Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 17: Home is where the heart is.
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Koubashii: *starts clapping* Bravo! Bravo! What a lovely ending to Kuro Hidama also known as Cimorene Maxwell. Too bad this war won't stop at her death.
Rena: What the hell are you talking about?
Koubashii: She was mearly my puppet. But now that you're here I can get rid of you on my own. Besides I've already sent the assasions to A.C. 200 because unlike my little doll Cimorene here I thought ahead of time. Now I hope you have fun since you're going to be erased from exsistance very soon and I indend to watch it happen. Ja! *dashes out of the room*
Trina: HEY!
Rena: Don't bother.
Shingo: ...Welp if I'm going to die I'd like to tell you something Ariel.
Ariel: Shingo now is not the time to tell me shit.
Shingo: *goes up to Ariel* I love you.
Ariel: ....Hmmm how many times have I heard that one? About 500,000,000 TIMES!
Shingo: You're right I can't really make up for that in the amount of time I have left to live but...*grabs Ariel*
Ariel: ....Shingo....
Shingo: I really love you. *kisses her in front of everyone*
Haruka: Awww how cute it just brings a tear to muh eye!
Ariel: *stares at Shingo afterward and a long pause starts shortly with a smacking sound* THAT'S FOR GOING OUT WITH THAT SLUT ON MY BIRTHDAY!
Shingo: OUCH! I don't understand women...
Duet: *beside Hidama/Cimorene* Are you alright?
Hidama: *coughs a bit* I'm sorry Duet-chan. I really screwed up. I can never be like you smart and all you know. I wish I could go back and fix my mistakes but it's too late I suppose.
Duet: Don't worry about it I'm sure Rena and Trina will take you your time.
Hidama: They could but I probably won't make it. You could fix this better then me right now.
Duet: ...How?
Hidama: In the basement of the lab there's a door inside that door is the time machine you could go back to your time and wait to be erased from history or you could go to A.C. 200 and stop dad from getting himself killed along with everyone else.
Duet: And you?
Hidama: *shrug* I guess I'll lay here and wait to die.
Rena: No. I intend on taking you home dead or alive.
Hidama: Humph...*cough* You sound like a bounty hunter, Rena-chan.
Rena: And you sound like you're about ready to go to Shinigami himself.

Duet gets up and walks over to Haruka and Milliardo direction.

Duet: How's Milliardo?
Haruka: He's not doin well. Hey you don't have to pull that I don't like your brother crap on me. I know you like Mill. Hell I knew it when we were in forth grade.
Duet: ...Yeah well I guess you're not so bad...Sometimes.
Haruka: Better sometimes then never! ^^
Duet: Hidama er...Cimorene told me there's a time machine downstairs.
Haruka: ...Reeeeeeeeeeeeeally?
Duet: Yeah. But if we go back to 218 we'd just be wasting time there.
Haruka: ...So Koubashii was right about the whole "I'm going to kill your parents and stop you from ever being born" thing.
Duet: Looks like it. But the problem is Milliardo, Seiben and Cimorene are hurt and we can't take them with us.
Seiben: I thought I heard my name. What are you two planing.
Haruka: We got a ticket home just that we plan on taking a barthroom break before we go there.
Seiben: ...?
Duet: Basically we have a time machine just that we're plaing on taking a detour to A.C. 200.
Seiben: I see.
Duet: But the problem is you're hurt and so are Milliardo and Cimorene.
Seiben: I care less about the girl but no one kills Milliardo besides me.
Haruka: That sounded very Vegetaish.
Sieben: Shut up, Haruka.
Haruka: And that sounded very Seibenish.
Duet: *glare*
Haruka: Ok I'm now shuting up.
Seiben: The way I see it we should leave someone here that we can contact, or attempt to, everyone in the future so we can all come back here then go to our time.
Duet: It would work only if we had someone to stay.
Trina: Me and Rena will do it!
Duet: You sure?
Rena: It makes more sense seeing how you need someone to watch Milliardo and Cimorene.
Seiben: Good that'll work fine.
Trina: Goodie.
Duet: ...Well we shouldn't wait too long.
Ariel: What's going on?
Haruka: We're goin to A.C. 200 to stop Koubashii! ^^
Shingo: Well what the fuck are we waiting for? Lets go!
Ling: But who's going to stay?
Seiben: That's already been decided.
Haruka: Hey someone has to tell everyone in future what's going on here!
Duet: ...Don't you remember what we told you last time?
Haruka: Yeah but...
Rena: Don't worry about it 'Ruka-saa I'll take care of it.
Ling: Won't our parents freak when they see you?
Rena: I'll make sure not to do a vid-phone conversation.
Seiben: There are you happy now Haruka?
Haruka: Yep.
Shingo: Can we please go before my sexy self disappears into thin air?
Ariel: Sexy? That's a bit over rated.
Shingo: ...
Haruka: ...Yeah lets get the hell outta here.

The group go down to the basement and through a door and to their amazment stands a time machine.

