Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 11:  Far From Distance.
Disclaimer:  I own this story the most of the characters and the whole messed up plot I dun own the name Ikari Shinji! HAHAHAHAHA!

Haruka started pacing back and forth in the bedroom.

Haruka:  *thinking* Now lets see... It's A.C. 195... The same day the gundams landed on earth... Hmmm I wonder if mom ran into dad yet... )^o^( Then again I guess I should be thinking about making it back to the future... Ooor I could mess around back here... *evil grin* I'll do that if/when I find Mill and the witch. 
Relena:  Are you sure you don't want to sit down?
Haruka:  Hmm?! No I don't wanta. Hey did you see another guy that looked like me but with darker colored hair?
Relena:  You mean at the beach? Yeah at the same time I saw you and another boy look like you fall out of no where. I wish I knew who he was and what he was doing.
Haruka:  So you saw him?
Relena:  Yes.
Haruka:  *thinks* SWEEEEEET! Yes! That means that Mill's also here! And if he's with dad then I'll see him in no time! *does a little victory dance*
Relena:  ...*stare* *cough* Does that mean you know him?
Haruka:  Ummm Yeah we're very close... kinda...But you'll see him tomorrow trust me.
Relena:  For real?
Haruka:  Yep! Just trust me.
Relena:  Um... Do you have a place to stay?
Haruka:  Um.. No
Relena:  You can stay here! That is if you want. No I insist it!
Haruka:  Weeeell if you insist... ^^ *thinks* Even in the past I still get the good treatment from mom!

Heero looks over at Milliardo.

Heero:  We're going to be leaving soon.
Milliardo:  Huh? Why?
Heero:  Because I think that girl I ran into knows too much. I know you already do. But that's ok I'll eliminate both of you.
Milliardo:  ...*thinks* How comforting...
Heero:  You better get some sleep before I head out tomorrow.
Milliardo:  I know about your gundam already.
Heero:  *turns around and points a gun at Milliardo* I knew it. You work for OZ don't you? Damn.
Milliardo:  WHAT?!? No!
Heero:  The Earth Sphere Alliance then?
Milliardo:  NO! I work for none of them!
Heero:  You better not be pulling my leg. If you are I will--
Milliardo:  I get it already! You're going to kill me!
Heero:  Yes. Here... *throws him a blanket* Now go to sleep if you don't I'll kill you.
Milliardo:  *looks at the crapy blanket* ... *thinks* I want to go home.. I miss my bed. Maybe I'll run into mom. I mean it's only logical seeing how I'm with dad. If I do then maybe I'll run into Haruka and maybe even Duet! ^^

Meanwhile Shingo downs eight bowls of rice and other assortments of food while Quatre who hasn't even touched his first bowl stares in astonishment along with some Maganacs. 

Shingo:  Mmmmm... *throws some more food down his throat*
Quatre:  *big sweatdrop now* Um... 
Shingo:  Shingo! My name's Shingo.. and man is this good!
Quatre:  Shingo... That's an odd name...
Shingo:  You picked it! Yummy!
Quatre:  I did? Well anyway... Do you know how you got here?
Shingo:  *stops eating and looks up at the ceiling* Hmmmm... Lets see... I remember Ariel and me split up and I ran right into this thing... 
Quatre:  Ariel?
Shingo:  Yeah my girlfriend... well kinda.
Quatre:  Do you know what made it?
Shingo:  I dunno I have a pretty good idea who made it though. But she's dead. *looks over at Quatre's bowl* You gonna eat that?
Quatre:  Huh? Yeah...*thinks* ...My son's going to be the bottomless pit...
Shingo:  Hey could I have a map?
Quatre:  Um yeah. 
Shingo:  Thanks man! I'll look at it after I get done with this. *finishes in 10 seconds* *grabs a map and sits back down* *stares at it and thinks to himself* I'm here... If I could remember what my history teacher said then I would know where my father's going to next. Then again why remember when I could ask? *out loud* SOOOOOOOO! Where ya headin to next?
Quatre:  A base somewhere.
Shingo:  *thinks* Gee that helps me! *mocks Quatre in his head with a very high pitched voice* A base somewhere! And I'm not tellin you cause you're not my friend! *out loud* And that somewhere would be?
Quatre:  Well I didn't think I needed to tell you. Don't you go to school?
Shingo:  *eye twitches a bit* *mocks Quatre again with the same voice* I dun wanna tell a meanie like you! *out loud* Yessss... But I'm passing history class with a C+...
Quatre:  Then maybe you'll find out. 
Shingo:  *stare* *think* I don't need him! I'll try to remember it! HAHAHAHA! *stares at the map* Ok... Mr. Yuy's over here I think...*puts his finger on Europe* Mr. Chang is over in China. Mr. M always tells us how he ran into Mr. Yuy so therefore he should be somewhere over there with Mr. Yuy. That means Mr. Barton is no where to be found... *thinks a bit harder* Wait!!! He runs into my father! That means the base he's going to is over here! I'm a genius! *out loud* YES! I AM SO SMART! I AM SO SMART! *stops jumping up and down and looks at the glares he's getting* Um... *cough, cough* I'm tired! I'm going to bed now bai bai! ^.^;;; *runs out*

