Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 12 - Just by Chance.
Disclaimer: Look back!!!^^

Haruka knocks on Relena's door and leaves a letter on the ground from 'Heero Yuy'. Relena opens the door finds the letter and starts reading it....

Dear Relena,

I'm sorry for tearing up your invitation and would love to go to your birthday party.

~ The one and only guy for you,
Heero Yuy

Relena stares at the letter and reads it a few more times and starts running towards Heero's room to 'thank' him. Meanwhile, Haruka makes an evil laugh and goes back to his room. Relena knocks on Heero's door while Haruka who's across from the room watches.

Heero: *answers the door* What do you want.
Relena: *hug* Thanks Heero I knew you would change your mind! *kiss*
Heero: .... )0.0( What are you talking about?
Relena: Oh come on silly I know you gave me this letter. *hands Heero the letter*
Heero: ....Nani?!? I did not!
Relena: Come on stop being such a chicken I know you gave it to me.
Haruka: *starts chuckling* This is good.
Heero: Fine then I gave it to you are you happy now?
Relena: I knew it! You like me don't you?
Heero: No I want to kill you.
Relena: ? Why would you want to do that?
Heero: Simple you saw my gundam. I know because I saw you there right before that kid fell on top of me.
Relena: I have no idea as to what you're talking about.
Heero: Right... *closes the door*
Haruka: So that's where the 'I'm going to kill you' thing started...
Relena: ....*knocks on the door again*
Heero: *opens it* Go away or I'll kill you here!
Relena: I see... You have a hard time saying 'I love you' don't you?
Heero: ...What?
Haruka: *starts laughing*
Relena: That's ok. I know you like me you don't have to hide it.
Heero: I'm going to kill you!!!!
Relena: I love you too, Heero. ^^
Heero: ....*thinks about this* ...How does 'I'm going to kill you' turn into 'I love you'? *out loud* Omae o korosu!
Relena: ...Huh?
Haruka: Here we go again! Or should I say for the first time?
Heero: Omae o korosu.
Relena: Is that Japanese for "I love you" too?
Heero: ...?
Haruka: Hehe... Hey Mill get over here!
Milliardo: I'm kinda busy at the moment, Haruka.
Haruka: Man this is a once in a life time event!
Milliardo: *gets up and goes over to the door* I don't see what you're talking about.
Haruka: Listen to em!
Relena: Then what does it mean?
Heero: I'm going to kill you!
Relena: Yes I know you love me Heero.
Heero: NOOOOOOO!!!! If I were going to say 'I love you' it would be 'aishiteru'!!!!
Relena: What is it Heero?
Heero: AISHITERU!!!!!!!!!!!

Mill and Ruka start rolling on the floor.

Relena: See that's not hard to say is it?
Heero: .... All I said was aishiteru. *Finally clicks in his head* WAIT A MINUTE! You tricked me!
Relena: I did no such thing. You just told me your true feelings.
Heero: You want to know my 'true feelings' about you?
Relena: Go ahead...
Heero: I WANT TO KILL YOU!!!!!
Relena: Yeah, yeah I love you too.
Heero: GAHHHHHHHHHHHH! That's it!!! *gets out his gun*
Haruka: Yay! The best part!
Heero: I'm going to kill you, Relena.
Relena: You don't scare me with that gun. Besides no matter what you do I know every time you say I know that you really love me.
Heero: ...Whatever... *closes the door*
Relena: I LOVE YOU, HEERO!!!
Haruka: This is better then when it's at home. ^.^
Milliardo: Well it was funny but it's probably going to mess up time.
Haruka: Please! Nothing has happened yet. Anyway I'm gonna go see dad.
Milliardo: ...I'll go call 911...
Haruka: If I don't come out in five minutes do that.

Haruka walks across the hall and knocks on the door...

