First Opening Song - Future Mystery by Two-Mix - I chose this to be the first opening song because I noticed that most opening songs are pretty fast and since I love fast songs I chose this one.

Second Opening Song - Maximum by Two-Mix - Again another fast song very nice beat. It fits in well for Part 2 of NGW.

Third Opening Song - Fly High by Hamasaki Ayumi - Yet again another upbeat song. This is actually my first request for the soundtrack. Luckily I love this song a lot now as well as the artist.

Fourth Opening Song - Turning Point by Masami Okui - Suggested by someone (can't remember the name right now x.X) for once. ^^ For some odd reason... I can imagine Ruka-chan playing on a guitar in the begining of this song. 0.0;;;

First Ending Song - A New Beginning by Romantic Mode - Slow songs are good for endings and I just had to have this one it. Yes, it's actually something besides Two-Mix you might know the group from the beginning song for Gundam X - Dreams.

Second Ending Song - Resolution by Romantic Mode - The part 2 ending song. It's a bit odd but *shrug* I like it so :p

Third Ending Song - Depend on You by Hamasaki Ayumi - Another song from a new artist I instantly fell in love with. I think this song is a bit cute.

Fourth Ending Song - Energy by Masami Okui - Sounds like a Card Captor Sakura song or one of thoes shoujo anime songs. x.X;;

Love Revolution Max By Two-Mix - It's kinda a BGM song.

True Navigation By Two-Mix - Another BGM song.

Naked Dance By Two-Mix - Battle song! Very fast!

Believe By Two-Mix - BGM

In Your Eyes By Two-Mix - BGM

Time Distortion By Two-Mix - BGM

Mind Education by Misty Eyes (Gundam Wing: Blind Target Radio Drama Opening Song) - Another Battle song.

Rhythm Generation By Two-Mix - Hey this was suppose to be the 1st opening! But I changed it... :(

Snow Planet (From G-Wing Soundtrack) By Misty Eyes - Winter song.

Truth: A Great Detective Of Love (Opening to "Detective Conan") By Two-Mix - BGM

Last Tears By Two-Mix - BGM

Trust Me By Two-Mix - BGM

SandStorm By Da Rule - x.x I am addicted to this song... I always listen to this song when I'm writing battle scenes and such so I guess that would make it a background song ne? ^^