Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 13 - Fun, fun and more fun!
Disclaimer: Do I really have to repeat myself twenty more times? Look back at the beginning!

Haruka, Milliardo, Duet and Relena go to visit Heero in the hospital even though Haruka really didn't want to go.

Relena: Look, I really need to see the boy I came in with yesterday!
Nurse: I'm afraid I can't allow you to, miss.
Duet: Look, she's currently worried about her future husband at the moment and if you don't let us see him I'll make sure you never see the light of day again!
Nurse: I'm afraid threats aren't going to work. Now, if you want to see him you have to sign these papers right here *points to a stack of papers* then you have to clear it with the doctor and if you're lucky you might see him in maybe....three to four weeks.
Milliardo: *puts his hand over Haruka's mouth* What my brother means to say is we will gladly sign the papers.
Haruka: ....
Sally: Is there something wrong?
Haruka: YEAH! We came here to see someone and this whore here says we wont be able to see him for maybe four weeks that's like a MONTH!
Duet: *under her breath* My god he remembers something from second grade... -.-
Haruka: Shut up!
Sally: Who are you here to see?
Relena: A boy that I came in here yesterday with.
Haruka: Yeah, he's like this tall *puts his hand to the side to show Heero's height* and he has the same type of hair like mine except it's like brown.
Milliardo: Moss Green...
Haruka: Whatever still looks brown.
Sally: Oh that boy. Well if you want you can see him right now.
Duet: That would be a good idea.
Sally: *in the elevator* So how do you people know him?
Relena: Oh he's just a classmate of mine and my sweat heart.
Duet: He' of my friends.
Haruka: I beat the living shit out of him does that count?
Milliardo: I'm also one of his friends.
Sally: I see.
Haruka: *whispers to Milliardo* Isn't that Ling's mom?
Milliardo: Yeah.
Haruka: ...Spooky...

The group finally make it to the (insert name) and see Heero tied down.

Relena: HEERO!
Haruka: Whoa...
Milliardo: ...
Duet: *whispers to Milliardo* Mill-chan...isn't my father suppose to show up and get your father out like I told him to very soon?
Milliardo: Yeah if he's not busy.
Sally: Is that his name?
Relena: Yes. His name's Heero Yuy! And why do you have him like that?!?
Sally: We're afraid that he might try to attack us.
Relena: Heero wouldn't do anything like that!
Sally: Well we weren't sure. Is there anything you can tell me about him?
Relena: He's just a normal boy. What else do you expect?
Sally: What about you three?
Duet: Uh I don't find anything odd about him.
Haruka: Nope not one single thing.
Milliardo: I think he's just an average everyday boy if you ask me.

Big explosion occurs! Or does it? Haruka stares at Milliardo for awhile and starts whispering to him.

Haruka: Uh Mill... Why isn't there a big hole in that wall yet?
Milliardo: *shrug* He should've been here already...
Duet: *sneaks up behind the two* What are you two whispering about?
Haruka: ARGH! Go away damnit, Duet!
Milliardo: She doesn't have to. Besides she'd probably know what happened.
Duet: Ne?
Milliardo: You're father's late in coming here.
Duet: I'll go find him.
Haruka: Where the hell is she going?
Milliardo: Be quiet, Haruka.

Duet makes it out of the hospital while running into a dark purple haired girl.

Duet: Oi! I'm sorry! I didn't see you!
Girl: Oh, umm, don't worry about it. *picks up some of the papers she dropped along with her glasses* I didn't see you so it must've been my fault.
Duet: No really, it's my fault. *helps the girl up*
Girl: Thank you ummm?
Duet: Uh...My name's....Rei!
Girl: Ummm ok. Thank's Rei. My name's Kuro Hidama.
Duet: *wide eyed* K-k-kuro Hidama...?
Girl: Hai! I work as a scientist on human cloning. Though none of it has worked yet.
Duet: *thinking* Bitch... We might as well get rid of her here and now. *out loud* Wow really? That's neat! *spots Duo* Oh well I have to go talk to my da--er--brother! Bye!
Hidama: Ja!

Duet stomps all the way to where Duo is seated eating a whole bunch of food.

Duo: Hey babe! What's up?
Duet: Why aren't you in the hospital doing what I said?
Duo: Because that bastard hurt Deathscythe!
Duet: I thought you said you would do anything for me.
Duo: *sigh* OK I'll do it. After I finish my cake! ^^
Duet: *stare*
Duo: OK! OK! I'm commin'.*gets up* So how am I suppose to do this?
Duet: ...It's going to be a looooooong day again.

Meanwhile, back with Haruka and Milliardo.

