Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 16: And time stood still.
Disclaimer: I own NGW not GW! MUWAHAHAHAHA!

Haruka, Milliardo and everyone that was with them woke up the next day and decided to go out to eat lunch. They ended up going to a Japanese restrant since Haruka wanted to go to Hooters (-.-).

Haruka: I still say we should've gone ta Hooters man!
Milliardo: It doesn't matter anyways we're already here.
Duet: *sigh*
Trina: *currently playing with her long hair*...I'm hungry...
Rena: You always are that's no surprise.
Trina: *spots a pair of chopsticks* Yeah I guess so... *starts poking Shingo with the chopsticks since he's not doing anything but staring at the cup of green tea in front of him* *poke poke*
Shingo: *getting annoyed slowly*
Trina: *pokey poke poke*
Rena: *stares at what Trina's doing*
Trina: *poke poke poke poke poke poke poke poke*
Shingo: WHAT?!?!
Trina: Nothin' just wondering how long it would take for you to finally burst. *grin*
Shingo: *stare*
Haruka: *laughs to himself*
Ariel: So... Do you two know where Hidama is?
Rena: *drinks some of her tea* Not really but we have a good idea where she is. *looks at Trina who's poking Shingo again*
Duet: That's good. Do you know how to get home?
Rena: No. We haven't figured that part out yet. Besides we'd need something with a large amount of power to make something to bring us back to our time. Though I'm guessing you're trying to do just that.
Duet: Yeah but we haven't had much luck. My father in this time offered to help but I asked him not to.
Rena: *still staring at what Trina is doing* That was a good thing to do. If your father did help you it would've changed time and he might've never met my father, Heero.
Milliardo: I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing...
Haruka: Course it's a good thing cause ya see if dad never met Duo then he would've never got the nerve to ask mom if she wanted to go out with em!
Milliardo: I thought it was a bet that he couldn't ask mom to go out with him without saying "Omae o Korosu" or pulling out his gun on her...
Haruka: Same differance! >.<
Shingo: *grabs the chopsticks* HAH! Got em!
Trina: Aww... But how am I supposed to eat?
Shingo: *shrug*
Trina: *looks around and sees another pair of chopsticks and continues poking Shingo again*
Shingo: *death glare*
Trina: I could do a better one, Shingo-saa! *gives Shingo a really scary death glare*
Shingo: Whaaaaaa! *falls back*
Trina: *grin*
Haruka: Awww... How cute! Shingo's playin with his widdle sissy!
Shingo: Can it, 'Ruka.
Haruka: Nah... Besides I thought you weren't talkin to me.
Shingo: I'm not.
Haruka: You just did!
Shingo: I never want to talk to you again!
Haruka: Really? Well... Same to you too! Humph!

A long scilence comes over the table. Then Milliardo after looking between the two for awhile speaks up.

Milliardo: Ooook did I miss something?
Haruka: Yeah... Shingo got a really bad case of PMS lately...
Shingo: No... Haruka decided to go missing for a month and didn't decide to come back!
Haruka: Maybe it's because I had amnisia!
Shingo: Riiiiight... You probaby met some really cute girl and decided what the hell no one's going to miss me!
Haruka: Ok so I did met a girl...*recieves a glare* Ok... A really cute girl. But the fact is I didn't remember shit.
Shingo: And why did you go ahead and try to look like a hero when Sieben shot at me? I could've dodged that blast easily!
Haruka: Why?!? WHY?!?!? OH MY HE ASKS ME WHY!!! I did it cause you were my friend now I don't even know you anymore. I thought we were like brothers man... I went ahead and did that cause you wouldn't of been able to dodge that blast cause it was comming to fast at you and you were just sitin there like a deer lookin at the headlights of a car. So I did what any real, true friend would do... I decided to take the blast for ya. Gee what a thanks I get for savin yor life... Remind me to never do that again for you so I don't hurt your widdle feelin's...
Shingo: ...
Trina: Wow you guys fight like you're married!
Shingo & Haruka: x.x *stare at each other and shudder*
Rena: *thawap* Are you trying to imply that my brother's gay?!?
Trina: No...They just fight like they were married...
Duet: *sigh* Well where are we going after this?
Milliardo: I don't know...
Trina: *shrugs and opens her fortune cookie* These things are always wrong.
Rena: Why do you say that?
Trina: It says that I will face a difficult obstical... Whatever that means...
Rena: Humph... They're wrong and they make no sense what a great combination.

The group leaves the resturant and starts heading back to their hole for the moment.

Trina: Look at that! ^^ It's a park with a swing set!*glomps on to Shingo's arm* Can we stop here for awhile Shingo-saa?
Shingo: ...Well if it's ok with everyone else I guess...
Milliardo: Yeah it's ok go and have fun. Besides I think we all need a break to think about our next move.
Trina: Arigato, Mill-saa! *runs off to the swing set*
Rena: Pft... She still acts like she's four years old instead of fourteen... *walks off in the same direction*
Ariel: Aww that's so nice of you Shingo to do that for your little sister.
Shingo: Yeah I guess so...
Ariel: What's wrong?
Shingo: I dunno... I just get this weird feeling when she's around me. Like I know her from somewhere but I don't.
Ariel: ...Maybe it's nothing you have to worry about.

Rena: *sits on another swing by Trina* What do you think you're doing?
Trina: *swinging back and forth* Swinging...
Rena: I know that already but you haven't been on a swing set since you were four. Not to mention you act like it when you're around him...
Trina: I dunno If I should tell him the truth or not...
Rena: We've told them enough. Besides if we pull this off it will never happen and nither us or them will remember what happened here.
Trina: I guess it wouldn't be any use to tell him anyways would it?
Rena: No.
Trina: *sigh* When are we going to do this then?
Rena: Soon...
Trina: *sighs and looks at the ground* Ok...