Duet: There it is.
Haruka: Well no duh!
Duet: *glare*
Haruka: Hi! ^^
Shingo: So umm how exactly does this thing work again?
Trina: I know! ^^
Ling: Out of curiosity how?
Trina: Well I was around Nova-saa a lot while he tried to figure out how it worked so I guess it paid off.
Ling: ...I guess that makes sense...
Seiben: Does it say anything about the time or day they exactly went in?
Trina: Umm... It has five different dates all in the same year.
Haruka: Ummm is that good?
Trina: In a sense... yes.
Duet: Then can you get us there?
Trina: Ummm yeah but you see there are 'five' of them and 'six' of you and I don't know where each one goes to.
Sieben: You just said it had the time and day!
Trina: *gives him a glare* I said it has five different dates that are all in the same year. Never did I say I knew where they go exactly.
Haruka: So you're sayin we could probably end up on the colonies somewhere while our parents are getting their asses killed?!?
Trina: Yep. But lucky for us she sent some probes out to see where they go.
Ling: Well hurry up.
Trina: Hold your horses! Geez...Ok the first one is a Preventers building, Haruka-saa. And I think I see Duet-saa's father.
Haruka: Umm outta curiousity is my dad in there too?
Trina: No one else is there right now...
Duet: Then that means that's where me and Haruka go.
Haruka: Ew....
Trina: The second one is outside a jewlary store?
Shingo: This girl didn't really think did she?
Trina: The third one is at a...circus.
Haruka: Weeeell we know who's going there! *looks at Ariel*
Ariel: ...Shut up Haruka.
Trina: Forth one is on a street...x.x
Ling: ...Uh... yeah... and the last one?
Trina: At a door...
Seiben: That looks like my house...
Haruka: *gasp* Maybe it is!
Seiben: *hits Haruka upside the head* Can we leave now?
Trina: Yep! The first ones up is Haruka-saa and Duet-saa! Would you two like me to put you in a different part of the building and do you want me to put you there five minutes before where this thing is set?
Haruka: Make it ten minutes.
Duet: Also make sure it's somewhere not to far from where they are.
Trina: Good. Starting time rift now. *hands all of them a radio looking device* This should let you guys contact me when you're done since the assasions should also have one if you lose yours you can just take theirs.
Haruka: *takes the radio* Ok...*looks at the rift* Hey that thing looks like the one that took Me, Mill and the bitch outta that shuttle we were in.
Duet: *glare*
Trina: Umm... Could you hurry up? Each second we waste having this rift open the sooner the assasion that's suppose to get rid of your parents shows up.
Haruka: Ok, ok. This is gonna hurt I can tell already.*Duet grabs Haruka's arm and walks through the rift with the baka*
Trina: ...They made it over. Next!
Shingo: We don't know who the second portal is targeted on.
Trina: ...True but it's either you, papa, or Ling-saa that has to go.
Ling: I'm going to trust my memory from what my father told me about what happened before the got married to my mother and say this is where I'm suppose to go.
Trina: You sure?
Shingo: Ling's always sure about what he's doing.
Trina: ...Well I guess it doesn't really matter...*opens the portal and watches Ling walkinto it* Made it through. Third rift now opening.
Shingo: Ja Ariel!
Ariel: *stare* I'm still mad at you. *walks though the rift before Shingo can say anything*
Shingo: ...*shrug*
Trina: Made it. Forth rift now opening.
Sieben: That would be for you, Winner boy.
Shingo: No not 'Winner' 'Winna'! ^^ Could I make a 'special' request?
Trina: What?
Shingo: Instead of ten minutes could I have maybe...twenty or thirty?
Seiben: For what reason?
Shingo: Umm... For a top secret reason.
Seiben: Like what?!?
Shingo: *whispers to Trina*
Trina: Really? Well I guess it couldn't hurt.
Shingo: Your mama!
Seiben: *growls*...Whatever...*pulls out two guns* Here pick which one you want.
Shingo: Do you got one?
Seiben: Of course I do you moron...
Shingo: *grabs them both* Thanks man! I already had something I wanted to test but incase I guess I'l' use this as backup.
Shingo: *runs into the rift sticking his tounge out at Seiben*
Trina: ...Uh... yeah...Anyways I'm going to open the next rift.
Seiben: Question.
Trina: Eh?
Seiben: What was Winner boy talking to you about?
Trina: Oh nothing much. It won't interfer with time very much.
Seiben: ...You still didn't answer me.
Trina: Don't worry about it. You have to worry about yourself. The fifth rift is now open.
Seiben: I'll be back in eleven minutes at most.
Trina: ...Ok.

Duet lands right on top of Haruka with a big uff sound. After their little talk about why Duet would never go with Haruka the both of them start walking around the halls of the Preventer building eventually they turn the corner to see Duo and Heero talking to each other.

Duet: What do you think they're talking about?
Haruka: You're the smart one. You tell me!
Duet: ...No clue...
Haruka: Ok we should stay here and wait for our assasion to show up.
Duet: Ok.

No sooner does Haruka say that does a time rift open and a man dressed in black walks though. Haruka gets out his gun and fires. Of course you do realize Haruka still has bad aim and hits the wall instead. Again the Heero Yuy look alike fires and hits (for once).

Duet: Ok that's done I hope no one noticed anything.
Haruka: Man I hope not! Umm... Duet?
Duet: What?
Haruka: ...How are we going to cover up all this blood?
Duet: ............*starts looking though a garbage can and finds an empty bottle of ketchup* Here.
Haruka: And you expect me to do what with this?
Duet: Ugh! *puts the bottle on the floor next to the blood to make it look like a mess* There hopefully they won't think too much of it since my dad does eat while he works anyway.
Haruka: Damn even this far back?
Duet: ...I hope so.
Haruka: *uses the little radio thing* Hey! YO IS THIS THING WORKING?!?
Trina: Yeah?
Haruka: We're done yo!
Trina: Ok. I'm going to open the rift where you are.
Duet: Good.

Ling walks around the jewelry store to make it appear he's looking at the jewelary when the clerk comes up to him.

