Neo Gundam Wing
Episode 10: Adventures in the Past
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Haruka wakes up and looks around for his brother. Instead of finding Milliardo he sees Relena.

Haruka: What the...
Relena: Are you ok?
Haruka: Yeah I'm fine mom...
Relena: Eh? *looks around* Who are you talking to?
Haruka: Come on Mom! Now where's Mill? And Dad too?
Relena: ....? Are you sure you're ok?
Haruka: Mom I told you already I'm fine!
Relena: I'm not your mother...
Haruka: Eh? ...You know mom you look pretty young!
Relena: I would hope so...
Haruka: Come to think of it... VERY young...
Relena: I'm only 14!
Haruka: WHAT?!?!?!?! What day what month and what year is it?!?!
Relena: April 22 AC 195
Haruka: Oh! Ok... Wait a minute.. 195?!?!?!
Relena: Yes.
Haruka:  That can't be! Cause it's AC 218!
Relena:  Are you sure your ok? Did you get hurt from that fall?
Haruka:  What fall?
Relena:  You just fell out of no where...
Haruka:  Really? ... Umm Do you have like a phone or somethin I can use?
Relena:  Over there....
Haruka:  Thanks... *gets up and grabs a phone. Starts dialing some chicks number* ....
Some Girl:  Hello this is Pizza Ranch. How can I help you?
Haruka:  Ummm I think I have the wrong number... *hangs up* .... Oooooook That was weird.... I wonder where Mill is....

Milliardo starts to wake up slowly to find a gun right in his face.

Heero: Who are you?
Milliardo: Heh... Heh... Ummm... You know who I am...
Heero:  I don't now start talking or I'll eliminate you...*click*
Milliardo:  I'm your son! Milliardo!
Heero:  I have no son... Nor am I married...
Milliardo:  *realizing something* Uh what year is it?
Heero:  AC 195. Why?
Milliardo:  Just wondering...
Heero:  Where  did you come from? Are you part of OZ?
Milliardo:  Of course not! I'm just a regular every day citizen of Earth!
Heero:  That's why you fell right on top of me.
Milliardo:  Ummm... I fell out of a plane?
Heero:  Right... That's why I didn't see any...
Milliardo:  *gulp*...
Heero:  I'll let you go but if you cross me again I will kill you....
Milliardo:  NO!
Heero:  What?
Milliardo:  Maybe I could...ummm... Stick with you!
Heero:  Why?
Milliardo:  No reason...
Heero:  As long as you stay out of my way...
Milliardo: Ok! *thinking*  I hope everyone else is ok...

Duet wakes up with a wet towel on her head and looks around.

Duet:  What the...
Duo:   Whoa chick you're awake!
Duet:  Huh? Daddy?
Duo:  Yeah man! Who your daddy!? Me! Duo Maxwell! Shinigami! God of Death!
Duet:  I thought you were dead.
Duo:  Eh? I'm fully alive babe!
Duet: ...Wait a minute... Babe?!?
Duo:  Would you rather me call you sexy?
Duet:  WHAT?!? NO!
Duo:  Your loss.
Duet:  Can I ask what year it is?
Duo:  195 baby!
Duet:  195?!?! I've gone 23 years back in the past! But how?!? ...I know! That thing that was eating up the ship must of been some kind of tunnel to the past!
Duo:  ...? Are you ok? Did you get hit in the head from that fall?
Duet:  No, I'm quite alright. Now to figure out a way back to the future!
Duo:  Hey isn't that a movie?! I love that movie it was cool!
Duet:  ...This is going to be a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong trip....

Ariel keeps falling towards the earth when suddenly she's caught...

Trowa:  Are you ok?
Ariel:  Huh? Papa?
Trowa:  ?
Ariel:  PAPA! *Hugs Trowa*
Trowa:  I'm not your papa...
Ariel:  Huh? Where am I? *taking a good look at Trowa* Or should I say what year is it?
Trowa:  It's AC 195... And your on earth.
Ariel:  Well geee that helps me out... Wait you said it was AC 195?!?!
Trowa:  Yes.
Ariel:  Excuse me while I fall unconscious for a bit... *faints*
Trowa:  ...Ok...

Meanwhile up in the sky....

