Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 15 - What does the future hold?
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Haruka and Shingo stare at each other for awhile in shock.

Haruka: ....Oh my god you cut your hair!
Shingo: AHHHH! It's Haruka's ghost that's come back to haunt meeeeeeee! >.<
Haruka: WHAT?! I'm not dead you moron!
Shingo: Yes you are I saw you die! >.< *looks up* I'm sorry for not doing all that stupid prayin stuff! IT WAS BORING OK?!?
Haruka: *stare, smack* Moron...
Shingo: 0.0 That hurt... But you're still not real!
Haruka: *sigh* *bitch slaps Shingo a few more times*
Shingo: YOU BASTARD! *smacks Haruka*
Haruka: Moron! *smacks Shingo*
Shingo: Stupid dead bastard! *smacks Haruka*
Haruka: *shoots the gun he had in his hand at Shingo* Oops...
Shingo: x.x You almost shot me you dumb ass!
Haruka: I didn't mean to!
Shingo: Err... So what if you are alive I refuse to talk to you.
Haruka: Oh my what a big loss!
Shingo: Humph! *picks up the disk he dropped after seeing Haruka* I have to go.
Haruka: I thought you weren't talking to me!
Shingo: *ignores Haruka*

Haruka and Shingo finally make it outside without a word to each other until Haruka decides to break the little silence.

Haruka: Pfft... Why is it that you always act like you're on some major PMS?
Shingo: Haru--

Out of no where something/someone falls on top of Haruka and Shingo. A blonde girl with greenish blue eyes starts to rub her head as a older girl with light blondeish haired girl with Persian blue colored eyes gets up from on top of Haruka.

Older girl: *dusts the dirt off of her and pulls up her black jacket* Oi... I knew he messed up when he sent us here. He can never get anything right...
Blonde: Well at least were here right? ^^
Older Girl: I guess so. Just as long as we find her and fix this whole mess...
Haruka: Ugh... That hurt. *opens his eyes* Nani?
Older Girl: *pulls out a gun, covers her face with her hand and points her gun at Haruka's head* Did you see anything?
Haruka: Uh... Who me? *points to himself*
Blonde: Hey he looks like HAUKRA-SAA! ^^
Older girl: *thawap* Only you would screw up and say something, Trina!
Trina: Well I'm just doing what we're supposed to do for this mission, Rena!
Shingo: Oi... What the hell happened? I feel like a ton of bricks fell on my head...
Rena: *points the gun at Shingo now with her face still covered*
Shingo: 0.o
Trina: What do you think you're doing, Rena?!?
Rena: He might've seen something!
Trina: *sigh* *grabs the gun from Rena and smiles at Shingo* Hi! I'm Trina this is Rena. I'm your sister and she's Haruka-saa's sister! ^^
Haruka: What? I don't have a sister!
Trina: Nah uh! Rena's your sister she just hasn't been born yet!
Shingo: And that's the same for you too?
Trina: Hai! ^^
Shingo: Yeah right... *gets up as does Haruka* If that were true then I would know something about it and same for Haruka!
Rena: You stupid shit. Haruka wouldn't know because he's been missing for a month you blonde baka!
Haruka: Ooo she's good!
Shingo: *stare* Ok then if I'm your brother then what's my name?
Trina: Shingo Quatre Raberba Winner! *grin* But that's not your whole name.
Haruka: It's longer?!?
Rena: Hai... Only a select few know it. I, unfortunately, don't.
Trina: Hai. I know it only cause mom talks about how much of a bad name it is.
Shingo: ...Well then if you know it then come over here and tell me it.
Trina: OK! *skips happily to where Shingo is and whispers into his ear for awhile*
Shingo: 0.0 *turns a ghostly pale white* the hell did you know it!?!?! Only two people on the Earth and colonies knows my whole name and one hates the last bit of my middle name!
Trina: Told ya...
Rena: Trina's not going to tell anyone.
Haruka: Why not?
Rena: She's not suppose to.
Rena: Because it's his name duh!
Haruka: -.- I still wanna know...
Shingo: It's still not possible for you to even be born. Cause well father's just too busy to go ahead and fuck!
Haruka: x.x And how would you know?
Shingo: Man... My father works 24/7! DUH! If he's not doing that he's either sleepin, messin around with gundam related stuff and maybe just maybe have a small bit of free time. Which just doesn't happen thanks to me.
Haruka: ...Shingo has a point there.
Shingo: Unless it happened when he took during that month long vacation he took while I was stuck at my Aunt Iria's place.
Haruka: 0.0 Oh yeah.. I remember that... And I sent you that link to that porn site and you clicked on it right when your Aunt Iria came in the door and all hell broke lose.
Shingo: Yes, Haruka I remember that. I had to do two weeks worth of work to make up for that. My Aunt Iria's a nice person you just don't pull that kind of crap around her...
Haruka: Well let's get back to St. Gabrielle eh?
Shingo: Hai.
Trina: Yay! I get to see Millie's younger self and Duet-saa too! Maybe even Ariel-saa!
Rena: ...
Trina: *jumps on Shingo*
Shingo: 0.0 What the hell do you think you're doing?
Trina: You always give me piggy back rides Shingo-saa!
Shingo: Aren't you a little old for one of these?
Trina: I dun think so. You're just a little young to give me one. ^^
Shingo: *sigh* Whatever...
Rena: She always did that to Shingo.
Haruka: I bet. Did I do that for you?
Rena: Yeah, but I usually went to Mill for one when I was younger.
Haruka: I see. *gets into the car he stole along with everyone else and notices the car wont turn on* You know guys this car feels so very familiar... (Note: It's the car Heero gave Haruka in the future! Muwahahaha!)