Clerk: Are you having problems?
Ling: Me? Uhhh no...I'm just looking around.
Clerk: You sure? What are you looking for?
Ling: Uh...Nothing really.
Clerk: ...*shrug* Well tell me if you need some help cause that guy over there made it clear enough he didn't need my help.
Ling: What guy?
Clerk: Oh a guy with his hair slicked back.
Ling: Kinda like he stuck it in a vat of Crisco?
Clerk: Well... I never thought of that but yes.
Ling: *looks behind the woman and spots his father and Shingo's father or at least he hoped it was* Great the guy never changes his hairstyle it's still as Criscoie as every. *gets a little closer to Wufei and Quatre to hear what they're talking about*
Wufei: Hmmm... I knew you could be of some use! *looks at the price* 15,000 CREDITS! WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE WINNER? A BANK?!?
Quatre: Well you asked me to help...
Wufei: Oi! You're just like an onna! Wanting the most expensive thing ever!
Quatre: ...
Ling: *starts chuckling* He still a cheap bastard.
Wufei: *looks at it again* But... It should be worth it... Lets see how much do I have anyway? *starts counting up his money* 4,000...4,050...5,000....6,000..................10,000.... It would appear I do not have the required amount oh well pick another one Winner...
Ling: *looks over their shoulders* I think it's a nice ring you should really get it.
Quatre: That's what I said.
Wufei: Are you another weakling that works here?
Ling: ME?!? No...
Wufei: Humph... I feel as if I've seen you before. Do you live at my apartment complex?
Ling: No.
Wufei: Were you the one I had that car crash with a year or two ago?
Ling: No.
Wufei: You better be telling me the truth boy.
Ling: I am baka!
Wufei: WHAT DID YOU SAY TO ME WEAKLING?!? Did you just refer to the great Chang Wufei, the one that saved you and everyone on this godforsaken planet from the White Fang, a 'baka'?
Quatre: What about me?
Wufei: Oh yes and I had the help of my fellow gundam pilots but they were so weak that I won the battle for I killed Treize!
Quatre: I really pitty your kid, Wufei.
Ling: ...Fine I'll take the ring since you don't want it. *notices a guy in a black trenchcoat walk into the store* Shit!
Wufei: What are you going on about weakling?
Ling: *sees the guy pull out a riffle and points it in his direction* DUCK! *all three jump over the counter before the guy started shooting* Holy shit!
Quartre: ...What's up with that guy?
Wufei: Maybe it's someone you managed to piss off, Winner.
Quatre: Maybe you did.
Wufei: Do not fight with me right now, Winner!
Ling: ...Ugh... *pulls out his katana, stands up really quick, jumps over the counter and slices the guy's head off causing a scream from the clerk* ...
Wufei: INJUSTICE! ONNA BE QUIET! *stands up and sees no one not even the body of the dead man* ...What the hell just happened, Winner?
Quatre: I don't know but that guy saved us.
Wufei: Who is 'us' he saved me, Chang Wufei!
Quatre: ... You are so full of yourself sometimes, Wufei.
Wufei: WHAT?!

Ariel sits and watches the knife throwing show and just so happens to be by a certian someone.

Jade: Isn't that incredible?
Ariel: Huh? Yeah.
Jade: I wonder how he can just stand there.
Ariel: Well he really doesn't think about being hit.
Jade: I couldn't do that I'd be hit in a heartbeat.
Ariel: I did it once when I was younger of course.
Jade: Really? That's neat!
Ariel: Uh... yeah. *notices the act is over and watches Jade get up and leave* ...What is she doing? *decides to follow her*
Jade: Sooo! Your my brother's silent friend eh?
Trowa: You shouldn't be here.
Jade: Yeah I know but who's going to notice?
Trowa: Me.
Ariel: 0.0 Why's she talking to my father?
Jade: Easy for you to say... So what's your name?
Trowa: ...Most people call me Trowa Barton. But if you don't like that name you can call me Nanashi.
Jade: ...Nanashi? Hmmm no I think Trowa sounds better.
Trowa: And what about you? I know your last name must be Maxwell...
Jade: Yeah. The name's Jade... Jade Maxwell... But if you must call me something call me sexy! ^^
Ariel: *half faints* I was talking to my mother?!? *turns around and runs into a tall man in dark clothing* ...*gulp* Sorry! *starts walking off*
Man: Wait a minute! You're from the future!
Ariel: Well looks like I've been figured out.*runs as fast as she can away from the circus*
Man: Come back here! *follows Ariel*
Ariel: Geez don't you even rest?
Man: Get back here! *pulls out a gun and starts fireing it at Ariel*
Ariel: ERR! This is a time you need Shingo so he can be a good diversion for you. *reaches a clearing*
Man: Heh...So where are you going to run to now? *points the gun at Ariel*
Ariel: No where I suppose.
Man: Good. Now you just stand there and let me kill you so I can get this over with.
Ariel: Really? *loads the gun she sort of took from some dead schmuck*
Man: Now turn around.
Ariel: Well...if you insist on it. *turns around and fires* Don't mess with me. Now to get back...

Shingo rubbed his nose and put a small band-aid on it since you see he ran right into a wall right after he went through the rift just as Sieben had hoped. Luckily no one was around to wake him up or laugh at him.

Shingo: ...Ouch...Note to self...Don't run though a time rift you either fall on top of someone or you run into a wall. Second note...WALLS HURT! >.< Welp time to do the good deed of the year. Too bad my father can't thank me when I get back. Besides I'm only doing it because every year I have to hear the same story... 'Your father really expected me to marry him without a ring! He must have been crazy!' *says in an annoying voice* Besides I'm feeling gracious enough to not have him go through the embarassment year after year. *plays around with the small box by throwing it around in the air when suddenly someone grabs him from behind* ACK!
Dorothy: Well hello to you too, Quatre.
Shingo: ...*looks around for his father and doesn't find him* Uh... you're talking to me right?
Dorothy: Who else?
Shingo: Uh...I dunno...*hides the box behind him*
Dorothy: *starts dragging Shingo with her*
Shingo: ACK! What are you doing?!
Dorothy: Remember? You said you were going to go with me shopping.
Shingo: I did?
Dorothy: ...Yes...
Shingo: Well I'm uhh busy yeah so I gotta go ja!*manages to get out of her death grip and runs off*
Shingo: *while runing* Exactly what did my father see in my mom? Cause last time I checked death threats don't turn people on yo. Then again this is your father we're talking about, Shingo, he still watches Sailormoon! Sad but true. Maybe that's why you're an only child.
Shingo: Ok...I get it I'm going to be called Quatre through out my entire time here.... *in a dorky voice* Oh Hi Duo! ^^
Duo: So any luck with the cockroach yet?
Shingo: ...Hey don't call her that!
Duo: Gee...You go through more mood swings then Hilde!
Shingo: ...
Duo: Anyways I was wondering if this plan would work... *hands him a plan called 'Operation Payback'* Well?
Shingo: Glue? HAHA! You're better off doing this and this...*gets out a pencil and starts fixing Duo's plan* There.
Duo: o.o Why didn't I think of that? heheh Trowa's in for it now. Thanks Quatre man.