Duet: Mill-chan?
Milliardo: Hmm?
Duet: Something just doesn't feel right about those two... It's like they don't want to tell us anything.
Milliardo: We'd be doing the same if we were still with our parents past selves.
Duet: Hai...But...
Milliardo: What?
Duet: Nothing...
Milliardo: Um... Duet... I want to tell you something...
Duet: Hmm?
Milliardo: Well I've kept it relitively to myself but I realy want to tell you it now...
Duet: This would be?
Milliardo: Duet...
Duet: Yeah?
Milliardo: I lo--
Haruka: *pops out of no where* AWWWWWW! LOOK AT THE TWO LOVE BIRDS! ^^
Duet: Go away, Haruka!
Milliardo: Yes please...
Haruka: No way dude! I'm staying right here!
Duet: ERRRRRRRRR! NOT FOR LONG! *starts beating up on Haruka*
Milliardo: (chibi sized) *sigh* I'll never be able to tell her at this rate...*finally manages to break up the fight* Look Duet can you go back home and locate Hidama before thoese two do?
Duet: *sigh* Yes, Mill-chan.
Milliardo: Good. When you do find out where she is call Haruka's cellphone.
Haruka: WHAT?!? NO WAY MAN!
Milliardo: *gives Haruka the infamous Heero Yuy death glare*
Haruka: Ok ok ya don't have ta bust out the glare man!
Milliardo: Good. If any problem should arise call. *hands her Shingo's cell phone which now works*
Duet: Ok. *kisses Milliardo on the cheak*
Milliardo: *starts turning a lovely shade of dark red*
Duet: I'll call you, Mill-chan.
Milliardo: Oh please, Haruka!
Haruka: Oooooooooooo You liked that kiss she gave ya eh?
Milliardo: ERRRRR! *starts shaking his head* I DID NOT!
Haruka: Hehehehehehehe...

Sieben and Ling crawl on their hands and knees in search of food and water.

Ling: Fooooooooooooooooooooooooood...
Sieben: Yummmmmmy....
Ling: *stares at Sieben for a good while* ...Hey it's a big doughnut!
Sieben: ... Where?
Ling: @.@ That's one dangerous doughnut...

Shingo: *to Ariel* Did you hear something?
Ariel: Maybe... Did it sound like someone yelling about a doughnut?
Shingo: Yeah.
Ariel: ... Lets go see what or who it was...

The two go over to where the voices of two people are at.

Ariel: ...Ling?
Ling: ...It's chocolate! *runs after Ariel*
Ariel: x.x
Shingo: *grabs Ling and smacks the boy around a bit* Snap outta it you dumb ass!
Ling: ...Shingo?
Shingo: Yeah.
Ling: ...*grabs a chocolate bar out of Shingo's pocket and starts eating it wrapper and all* Mmmmmmmmm.....
Ariel: How long have you guys been out here with no food?
Sieben: ...Awhile...
Shingo: *tries pulling his chocolate bar out of Ling's grasp* GIVE ME IT BACK!
Sieben: ...*looks at Shingo* How long has he been "normal"?
Ariel: Not long...
Ling: *nearly bites Shingo's hand* HAHAHAHA! MINE! MINE! MINE!
Shingo: Hey! Damn cannibalistic bastard...
Ariel: Well you two are lucky that we found you. We were going to go find Hidama and go home without you two.
Ling: *finally manages to open the wrapper* Mmmmmm....
Sieben: Humph we could've found our own way home...*stares at Ling* Or should I say I would've found a way home...
Haruka, Mill, and Rena: WHICH ONE?!?!?!
Seiben: x.x Last time I checked there were only TWO Yuys not THREE!
Haruka: Oh that's another one of your cousins yet to be born.
Rena: Sei-saa! *hugs Seiben*
Rena: Yes, but Rena loves to give Seiben hugs.
Seiben: AHHHHHHHHH! >.< Get off me Yuy that has yet to be born! Wait a minute if you haven't been born yet what the hell are you doing here?!?!
Trina: Long story...
Ling: 0.0 She looks like Shingo!
Shingo: ...
Trina: ....Of course I do! *glomps Shingo* He's my brother!
Ling and Sieben: ...HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?!?!
Trina: *shrug*
Shingo: That's way beyond the point! Besides we found you two.
Ariel: Or should we be saying you two found us?
Seiben: ...Ahem... Anyways I'm rather hungry and so is this moron that I've been dragging around with me...
Ling: Bite me...
Sieben: No thanks I'll pass.
Haruka: Great you always find the crappiest things at the wrong time...
Sieben: Excuse me, Haruka?
Haruka: Bite me.
Sieben: I don't bite my cousins.
Haruka: Does this mean you bite girls?
Sieben: Oh shut up!
Milliardo: Look we have time to take you two out to eat. If you all would just calm down we'll go and get you something.
Milliardo: ...Yeeeah....

Duet continues her walk along the streets passing by everyone until she ran into a familiar dark purpleish blue haired girl.

Duet: There she is...
Hidama: Konnichiwa! ^^
Duet: Same to you.
Hidama: So Miss Maxwell what are you doing out today?
Duet: *thinking to herself* I really don't trust this girl... *out loud* Nothing. I was just heading home you know.
Hidama: I see... Could I come along? *gives a sweet smile*
Duet: Ummm... Well I don't know...
Hidama: Oh come on! It's just going to be us two girls! Besides I don't think your boyfriend would mind.
Duet: Nani? My boyfriend?
Hidama: Oh I'm sorry... I supose you don't have one yet.
Duet: not exactly...
Hidama: So how 'bout it?
Duet: ...Just for awhile I guess...
Hidama: How nice of you.