Ling starts washing the dirty dishes while in an apron with his hair pulled back enough that he can see what he's doing when Wufei comes in.

Wufei:  *starts laughing* You could pass for an onna any day.
Ling:  *whispers under his breath* Pig...
Wufei:  What did you say weakling?!
Ling:  Huh?!? Nothing at all! I was just saying how nice the.......*thinks really quick* sky looks at night!
Wufei:  ... Are you sure you are a man? You act like an onna.
Ling:  Yes I'm sure I'm a man.
Wufei:  Humph. Well you better hurry up with those dishes so you can clean this floor in here. I'm going out on a mission. Got that?
Ling:  *sigh* Yes sir.
Wufei:  Good. *leaves* 
Ling:  Mother where did you ever get the strength to put up with him? I'm getting a headache already. I hope that I get home soon. Or I find the others. Maybe they're here and I have yet to find them. Then again I'm not going to find them in a kitchen. Maybe I could steal my father's gundam for awhile and look for them. ^^ But I'll have to do that when he least expects it and hope when he does find out he doesn't kill me. 

The next day Haruka enters/is dragged into the school with Relena. He along with two other students who he didn't know were new to the school.

Haruka:  This sucks in either timeline I end up going to school. *sees the other two students and recognizes one right away* Whoa Mill!
Milliardo:  *turns to see his twin brother* Haruka?!
Haruka:  That's my name. *notices Heero who's just standing there* Is that who I think it is?
Milliardo:  If you're going to say dad. Yes.
Haruka:  Shit. He's frickin short!
Milliardo:  Yeah I know but we at least look a bit like fifteen or sixteen year olds. 
Haruka:  That's a lot to say seeing how we're seventeen. Hey what's up with dad? He looks like he's got a stick stuck up his ass or something.
Milliardo:  He acts like it too.
Haruka:  Hey look I already ran into mom.
Milliardo:  You did?!? Did she ask you anything? Like your name? 
Haruka:  Yeah. I told her it's Ikari Shinji.
Milliardo:  And my name would be?
Haruka:  I dunno... Maybe we could make you cross dress and call you Rei!
Milliardo:  *death glare*
Haruka:  Fine. Say your names....Ikari Junta! That way we'd be brothers!
Milliardo:  As if they couldn't figure that out.
Haruka:  Shut up man!
Teacher:  As you know we have three new students. Boys would you introduce yourselves?
Heero:  Heero Yuy.
Milliardo:  Ikari Junta.
Haruka:  Ikari Shinji! But you can call me sexy and fine! *hears some giggles* ^^
Teacher:  I see we have a trouble maker.
Haruka:  Where ever there's trouble you can find Shinji! ^^
Teacher:  That will be enough. Please take a seat. 

Heero sits right next to Relena while Haruka sit behind her and Milliardo on the other side of her. Heero immediately sends a death glare at Relena. Before Relena sees it Heero gets hit in the head with a paper ball. He looks around and sees Haruka waving at him. He then opens up the paper.

I wouldn't do that if I were you. It's not very nice. So I'd keep my death glares to myself.

Ikari Shinji : )

Heero stares at Haruka for a bit and turns back around. Milliardo notices the note and makes his own to throw at Haruka.

Don't do that! It'll mess up time! Leave him and mom alone.

Your Brother

Haruka stares at Milliardo and flicks him off. Milliardo stares at him in shock and turns back around. Haruka starts writing another note and rolls it on the floor so it ends up next to Relena. Relena picks it up and reads it.

I think you're very hot. Want to go on a date?