With that Shingo continued to walk his merry little way until he spots a certian blonde pilot of SandRock.

Shingo: Sweat! *runs over to Quatre* Whoa! Ummm...Quatre! Yeah Quatre!
Quatre: Do I know you?
Shingo: No not really but you're gonna see....ummm... Dorothy right?!?
Quatre: Yeah... How'd you know?
Shingo: Umm... A good guess. Look If anything don't screw it up!
Quatre: What do you mean?!
Shingo: Look I know about you guys little thing you've been goin out with her she likes you. You guys act like you have nothing going on in public especially with you're friends. So now that you're being forced into this little marriage thing you're goin to pop the question!
Quatre: H-h-how'd you know about that?!?
Shingo: Ummmmmm.... A bird told me?
Quatre: Must of been one talkative bird.
Shingo: Look I don't have time for you're sarcasm! Just don't fuck it up! Oh yeah and maybe this might help. *gives him a small box*
Quatre: Huh...? Wh--
Shingo: Don't ask just go.
Quatre: O-ok.... *continues walking*
Shingo: HURRY UP! *watches Quatre start to run* *sigh* Don't mess this up like you did originally. Ok that's one thing down now to find the bad guy. Uh oh...Shingo you kinda screwed up... The guy is going after your father who's going to see your mom... Make sense? No... So the obvious thing to do is run your ass all the way to your mom's place before your son of a bitch father does. Ok... *starts runing as fast as he can*

Eventually Shingo lags behind his father and shows up a few minutes after him. While doing all this runing he eventually runs into someone outside in a big rose bush garden.

Shingo: Whoa...That hurt...
Guy: Ugh! Moron watch where you're going if you know what's good for you. *takes another look at Shingo* Wait a second...I know who you are!
Shingo: Wow really?
Guy: *puts his gun back and starts throwing punches and kicks at Shingo*
Shingo: ACK! I knew I should've paid a little more attention in karate class! >.< *gets hit in the face and falls down* Man! THAT HURT!
Guy: *pulls out his pistol* Well this is the end of you.
Shingo: *starts freaking out* Please don't kill me! I'm too...cute! Yes cute!
Guy: I fail to see that.
Shingo: Well I am. *pulls out both of the guns he stole from Seiben slowly* Exactly who do you think I am?
Guy: You're Quatre Raberba Winner! I'm supose to kill you which I'm going to do now! *fires his pistol but misses* Damnit!
Shingo: I got some news for you.
Guy: What? *pointing his gun at the blonde again*
Shingo: *pulls both guns out and fires them three times* I'm not the guy you're lookin for. Oh yeah this is for mistakin me for my father... *fires a last bullet into the dead body* Man... I get shot at left and right... *sigh* Well I hope this will help us a bit. I hope the others are done. Cause when I get home I'm gonna make a big sandwich.... *sighs once more and leaves draging the dead guy behind him*

Seiben looked at the familiar house in front of him recalling all the things he use to do inside the "crap hole" as he called it. He knocks on the door to make sure no one's home when someone opens the door.

Noin: Zechs the babysitter's here!
Seiben: NANI?!?
Noin: Come on in.
Seiben: *walks in*
Noin: Now little Sei-chan is upstairs taking a nap with Ele. I fed him not too long ago.
Seiben: Ele?
Noin: Yeah. It's this stuffed elephant. He can't go anywhere without the thing.
Seiben: Would this elephant happen to be pink?
Noin: Yes.
Seiben: *starts recalling the stuffed elephant he hit his cousins with when he was four* Ahem...Look I'm not the babysitter... besides aren't they suppose to be girls?
Noin: *looks at Seiben for awhile and pats him on the back* Now,now I know it must be difficult to not develop that well but don't worry about it guys don't really pay attention to that.
Seiben: WHAT?!?
Zechs: I'm comming honey.
Noin: He's so sweet. Do you happen to have a boyfriend?
Seiben: God no.
Noin: I understand guys are very difficult to get aren't they?
Seiben: *mentaly hitting himself with a metal pole and decides to play along* You have no idea...
Noin: Zechs get down here!
Zechs: Ok, ok ok! I'm here!
Noin: Good.
Zechs: Who the hell is that?
Noin: The babysitter.
Zechs: Hmmm...*looks at Seiben for awhile* Here are the rules...No friends of any kind over, no parties, no anything.
Seiben: ...Uh... yeah...
Zechs: Good now that that is done lets go.
Noin: Oh yeah the number to the resturant we're going to is in Sei-chan's room along with some other emergency phone numbers. Bye! *leaves out the door with Zechs*

Seiben heads up the stairs as fast as he can and goes into the room where little Sei-chan is sleeping.

Sieben: *grabs the phone number to the resurant* Great. That's all? You could've given me an address...La Chombord? *grabs a phone book and starts looking for the resturant* Hmm...not too far away from here... *starts walking out the door until he hears the sound of something colliding with the floor* ....*turns around and sees Sie-chan up and a rattle on the ground* Great...I can't leave myself here alone... This is going to be so embarassing... *puts on one of those baby carrier things, puts sei-chan in it and grabs a few items in a bag* Ok let's go over the ground rules. You can't drool on me, no crying, and please don't decide to throw up on me.
Sei-chan: *stares at Seiben while having one of Ele's ears in his mouth*
Seiben: Good I'm glad we agree.

With that Sieben and his much younger self head off to the resturant to hopefully save their parent's from getting killed.