Ariel, Milliardo, and Duet all stared at the clock waiting for Haruka and hopefully Shingo to arrive.

Ariel: It doesn't take this long!
Duet: As much as I hate to say this... Haruka and Shingo are probably on their way here.
Milliardo: That's if they succeeded in getting out.
Ariel: I hope so.

All three hear someone knock on the door and they all looked at each other. Finally Ariel decided to get up and answer the door and who does she see? Shingo with...a blonde girl on his back.

Shingo: Hey Ariel!
Ariel: You go out for a day and what do you come back with? SOME BLONDE BITCH!
Trina: I resent that!
Shingo: It's not what you think really!
Ariel: My ass!
Haruka and Rena: ...
Ariel: *stares at Haruka* Oh I see you did the same?!? So you two went out for awhile picked up some bitches you probably met at a bar and came back here with them?!? I bet you didn't even get the information we need in order to get back home! DO YOU?!?!
Rena: *pulls out her gun*
Ariel: 0.0
Rena: Number one don't even call use bitches. Number two they did get the information you need. Number three they didn't meet us at a bar. If you have a problem with either one of us we'll be going to do what we really came here to do. If not then.... *puts away her gun and glomps Milliardo* MILLIARDO!
Milliardo: Eh?
Rena: I love you, Milliardo!
Milliardo: NANI?!?!
Duet: Na..NI?!?
Milliardo: Uh...excuse me but who are you?
Rena: *lets go on Milliardo* ...I'm Rena... Rena Yuy. Your sister.
Milliardo: x.x
Duet: x.x
Ariel: x.x
Milliardo: But I don't have a sister...
Rena: I know... Not yet anyways...
Duet: And you? *points to Trina* You'd be?
Trina: I'm Shingo's sister... Quatrina Relena Melfina Sofia Lina Iria Dorothy Winner.
Duet: x.x Come again...
Trina: *sigh* Just call me Trina. It'd save ya some time.
Haruka: Damn that's a long name. Exactly how much longer is that compared to Shingo's name?
Trina: One letter longer! ^^
Ariel: What are you talking about Shingo's name isn't even that long!
Shingo: Uh... That's not entirely true... It's longer then what you've known it to be.
Duet: Wow he's lied for that long about his name?
Shingo: I have not! >.< I just dun like saying the entire thing it get's me confused!
Ariel: Well I want to know it.
Shingo: What's with the sudden interest in my name now?!?!
Ariel: I just want to know it so I can mess with your head even more.
Milliardo: ...Well anyways what reason do you two have in being this far in the past? I mean you two look like you're around fifteen or so.
Rena: Well we've come to the past to find a girl that's currently going under the name Kuro Hidama. She had a plan to get rid of all the gundam pilots in the future as in you, 'Ruka, Shingo and so on. But after she was half way done she found an easier way to get rid of the gundam pilots for good. She figured if the original gundam pilots didn't exist to have the next generation of gundam pilots then the gundam pilots in our time wouldn't exist and there would be no such thing as a gundam if she got rid of the scientist. When she left to the past there were only Nova, Duet, Ariel, 'Ruka and Ling left everyone else was killed by Hidama.
Trina: Though we knew the chances of getting to the past were slim Nova-saa figured out how to work the time machine. The only problem was finding someone to go and find Hidama before she screwed up time. So we volunteered even though we knew we might not come back. In any case our mission was to come back to the past get rid of Hidama and find a way to get back before anyone suspected anything. But seems like we messed up with that since we ran into you.