The two girls continue walking to the apartment building.

Duet: *to herself* What's she planing? *stares at the girl* Maybe this is her past self? Or is there something those two know that we don't yet? I'm sure that they plan on keeping whatever it is a secret. But why would they? Is there something they forgot to mention? This keeps getting mysterious each time I think about it.
Hidama: Is there something wrong Miss Maxwell?
Duet: No...*to herself* Ugh... If she says "Miss Maxwell" again I think I'll puke.
Hidama: I see... Too bad you aren't as talkative as you were before...
Duet: Eh?
Hidama: You were always cheerful nothing could ever put you down... Then again when I started on this you interfered. Such a shame... I cared a lot about you but you didn't understand. You never did. You thought I was crazy to do such a thing.
Duet: What are you talking about?!?
Hidama: That's what I like about you Duet-saa... You were always full of questions. Too bad I couldn't answer them.
Duet: What??? *pulls out the cell phone, turns around to run but sees someone almost familiar to her but older and drops the phone* Mill-chan? *faints*
Hidama: Milliardo, be a good boy and pick up Duet. We have to go. *puts down a pad looking thing on the doorstep to the other's room in place of the cell phone and walks off*

Meanwhile, the other NGW pilots are walking towards the apartment building.

Ling: Oi... I've never eaten so much in my life!
Sieben: I'll agree with you on that one.
Milliardo: Yeah... I'm sure Duet must've found something by now.
Haruka: Yeah like your underwear!
Milliardo: HARUKA!
Ariel: Yes but it is a thought is it not, Milliardo?
Milliardo: No...
Trina: It's almost dark.
Shingo: Yeah it is.
Ariel: That's not fair!
Shingo: Wha?
Ariel: You never do that for me!
Shingo: Eh? What?
Ariel: You know very well what I'm talking about!
Shingo: Oh Trina? Well she's my sister!
Ariel: So? I'm your girlfriend!
Shingo: Ugh...
Rena: *shakes her head and sighs*
Haruka: *notices something on the doorstep* Eh? What's that?
Milliardo: A prono mag you ordered probably...
Haruka: Hey! I did no such thing!
Ling: Who cares? Just pick the damn thing up...

Haruka picks up the pad and looks at the thing for awhile.

Haruka: Pft... It's nothing.
Rena: Let me see that!
Haruka: No way!
Milliardo: Just give it to me. *stares at the pad for awhile and pushes a button on it* ...
Hidama: (holographic image) Hi everyone! ^^ How are you guys this evening? I hope you're doing better then Duet... If you look inside you'll find that Duet-saa won't be found. If you wish to see her come to the ZOAH laboratory by eight o' clock tonight. Failior to comply will result in a messy situation. Hope to see you there. Especially Mill-chan. *blows a kiss to the screen and the hologram turns off*
Shingo: Holy shit!
Haruka: Ditto...
Ariel: What kind of maniac is that woman?!? Someone should beat the shit out of her!
Ling: So what the hell are we standing here for? Lets go get Duet, get rid of Hidama and go home!
Sieben: That wouldn't be very wise. It could be a trap.
Haruka: Wait a minute you got a thing goin' with Hidama, Mill?
Milliardo: *staring at the pad* No... But she has Duet-chan and I plan on going to get her no matter what the costs are.
Rena: That's a little dangerous no?
Milliardo: Yeah... But I'm just going to act on my emotions.
Haruka: Oh no! Don't you pull that "I'm actin on my emotions" bull shit. If you're goin I'm going!
Ariel: I'm going too, Milliardo. Duet's my cousin and if she gets killed I want to know I tried to do something to help her.
Ling: I'm going to go too. Duet's a bitch at times I'll agree with that but none the less she's a gundam pilot and a friend of mine and I plan on dying before any of my friends do.
Milliardo: So that's all that's comming?
Shingo: I'm only goin cause Ariel's going. NOT I repeat NOT for Duet.
Seiben: I like a challange. I'll go.
Rena: You all are out of your minds!
Shingo: We all have to be a little crazy to do something.
Haruka: Shingo would know he's always crazy! *thawap* Sorry...
Trina: But what if you die?
Ling: That's a risk we all plan on taking.
Ariel: And if we do die we'll die believeing in our ideals.
Rena: I don't believe this.
Seiben: I don't care what you believe in at the moment. I plan on fighting this enemy then need be fight with Milliardo afterward.
Haruka: Still holdin a grudge eh?
Seiben: None of your concern, Haruka.
Milliardo: We only have an hour left lets get going.
Haruka: Hey shouldn't we tell everyone else what the hell in going on?
Ling: Yes that would be a good idea... We don't need you anyways Haruka you go tell them.
Haruka: WHAT?!? I'm I a message boy now?
Milliardo: It sounded like you volentered to be one.
Haruka: Hell no man. I'm going with you.
Seiben: Then what are you waiting for? White Fang to show up?
Haruka: Only to see Uncle Zechs try to crash the Libra and Peacemillion into the Earth!
Seiben: ...Just come on already!
Haruka: Ok! ^^

(Chibi Shingo: Just a sugestion... TAKE A BATHROOM BREAK OR SOMETHING!
Chibi Ling: If you got the munchies now is the time to get up and grab your little bag of potato chips! Hmmmm... Potato chips...
Chibi Haruka: ... Anyways we hope you listened to this warning cause it's a bumpy ride after this!
Chibi Milliardo: Keep all hands and other body parts inside the chair or whatever type of sitable object you're on at all times.
Chibi Ariel: Good luck! ||^.\\\)

Hidama sits in the basement of the newly built ZOAH labritory.

