Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 14 - Trouble is just around the corner.
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Haruka: So what are we going to do when Ariel and Shingo meet up with us?
Milliardo: We'll explain the situation and get them to help us in trying to get back to the future.
Haurka: Hey Bitch! How long until we got that really neat time phone?
Duet: I have a name and I'm almost done with it I just have to fix a few things.
Haruka: Like what?
Duet: Well... You see if we were to dial to someone in the future it would be just like a long distance call which would cost money.
Haruka: There's this magical thing called a PHONE CARD!!!
Duet: SHUT UP!
Haurka: ...Ok....I'll try I'm not sure about that whore over there.
Duet: WHAT!?! Did you just call me a whore?!?!
Haruka: Last time I checked I don't stutter...
Duet: WHY YOU LITTLE!!!! ERRRRRRRRR! *jumps Haruka and starts beating him up*
Milliardo: *sits down and sighs* You two will never get along....and to think I wanted to go home... Home is basically with me... *stares at Haruka and Duet who are in a big cloud of smoke due to their fighting* ...

Haruka and Duet finally manage to get out of the big cloud of smoke tired and still fighting...

Milliardo: Will you two give it a rest?
Haruka: *tugging on Duet's messed up braid* Ne...ver....! *faint*
Duet: *also tagging on Haruka's hair* Not...until...he does....! *faint*
Milliardo: -.- *messes around with the phone and gets it to work* Well it's on now lets see if it actually dials to the future.
Duet: *regains consciousness* x.x Oi I HATE YOU HARUKA! *kicks Haruka in the side* 0.0 You actually got it to work Mill-chan!
Milliardo: Shh! I'm trying to see if it'll dial to my house.

Meanwhile, in the future Heero along with everyone else notices the phone ring...

Duo: ...Uh... If we're all basically here who's callin here?
Trowa: *shrug*
Relena: *thawap* Shut up!
Heero: FINE I WILL! *picks it up* We don't want any!
Milliardo: HEY! WAIT!!!!
Heero: x.X Milliardo?
Milliardo: YEAH! It worked Duet!
Duet: Really? Good!
Heero: What worked? Where are you? You aren't with that Maxwell are you?
Duo: Hey!
Heero: *stares at Duo* Shut up.
Milliardo: Well yeah I am and Haruka's here too.
Heero: You still didn't answer my question. Where the hell are you?
Milliardo: Uh... Well you won't believe me but I along with everyone else is in the year AC 195. -.-
Heero: Really... And I'm SailorMoon. Where the hell are you really? You didn't do anything with that Maxwell did you?
Haruka: *gets back up* YO DAD! Yeah Mill and Duet are havin sex at a near by motel!
Milliardo: WE ARE NOT!!!!!!!!!!
Heero: *looks at Duo* Omae o korosu!
Duo: HEY! It's not my fault!!! >.<
Relena: Are you guys ok?
Milliardo: Yes mom...
Relena: Good do you two have some clean underwear?
Milliardo: MOM!!!
Wufei: MUWAHAHAHAHA! That was funny onna!
Relena: *thawap* I'm just making sure dear. Does Haruka have his cute little bear pjs?
Haruka: Ugh... Mom could you not embarrass us any more then you already have?
Relena: I'm sorry dear.
Sally: Is Ling with you?
Duet: No we don't have a clue where he's at.
Noin: What about Sieben?
Haruka: No clue! Thankfully we'll never find him!
Dorothy: What about Shingo?
Milliardo: He's in the desert with Ariel. We're going to meet up with them soon.
Jade: That's good.
Trowa: You aren't changing anything in time are you?
Haruka: *cough* Uhhhh... Nothing I can think of really...
Wufei: What did you weaklings do?!?!?!
Milliardo: Haruka....
Haruka: What? I didn't do anything! Honest!
Zechs: Tell us!
Haruka: Whoa! Yo Uncle Zechs! Like I said I didn't tell my dad anything about doing what mom said... oops...
Heero: WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!
Duo: The ultimate mystery is uncovered!
Quatre: Do you guys have anything to get you home?
Milliardo: At the moment we don't. But Duet did run into Hidama.
Duet: Yeah she said she worked with Zoah whatever that is...
Heero: ...I know them... They worked with OZ. I think I could find out where their current base is located really quick in the timeline you're in.
Milliardo: Good cause we're going to have a rather large phone bill pretty soon.
Heero: There base is currently in the vicinity of Europe.
Milliardo: Good! I'll inform Shingo and Ariel. Ja ne!

