uncle Wu Wu. Well I'm going to go put moi things up. Boi Uncle Wu Wu. ^^
Wufei: INJUSTICE! *doorbell rings* ONNA GET THE DOOR!
Sally: I'm busy cooking!
Wufei: Injustice! Eldest Weakling Son!
Ling: *though the door of his room* Wha?!
Wufei: Get the damned door!
Ling: I can't! I've got some law study homework to do!
Wufei: The same class you are failing! Injustice! Onnakos! Go get the door!
Kin, Gin, Torance, & Merian: WE'RE BUSY!
Wufei: ...Why is it that everytime I ask of something from one of these onna's they're always busy?
Kasuka and Yowamushi: *pass Wufei with a Hentai Monthly mag behind their backs*
Wufei: Weaklings!
Yowamushi: YEAH!
Wufei: ...I have not clue as to what you're talking about but if you wish to keep me from knowing I require you to get the door before I chop your head off.
Kasuka: Give us ten dollars then maybe I'll do it.
Wufei: Hmmm... *hands Kasuka and Yowamushi the money and the blondeish haired boys passes the door and run to their room locking it behind them* ...I've said it once and I'll say it again... INJUSTICE! *whack*
Sally: Stop yelling in the house! Besides if you're such a strong man. You wouldn't mind getting the door yourself.
Wufei: ...Fine! *gets up and answers the door to see a brown haired girl about the same age as his "eldest weakling son"* What do you want?
Sydney: My name's Sydney Evans. I was wondering if Chang Ling was here.
Wufei: What business do you have with my son?
Sydney: Well I'm an old friend of his.
Ling: *gets out of his room and stares at Sydney* AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CLOSE THE DOOR!
Sally: Ling! Stop yelling! You too Wufei you're corupting what's left of the kids!
Wufei: Humph! That TV has corupted them along with those Western magazines and food.
Sydney: Umm could I come in now?
Wufei: ...Fine... *allows Sydney into the Chang home and closes the door*
Ling: What are you doing here?!?
Sydney: I haven't seen you in a long time, Ling, and that's how you greet me by screaming your head off?
Kasuka: *sticks his head out the door* Oooooooooooooooooo! Ling's got a girlfriend!
Ling: I DO NOT!
Yowamushi: Well if I were older I'd ask her out!
Ling: YOU CAN'T!
Kasuka: So it's true! She is your girlfriend!
Wufei: HEY YOU STILL HAVE MY MONEY! *runs towards the door* YOU LITTLE WEAK PIECE OF--*runs into the closed door*
Kasuka: *sticks his head back out and does a rasberry to Wufei and quickly closes the door again*

Wufei slowly rises from the floor and kicks the door and starts cursing it in Chinese until the doorbell rings once again and of course Wufei gets the door himself knowing well enough that no one else was going to. This time another girl with long blonde hair and glasses is at the door.

Wufei: What is this? The invasion of the onnas?
Shale: I'm Shale Parker, sir. I do believe that a Torance Williams is currently residing here.
Torance: *dashes to the door and moves Wufei out of the way* Shale you came!
Shale: Yes, it looks like I didn't get to see you in school since I came in late. Though I did see that Triage Barton you told me about.
Torance: He wasn't acting incedibly self delusional was he?
Shale: I do believe he was. So may I come in?
Torance: Oh I almost forgot about that. Yes, come on in.
Ling: Great... Another one...
Wufei: ...For once I agree with you there weak son...
Sally: *comes out of the kitchen and sees the new arivals and stares at Sydney and Ling* AWWW! My baby boy got a girlfriend!
Ling: ...Why is it I have a prediction I'm going to be told this the whole time you're here?
Sydney: Well I guess you can't blame me. I thought you would've had a girlfriend by now... But then again you were one for the ladies were you, Ling?
Sydney: Nothing. *grins*
Sally: I hope you're going to stay for dinner! I really want to know more about you and my little Lingy-poo!
Ling: ...MOM!
Sally: What? I have a right to call you anything I want.
Ling: ...Greaaaaaaaaaat...
Torance: Oh yes! Aunt Sally this is the friend I told you about, Shale.
Shale: Nice you meet you.
Sally: It's so great to have some more women in this house. *stares at Wufei* I have to put up with pigs all the time...