Heero Yuy

Relena stares at Heero whose still looking at the teacher. She then writes one back to him and passes it to him. Heero looks at her and reads the note.

Sure I'll go out with you.


Heero gets a bit confused... He leans over and whispers to Relena...

Heero:  What are you talking about?
Relena:  Didn't you give this to me? *hands him the note he made*
Heero:  *reads it* NO! I hate you! I want to kill you!
Haruka:  That's his way of saying 'I love you and I want to have wild pig sex with you'.
Heero:  *turns a bright red*
Milliardo:  Don't listen to him. He's a complete idiot.
Heero:  *turns away from them* I know that already!
Haruka:  ^^ He likes her!
Milliardo:  I told you not to mess with time!
Haruka:  I'm not! I'm just tryin to get them together quicker.
Milliardo:  YOU'RE MESSING WITH TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Teacher:  Is there something you would like to tell the rest of the class Junta?
Milliardo:  Um... I  uh....
Haruka:  He was telling me about this really nasty porno! He's evil! *starts crying*
Milliardo:  What?!?! I was not even if I was, which I wasn't, I wouldn't talk to you about it!
Teacher:  It seems to me you need a little detention, Junta.
Milliardo:  WHAT?!?!
Haruka:  *whispers* Welcome to my world, Mill.
Milliardo:  Yeah well Shinji was passing notes!
Haruka:  So was Heero!
Heero:  ?
Haruka:  And Relena too!
Milliardo:  *notices what he's doing* Shut up moron!
Haruka:  But they were! They were making plans for tonight!
Teacher:  Really?
Heero:  I wasn't doing anything.
Relena:  I...I wasn't either...
Haruka:  HA! You lie! I saw it!
Teacher:  It seems that I will be seeing you four after class today.
Teacher:  So you claim that you acted alone?
Milliardo:  Um... *looks at Haruka* ...Yes...
Teacher:  Then I'll only be seeing you, Junta.
Milliardo:  ...I can't believe this...

After class Relena goes up to Heero with her little prep squad behind her to watch her give him an invitation.

Relena:  Umm... This is an invitation to my Birthday party. I'd be glad if you could come. *hands it to him*
Heero: *looks at the envelope and tares it in half in front of a shocked Relena* Omae o Korosu... *starts walking off*

At the same moment Haruka was watching and dropped his books to jump Heero which he did. Thus a huge fight started. The fight was stopped by several teachers.

Heero:  *now in detention along with Haruka and Milliardo* I'm a bit surprised. You're as strong as me.
Haruka:  I learn from the best. That person being you.
Milliardo:  Haru--errr--Shinji!!
Haruka:  Dun worry man! I'm not gonna tell him. Seems like we're going to be here for awhile. *sigh* *sits back, props his feet on the table and falls asleep*

Meanwhile, Duet tries to keep from hitting her father upside the head while she tries to figure out a way to create the same portal that brought her to the past.

Duo:  You sure you don't want some of my sandwich? It' tastes really good! 
Duet:  I told you five minutes ago I don't want any of your crummy sandwich!
Duo:  You sure? I only have half of it left.
Duet:  I'm very sure. Besides if I wanted one I'd make my own.
Duo:  If you say so. But no one can make a sandwich like the great Shinigami can.
Duet:  Right... Now lets see I'd need something that could generate a large amount of power. Unfortunately I'm not going to find anything like that in this time line. To top it off even if I wanted to make one I'd need the materials for it. But I'm not going to be able to find anything here.
Duo:  You need materials?
Duet:  Yeah. A large amount of them.
Duo:  Did I mention that Shinigami is also a good thief?
Duet:  You'd do that for me?!?
Duo:  Sure anything for a babe like you.
Duet:  But I couldn't. That could mess up time... You do what you're supposed to do. I'll get the materials whenever I can.
Duo:  You sure? I mean I'll gladly get you what you need.
Duet:  No thanks.
Duo:  Whatever. If you say so.
Duet:  Thanks for understanding.
Duo:  I really don't but If you say you don't want me to I won't.

Trowa along with Ariel who finally regained consciousness went to the circus to get a job of course they successfully got one. Of course Ariel recognized Catherine.