Milliardo turns off the phone and looks at Duet who's a bit shocked.

Milliardo: What?
Duet: ...My dad... he's... alive?
Haruka: I guess he is! So who's gonna go to the Zoah base?
Milliardo: I don't know yet... Give me your cellphone.
Haruka: *hands over his cellphone* OK but I warn ya man the battery's gettin low so there might be a lot of static...
Milliardo: I don't care just as long as Ariel and Shingo get the message. *dials Shingo's cellphone number*

Shingo stares at his phone for awhile...

Shingo: I ain't answerin that...
Ariel: ERRR! You're such a baby! >.< *answers the phone* Hello?
Milliardo: Hey!
Ariel: Oh hi Milliardo. What's up?
Milliardo: Look we ran into Hidama. Well Duet did but you get it.
Ariel: Yeah.
Milliardo: We need you two to start heading here since we know who Hidama's currently working for.
Ariel: Good! Who's she working with?
Milliardo: Some Zoah thing I don't know much about it bu--Duet--going--Meet--and Shingo--South--Europe--Cya.
Ariel: Nani? You're breaking up, Mill! Say it again!
Milliardo: Meet--Shin--at--Europe--going to--Zoah base....--------
Ariel: Ne? Mill? Damnit I think the phone died.
Shingo: Who was it?
Ariel: Milliardo. Something about you being in Southern Europe and to go to the Zoah base whatever that means.
Shingo: OK I'll go when we get there.
Ariel: You sure? I'm not sure if that's what he really said.
Shingo: Mill doesn't make mistakes. He knows what he's doing.
Ariel: I hope so...I'm going to go say bye to papa.
Shingo: You do that I'm goin to have somethin to eat.
Ariel: *walks out the door and starts thinking to herself* I wonder what Milliardo was really trying to tell me. Why would he want to have Shingo go...? Oi I'm worried about this.

Shingo runs dowm the stairs right into Quatre.

Shingo: x.x Oops...
Quatre: Ouch... You don't really watch where you're going do you?
Shingo: Nope I go where ever the wind goes.
Quatre: I'm guessing that means you're not really that bright.
Shingo: To tell the truth... Nope! Hey i'm hungry!
Quatre: You really do think too much with you're stomach...
Shingo: AWW! Don't start actin like ya do in the future! It get's reeeeeeeeally old.
Quatre: What do I act like?
Shingo: Weeell I don't think I'm really supose ta tell ya... It might mess up time ya know...
Quatre: Oh I see...
Shingo: But ya know what? I really haven't done anything to mess up time so what the heck I'll tell ya anyway!
Quatre: WHAT?! No!
Shingo: Come on a little knowledge of the future never hurt anyone!
Quatre: Yeah but something might happen!
Shingo: Who said that?
Quatre: *stare* You just did...
Shingo: Oh... well I lied! Besides you get married to the well hmmm... let's see if mom wasn't my mom how would I put her as... Oh! She has ta be the coolest, hotest and sometimes oddest mom I've ever had in my life.
Quatre: x.x Really? I get married to some girl like that?
Shingo: Yeah and she made you into a shishkabob too!
Quatre: WHAT?! How in the world would I like someone like...that?
Shingo: I dunno you tell me.
Quatre: x.x I DON'T KNOW WHY! Well not yet I guess... Thought that maybe one day I'd get married to a girl that was...well nice I guess and pretty and maybe we could have five kids together but I never thought I'd want to get married to the same girl you discribed to me... Especially the stabbing part...
Shingo: Uh... Love hurts? I dunno... x.x
Quatre: I guess I loved her a lot and she love me too.
Shingo: x.x I don't see how that ever happened... maybe Cupid fucked up and hit you with his arrow instead. Welp I'm gonna find somethin to eat! ^.^ *dashes off into the kitchen*

Meanwhile, Milliardo is hitting Haruka's cell phone against the wall.