Shingo:  Whoa... I'm flying! I'm flying! *starts falling* Whoa! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *continues to fall* Ok I'd like to say I'm sorry for being a little bastard all these years! So would you please let me stay alive?!? *looks up for some kind of sign* ... I'll take that as a Hell no.... *keeps on falling until he falls on someone* Ouch...
Quatre:  Ugh.... What happened....?
Shingo:  Whoa... I'm alive... DUDE! I'M ALIVE!!!!
Rashid:  Master Quatre are you alright?
Quatre:  ...? Could you please get off me...?
Shingo:  *gets off* Hey Wolverine! *glomps Rashid* Man I missed you! I thought I was like gonna die!
Rashid:  ...?
Quatre:  Excuse me... But who are you?
Shingo:  Yo Dad! Wuz up? Hey what's up with your height? Your like about the same height as me...
Quatre:  What are you talking about me being your dad?
Shingo:  Whoa... did I fall on you that hard?
Maganac:  You didn't tell us you were married Master Quatre!
Quatre:  *start turning red*...I'm not!
Shingo:  Look Dad... Just chill...
Quatre:  That's easy for you to say! I'm not your father!
Shingo:  Really? That's why I look just like you?
Rashid:  ...He does have a point there Master Quatre....
Quatre:  ...This isn't fair! I don't even know any girls yet!
Shingo:  Well think about it... If I'm not your son then how am I here? I mean you and mom had to--
Quatre:  *start turning redder* I'M NOT MARRIED!
Shingo:  Whoa... Your serious! Hey could you tell me the year Wolverine?
Rashid:  My name's Rashid and it's AC 195...
Shingo:  WHAT?!?! Your shitin me!
Rashid:  Ummm... I'm not.
Shingo:  That's not posa.....*thinks* Shit....
Quatre:  What?
Shingo:  Uhhh... Nothing! Umm excuse me... *walks a few feet away from the group of Maganacs and takes out his trusty hi tech cell phone to dial Ariel's number* *starts singing Maximum* I gotta chance... I gotta move...
Operator:  The number you have dialed is either disconnected, out of reach, or does not exist. If you believe you have dialed the wrong number please try again.
Shingo:  *whispering to himself* ....Ook....It's probably busy! Or I'm really in the past... *looks around* And I just HAD to end up out in the middle of the desert and to top it off with a younger version of my father and 40 Maganacs! Man it just keeps getting better and better...

While somewhere else Ling has just awoken to some one kicking him in the stomach.

Ling:  Ugh! Who's there! I'll kill you!
Wufei:  Hah! You wish you could weakling!
Ling:  Father did you see that tunnel looking thing outside while I was taking the garbage out?
Wufei:  Who are you talking to? Are you delusional boy?
Ling:  What do you mean?
Wufei:  Weakling I just happened to find you falling like a weak onna out of the sky like something from that weak show full of onnas Sailormoon!
Ling:  Really?
Wufei:  I would not lie even to a weakling like you.
Ling:  What's the date?
Wufei:  April 22 AC 195.
Ling:  Would you believe me if I told you that I'm your son from the future?
Wufei:  HAH! Right... And I'm Heero Yuy...
Ling:  I doubt that... But you have to believe me!
Wufei:  And what proof do you have?
Ling:  My DNA?
Wufei:  Humph right... I want proof right now...
Ling:  Ummm...l know! *takes out the katana his father gave him* This!
Wufei:  You little thief! You stole my katana!
Ling:  No I didn't because yours is over there! *points to the katana that's set on the table*
Wufei:  Hmmm... *picks up his and the one Ling has to compare them* Yours is a bit rusty... not to mention it smells of blood... You don't know how to take care of weapons like this.
Ling:  Well you did give it to me during the battle with NOZ.
Wufei:  NOZ?
Ling:  The Neo Organization of the Zodiac...
Wufei:  ...Hmmm... I'll trust you for now... Only because there's no way anyone could create a copy of my katana...
Ling:  Thanks.
Wufei:  But if you are to stay with me you're going to have to clean after me...
Ling:  WHAT?!?
Wufei:  And have dinner done by the time I come back...
Ling:  This isn't fair!
Wufei:  Do you want to stay here?
Ling:  Well I don't have any money so I guess so...
Wufei:  Good now get to work!

Meanwhile on a plane....

