Neo Gundam Wing
Interlude - ...Is The Beginning
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A door opened and light poured into the room. A young woman along with a man stared into the room. The short haired girl looked over at the man as he nodded and entered the room.

From the dark: So you came ne?
Girl: Only because you asked me to, Haurka.
Haruka: My you still sound the same, Duet.
Duet: I hope you will recall the last time I came here.
Haruka: What does this place scare you?
Duet: No, seeing you in here scares me.
Haruka: Well you can thank my family for that. While your at it tell them I'd like some room service along with some Jell-O.
Duet: I don't understand you Haruka. You're obviously being so sarcastic to the point you don't even care what flies out of your mouth.
Haruka: Your right I don't care anymore.
Duet: Did you ask me here just to piss me off?
Haruka: No, but it is amusing.
Duet: Just get to the point.
Haruka: I saw you in a dream.
Duet: And this surprises me how?
Haruka: You were depressed. Why?
Duet: How am I suppose to know that?
Haruka: I know why. I also had another dream.
Duet: And?
Haruka: Someone died. I think it was me.
Duet: What brought you to that conclusion?
Haruka: I feel it.
Duet: You do realize that none of your "predictions" have happened correct?
Haruka: But they will. I know they will. Next the colonies have been quiet and pretend they had nothing to do with L3's plan to destroy the Unified Nations on earth. It's a bunch of lies and you know it.
Duet: Even if it weren't we can't do anything. It's bad enough Shingo's dead.
Haruka: How do you know? No one has found any proof as of yet.
Duet: So? You might have destroyed what little proof there was.
Haruka: And once again I turn into the bad guy.
Duet: I didn't mean it that way.
Haruka: Course you did. You're just trying to make me feel better but you know what? Nothing makes me feel any better or anything for that matter. I gave you a chance, a warning, but I was thrown out like last week's trash. Thanks a lot. Why don't you just go away.
Duet: ...Haruka.
Haruka: What?
Duet: Why don't you talk to Michiru? She's worried about you as well you know. A lot more then me I suppose.
Haruka: Because I don't want to hurt her.
Duet: And you think by not talking to her she's going to feel any better? You wish. All you can do is hurt people Haruka!
Haruka: *watches Duet leave* Then if that's my role I must be playing it like an expert.

Milliardo looks at the expression on Duet's face and instantly knows what must have happened between her and his brother.

Duet: *slams the door to the car* I can't believe him!
Milliardo: Another fight between you two?
Duet: If you want to call it that. It was more of a piss contest if anything else. I hate him! Do you know why he won't talk to Michiru?
Milliardo: I imagine it must be because he doesn't want to.
Duet: More like he's afraid to face her. God if I were her I'd go to see him anyway and slap him for being such a cynical bastard.
Milliardo: If I recall you did that already.
Duet: Yes, but I'm not his girlfriend.
Milliardo: True. You're lucky though.
Duet: Why?
Milliardo: Haruka doesn't really talk when I'm there or anyone else for that matter.
Duet: Must be because he doesn't want to "hurt" you. Yeah right.
Milliardo: You have to understand that after what happened to him he doesn't really feel comfortable talking to people anymore.
Duet: Maybe if he acted normal he wouldn't be in this situation.
Milliardo: I doubt he even remembers what 'normal' is anymore.
Duet: Like hell he doesn't. It's bad enough he spread a lie to everyone. Doesn't he think before he does anything? He's just like a real man.
Milliardo: Calm down. It's not like he meant it.
Duet: And you!
Milliardo: Huh?
Duet: You go ahead and protect him like he's a two year old. The thing I just talked to was no two year old. He knew what he wanted to say and he knew he was going to hurt someone in saying it. He's a freaking nut!
Milliardo: *sigh* Duet let's just drop it ok? None of this is going to get us anywhere.
Duet: Fine.

Ariel walked back and forth in her dormitory while talking on the phone.

Ling: But yeah that's how Sydney and me have been how about you? Is America any good?
Ariel: I wouldn't know. I've had so much work I have yet to even get out. I'm lucky my room mate brings food in here. There's not much to do here anyway from what I've heard...
Ling: Ariel... Is something wrong?
Ariel: ...Huh? No, of course not. Why would there be?
Ling: I get this feeling that you're hiding something every time we talk. Duet feels the same.
Ariel: I have nothing to hide... How is Duet anyway?
Ling: She's fine though I don't know about Milliardo.
Ariel: What do you mean?
Ling: I'm not really sure but I don't think they're communicating very well. It's not like they don't talk to each other they just been having fights over the oddest things.
Ariel: Like what?
Ling: Mostly personal things you know... I don't like getting involved with their fights or anyone elses for that matter.
Ariel: I see. Nothing good has happened before I left and I doubt anything good will happen now. Thank you for telling me anyways.
Ling: I hate to bring this up Ariel but exactly how much do you miss Shingo?
Ariel: *frowns at the question* ...
Ling: Ariel? Are you still there?
Ariel: I am and as I told you before, Ling, I don't know how to answer that question. Though I think it would be in Shingo's best interest if I just forgot about him and moved on. If I don't I'll end up chasing a ghost for the rest of my life. Besides I'm sure he'd want it that let not only me but everyone move on and forget about him. I need to go my card is almost out of minutes. Bye Ling.
Ling: ...Bye. *hangs up*
Kin: Are you done yet? I need to use the phone too! ...What's wrong?
Ling: *shakes his head* Nothing.
Kin: You sure? You don't look like you're ok.
Ling: I am believe me. Now are you going to use the phone or do I have to take this opportunity to call Sydney?
Kin: *grabs the phone and starts dialing the number*
Ling: Thought so.