Milliardo: Argh! The thing died on me!
Haruka: Maybe you could just might CHARGE IT UP DORK!
Duet: *thawap* Did you tell Ariel?
Milliardo: Yeah but she told me I was breaking up. I hope she got the message for both of them to meet us here since Haruka's going to go and check out the Zoah base.
Haruka: I always have to do the dirty jobs! Why is that?
Duet: Because you're expendable.
Haruka: Gee I feel sooooooooo loved now.
Milliardo: Don't start another fight, Haruka.
Haruka: I wasn't!
Milliardo: Then be quiet for the time being.
Haruka: Bleh. You always have to act tough shit when you're around your bitch.
Milliardo: I do not!
Duet: *sigh* Look Haruka all we ask is that you go to the base and see if there's any information on how to get us home and not get yourself caught.
Haruka: I'm good at the not getting caught part! ^^
Milliardo: We know.
Haruka: So Duet when are you planing on hanging me by my nuts?
Duet: UGH! Will you ever let it go?!?!
Haruka: Never.

While this is going on Ling and Sieben are walking through what seems to them as an extremely vast forest.

Ling: Ugh... I'm sooo hungry I could eat a whole cow.
Sieben: I'm so hungry I could eat some fish right about now.
Sieben: You over react too much.
Ling: With good reason!
Sieben: Well you see if you were such a genius as you claim to be you would've move up the stream to catch some there had to be hundreds there!
Ling: This coming from the almighty Sieben Peacecraft!
Sieben: Humph... You have to learn to control your anger.
Ling: And you have to learn to shut up.
Sieben: Fine if I be quiet then you have to.
Ling: Fine but we both know who's going to win this match.
Sieben: Bring it on China boy!
Ling: It that the best you could come up with you long haired freak?
Sieben: Oh you hurt my feelings sooooooooo much I think I'm going to cry!
Ling: Let the silence contest begin!
Sieben: Hai.

Back in the future, Michiru has finally made it to the Earth and is heading towards the Sanq Kingdom along with her pathetic excuse for a brother Yoshi.

Yoshi: I wonder why they call this stuff airplane food...
Michiru: I guess cause we're on a plane...
Yoshi: That's neat a plane that makes food!
Michiru: I doubt it's actually made by the plane, Yoshi. Besides why did you even bother to come?
Yoshi: Someone's gotta keep ya out of trouble!
Michiru: Sorry to break it to ya Yosh but I'm like two years older then you.
Yoshi: *eating the nasty airplane food* Welp... Someone has ta back ya up ya know. Since I'm your brother who else could do the job?
Michiru: Haruka could!
Yoshi: Right and I'm Sailor Neptune.
Michiru: No, you were Chibi-moon remember!?!
Michiru: Cause I'm your sister that's why and it's good black mail!
Flight Attendant: We are now approaching the Sanq Kingdom please have your seat belts on.
Yoshi: Waz that?!?
Michiru: *shrug*

Meanwhile, Torance is on the phone with her friend.

Torance: Really? That's odd moi cousin, Lingy, seems to have disappeared at the same time that happened.
Shale: Who odd. So have you talked to your uncle about me coming ovea?
Torance: Actually I didn't have to. I asked moi Aunt Sally if you could come and she said yes. Though need I say moi Uncle Wu Wu got very mad about it. Though I really wouldn't put it as 'mad' maybe angry not mad.
Shale: Your aunt is very nice.
Torance: Yes, a lot more nicer then my uncle. But that's ok. Well I have to go, Shale.
Shale: OK I'll be there in a few days. Boi, Torance
Torance: Boi! *hangs up* Hmmmm... I wonder where Lingy really is... I haven't seen Uncle Wu Wu or Aunt Sally around for awhile though I am baby-sitting Kasuka, Meiran and Yowamushi. I think I'm getting a bit too worked up over this even if Lingy has disappeared.
Yowamushi: You're such a baby!
Kasuka: AM NOT!
Torance: Yowamushi give Kasuka the controller back.
Yowamushi: Fine. But I'm not the one acting like a baby.
Kasuka: *does a little raspberry towards Yowamushi's direction*
Yowamushi: ERRR!
Torance: Yowamushi don't you have homework to do?
Yowamushi: *sigh* Yes.... I'll do it... *walks past Kasuka and hits him upside the head*
Torance: Yowamushi apologize to Kasuka.
Yowamushi: *sigh* Ok... I'm sorry that you're a stupid baby.
Torance: ....That didn't sound like an apology to me...
Yowamushi: Sorry for hitting you! Geeze... I miss Ling!
Meiran: Torrance Where's Ling?
Torance: *sigh* I really wish I knew right now.