Meanwhile, a blueish long haired man with his hair tied back in some decent clothing walks up to the local Sanq Kingdom University with his black shades on. This "man" walks past a few girls who stop chating to look at him and nearly faint he of course turns around puts his shades down slightly to the point where you can see his dark colored eyes staring back at you. The two girls finally collapes from the look of him and he continues his walk to the front door of the building. At that same time Heero, who had just got back from space, was looking around for collages for Milliardo (Forget Haruka he's a lost cause) but also had Haruka with him for no reason at all. They enter the Sanq Kingdom University and start checking wheather or not Milliardo would want to go there (it is their last year of high school). Of course Haruka's eyes were wondering around since he didn't really care about the collage stuff and saw a familiar blueish haired cousin of his.

Seiben: *filling out an application heard his pencil snap*
Haruka: SEIBEN! *dashes over to his cousin* Whatcha doin here?
Seiben: ...That's a simple question, Haruka. I plan on going to this school since my father insists upon it.
Haruka: I get it... If ya don't they'll disown ya and you're in shitvile... Ok! Well I think I'm goin here too!
Seiben, Heero and Milliardo: NO!
Haruka: Eh? Why not? You should be glad I still want to learn somethin, Mill!
Milliardo: Being in the same school with you since Pre-K has been a nightmare! I never can walk though the halls without someone saying "Hey aren't you Haruka's dorky twin brother, Milliwhatchacallit?". I've lived with it for waaaaaaaaay too long and I'll be damned if you go to the same collage as me. Besides you don't even have the grades to get into ANY collage much less this one!
Haruka: ... I'm hurt... I never knew you dispised me so much... Oh well... *sits down on the ground and looks around to see a hot collage girl walking their way and instantly jumps up* Hi babe! Name's Haruka! I'll be going to this school next year.
Girl: *stares at Haruka and looks behind him to see Seiben still filling out the application* SIEBEN!
Seiben: Eh? *looks up* AHHHHHHHH!*Jumps up and attempts to run and is tackled down to the ground by the girl*
Haruka: ...Now that's not right... Now she looks like a lesbian!
Girl: Oh Seiben I didn't know you were going here!
Seiben: Get off me!
Haruka: Who's the chick? *gets a good look up the girl's skirt*
Seiben: None of your concern, Haruka!
Girl: *gets up and sticks out her hand* My name's Rose Kushrenada.
Haruka: *grabs her hand and practiacally drools all over it*
Rose: ...*thawap*
Haruka: NAI! *rubs his head* Ouch... That hurt!
Milliardo: I'm sure it wasn't suppose to feel good, Haruka. So how do you know my cousin?
Rose: Oh we're good friends.
Seiben: Yeah right.
Rose: Oh please, Seiben-chan! So you're going here?
Seiben: Humph...As if it matters to you.
Rose: Maybe... *grin* Besides I want to know what classes you're going to take.
Seiben: I don't know yet.
Heero: *stares at this "Rose Kushrenada" girl* ... *thinks* I don't like this girl...
Rose: *smile* Anyways tell me more about yourselves, Milliardo...Haruka. I never knew Sieben had cousins.
Seiben: For good reason.
Rose: I'm sure since they've been around you longer then me they know more then me since I haven't seen you in a long time...
Seiben: *stares at Rose as she, Haruka and Milliardo start talking about the tricks they've pulled on him and the ones he's done on them* ...All of the sudden she shows up... Humph...*continues filling out his application*
Yay! Another episode done! Ok I know people are going to wonder about a few things so look below.

[1] Why was Duo letting the kids trash Heero's classroom? Let me explain. Duo wanted to go to the meeting to "represent Shinigami". Of course he found out Heero and Quatre went instead. Heero had told him that unlike him Quatre and himself were much more intellegent. So thus to get back at Heero for that comment he let the kids trash the room.
[2] The ending part to Ling and Ariel's conversation in Chemestry class is explained more in "Zero" the bridge fic connecting Parts 1 and 2 together. I suggest if you wish to know more about it you should read the fic.
[3] Even though Sieben is "restricted" to step a foot outside of his parent's home Zechs has pulled a few strings to at least get the boy a better education. Thus why our little Sieben boy is going to collage.
[4] If you want to know more about Rose for now I suggest that you go to the NGW RPG for more info. I do plan on making a profile for her and Sydney soon so never you fear.