Haruka: Woha... Mill gets killed! See the sexy ones always stay alive!
Milliardo: ¬.¬ Only you would say something like that, Haruka.
Shingo: Wait what happened to me?!
Rena: How many times must I explain it to you?!? YOU DIED!
Shingo: But how?
Rena: I can't tell you that.
Milliardo: Are you two sure this is where she went?
Trina: Hai.. She jumped twice in time... She first went to A.C. 218 then she came here in AC 195. I guess the first one was to try and get rid of you before hand but she found she couldn't so went to AC 195 to get rid of the original gundam pilots.
Duet: How odd...I ran into a girl who called herself "Kuro Hidama" not too long ago. It's hard to believe that a person that kind could be someone bent on killing us.
Rena: You ran into Hidama?!
Duet: Hai I did.
Rena: Did she tell you anything?
Duet: Not really only that she was working as a scientist in human cloning but we already went there to get the information on the time machine. Speaking of which where is it, Shingo?
Shingo: *pulls out the disk and hands it to Duet* There.
Duet: Thank you.
Rena: Is there anything else you can tell me like what she looked like?
Duet: Uh.. She had blueish colored hair and dark purpleish eyes.
Rena: ...Really...
Duet: Yeah.
Trina: Hmmm...
Ariel: Is there anything we can do to help you guys?
Tina: No, Ariel-saa. ^^ *yawns* I'm sleepy...
Rena: I'm also a bit tired.
Milliardo: Well you two are welcome to sleep where ever you want I'm sure Haruka wouldn't mind sleeping on the floor.
Haruka: Only if you're sleepin on the floor too! Cause it wouldn't be fair to make your bro sleep on the floor if you're goin to sleep on the couch or somethin like that! >.<
Milliardo: Fine... I'll sleep on the floor as well...
Ariel: I hope Ling has a place comfortable to sleep for the night.
Duet: That's why he took survival training...
Shingo: Yeah besides he's a big boy he can take care of himself...
Ariel: I hope so...

Meanwhile, Sieben and Ling are under a tree thanks to the rain.

Sieben: *thinking to himself* Damnit... I'm still getting poured on. Stupid moron decides to run under a tree... Then again I'm also a moron for following him. -.-
Ling: *to himself* Damn I'm cold, wet, hungry and I stuck with Sieben... -.- To top it off we're still not talkin to each other...and I'm not going to give up so easily...*picks up a rock and starts talking to it* Well, well look at this. So what shall we call you? I think Mr. Rock sounds good. What about you?
Sieben: ...
Ling: I bet you're not as cold as I am at the moment. Then again your a rock! You remind me of Sieben I a way. You both think you're tuff asses...
Sieben: How dare you compare me to a rock you insolent boy!
Ling: MUWAHAHAHAHAHA! You lost the bet!
Sieben: I did not you did! You talked first!
Ling: Yeah but not to you.
Sieben: ERRRRRRRRRR! Look boy I'm in an extremely piss poor ass mood. I don't need to talk to you! As a matter of fact why am I still with you? You can't even find us some decent shelter! Instead you make me go under a tree which doesn't even help! I could get zapped by lightning at anytime! But you wouldn't care would you?
Ling: In all reality no...
Sieben: HAH! The truth has been said!
Ling: ... Shut up...
Sieben: Fuck off!
Ling: Hah! Fine I don't need you either! I'll get my own stuff cause I know sooner or later you're going to come crawling back to me and say "Ling I'm sorry for being a dip shit!".
Ling: ...You bastard!

The two keep fighting until they somehow manage to roll down a hill and run into a certain somebody.