Meanwhile, Milliardo and Duet are at the airport waiting for Ariel and Shingo's plane to come in.

Milliardo: Hey Isee it!
Duet: Good! Now we can get together with both of them and when Haruka comes back we have to hope Shingo doesn't faint.
Milliardo: Yeah hopefully he won't hold that much of a grudge against Haruka for not comming back.

Duet spots Ariel and immediatly glomps her cousin.

Duet: Ariel-chan! *hug*
Ariel: Duet-chan! *hug*
Milliardo: Where's my hug?
Ariel: Milliardo-chan! *hug*
Milliardo: Hey where's Shingo? I thought you said he was with you.
Ariel: Yeah he went to the Zoah base like you said to.
Duet: Na-ni?
Milliardo: I didn't say that I said Haruka was going to the Zoah base to get some information and we're going to wait for you and Shingo to come to the airport.
Ariel: ...Uh...oh... That's not good...
Duet: You mean baka blonde boy went to the Zoah base instead of here?!?
Ariel: *shakes her head* Yeah.
Duet: *stares at Milliardo* That's really not good.
Milliardo: We can't do anything about it now we have to sit and wait for the out come.
Ariel: I doubt it's going to be a good one.
Duet: How did you manage to get here anyways?
Ariel: Well Shingo managed to con his father's younger self into giving us some money to get here on a one way flight. But since I thought you told me to tell Shingo to go to the Zoah base we both assumed that you wanted him to get some information and stuff on something so he made a one way flight there and I made a one way flight here.
Milliardo: Haruka stole a car and started heading towards that way.
Ariel: I'm sorry guys...
Duet: Don't worry about it we just have to wait for them to come back here.
Milliardo: If they both come back...

While this is going on Shingo finally manages to break into a computer room and is typing up a storm.

Shingo: Man this thing has more passwords then my father's computer. Though it was pretty easy to get in to this place.
Computer: Password accepted....*another password window opens*....Please type in you're password.
Shingo: ARGH! -.- *keeps typing into the computer* Err why can't there just be one password?!? YES!
Computer: Password accepted.
Shingo: Damn took me long enough. *sees a folder labled 'cloning' and another 'time'* X.x Which one... hmm... I pick time! *looks around for a disk* Found one! This is was easy enough. *hears something or someone trying to open the door* *stares at the door* Shiiiiit... Come on send to A drive! *looks at the door again* Errr.... Hurry up you slow piece of shit! *starts humming Naked Dance* Finally! *sees the door open slightly and unplugs the computer after he takes the disk out and ducks under the computer desk* *gulp* *continues humming softer*
Haruka: Damn this was easy. The damn security gaurd was out like a light.
Shingo: *to himself* I know that voice for some odd reason... I can't take a chance... *pulls out a gun he stole from the security gaurd whom he knocked out*
Haruka: *hears something* Who's there?!? *slowly pulls out his gun* I'm gonna count to five if you don't come out I'll find ya myself! *looks around* 1...
Shingo: Man is this guy serious? He's really stupid if he thinks I'm just going to show myself.
Haruka: 4...5! Ok I gave you 5 seconds! I'm coming after ya!
Shingo: Shit! *gets out from under the computer desk and looks around*
Haruka: Look I was nice enough to not just shoot the entire place up just to find ya. You could've just come out and save me some trouble.
Shingo: *under another desk* *sees Haruka pass him by, jumps out and points his gun at Haruka's head*
Haruka: *does the same to Shingo*
Shingo: H..h...Haruka? *still pointing his gun at Haruka*
Haruka: 0.0 Shingo?
X.x Oooooook that was a odd way to run into your best friend... POINT A GUN AT EM! Remember kiddies don't do that at home. Well I hope you liked this installment to my bad fanfic Neo Gundam Wing. Ja ne and play nice!