Relena bounced the little girl up and down while hearing her giggle at the same time

Relena: Isn't she adorable?! *looks over at Dorothy, who just shrugs* You want to hold her?
Dorothy: No it's your kid.
Relena: Ah come on it's been a long time since you got to hold a baby! *puts Rena in the other woman's hands* Which makes me wonder...
Dorothy: What?
Relena: Why didn't you and Quatre have anymore kids?
Dorothy: Why does it matter? Shingo is enough trouble as it is...or much rather he was.
Relena: *stare*
Dorothy: What?
Relena: You still didn't answer my question but that's ok if you don't want to.
Dorothy: Well then I have a question for you. Why did you wait until now to have another kid?
Relena: Truthfully Heero wanted another one.

Heero sneezes for the unf amount of time.

Quatre: Are you sure you're ok Heero?
Heero: Yes.
Quatre: I don't know you sound like your sick.
Heero: I never have and never will get sick.
Trowa: Right.
Duo: If I counted right I think that was the hundredth time today, Heero.
Heero: Shut up Duo.
Duo: Hey now we're all old men here you don't have to be embarrassed just because your sick!
Quatre: We're not THAT old... are we?
Wufei: Forty years old? I believe that counts for getting there.
Duo: Well we don't need to worry about Wufei he already acts like an old man!
Duo: Hey now Wu-man you got to watch that blood pressure of yours! *dodges random punches while Wufei screams at him*
Quatre: Oi you two will possibly never get along.
Heero: I pity his spawn slightly.
Duo: *pokes a knocked out Wufei with a stick and looks over at Heero* I pity your kids even more. One's already in the nut house.
Heero: I have only two kids, Duo, Milliardo and Rena. Where you came up with this other one I have no idea. I have to check up on Relena.
Trowa: That's sad he won't even accept his other son.
Duo: Eh he never really has. I guess that's why he has Rena.
Trowa: What do you mean?
Duo: He probably wants to start over with her and see how things will turn out this time. So he's trying to forget about Haruka and focus on Rena.
Trowa: And you?
Duo: Me? I just wanted more kids to play with!
Trowa: Figures. *looks over at Quatre* ...Quatre?
Quatre: Hmm?
Trowa: Just making sure your with us still.
Duo: Yeah you're startin' to space out a lot lately. What's up with that?
Quatre: It's nothing really.
Trowa: Zero system or Shingo?
Quatre: Nither really.
Duo: Eh you don't have to be so secretive with us you know that, Quatre.
Quatre: It's nothing I was just thinking about some things that's all. I have some things to take care of so I guess I'll see you later.
Duo: Eh ok just don't become too distant from us Quatre. Remember we still exist!
Quatre: Yeah. Bye Duo, Trowa...*looks down at Wufei* Wufei.
Trowa: *watches the door close and looks over at Duo* What do you think?
Duo: I dunno but something's up. It's probably both of the elements you mentioned. He was after all out of it for awhile thanks to our "favorite" system. Besides you can't blame him his only son is pretty much dead.
Trowa: True but you know as well as me the dead always seem to come back somehow.

Down in a subway station people move about going home from work. Three kids crowd around a corner while laughing at the spectacle.

Girl: Aww what's wrong can't find your mommy?
Little Girl: Go away!
Boy: Humph... Here give that to me! *grabs a small dog from the girl's hands as someone else in the crowd takes notice* What an ugly dog I bet he doesn't even bite.
Boy 2: Let's take it home and put some fireworks on it. I bet it'll make a big explosion! *grabs the dog from the other boy as it bites his hand* OUCH! You stupid dog! *throws it at the wall and watches it get caught* Wh...what the... *looks up at the person who caught the dog* Who the fuck are you?!
Person: *looks at the kid* You have a very dirty mouth kid. Maybe I should teach you a lesson.
Boy 1: No one's aloud to hit us but our parents you asshole!
Person: I wasn't talking to you was I?
Girl: Yeah well leave us alone retard!
Person: Strong words from someone like yourself. You're probably still afraid of the dark.
Girl: You know nothing about me or my brothers.
Person: Ah I see so that's why you three think you have a chance against me.
Boy 2: I've heard enough from you. *takes out a knife from his jacket and attacks the person*
Person: *grabs the boys wrist and breaks it after throwing him into the wall* I suppose you know how it feels to be thrown like that now don't you?
Girl: *rushes over to her brother* Who the hell do you think you are?!
Person: I don't think I am I know I am. I am Shingo. *grins and watches the three dash off quickly*
Little girl: *stares at the self proclaimed Shingo and attempts to run away before something else happens*
Shingo: *staring off into the subway station* Are you afraid? I'm not here to hurt you. I don't want to. *turns around* This is your dog isn't it?
Little girl: Y...y...yes, sir.
Shingo: Take it then. I don't need such things.
Little girl: You're very kind, sir, thank you. *takes the animal, bows respectfully and runs*
Shingo: Kind? That's a new one for me. Don't you think? *looks over to the darkness of the subway waiting for a reply* I didn't expect you to answer.
Intercom: All going to the Sanq Kingdom please board now.
Shingo: So this is where we part ways. Goodbye then.
Ruka's in the nut house, Mill and Duet's relationship is turning to shreds, Ariel's accepted Shingo's 'death' but what's this? Shin-chan's... alive? Or is he? ^^ Anyways this is terribly short and possibly some of it doesn't make much sense but I'm workin on the plot right now. And if you can't tell this takes place awhile after part 3's end.

- ChibiChibi-chan