Heero: *opens it* I DON'T LOVE YOU!
Haruka: I hope not...
Heero: ...What do you want?
Haruka: I see you're having a hard time with the ladies so lets call a truce and I'll help you with Relena.
Heero: In which way?
Haruka: Let me in and I'll tell ya.
Heero: *allows Haruka to enter the room* Now tell me what you're going to help me with.
Haruka: Well she seems to like you and I know deep down inside that sorry heart of yours you love her to but you say 'I'm going to kill you' instead of 'I like you lets fuck'.
Heero: ...And how is this 'helping' me?
Haruka: *evil grin* Weeeeell you want to 'kill' her don't ya?
Heero: Yes.
Haruka: Then just do as she says play her little game and maybe you might get a chance to 'kill' her. ^o^
Heero: I'll do that tomorrow.
Haruka: Why not now?
Heero: Because I have to get rid of something I lost at sea.
Haruka: ...Eh? *thinks* OH! His gundam!!! That means that he's going to run into Duo! Great just the man I need to help me with dad ^.^*
Heero: Nothing you need to know.
Haruka: Anyway I'll be going and remember what I said! ^^

Haruka makes it back to the room and sees Milliardo with his hand on the phone.

Milliardo: I was just about to call.
Haruka: Heh! Well I'm still alive.
Milliardo: What did you do to dad?
Haruka: Nothing we just came to an agreement.
Milliardo: If you messed with time Haruka I swear I'll make sure I do something about your Hentai Monthly magazines!
Haruka: You don't even know where they are!
Milliardo: On the bottom of the closet to the left behind your posters.
Haruka: *face fault* How... Did you know?
Milliardo: I'm your brother I'm suppose to know.
Haruka: Humph! That is if we ever get back.
Milliardo: If... Anyway I'll follow Dad you follow Mom got that?
Haruka: As clear as a bell, Mill.
Milliardo: Good!

Meanwhile, Ariel finds out that Trowa's going to leave for a mission to the Corsica base.

Ariel: But I want to come too!
Trowa: It's too dangerous.
Ariel: Look I promise I wont get in your way.
Trowa: It's too risky besides you don't have a mobile suit.
Ariel: Then I'll get one!
Trowa: I'm not going to have you get killed.
Ariel: And why not?
Trowa: It's my job.
Ariel: *watches Trowa walk out the door* Fine then! If he's not going to take me I'll go there myself! *walks out the making sure Trowa doesn't see her* I'll find something to battle with and if it gets too much for me then I'll get out. *walks into the woods and after walking for five minutes she runs into a Leo mobile suite* *Grin* Looks like I found a mobile suite!!! ^^

While this is going on about the same thing is occurring with Shingo.

Shingo: But I can fight too! Besides I'm way better then Wolverine and all of them put together.
Quatre: That may be true but I don't want you to get into trouble.
Shingo: Trouble? HA! I am trouble!
Quatre: *sigh* Look just do me this one favor and I'll never ask anything else of you.
Shingo: *puppy dog look* PAWEEZ?!
Quatre: *shakes his head* No you can't come.
Shingo: I'll remember that when I get back. *watches Quatre leave* Ha! He doesn't want me to go does he? Well he might not want me to but I swear I'll find a way. *thinks for a minute* HAHAHAHA! That's it! It's a perfect idea! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! *goes to the door and tries to open it* ARGH! He locked it... This is why I hate him. *looks around and finds a small screw driver on the floor* *smirk*He's so stupid. *grabs the screw driver and opens the door* Now to find the hanger. *gets to the hanger and waits for most everyone to leave then gets into one of the Maguanc mobile suites* This is too sweet. Now mess with this and that *starts hacking into the programs* and tada! You now have your own custom mobile suite! ^.^ Just like my gundam but 50 times crapier. Oh well it'll do.

Back at the school everyone except Heero are excited about Relena's birthday party. Milliardo kept following Relena around like a lost puppy to make sure nothing happened to her while Haruka had to hide in bushes to watch Heero five feet away.