Zechs:  I want some more information on that mobile suit we ran into...
Soldier:  Yes sir... *boom*
Zechs:  What was that? 
Soldier 2:  It came from the back sir.
Zechs:  Well just don't stand there go find out what it was!
Soldier 2:  Yes sir! *goes in the back of the plane to find out what the noise was*
Sieben:  Ugggh... What happened?
Soldier 2:  Stay there or I'll shoot!
Sieben:  Huh?
Soldier 2:  I'm warning you stay put or I'll shoot you.
Sieben:  ...This isn't good... Fine I'll do as you say...
Soldier 2:  Good follow me... 
Sieben:  Fine with me... *gets up and starts walking in the direction that the soldier is sending him*
Soldier 2:  Sir I found an intruder!
Zechs:  Let me see him...
Sieben:  ...Father?
Zechs:  Excuse me?
Sieben:  What's up with the helmet? You remind me of Birdman!
Soldier:  Hehe... *receives death glare from Zechs* AHEM... 
Zechs:  How dare you insult me!
Sieben:  I didn't know you were so attached to the thing...
Zechs:  *slowly getting pissed* Tell me how you got onboard.
Sieben:  Well let's see I was in my room when I ended up in here that good enough for you?
Zechs:  Unfortunately no.
Sieben:  Geez your pissy today. What's wrong mom throw you out of the room?
Zechs:  That's it I'm tired of this fool get him out of my sight...
Sieben:  What?!? 
Soldier 2:  Come on.
Sieben:  This is bull shit!

Back in the future....

Michiru:  *wakes up to find the shuttle empty*....What the.... Did everyone leave already?
Computer:  Warning! We're going to collide into a colony in 1 minute.
Michiru:  Wha-what?!?! Someone do something! I don't know how to pilot a shuttle!
Computer:  50 seconds until collision... 
Michiru:  ....I have to do something! *gets up and runs to the controls* No one's here... Where did they go? *starts looking at the controls* Errr.... Which one does what?!? *starts looking around for a manual or anything labeled*
Computer:  Collision in 30 seconds....
Michiru:  Errrr.... Forget it! I have to get out of here! *starts looking for a space suit* Found one! Maybe I'll make it out of here! *starts putting it on quickly*
Computer:  Collision in 10 seconds.... 9.....8....
Michiru:  Ok how do I get out.... *finds the door and opens it* Here goes... *gets suck into space*
Computer:  5....4...3...2...1...0 *boooooooooom*
Michiru:  *floating out in space* I hope Haruka and his friends are ok...

Relena:  I can't believe this! They just disappeared! My poor babies!
Hilde:  You think that's bad I already lost my husband now my daughter?!?! *starts crying*
Jade:  It's ok... I'm sure they're ok...
Trowa:  What about Ariel?!?! She could be dead or taken by kidnappers! And what about my boys?!?
Jade:  ...There's only one thing to do... *grabs Trowa and kisses him* 
Trowa:  ....Then again they could be alright...
Jade:  Good.
Dorothy:  You think that's bad?!? I lost my only son!
Quatre:  I'm sure he'll turn up.
Dorothy:  *grabs Quatre* I WAS IN LABOR FOR FORTY-FIVE HOURS! I'm not going to sit here and here you tell me that it's going to be alright!
Quatre:  ....I was just trying to cheer you up...
Dorothy:  Not very well...
Sally:  You know she's right I'm not going to stand by and wait for him to show up! I'm going to do something!
Noin:  Yeah you're right! What kind of mothers are we if we just sit here and let them disappear on us?
Wufei:  Stupid onnas! *points to Relena* The world should be glad to be rid of such weak children! *points to Hilde* You still have another one on the way I do not see why you're bitching! *points to Trowa* You've become a weakling thanks to your onna! *points to Dorothy* That's your problem if you can't handle having a child! No one else cares! *points to Noin* HAH! Your son was a weak traitor! *points to Sally* And I'll be damned if you decided to do something!

Everyone gives Wufei a death glare...