Haruka: See I knew we couldn't trust your stupid bitch!
Milliardo: Calm down.
Duet: *runs in grabs Milliardo and Haruka and runs back out with them* YOUGUYSWON'TBELIEVEWHOIJUSTSAW!!!!!
Haruka: ....uhhh...Was it Brittany Spears?!?!? ^^
Duet: *thawap* NO!
Milliardo: Who?
Duet: Hidama!!! Well, I think it was her; it looked like her.
Haruka: *rubbing his head* Why didn't you kill her?!?
Milliardo: Because if she did we wouldn't have a way to get back to our time and we possibly wouldn't exist...
Duet: And we both know you want to get back to your stupid sluts...
Haruka: Now now Duet just because you couldn't be one of my 'sluts' doesn't mean I dun like ya...
Milliardo: x.X Uh... We really don't have time for this you two...
Haruka: Didn't you hear her?!?! She's gonna hang me by my nuts!!! >.<
Milliardo: x.x I know!!!! I DON'T NEED TO HEAR IT TWICE! >.<
Duet: *sigh* Fine, I'll stop fighting with Haruka if he stops fighting with me.
Haruka: Same here.
Milliardo: Good.
Haruka: But I wanna know one thing Duet. Were you serious about hangin me by my nuts?
Milliardo: HARUKA SHUT UP!!!
Duet: Really, Haruka...
Haruka: Well, I need ta know... *hears a big explosion* YAY! Now we don't have TA deal with Dad anymore!
Milliardo: OK, If your father is doing this right then we don't have to worry about Dad anymore. Which means we can move on to tracking down the others.
Haruka: Goodie...So Can I tell Shingo about the hangin by the nuts thing? *thawap* Maybe I'll call em...

Over in the desert a big glomp feast is going on...

Shingo: I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally missed you! How come you made me go in the opposite direction?
Shingo: NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! *hears a phone ring* .....Thats sounds like my cell phone....But who da fuck knows my number here? Oh well... *picks it up* 'Ello...This is Shingo Winna, who DA fuck is botherin me?
Haruka: Do you like scary movies?
Shingo: ...Uh...No shit....
Haruka: Have you ever been hung by your nuts? *THAWAP* OUCH!
Shingo: x.x Uh... no and I don't think I would want to be... Who the hell is this?
Haruka: Haruka Zechs Yuy...
Shingo: ....Haruka Zechs Yuy.... WAIT A MINUTE, YOUR FUCKIN DEAD!!!!! >.< *hangs up and starts screaming* I GET CALLS FROM DEAD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ariel,Trowa,Quatre and everyone else: .... x.X
Quatre: He's one strange boy...
Ariel: If you only knew...*grabs Shingo* Now what the hell are you screaming about?
Shingo: Ha-ha-haruka called me...Bu-but that's not possible cause he's dead and even if he weren't he'd be in the future right?
Ariel: Uh.... Maybe... Did you hear anyone else in the background?
Shingo: Noooooooooo.... Good thing I didn't. I'd probably hear like Trieze Kushrenada or someone along those lines... x.x
Trowa: Trieze?
Ariel: Yes... Trieze Kushrenada as in the one that's in OZ and is later killed by Mr. Chang...
Trowa: He gets killed...
Ariel: *thawap* Shut up. Now if Haruka did call you then that must mean that Milliardo is with him.. Now you call him back and ask where he is.
Shingo: Do I look that stupid?
Ariel: Yes...
Shingo: AWWWWWW... Do I have ta? He was scarry and I want my mommy now...
Ariel: ¬.¬ *grabs the cell phone and redials Haruka's number* ....

Haruka: *looks at his phone which is currently ringing* ....
Duet: OH GIVE ME THAT STUPID PHONE! *grabs it and throws it away*
Haruka: HEY! That cost me a lot! >.<
Milliardo: Who was it?
Haruka: Shingo...
Milliardo: SHINGO!!! *goes though the garbage looking for the phone and answers it* HELLO??!?!
Ariel: Who's this?
Milliardo: Milliardo... is this Ariel?
Ariel: YES! Where are you?
Milliardo: We're up here in Europe... You?
Ariel: Unfortunately in the desert...
Milliardo: Ok... Is Shingo or anyone else with you?
Ariel: No just Shingo.
Milliardo: Good then you two get over here and hopefully when you do we can find Ling if he's here too.
Ariel: I hope so.
Milliardo: Bye
Ariel: Bye. *hang up* Shingo come on we're going.
Shingo: Ne why?
Ariel: Because I just talked to Milliardo! He told me to get over there along with you.
Shingo: I dun wanna! >.<
Ariel: *grabs him and drags him up the stairs kicking and screaming*

Later at night the attack on Lake Victoria begins...