Relena: *runs up to Heero* So Heero did you get me anything for my birthday since you did say you were going to attend.
Heero: I never said that and if I did I'm busy so go away.
Relena: But I want you to come...
Heero: No.
Relena: *sigh* I understand you must of found some other girl to kill... That's OK *walks off*
Heero: *stares at Relena and whispers* Omae o korosu...
Haruka: *pops out of the bushes* WHAT WAS THAT ABOUT!?!?
Heero: *stare* What are you talking about? And how did you find me?
Haruka: Me? Oh I've been following you in the bushes.
Heero: No wonder I heard something...
Haruka: Yeah, yeah now don't change the subject! Why didn't you do what I told you to?
Heero: I told you already I'm going to do it tomorrow.
Haruka: *sigh*
Heero: I'm going now.
Haruka: Can I come?
Heero: No.
Haruka: Pleeeeeze?!?
Heero: No.
Haruka: I'll be your best friend!
Heero: I don't need one.
Haruka: I'll leave you alone after that!!
Heero: ....*thinks about it* I guess he could come but if he even looks at my gundam I'll kill him. *out loud* Fine. Come on then.
Haruka: YAY!
Heero: But I want you to shut up and do as I tell you to.
Haruka: Deal!

Meanwhile, Relena's currently going on and on about Heero to Milliardo.

Relena: And *sniff* I think he's going out with another girl!
Milliardo: ...Uh...I'm sure da-er-Heero wouldn't do that to you. Besides I know that he loves you!
Relena: *sniff* You really think so?
Milliardo: ....Yes!
Relena: How would you know? It's not like me and him are ever going to get married, have a big house, and maybe two kids.
Milliardo: *thinks* You have no clue mom... *out loud* Uh... Well you never know!
Relena: ....Junta....
Milliardo: Hmm?
Relena: Do you like me?
Milliardo: NE!!! Uh.... I ummmm.... Like you as a friend. ^^()
Relena: *gets a bit more closer to Mill* That's all?
Milliardo: Ummm a very best friend?
Relena: *even more closer* Only a friend?
Milliardo: Uh... I suppose... *thinks* ...Is it just me or is mom getting a little too close?
Relena: Junta...
Milliardo: Uhh... yes?
Relena: *leans in and...*

Outside Relena's room after a three minute pause Milliardo runs out the door, into his room and straight into the bathroom where numerous sounds of puking can be heard.

Haruka: *comes in the bathroom* ...What the hell happened to you?
Milliardo: *looks up at Haruka* Mom...
Haruka: ...? What about mom?
Milliardo: ...She....kissed me!!!! *goes back to puking*
Haurka: Man I'd want to puke too if mom did that to me. So did you like...enjoy it?
Milliardo: NO! Ugh nasty!!! *continues to puke*
Haruka: Just a question Mill. Anyway I'm going with dad to get his gundam.
Milliardo: *Finally stops throwing up and starts washing out his mouth with a ton of toothpaste* Guwa wa...
Haruka: Yeah whatever ya said. I'm gonna go man bye.
Milliardo: Guwah! *spits out some of the toothpaste*
Haruka: Yeah bye.

Haruka leaves with Heero and of course Relena finds out about it and so does Milliardo. Heero sets up the missiles that he's going to throw at Wing Gundam.