Hidama: It's all set. Soon I'll get rid of them then they'll never be a bother to me again.
'Milliardo': And what do you plan on doing with Duet-chan?
Hidama: What did I tell you about using those words in my presence?
'Milliardo': Gomen Hidama-sama.
Hidama: I plan on letting her watch everyone of her friends die one by one. Of course you know who'll be the last one left right?
'Milliardo': Milliardo?
Hidama: Congratulations. I'd give you a cookie but at the moment I don't have one. Too bad I can't get Mill-chan. He'd be nice to have around. Don't get jelous I love you more then him.

A blue haired girl with green colored eyes comes through a door and looks at Hidama.

Girl: You're under estimating them again Cim-chan.
Hidama: I am not. I'll get rid of them this time I promise.
Girl: You said that last time and where did all it go to? The grabage can.
Hidama: It's because Deathscythe self-distructed. Which meant it was Duet-saa's fault!
Girl: There you go again assuming. It wasn't Duet it was her father.
Hidama: ...That's ok. If this doesn't work I have five of my top assassins ready to get rid of the original gundam pilots in A.C. 200.
Girl: You know jumping back and forth though time is going to eventually fry the circuts to the thing.
Hidama: Not if it works. Besides I can always fix it.
Girl: I've taught you a bit too much. Haven't I Cim-chan?
Hidama: I'm not 'Cim-chan' as you keep calling me.
Girl: Very well... Hidama.
Hidama: You know Koubashii. You may have made me the way I am but I'm going to make time the way I wish for it to be.
Koubashii: I'm only your teacher, Hidama, not your mother.
Hidama: Humph... *looks at the clock* Only ten minutes left.

Milliardo and Haruka servay the area looking for possible ways to get past the gaurds placed in front of the main doors.

Sieben: Well?
Milliardo: It doesn't look like we'll be able to get around them.
Ling: Then... *pulls out his katana* We'll have to go through them.
Haruka: *putting down his binoculars* Yeah but guess what?
Ariel: Huh?
Haruka: There aren't any gaurds inside the place.
Ling: That's odd...
Shingo: So? Less to deal with!
Milliardo: No it could mean she has something planned. *looks at Trina and Rena* Now would be a good time to tell us what, if anything, you know.
Rena: We've told you what we know already.
Sieben: I doubt that.
Trina: We have nothing else to tell you.
Ariel: *sigh* That's ok we'll find out eventually.
Haruka: You know... I sure would feel more comfortable in my crappy trash can for a gundam I have...
Shingo: Baka... Remember it was destroyed!
Haruka: Oh yeah thanks to you.
Shingo: WHAT?!?
Ariel: ...Don't start this now.
Ling: Really...
Milliardo: So what should we do? Run in and see what happens or sit and wait?
Ariel: If we just sit here then for sure Duet's going to get killed.
Haruka: ...Lets kick some ass and take down some names while we're at it!
Milliardo: ...Ok... Haruka you got your gun?
Haruka: *pulls out his gun* Never leave home without it!
Milliardo: Good. Rena do you have one?
Rena: Duh! What do you expect me to do come to the past without any protection?
Milliardo: I'll take that as a yes. And Sieben?
Sieben: It was taken up from me while I was locked up.
Haruka: Should've kept you there...
Seiben: EXCUSE ME?!? Did you say something, Haruka?
Haruka: Nope nada! ^^
Milliardo: Ok. Haruka and Ling go ahead of us and get as far as you can. After that I want Shingo and Trina to go.
Shingo: WHAT?! Since when am I a babysitter?
Milliardo: *gives him the 'I don't trust them' glare*
Shingo: You do realize all of your glares look alike.
Milliardo: Yes but you get it.
Shingo: Pretty much...
Milliardo: Sieben you take Rena with you and I'll take Ariel.
Seiben: ...Great...

Haruka and ling walks up to the two gaurds and watch as they raise their guns at them.

Haruka: Oh we're sorry. We seem to be a little lost.
Guard 1: What are you doing here then?
Ling: Our car broke down and we were hoping that you guys could help us.
Gaurd 2: This is a restricted area!
Haruka: Really?!? Wow! So I'll take that as a you'll help us.
Gaurd 1: Why should we?
Ling: *grabs the second gaurd by the collar* Because my mother is in labor and I need to get her to the hospital!
Gaurd 2: Re-re-really?!?!
Haruka: Yes, really you moron!
Gaurd 1: Well in that case...

The two gaurds start runing up in direction Haruka had pointed to them.

Haruka: Shall I?
Ling: Go on...
Haruka: HEY GUYS!
Guard 1: What?!
Haruka: *pulls out his gun and shoots both of them*
Ling: I give it a ten.
Haruka: Really? Cool! ^^
Ling: One question though...How are we suppose to get in now?
Haruka: ... I'll be right back... *runs over to the dead gaurds, grabs their guns and runs back* Ok! *starts shooting up on the door*
Haruka: *stops shooting* Course it did! *kicks the door and watches it fall over* TA DA!
Ling: ...I'm really not going to ask how.
Haruka: I'll show ya when we get back. *waves to Milliardo and starts walking inside the place* This shouldn't be too hard...
Ling: It doesn't look like there's anyone around.
Haruka: Kinda empty...
Ling: Lets look around.
Haruka: Seems fair enough. *hears a gun shot go off and looks at the wall beside his face* Shit! That was fucking close!
'Milliardo': Hello... Traitor.
Haruka: What?
Ling: That looks like...
Haruka: Mill what the fuck are you doin in here? You're suppose to come in last!
'Milliardo': Not this time. I'm going to get rid of you for good.
Haruka: The hell are you talkin about?