Seiben: *peers though the window to the resturant* It seems ok so far.........*smells a very foul odder* ...What the hell is that?!?
Sei-chan: *starts crying and drops Ele*
Seiben: Damnit! *picks up the pink elephant and gives it back to the kid who still is crying* WHAT IS YOU'RE PROBLEM AND WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SMELL!?!? *notices it's comming from his younger self* ...Oh, no, no, no... I'm not changing any dippers! Uh uh! No way!
Sei-chan: *keeps crying*
Seiben: FINE! *starts attempting to change baby Seiben's dipper but is failing horribly at it* ARGH! Why are these things so complexed?!? *hears someone behind him and pulls out his gun to point it at the approching person*
Koubashii: Oh please. I'm unarmed...
Seiben: Humph...That's not going to pass with me.
Koubashii: Aww how cute you're taking care of yourself! Are you finding it to be too difficult for you, Seiben?
Seiben: I don't plan on playing one of your mind games right now. Or did you forget that I'm the one with the gun right now?
Koubashii: Oh dear I did forget that small part.
Seiben: What are you doing here besides waiting to see my parents be erased from history?
Koubashii: *starts to laugh slightly* They're the last target in this. You're the real target but it seems you have yourself. I suppose then I can go to plan B and just kill you and you're pastself here and now but I've forgoten my gun.
Seiben: Give me a good reason why I shouldn't just shoot you on the spot.
Koubashii: I have no reason. For all I care you can go ahead and kill me how ever you wish.
Seiben: Is that so?
Koubashii: Do you remember when I told you I thought ahead of Cimorene?
Seiben: What about it?
Koubashii: You really think I would go somewhere and put myself in danger if I didn't have a copy of myself somewhere?
Seiben: You didn't...
Koubashii: Yes, I did. Right before I left I did so because you see I've been in this loop several times and each time you all keep screwing it up for me. This time. This time! I am going to become victorious! To top it off you won't be able to do anything about it because anytime soon my clone will be finished and she'll take care of you're fellow gundam pilots thus you'd have no way to get home. So you're better off just dying here.
Seiben: You've full of yourself you realize.
Koubashii: And why do you say that?
Seiben: You didn't think about what would happen if someone destoryed your clone before it was finished.
Koubashii: You wounldn't...
Seiben: I can inform them of you're little plan thus destroying everything once again for you. I also plan on killing you either way so why not sit back and enjoy the ride to hell, ne?
Koubashii: No, I won't let you ruin this opertunity again for me! I can't!
Seiben: And what do you expect to do? There's nothing you can do. Remember I'm the one with the gun one false move and I could very well pull the trigger thus ending your life. I'm the only thing between you and death at the moment so enjoy your finnal moments on this Earth.

With that statement Koubashii runs towards Seiben in hopes of grabing the gun from him and posibly getting the communication device from him. Instead Seiben raises his riffle at the dark blue haired girl and fires the gun hitting her. Eventually it finally hits the girl that she had been shot and she stares at Seiben for what seems as an eternity and collapses to the ground with a hard thud sound. Seiben stands up and looks at the girl who's in a state of shock at the moment.

Koubashii: Wh...wh...why?
Seiben: *gets down to kneel next to her* I told you before if you move I'd kill you. It seems that this is the end of you.
Koubashii: Why can't you all understand?
Seiben: I don't share the same vision as you and I'll never see it. Now tell me where is that assasion of yours?
Koubashii: Ba...ka. You just killed her...You should be proud of yourself.
Seiben: And how do I know that for sure?
Koubashii: Ask one of you're little friends...I'm sure they could tell you. They've chased me down so many times they can follow my footsteps blindfolded...*coughs up some blood* It seems I'm going to die as you wished for me to. *picks up the hand she had over her wound and wipes the blood off on Sieben's face* To think...once we loved one another. Love is a killer, if you don't treat it right it will leave you to die... The last thing I want to do is die looking at you. *gives a weak smile, closes her eyes and goes limp and cold on the ground*
Seiben: ...Humph...*goes over to his younger self and picks him up* This has certainly been an interesting visit. *gets out his communicator* Hey Winner.
Trina: I have a name ya know.
Seiben: Whatever. Is anyone back yet?
Haruka: DUH! Everyone but you!
Seiben: Good. Look around for some kind of clone type machinery.
Duet: Why?
Seiben: It seems that Koubashii made a copy of herself before she came here.
Ling: We'll go and look for it.
Sieben: Good.
Trina: Are you done?
Seiben: I have some business to take care of. Though I would like you to know Koubashii has been...terminated.
Trina: Really?
Seiben: Yes. If you wish to see for yourself open a rift and I'll send her to you so I don't cause too much suspicion. I'll be back here in twenty minutes.
Trina: Hai.
Haruka: *hears a baby crying* Whoa what the hell is that? You deliver finally Seiben? *starts laughing*
Seiben: Errrrr! Haruka I'm going to kick your ass and use your remains for fire wood!
Haruka: 0.0 That's not as bad as the thing Duet told me about hangin me by my nuts!
Duet: You'll never let that go will you?
Haruka: Us Yuy's have a hard time "letting things go".
Seiben: ...That's a understatement...And no I did not "deliver"! I'm taking care of my younger self currently.
Haruka: Hey does he have that dorky pink elephant named "Ele"?
Seiben: ...NO!
Haruka: Oooo Seiben says lies!
Seiben: *getting annoyed by Haruka's voice* Shut up and let me do what I was going to do already.
Haruka: Alright I'll save my comments for when ya get back.
Seiben: Good.

Seiben tuns off the transmittion and picks up Sei-chan to take him home. After arriving at the house he quickly puts Sei-chan back in his crib along with a note next to the crib that goes on to say that something came up and he had to go. After placing the letter down Seiben walks out of the home undetected and rushes to where he had left Koubashii's body. Luckily no one had spoted her yet or had called the police. Seiben then contacts the others to open a rift for him. He picks up the dead body and in no time soon a rift was opened.