Heero: Remember what I told you.
Haruka: *with a blind fold on and a gun pointed at him* Yeah, yeah I know besides I'm not even going to try.
Heero: You better not.
Relena: *runs toward Heero* HEERO!
Heero: *turns around and points his gun at Relena* Relena...
Milliardo: *runs over to where Haruka is* Are you OK?
Haruka: Never been better! *looks over at Heero and Relena* You know what I think we're going to see a bit of our parent's history and if I'm not wrong Duo should be coming in anytime now.
Relena: What are you doing?
Heero: Relena... *starts to pull the trigger*
Duo: Hey leave the girl alone!
Heero: *turns around and gets shot at*
Haruka: *counts the number of shots* One....two! So it was twice! I always thought dad was kiddin about that.
Milliardo: Shut up!
Relena: HEERO! *looks at Duo* How could you! *starts bandaging up Heero's wounds*
Duo: What? How'd I turn into the bad guy all of the sudden? *notices the Gundams coming out of the ocean* Man! Not now!
Heero: *sees the gundams and gets up to press the button but misses and falls into the water*
Haruka: ...Man this is pathetic! *gets up and presses the button his self and watches it hit the two gundams*
Milliardo: What the hell did you do that for?
Haruka: Well dad told us he pressed the button but as you can plainly see he missed so I decided to help keep history the same and press the button besides Duo didn't even see me do it!
Duo: *right above Haruka and Milliardo* Reeeeeally?
Haruka: Yep. *Looks up* Shit...
Duo: You little bastard! *about to shoot Haruka*
Duet: STOP IT!!!
Duo: Eh... Hey how'd you get here?
Duet: I'm not exactly stupid you know!
Duo: Well do you mind I'm trying to kill him! *points to Haruka*
Duet: *sigh* As much as I myself would want him dead I'm going to have to ask that you do not kill him.
Duo: Well....*looks at Haruka then Duet* OK but that's the only favor I'll do for you babe.
Haruka and Milliardo: Babe?
Duet: Thanks.
Haruka: I'm not going to ask why you let me live.
Duet: Simple! Who else would I have to beat up on after you're gone?
Haruka: Ha...ha... Very cute. Besides I really didn't need your help.
Duet: You looked like you were going to piss in your pants after you saw that gun pointed at you.
Haruka: WAS NOT!
Duet: WAS TOO!
Haruka: NOT!
Duet: TOO!
Milliardo: AHEM!!!
Duet: Oh hi Milliardo! *glomp* I missed you!
Milliardo: Uh... Yeah.
Haruka: Uh so who's going to like get dad out of the water?
Milliardo: *looks over at Heero who's face down in the water* .... *sigh* I'll go get him....

Meanwhile, Ling watches Wufei rant and rave over the fact that there are other weaklings with gundams.

Wufei: I bet they don't even know how to operate their gundams as well as I can! When I meet one of them I swear I will challenge them!
Ling: *cooking some soup* ...Right like they would want to fight you...
Wufei: Are you trying to say that I'm weak?!?!
Ling: No! It's just that you would most likely scare them away with those veins popping out of your head along with your Crisco head.
Ling: ....I'm just telling you that your hair looks greasy. *Thinks* Oh man I would've never been able to say that to Father if I were back in my timeline. He'd most likely kill me.
Wufei: Humph! At least I don't look like some onna!
Ling: At least I don't look like a grease ball rat...
Ling: *sets the soup in front of Wufei* Oh come on! You know that I'm telling you the truth only because I wish to not die.
Wufei: One day I will get you weakling.
Ling: *thinks*....I think I just signed my death warrant....
Wufei: Oh yes that reminds me weakling I'm going to be going to the Lake Victoria base and since I don't plan on leaving you here you'll have to come with me.
Ling: *sigh* Ok....

Over at the Corsica Base, Shingo gets his kicks out of destroying a bunch of mobile suits without Quatre knowing that he's there until he starts beating up on one of the Leo suits.

Shingo: WHOA! Dude! That is the toughest Leo I've ever seen in my entire life! This is gonna be fun!
Ariel: What the hell? Can't this guy see I'm on his side? I guess Shingo was a bit right about the Maguanacs being stupid...

Ariel starts shooting up a storm at Shingo then starts hitting his 'borrowed' suit with the gun after she runs out of ammo. Shingo starts blocking the hits left and right and tries to shoot at Ariel but horribly fails. After this continues for a bit more Shingo finally manages to start slicing at Ariel but misses. Ariel sees a beam saber that fell off of another mobile suit and uses it against Shingo's attacks.