'Milliardo' points he's gun at Haruka and fires it Haruka moves out of the way and behind a wall with Ling. Haruka pulls out his gun and sticks his head out. 'Milliardo' shoots again and nearly misses.

Haruka: Shit! This is because I got inbetween you and Duet right? *another gun shot goes off* I'll take that as a 'yes'.
Ling: Haruka...
Haruka: Yes, Ling? Can't you see we're currently in a small life or death situation?
Ling: Yes but that person we ran into doesn't really look like Milliardo. Well the one we know.
Haruka: What the hell are you talking about?!? *another shot is fired in Haruka's direction*
Ling: I can't really explain it but didn't he look... I don't know... A little older then what his is?
Ling: He looks like he's almost your father's age.
Haruka: ...*sticks his head out really quick and looks at 'Milliardo'* Now that I think about it... yeah...More or less...
Ling: Look if we just sit here we'll be sitting ducks. I think we should get moving before he realizes we're gone.
Haruka: Ok.

Both run off with 'Milliardo' close behind them.

Haruka: Are you sure about this?
Ling: It should work.
Haruka: Then Ling...
Ling: What?
Ling: ...He's fast...
'Milliardo': Omae o korosu, brother.

Duet wakes up and looks around. She tries to grab a hold of something to get up with but notices a pair of black hand cuffs on her arms.

Hidama: Rise and shine Miss Maxwell.
Duet: What do you want with me?
Hidama: Me want with you?
Duet: Yes.
Hidama: Let's see you're a gundam pilot are you not?
Duet: Posibly.
Hidama: Tell me do you think your friends would come for you.
Duet: If it ment they had a way to get home yes.
Hidama: Hmmm...
Koubashii: Hidama-sama.
Hidama: Yes?
Koubashii: The brats have made it inside the building.
Hidama: Well seems like they do have a way to get home.
Duet: ...You still haven't answered my question.
Hidama: I want you to watch as your friends and your lover die one by one in front of you.
Duet: I think you have that backwards... You see you're going to die first before they do.
Hidama: We'll see won't we...

Meanwhile, outside the building.

Milliardo: Ok go Shingo.
Shingo: WHAT?!?!? Are you crazy?!? Didn't you hear thoese gun shots?!?
Milliardo: Possibly... Now get going.
Shingo: If I die I'm blamin it on you, Mill.
Milliardo: Good.
Trina: *starts dragging Shingo* Come on Shingo-saa! ^^
Shingo: For being my sister you sure are a bit over excited.
Trina: *shrug*

The two reach the entrance, walk in and look around the place.

Shingo: That's odd...Where's 'Ruka...
Trina: And Lingy...
Shingo: *looks at the vast hallway and the doors along the sides of it* Welp which one?
Trina: Anyone you want to go through. It's just going to led to the same place.
Shingo: And how would you know?
Trina: I just do...
Shingo: ...*opens one of the doors and starts walking into it* Doesn't look like anything's here.
Koubashii: Konnichiwa Mr. Winner.
Shingo: Eh? Who the hell are you?
Koubashii: It's been such a long time. I'm Megumi Koubashii. Though I'm sure your daughter remember's me... Dont' you, Trina?
Shingo: WHAT?!? *stares at Trina*
Trina: I promissed Rena I wasn't going to say anything about it.
Koubashii: You mean you didn't know? Oh my...Well now that the secret's out you might as well tell him the whole story about you, him and that kawaii Akuma-chan.
Trina: *looks at the ground and closes her eyes* I was only four years old...

A small girl with a white dress on with small odangos in her hair is on a swing set in what looks like a park. It's almost dark outside and everyone has gone home. A man with extreamly long blonde hair comes up to the girl.

Trina: Shingo-saa!
Shingo: You know what time it is right?
Trina: ...Late?
Shingo: Yeah. We better go before your mom starts worrying about us.
Trina: Aww... But I wanna stay! *gives a small puppy dog look*
Shingo: Ok! Ok! You didn't have to break out the look! Only for five more minutes ok?
Trina: Ok Shingo-saa! Shingo-saa.
Shingo: Hmm?
Trina: You're a better brother then a dad.
Shingo: Yeah I do screw up a lot as a dad eh?
Trina: Yep. *continues swinging back and forth*
Shingo: I'll be back. I'm going to get my phone and call your mom to tell her we'll be comming home soon ok?
Trina: Ok.

Shingo walks to his car and gets his cell phone out and starts dialing a number while watching Trina. After awhile he puts the phone away and starts heading back to Trina when a blue haired girl walks up to him.

Koubashii: Oh I'm sorry. I seem to be having a small problem...
Shingo: Oh really? What seems to be the problem?
Koubashii: *pulls out a gun and points it right at Shingo's chest and says in a low whisper* You... *pulls the trigger and runs off waving and smiling in Trina's direction*
Trina: *gets off the swing set, runs over to Shingo who's laying on his side and kneals on the ground next to him* Shingo-saa? *no response* Shingo-saa are you playing? *no response* I don't like this game, Shingo-saa. *still no response* Shingo-saa? *notices the blood starting to pool around Shingo and herself* Shingo-saa? *starts shaking him to try and get him up* Shino-saa! *shakes him even harder to the point where Shingo's body lays flat on the ground* Sh..ingo-saa?...*finally realizes Shingo's not going to wake up and starts crying* SHINGO-SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Koubashii: Oh yes what a beautiful story... I'm so good at being the bad guy.
Shingo: ...And what about Akuma? Did you kill him too?
Koubashii: Yes... He was so cute too. Too bad he didn't want to join us in conquring the world. Then again he was too busy with his slut.
Shingo: Eh?
Trina: Akuma was engaged to Merian, Ling's sister. They were going to get married in two days. Instead of a marriage we had a funeral. Having him around made me feel like you were some what still alive. But she killed him too... That's why I came to the past... I wanted to kill that bitch before she screwed up anything else. *gets in a fighting pose*
Koubashii: How dramatic. *does the same*

Sieben and Rena walk into the building on there gaurd with their riffles scanning the room.