Seiben: *puts down Koubashii and looks at the others* Well did you find her clone yet?
Shingo: Yeah 'Ruka and me had target practice with it. Though I have ta say I was getting the most shots in. ^^
Seiben: Humph... How long do we have to wait until we can go home?
Trina: You can go home anytime you like but Rena hasn't come back.
Seiben: Fine then we'll wait. Is that a good enough plan for you Haruka?
Haruka: Ne? Why you askin me?
Seiben: The way I see it you're second in command so since I'm under you I'd like to know if you agree with me or not.
Haruka: *looks at Seiben with a little suprised look on his face then smirks* Course. Fine with me.
Seiben: Good. Is Milliardo still in the land of the living?
Ariel: For the most part he is. Though we need to hurry up.
Ling: Then that girl better hurry it up...

Rena stares at the phone device for awhile thinking of what to say to everyone in what would be her past and everyone else's present. She moves a light brown strand of hair out of the way and starts dialing. Within no time some one picks it up and hopefully she has the video option of the phone off.

Duo: Yo this is the Yuy's place what can I do for you?
Rena: I've called to inform you that everyone will be returning soon.
Heero: Who is this?
Rena: I'm sorry but I can't answer that question for you. I can tell you that I'm not from your time.
Duo: Obviously. So who are ya anyways?
Rena: As much as I'd like to answer your question, Mr. Maxwell, I can't.
Trowa: How do you know Duo?
Rena: As I've said before I'm not from your time instead I am from your future or should I say a future that is never going to happen hopefully.
Quatre: If you're from our future then what are yo doing there?
Rena: It's not important anymore. You won't recall ever recieveing this phone call once everyone has returned and they will never recall ever meeting me. I'm sorry but I need to go. Ja ne. *hangs up*

Relena: Who was it?
Heero: We don't know but according to them our spawn are going to be returning very soon.
Relena: *face lights up* Really?!?
Heero: Yes.
Relena: I'm so happy, Hee-chan! *semi-glomps Heero*
Heero: ...*hears the doorbell ring* ...And who's going to answer that?
Relena: *lets go of Heero and walks happily to the door and answers it* Hello?
Michiru: You're Haruka and Milliardo Yuy's mother are you not?
Relena: Yes...
Michiru: Great! I'm Michiru Shin I'm the one that took care of your son while he had amnisia.
Relena: Really?!
Michiru: Yes, though it seems that after we got on a shuttle to come here he along with his brother and a girl named Duet disappeared after something nearly devoured the entire shuttle. I was the only one left on the shuttle that is before it crashed. I was rescued by my father and my brother. I thought that maybe Haruka would be here safe and sound...
Relena: No he's not here.
Michiru: I'm sorry for wasting your time like this I'm sure you have better things to do. I'll be leaving now. Come on Yoshi.
Yoshi: ...All that for nothin. I'm so glad that scary guy didn't come here with us.
Michiru: It's ok...
Relena: Um...Michiru.
Michiru: Yes?
Relena: You're welcome to stay until Haruka comes. I've been told he should be comming home anytime soon.
Michiru: Really? You really mean it?!
Relena: *smiles* Of course. Besides I'd like to get to know more about you and how you and my son got together.
Michiru: *blushes slightly* Thank you very much.

Rena dashes into the basement where everyone else is waiting.

Haruka: Took ya long enough.
Rena: It took longer then I expected it to take.
Ling: Good finally I can go home and do something I haven't done in a longe while...
Seiben and Ling: SLEEP ON A BED!
Shingo: Ugh... I'm hungry as hell.
Duet: When aren't you?
Shingo: Only when I see some porno movies. ^^
Ariel: ...Really?
Shingo: But ya know Ariel none of them girls could ever compare to you. *wink*
Ariel: Right...
Haruka: Welp let's get this show on the road ne?
Rena: Yes, I'm sure you all have been waiting a bit too long to go home.
Haruka: Yep. And the first thing I'm doin when I get home is sleep.
Trina: You guys ready?
Shingo: Yep.
Sieben: We've been ready for quite awhile.
Rena: I have to tell you something once you get though that rift you won't recall any of the events that occured in this time and hopefully the people you've come in contact with won't remember you either.
Shingo: You mean we won't remember a thing?
Trina: No when you get there it'll be like you were asleep and you had just woken up.
Duet: And the same is going to happen to you right?
Rena: Yes that is if we truely restored the damage to our time. If not everythinf will be ther same as we had left it thus we won't lose our memory here.
Seiben: ...Out of couriosity how many times have you done this?
Rena: Several times though each time is differefent. This is the first loop we've ran into you. I'm just hoping that this time is the last time. I don't wish to go though this for several more times. Even if we do go though it once more we'll make sure to not run into any of you again.
Haruka: Welp I hope this is the loop you've been waiting for then.
Trina: We do too. ^^
Ling: Well let's not prolong this anymore.
Duet: Yes...
Trina: Ok... Time rift to A.C. 218 open.
Haruka: Exactly where is this going to put us?
Trina: I'm not sure yet.
Haruka: ...Well ok... Sayanora and have a good journey home.
Sieben: Even if I still don't trust you I do wish for you to get to your time.
Trina: Arigato, Sieben-saa and Haruka-saa. *watches him along with his brother and Seiben walk though the rift*
Ling: Good luck to both of you.
Rena: Same to you as well.
Duet: I wish for you to have a good trip home and for this time travel you've done to be well worth it.
Rena: It will be.
Ariel: I want to know something... Even though I'm not going to remember it ever again tell me. If you're Shingo's daughter who's your mother?
Trina: I didn't lie when I said you and Shingo-saa were going to be married one day.
Ariel: You mean...
Trina: Yep. Oh yes and you have twins too. My brother's at home still though no one knows about him for obvious reasons.
Ariel: ...*stares at Shingo* UGH! I hate you! *stomps though the rift*
Shingo: *scratches his head and shrugs* Welp this is goodbye ne? I hate ta go especially since I'll forget all about this once I walk though that rift. But i guess it's for the best. Sayanora Trina-chan and Rena-chan.
Trina: I love you, Shingo-saa.
Shingo: Heh...Same to ya too.