Zechs: Well, well ,well... What have we here?
Sieben: AHH! FATHER!
Ling: ...Birdman?
Zechs: What's up with the Birdman comment?!?! I look nothing like "Birdman"!
Ling: Well with the little Birdman helmet thing you got there you do...
Zechs: Errr! *starts shooting at Ling*
Ling: Holy Shit! *runs off as fast as he can*
Sieben: *nearly get's shot* Fuck! *runs off into the same direction as Ling*

While this is going on Michiru and her dork brother, Yoshi are waiting for their luggage to show up.

Yoshi: I wonder where out stuff is...
Michiru: Ya wanna go find out?
Yoshi: Yeah!
Michiru: *picks up Yoshi and puts him on the conveyer belt*
Yoshi: HEY! >.< *jumps off* That wasn't funny!
Michiru: You're right it was hilarious!
Yoshi: -.- Hey there's our stuff!
Michiru: Are you just going to stare at it our are ya going to get it?
Yoshi: I'll get it only cause I'm afraid you might do that again... *runs right into someone* Ouchies... @.@
Person: Watch where you're going kid!
Yoshi: G..g..gomen!
Michiru: Oi Yoshi you can never do something right.
Person: Do you know this kid?
Michiru: Yes... He's my little brother. -.- It's our first time on Earth I guess he hasn't learned to watch where he's going yet... Anyways I'm very sorry for what he did. My name's Michiru Shin and the dork that ran into you is Yoshi.
Yoshi: I'M NOT A DORK!
Michiru: *thawap* *smile* And you?
Person: Taleb Kurama.
Michiru: Nice to meet you! ^^ Anyways... My brother and I are going to the Sanq Kingdom.
Taleb: Well imagine that so am I.
Michiru: Wow what a coincidence! ^^ So you wanna come with us ne?
Taleb: Well I suppose so I don't have anyone else to go with.
Michiru: Great! ^^
Yoshi: *whispering to Michiru* Michiru... I dun like him. He's scary!
Michiru: That's not nice Yoshi. Besides there's nothing to worry about. I think he's nice anyway.
Yoshi: You would... Or do you like em? What happened to "Oh Shinji this oh Shinji that"? Or should I say Haruka?
Michiru: *blush* I still like Haruka! It's not like I fall for every guy I run into... Or should I say you run into.
Yoshi: *staring at Taleb* ...
Taleb: What?
Yoshi: Nothin...You just don't look like the type of guy my sis would consider to be a boyfriend...
Taleb: X.x What is he talking about?
Michiru: Heh.. Like I've said before Yoshi is a dork! -.- He never knows what he's talking about... Anyways! ^^
Yoshi: And she calls me a moron...

At the Barton home Nova and Triage (mostly Nova but that's besides the point) are trying to find a way to get everyone back with the manual.

Triage: *drinking a coke* Find anything yet?
Nova: *skimming though the manual* No...not yet anyway. WAIT! I FOUND IT!
Triage: *spits out his coke* Ugh... Dun do that again! You'll give me a heart attack! x.x
Nova: Anyways I found a way to get Ariel-saa and everyone else back to our time.
Triage: OK spit it out.
Nova: Well you see they're like a displacement in time. They're currently giving off the fact that they are.
Triage: Uh... You lost me bro...
Nova: OK I'll put it in simple terms for you to understand... You know how Goku can go SSJ?
Triage: Yeah...
Nova: Well when he does that his ki goes up right?
Triage: Uh... Yeah...
Nova: Well imagine if you will Ariel as a super saiyajin.
Triage: *imagines Ariel in SSJ throwing ki balls at him and Nova* ......Uh...Continue....
Nova: OK since Ariel is in "SSJ mode" then her "ki" has gone up right?
Triage: Yeah... *imagines himself burnt to a crisp*
Nova: Then she's now easy to find! ^^
Triage: So does this mean Ariel can make us into little burnt marshmallows?
Nova: x.x What are you talking about? I'm trying to explain the time displacement thing and you're talking about marshmallows...
Triage: Nevermind. ^^ Well lets go get Ariel-saa back along with everyone else! ^^
Nova: x.x OK but I still want to know about the marshmallow thing...
Triage: I'll tell ya on the way there...
What the hell does marshmallows have to do with time? Who knows... Anyways I hope you liked this ep! ^^