Noin: *runs to where the prison cells* Hey it's time to go...
Sieben: YAY! ^^ *glomps Noin* Thank you mom!
Noin: Uh... Yeah... Well you better get going.
Sieben: Yeah Ja! *runs like a bat out of hell*
Noin: ^^ My son's going to be a cutie!

Meanwhile, Ling is currently trying to keep his distance from the base until he sees someone or something comming towards him.

Ling: Ne? What the hell is that?
Sieben: OUT OF MY WAY!!!!
Ling: NANI?!?!?
Sieben: *runs right into Ling* ARGH! You stupid...piece...of... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?!?!
Ling: AHHHHHHHHHHHH! SIEBEN! What are you doing here?!?!
Sieben: I just asked you that you dolt!
Ling: Uhh... I got sucked into some portal thing and ended up here.
Sieben: Hmmm... It would appear that the same has happened to me...
Ling: You're not going to kill me are you?
Sieben: -.- As much as I would love to it would seem that I must call a truce and trust you for now. I advise that you do the same...
Ling: What?!? Me trust you? HAHAHAHAHA! Don't make me laugh!
Sieben: *grabs Ling's shirt* DO YOU WANT TO MAKE IT OUT OF HERE ALIVE OR IN PIECES?!?! >.<
Ling: Uh.... Alive...
Sieben: Good... Then we'll work together to get out of this mess.
Ling: Ok... -.-
Sieben: Well what are you waiting for? Christmas? Get going!
Ling: *thinks* Of all people to run into I just had to run into Sieben. Oh well at least I don't have to deal with my father anymore. Then again what the hell's the difference?*out loud* So where are we going to go?
Sieben: I don't care. Anywhere but here.
Ling: That makes sense... What if we run into Ariel or Milliardo or someone like that?
Sieben: ...I highly doubt we will and if we do I'll kill Milliardo...
Ling: ...Yeah... At least I don't have a really bad mental problem like you.
Ling: I rather not... I'd probably turn into you...
Seiben: .... ¬.¬ You really want to die don't you?
Ling: Nothing's stoping you...
Sieben: *takes a big breath* I will not kill him... I will not kill him...

Back over in the future...

Heero: Yes...
Heero: ...........Mission accepted.....
Duo: HAHAHAHA! You still fall for that! *thawap*
Hilde: If you don't help Heero you're going to sleep on the couch for the next two years!
Duo: NANI?!?!
Heero: You still fall for that...
Duo: Shut up!
Jade: Same for you Trowa-chan but only for two days...
Duo: WHAT?!?!?! That's not fair!!!
Wufei: There's no such thing as fairness with women...
Trowa: ....WHAT DID I DO?!?!
Duo: You did the same thing Heero and I did I guess....
Trowa: *stare*
Dorothy: Same for you Quatre.
Quatre: OK! *THAWAP (Duo did it)* I mean... Why...?
Duo:*pretending he did nothing despite the death glare he was getting from Dorothy* For the same reason that Heero, Trowa and I'm in trouble.
Quatre: But it's not my fault you guys don't want to tell them about--MUHHP!!!
Duo: Eh? I can't hear you Quatre!
Hilde: Because you have your hand over his mouth, Duo!
Duo: Really? How did that get there?!? ^^
Relena: What was he talking about, Heero?
Heero: You know Quatre he's messed up worse then I am in the head.
Quatre: MMMHPPP!
Hilde: Let go of Quatre so he can talk, Duo.
Duo: Why?
Hilde: ERRR! *thawap*
Duo: *lets go of Quatre and starts rubbing the spot Hilde just hit him at* GEEZE! Why'd ya do that?!?
Hilde: Oi! I swear Duo you still act like you're fifteen!
Duo: A guy can dream can't he? ^^
Hilde: *sigh*
Relena: *grabs Quatre's shirt collar and starts shaking him around like a rag doll* WHAT DO YOU KNOW TELL ME NOW!!!!!
Quatre: @.@
Dorothy: No, no Relena that's not how you do it! *gets Relena to let go of the poor blonde arabian* Now Qua-chan what didn't that piece of shit Heero tell us?
Quatre: 0_0 Uhh...*looks at Heero, Duo, Trowa and Wufei who are currently giving him death glares left and right then back at Dorothy sighs and looks down at the ground* He didn't want to tell you that we didn't know where the kids were so we weren't going to do anything until if and when we do know.
Heero, Duo, Trowa and Wufei: UGH!
Dorothy: Thank you.
Wufei: Damn you Winner you damn weakling! Giving into an onna not to mention a hidious onna! *thawap*
Sally: Quiet, Wufei.
Relena: ...You mean we still can't get them back because of that?!?
Heero: It's not like we can just type in their names and they automatically are found.
Relena: I know but I'm worried. What if the get hurt?
Heero: One less spore we have to take care of then.
Duo: You know for some odd reason I remember seeing a girl with bluish hair like Duet's when I was like 15...
Trowa: As do I remember a girl that looked like Ariel...
Heero: ...I'm not going to say a thing...
Relena: Then...could they be changing time?
Heero: They better not! If I turn into some 'loving, caring' person kill me...
Relena: Heero you already are! ^^
Heero: ...
Quatre: But what if they change it too much?
Duo: You mean like have Relena and me end up together instead of Heero and Relena?
Quatre: Yeah.
Duo: That'd be spooky!
Wufei: Damn weak children.
Nova: I'd hate to interrupt but they could very well create a alternate dimension. Then if they were to try and return to our timeline they could probably end up in the other dimension portal that they created.
Triage: ...You're like confusing everyone...
Zechs: Look I don't care how you expect to get them back but it seems that if they screw with the past too much then we're screwed.
Nova: That's kinda what I was trying to say...
Heero: Only time can tell what's going to happen next.