Haruka blinks several times and examines his surroundings. He was the shuttle he had been one for an hour already the odd thing was he felt like something had happened previous to his waking up. He looks around and sees Milliardo sleeping with Duet's head on his shoulder. Haruka shudders slightly and sees Michiru already up looking out the window into space.

Haruka: Hey Mi-chan...
Michiru: Yeah, Haruka?
Haruka: How long was I asleep?
Michiru: ......I don't remember...
Haruka: And them? *pointing over to Milliardo and Duet*
Michiru: I don't know...
Haruka: ...That's weird...Oh well time to wake the love birds up... *goes behind Milliardo and Duet and starts shaking their seats* AHHH IT'S SPACE TURBULANCE!
Milliardo: Hey I was sleeping! *stands up and looks at Haruka*
Haruka: Hehehehehehe! ^^ I was just wakin ya up! ^^.
Duet: We can tell. How much longer?
Michiru: Two hours.
Milliardo: Really? Then I'm going back to sleep and hopefully you won't bother me will you Haruka?
Haruka: Maybe... *little halo appears on top of his head*
Duet: ...Yeah right... *sits back down in her seat and goes back to sleep with Milliardo*

Ling feels something licking his face right next to him of course you realize he thinks some girl's kissing him until he realized... "What girl is going to come up to a guy in the middle of the night and kiss him?". With that thought Ling's blue colored eyes pop open as fast as toast pops out of the toaster. He looks at the intruder next to him to find out it's the neighborhood cat that keeps trying to stealing their garbage with no success thanks to his father who obviously has nothing better to do then try to kill neighborhood cats. Ling looks around and sees the garbage bags he has yet to place in the outside garbage can and picks up the cat.

Ling: You're lucky it wasn't my father you woke up he would've choped your head off... Then again Kin, Gin or Merian would start crying over it. *puts the cat back down and stands up* How the hell did I fall asleep outside? That's very unusual even for me... *picks up the garbage bags and tosses them into the garbage can one by one thinking over how he fell asleep on his front law* It just doesn't make any sense...
Kasuka: *opens the door and stares at his brother in disbelief* You're still thowing the garbage away?
Ling: Yes why?
Kasuka: It's been like an hour! Geez even I could throw out the garbage faster then you!
Ling: Really? Well smart ass get over here and do it.
Kasuka: Uh....I just remembered I have to finish up my homework!
Ling: You mean the homework you haven't even started yet right?
Kasuka: Hey at least I'm not garbage boy! *grins and slams the door before Ling can get to him*
Ling: Errrrr...I hate that kid... And what does he mean I've been out here for an hour already? Did I really sleep that long?!?

Ariel wakes up on the floor to the Winner mansion within Shingo's room and yawns. She starts looking around for Shingo and find the Winner boy drooling on the floor. Ariel attempts to refrain from laughing then shakes the blonde to wake him up.

Ariel: Shingo...wake up you moron!
Shingo: Just five more minutes mommy.
Ariel: Shingo if you don't wake up I'll destory everything Hentai that you have from your posters to your computer.
Shingo: *jolts up and looks around* Wha happened?
Ariel: I don't remember all I know is I woke up and you were dead asleep on the floor.
Shingo: *starts scratching his head* ...I thought you were going to cut my hair... It's kinda uneven ya know.
Ariel: With that atitude I should leave it the way it is.
Shingo: Good cause for some odd reason I don't want you to dress me either. *starts going though his draws and throws out some blue jeans and a white shirt* There! ^^ And since ya said ya ain't gonna cut my hair I'm gonna spike it up. Maybe then my mother won't get me confussed with my dumbass father.
Ariel: ...Weren't you depressed and all that stuff a moment ago?
Shingo: I was? ...*shrug* I guess there's nothin to be depressed over. *starts getting dressed*
Ariel: Then you wouldn't mind if I told you Duet and Milliardo found Haruka.
Shingo: Really? Cool! Then I better bring a bunch of Hentai Monthly for him. He must of been deprived of that.
Ariel: ...I sometimes don't even understand you, Shingo.
Shingo: *gets out some gel and starts spiking his hair up* Gee now ya know how I feel half the time with you. I do something nice for you once in a blue moon and THAWAP you hit me. Ta da! How do I look?
Ariel: Like a skater if you ask me...
ShingoL *face faults* I was aiming for something like "You look like Trunks from Dragonball Z, Shingo." or somethin like that ya know. Then again... *looks at himself in the mirror* I kinda look like Vash from Trigun! ^^ And to think we both like doughnuts!
Ariel: ...Great Shingo's the Vash of AC 218...
Shingo: *grin* Hopefully my hair's gonna grow out a little more...
Ariel: I'd believe it.
Shingo: *walks out of the room with Ariel following after* Hey how'd we get on the floor anyways?
Ariel: *shrug* I have no clue.
Shingo: I bet we were like gettin it on or somethin before we fell asleep on the floor together ya know. *hentai grin*
Ariel: *Thawap* Ugh! You're certainly back to your normal hentai self.
Shingo: Yeah and now I can play that trick on my father that I've been dieing to do. *hears the doorbell ring and basically flies down the stairs to answer it* ACK! NOT YOU!
Taleb: UGH! NOT YOU!
Shingo: What the hell are you doing here you bastard?
Taleb: My father asked me to dimwit.
Shingo: Now now who am I?
Taleb: *twitch, twitch* ....Master Shingo....
Shingo: Congradulations! You win the one million dollar question without the money!
Ariel: Hey I know you.
Taleb: Uh...*cough* I'd imagine so...I had to watch him *points to Shingo who waves* when he was younger.
Ariel: Oh yeah you're that kid who always bullied Shingo around.
Taleb: NANI?!?!?!?! HE WAS THE ONE DOING THAT! He made me do everything!
Shingo: *to the readers* Incase ya dunno Taleb's Rashid's brat. Me and him don't get along very well because of this little accident that happened when I was seven which would mean I haven't seen him for ten years thus why I'm suprised that the guy actually got the balls to show up here.
Taleb: *stares at Shingo* ...Who are you talking to dumbass?
Shingo: It's far beyond your head. Both of them. And who am I again?
Taleb: *about to just reach out and choke Shingo to death* Master....Shingo....
Ariel: I thought you hated being called that!
Shingo: Only by Rashid. As for him I get a kick outta it. ^^ Cause he doesn't like saying it as much. Then again nither do his friends.
Taleb: Perhaps it's because none of us like you.
Shingo: AKA He hates me and so must his friends.
Ariel: ...
Taleb: Speaking of which--
Shingo: Let me guess... Abdul's son's going to come too eh? Makes sense it's not very fun without both of you two yelling at each other. I have ta have some kind of entertainment.
Ariel: ...
Shingo: I'm off to see Haruka. ^^ *grabs some Hentai Monthly mags*
Taleb: Not without me you aren't.
Shingo: gaurd dog's back... -.-
Taleb: And give me that! *grabs the magazines and gets an instant nosebleed* 0.0
Ariel: Shingo!
Shingo: Wha? I was gonna give em to 'Ruka!
Ariel: *sigh* *grabs the magazines from Taleb who's in a permanent shock* *poke* ...
Taleb: ...
Shingo: *shug* *starts walking and gets grabbed* Argh!
Taleb: I told you not without me you're going anywhere.
Shingo: Fine, fine. I might as well get used to it for the time being. So you don't mind if I call ya Wolverine Jr do ya?
Shingo: Who am I?
Shingo: Yep.
Ariel: Quit torchering the guy, Shingo.
Shingo: Whatelse am I going to get my jollies out of then?
Ariel: *shakes her head and sighs*