Heero: What the hell is going on here?
Relena:  Wufei happened!
Heero:  ?
Relena:  That's it! I'm sick of you always saying how strong and mighty you supposedly are!
Jade:  Relena he was just acting like a dick like he always does.
Relena:  Yeah? Well I'm sick of it! *goes up to Wufei and slaps him* Don't you ever say that about my babies!
Wufei:  Was that the best you could do?
Dorothy:  May I?
Relena:  Go on...
Dorothy:  Thank you... *kicks him in the balls* 
Sally:  I've been waiting for someone to do that...
Wufei:  *in a high voice* Injustice...
Trowa: That's why you don't upset Relena or any other woman in this room.
Triage:  Yo guys!
Nova:  Hi mom!
Jade:  MY BOYS! *hugs them like it's the first time she saw them in her life*
Triage:  MOM! This is embarrassing!
Jade:  I thought I lost you two!
Nova:  What do you mean? Where's Ariel?
Jade:  You mean you don't know?
Trowa:  See I told you!
Jade:  Please...
Triage:  What do you mean "You don't know?"
Jade:  She disappear along with Relena's sons, her boyfriend,  Noin's son, Sally's son, and Duet.
Nova:  When?
Jade:  A few hours ago at the same time.
Triage:  Uh oh...
Relena:  Uh oh what?
Triage:  Nothing!
Hilde:  We maybe old women but we do understand what 'Uh oh' means...
Triage:  It's nothing! Right Nova?
Nova:  Uh...IT'S OUR FAULT!
Jade:  What?
Nova:  *takes a big breath and starts talking as fast as he can* Triage and I went to investigate the NOZ base and when we found a secret room we found out that Mr. Yuy was following us. Triage freaked out and accidentally pressed some buttons on a console! *takes a breath* We thought nothing happened until the computer told us we opened some time rifts! We hoped that no one went into them and when we got here we found out the opposite... *sigh*
Heero:  Why is it I didn't understand one thing he just said except for 'Mr. Yuy'?
Trowa:  *starts replaying what Nova said in his head and realizes something*....YOU DID WHAT?!?! 
Nova:  It wasn't me it was Triage...
Sally:  So what you're saying is they went somewhere in time....
Triage:  Yep...
Nova:  Most likely they went to the past...
Relena:  Why do you say that?
Nova:  The news reports...
Jade:  Oh yeah! That's right there's been a bunch of rumors about mobile suits from the battle in 195...
Wufei:  Do you really believe this weak child?
Trowa:  That's my son you're talking about...
Wufei:  Humph... Thus the reason he is a weakling!
Trowa:  I bet you couldn't lay a finger on me.
Wufei:  How about I take you up to that?
Quatre:  Wufei! Trowa! We don't have time to fight!
Heero:  Exactly... Besides we have to find out how to get them back.
Wufei:  Fine... Only because Yuy says that we should find the weak children...
Heero:  Now you said that they're in the year AC 195 right?
Triage:  Yeah...
Heero:  Then where would they end up?
Nova:  I know! Their counter part!
Wufei:  Idiot! They aren't even born yet in that time!
Quatre:  No, but they could have a counter part...
Relena:  What if they ended up with your past selves?
Heero:  That's impossible... Besides if any of them ran into one of us they would be killed instantly... *thinks* Well most of them...
Zechs:  I've been quiet sitting here trying to figure out where my son is and all of you have come up with this stuff about them going to the past and running into our past selves!
Nova:  It is possible... Besides Triage only touched a few buttons and one of the buttons opened the rifts. Therefore since he hopefully didn't mess with the settings they could be in the same time line as Hidama...and knowing them they would run into Hidama and figure out what's going on. Then they could get rid of her there and come back here.
Zechs:  And how exactly do they do that? I don't recall any of them being rocket scientist...
Hilde:  That's not true Duet's there and so is Milliardo...
Zechs:  And how are they going to get the technology?
Trowa:  If they're lucky enough they should all run into each other at the same time we did. Then if Shingo was smart enough he could try and get Quatre's younger self to trust him into getting what they need to get back to the present...
Quatre:  He'd rather kill himself then ask any form of me to help him...
Wufei:  Well we all better hope that one of them convinces you to borrow some materials!
Trowa:  Are you trying to say Quatre wouldn't give it to them?
Wufei:  Of course not... But seeing how much of a weakling he was then and still is now my son should be able to convince him.
Heero:  It doesn't matter who asks him they just need to get the materials, make a time machine, and get their asses out of there. Now that I think of it...Zechs maybe if your son is lucky enough he'll be able to see you try to crash the Libra into the earth.
Zechs:  Will you ever let that go?
Heero:  No.
Zechs:  Well maybe your sons might see you destroy a plane full of PACIFISTS!
Heero:  So? At least I didn't try to crash the Libra into the earth!
Zechs:  True but it still fucked up history!
Relena:  Please! Will you two give it a rest! I'm tired of hearing about it!

Suddenly the doorbell rings... As if welcoming it's self in a person walks in. The person with a small rat tail sticking out of the back of his head walks into the crowded room to be greeted with a bunch of mouths hung open...

Heero:  You're early...
Person:  I know I am... 
Relena:  Oh my god...
Dorothy:  What are you doing here?!?
Person:  What a warm welcome.
Sally:  I thought you were gone...
Person:  Yeah I was gone for awhile and I decided to come back.
Hilde:  ...*faints*
*starts up the Code Name Heero Yuy song* ^^; Who's the mysterious stranger? Maybe you know maybe you don't know! What's going to happen to the NGW kids? Only time will tell! Find out what happens in the next episode of this slowly growing fanfic! *end song*

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