Seiben: There's no one around.
Rena: They must've went ahead of us.
Seiben: So tell me. What buisness do you have in this time?
Rena: Since you missed the explaination already I'll make it short for you. Our mission is to find a girl named Kuro Hidama and bring her back to our time. If she refuses to come quietly then we've been ordered to kill her onsight.
Seiben: Did you know this 'Kuro Hidama'?
Rena: I once thought I did. Look at that...
Seiben: Hmmm?
Rena: Someone's been shooting in here.
Seiben: We just have to find out which door they went into or *looks at the hallways* which way they went.
Rena: We aren't going to find them by sitting around.
Sieben: Good point. Pick a door.
Rena: ...That one. *picks a door on the opposite side Shingo and Trina went in*
Seiben: Good lets go then.

Seiben opens the door and walks in. He and Rena look around the place for awhile and hear a loud banging agaist a wall. Seiben realizes it's a holding cell and obviously someone wanted to get the hell out. The two walk to the prison cell they heard the banging come from and peer in.

Haruka: You're just gonna hurt your head doin that, Ling.
Ling: I've never been in jail... This is all because of you.
Haruka: ME?! More like that ass of a brother I have, Mill.
Ling: Who cares...?
Seiben: Look at that... My stupid cousin, Haruka and his little friend, Ling...
Haruka: Hey look it's the bitch! Get us outta here before Mill comes back man.
Seiben: What the hell are you talking about, moron?
Haruka: I'm tellin you Mill or a guy that looked like Mill threw both of us in here!
Seiben: Yeah right and I'm your moron friend, Shingo.
Rena: He's probably telling the truth.
'Millardo': You'd know wouldn't you, Rena?
Rena: ...Mill-saa...What are you doing in the past?!
'Milliardo': Same would be said to you as well little sister. But that's right you're also a traitor.
Haruka: Ok I get it... Everybody's a fucking traitor! Great! I've solved the mystery now get me the hell outta here!
'Milliardo': You're pretty much right for once Haruka.
Haruka: And everyone says I'm stupid.
Seiben: Number one WE DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS! Number two... Who the hell are you?
Rena: That's my brother or your cousin... Milliardo.
Seiben: Yeah right. Next question... If he is who you say he is then... WHY THE HELL IS HE WORKING WITH THE ENEMY?!?
'Milliardo': That's the first best question I've heard. Why don't you explain Rena... I'm sure you'd love to.
Rena: Milliardo went over to Hidama's base in the future to try and stop a war from starting. I followed him of course.
Haruka: Uh...Then why the hell I'm I a tratior?
Rena: I'M GETTING TO THAT PART! Anyways I followed Milliardo to the base. Everything was fine and dandy until he got to Hidama. They were talking about a way to stop a war from happening and of course that stupid bitch told him 'Fuck you'. Milliardo didn't want to leave until they resolved something. Then Hidama's lead slut Koubashii started having a fight with Milliardo calling him a coward left and right. Eventually Milliardo lost that fight. I didn't see him after that for a week. I was too scared to stick around so I left.
Haruka: You still haven gotten to why I'm a traitor.
Rena: ...Within that week Hidama had started a full all out war on the Earth and colonies. I guess you gained a brain somewhere and became the leader of a rebel group.
Haruka: Whoa! I GET A BRAIN! *points to 'Milliardo'* IN YOUR FACE!
Milliardo: *gives him a death glare and growls*
Sieben: Is there anything you don't do to piss someone off, Haruka?
Haruka: Dunno...Anyways tell me more! ^^ I like this story.
Rena: Anyways it seems that Milliardo was the leader of Hidama's army which you know was a bit confussing at times.
Sieben: ...
Ling: ..............................Ok so both of them start a little thing agaist each other and decide to take the Earth and the colonies down with them.
Rena: Milliardo tried to convince all of us that we should be on Hidama's side since she was going to take over anyways. Of course everyone refused and that's when everyone started getting killed.
Haruka: But...I'm still alive right? My rebel groups tight an all right?
Rena: Of course your alive, baka!
'Milliardo': If you were dead I'd be the first to know.
Haruka: I feel a little threatened....
Rena: You and Seiben actually got along before he was killed durring a battle with WingZero.
Seiben: WHAT?!? I followed Haruka's orders?!?
Rena: Yes.
Haruka: Not to sound anywhere like Ling's dad but... JUSTICE!
Ling: *stares at Haruka* So you're telling me they had a little sibling rivalry.
Rena: Basically.
'Milliardo': And to keep you from screwing things up like you always do Haruka I'm very ready to kill you here and now.
Haruka: Wow... So you wanna play a game? I know a really cool one!
Ling: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, HARUKA! He just said he was going to kill your ass and you're sitting here talking about games!
Haruka: He did... Whoa! I'm not ready to die yet! I'M TOO YOUNG!
Milliardo: Then you should've joined forces with me rather then against me.
Haruka: ....Hmmm...I think you had yourself some crack before you went and had your little 'talk' with Hidama. Cause the Mill I know would never go with an ugly bitch like her...Unless he got a little bedroom action...
Ling, Sieben, and Rena: HARUKA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haruka: Wha? Is it true? Damn for all I know you're probably her little sex slave!
'Milliardo': *gives Haruka a nasty glare of death* You seem to still have a problem with shuting up Haruka. Let me help you with that problem.