Haruka, Michiru, Duet and Milliardo finally make it on the ground and greeted by Ariel and Shingo. Shingo looks at Michiru for awhile checkin her out when Haruka puts an arm on the shorter boy's shoulder.

Haruka: See that beautiful girl over there, Shingo?
Shingo: *nods*
Haruka: Isn't she just so irresistible?
Shingo: *nod*
Haruka: Want me to tell ya somethin?
Shingo: Wha?
Shingo: Whoa really?!?
Haruka: *nods*
Shingo: Whoa! *walks up to Michiru* Hey beautiful. The name's Winna...Shingo Winna...
Michiru: You're Quatre Raberba Winner's son!?!?
Shingo: Yup. But enough bout me... Who exactly am I standing in the presince of? *behind Shingo a very angry Ariel stares at him and Michiru*
Michiru: My name's Michiru Shin. I'm the daughter of Silvia Noventa.
Shingo: WHAT?!? *falls anime style*
Michiru: ...
Shingo: That's ok...*gets back up* If you ever get bored with Yuy boy over there just give me a call.
Michiru: How sweet of you but I think that girl over there is extreamly angry with your flirting with me... Besides I won't have any problems with Haruka-chan.
Haruka: I bet you remember me!
Taleb: You're one of the Yuy twins that gave me a headache left and right.
Haruka: Yup. Haruka Zechs Yuy! ^^
Shingo: Who is he again Taleb?
Taleb: ...I refuse to say it...
Shingo: Say it...
Taleb: ...Pimp Daddy 'Ruka....
Haruka: I'm suprised you remembered!
Duet: Oi quit annoying people, Haruka.
Haruka: Why? It's fun! Besides he's Shingo's gaurd dog TaTa-chan!
Taleb: ...Do not kill him...Do not kill him...
Shingo: Man I forgot that! Hey TaTa-chan who am I again?
Taleb: ...Master Shingo...
Shingo: I love this! ^^
Ariel: And where did you come up with "TaTa-chan"?
Taleb: He couldn't say my name when he was three so he called me 'TaTa'...
Shingo: And it kinda stuck. ^^ Oh yeah... *grabs the Hentai Monthly mags from Ariel* Here ya go 'Ruka. Enjoy! ^^
Haruka: SUGOI! The Hentai Monthly volume 69 and the summer swim suit edition! Though I dun need it anymore. I got the real thing now. *hugs Michiru* So let's go home ne?
Milliardo: Yeah it's been a long boring trip. I wish we could've done something a bit more eventful...
Duet: Yeah. Too bad all we got to do was look for dumb shit over there.
Haruka: HEY!
Ariel: I need to get going home too.
Shingo: Hmmm... Oh well... *starts flipping though the HM mags and run into someone* Argh! Sorry! *looks at the person he bumped into and finds it's a blonde girl with green colored eyes*
Girl: *trying to hide her face* Don't worry about it. *gets up and dashes off*
Shingo: ...Hmmm...I feel like I've seen her before...
Ariel: You say that about every girl you see, Shingo.
Shingo: Yeah, yeah, yeah... Anyways lets go home ne? I've got a big cravin for a sandwich with peanut butter, jelly, ham, cheese, and maybe a pickle with it too!
Duet: Ugh how do you eat that stuff?
Haruka: If he can eat ten servings of my mom's nasty food he should be able to stomach anything.
Ariel: I'd believe it.
Shingo: I sure hope you're going to stick around for Christmas, TaTa.
Taleb: Not that stupid holiday!
Shingo: Yep! And now that you're here I'll be sure to get ya a squeeky toy or somethin.
Ariel: SHINGO!
Shingo: Wha?!?

The group starts heading out the door to leave while the blonde girl stares at them.

Girl: I had to see you again Shingo-saa. I hope that when Rena and me do get back we'll go home to a peacefilled world... I'm ready to go Rena.
Rena: Ok but you better not have said anything to him or anyone else.
Trina: I didn't. I just bumped into him for the last time.
Rena: Time rift opening.
Is this the end? *shrug* Who really knows? Will this waltz ever end? Who cares?!? I'm done with Part II! I hope ya liked this. ^^

- ChibiChibi-chan