Shingo: ...I think I've seen someone pilot like that before... *keeps dodging the Leo's swipes at him* Wait... *thinks back to the battle with NOZ and remembers Heavyarms II* ECK! IT'S ARIEL!
Ariel: What's up with this guy he can't even fight right! *notices the mobile suit stops moving* ....So you gave up eh? *opens the cockpit door and watches the other mobile suite do the same* SO YOU GIVE UP?!?
Shingo: *gets out* Well I should be asking you the same thing!
Ariel: *face faults* Sh-sh-SHINGO!
Shingo: Who'd you expect? Wolverine?
Ariel: What are how did you get that?
Shingo: Well I sorta borrowed it for awhile. And you?
Ariel: Uh...same. You know you look like a raccoon with those on.
Shingo: Oh these? *points to the goggles he has on* I'm borrowing them. *jumps over to where Ariel is not even paying attention to the fact that Heavyarms and Sandrock have stopped fighting right next to them* *glomps on top of Ariel and puts his head right where her breasts are* OH ARIEL! I MISSED YOU! Did you miss me?
Ariel: Uh....Shingo...
Shingo: Of course you did because you love me and you want to be with me forever!
Ariel: *sweat droping* Shingo you know there's something you need to see....
Shingo: Yeah I know! So how 'bout now I mean it's not like anyone's around!
Ariel: Shingo...I really think you should look at them...
Shingo: Exactly what I'm thinking!
Shingo: Ouch...*turns around for a bit and turns back around* So your father and mine are standing there looking at both of us. Wait a minute... Your...father father are looking at us... Um...*cough,cough* *turns around* YO FATHER WUZ UP?! HEY MR. BARTON! *takes a big breath and starts talking really fast* DON'TWORRYI'MNOTDOINGANYTHINGTOYOURDAUGHTER! *grins like a idiot*
Quatre: I'm going to guess that girl is your daughter....
Trowa: *shrugs* I guess...and that's your son?
Quatre: From what he tells me yes.
Ariel: Hi Mr. Winner! Hi Papa!
Trowa: Now I'm your father again?
Ariel: *nods her head*
Trowa: First I'm your father, then I'm your brother, now I'm your father again.
Ariel: You'll get used to it.
Shingo: I'm reeeeeeeally not gonna ask.
Ariel: It was cover up so no one would ask questions.
Shingo: Now why didn't I think of that...

At the Lake Victoria base Noin goes to visit Sieben since he's bitching up a storm.

Guard: Oh please, shut up!
Noin: How long has this been going on for?
Guard: For three hours straight.
Noin: Open up the cell I'll go have a talk with him.
Guard: *does so* I'd watch it. That kid's crazy...
Noin: *goes into the cell with Sieben* So you're causing a bunch of trouble down here already.
Sieben: Look, I know you don't believe me and all but I really am your son!!
Noin: Yes, you told me that already.
Sieben: Yeah, but you don't believe me!
Noin: Who would believe someone who popped out of nowhere and started going around every where saying they're your son?
Sieben: ...Ok, so it does sound a bit crazy and all but the fact is I am your son.
Noin: Look, unless you can prove it I can't believe you.
Sieben: You want proof?!? *pulls out a bunch of pictures of him, Noin, and Zechs in the future and hands them to Noin* HA! See!
Noin: *stares at the pictures* Who's the guy with the long hair?
Sieben: That's dad, or as you call him Lt. Zechs!
Noin: It can't be, because he never takes off his helmet.
Sieben: Argh! *gets out a marker and starts drawing on one of the pictures a helmet or 'the birdman get up'* SEE!
Noin: )0.0( Well if you are from the future then what are you doing here?
Sieben: I have no clue, but I'm guessing my cousins and their stupid friends have something to do with it.
Noin: Cousins?
Sieben: Yeah my stupid cousins Haruka Zechs Yuy and Milliardo Heero Yuy!
Noin: Yuy?
Sieben: Yes 'Yuy'. See Aunt Relena got married to Uncle Heero who's a gundam pilot and they had two little spoiled brats!
Noin: Re-relena? Isn't that Zechs's sister?
Sieben: Yes, and the only way I could be related to my cousins.
Noin: )0.0( *starts to sink in* That means you really are from the future and you are mine and Zechs' son...
Sieben: YES!
Noin: ...Well, you want to get out of here right?
Sieben: Yes!!!
Noin: Then I'll try to get you past security tommorow night ok?
Sieben: UH... I dun think that's a good idea...
Noin: And why not?
Sieben: *thinks* Ok, I basically screwed a bit with time maybe and if I tell her about tommorow night's attack I'll mess it up even worse....*out loud* Oh, no reason! I just think I might have a stomach ache...
Noin: *stares at Sieben* ...Ok....Well anyway that's what I'll do tommorow night.
Sieben: Thanks.