'Milliardo' and Haruka pull out their guns and point them to each other. Both fire their guns at each other at the sametime the door opens.

'Milliardo': Shit...
Haruka: Eh? *turns around and sees Ariel kneeling down next to someone familiar* What the...*walks over to Ariel* Holy shit man! YOU FUCKING SHOT YOURSELF! Hey Mill man you still with us?
Milliardo: Yeah...
Haruka: Where you hit?
Milliardo: It's nothing big, Haruka.
Haruka: Look you tell me right now boy. *looks at the wound Milliardo was covering with his hand at his side where blood was almost pouring out* Damnit...
Milliardo: It's not that bad, Haruka.
Haruka: Yes, it is! *turns to the future Milliardo* See what you've done? You shot yourself you fucking moron! Sure I hate Mill every now and then but I would never want to have an all out war with him on purpose! Did you ever think that maybe following Hidama was the wrong choice? *grabs 'Milliardo'* DID YOU?!?
'Milliardo': It was a mistake.
Haruka: MISTAKE?! You call shooting your past self a fucking mistake!?
Ling: Haruka calm down! If we get home soon enough then Milliardo will be ok.
Haruka: And what if we don't hmmm? Then I lose my brother. I don't even want to look at you! You're lucky I'm not in the mood to kick your fucking ass for what you did you bastard.
'Milliardo': *looks at Haruka but sees him as a Heero look a like the same age as himself in camo pants and a white shirt with black lines of paint under his eyes looking at him with a look of anger and sadness in his eyes* Haruka...*raises his gun to his head* This is for you, Haruka. I'm sorry for what I've done. You were right the whole time. I know this will ease all of the pain and suffering I've caused you and everyone else.
Haruka: What the hell are you doing?!? What are you talking about?
'Milliardo': Gomen minnasaa... I'll miss you my little sister. *pulls the trigger*

Meanwhile, back with Trina, Koubashii and Shingo.

Trina: Tired yet?
Koubashii: Whatever gave you that idea?
Trina: You just look a bit exhausted. *hears the gun shot go off*...
Shingo: Something's not right...
Koubashii: Well I'd love to stay but I have to report back in! Ja! *throws a smoke bomb and runs off*
Trina: Hey that's no fair! *starts coughing a bit*
Shingo: Hey we better get the hell outta here before we *cough* choke on this shit.

Shingo opens the door to see Milliardo on the floor with Ariel next to him along with a growing pool of blood.

Shingo: Ok... What the hell happened here?
Ariel: Milliardo got shot by himself.
Shingo: Eh?
Ling: His future self which just commited suicide just now.
Seiben: Well... Looks like we're pretty much all here. Where were you two at?
Shingo: We were stuck with some chick named Koubashii. She got away though...
Haruka: So you guys didn't find Duet I assume.
Trina: No, we didn't find Duet-saa.
Haruka: Are we going to be able to move Mill?
Ariel: I don't think so. If he moves it's most likely more blood will come out.
Haruka: ...Could you put something on it to slow it down so we can move him?
Ariel: ......Well......
Haruka: Yes or no...
Ariel: Yes, I suppose, if there was something I could use...
Rena: *looks down at her already dead brother and whispers to herself* I'm going to make this right again... *starts ripping her jacket up and gives the remaining pieces to Ariel* Here...
Ariel: *looks at Rena* Um...thanks I guess...
Rena: Come on, Trina.
Trina: But--
Rena: *glares at her*
Trina: ...ok...
Haruka: Where are you going?!
Rena: To fix this disaster...
Ling: You aren't just going to go ahead of us without knowing what's going to happen are you?
Rena: ...I've seen everyone I love get killed. If it's truely my turn then I'll go gladly.
Shingo: And you?
Trina: ...*turns back around and hugs Shingo* I wanted to tell you that Akuma-saa died while protecting Merian-saa. He loved her very much but Koubashii was jealous so instead of killing Merian like she wanted to she killed Akuma. A week after we had Akuma's funeral Merian killed her self and said she only did it for the one she loved and cared for so much. I also wanted to tell you that...*looks up at Shingo's face full of tears* I love you, papa. *lets go of Shingo, gives a small smile and walks off with Rena*
Shingo: ...
Haruka: ....Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo....When did you become a daddy?
Shingo: This isn't the time, 'Ruka.
Ling: My sister likes your cousin?!?
Ariel: And who'd you have a kid with?!?
Shingo: Argh! Stop asking me questions!
Haruka: You know now that I think about it... She has Ariel's eyes and posibly her figure *starts checking Ariel out while recieveing death glares from her*...It's pretty obvious she got her hair from you Shingo.
Shingo: ....Haruka....
Haruka: Yes?
Shingo: Shut up...
Seiben: You know this is all very enlightining but I think we still have to find the Maxwell girl then think about getting home.
Ariel: I'm done.
Haruka: Good. Sieben make yourself useful and haul my brother around.
Seiben: ...I'm only going to do it because he's injured and since you didn't call me a girl.
Haruka: I'll remember to do that when we get home.
Ling: I think we should go and find Hidama she'd probably have Duet with her.
Haruka: Probably.

The group manage to make it to a large main hallway with a door at the end. They then proceed though the door and observe a humoungous room with dim lighting from candles. They then notice the fight going on between Koubashii, Trina and Rena.