Back in the past Duet is currently working on something.

Haruka: ...What the hell is that?
Duet: Something useful unlike you.
Haruka: I kinda figured you'd say that. So what is it?
Duet: *sigh* Fine if you really want to know it's a phone.
Haruka: ...That's one odd phone.
Duet: Yes for a good reason. You see this phone here will help us communicate to anyone in the future.
Haruka: Whoa cool! It's like a time phone!
Duet: ...Yes in other words a time phone.
Haruka: Why didn't ya say that in the first place?
Duet: UGH!!! Look I told you what it is now go away!
Haruka: So when you're like done can I use it?
Haruka: I'm goin... I'm goin...

Back over with Shingo and Ariel.

Shingo: *hears something strangely familiar* ....oooooook What the hell...
Ariel: What?
Shingo: Don't you hear that?
Ariel: *hears a violin sound* Yeah what about it?
Shingo: I remember that...
Ariel: And why would you remember something like that?
Shingo: 'Cause muh father plays violin duh! He use ta play it a lot when I was younger and stupider. Besides I think it would sound cooler with some percussion in the background with a guitar playing.
Ariel: Can I ask you something...
Shingo: Yesh?
Ariel: How in the hell can you be his son? I mean you hate everything he likes! I swear it's like looking at a mirror image...The good side then the bad, you being the bad side.>.<
Shingo: Uh.. A difference in opinion? Besides I'm not that much unlike him! I just make things a little more interesting.
Ariel: *sigh* I pray that if we ever do get married our kids aren't as uncultured as you.
Shingo: NANI?!?!
Ariel: I'm sorry is that too big of a word for you?
Shingo: No. I know what it means. I have school all year long including on breaks...
Ariel: And you have yet to learn one thing...
Shingo: Bleh...I'm gonna go take a shower and I dun want you pickin my clothes!
Ariel: Why? I'm just trying to make you look nice.
Shingo: *big sigh* Yeah right... I can't wait until we get home.

Meanwhile, Ling and Sieben are extremely hungry...

Sieben: ...I'm...extreamly...
Ling: Hungry...
Sieben: ....You hungry...?
Ling: Yeah... You?
Sieben: Yeah... You?
Ling: You already asked me...
Sieben: Oh...Were you hungry...?
Ling: Yeah...
Sieben: Oh...
Ling: *sees a stream* WATER! That means fish! *grabs a stick and pulls out some of Sieben's hair and another stick sharp enough to be a hook*
Sieben: HEY! What do you want me to lose my hair?!?!
Ling: Shhh!
Sieben: ...
Ling: sits back and starts fishing* Soon we'll get some food!
Seiben: Yeah... Well I've got to piss...
Ling: *completely ignores Sieben*
Sieben: ....
Ling: *sees a fish going for the hook then sees it turn away he then hears something that sounded like rain right next to him* ...*looks right beside him* ARGHHHHHHHHH! SIEBEN WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!?!
Sieben: Taking a piss what does it look like?!?
Ling: Ugh... Now the fish don't want to come because you decided to TAKE A PISS IN THE WATER!!!! >.<
Sieben: Like you would've caught one anyway.
x.X That's gonna be difficult to catch some fish now...Uh...this was...weird yes...weird. But it get's even weirder as we go along. Well I hope you enjoy this! ^.^