Meanwhile, back in the future Michiru wakes up onboard a Sweeper ship.

Michiru: How'd I...
Yoshi: Hey Mic-saa you're awake!
Michiru: What the...How did I...
Yoshi: Me and dad found ya.
Michiru: Did you find anyone else?
Yoshi: Like who your boyfriend?
Michiru: He's not my boyfriend! >.<
Yoshi: Right that's why you were all like... Oh Shinji this! Oh Shinji that!
Michiru: Hah! Well guess what, onii?
Yoshi: What you're going to get married to em?
Michiru: NO! He's Haruka Zechs Yuy!
Yoshi: Man Mic-saa, you need to get a life. Besides you know there's no way that loser was Haruka Zechs Yuy.
Michiru: ARGH! It doesn't matter now! Did you see anyone else?!?
Yoshi: Nope only you, though I think we should've left ya.
Michiru: *death glare*
Yoshi: ^^() You know I was just kidding!
Michiru: You better be. Now I have to get to the Sanq Kingdom!
Yoshi: Isn't that on earth?
Michiru: Well congratulations, onii, you actually know something!
Yoshi: I'm not that stupid.
Michiru: Sometimes I think you are.
Yoshi: Wow, how comforting.

While this is going on Triage and Nova are trying to figure out how to get the others back into their timeline.

Triage: ...Uh oh...
Duo: Wha?
Nova: Triage doesn't remember which button he pressed... *watches all of the ex-gundam pilots sweat drop*
Heero: WHAT?!?!
Triage: I kinda forgot Mr. Yuy... ^^;
Heero: Right... Just like when you told me you forgot to study for your test...
Triage: It's true!
Nova: ...You didn't even bother to study because you said you didn't need to pass world history...
Triage: SHHH! Besides we are trying to get our sis back right?
Nova: Yes.
Trowa: Are you sure there's no manual?
Nova: I don't know.
Triage: *leans back on the machine* Besides who would make a manual *picks up a book that says 'Manual to Time Machine'* like this laying around for someone to use?
Wufei: WEAKLING! That is the manual!
Triage: *looks at the book* is!
Nova: Leave it to Triage to find something with out even knowing.
Quatre: Good now we should be able to find out how to get them back here.
Nova: *starts flipping through the pages and stops on the second to the last page* ...That's not good.
Heero: What now?
Nova: Well we know what time they went into but we don't know where on earth or the colonies the are and we need to know that to bring them back.
Duo: Yet another wall that we have to break.
Trowa: ...Ok so all we have to know is their location that's all.
Nova: It has to be the exact location. I mean we can't just press a few buttons and hope that we get the right person...
Quatre: I don't think it would be a wise decision to tell Relena or anyone else about it.
Duo: Yeah all we do is tell them that we couldn't find anything to help us get the time machine on.
Trowa: I doubt they'll believe that.
Heero: Then we just don't tell them about the manual that way we won't get yelled at.
Duo: Heero, you always come up with the good plans!
Heero: I'm the perfect soldier I'm suppose to.
I doubt being the Perfect Soldier is going to help very much Heero. So what's going to happen next? Who knows. I think this is getting pretty twisted...