Ariel:  Aunt Cathie! *glomp*
Catherine:  ...? Umm... Who are you? 
Trowa:  That's Ariel. 
Catherine:  ... *stares at Trowa* Um... And you?
Trowa:  I don't really have a name but you can call me Trowa Barton.
Catherine:  Oh...well nice to meet you both...
Ariel:  *confused*...Umm... Same for you I guess...
Catherine:  So you two new here?
Trowa:  ...
Ariel:  Yeah. We are. You see my brother Trowa and I just got a job here!
Trowa:  *stares at Ariel* Brother?
Ariel:  *puts her hand over his mouth* He's very forgetful sometimes. I mean where would he be with out me?
Trowa:  ???
Catherine:  He must not have very much to say.
Ariel:  He's a man with very extremely few words.
Catherine:  I see. So he lets you do the talking for him?
Ariel:  Most of the time.
Catherine:  So what do you two do?
Ariel:  He's going to be your target for your knife throwing act.
Catherine:  Oh I see... and you?
Ariel:  *looks at the ground * I clean the lion's cages.
Catherine:  Not many people want to take that job.
Ariel:  I'm kinda use to it I did it when I was younger.
Catherine:  I see. Well I hope you have a good time. Ja
Ariel:  Ja... *sigh*
Trowa:  I'm your brother now?
Ariel:  Only for the time being.
Trowa:  First I'm your father now I'm your brother what next?
Ariel:  Maybe I should make you my sister.
Trowa:  ...

Zechs' plane has just landed at the Lake Victorian Base (I think that's the base Noin was at). Zechs walks out of the plane with Sieben in hand cuffs and two soldiers next to him to make sure he doesn't get away.

Sieben:  Just because you're in a pissed poor ass mood you don't have to take it out on me.
Zechs:  I recommend that you be quiet if you don't want to be killed.
Sieben:  Humph... *looks over towards the left and notices Noin coming up to them*
Noin:  Hello Zechs...
Zechs:  Hello Noin. Do you have a place where I can throw this garbage? *points to Sieben*
Noin:  I think I do.
Sieben:  *half glomps Noin* MOM! I missed you! Dad's getting all PMSy lately because I made that little  comment about his BirdMan get up.
Noin:  Ummm...
Zechs:  Ignore him. He's acting like a fool.
Sieben:  Hey! Fuck you! And mom he put me in prison just because I called him BirdMan!
Noin:  I...I'm not your mother...
Sieben:  Yes you are! I know! 
Noin:  I don't think so...
Sieben:  I know you are! Because you marry dad and have me! Duh! If you don't believe me check my DNA! Geez!
Noin:  I'll think about it. For now you go in prison for the time being.
Sieben:  Don't you believe me?
Noin:  I can't trust you. That's all I can say.
Sieben:  DAMNIT!
Zechs:  He has a big problem with shutting up. 
Noin:  I can see that. *thinks* But I can't help but wonder if he's telling the truth. We did get some odd readings a day ago. About six different ones. I thought it was Operation M but I found out it was in the atmosphere and not out of it. Besides he does seem to look a bit like Zechs.

Back in the future...

Wufei:  What the hell are you doing back alive Maxwell?!?!
Duo:  Please Wufei! Can't a guy that just came back from the dead get a welcome home?
Wufei:  NO!
Sally:  Wufei! Duo where were you this whole time?
Duo:  I've been around... *picks up Hilde from the ground*
Relena:  And that would be?
Duo:  Just around. You see after before I clicked the self-destruct button on my gundam I made sure I was far enough from it. So I made a pre-recording of myself played it and got out of harms way. But a few minutes after I did I saw some weird shit happen. A bunch of portal things opened up every where. Fortunately I far enough from them not to get sucked in. After that I started calling Heero to make sure everything was ok. As far as you guys knew I was dead so I stayed that way until the portals showed up again.
Jade:  You mean to tell me you were alive the whole time?!?
Duo:  Yep!
Hilde:  *wakes up* Oh my god... I'm dead...
Heero:  You aren't.
Duo:  Yeah you're far from it babe.
Hilde:  Duo?! DUO! You're alive!!! 
Duo:  Yeah I know.
Hilde:  You're alive... YOU BASTARD! Where were you?!?!?! How could you just leave me there with Duet?!?! You knew I was going to have another baby didn't you?!*starts hitting him*
Duo:  OUCH! Sorry! I'M SORRY! I didn't know you were pregnant again! >.<;;;
Hilde:  That's ok. Anyway, now that you're back you're going to find a way to get Duet back. Right?
Duo:  Uh... Yeah! Of course!
Hilde:  Good. *kiss*
Wufei:  This makes me sick...
Sally:  Please Wufei.
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