Rena: *notices the group* What are you doing here?!
Haruka: Here to help.
Rena: *dodges a kick* We don't need you.
Shingo: I doubt that.
Hidama: You have no clue how much of a pain in the ass thoese two are...Welcome gundam pilots!
Ling: You would be?
Hidama: Oh my how rude of me. I'm Kuro Hidama.
Seiben: Humph... The infamous Hidama. What are you doing in the past?
Hidama: Me? Well I have my reasons but what about you?
Sieben: We got here evidently by mistake.
Koubashii: It would appear. *catches one of Rena's kicks and filps her to where she falls face first on the ground and does the ame to Trina* I advise you girls stay put unless you want another ass kicking.
Ariel: Where's Duet and why are you here?
Hidama: Oi you're always impatient, Miss Barton...But since you really want to know my purpose here and I want Duet here to hear it I'll grant your request. Koubashii...
Koubashii: Hai, Hidama-sama. *leaves the group and returns shortly later with Duet*
Duet: Let go of me you bitch!
Koubashii: Should I?
Hidama: Yes.
Koubashii: *lets go of Duet* There.
Duet: *sees Milliardo and runs over to him* Mill-chan? Are you ok?
Milliardo: Seeing you makes me feel a lot more better.
Haruka: *rolls his eyes and makes gaging sounds behind the couple*
Duet: ...Hello Mill-chan's attempt at cloning...
Haruka: ...Nice to see you to bitch.
Shingo: You said you were going to tell us what you're doing in the past.
Hidama: Slow down, Shingo. I was just going to get to that. As you know now my name's Kuro Hidama. But I didn't always go by that name. The purpose of my fiddling in the past is solely because of you all. Mostly I'm here because of a rebel group known as the 'Creators' have been interfering with my plans to take over the Earth and Colonies. The head of this group is none other then a gundam pilot known as 001 or Haruka Zechs Yuy.
Shingo: Whoa... Haruka actually gets a brain!
Ariel: *thawaps Shingo*
Shingo: Ouch...
Hidama: As I was saying...Haruka has been a trouble maker for me or a serious pain in the ass that just won't go away. But before my little war with the earth and colonies started Haruka's brother Milliardo Heero Yuy knew about my plans before his brother did and only left a letter. Thus he came to me to try and get me to forget about starting a war. Of course that conversation didn't last very long and I used Milliardo to head my forces against the Earth and colonies. That's of course when I found out about the letter he left for good brother Haruka. I got Milliardo to try and convince his once fellow gundam pilots and friends to work for me and take over the Earth and colonies. All of them refused. Thus I got them killed one by one until the 'Creators' group came up to fight against me. Of course for me they truely do create a lot of headaches. After three years we hadn't gotten very far in our takeover plan so I thought why get rid of them here when I could get rid of them when they're younger and inexperianced? That's when I used my time machine I had made to go to the year A.C. 218. Obviously my attempt in getting rid of you didn't work because your predecessors were there. So I made another jump in time to A.C. 195 since I couldn't get rid of you when you were younger I thought of stoping you from ever being born. So I sent six of my best men undercover to go as OZ and Earth Sphere Alliance troops. It hasn't worked either so for my grand finish and extermination of you I plan on sending my best assasions to kill the former gundam pilots a year before you're born.
Haruka: ...Wait a minute...That means you were in ZOAH at that time.
Hidama: Correction I'm going to be. But it seems I don't have to send anyone to A.C. 200 since you're here.
Ling: Umm... Before you kill us could you maybe tell us who you really are and prehaps what got you to um... want to take over the Earth and colonies?
Hidama: Well you're going to die anyways why not? I'm related to one of you but I have yet to be born yet you see my real name just so happens to be Cimorene Maxwell.
Duet: Nani?! But...that means--
Hidama: Yes, we're sisters. Thus why I had a bigger interest in you rather then Haruka as much as I would like to get rid of him.
Ariel: If you're really Duet's sister then why did you choose to take over the Earth and colonies?!
Hidama: When I was younger I found that I never got what I wanted instead Duet always got more attention then me. So I ran away and didn't come back. Milliardo worried about me more then Duet which made me happy. So after awhile on my own I ran into Koubashii. She told me she'd help me get rid of Duet and have everyone pay more attention to me. She told me inorder for me to get rid of Duet and get more attention on me I had to take over the Earth and colonies. Thus why I'm here.
Haruka: ...You are a little spoiled brat...
Duet: If you're going to kill our father then you won't be born!
Hidama: Like it maters besides why do you care? You never did anyways.
Seiben: I personally don't know what's going on between you two but if you do what you're planing on doing then your whole war wouldn't have been worth the lives you destroyed.
Hidama: What do you know? You know nothing! *pulls out a gun and points it at Seiben* You don't know what it's like to be ignored and told you should be like your sister. *pulls the trigger and shoots Seiben in the arm*
Seiben: Fuck! Fine you're right I may know nothing about that but I know this if you truely had an intent on killing me I would've been on the floor dead right now!
Trina: He's right Cimorene-chan. I think you don't even want to fight this war you don't even know why you're really fighting it.
Hidama: Shut up! I know what I'm doing I'm going to take over the Earth and the colonies and I'm going to get rid of all of you now!
Duet: Then why are you hesitating? If you were truely fighting a war because of me then why didn't you kill me when you first saw me? Why didn't you get rid of me in the future? You could've stoped this whole war from starting if you had only thought about why you were doing these things and who it would effect.
Hidama: *looks at Duet and grabs her head* Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! I don't need to listen to you!
Rena: You took my brother from me and turn him against me. Now he killed himself because of what you did to him. I'm don't plan on forgiving you anytime soon but I do plan on stopping you even if I have to kill you myself. It's hard to think that at one point we were once good friends now we're enemies. *stands up and points her gun at Hidama* For my brother and the people you killed whom I loved dearly and were friends with along with the peace of the Earth and colonies... Omae o korosu, Cimorene. *pulls the trigger and shoots Hidama/Cimorene*
Is this really the end? Will the NGW group get back home? Wait and see.